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Forex Forum Archive for 01/07/2018

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dc CB 23:41 GMT January 7, 2018

I'm holding to my idea that $2.50 will be the floor. tho it may be broken in a stop hunt for a short time.
Depending on the Full or the CashOnly mini. Risk: Full $100/cent. Mini $25/cent.

dc CB 23:34 GMT January 7, 2018
World's Most Expensive Natural Gas
Natural Gas Intelligence reported Thursday that natural gas spot price traded as high as $175/MMBtu in New York City where NYMEX futures have been averaging below $3/MMBtu.

Freeze offs helped limit gas supplies while demand spiked. Genscape reported production freeze-offs in Texas impacting about 1.2 Bcf/d of Permian Basin production month-to-date versus the previous two-week average. Alberta also reported gas well freeze-offs driving AECO, Alberta's natural gas price benchmark to soar 72% Between Christmas and New Year.

This price disparity underscores the inadequate energy infrastructure at the U.S. Northeast region. The current gas transporting capacity is not enough to haul gas from gas producing basins to meet the sudden spike of heating demand in the region. Bloomberg reported that gas in Northeast region is the world's priciest

Unlike crude oil which is traded on global markets, natural gas is still quite regional with demand mainly driven by weather.

Seeking Alpha
Natural Gas Got Bomb Cycloned In The New Year

Livingston nh 23:06 GMT January 7, 2018

Such a waste of Time and Money while the world moves on -

So here's where we are going - Special counsel to investigate the OTHER side - THEN a Special Counsel to investigate BOTH Special Counsels

This is what happens when there are no political adults in the ROOM -- it pains me to say Bill Clinton (the only politician in the last 20 years) should meet with President Trump and the Top DOGS in the Senate and House and do the DEAL -
1. Congress abolishes Special Counsel silliness - NEVER AGAIN

2. Both investigations are finished - Congress shall not pursue any further hearings into anything covered by the DEAL

3. Sessions and his assistant AG resign or fired

4. None of the above are to be complicated by budget, deficit, immigration, et al - KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID

IF there is no DEAL 2020 will look like 1968 - we don't need this s**t - GROW UP

dc CB 22:59 GMT January 7, 2018
Not the ONION
stuff you can't make up...Biased, no not the WSJ:

"We are looking for someone who can lead wide-ranging reportage -- delving deeply into the economic underpinnings of Russian power and Mr. Putin�s own grip on domestic politics, getting inside Russia�s hacking complex and chronicling Moscow�s activities in the Mideast and elsewhere.

A central goal will be explicating Russia�s strategic aims and exploring the country�s fraught relations with the Trump administration amid American officials� assertions that Moscow used a campaign of hacking and disinformation to try to sway last year�s presidential elections."

"Strong Russian language skills are a distinct advantage."

WSJ seeking Moscow Bureau Chief

dc CB 21:39 GMT January 7, 2018

On January 15, the DOJ's internal watchdog - the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), is expected to present their findings to Congressional investigators regarding a wide variety of alleged bias and malfeasance by the FBI, the Clinton campaign, and the Obama Administration - both during and after the 2016 election.

Moreover, the man heading up the OIG investigation, Michael Horowitz, fought the Obama Administration to regain investigative powers which were restricted by former Attorney General Eric Holder during the Fast and Furious scandal.

Upcoming OIG Report Likely To Trigger Second Special Counsel; Comey, Lynch And Clinton In Crosshairs

GVI Forex Blog 20:44 GMT January 7, 2018
GVI Data Calendar 8 January 2017

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Fri 12 Jan 2018
13:30 US- CPI & Retail Sales

GVI Data Calendar 8 January 2017

AT Amazing Trader john bland 19:36 GMT January 7, 2018
Monday Trading Checklist 8 January 2018

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Odds for one 25bp rate hike on March 21, 2018 are 78% (78%).

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Spot EURUSD: 1.2039
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Israel Dil 19:02 GMT January 7, 2018

wow..... that happened fast :-)))

Steve Bannon apologizes for anti-Trump comments to Michael Wolff in 'Fire and Fury'

Livingston nh 16:26 GMT January 7, 2018
Why Higher Fed Rates Havent Helped the Dollar

A lot of moving parts - there was a time when the relative rates of inflation vs the US determined currency values over a medium term (3-5 yrs) and then the relative REAL yield played a part // the curent confusion over the lack of inflation and the cereal box mix of PCE, CPI, GDP deflator with Core and non Core flavors has not helped drive expectations

QE certainly has played a part - as ECB started up its program EURzone players turned to higher yielding Treasury mkt (see my chart of EU purchases from a few days ago) for a couple of years - my pet theory about Bernanke Hoarding Cash played a big part in restricting growth and reduced inflation expectations

The decline of petro-dollars, the shifting trade flows and the long term effects of post industrial service based economies in the Developed Countries has also confused the traditional currency market movers

Japan is "QE forever", EU is QE plus intra EURzone currency risk (see Italy vs Germany) w/o a Benchmark yield, UK post Brexit Gilts are likely to play a more dominant role than simple trade flows and the US is unleashing the hoarded dollars into a fiscal loosening period (exacerbated if infrastructure build becomes the next big thing)

Yield is simple and despite detours I think it will return as a currency driver -- BUT be careful out there the Central Banks have summoned Demons that are yet to be seen

AT Amazing Trader john bland 14:07 GMT January 7, 2018
Why Higher Fed Rates Havent Helped the Dollar

John M. Bland, MBA, co-founder,

USD Not Responding Positively to Higher Fed Funds Target��The prospect of a tighter Fed policy during the second half of 2017 and into the new year has not been providing the USD with the support that we might have expected. We have been scratching our heads about this since forex markets usually are driven by short-term interest rates... More >>>

Why Higher Fed Rates Haven�t Helped the Dollar

GVI Forex Blog 13:16 GMT January 7, 2018
Monday Trading Checklist 8 January 2018

Trading Ideas for 8 January 2018

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    Monday Trading Checklist 8 January 2018

Kl Fs 11:04 GMT January 7, 2018

Why stop at 30k? Heck, make Dow 100k this year! If bitcoin can, dow can too. Yes we can.

dc CB 07:09 GMT January 7, 2018

"Several things are true and several that are not. Light in fact-checking and copy-editing." -Maggie Haberman, NYT re: Da Book

Serves the purpose: fills up the cable NUZ cycle. Easy to ignore ReOpening of all the Clinton Investigations. Huma Abedin's Classified State Secret Filled Laptop(shared with convicted Pedo Anthony Weiner no in jail) sent thru her Yahoo Acct.

OOOO Trump hates Bannon...Bannon hates Trump's family OOOOOO NUZ that U can UZ. Russia Russia, Trump is Insane. OOOOOOO

Israel Dil 00:50 GMT January 7, 2018
cheap gossip, book of stereotyping...

the best realistic facts discovery from that book, is that the EVIL Dutch secret services responsible for the overwhelming majority of information delivered to USA/CIA/FBI about Trump circles and their "Russia connection". in other words, BILDERBERG masters of evil and tyranny and in full control.


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