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Forex Forum Archive for 12/08/2020

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dc CB 23:15 GMT December 8, 2020
US election to SCOTUS
Today so far. States v States

Update (1705ET):Louisiana just joined Texas in the SCOTUS Motion against Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin on the grounds that various changes to their voting rules or procedures - either through the courts or via executive actions - violated the Electors Clause of the Constitution because they did not go through the legislatures

Update (1515ET): Just twelve hours after it was filed, the US Supreme Court has officially put Texas's lawsuit against Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin on the docket, meaning the case will be heard.

FW CS 23:11 GMT December 8, 2020
How will a hard brexit effect CHF? Will it strengthen? as eur and gbp fall?

dc CB 22:58 GMT December 8, 2020

5PM today

Munchkin---Treasury Letterhead new Offer

GVI 22:57 GMT December 8, 2020
Brexit Update: Deal vs. No Deal

LONDON/DUBLIN (Reuters) - Talk of a chaotic British split from the European Union grew on Tuesday with just three weeks left to break a deadlock in trade deal negotiations, with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson warning that the two sides may have to accept “no deal”.

Talk of a 'no deal' Brexit grows as deadline looms

dc CB 21:17 GMT December 8, 2020
eyes wide open --- 2021

Ray Dalio
Replying to @RayDalio
Today, I’ll be doing a Reddit AMA from 3-4:30PM EST, where I can discuss this with you and we can explore the patterns of history and the perspective they can give us on what is happening today. You can join here: (3/3)

As many of you know, I’ve been studying the forces behind the rise and fall of great empires and their reserve currencies throughout history, with a focus on what that means for the US and China today. Many of the things now happening the world... (1/3) the creating a lot of debt and money, big wealth and political gaps, and the rise of new world power (China) challenging an existing one (the US)—haven’t happened in our lifetimes but have happened many times in history for the same reasons they’re happening today. (2/3)

lakewood jjlkwd 19:07 GMT December 8, 2020
1.2055 ,1.2010 coming on to radar....

PAR 18:39 GMT December 8, 2020

I guess unemployment benefits fraud will only be a tiny amount compared to all other kinds of corporate fraud and corruption.

Israel MacroMicro 18:25 GMT December 8, 2020

could not happen with bitcoin

PAR 18:25 GMT December 8, 2020

European states are concerned that Von Der Leyen Will Make too much concessions in her Brexit meeting with Boris Johnson.

Better to cancel that meeting and certainly that lunch as restaurants are closed in Belgium because of Covid?

lakewood jjlkwd 18:22 GMT December 8, 2020

lakewood jjlkwd 18:12 GMT December 8, 2020

i would hope fish is on the menu....

Tallinn viies 17:58 GMT December 8, 2020
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen are to meet in Brussels on Wednesday to try to break the deadlock in Brexit trade talks.

Downing Street said Johnson will have dinner with von der Leyen "to continue discussions on the future relationship between the UK and the EU".

"I look forward to welcoming UK Prime Minister @BorisJohnson tomorrow evening," tweeted the EU commission chief.

PAR 17:44 GMT December 8, 2020
this is good one...


That's what makes a market, different opinions.

Imho, supply and demand.

Too much money chasing too few shares and too few houses leads to higher prices.

PAR 17:24 GMT December 8, 2020

US Stocks. New all-time highs.

swiss frank 17:22 GMT December 8, 2020
eyes wide open --- 2021


But then again, is it really?

Israel MacroMicro 17:20 GMT December 8, 2020
eyes wide open --- 2021


you could make much more by being the makeup supplier to Tucker and DJT

dc CB 17:15 GMT December 8, 2020
eyes wide open --- 2021

doesn't matter---this is what they are doing Now---

I shuda bought bitcoin in 2010 when it was 25 cents---5000x.25--VS---19,000x5000

yeh I wouldn't be here

Minneapolis DRS2 17:12 GMT December 8, 2020
eyes wide open --- 2021

The Murdoch family should have thought of their mother country before the election.

dc CB 17:10 GMT December 8, 2020
eyes wide open --- 2021
I post this link to Fox's Tucker Carlson pgm from last night.
I seems that Tucker(Fox) is planning to do a series on China's influence.

Before you poo poo Fox as whatever propaganda, consider well that Fox and the DowJones FinMedia conglomerate --- WSJ, MarketWatch, DowJones 'live' financial news updates (rival to Bloomberg) --- Are all OWNED by Rupert Murdock, an Austrailian. The Fox News and Entertainment group is run by Rupert's sons.

And what country is now under attack-financially- by China for not bowing to Bejings wishes'----Australia.
So take a gander, at a minimum, the first 12 mins, the talk by the Chinese economis professor, before you dismiss this as some kind of proTrump foolishness.

Then go out and buy yourself and your loved ones Mandarin lessons for Christmas.

Tucker Carlson 12/7/20

Mtl JP 17:03 GMT December 8, 2020
this is good one...

this is good one ...
The stock market is ‘very, very vulnerable’ at these euphoric levels and a ‘timeout’ is in order, investor warns
- MarketWatch

‘We are only in the middle of the bull market’ and a buying opportunity could come soon, JPMorgan says


lakewood jjlkwd 16:42 GMT December 8, 2020
1 hr chart every touch of 100ma has gotten weaker response to the upside....imho..

PAR 16:31 GMT December 8, 2020
Italian 10-year yields hit new all-time low close to 0.50%.


Mtl JP 15:45 GMT December 8, 2020
Brexit Update: Deal vs. No Deal

hey barnier ... at risk to my financial health, for once, I want sooo much to believe you ...

dc CB 15:42 GMT December 8, 2020
Brexit Update: Deal vs. No Deal

Britian's Best-Selling Finjancial Magazine

lakewood jjlkwd 15:37 GMT December 8, 2020

??? no comprende senore

GVI Forex 15:20 GMT December 8, 2020
Brexit Update: Deal vs. No Deal

According to EU source, EU's Chief Negotiator Barnier told a meeting of ministers this morning that the chances of a deal were "very slim" according to Sky's Larsons


Hk Ab 15:18 GMT December 8, 2020
Cry wolf game

PAR 15:00 GMT December 8, 2020
The PONZI construction is getting bigger, bigger and bigger.

#ECB ramps up balance sheet expansion ahead of this week's meeting. Total assets rose by another €39.7bn, most since Oct, driven mainly by QE. ECB Balance sheet hit fresh ATH at €6,923.1bn, equates to 68% of Eurozone GDP vs Fed's 34.1% and BoJ's 130.9%.

GVI Forex Blog 14:39 GMT December 8, 2020
Brexit Update: Deal vs. No Deal

With the end game for a Brexit deal or no deal looming, we have compiled posts from the Global-View Forex Forum by one of our most valued members on the subject.  As explained, there is a difference between a potential reaction to a bare bones trade deal vs. a no deal Brexit.

Brexit Update: Deal vs. No Deal

PAR 14:38 GMT December 8, 2020

It's getting better by the day. Upgrades everwhere.

Minneapolis DRS2 14:29 GMT December 8, 2020

Is the placenta thing still news?

lakewood jjlkwd 14:28 GMT December 8, 2020

Lymphadenopathy or adenopathy is a disease of the lymph nodes, in which they are abnormal in size or consistency. Lymphadenopathy of an inflammatory type (the most common type) is lymphadenitis, producing swollen or enlarged lymph nodes.

Minneapolis DRS2 14:28 GMT December 8, 2020
Apple Airpods Max

If any high-end audio company offered $549 headphones, there'd be lots of takers and nobody would flinch. However, Apple and "audiophile-quality" do not yet go hand-in-hand. That's not to say that Apple won't get there one day, but it hasn't yet.

If Apple offered a lossless music service (as opposed to the compressed Apple Music), that would really help. Maybe that's coming soon now that the headphones are out.

london red 14:20 GMT December 8, 2020
Apple Airpods Max

drs2 you are buying appl for 5g upgrade cycle. everything else is a small bonus. good for 140/145 id say

PAR 14:12 GMT December 8, 2020
Treasury Auctions
Big day again.

$56 Billion; 3-year note auction

Results at 1 pm.

dc CB 14:10 GMT December 8, 2020

today's new word: lymphadenopathy.

Pfizer notes in the 'risk' section:
Severe adverse reactions occurred in 0.0-4.6% of participants, were more frequent after Dose 2 than after Dose 1 and were generally less frequent in older adults (>55 years of age) (<2.8%) as compared to younger participants (≤4.6%).

Among reported unsolicited adverse events, lymphadenopathy occurred much more frequently in the vaccine group than the placebo group and is plausibly related to vaccination.

The finding is one of several significant new results featured in the briefing materials, which span 53 pages of data analyses from the agency and from Pfizer.

On Thursday, F.D.A.’s vaccine advisory panel will discuss these materials in advance of a vote on whether to recommend authorization.

FDA Confirms Pfizer Vaccine 95% Effective, Warns Of 'Severe Adverse Reactions' After Dose 2

PAR 14:01 GMT December 8, 2020

To improve or create a customer service department?

Tesla Inc. is taking advantage of its surging shares by going back to the capital markets for the third time in ten months and raising as much as $5 billion of common stock.

The sale through an “at-the-market” offering program, according to a regulatory filing, meaning the stock will be sold over time at prevailing market prices. After soaring almost 670% this year, Tesla shares dipped as much as 4.2% before the start of regular trading Tuesday.

The raise could lead Tesla’s cash balance to approach $20 billion, Joel Levington, a Bloomberg Intelligence credit analyst, said in a report. The company’s credit quality is now “well in excess” of its ratings even after three upgrades during the global pandemic, he wrote.

Minneapolis DRS2 13:59 GMT December 8, 2020
Apple Airpods Max
For Apple device owners...Apple has announced the Airpods Max, a $549 set of over-the-ear headphones. That's a hefty, but not outrageous price for premium headphones...assuming that they actually are premium. (At $549, you're talking Sennheiser and Beyerdynamic grade.)

lakewood jjlkwd 13:57 GMT December 8, 2020
wheres the next target ,1898 ?

swiss frank 13:53 GMT December 8, 2020
Brexit Snap Poll

Re € off the radar of late has been yield differences. Maybe worth a look at US 10 yr minus Ger 10 yr yields overlayed against €/$. As political and Virus inspired markets wane maybe we come back to capital flows. Maybe.

Israel MacroMicro 13:49 GMT December 8, 2020
Brexit Snap Poll

as a trader, I wish we get another extension with a deadline.

Minneapolis DRS2 13:39 GMT December 8, 2020
Brexit Snap Poll

Mtl JP 11:27
For EUR/USD at least, right now the welcomes are extremely short...a few pips or less.

Until a Brexit decision is made one way or the other, in current conditions it helps a lot if you trade with small bites in multiple entries. In baseball terms, think singles rather than home runs, and maybe even less than that.

The welcome mats are being put out real fast, and are being yanked back inside just as quickly.

For what it's worth, my impression of the current market for EUR/USD is that price double-topping at 2175 has resulted in a "Brexit drift"...price drifts downward with oscillation on Brexit news.

However, when the time comes, look for a fast rise past 2175 as the "USD down" main trend resumes. Until then, play the Brexit whack-a-mole game as price jumps around.

PAR 13:34 GMT December 8, 2020

Just follow the VIX.

PAR 13:32 GMT December 8, 2020
Brexit Snap Poll

How can you vote on withdrawing a law which allowed to break the break the laws?

Surrealism squared?

london red 13:27 GMT December 8, 2020
Brexit Snap Poll

uk withdrawing law breaking clauses in internal mkt bill being voted on. no to do with the trade deal itself but should help the atmosphere as essentially those clauses allowed the uk to break international law.

Dubai MA 13:21 GMT December 8, 2020
Brexit Snap Poll

What's the news? Trade deal?

PAR 12:20 GMT December 8, 2020
Buy a low opening as it usually implies a high close.
Why would today be different?

Johannesburg Herc 12:07 GMT December 8, 2020
Brexit Snap Poll

Excellent lesson, thanks again, Red.

london red 11:57 GMT December 8, 2020
Brexit Snap Poll

Herc, with so many moving parts and sabotage attempts from factions on both sides, its not easy to understand whats going now. so close to the wednesday deadline which was set by the eu, one has to watch not the currency because as Jay and other have mentioned, its too easily swayed by every comment. it is better to watch assets that will affected by the changes. for those interested, the big uk housebuilders are persimmon, berkeley group holdings, barratt devs and taylor wimpey. these guys went up strongly when talks were on the up last week and crashed yesterday on the weekend news. despite yesterdays falls, there is no dip buying and they are drifting lower today. this to me means there is currently no solution in sight.

Johannesburg Herc 11:45 GMT December 8, 2020
Brexit Snap Poll

Excellent summary, Red.
Thank you for this as it is also increasing our understanding of politics in International waters and its influence on the financial system.
Continued success to you.

london red 11:33 GMT December 8, 2020
Brexit Snap Poll

bare bones deal or no deal is sending sterling lower when the dust settles. currently the uk enjoys full eu benefit. it will either enjoy very few (bare bones) or non (no deal). and add to the fact that sterling has been bought for months on the back of deal expectations, you can be sure it will be better to travel than arrive. sterling will be a buy after any large drop for two reasons. eurgbp at parity or higher is unsustainable. the us is printing money and so cable will eventually move higher with eurusd. however parity eurgbp and 120-125 cable are likely to be seen on no deal so it is not a question of buying and holding, its not necessary to have deep pockets. a bare bones deal is likely to see a small spike higher which will be sold into for the following days weeks as folks close out long held sterling longs on the realisation that the new bare bones deal is not as good as what they had before. a comprehensive deal is no longer possible at this stage and quite possibly entirely impossible in the futuregiven the positions and demands of the two sides.

Israel MacroMicro 11:31 GMT December 8, 2020
Brexit Snap Poll

no opinion is my opinion

I am thankful for the volatility while trading 5" charts hit and run style since the opening Sunday night.

the point behind this post is my opinion about at what we must focus as traders.

about "Brexit deal" itself, show me other than 1.25-1.35 range and I will say the outcome mattered.

Mtl JP 11:27 GMT December 8, 2020
Brexit Snap Poll

poll ... schmoll ...

GVI Forex Jay Meisler 14:43 GMT September 26, 2019
Forex View: How to Trade a Political Market: Reply
JP, I can't control your schedule but political markets are a different animal and have ti be treated as such. How often have we seen a meaningless Brexit headline send GBPUSD flying one way or another?

But if you do trade a Political Market: just do not overstay your welcome
I forget who said that , but think someone on the forum here

london red 11:26 GMT December 8, 2020
Brexit Snap Poll

i am watching uk housebuilders. they have been drifting lower all morning, after getting hammered yesterday. for me, until this changes, means no deal.

PAR 11:24 GMT December 8, 2020

Lots of problems in Europe with after-sales services.

Lease companies and fleet owners complaining about horrible customer service. You call TESLA and nobody picks up the phone.

A little like low-cost airlines.

GVI Forex 11:15 GMT December 8, 2020
Brexit Snap Poll

We will be conducting a formal poll by email

jkt abel 11:13 GMT December 8, 2020
Brexit Snap Poll

deal, drop to 1.32 but will rise to 1.38

swiss frank 11:12 GMT December 8, 2020
Brexit Snap Poll

US style votes there 1 person 3 votes. hahahaha....

No deal drop way below 1.30

Amman wfakhoury 11:09 GMT December 8, 2020
Brexit Snap Poll

No Deal ..with a drop of cable to 12900

GVI Forex 11:02 GMT December 8, 2020
Brexit Snap Poll
Will there be a trade deal or no deal?

Post your opinion

Israel MacroMicro 10:53 GMT December 8, 2020
the entry of TSLA into ES/SP500 means rise of P/E ratio of the whole index by more than 6 points. I cannot find other term than amazing for that fact.

like it or not, when Elon enters a playground it changes all.

Amman wfakhoury 10:37 GMT December 8, 2020
Brexit deal

Thks Red.

jkt abel 10:35 GMT December 8, 2020
Brexit deal

gonna be boring day i guess while we are waiting for tomorrow's decision

PAR 10:13 GMT December 8, 2020

German ZEW

European GDP

Chinese numbers

Japanese numbers

US unemployment 6.7%

Imho the glass is more than half full.

Mtl JP 10:00 GMT December 8, 2020

Better than expected economic numbers

according to whose hallucination ?

london red 10:00 GMT December 8, 2020
Brexit deal

re brexit johnson spoke earlier today, said hes always hopeful, will try to reason, but looking difficult. says he will try his best.

losers try their best. winners go home and fuk the prom queen.

london red 09:57 GMT December 8, 2020

PAR, Hungary or Poland are never leaving. They would need to be thrown out. People of both nations are 70% plus for staying in eu. it is just too profitable on the official grey and black markets. the people benefit in so many ways and they know this. eu pressure is to alter upcoming election results. if if risked with eu loss, the people will vote.

Amman wfakhoury 09:50 GMT December 8, 2020
Brexit deal
Hi Red
Any news regard Brexit deal

PAR 09:30 GMT December 8, 2020
If the EU ignores Poland's and Hungary's veto over the budget/rescue fund and continues without those two countries.

An implosion of the EU with Poland and Hungary leaving may become another self-inflicted EU drama?

They could make a new club. The UK/Hungary/Poland free trade association and friends of America club.

PAR 08:59 GMT December 8, 2020

Trump's new stimulus package to boost the DOW

EU rescue fund deal

Brexit deal

Lagarde perpetual QE and discussion of debt cancellation

Better than expected economic numbers

Minneapolis DRS2 08:21 GMT December 8, 2020

We have a Covid19 vaccine that has been rushed to market, with little clinical trials and other testing, whose development and availability (or lack thereof) has been determined by political concerns rather than economics or medicine.

Uh huh.

They can keep it.

Tallinn viies 07:37 GMT December 8, 2020
eurusd is possible.
as I do not follow eurgbp then it is more like random guess.

hk ab 07:33 GMT December 8, 2020
It seems to me, if Pfizer vaccine is as unreliable as Trump, the world could go into a panic and chaos never seen before.

Israel MacroMicro 07:20 GMT December 8, 2020


the EUR/GBP 1 and EUR/USD 1.25, you expect that still this month/year?

lakewood jjlkwd 04:52 GMT December 8, 2020
Pfizer has told the Trump administration it cannot provide substantial additional doses of its coronavirus vaccine until late June or July because other countries have rushed to buy up most of its supply, according to multiple individuals familiar with the situation. WaPo


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