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Forex Forum Archive for 01/04/2020

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New York Ms 23:39 GMT January 4, 2020
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dc CB 17:28 GMT January 4, 2020
ISM 47.2. Lowest since 2009

from Barron's Randall W. Forsyth (DowJones - Murdock Owned Weekly Mag)

Is the Fed Building Another Stock Bubble?
Up and Down Wall Street - a worthwhile read once upon at time:

May 10, 2013. Alan Abelson, a columnist who cast a skeptical eye on U.S. financial markets and skewered targets from Alan Greenspan to Warren Buffett during more than four decades at Barron's magazine, died.

Up and Down Wall Street

haifa ac 16:50 GMT January 4, 2020
Just now:Rocket fell in the GreenZone
In Baghdad where the embassy is located.
Perhaps sporadic rage that means nothing, perhaps not.

dc CB 16:39 GMT January 4, 2020
ISM 47.2. Lowest since 2009

remember that the ISM is a survey of People's decisions made in the past.
Look back at what happened last Fall, the markets fell out of bed and bottomed the day after Christmas, when no one was around to trade it.

Ya think that a repeat of the same, which the FinTwitPress was pushing as a possibility, featuring all those BigTime hedge fund managers with busted funds looking for an excuse as to why your 2 and 20 made Zip,

Ya think this wasn't in the back of the PurchManagers' minds going into the last months of 2019.

dc CB 16:27 GMT January 4, 2020
Risk off

Ray Kurzweil changed the 'sound of music'

His current quest for the singularity, which he hopes will come before his life extension efforts play out, that aside, he left his mark.

Stevie Wonder

haifa ac 16:21 GMT January 4, 2020
ISM 47.2. Lowest since 2009
"The Institute for Supply Management’s purchasing managers’ index fell to 47.2 in December from 48.1, the fifth straight month of contraction and missing estimates for a rise in a Bloomberg survey of economists, according to a report Friday. It was the worst reading since June 2009 and marked the eighth decline in the last nine months. Readings below 50 indicate activity is shrinking."

Are markets really divorced from reality --or has history changed and will not repeat itself?!

haifa ac 14:49 GMT January 4, 2020
Risk off

that is funny
"the Times of London" was the inspiration for the Walrus:

The time has come,' the Walrus said,
To talk of many things:
Of shoes — and ships — and sealing-wax —
Of cabbages — and kings —
And why the sea is boiling hot —
And whether pigs have wings.'

which leads to the final verse (which is hardly mentioned)

O Oysters,' said the Carpenter,
You've had a pleasant run!
Shall we be trotting home again?'
But answer came there none —
And this was scarcely odd, because
They'd eaten every one."

haifa ac 14:34 GMT January 4, 2020
Risk off

BS--is this an acronym for Bowl of Soup? must be chicken

DRS on BS. Almost an academic/analytic observation.
Trouble is, you are as ignorant as most people (some very intelligent and educated) about exponential growth. Neil deGrasse Tyson bemoans the fact that very few children today are taught exponential thinking.
All of Darwin's "Origin of the species" and Natural selection is based on decimal/linear growth. It is difficult to overcome millennia of linear thinking.
Ray Kurzweil, Kai Fu li, Yuval Harari talk a lot about our coming future and Ray's predictions have been quite acute since 1980

Shanghai bc (one smart individual that used to write here until about 2011 and then disappeared but thanks to GVI FANTASTIC archive, (which Jay should make one day a compilation of the treasures enclosed there and publish it as a rare collection of the wisdom buried there) -I found it-- said:

shanghai bc 04:34 GMT February 13, 2005 Reply

CB 13:16 -- The truth is the most valuable commodity in human society and for that reason, it is held by a few and rarely shared by the public..All governments tend to tell the selective truth or simply resort to telling lies to the public..Anyone anywhere who tends to believe any government is liable to tell the truth should not be a trader in the first place…

I won't be here in 20 years to tell you "I told you so"—but perhaps I will send that message from heaven thru Google's cloud.

dc CB 14:11 GMT January 4, 2020
Risk off

every day a John Le Carre novel. But not in the sense that you meant.
How's this for bad timing?

In a list consisting mostly of foreign dignitaries that are known to only a handful of people in the UK, US and the rest of the English-speaking world, the Times of London named now-deceased Iranian General Qassem Suleimani to its list of "Twenty faces to look out for in 2020."

The list, published on the Times' website early Thursday morning, just hours before Suleimani was killed during a drone strike in Baghdad,

Times Of London Names Iranian General To List Of "2020 Rising Stars"

haifa ac 13:52 GMT January 4, 2020
Beware of Fraudulent Brokers

it was inscribed several decades ago:
"16 Tons-what do you get
another day older and deeper in debt"

dc CB 13:50 GMT January 4, 2020
Beware of Fraudulent Brokers

they teach this stuff now in college

dc CB 13:47 GMT January 4, 2020
Beware of Fraudulent Brokers

Neel Kashkari has just become the voting member of FOMC for the year 2020 and he wants to redistribute wealth in the society.

dc CB 13:30 GMT January 4, 2020
Beware of Fraudulent Brokers

Dudley Do Right's moment of clarity

Mtl JP 11:42 GMT January 4, 2020
Risk off

winners and losers
Selective Service System website crashes amid questions and fears of another US military draft - cnn (and other msm)

Selective Service System website crashes amid questions and fears of another US military draft.

Minneapolis DRS2 11:26 GMT January 4, 2020
Risk off

ac I call BS on your assertions...but only partially so. AI can make one side clever. It does NOT make that side wise...not yet anyway.

AI is a tool...but for now, that's all it is. In the world of war fighting, AI is not yet a game changer like rockets, helicopters or video cameras. The "killer app for AI" will appear someday, but it hasn't happened yet. (The killer app is something like the word processor or the spreadsheet...something that is instantly useful and everybody has to have.)

I agree with the "Brain vs Brawn" prediction, but maybe not in the way you suggest. Over the past decades, the US has implemented the "Brawn" side of the equation...more soldiers, better weapon systems, lots of money, etc. What it has not done is more raw intelligence and statecraft like one would have seen in the Cold War era or WW1 and WW2.

AI is a fancy and expensive solution for very specific problems. In future years, leaders will go back to the old ways of more people and less computers. That's why places like Ukraine are fought over so bitterly...places full of spies and intrigue, every day a John Le Carre novel.

haifa ac 10:54 GMT January 4, 2020
Risk off

"Once US government stop interfere in to other Countries internal afairs, this world will be better place for living!"


The most important aspect of the eradication of Qassem Soleimani ("Sol" for his friends) is the continued ignorance (of most people) about the rise and significance of Artificial Intelligence in future wars.
The ability of deep learning algorithms to detect and analyze patterns, behaviors, intentions, crime detection, medical diagnosis,autonomous cars and much more… is becoming dominant at exponential rate.
Article just published on a study of breast cancer diagnosis where AI beat diagnosis of a cancer infected breast by 6 expert doctors. The algorithm identified cancerous polyps which the experts missed. So it is nowadays with lung problems, eyes, diabetics and terrorist.
Israel (necessity is the mother of invention) is one of the most advanced places where AI is becoming formidable force. The number of terrorist attacks has been squelched to minimum lately thanks to pattern recognition systems that can detect an INTENTIONAL act of terror long before it is executed-alerting the proper forces who expect and prevent such actions.
This is what happened with "Sol". I won't be surprised to find out that such technology allowed the USA forces to exterminate the Iranian vermin with such precision with minimum collateral damage in a crowded airport!
This is the way future wars will be conducted. Vehicles (uavs, planes, rockets, missiles) with optics that can reach an accuracy of 10 meters radius for a bomb with the correct weight, timing, instantaneous decision making from enormous distances --will defeat any human fighter with suicide intentions but conventional weapons.
Most of the armies in the world are still fighting the last war. Not any more. The next "war" is between Brain and Brawn. Bet on Brain!


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