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Forex Forum Archive for 09/11/2016

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HK [email protected] 23:47 GMT September 11, 2016
GBP/USD daily chart FWIW


HK [email protected] 23:08 GMT September 11, 2016
Money miraculos cure; Hillary went to the Streisand fundraiser the same night

"Now after several years I came to bring alms to my nation and to present offerings;
Acts 24:17

dc CB 22:03 GMT September 11, 2016
Breaking News

zerohedge ‏@zerohedge 8m8 minutes ago

Hillary went to the Streisand fundraiser the same night she was diagnosed with pneumonia

dc CB 21:56 GMT September 11, 2016
Breaking News

According to the Campaign, she was diagnosed with pnemonia on Friday.

The press are busy adding paragrphs with this new information to their coverage of today's incident.

Doctor says Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday

HK [email protected] 21:48 GMT September 11, 2016
Hillary Clinton diagnosed with pneumonia!

Don't you know that pneumonia is a killer disease?

Each year in the United States, about 1 million people have to seek care in a hospital due to pneumonia, and about 50,000 people die from the disease. Most of the people affected by pneumonia in the United States are adults.

Many of these deaths—both globally and in the United States—could be prevented with vaccines and appropriate treatment (like antibiotics and antivirals).

GVI Trading Room john bland 21:25 GMT September 11, 2016
Breaking News
Hillary Clinton diagnosed with pneumonia, explaining her early departure from 9/11 Memorial ceremony in New York today - financial press - Source

GVI Trading Room john bland 21:22 GMT September 11, 2016
Monday Trading

EURUSD 1.1231 +2
USDJPY 102.60 -8
GBPUSD 1.3261 -8

Sydney ACC 21:08 GMT September 11, 2016
Bring nack the nerd(Bernie Sanders ) Hillary Clinton should resign.

Whatever, there will be insurmountable pressure on Hillary to undertake a full medical examination with the details published.

In the meantime what will happen if he she does resign. There are 57 days until the presidential election. So short a time to elect a replacement if she does withdraw. Would it be:
1. Bernie Sanders as the runner-up in the primaries.
2. Hillary's running mate -Tim Kaine
3. Or will the Democrats draft Joe Biden.

Whatever the outcome of November's election has suddenly got more unpredicaible.

HK [email protected] 20:34 GMT September 11, 2016
Bring nack the nerd(Bernie Sanders ) Hillary Clinton should resign.

Q: Anyone has any idea how this tragic situation of H.Clinton may affect the markets, if it will at all?

Paris ib 19:33 GMT September 11, 2016
Hillary Clinton leaves 9/11 ceremony due to 'medical episode', campaign says she 'felt overheated'

They can't hide this forever but it looks like they're gonna try.


Paris ib 19:30 GMT September 11, 2016
Hillary Clinton leaves 9/11 ceremony due to 'medical episode', campaign says she 'felt overheated'

They are holding her up while she is waiting for the van. She is wavering. Then she falls over all together.... what is going on?


haifa ac 18:37 GMT September 11, 2016
Not the Onion

The " irredeemables" may soon become the UNTOUCHABLES (with Clint Eastwood replacing Kevin Kostner)

HK [email protected] 18:18 GMT September 11, 2016
I give the "walking dead" not more than one month.

Sure; The Democrats have already prepared her duplicate( a bit younger a bit prettier)

HK [email protected] 18:10 GMT September 11, 2016
Hillary Clinton leaves 9/11 ceremony due to 'medical episode', campaign says she 'felt overheated'

What is a medical episode? Is it a reality show?

FX and STOX will give an answer soon!

dc CB 17:24 GMT September 11, 2016
Hillary leaves 9/11 Memorial

Wash Post - an hour ago:

Clinton’s health just became a real issue
Her campaign tried to explain her quick departure from the 9/11 memorial service, but this incident could make the question of her physical fitness central in the election.

dc CB 17:23 GMT September 11, 2016
Not the Onion

Clinton's fawing press are starting to turn.
Sunday on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” while discussing Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s Friday night, comments describing half of Republican nominee Donald Trump’s supporters as “deplorables” driven by “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic” beliefs, New York Times columnist David Brooks said the remark showed a “dark” and “Nixonian” world view.

Brooks said, “First, you know, it was terrible week for politics, we had to race to the bottom before but this is like Usain Bolt speed, these two. I was struck by another sentence in that quote about the deplorables, that they are irredeemable. There is a reason no religion believes that. Because if you believe people are irredeemable you are saying they say they lack redeemable souls and in a lesser category of human beings and that’s a dark, dark world view. That’s the risk with Clinton, she can be hard-working and very effective and very efficient but there is a dark world view that is semi-Nixonian lurking in there.”

haifa ac 16:44 GMT September 11, 2016
Hillary leaves 9/11 Memorial
This is a youtube that shows the collapse on the way to the van
1. note how she crumbles on her right leg before the guard catches her under her arm
2. Note how she collapses after two steps and only the two guards hold her from falling
3. Note how the security service is ordered to immediately screen her from the cameras

She is a sick lady. But the press will wrap her with cotton and treat her with kids gloves. Not honest.

GVI Trading Room john bland 16:02 GMT September 11, 2016
The Last Word on Fed Policy Goes to Brainard --
"Heading into the Federal Reserve's September meeting, all eyes are on Lael Brainard.

The Fed governor is speaking in Chicago on Monday, making hers the last scheduled appearance before U.S. central bankers go into their traditional pre-meeting quiet period ahead of a Sept. 20-21 confab in Washington. Some Fed watchers think Brainard, who's been among the most dovish of Fed members, will send a signal that tightening is coming—a flip-flop that would be sure to move markets. Others see the timing of her speech as consistent with her record because she spoke close to both the March and June meetings, urging a patient stance both times...

The Last Word on Fed Policy Goes to Brainard --

GVI Trading Room 15:57 GMT September 11, 2016
Global stocks slide on rate hike talk, German data; euro off --
"Stocks across the globe fell the most since June on Friday, dragged lower by expectations that the Federal Reserve could be closer to an interest rate hike, which in turn boosted the U.S. dollar and weighed on commodities.

Geopolitical jitters added to the sour mix after North Korea conducted its fifth and biggest nuclear test and said it had mastered the ability to mount a warhead on a ballistic missile, ratcheting up a threat that its rivals and the United Nations have been powerless to contain..."

Global stocks slide on rate hike talk, German data; euro off --

haifa ac 15:13 GMT September 11, 2016
Hillary leaves 9/11 Memorial

At the moment seems like non-event.
Perhaps a clever ploy to sway press and public opinion from her damaging statement that slmost (less than) 50% of Trump supporters are deplorable scum.
Trump should ask her in the debate if she thinks that the deplorables comprize less than 50% of his supporters-- does shen know if it is 49%? 48% 47%---- exactly what % of Americans for Trump ares scums.
Should impact tonight's opening on the Nasdaq.

haifa ac 14:22 GMT September 11, 2016
Hillary leaves 9/11 Memorial
Hillary Clinton had a “medical episode” that required her to leave a 9/11 commemoration ceremony early, a law enforcement source who witnessed the event told Fox News.

Amsterdam NordFX 12:59 GMT September 11, 2016
Forex Forecast for USD, GBP, JPY and CHF for 12 – 16 September 2016
First, a review of last week’s forecast:

– as for the forecast for EUR/USD, those 40% of experts, who believed that the pair would go up to the resistance of 1.1300, which virtually happened, were right. As expected, the ECB interest and deposit rates decision and corresponding commentary from the governor of the mega-regulator turned out to be the key event for it. Eventually, having reached the level of 1.1325 on Thursday, the pair showed impressive volatility, then it reversed and went down, wrapping up the week around the strong level of support/resistance of 1.1230;

– as a reminder, assessing the prospects for GBP/USD last week, 80% of experts, the graphical analysis on D1 and 75% of indicators pointed to the north, indicating 1.3370 and 1.3480 as the levels of resistance. As expected, as early as Monday the pair reached the first target, rebounded, but in a day it overcame this obstacle and surged further upwards. It failed to reach the high of July 15 - 1.3480 – however even the high of 1.3445 may be considered as the upper boundary of the summer sideways channel. Having reached it, the pair reversed and returned to the levels of the early week;

– the forecast for USD/JPY reckoned that the pair would fail to get over the resistance in the area of 104.00 – 104.50, and it would have to move down to the support of 102.30. With this, the graphical analysis specified that during the month the pair could go further down – to the level of 100.90. However, data on the USA economy allowed making a breakthrough to the south much earlier – as early as Tuesday, on September 6, the pair literally collapsed, having reached the bottom at the level of 101.20. However later the bulls could pare over half of losses, and by Friday the pair returned to the area of 102.50 – 103.00;

– if usually USD/CHF shows strong negative correlation with EUR/USD, last week, on top of that, it almost precisely replicated the chart of USD/JPY, simultaneously confirming the forecast for a gradual consolidation at the pivot level of 0.9800. During the whole year the pair has been haunting this level, which happened also this time – it ended the week in the area of 0.9750 – 0.9785.

Forecast for the Upcoming Week:
Summing up the opinions of several dozen analysts from world leading banks and broker companies as well as forecasts based on different methods of technical and graphical analysis, the following can be suggested:

– predicting the future of EUR/USD, the vast majority of experts believe that the ascending channel, which had begun in July, will continue. According to this forecast, for a while the pair can move backing on the support of 1.1200, following which it will go up. The nearest target will be at 1.1420, if it will be broken through - 1.1500. Only one analyst expressed an alternative point of view – in his opinion, in the near future the pair will break through the boundary of the ascending channel and it will go down to the support of 1.1120;

– assessing the prospects for GBP/USD, most indicators tend towards a sideways movement. The experts, backed by the graphical analysis, determine the boundaries of this channel ranging from 1.3200 to 1.3500. With this, lots of news from Great Britain, released on Tuesday, Wednesday and, especially, on Thursday, can influence the acting of the pair. As for the longer term forecast, 75% of analysts along with the graphical analysis on D1 believe that, for sure, the pair will test the lows of June-July in the area of 1.2750 – 1.2850;

– giving a forecast for USD/JPY, both experts (65%) and the graphical analysis on Н4 and D1 expect the pair to fall down to the support of 101.20, and then even further down to 99.50. 10% predict a sideways trend, and the remaining 25% insist on the pair’s rise to the area of 103.20 – 104.00;

– as to the last pair of our review – USD/CHF, the forecast here remains unchanged - a gradual consolidation at the pivot level of 0.9750 – 0.9800. The support will be at the levels of 0.9685 and 0.9580. The resistance will be at 0.9840 and 0.9890.

Roman Butko, NordFX

Notice: These materials should not be deemed as a recommendation for investment or guidance for working on financial markets and they are for informative purposes only. Trading on financial markets is risky and it can lead to loss of money deposited.

GVI Trading Room john bland 12:12 GMT September 11, 2016
Monday Trading

12-SEP Monday
No major Data
13-SEP Tuesday
08:30 GB- CPI
09:00 DE- ZEW Survey
14-SEP Wednesday
08:30 GB- Employment
14:30 US- Weekly Crude
15-SEP Thursday
00:00 CN- Holiday
00:30 AU- Employment
07:30 CH- SNB Decision
08:30 GB- Retail Sales
09:00 EZ- Final HICP
11:00 GB- BOE Decision
12:30 US- PPI
12:30 US- Retail Sales
12:30 US- Current Account
12:30 US- Weekly Jobless
12:30 US- Philly Fed
13:15 US- Industrial Production
16-SEP Friday
00:00 CN- Holiday
12:30 US- CPI
14:00 US- University of Michigan Survey

Trading Themes--
  • Markets got unsettled Thursday by the non-decision decision by the ECB last Thursday. The best explanation I have heard about the ECB is that President Draghi was keeping policy on hold until he saw what the Fed was going to do on September 21. Furthermore, Fed speakers sent hawkish signals early on Friday. Later in the day Gopvernor Tarullo sent a more dovish signal. It is long past due for the U.S. central bank to get its act together and send consistent messages to the markets or just keep quiet.

  • The economic calendar is quiet on Monday. There will ba a lot to focus on in the rest of the week, including central bank decisions by Swiss National Bank and the Bank of England. Thursday sees a slew of data from the U.S. and abroad to include the latest U.S. Retail Sales data.

  • Word Chinese forex reserves have reached their lowest level since 2012 has been raising eyebrows in recent days. Large scale intervention and management of its reserve basket can have significant impacts elsewhere.

  • As for the Fed, Fed Funds futures odds for a September 21 rate hike closed the week at one in five. The chances for one rate hike by the end of the year are only 64%, despite Chair Yellen's signal at Jackson Hole that it is time for a rate increase

  • John M. Bland, MBA


GVI Trading Room john bland 11:15 GMT September 11, 2016
Fed And ECB Policies Intertwined

nh- We both remember Bill Miller. In fairness to him, he was way over his head from the start. He never should have been appointed by Carter, who was in over his head as well!

The current set of Keystone Kops can't claim that excuse. What we needed (need) is an independent thinker, someone who can think out of the box, like Larry Summers. I did not realize this back when Yellen was appointed.

The problem with the current era is that a truly independent thinker is no longer acceptable because of political correctness. We can no longer handle the truth.

NY JM 10:51 GMT September 11, 2016
Clinton’s HIV Secret REVEALED – This Could END Of Hillary’s Campaign!

RF this is not a new story so not breaking news

haifa ac 06:46 GMT September 11, 2016
Clinton’s HIV Secret REVEALED – This Could END Of Hillary’s Campaign!

Ten historical figures who had syphilis in their lifetime.
Adolf Hitler
Ivan the Terrible
Henry VIII
Abraham Lincoln
Leo Tolstoy
Benito Mussolini

Columbus, Mozart, Oscar Wilde can be added

Bill is actually in good company.

HK [email protected] 02:28 GMT September 11, 2016
Clinton’s HIV Secret REVEALED – This Could END Of Hillary’s Campaign!

In their new book, Bill & Hillary: So This is That Thing Called Love, the authors interview Clinton insiders who claim that Bill slept with so many women that Hillary Clinton has repeatedly forced him to get an HIV test from the doctor. This is because the former President “favored unprotected sex.”

And while the first tests came back negative, HIV and AIDS might explain an ongoing mystery. Over the years, both Clintons have kept their medical records a secret. Clinton has explained his rapidly changing appearance to his heart surgery and “new diet” but he has looked increasingly thin and weak at Hillary campaign rallies.

As Rush Limbaugh opined, looking at Bill Clinton on the campaign trail, Rush only sees Preparation H, Geritol, Fixodent, and Depends. Bill Clinton looks like his health is on a rapid recline.

Bill Clinton is roughly the same age as President George W. Bush. But while Bush looks healthy, Clinton only becomes older and frail.

Even a former Clinton White House advisor admits Bill looks unhealthy and “washed-up”:

Former Bill Clinton advisor and television personality Dick Morris thinks his old boss isn’t looking too good these days.

Read more:


HK [email protected] 01:19 GMT September 11, 2016
Hard Brexit: "Let me die with the Philistines!"

CONSERVATIVE members are losing patience with the Government’s delaying over Brexit, with more than three-quarters now in favour of a “hard” exit from the EU.
A poll last week found that 78 per cent of Tory supporters want to leave the single market and regain full control of our borders, compared to 69 per cent last month.

Only 18 per cent now back a Norway-type “softer” form of Brexit in which the UK remains a single market member without signing up to Schengen free movement but with a time-limited emergency break on immigration.

Twenty six per cent favoured this option a month ago. Paul Goodman, who published the findings on the Conservative Home website, said: “The more party members think about it, the more they seem to want a hard Brexit.”



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