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Forex Forum Archive for 09/25/2016

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HK [email protected] 23:48 GMT September 25, 2016
UK Gov. a bag of unloveable snakes and worms, soon to cannibalize each other.

It all takes a time to see how they can't perform the Brexit dance, and getting paralyzed to invite public ire.
Doubt if they can last long in power.
Only Q. is at what way will it end

Mtl JP 23:47 GMT September 25, 2016
US Elections

fwiw :
Clinton presidency with a divided U.S. Congress would have a “neutral” impact on financial markets.
Trump victory and a divided Congress would have a “slightly negative” market impact - Wells Fargo

Mtl JP 22:22 GMT September 25, 2016
US Elections

will hillary be standing a booster or donald in a hole ?

nw kw 21:33 GMT September 25, 2016
US Elections

immigration shaping thing fast upsets down sets, trump avoided cad so he nos immigration shaped ca in under 2years. or it did reverse to no immigration and eur has same headaches. bad for eur? a trump

dc CB 21:18 GMT September 25, 2016
US Elections

90 minutes on camera standing.

When Dr. Lisa Bardack[*] was asked to become Hillary Clinton’s personal physician in 2001, it had to have been a crowning moment in the career of the Mt. Kisco internist. Dr. Bardack could have anticipated little downside. She already had the responsibility -- and legal obligation under HIPAA -- to protect the privacy of her patient. She and her staff would have to be especially scrupulous in the case of a senator with presidential ambitions, but this should not have posed a serious problem.

this year Bardack encountered difficulties she could not have foreseen in 2001:

Dr. Lisa Bardack’s Faustian Bargain

dc CB 21:02 GMT September 25, 2016
US Elections

This is the first time in the entire campaign that either of them has been onstage for a full 90 mins, with no cutting away to commercials.
For Hillary this is the first time this year she will be required to Stand for 90 full minutes.
For Trump when he's on stage with single opponent.

HK [email protected] 20:40 GMT September 25, 2016
One world one mind

The life stressed, short fused people in this world are not anymore interested listening to any politician detailing them their plans.
People want some action around, not bedtime stories.
People are pissed of traditional politician, just enriching themselves, and the best example is H. Clinton.

What happened in the Philippines latest election, that what will happen in the US. It will be Trump.
Now go and make your bucks.

Mtl JP 20:00 GMT September 25, 2016
US Elections

"Mr. Trump's goal in the first debate is to win,” campaign manager Kellyanne Conway

Clinton wants voters to “understand the facts”

My goal is to make posi-pips off the cretins on a possible play if Hillary slips and.a Trump presidency gains traction. Markets assume Hillary wins. With Trump more uncertainty.

I am questioning if the debate is maybe not too early and still too far away from the election to be playable unless Donald somehow clearly demolishes Hillary. I do not see a play on Hillary somehow coming thru with making voters to “understand the facts” (unless the plebs reach some awakening about Hillary's nega-facts)

These are Hillary Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s goals for their fir

Livingston nh 13:52 GMT September 25, 2016
US Elections

The original President debates bear little resemblance to the Cavalry Charge Kentucky Derby like primary debates -- Monday may see the food fight primary format of the past year dominate -- a technocrat w/ a status quo "message" vs a blustering name caller w/ a change "message"

Change is always promised and the electorate knows that is always a lie -- Can they be seduced again?

None of this will display a President's most necessary requirement -- a BS antenna that screens out and/or suppresses advice, it allows for good decisions in CRITICAL matters // it may only really matter once in a term but it determines history

GVI Forex Blog 13:19 GMT September 25, 2016
GVI Data Calendar for 26 September 2016

September 25, 2016 ( UPCOMING DATA HIGHLIGHTS for Monday, September 26, 2016.

  • Far East: AU/NZ- Clocks "Spring Forward"
  • Europe: DE- IFO Survey EZ- Draghi Speaks
  • North America: US- New Homes Sales

26-Sep MON
08:00 DE- IFO
15:00 EZ- Draghi Speaks
14:00 US- New Homes Sales
21:00 US- Presidential Debate
27-Sep TUE
13:45 US- flash Service PMI
14:00 US- Consumer Confidence
28-Sep WED
12:30 US- Durable Goods
14:30 US- EIA Crude
29-Sep THU
07:55 DE- Employment
12:30 US- GDP
23:30 JP- CPI
30-Sep FRI
06:00 DE- Retail Sales
08:30 GB- GDP
12:30 US- PCE Deflator
14:00 US- final Univ of Mich

GVI Data Calendar for 26 September 2016

GVI Trading Room john bland 11:40 GMT September 25, 2016
Monday Trading

26-Sep MON
08:00 DE- IFO
14:00 US- New Homes Sales
15:00 EZ- Draghi Speaks
21:00 US- Presidential Debate
27-Sep TUE
13:45 US- flash Service PMI
14:00 US- Consumer Confidence
28-Sep WED
12:30 US- Durable Goods
14:30 US- EIA Crude
29-Sep THU
07:55 DE- Employment
12:30 US- GDP
23:30 JP- CPI
30-Sep FRI
06:00 DE- Retail Sales
08:30 GB- GDP
12:30 US- PCE Deflator
14:00 US- final Univ of Mich

Trading Themes--
  • Thefocus early in the new week will be on Europe with the prestigious German IFO Survey due along with testimony by ECB President Draghi to the European Parliament. The headline IFO reading is seen about dead flat. On Friday, the Belgian Business Barometer for September was released and improved modestly. It is often is a reliable predictor of the IFO Survey.

  • President Draghi is then expected to have a difficult time before some members of the EU Parliament, who question the wisdom of the central bank's negative interest rates and Quantitative Ease (QE) policies.

  • Monday sees New Homes Sales from the U.S., which tends to be a second-tier reoprt. Also the first Presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is slated. This usually is the most closely followed presidential debate and could be decisive for the November 8 election. At the present time, Mrs. Clinton holds a narrow lead over Mr. Trump in the polls.

  • John M. Bland, MBA


Amsterdam NordFX 11:31 GMT September 25, 2016
Forex Forecast for EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY and USDCHF for 26 – 30 September 2016
First, a review of last week’s forecast:

– the most intriguing for EUR/USD last week was whether the ascending channel, which had started in July, would continue. However, the acting of the pair didn’t give a clear answer to that question. Indeed, after the breakout, as expected, the pair went down to the support in the area of 1.1100–1.1120. But then, having rebounded from it the pair returned to the lower boundary of the uptrend and, having turned it into the resistance, continued its moving upwards;

– as a reminder, assessing possible acting of GBP/USD, experts split into three almost equal groups: 35% voted for the pair’s fall, 30% - for its rise, and 35% for the sideways trend. Eventually, the last camp turned out to be right – using the central line of summer sideways channel of 1.3060 as the resistance, the pair had been moving eastward during the whole week. With this, the bears didn’t cease to test the level of 1.2950, but the bulls could fight off all those attacks, and eventually the pair wrapped up the week at the level of 1.2960;

– as for USD/JPY, the Interest Rate Decisions of the central bank of Japan and the US Fed (which, as expected, were kept on hold) were no so much determining as the commentary on the monetary policy of those countries. Eventually, having kept within the sideways range during the first two days, on Wednesday the pair surged up – to the resistance of 102.80, and then, as the graphical analysis expected, it plunged. Having broken through the support of 100.50, by inertia the pair went further 40 points down – to the level of 100.10, and afterwards, when it calmed down a little, it returned to the specified area – to the area of 100.50–101.25;

– Wednesday was also determining for USD/CHF. And if until now the pair had been moving without moving apart from the pivot point of 0.9800, then, mirroring the acting of EUR/USD, it plunged. The technical analysis indicated two levels of support – 0.9685 and 0.9640, however, the pair preferred the average value and chose the level of 0.9660 as the week low, and afterwards, having bounced off it, it returned to the area of 0.9685–0.9740.

Forecast for the Upcoming Week:
Summing up the opinions of several dozen analysts from world leading banks and broker companies as well as forecasts based on different methods of technical and graphical analysis, the following can be suggested:

– EUR/USD. 95% of indicators on H4 and 80% on D1 point to the north. As for the analysts, 60% of them vote for the pair’s rise, and 40% - for its fall. This time the number of supporters of the sideways movement of the pair was zero. If the camp, voting for rise, wins, then the pair will return to the range of the ascending medium-term channel and consolidate above its lower boundary, alongside which it has been currently moving. In this scenario the minimum goal is to get to the area of 1.1260–1.1280, the target for the next weeks - 1.1410. As for the supporters of its fall, they indicate the level of 1.1120 as the target, the next support will be at 1.1045. It should be noted here, that unlike the week forecast, in medium term around 75% of experts give priority to the bears;

– the forecast for GBP/USD remains virtually unchanged. The most analysts, fully backed by the graphical analysis on H4 and D1, insist that the pair will continue to go down to the lower boundary of the three-month sideways trend – to 1.2850, and afterwards a reverse of the trend and return of the pair to the resistance of 1.3060 should follow.

– as for USD/JPY, the majority of analysts – 70%, backed by the indicators and the graphical analysis on D1, insist that the pair will continue its downtrend. With this, it should be noted, that currently the pair is at the level of very strong support – 101.00, and significant efforts might be required to get over it. If successful, the target of the pair will be the area of 99.00-100.00. According to the graphical analysis, during the month the pair might go further down – to the support of 96.50, afterwards it will return to the level of 101.00;

– talking about the near future of USD/CHF, 60% of experts and indicators on H4 and D1 believe that the pair should once again test the low of 0.9660, and possibly reach the bottom in the area of 0.9600. However, then the pair will nevertheless return to the pivot point of 0.9800, and more than 70% of analysts are sure about that.

Roman Butko, NordFX

Notice: These materials should not be deemed as a recommendation for investment or guidance for working on financial markets and they are for informative purposes only. Trading on financial markets is risky and it can lead to loss of money deposited.

HK [email protected] 10:26 GMT September 25, 2016
US Elections

Whatever praises you write about H.Clinton, counts down to zero as she was proven a liar right and left.

So please... Vote for me Donald Trump because even I am so weird I shall try at least to do something, except that I am better looking than ugly Hillary which no makeup can make her look better than bad and also have a good looking wife for display.

So please save America Put me Donald in the White House

uk rg 07:50 GMT September 25, 2016

Entry: Target: Stop:

Charts are just charts(they can be broken)
They are the the only thing that most people have
From here only time will tell
gt to you

nw kw 04:53 GMT September 25, 2016

jp- cad gained new world[tpp] lumber market share, bc. workers absorbed laydoff from ab. oil patch, usa to cad ap 1.28 lumber tariffs are set at, above 128 usa adds tariffs bellow coms off, price in usa lumber support with usa bond move and range, market can be trapped until 128 determined.

dc CB 01:05 GMT September 25, 2016
US Elections

Perplexed global public opinion holds its breath at the (circus) best American “democracy” is able to conjure.
The first cage match this coming Monday between a Queen of War profiting from a mighty (Clinton) Cash Machine and a billionaire uber-narcissist adored by a “basket of deplorables”.
This is a circus quite fitting for a self-described “indispensable nation” where “evil” has been propelled – seriously – to the status of philosophical category.
For the basket of deplorables, and even beyond their circle, the temptation is immense to equate voting for Donald Trump with raising a finger against the establishment.

Circus Maximus 2016


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