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Forex Forum Archive for 12/12/2020

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dc CB 23:33 GMT December 12, 2020
“I’m proud of my son,”

before the election any story about Hunter Biden was scrubbed across the MSM...with the exception of Fox and the New York Post(the oldest paper in the US, started by Alexander Hamilton - that dude on the Ten Dollar bill.

It was Russian disInformation designed to interfer with the election---as per CNN. MSNBC, NBC, NYT, ABC, NPR, PBS, CBS....

Now it's OK and the story is this week's Sunday NUZ shows.

Is it time to get rid of Biden and install the better hald of TIME Magazines PERSON OT THE YEAR.

That appears to be where this is headed.

ps: Trump just made Christmas Eve a Federal Holiday --- so one less trading day Christmas Week, I guess.

Israel MacroMicro 21:04 GMT December 12, 2020
Pound heading for a crash if Britain fails to get a Brexit traDe deal

I cannot remember since decades that CNN was right even once about predicting with accuracy future financial events and/or rates.

Israel MacroMicro 20:56 GMT December 12, 2020
“I’m proud of my son,”
Joe Biden breaks silence on Hunter for first time since federal tax investigation surfaced

Suspicious Activity Reports

Minneapolis DRS2 20:17 GMT December 12, 2020

That hurts...I've been to the 21 Club twice in my life. I don't eat at restaurants often, much less a place with 21's reputation...but on both my visits the food was superb...definitely a so-called destination place.

dc CB 20:06 GMT December 12, 2020

New York City’s iconic 21 Club restaurant is closing down after 90 years of good food and even better celebrity intrigue.

The historic Midtown eatery — a favorite haunt for John Steinbeck, Ernest Hemingway and Frank Sinatra, and a dining spot for nearly every president since FDR — has shuttered its jockeys-guarded doors indefinitely, a rep told The Post.

The 21 Club at 21 West 52nd St. in Midtown.

dc CB 19:36 GMT December 12, 2020

Trend --- IRONY

oddly enough, the California based supermarket chain, one of the supermarts near me has bread/bagel/baked goods rack...a as couple of time a week filled with 'baked in the store' LAST DATE OF SALE --- so baked bread selling for $4 a loaf --- on the third day gets put on the rack for Quick sale $1.99.

they also have a rack fill with 50% off items...with no rhyme or reason as to why. prob off the regular shelve to make room for higher priced items. This week I managed to restock some emergency supplies --- Black Beans Dry --- 25 cents grabbed 20. ---Barilla Red Lentil Spagetti $1.40 each - grabbed 16.

As noted earlier Too many canceled thanksgiving frozen turkeys -- 15 to 20lb, orig $3lb...59 cents/lb.--so $12 for a 20 pounder.

Big display bins all around the store---Masks(these masks do not prevent disease...All Made in China---Hubei Province .

Minneapolis DRS2 19:05 GMT December 12, 2020

There once was a time when a starving person could go dumpster diving to find edible things to eat. The truth is that grocery stores, convenience stores and the like throw out anything that is either "old" (more than 3 days for freshly made stuff in-house) or "damaged" (severely dented cans or anything else considered unsellable). Does your grocery store have an "past their sell-by date" rack in the bakery section? Those were really popular once.

Then a lot of places started to lock up the dumpsters, either with padlocks or by putting them in secure areas. Fortunately for the hungry, the practice isn't always consistent. Some locales forbid the locking up of dumpsters, and sometimes dumpsters are left unlocked by generous employees.

dc CB 18:07 GMT December 12, 2020

USA Today

"'s not as though there is speculation in this market, that is not the case." - David Faber, CNBC 12/11/2020

Stealing to survive: More Americans are shoplifting food as aid runs out during the pandemic.

“I used to think, if I get in trouble, I’d say, ‘Look, I’m sorry, I wasn’t stealing a television. I just didn’t know what else to do. It wasn’t malicious. We were hungry,’ ”

“I don’t feel much guilt about it,” she said. “It’s been very frustrating to be part of a class of people who is losing so much right now. And then to have another class who is profiting from the pandemic — well, let’s just say I don’t feel too bad about taking $15 or $20 of stuff from Whole Foods when Jeff Bezos is the richest man on Earth.” (Bezos is the founder and chief executive of Amazon, which owns Whole Foods. He also owns The Washington Post.)

dc CB 17:02 GMT December 12, 2020
Pound heading for a crash if Britain fails to get a Brexit traDe deal

Project FEAR in full fource....what sick sick sick bunch

A television commercial for the NHS terrifies children by showing Santa Claus wheeled into hospital on the verge of dying from COVID.
The advert “celebrates NHS staff and volunteers” by showing them nursing Father Christmas back to full health so he can deliver presents.

Entitled The Gift, the ad shows paramedics giving Santa oxygen as he looks to be at death’s door while being transported to a medical ward as one nurse asks, “Is he responding?”

The commercial then cuts to Santa waking up before he is slowly rehabilitated and subsequently receives a get well soon card from Rudolph the red nosed reindeer.

After passing some children, Santa is then seen responding to letters from hopeful kids.

dc CB 16:49 GMT December 12, 2020
'first Hungary, then Poland, then the Russ...'
Project Syndicate
Dec 10, 2020
George Soros

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been laboring under enormous pressure to prevent a veto of the European Union's 2021-27 budget and COVID-19 recovery fund. But the compromise she reached with Hungary and Poland is the worst of all possible worlds

The Costs of Merkel’s Surrender to Hungarian and Polish Extortion

Mtl JP 12:33 GMT December 12, 2020
Pound heading for a crash if Britain fails to get a Brexit traDe deal

How much credibility do you give to

1) - "Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey said last month that economic destruction caused by a no-deal Brexit would be worse in the long run than the pandemic.


2) - "It takes a much longer period of time for what I call the real side of the economy to adjust to the change in openness and to the change in profile in trade," ?

Mtl JP 12:15 GMT December 12, 2020
Pound heading for a crash if Britain fails to get a Brexit traDe deal

Charles Riley, CNN Business headline's essence is aping earlier posts here on g-v. note that Riley still shows lack of balls - (what is his salary: ~100K + ?) - as he hedges his piece with "could".

It is amuzing how a simple "binary outcome" makes cowards out of allegedly smart expert folks. Untill it becomes a singular outcome.

GVI 09:07 GMT December 12, 2020
Pound heading for a crash if Britain fails to get a Brexit traDe deal
London(CNN Business) The British pound could plunge by 10% or more if the United Kingdom does not finalize a trade deal with the European Union this weekend.

Pound heading for a crash if Britain fails to get a Brexit trade deal

haifa ac 07:39 GMT December 12, 2020
12/12/2000 Al Gore defefated in Floridaa
Does history repeats itself?

American Corona deaths just surpassed WWII dead! (295,000)
12/7/41 day of infamy.
December seems to be a weird month.

Another view: Most WWII dead were young!
Most Corona victims are old whose life was over anyways.
Some say that the American economy will explode once the Corona Pandemic is over because America will be younger and with less burden of "useless" sector. hmmmm....

haifa ac 06:45 GMT December 12, 2020
US election to SCOTUS

only in the mind and eyes of the blind and sore losers who could not understand that the COUNTRY chose to remove a crazy self aggrandizing Nero from office.
The funniest aspect of the immense hatred to Biden is that all the TRUMP people attributed such clever and crafty capabilities to clandestinely and extremely well manipulation of so many election processes. what BS!. The democrats are idiots and incapable people who could not manage to put one worthy person against Trump . They are one MOST INAPT and mentally inferior people (Like Bernie Sanders or Hillary).
They won only because the country , fair and square, understood that Trump had to be removed. And the networks, courts, Magazines and such saw it as it was.
The biggest surprise of this elections was that Trump got so many millions of votes in spite of his Corona blunder. It only shows you how many callous and heartless people live in the USA.

Mtl JP 00:23 GMT December 12, 2020
US election to SCOTUS

Supreme Court declines to hear Texas case, ending Trump’s effort to overturn election



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