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Forex Forum Archive for 11/08/2020

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dc CB 22:43 GMT November 8, 2020
meanwhile, in REALITY

the beans

tues WASDE

dc CB 22:03 GMT November 8, 2020
Biden's Role in history

in the list of Updates --- the NYTimes posted this:

*Biden�s German shepherds will restore a presidential tradition.

dc CB 20:50 GMT November 8, 2020
former bartender on the future on the DNC
where else wud The Paper of Record go for sage advice.

PS---what will the NYT (OrangeManBad is gone) do to boost their failing business model....put out daily 'Bombshell' NUZ headllines touting how Great President Biden ----Oh Great Thou Art.

NY Times---AOC an the DNC

haifa ac 20:02 GMT November 8, 2020
Biden's Role in history

I do not admire Biden and I despise Obama!!!
Buden just happened to be a cog in history at the time we HAD TO remove the mass murderer Trump. That is what happened on Nov 3rd (and I loved Trump for what he did for Israel and his fight with dreadful PC.) I an the most rightist person on this form!!!--I think the left is the source of most evil in the world!
Now that this is clear---Biden , in my opinion, was the BEST CHOICE the idiotic Democratic party could offer ( I wish Sanders a quick death-- he is the drudge of humanity, real poison)
So since Trump made such a terrible blunder ( what I called OBM)--Biden was the least worse choice.

Minneapolis DRS2 19:42 GMT November 8, 2020
Biden's Role in history

ac It's understandable that you admire Biden (and I assume Obama) so, but (again, I'm assuming) you don't live in the US. The fact is that there is a lot of corruption surrounding the man that is upsetting to much of the country. Your assertions about him owing nothing to anyone are pure fantasy...he owes his wealth to the Chinese, as does his son.

There will be no unification under Biden, nor should there be. The swamp (all factions) will be doing everything they can to erase Trump, just like Trump did everything he could to erase Obama. The public will tolerate the action just to get by, but only to a point. The swamp will overreach out of greed, and they will do it very quickly.

War is coming, sir.

haifa ac 19:14 GMT November 8, 2020
Biden's Role in history

Biden is a ONE TERM president. He will not run at 82. He owns NOTHING TO ANYONE!
He will do whatever he wants.
I believe that this man who had so many trials and tribulations in his life is a decent man and he will be a unifying factor in this torn and split nation.
All your dark predictions are nothing but the anger you carry because of Trump loss. You have NO BASE to all your dire projections. You are very biased. He will be a good president and the puppet of no one!
We shall see, won't we?!

dc CB 16:57 GMT November 8, 2020
Biden's Role in history

But while he remains in office, who will be the real president in a Biden administration?

There are three camps contending for power:

The first camp is the Biden family led by Joe Biden�s wife Dr. Jill Biden, his son Hunter Biden, and Joe Biden�s brothers Jim Biden and Frank Biden. These are the individuals who have been enriched through association with Joe Biden by using or selling access to Biden�s power to win lucrative investment management roles, consulting engagements, construction contracts and other remunerative pursuits.

The Biden family will want to keep Joe in power (with Jill Biden pulling the strings) in order to keep their shakedown operation intact and avoid scrutiny.

The second camp is led by Kamala Harris and those who control her, including the Obama crew and the Resistance. If Biden is removed under the Twenty-Fifth Amendment, Harris becomes Acting President. If Biden resigns under threat of removal, Harris becomes the president.

She would be a front for the Obamas and Valerie Jarrett who would operate through a cabinet consisting of Obama family retainers including Susan Rice, Samantha Power, Sally Yates and Eric Holder.

The third camp is led by the extreme left wing of the party including Bernie Sanders, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (and The Squad), Elizabeth Warren and radical organizations such as BLM. This group is already embedded in the Biden campaign as part of a deal whereby Bernie Sanders agreed to end his primary campaign and endorse Joe Biden in exchange for Biden adopting most of the Sanders platform.

The most likely outcome is that the Obama crew and the Bernie Bros will join forces and run the Biden family off the road. The Bidens will be allowed to keep their Chinese and Russian money and will not face any scrutiny or prosecution in exchange for going away quietly.

The Obama crew will take charge of foreign policy (to preserve Obama�s deals on Iran, the Paris Climate Accord and the Trans-Pacific Partnership), while the Bernie Bros will get domestic policy including much higher taxes, free healthcare, free tuition, forgiveness of student loans, guaranteed basic income, Modern Monetary Theory and the Green New Deal.

Life Under Biden - James Rickards

dc CB 16:30 GMT November 8, 2020
Biden's Role in history

his role is to return to the 'continuity if government' ---Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, Obama, Clinton's wife(oopppps that didn't work).
Biden(Harris). Back to normal kids, get over it. And BOHICA to all, 'cauze We're BACK in the saddle again.

Kerry For Climate Chief, Buttigieg For Veterans, Yates For DOJ: An Early Look At The Biden Cabinet

Ready, set, Go.

Mtl JP 15:06 GMT November 8, 2020
Monday Amazing Trader 9 November 2020

BOE�s Cunliffe Says Resuming Bank Dividends Still Unclear: Times

it will be judged on the future and how strong banks are perceived to be, he said

AT Trader john 13:10 GMT November 8, 2020
Monday Amazing Trader 9 November 2020

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NQ: 11,895 +4

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Israel MacroMicro 12:45 GMT November 8, 2020
Biden's Role in history

of course, i am not taking sides but clearly making all sides known.

following the sick reasoning of naming Trump a murderer , what such makes pro abortion voters? mega Hitler?

haifa ac 12:13 GMT November 8, 2020
Biden's Role in history

As the Good Soldier �vejk said:
"I will see ya at six after the war"

Minneapolis DRS2 11:58 GMT November 8, 2020
Biden's Role in history

ac Dream on...It's patently obvious to any rational observer that Biden's got issues. Age has taken its toll, not to mention the multiple brain surgeries the guy has had over the years. Believe me when I tell you that every day under such conditions is a gift.

As for the rest of your comment, I'll be happy to ignore the sanctimony. The alleged goal of "saving human lives" has led to the countless misery of millions. All those elements that disgust you so (business, welfare, comfort, pleasure) are natural parts of life. Life is to be lived...not spent hiding in mortal terror in one's house wearing a mask, starving for lack of money to buy food...just because some highly credentialed quack on TV says to do so.

Fortunately, how one lives their life is ultimately a personal choice, no matter what the politicians say. You speak of disgust...imagine some old man with dementia in the oval office issuing nationwide shutdown orders on the recommendations of a quack? It would be ridiculous, if not for the fact that such orders would be ignored by many they should be.

Israel MacroMicro 10:35 GMT November 8, 2020
it's far from over.

coins by their nature have two sides

very far from over

haifa ac 09:31 GMT November 8, 2020
Biden's Role in history

"Biden's an old man who suffers from dementia."

You speak out of pure vengeance. I bet you he will be a very good president.
How many have to die (we are close to 1/4 million Americans) before you admit that this virus is a real plague.
NOTHING is more important than saving human lives. Your preference to business, welfare,comfort, pleasure... upon life is disgusting.

PAR 09:13 GMT November 8, 2020
Ford joins other car companies in paying Tesla $ billion for climate credits so that it can keep polluting and Musk becomes richer than rich.

What does that do for climate change? Nothing, nada, it is just a big scam invented by corrupt politicians and greedy bankers.

Israel MacroMicro 08:44 GMT November 8, 2020
meanwhile, in REALITY

the factor is trader's mindset to each duration of trade/position taken or to be taken.

missing reality to bring over leverage and as result heavy losses. trading is nothing more or less than mindset.


Israel MacroMicro 08:38 GMT November 8, 2020
meanwhile, in REALITY
'Congratulations @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris. Joe, we�ve had a long & warm personal relationship for nearly 40 years, and I know you as a great friend of Israel. I look forward to working with both of you to further strengthen the special alliance between the U.S. and Israel.' - PM Netaniyahu of Israel


what is the conspiracy AXIOS to attach reality this time?


Minneapolis DRS2 05:24 GMT November 8, 2020
Biden's Role in history

ac Please, enough with the fantasy already. Biden's an old man who suffers from dementia. Every morning that he gets up is a win. Just ask anyone in an old folks home...they'll tell you what it's like. He's human like everyone else, yet you're looking to him to solve all the world's problems?

The people who are serious about the coronavirus are already working on it as fast as they can. We don't need anymore "moon landing" and "war on virus" scenarios. They aren't helping, and they distract us from the other aspects you mentioned that are extremely important to the everyday lives of people around the world.

We got through polio and other diseases just fine. We'll get through this.

haifa ac 05:07 GMT November 8, 2020
Biden's Role in history
Is to emulate Kennedy (in 10 years we will land on the moon) and declare all out war on the virus/
The moment the president of the strongest country on earth will declare such concerted war on the plague--we shall win.
The whole world will follow.
All other aspects (budget, inflation, economic war with China, dealing with demented Ayatollahs and Erdogans, climate, infrastructure)--will be dealt with later.
First thing first. Let's hope he is up to this.

dc CB 03:10 GMT November 8, 2020
The only solution: Two simultaneous presidents for America.

every government head and citizen on the European Continent accepted Christine Lagard, a convicted felon in the French Courts, as the Head of the ECB.

AND accepts her as the aribter of How Much The Money in Their Pockets is WORTH.

Is a Biden Presidency any suprise??????

baaaaa baaaaaa baaaaa The Soothing Song of the Sheep
ba ba ba

Minneapolis DRS2 02:43 GMT November 8, 2020
Sore losers

It is good that Israel is waiting.

HK RF@ 00:45 GMT November 8, 2020
The only solution: Two simultaneous presidents for America.
Add one more bed to the Oval Room for "SLEEPY JOE".

haifa ac 00:18 GMT November 8, 2020
Sore losers
Not a good trait for a trader.
Israel networks are livid about the loss. (80% of them were absolutely sure of Trump's win)
Biden won by 4 million votes and avout 20 electors.
From where the sun now stand I shall fight no more for ever.
Just play golf.


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