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Forex Forum Archive for 12/15/2020

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Mtl JP 19:02 GMT December 15, 2020
this is good one...

off trading topic but
this is good one ...
I am using Thunderbird for reading e-mail. With updates the interface changed on me over time. I do not like to open an e-mail whose correspondent I don't recognize. One quick way of seeing the content before clicking it open and potentially infecting to computer is to to "preview" it. In Thunderbird - for example - F8 does it.

london red 16:53 GMT December 15, 2020

as a stand alone sovereign, the uk wants full control of its waters. in the eu it gave up space to a few miles from its coasts to allow dutch french and belgian boats access. to the regions where those fishermen come from its a big deal. once the uk leaves technically its 200 nautical miles. obviously a deal needs to be done, so the uk has been using it as a bargaining stick. but optically it would look very bad if the uk has left the eu but there is nothing but foreign trawlers do the fishing. its something tangible even if it has a negligible imapct on gdp. the french are quite keen to maintain their quota although realistically this can never happen, even the eu admits this. a deal must be worked out where both sides can claim victory if a deal is to happen.

Belgrade Knez 16:29 GMT December 15, 2020

what is exactly problem with fishing please?

Israel MacroMicro 16:29 GMT December 15, 2020

strong country, what such means?

buy is safer than sell, I guess nothing to add

london red 16:19 GMT December 15, 2020

sterling moving higher as there is talk of tories heavyweights accepting new mechanism on level playing field. this would leave only fishing which is optically important but not a big economic thing.

Mtl JP 16:15 GMT December 15, 2020

2121 = 2X tested price point
check hrly

below 1.21 as S (or target)

lakewood jjlkwd 15:52 GMT December 15, 2020
Zues anything special about 1.21212 ? shame it wasent on 12/12....

Mtl JP 15:30 GMT December 15, 2020

not run fast s/b not run out fast

Mtl JP 15:29 GMT December 15, 2020

GBP 1.3370 (off its 1.3396 High)
for me time can not run fast enough
and along with it - hopefully - odds of new high(s)

R 1.34/3450
S 1.3300/3280

and 0.0000 (kidding)

Belgrade Knez 15:10 GMT December 15, 2020


sent you an email with different mailing address

GVI Forex 15:04 GMT December 15, 2020


Your email keeps getting sent back as undeliverable

london red 14:38 GMT December 15, 2020

USA ZEUS 13:51 GMT 12/15/2020

Go out hard then negotiate trade and see the country stronger in 2 years than ever before.


sounds good to me. boris may or may not see it that way, i suspect he might, but even so the lefties in his party are baying for blood at the sight of no deal, so its hard to deliver. but you are right of course, sterling and assets would in medium term perform best after no deal especially if considering point of maximum drawdown for sterling after such an annoucement.

GVI Forex 14:37 GMT December 15, 2020

Knez, please email me. Your email is being bounced.

Belgrade Knez 14:33 GMT December 15, 2020

USA ZEUS 13:57 GMT December 15, 2020

Looks like 1.2012 is finally on the horizon after a sleep lull.

seems like US boys don't like strong $

PAR 14:20 GMT December 15, 2020
Eleven-Fold Risk On

Wall Street stocks rallying by storytelling.

USA ZEUS 13:57 GMT December 15, 2020

Looks like 1.2012 is finally on the horizon after a sleep lull.


Tallinn viies 13:54 GMT December 15, 2020
reality is ...
whatever pingpong, there is no other outcome than brexit deal.
otherwise Ldn city may close down all business.

USA ZEUS 13:51 GMT December 15, 2020

No deal or very insignificant skeletal deal is the only option at this juncture. Besides, if you want out of a club then ask the club members to grant you the benefits of membership how likely is that? Bilateral benefits are possible but the reality is still the reality brEXIT!

Go out hard then negotiate trade and see the country stronger in 2 years than ever before.


Tallinn viies 13:43 GMT December 15, 2020
and again 200 hour eurusd sma was tested and bounced.

Hk Ab 13:42 GMT December 15, 2020

Red, maybe, but the last 2016 daily move was 15 fig.....

london red 13:33 GMT December 15, 2020

as i have said before, the eu is using media releases to pressure boris. his enemies at home will do the work for them and eat up these releases.
neither side wants to move,the eu can use its tricks, all boris can do is wait it out or fold. he knows no deal is the btter option but he is compromised at home. he may do the ultimaste and go for no deal then publically fall on his sword, that might be the price of it.

GVI Forex 13:18 GMT December 15, 2020

EU seems more optimistic. A German official just said an agreement could be reached by the end of the week.

GVI Forex 13:09 GMT December 15, 2020

12:53 GMT

PM Johnson restated that a no deal Brexit is the most likely scenario

Dubai MA 13:06 GMT December 15, 2020

I meant on eurusd?

london red 13:05 GMT December 15, 2020

ab, thats is never happening as a result of these talks. that kind of level you can see maybe after a couple of years if things go well for uk and poor for usd at same time. uk would need to rejoin eu for cable to see 150/160 overnight. and this of course is impossible. these talks only offer poor option of pay as you go with restrictions or no deal. no deal gives a better chance of 150/160 and faster, than poor deal which will hold up uk performance.

Dubai MA 13:05 GMT December 15, 2020

Is there news out?

Hk Ab 12:36 GMT December 15, 2020
Still 1.5-1.6.

Buying anything under 1.33.....

London Trader 11:47 GMT December 15, 2020

If you are looking for a reason for the gbp rebound, it may be that quiet from Brexit negotiators is being taken as a sign that there may be progress.

Tallinn viies 11:43 GMT December 15, 2020
euro yesterday took out previous week high.
after that corrected lower and tested back below 5 day ema but didnt manage to close below. daily low came also higher.
for 5 th day 200 hour sma good support.
expect euro to take out yearly high at 1,2177. Target then 1,2222.
need to revaluate if previous day low taken out.

haifa ac 11:35 GMT December 15, 2020
In honor of John le Carré who died 12/12
the Russian moles keep coming:

"....WASHINGTON—Multiple federal government agencies, including the U.S. Treasury and Commerce departments, have had some of their computer systems breached as part of a widespread global cyber espionage campaign believed to be the work of the Russian government, according to officials and people familiar with the matter.

Russia’s foreign-intelligence service is suspected of being behind the hacks of the U.S. government networks—in which some internal communications are believed to have been stolen—and the operation is related to a cyber breach disclosed last week of U.S.-based cybersecurity firm FireEye, one of the people familiar with the matter said. "....

PAR 10:41 GMT December 15, 2020
Negative interest rates lead to such massive asset inflation that normal citizens no longer dare to invest in risky assets and keep the biggest cash amounts ever on bank deposits.

Negative interest lead exactly to the opposite of what it was supposed to

What Mario Draghi now says:

It says the massive flood of liquidity pumped into economies to keep companies afloat during shutdowns is unsustainable, and a “cliff-edge” of insolvencies is coming as support programs lose funding and capital is eaten up by losses.

What Trump thinks.

"Après moi, le déluge" is a French expression attributed to King Louis XV of France, or in the form "Après nous, le déluge" (pronounced [apʁɛ nu lə delyʒ]; lit. 'After us, the flood') to Madame de Pompadour, his favourite. It is generally regarded as a nihilistic expression of indifference to whatever happens after one is gone, though it may also express a more literal forecasting of ruination

Global Solvency Crisis Coming?

Mtl JP 09:39 GMT December 15, 2020

GBP 1.330-ish
itching to close the Gap
1.3250/25 next would be nice

PAR 08:31 GMT December 15, 2020
Eleven-Fold Risk On
1. Socializing losses, privatizing profits, by increasing budget deficits.

2. Strong economic figures from China.

3. Biden elected president again.

4. Vaccines mania.

5. Brexit - Boris wins, Ursula caves in.

6. Wall Street keeps increasing target prices.

7. Too much liquidity chasing too few assets

8. BlackRock keeps introducing new ETF's

9 . Pelosi close to reaching new stimulus deal

10 Rumors of Tesla buying Daimler

11. Winter wonderland for M&A

Bonus risk on. Option expiration pushing stocks higher.

Hk Ab 06:09 GMT December 15, 2020
Redo funny biz quietly

Hk Ab 05:40 GMT December 15, 2020


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