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Forex Forum Archive for 10/28/2018

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Mtl JP 23:56 GMT October 28, 2018
Winners and Losers

BofA's CIO Michael Hartnett likes to remind his readers,
"markets stop panicking when central banks start panicking."
- from zh link

Livingston nh 23:35 GMT October 28, 2018
Winners and Losers

AND Rates Rates Rates will determine the USD Vs. the world

Livingston nh 23:24 GMT October 28, 2018
Winners and Losers

These Hair on Fire guys drive me crazy - market always gives you one last chance -- ignore the end look at the year before

May 2006 - January 2000 - October 1987 -- you need the event to confirm a recession -- it doesn't ALWAYS happen

Does the guy that has the MAGIC KEY tell anybody --NOOO!
What is their TIME Bubble on all these wonderful predictions and how long can you wait?
Powell is NOT an economist like Bernanke's Depression Theory nor is he Yellen's Phillips Curve Theory

Mtl JP 23:10 GMT October 28, 2018
Winners and Losers

a) GVI Forex Blog 11:02 GMT October 11, 2018
Fed Should Take A Breather On Policy Tightening Before It's Too Late

b) (courtesy zh) Goldman: "The Fed Will Deliver Significantly More Hikes Than Are Priced In"

Don't Expect A Fed Bail Out: What Convexity Flows Mean For Repricing Of The "Fed Put" - zh

and the squawking continues:

Fed needs to pause here to stabilize battered market, Ed Yardeni says

Livingston nh 23:07 GMT October 28, 2018
Winners and Losers

cb - the politicization of these tragedies is obnoxious beyond comment -- you remember the texas tower gunman - it wasn't condoned or explained by politics

THE OK City bombing was an attack on OUR government by a homegrown whacko - neither side took "credit or blame"

The Ireland issue scares the Brexit issues when it should be dealt w/ as an economic issue - the loony toons need to be dealt w/ thru elimination and it should be made clear

SPECIAL interests whether legal folks or religious folks need to be suppressed

Dillon AL 22:57 GMT October 28, 2018
Winners and Losers

As Jeff Bezos had a reduction of 14 billion last week
The Chinese billionaires on the list of the 500 richest people on the planet have lost a combined $86 billion so far this year

66 pct down from the top

dc CB 22:38 GMT October 28, 2018
Winners and Losers

Two weeks until the election - a slaughter house because of religion

I fear what that grim reality in the cuurent Game of Thrones will be.
Keep killing until the last HeadLine Sticks in the mind of the Voter in the Booth.

In the Accountant's book, enter in the column- deductions: 'culling the heard"(sic) --- no one cud say

Livingston nh 22:05 GMT October 28, 2018
Winners and Losers

Two weeks until the election - a slaughter house because of religion - but this is nothing new - bombs in a church drive by, a bible thumper because the attendees were not the right color - kids in an elementary school -- BUT I'm not guilty because I'm crazy - not an islamic terrorist or an immigrant the perpetrators are HOME GROWN losers // HOMELAND SECURITY -- don't you feel safer

Move along there's no winners here

As far as the STOX go - if you believe the financial myths you get what you deserve

dc CB 21:31 GMT October 28, 2018
Winners and Losers

"Jeffie Boy" -- William Randolph Hearst

dc CB 21:29 GMT October 28, 2018
Winners and Losers

how many Billions did Jeffie Boy "lose" this week?
Means NOTHING...most Peoples in the world are Math challenged.
1bln = 5X lifetimes of daily million spending(correct me if U R knot Math Challenged)

“But I don’t want to go among mad people," Alice remarked.
"Oh, you can’t help that," said the Cat: "we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad."
"How do you know I’m mad?" said Alice.
"You must be," said the Cat, "or you wouldn’t have come here.”
― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

GVI Trader john 18:51 GMT October 28, 2018
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GVI Forex Blog 13:44 GMT October 28, 2018
Monday Trading Checklist 29 October 2018

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HK [email protected] 11:12 GMT October 28, 2018
The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution, Faked up the brains of many Americans.
The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution, Fúked up the brains of many Americans.
It made many American through fake facts and interpretations of that amendment believe, that power is vested in the armed citizenry, up to the point they can rise against a Gov. they don't like.

Me and my gun motto under a wrong interpretation of citizen rights holding guns, may also lead to fight outs with police trying to carry arrests and to mass massacres.

The last massacre in the synagogue, carry only one message for the American Jews: Leave!!!

Paris ib 11:09 GMT October 28, 2018
I don't see anything but downside for global stock markets into the end of the year.

What do you get when credit bubbles deflate?

At least the U.S. has got the Donald who knows all about debt. What he doesn't seem to get though is the U.S.'s chronic reliance on foreign cash. In Europe all we got is left-brained morons who are keen on concepts / ideology and (god help us) philosophy (at least in France).

Macron.... just too complex :-)

Paris ib 10:52 GMT October 28, 2018
Australia Aims to Crash the Property Market

"There are only two things that keep senior Reserve Bank officials awake at night; China and Australian real estate.... But our housing market is equally as unnerving. Our major banks have a decidedly unhealthy exposure to domestic real estate, with up to 60 per cent of their total loans allocated to Australian mortgages."

AUD bearish, of course.

The long deflation begins

dc CB 02:33 GMT October 28, 2018
Braking NUZ

from scanning the US NUZ, stories, commentary, opinion regarding the captured mailer.
There are more than a few outlets that seem to lead any discussion with the same lines.

Paraphrased: "...targeted the Top Leadership of the Democrat Party!"

And he lived in a van down by the river.....oh wait wrong Show.

Multiple senior law enforcement officials briefed on the investigation into the pipe bombs allegedly built by Cesar Sayoc tell NBC News they believe the devices were constructed in his van.

Drove A Van Covered In Pro-Trump Stickers

dc CB 01:19 GMT October 28, 2018
Braking NUZ
If it bleeds, it leads.
Follow with graphic showing THE DJA.
Cut to commercial (a Big Pharma Drug U Need - even if you didn't know it).

Happy 4 days of Halloween.

haifa ac 01:16 GMT October 28, 2018
Weekly OKR in Nasdaq

Oct 5
"The big question is at what point (price) will we hear the dreadful word "October Massacre", if at all, causing minute panic. "

here is the new term : OCTOBER WITCH

Is The Long-Anticipated Crash Now Upon Us?
This is no surprise to those who know and have followed me over the years. But I'm publicly proclaiming my 'bearishness' because doing so might open up a needed and long overdue dialog.

Here's my fundamental position: Infinite growth on a finite planet is impossible.

Cutting to the chase, this is why I predict a major crash/collapse across stocks, bonds and real estate is on the way.

The recent market weakness seen over the past two weeks is nothing compared to what's in store. As we’ve been carefully chronicling, bubbles burst from ‘the outside in’, starting at the weaker places at the periphery before progressing to the center.

Emerging market equities are now down -26% from their January highs and -18% year-to-date. China's stocks market is down -32%, even with substantial intervention by the government to prop things up.

The periphery has been weakening all year, and the contagion has now spead worldwide.

Taken as a whole, global equities have shed some $13 trillion of market capitalization for a -15% decline:


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