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Forex Forum Archive for 12/16/2020

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Mtl JP 23:55 GMT December 16, 2020

yes ! yeS !! YES !!!

"Accommodative stance with more stimulus" (ZEUS 19:23) is my dream in the making:

inflation , more precisely price inflation, and preferably way and much over the "substantial further progress has been made toward the Committee's maximum employment and price stability goals"* dream .

Say in 2nd half of 2021 and then more massively and rapidly in 2022.
I want to see price inflation at magnitude and tempo that the FED gang's dream turns nightmare for them.

* Press Release
December 16, 2020
Federal Reserve issues FOMC statement

Israel MacroMicro 23:52 GMT December 16, 2020

$400K per BTC - the caller

the story behind even funnier:

#1: Guggenheim is among the many institutional investors dipping a toe in the crypto world. Last month, the firm filed to reserve the right to invest as much as 10% of its $5.3 billion Macro Opportunities Fund in the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, which invests solely in Bitcoin.

#2: “The Guggenheim Macro Opportunities Fund may seek investment exposure to Bitcoin indirectly through investing up to 10% of its net asset value in Grayscale Bitcoin Trust,” the firm said in a filing Friday to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Summary: Israel's PM AKA Bibi announces that he MAY SEEK to speak the truth one day during a certain point in the unknown future.

key points for the wanna be BTC buyer: seek facts about those who may seek to buy BTC with 10% of their fund

Minneapolis DRS2 23:09 GMT December 16, 2020

Hey you were remember how EUR/USD got to 1.60 last time?

It got there just like right every price level below 1.60, someone thought they'd go short...except it was never enough.

The lesson to be learned...before thinking about 1.60, how about breaking through 1.2233 first. Then try 1.2250...1.2275...1.23...

Buy on dips, and take lots of intermediate profits each time to build up strength.

Tallinn viies 21:59 GMT December 16, 2020
people now talking bitcoin should be valued 400 000.
then eurusd should be around 1,6000.
ndx just below 20 000.
and brent around 150 usd/b.
it is going to be very very interesting year.
just buy and hold :)

Israel MacroMicro 21:25 GMT December 16, 2020

this is the moment of truth for USD, must reverse tomorrow to gain some as otherwise viies will get his 1.25 still this year.

Israel MacroMicro 21:21 GMT December 16, 2020

cannot wait until finally Zeus will make a good call beyond a scalp :)

seriously, USD/CHF follows USD/CAD to make Zeus to near finally a good call. Zeus is tough boy and can stand this joke :)

PAR 20:25 GMT December 16, 2020

Dovish FED and lower dollar send US stock markers into record territory.

GVI Forex 20:06 GMT December 16, 2020

10 year back down .913%, usd follows.

PAR 19:40 GMT December 16, 2020

The more jobs companies cut the better the stock market performs and the more stimulus they get.

Winter wonderland.

USA ZEUS 19:23 GMT December 16, 2020

Accommodative stance with more stimulus to support the economy will result in a dream scenario for traders not seen for many decades.
Leaving the barn doors wide open is an interesting monetary experiment.


lakewood jjlkwd 19:20 GMT December 16, 2020

looks like door-dash !!

USA ZEUS 19:19 GMT December 16, 2020

Been selling on rallies at every chance adding for the big drop.
Now slice through stops like a hot samurai sword through butter.


GVI Forex 19:16 GMT December 16, 2020

10 year yield higher after statement

.944% vs .913% prior

PAR 19:11 GMT December 16, 2020

Boeing cut 26.000 jobs. Exxon cut 14.000 jobs. Berkshire cut 13.000 jobs

Thank you for the money?

Tallinn viies 19:08 GMT December 16, 2020
for the health of strong eurusd uptrend previous day low would be nice to stay untouched.

PAR 19:07 GMT December 16, 2020
Difficult balance as some of the best performing stock/ companies cut a huge number of jobs

E.g. Disney cut over 32.000 job etc

Tallinn viies 19:03 GMT December 16, 2020
eurusd 200 hour sma should be good support again if even getting there.
target 1,2233.

GVI Forex 18:56 GMT December 16, 2020
Coming up next...

Israel MacroMicro 17:38 GMT December 16, 2020
this is good one...

smart Swiss, with Biden in the WH it is rain and not a pissing Swiss :)

PAR 17:33 GMT December 16, 2020
I guess a little more liquidity is needed?

Mtl JP 17:24 GMT December 16, 2020
this is good one...

this is good one ...
come out couple of hours ago
Swiss Defy U.S. With Pledge to Keep Up Currency Intervention

(Bloomberg) -- The Swiss National Bank pledged to push ahead with interventions to rein in the franc, defying a U.S. decision to designate the nation a currency manipulator.

Food fight ?

Mtl JP 17:14 GMT December 16, 2020

GVI Forex 17:01 - Jay how are you planning to trade an eventual final Deal or No Deal brexit announcement ?

Mtl JP 17:08 GMT December 16, 2020

GBP 1.3499
Bloomberg about 15 mins ago:
EU Says Fishing Rights Are the Last Major Hurdle: Brexit Update

dc CB 17:07 GMT December 16, 2020
Bitcoin 20593. All Time High

Massachusetts securities regulators are expected to file a complaint Wednesday against the wildly popular trading platform operated by Robinhood Financial LLC, alleging the company aggressively marketed to inexperienced investors and failed to implement controls to protect them.

A Robinhood spokeswoman said the company hadn’t seen the complaint but will continue to work closely with all regulators.

“Robinhood has opened up financial markets for a new generation of people who were previously excluded,” she said. “We are committed to operating with integrity, transparency, and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.”

WSJ -Mass to file Complaint Against Robinhood

GVI Forex 17:01 GMT December 16, 2020

Look at your EURUSD 9down) and GBPUSD (up) AT charts to see the impact of EURGBP (down) Brexit flows.

Mtl JP 16:56 GMT December 16, 2020
Bitcoin 20593. All Time High

744.26 / 45000 = $16500
good sized mountain to dig into ...

lakewood jjlkwd 16:47 GMT December 16, 2020
Bitcoin 20593. All Time High

Israel MacroMicro 16:28 GMT December 16, 2020
Bitcoin 20593. All Time High

dear pensioner,

this month you get your monthly payment with TSLA stock papers, we are out of cash and binary BTC digits. bon apatite!


you loyal fund manager

swiss frank 16:16 GMT December 16, 2020
Bitcoin 20593. All Time High

Not one Bitcoin. 45,000 of them....


London Trader 15:56 GMT December 16, 2020

Some Brexit jitters

Mtl JP 15:46 GMT December 16, 2020

GVI Forex 14:08 --
GBP/usd is only partially brexit ; the other leg - the usd - is being sold off and accounts for some of the uP/Down energy of the price valuations

HK Kevin 15:45 GMT December 16, 2020

Israel MacroMicro 13:55 GMT, yes. You know my rationale of doing that trade. May try NZD/CAD instead of AUD/CAD

Israel MacroMicro 15:35 GMT December 16, 2020
Bitcoin 20593. All Time High

to be clear, this bubble is covered with money of pension funds and many innocent people now on. it can go anywhere as there is no value in bitcoin, just a price!

yes, I know that many will claim that price is the value, but this is narratives fights. how a pensioner that his pension fund buying now BTC can decide when to get in or out of BTC ?

just asking

Israel MacroMicro 15:32 GMT December 16, 2020
Bitcoin 20593. All Time High

I know that the lowest of human grade is injecting big money of pensioners to buy the single coin (or few coins in the case of the braver ones) they took $15'000 lower and maybe even lower.

this is so DIRTY !!!

Mtl JP 15:27 GMT December 16, 2020
Bitcoin 20593. All Time High

Do you actually know someone who caughing $20,000 per unit on the blockchain ?

PAR 15:23 GMT December 16, 2020
Who cares?!

Socializing losses, privatizing profits by adding $ 8 trillion to US budget deficits.

Trump's legacy

Huge trade and budget deficits

Many executions

He is a loser.

Israel MacroMicro 14:47 GMT December 16, 2020
Bitcoin 20593. All Time High

do not try to sell REAL LIFE to the people trusting they found the key to FOREVER LIFE ... rest in peace John

GVI Forex 14:22 GMT December 16, 2020
Bitcoin 20593. All Time High

AT chart for Bitcoin. Speaks for the versatility of our program.

The Amazing Trader

haifa ac 14:14 GMT December 16, 2020
Bitcoin 20593. All Time High
If this is not grand delusion--what is?!
Apparently big short squeezes are becoming popular again.
Ahoy Brothers Hunt.

GVI Forex 14:08 GMT December 16, 2020

Market so far ignoring comments like this:

UK PM Johnson spokesman says it still remains that a no deal Brexit is the most likely outcome. progress has been made in some areas but large gaps remain.

Israel MacroMicro 13:55 GMT December 16, 2020

in general Kevin, AUD tops first. sort of gravity rule, agreed?

Hk Ab 13:52 GMT December 16, 2020
Who cares?!

Thanks Trump, all monies pumped to Nasdog

HK Kevin 13:40 GMT December 16, 2020

Israel MacroMicro 12:46 GMT, just for day trade and already covered the position. Won't keep overnight since Australian employment figures will be announced tmr's early morning.

haifa ac 13:39 GMT December 16, 2020
Who cares?!
Eight million Americans have fallen into poverty since summer...

Checking accounts depleted...

less than 3%???? let them eat cakes!

GVI Forex 13:06 GMT December 16, 2020
Positive comments both from the EU and reportedly from Boris as well

Israel MacroMicro 12:46 GMT December 16, 2020

Kevin, you are an early bird, maybe much too early bird with this pair. with my system still got few days up before getting really tired.

HK Kevin 11:26 GMT December 16, 2020
Better pair to trade at this market. Sold earlier at 0.9655 with tight stop

Mtl JP 10:44 GMT December 16, 2020
Mushroom Feeding
Mushroom Feeding, Dec 16th 2020
Fed Mulls Shift in Bond Buying Program:

FOMC Decision-Day Guide
by Bloomberg

hk ab 10:27 GMT December 16, 2020
wonder when the rate will be checked again.......

What does this baby directing us to?

hk ab 10:26 GMT December 16, 2020
GBPUSD 13430 area

will have a chance go to 1.38 before your mentioned 1.3430.......

Amman wfakhoury 09:55 GMT December 16, 2020
GBPUSD 13430 area
GBPUSD 13430 confirmed the area to be reached.
sell and add sell at intervals of 50 pips due to the volatile market.

The only one in the world who confirms the next level and every hour movement

hk ab 09:48 GMT December 16, 2020
Is it a coincidence for:

Dlrjpy 103, eur 1.23, gbp 1.36 yuan 6.5 and aud .76....

I was selling very very hard when usd/yuan was above 7.000 and now I need to buy very very hard above 6.5..........

jkt abel 09:43 GMT December 16, 2020

we are 1.35 en route to 1.38, usd weakness is more dominant force that effect of no deal will be limited, DX under 90 will be the game plan for monthly close

EU Pat 08:51 GMT December 16, 2020
Lift off

london red 08:49 GMT December 16, 2020

uk sources saying still not there as far a deal concerned

london red 08:13 GMT December 16, 2020

enforcer of brussels underworld, von der leyen, on wires now saying way fwd found in most areas but fishing remains to be solved. says many not be able to solve this issue. next few days key.

Toronto abb 05:07 GMT December 16, 2020
gbpusd want 1.36-1.366? 1.336+- support....

Bangkok KC 03:54 GMT December 16, 2020
Hello everyone.
Any ideas on Gold? Can it trade above 1875 this week?


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