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Forex Forum Archive for 07/04/2016

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HK [email protected] 21:17 GMT July 4, 2016
EU SUCKS!!! SIX new trade deals in line for UK.

SIX new trade deals in line for UK as nations even offer experts to help speed up Brexit

MAJOR economies around the world are queueing up to make trade deals with Britain following the vote to leave the European Union (EU).

Australia, Canada, South Korea, India and Mexico are all understood to be keen to get around the negotiating table as soon as possible and American politicians are also eager to strike a deal.

US House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan is calling for urgent talks on new trade agreements to ensure “a smooth” relationship after Brexit, despite the warnings from President Barack Obama that Britain would go the back of the queue in the event of a leave vote.


london red 19:11 GMT July 4, 2016
CHART POINTS: Free Forex Database

euro approaching 11168/71 fib zone, this will be second test after fierce rejection last week. todays low was a prev low from end may and this will need to be taken out to see lower levels tested but a strong finish today points to a run of stops abv 68/71 - there is not much risk from here to there and with potential double top there should be a lot of folk short with stops abv the fib and prev high. if stops run then nxt res at 11230/32 ahead of another band at 11256-65. that should be as a high as it goes before a pullback to 11170.

GVI Forex Blog 16:09 GMT July 4, 2016
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CHART POINTS: Free Forex Database

Singapore SGFXTrader 15:59 GMT July 4, 2016

The 5min pop to 136.8 fall to follow through. Sad case but at least it is trying to bait!

SaaR KaL 15:48 GMT July 4, 2016

Placed a short orders
1,355 to 1367
1345 tgt

hk ab 15:44 GMT July 4, 2016
Let's see if the relentless ghost will pop up again later before closing......

GVI Forex Blog 15:42 GMT July 4, 2016


hk ab 15:34 GMT July 4, 2016
close 1/3 more 136.55 on trail.

now, the last 1/3 is at entry. Let's see if it's a great memory or not.

hk ab 15:25 GMT July 4, 2016
finally, the 2/3 heavy means "sth".......

hk ab 15:23 GMT July 4, 2016
Seems leaving a lot on table.

hk ab 15:11 GMT July 4, 2016
oops, The ONE again....

close 1791.5. fast game.

hk ab 14:49 GMT July 4, 2016
dunno why but buy some here 1790

hk ab 14:47 GMT July 4, 2016
I am the one keeping huge gb/jp.........

still 2/3 from 136 and some bits at 135.98.

Singapore SGFXTrader 14:27 GMT July 4, 2016
long gbp!

12 hour of suppression might end soon. Time to let go and burst!

GVI Forex Blog 13:41 GMT July 4, 2016
BREAKING NEWS: Canada Markit PMI Eases
Canada Markit PMI. Weaker but above the "50" expansion line.

BREAKING NEWS: Canada Markit PMI Eases

GVI Trading Room john 13:38 GMT July 4, 2016

Markit Mfg PMI June 2016

51.8 vs. n/a exp. vs. 52.1 prev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

Singapore SGFXTrader 13:17 GMT July 4, 2016
long gbp!

2 green hourly candle for gbpjpy.

If we see a mini green on the 3rd hour, we might expect a bigger green candle subsequently.

In 3 hour's time, we might be able to see clearer trend and picture.

London 13:13 GMT July 4, 2016
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Singapore SGFXTrader 13:12 GMT July 4, 2016
long gbp!

No, i did not buy heavily. I scale.

tokyo joyya 12:25 GMT 07/04/2016
Singapore SGFXTrader 12:21 GMT 07/04/2016

look like your bought heavly gbpjpy?

Livingston nh 13:12 GMT July 4, 2016

On the charts EUR/GBP looks most overstretched - the daily has a rising 21 dma but well below current price -- the 4hr chart shows a declining MACD aagainst a slowing price trend// at least a good chance of a modest pullback -- the damage in the UK is political not economic so far but EU problems are more diverse

Meanwhile, CNY moves back to last Summer point and the USD shortage/demand remains high

HK [email protected] 12:31 GMT July 4, 2016

Singapore SGFXTrader

If you know something is brewing that's ok.

I don't! But the fact that the GBP is not dropping should say something.

tokyo joyya 12:25 GMT July 4, 2016
long gbp!

Singapore SGFXTrader 12:21 GMT 07/04/2016

look like your bought heavly gbpjpy?

Singapore SGFXTrader 12:21 GMT July 4, 2016
long gbp!

Can we expect some short covering later?

This hour candle close can provide some hint.

tokyo joyya 12:07 GMT July 4, 2016
long gbp!

Singapore SGFXTrader 11:40 GMT 07/04/2016

in bigger picture maybe gbpjpy make new low below 116..i mean down trend from 251 still in progress maybe this is just pull back from 195 later make high above 195 right now nothing is clear right now but i favor make new below 116....short mid term seems long ok...

Singapore SGFXTrader 11:46 GMT July 4, 2016

Happy for you ab =)

Cash is king! Take profit is a must!

I have learnt many hard lessons, greed is the mother of all failure in Forex trading!

hk ab 11:45 GMT July 4, 2016
unload 1/3 of the heavy long position at 136.20

20 pips for mega :)

Singapore SGFXTrader 11:40 GMT July 4, 2016
long gbp!

If u look at the big picture, GBPJPY began the descend from 195.8 during Mid year 2015.

One year later, GBPJPY is nearly 6000 pips lower at 136.x level now.

Is it cheap compared to 1 year ago? Bargain buy?

116 is all time record low level and 120 is a major major support region.

Record level peak is 250 clocked in 2007.

Looking at these numbers and the current fundamental/technical, what is your decision?

tokyo joyya 11:37 GMT July 4, 2016

honestly i do not think its heading to 133 etc today i think today bottom is around 135/136 cable max i see 1.315 most likely 1.32/1.325 is bottom....most likely we see july low today.....very less chances rest of the week go down it will be major bottom.....maybe i am wrong but this is my view...

Singapore SGFXTrader 11:24 GMT July 4, 2016

In 5 hour's time, we would have completed a 48-hour post-Carney-Dovish speech consolidation phase in the GBP.

What's next? Why defend 135.7 - 136.0 region? Objectives?

Who want to push it towards 133?
Who can push it up to squeeze the shorts?
Which way more money? Which way easier?

tokyo joyya 11:24 GMT July 4, 2016
long gbp!

i think soon gbpaud meet bottom then up move start.....

Singapore SGFXTrader 11:17 GMT July 4, 2016

Better job numbers for this NFP. We can see a XXXJPY mini bull run this way. Question is when? Tuesday or Wednesday for the big push?

UK JY 11:15 GMT July 4, 2016

Do you see this coming from a stronger gbpusd or usdjpy?

Singapore SGFXTrader 11:14 GMT July 4, 2016
long gbp!

Only AUD standing strong.

Eur, GBP, USD have all returned their gains during the early-mid part of Europe session.

No US session tonight. Independence day!


Singapore SGFXTrader 11:11 GMT July 4, 2016

Those people who short at 136, a 200-300 pips north can take out these stops easily. Easy money!

Question is when will the push begin?

hk ab 11:06 GMT July 4, 2016
no stops being hit..... buy more 135.98

SaaR KaL 11:06 GMT July 4, 2016
Cable longs
1.3232 to 1.3100 is ok
TGT 1.3303 at least

hk ab 10:59 GMT July 4, 2016
big position and tight stop 20 pips, will buy lower if 136 broken.

hk ab 10:58 GMT July 4, 2016
buy initial entry 136.

tokyo joyya 10:57 GMT July 4, 2016
long gbp!

Entry: Target: Stop:

long 1.325

HK [email protected] 10:16 GMT July 4, 2016
long gbp!

If a fundamental like bringing the Brexit confirmation to the two houses will materialize, GBP on all crosses will explode upwards, as there will be some chance, Brexit will be voted out.

But this is only a hypothetical risk, that only big names may know ahead.

Except for some possible surprises, only the O.S. situation may scare the shorts, but not too much fundamentals to support the currency at the moment.
We have lot of uncertainty, which makes markets worry.

GVI Forex Blog 10:16 GMT July 4, 2016
GVI Data Calendar for 5 July 2016

July 4, 2016 ( UPCOMING DATA HIGHLIGHTS for Tuesday, July 5, 2016. Trading News Calendar

  • Far East: AU- Retail Sales, Trade, RBA
  • Europe: EZ/GB- Service PMI, Retail Sales
  • North America: US- Factory Orders


04:30 AU- Reserve Bank of Australia
All Day Service PMIs
US- Service PMIs
18:00 US- Policy Minutes
12:15 US- ADP Jobs
12:30 US- Weekly Jobless
15:00 US- Weekly Crude
00:30 GB- Trade
12:30 US/CA- Employment
18:00 US- Policy Minutes

GVI Data Calendar for 5 July 2016

GVI Trading Room Jay Meisler 10:14 GMT July 4, 2016
Amazing Trader Beta Test Update

This is a call for traders to be part of our Amazing Trader program beta test.

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Jay Meisler



Singapore SGFXTrader 10:05 GMT July 4, 2016
long gbp!

When you are surviving on a tight stop, it means this pair is going up.
Let's see how this pair proceed on 4 July. Maybe to 137

tokyo joyya 01:36 GMT 07/04/2016
Entry: 136.20 Target: open Stop: 135.8

GVI Trading Room john 09:01 GMT July 4, 2016

EZ PPI a bit hotter than expected.

GVI Trading Room john 09:00 GMT July 4, 2016

Eurozone PPI May 2016

mm: +0.60% vs. +0.30% exp. vs. -0.30% prev.
yy: -3.90% vs. -4.10% exp. vs. -4.40% prev.

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HK [email protected] 08:47 GMT July 4, 2016
long gbp!

If you have any Tech. or fundamentals supporting a position for GBP, post them and also the trade suggestion!

But if one has no technicals, or fundamentals to take a position, but only keep on screaming his book, better refrain.

GVI Trading Room john 08:39 GMT July 4, 2016
BREAKING NEWS: U.K. Construction PMI Weaker

GBP falls sharply on construction PMI. Keep in mind PMIs are not "hard" data.

GVI Trading Room john 08:37 GMT July 4, 2016
BREAKING NEWS: U.K. Construction PMI Weaker

Manually refresh page to update chart

GVI Forex Blog 08:36 GMT July 4, 2016
BREAKING NEWS: U.K. Construction PMI Weaker
U.K. Construction PMI misses forecasts.

BREAKING NEWS: U.K. Construction PMI Weaker

GVI Trading Room john 08:31 GMT July 4, 2016

Big Miss in Construction PMI. Brexit vote could have had an impact.

GVI Trading Room john 08:30 GMT July 4, 2016
Construction PMI June 2016


46.0 vs. 50.7 exp. vs. 51.2 prev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

GVI Forex Blog 08:27 GMT July 4, 2016


HK [email protected] 07:57 GMT July 4, 2016
British government faces legal challenge over Brexit trigger

Law firm Mishcon de Reya said it had started legal action to demand the British government win legislative approval from Parliament before triggering a formal divorce from the European Union.

Mishcon de Reya, a London-based law firm, said Britain would need an Act of Parliament - which would require approval votes by lawmakers in both houses of Parliament - before it invoked Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, the trigger for formal negotiations on exiting the bloc Britain joined in 1973.

The law firm said in a statement on Sunday it was acting on behalf of a group of clients but did not identify them. The BBC said the clients were a group of business people and academics.

Mishcon de Reya disputed the government's suggestion that following the 52-48 British referendum in favor of leaving the EU on June 23, it has sufficient legal authority to trigger Article 50 without recourse to parliament.

"The outcome of the Referendum itself is not legally binding and for the current or future Prime Minister to invoke Article 50 without the approval of Parliament is unlawful," Kasra Nouroozi, a partner Mishcon de Reya, said in the statement.

It has been in correspondence with government lawyers since June 27 to seek assurances for its clients that the government will respect the sovereignty of British parliament.

Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron has said he will resign and that it will be up to his successor to decide when to trigger Article 50.

tokyo joyya 06:33 GMT July 4, 2016
long gbp!

buy cable around 1.325/1.31 if seen...

tokyo joyya 06:32 GMT July 4, 2016
long gbp!

Entry: 1.7675 Target: open Stop: 1.76

Singapore SGFXTrader 06:23 GMT 07/04/2016

in deed yen is up alot no idea about boj but i think jpn225 go up......audjpy zarjpy nzdjpy etc going up....just bought now gbpaud 1.7675...gbp always lazy start so i think no problem....happy trade,

Singapore SGFXTrader 06:23 GMT July 4, 2016
long gbp!


Yen has appreciated alot lately. Isn't BOJ going to intervene anytime soon? Ease?

Does BOJ love a strong yen?

Singapore SGFXTrader 05:14 GMT July 4, 2016
long gbp!

For Gbpjpy, some technical analysis:

on 5min chart, it is trading above 50-day SMA and 144-EMA.

on hourly chart, the 5-day MA just cut above 20-day SMA and is looking to cut above 50-day and 100-day SMA in due course.

based on hourly chart, technical read, i see a long setup sign.

tokyo joyya 05:07 GMT July 4, 2016
long gbp!

Singapore SGFXTrader 05:05 GMT 07/04/2016

maybe stop hunt bfore rise.....

Singapore SGFXTrader 05:05 GMT July 4, 2016
long gbp!

In the last 2 hours, using 5min chart, selling pressure on Gbpjpy. Pre-Europe session does not look supportive. Is this a slight dip for more buy?

SaaR KaL 05:02 GMT July 4, 2016
Pos and Targets

Will start Shorting Silver

Pair_____ Rec'd Previous Target Day High Day Low
AUS200( Keep Buying 5,286.00 5,305.30 5,384.59 5,279.63
JPN225( Keep Buying 15,563.50 15,975.90 16,023.88 15,533.24
XAG/USD Keep Selling 20.25 18.03 22.30 19.85

tokyo joyya 04:59 GMT July 4, 2016
long gbp!

Singapore SGFXTrader 04:57 GMT 07/04/2016

if usa holiday then more chances going up today....

Singapore SGFXTrader 04:57 GMT July 4, 2016
long gbp!

US holiday today. Not much liquidity during US session.

Today see if Europe session endorse GBP uptrend move.

Generally we see Audjpy, Usdjpy, Eurjpy, Gbpjpy going Green.

Can the Europe session amplify these green candles? Let's see.

tokyo joyya 04:46 GMT July 4, 2016
long gbp!

Singapore SGFXTrader 04:43 GMT 07/04/2016

i have many targets 139/141/145/148/ 153final one....but maybe i short 145/148 before that keep long.....

tokyo joyya 04:44 GMT July 4, 2016
Gold Targets 1377

now i think gbp would not go much down 1.3 etc risk is over stox going up from here rally....

Singapore SGFXTrader 04:43 GMT July 4, 2016
long gbp!

Good call. Last week Friday, it was capped at 136.8 and range play between 136.8 and 136.0. What is your first price target for this pair?

tokyo joyya 01:36 GMT 07/04/2016
Entry: 136.20 Target: open Stop: 135.8

going long with tight stop.....

Singapore SGFXTrader 04:41 GMT July 4, 2016
Gold Targets 1377

My general trading rule, buy at bottom and sell at high.

When GBP is near low point, why risk to short?

Last Dec 2015, i long Eurusd at 1.05 when everyone is shorting or bearish and then Draghi, my godfather delivered a 500pips move within 4 hours.

SaaR KaL 04:41 GMT July 4, 2016
Pos and Targets

AUDUSD day trade Est
0.7545 0.7415

1.3572 1.3150

1.1195 1.1034

tokyo joyya 04:39 GMT July 4, 2016
Pos and Targets

oh yes zarjpy or usdzar the best....long zar long term....i am long zarjpy 6.5 maybe keep for some years target open....

Singapore SGFXTrader 04:39 GMT July 4, 2016
Pos and Targets

The sentiment in USD is unclear. Maybe, we might see rate cut in 2016.

tokyo joyya 04:36 GMT July 4, 2016
Pos and Targets

i prefer long aud and gbp then usd......

tokyo joyya 04:32 GMT July 4, 2016
Pos and Targets

SaaR KaL 03:20 GMT 07/04/2016

Kal yes possible upside but i do not have any usdjpy postion......

hk ab 03:52 GMT July 4, 2016
long gbp!

The only thing hurts gold now is the fast retreat of XAG....

Thus, may take a rest at 1360 here as well before pumping up to 1390-1400 area this week.

SaaR KaL 03:20 GMT July 4, 2016
Pos and Targets

Do you think USDJPY wants 130 from near here?
I am getting a good sign it will next year

SaaR KaL 03:10 GMT July 4, 2016
Gold Targets 1377

I am holding Cable till 1.41 +

SaaR KaL 03:08 GMT July 4, 2016
Pos and Targets

IMO EURGBP will be hit so bad...will send it 0.68
These levels are so dangerous
might hit 0.8600 first

HK [email protected] 02:49 GMT July 4, 2016
Gold Targets 1377

GBP; More chances to target 1.3979, if breaks 1.35.

HK [email protected] 02:45 GMT July 4, 2016
Theresa May; A Brexit mole.

Possibly another way to around matters:)

SaaR KaL 02:43 GMT July 4, 2016
Pos and Targets

Pair------ Rec'd ----- Previous Target
EUR/USD Keep Buying 1.1135 1.1337
GBP/USD Keep Buying 1.3245 1.4163
USD/CHF Keep Selling 0.9726 0.9623
USD/JPY Keep Buying 102.4590 103.9736
USD/CAD Keep Selling 1.2906 1.2580
NZD/USD Keep Selling 0.7169 0.7066
AUD/USD Keep Buying 0.7496 0.7545
EUR/GBP Keep Selling 0.8389 0.8005
EUR/JPY Keep Buying 114.0800 118.0207
GBP/AUD Keep Buying 1.7649 1.8739
GBP/JPY Keep Buying 135.6970 147.2936
GBP/NZD Keep Buying 1.8463 2.0000

tokyo joyya 02:26 GMT July 4, 2016
long gbp!

hk ab 02:23 GMT 07/04/2016

AB san maybe possible 1480 but i love to short 1350 add on 10/20points rise....

hk ab 02:23 GMT July 4, 2016
long gbp!

Gold is a move towards 1480...... in a week.

hk ab 02:22 GMT July 4, 2016
This strength in XAU and XAG resembles Greexit fear few years ago......

tokyo joyya 02:19 GMT July 4, 2016
long gbp!

aud seems very bullish...

HK [email protected] 02:08 GMT July 4, 2016
Theresa May: Article 50 not invoked before the end of the year.

So if she is chosen: 2.5 years at least until Brexit will be completed.

people want more than "a Brexit prime minister".

The home secretary promised to bring the Remain and Leave sides together and "govern for the whole country".

Rival candidates Andrea Leadsom and Michael Gove both said the winner must have backed Brexit.

Candidates have been setting out their stalls in a series of interviews.

Listening to all sides; Seems the candidates for the PM post are not too clear.

The home secretary has a comfortable lead among MP nominations over her rivals Mrs Leadsom, Mr Gove, Stephen Crabb and Liam Fox.

So no foreseeable threats from Brexit to markets.
Business as usual for the next few years.


Sud BD 02:01 GMT July 4, 2016
Lower yields = lower USD?

tokyo joyya 01:57 GMT July 4, 2016
long gbp!

Sell Gold
Entry: 1350 Target: open Stop: later


Hong Kong 01:52 GMT July 4, 2016
AceTrader Jul 04: Daily Recommendations on Major -EUR/USD
Update Time: 04 Jul 2016 01:21 GMT

EUR/USD - 1.1133
Despite euro's daily wild swings last week, Friday's gain to 1.1170 suggests choppy trading above June's 3-month trough at 1.0912 would continue and above 1.1190 (post-Brexit high) would bring stronger retracement of recent downtrend to 1.1230/40 before prospect of a retreat due to near term loss of upward momentum.

On the downside, below 1.1072 (Fri's low) anytime suggests erratic rise from last week's low at 1.0971 has made a top, then risk is seen for subsequent weakness towards 1.1024.

tokyo joyya 01:36 GMT July 4, 2016
long gbp!
Entry: 136.20 Target: open Stop: 135.8

going long with tight stop.....


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