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Forex Forum Archive for 12/17/2020

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dc CB 22:16 GMT December 17, 2020

Dec 17
Three million users installed 28 malicious Chrome or Edge extensions

Extensions could redirect users to ads, phishing sites, collect user data, or download malware on infected systems.

Mtl JP 22:14 GMT December 17, 2020

big differences: here is hoping they perdure.

GVI Forex 19:58 GMT December 17, 2020
Comments from both sides indicate big differences remain on fisheries.

PAR 19:56 GMT December 17, 2020

Lagarde enjoying her holidays in the USA with a strong EURO? Yes she can.

Toronto Abb 19:42 GMT December 17, 2020
eurchf near resistance 1.087...

Israel MacroMicro 19:26 GMT December 17, 2020

Entry: 1.2271 Target: Stop:

you know the rest :)

lakewood jjlkwd 18:07 GMT December 17, 2020

JP that was very kind of you....

Minneapolis DRS2 17:53 GMT December 17, 2020

Isn't XRP the name of what you buy? (Ripple is the platform.)

Mtl JP 17:50 GMT December 17, 2020

jjlkwd IF u want it badly enough
u ll find where and how

lakewood jjlkwd 17:37 GMT December 17, 2020
where can i buy ripple?

Toronto Abb 17:11 GMT December 17, 2020
gbpjpy very strong some one yesterday see it above 142 i agree..

Israel MacroMicro 15:13 GMT December 17, 2020

just stating the obvious, the KALKILIA scalping machine does just fine :)

Toronto Abb 14:40 GMT December 17, 2020
Toronto abb 05:07 GMT December 16, 2020
gbpusd: Reply
gbpusd want 1.36-1.366? 1.336+- support....

Toronto Abb 17:46 GMT December 9, 2020
eurusd: Reply
focus on buy eurchf for medium here 1.075and below ....

as i mentioned for gbpusd was at 1.3460
and more to come fir eurchf

london red 14:40 GMT December 17, 2020

PAR we will hear from them above 124/5 i think not before. above 126 its quite possible to see an acceleration so they may try to guard it with their rap. funnily if brexit goes well for them it will hep eurusd no end. what a conundrum they have.

Israel MacroMicro 14:33 GMT December 17, 2020

how to know if important changes coming from the ECB?

the madam will show with shocking new hairstyle, to divert attention from the real important news. think simple and make big money.

PAR 14:28 GMT December 17, 2020
ECB calling a few selected banks to tell Euro levels are not a concern whatever Lagarde says in public?

Israel MacroMicro 14:09 GMT December 17, 2020

that housewife spent few evenings with viies, now she is more mature or not?

Hk Ab 14:05 GMT December 17, 2020
I knew a Hk housewife lately. Whenever she bought gold, immediately a daily top is made on chart, last 2 were 2030, 1960.....

She just bought 1880 again....

Mtl JP 13:51 GMT December 17, 2020

DX sub 90
what more do u need about market mood ?

london red 13:51 GMT December 17, 2020

not from 1.28. but all the time. but not as a positional call. but on a no deal. parity eurgbp and cable down 10-15%. on no deal. on a bad deal i would say if cable starts say 136 it can go to 138/139 on day and falls to 134 within 24hours, then drift down towards 128/10. it will be better to travel than arrive. then i expect funds to buy in and start picking up uk assets. on no deal i expect them to do it straight away. so if eurgbp opens at 98-100 i expect it would finish maybe 2-3% lower by the close at 95/96 already. the world is awash with money and looking for yield. the uk has it. it doesnt matter if they dont let anyone in the country ever again, folks will still be piling in, they wont care.

london red 13:38 GMT December 17, 2020

MaMi, there is no good deal. with the eu you are either in or out. they cannot possibly give you full membership rights if you are not in and certainly they will try to ensure your mediocrity in any deal, as they cannot have a leaver thriving. nobody admits this out aloud, but this is certainly the case. so the best options are, stay in the eu, or leave on wto. uk assets will perform best following the markdown from a no deal. a bad deal will still likely see inflows given 4 years of stagnancy due to talks. but the bare bones deal on offer will have a get out clause that the uk can trigger. im fully hopeful the uk will do that in time if they do go for the bad deal first due to political considerations.

Hk Ab 13:29 GMT December 17, 2020
Guggenheim CIO Says Bitcoin ‘Should Be Worth’ $400,000

We can have another one on bitcoin and gold nowhere

haifa ac 13:25 GMT December 17, 2020
Guggenheim CIO Says Bitcoin ‘Should Be Worth’ $400,000

The Hunt Silver Bubble was late 1979-1980.

Mtl JP 13:10 GMT December 17, 2020

some morning mkt headlines
Futures Rise With Europe Stocks on Stimulus Bets: Markets Wrap

European Parliament Sets a Deadline to Sign Deal: Brexit Update
The European Parliament set a Sunday deadline for negotiators to reach a post-Brexit trade deal .../..

BOE Maintains QE Plan, Extends Company Aid on Prolonged Crisis

One of 2021’s Most-Hyped Calls Risks Backfiring on Dollar Bears


Chef José Andrés urges Biden to think of food as 'national security issue' as millions go hungry
..."Washington’s most famous chefs is imploring the federal government to take bold action. ... the founder of World Central Kitchen and ThinkFoodGroup, called on the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to deploy its funds to tackle the unfolding disaster.

“This is the biggest emergency as a country that we’ve had in 100 years and FEMA’s responsibility should be, to put those funds that Congress empowers them to have, and to use that money to feed, in this case in an emergency, people in need,”

Hk Ab 12:59 GMT December 17, 2020
Guggenheim CIO Says Bitcoin ‘Should Be Worth’ $400,000

Not the one happened in 2011?

Israel MacroMicro 12:40 GMT December 17, 2020

red, what is a good deal?!
Brexit and the changes only as you wish?

I think that even "limited IQ but popular Boris" gets this one :)

Israel MacroMicro 12:38 GMT December 17, 2020

DRS2 12:07

I totally agree with you, risky is still part of this business. in case it is not please enlighten me how to avoid risk.

I mentioned in general a tight stop with active trading approach. it is not relevant now, but I still have some futures since 1.07 handle running in my favor so risking that "bit" is okay for me till their expiry Q2/2021. as you said, take "risks" with portion of the winners. or I missed your meaning?


haifa ac 12:24 GMT December 17, 2020
Guggenheim CIO Says Bitcoin ‘Should Be Worth’ $400,000

Ab, it was completely against exchange rules. But the main shorts were the big floor traders and they had to be saved.
The Hunt brothers lost 12 B on the deal and filed many suits--to no avail.

40 years have passed since.

Amazing Trader Reviews 12:14 GMT December 17, 2020 Reply   

'Amazing Trader Review...'

Minneapolis DRS2 12:07 GMT December 17, 2020

MM 11:08 Be wary of shorting EUR/USD at this point. I know it's tempting, but the market is buying even small dips. This is exactly how price goes up...scalp sells get stopped out and the buys ramp up the price.

You might consider putting sell stops under your longs instead. It's not quite the same as short selling, but at least there's a bigger chance of stopping out with profit rather than stopping out with loss.

london red 11:59 GMT December 17, 2020

abel, uk cannot get a good deal in any circumstances. eu will not move on its four freedoms for good reason. it wont be a good deal ofr the uk atall, certainly much worse than it enjoys currently as a member. it will not be free to do many things a third country can do, which is surely the reason for leaving. in any case, market has hated uk assets for years, clearing brexit will help folks reallocate from underperform/zero. even if to mkt perform its a massive thing. however be aware it will be better to travel than arrive. a deal confirm is maybe 2 to 3 figs up and back down on the day to close a good deal lower. everyone is long no one else to buy. fund managers will buy the dips to pick up currency with which to buy assets going forward. a no deal would provide best opportunity for this. maybe it can still happen. boris is certainly for it, but his his parliament wont forgive him for it.

Hk Ab 11:56 GMT December 17, 2020
Guggenheim CIO Says Bitcoin ‘Should Be Worth’ $400,000

Ac, was it? I kinda not remember that NY rule

jkt abel 11:52 GMT December 17, 2020

well it is good sign for cable, macron with delirium symptoms from covid may mean he won't be clear of what he is doing in short term and that may help brexit to happen with very good deal, LOL

Belgrade Knez 11:21 GMT December 17, 2020

Mtl JP 11:17 GMT December 17, 2020
mkt: Reply
Macron tests positive for COVID-19 after showing symptoms
- msm

nevermind why or how
more importantly: what is next for brexit

they will announce that brexit is covid positive to have reason to postpone negotiation! ..... lol

Mtl JP 11:17 GMT December 17, 2020

Macron tests positive for COVID-19 after showing symptoms
- msm

nevermind why or how
more importantly: what is next for brexit

Israel MacroMicro 11:15 GMT December 17, 2020

USD/CAD: looking for the US session to check for signs to possible short term reversal, say 1.2680 area. checking is not buying in this case. I will try to share in case I decide to enter longs.

Israel MacroMicro 11:13 GMT December 17, 2020

GBP/USD: 1.3750 is safe for this week, maybe contra trades above 1.3650 can deliver quick retrace towards mid 1.35's

Israel MacroMicro 11:08 GMT December 17, 2020

EUR/USD: selling for scalps above 1.2260 with 1.2285 STOP seems like good R/R for today. more like hedging the longs for a little while approach.

jkt abel 11:08 GMT December 17, 2020

well cable is now 1.36, not bad for 1.32-1.38 call

bali sja 10:59 GMT December 17, 2020

same with our friends screaming sell euro since 1.14 all the way up to even 1.21 aiming for what? peanuts pips at best

haifa ac 10:45 GMT December 17, 2020
Guggenheim CIO Says Bitcoin ‘Should Be Worth’ $400,000
So far it reached 23,447 about two hours ago.

Reminds me of Norton Waltuch the chief trader for the HUNT brothers (who worked thru Conticommocity). He used to walk to the floor raise his hands and shout,say, 1000 for $40 and silver will be limit up for the rest of the day.
When silver reached $50 everyone talked about $100 as if it is the surest bet since black tulip. Then the NY exchange did the unthinkable and ruled that form that day on--only short positions will be allowed!!
Silver went limit down for 21 consecutive days to $5.

Mr. Waltuch has steadfastly refused to discuss his trading operations and has termed all comments about him as “ignorant blather.”

hk ab 10:40 GMT December 17, 2020

I start selling 1.5......

Belgrade Knez 10:36 GMT December 17, 2020

hk ab

he said sell on every 50pips up move ..... so even if it goes up to 1.40 you should be accumulating sell !!!!!! unless you bankrupt by that time

hk ab 10:28 GMT December 17, 2020
Amman wfakhoury 09:55 GMT December 16, 2020
GBPUSD 13430 area: Reply
GBPUSD 13430 confirmed the area to be reached.
sell and add sell at intervals of 50 pips due to the volatile market.

The only one in the world who confirms the next level and every hour movement

Thanks ONCE again..... LOL

same for Gold 1797......

bali sja 09:00 GMT December 17, 2020

you dont like to inflict more pain to the sellers?

Tallinn viies 08:52 GMT December 17, 2020
eurusd target for today is 1,2260.
and for this week 1,2255-65 is also enough. Im not going to short is here but taking half profit would be wise.
area to buy again is near previous day low butno way we are getting there today. max 100 pips down from daily top is doable,

bali sja 08:45 GMT December 17, 2020

who was screaming for audusd 0.80? was it ab? not far, 0.76 now

bali sja 08:41 GMT December 17, 2020

euro 1.2240 moar moarrr moarrrr, where is ECB, where is the monitoring of exchange rate? LOL
DX train heading south

Tallinn viies 08:18 GMT December 17, 2020
eh eh.
dream worl we live right now. :) there is so much money around and it doesnt cost a thing.
just one sentence - you can not loose, when you play same game with big boys. keep buying stocks and bitcoin and whatever stuff. if they start to fall then lawers, srry FED comes and help all us out.
they can not let it down. this hole is too big to fall.
euro target 1,25 before end of the year. 2 week to go. 255 pips still needed. this week low at 1,2113 should contain all downside attempts.

bali sja 06:43 GMT December 17, 2020

DX below 90 ding ding ding...

bali sja 06:43 GMT December 17, 2020

BOJ happy with below 100 usdjpy?

PAR 06:23 GMT December 17, 2020
Thirteen-fold Risk On1
1. Powell Cheerleading
2. Dollar devaluation
3. Stimulus deal
4. Job cuts lead to higher stock price
5. Option expiration
6. Green deal
7. Subsidies to buy cars
8 Brexit deal
9. Digital revolution
10. Short Squeeze
11. PPT action
12. Lagarde saving zombie countries and zombie companies
13. End of year window dressing

Bonus risk. The return of the Great Gatsby!

hk ab 06:02 GMT December 17, 2020
let's see what works out from the Indian prophecy, LOL Dec 20

bali sja 05:47 GMT December 17, 2020

you mean for stox?

hk ab 05:43 GMT December 17, 2020
Seems all ingredients are in, the last word is "how".

I suspect a black swan will come up soon..... don't ask me how it surface.....

dc CB 01:35 GMT December 17, 2020
BTC - the golden tip

Homer Simpson D'OH award for the BetCoin Ramp-O-Lollopaozza

Futures he cried Futures
Futures They Cried, Buy our Futures.

(Eyes wide Open- who are the top dogs in ChiTown at the CME. Why that name seems familiar... testymony,Congress,ManFinancial/MFGlobal/CustomerFundsMingle)
JonCorzine The Beta Test-----they swallowed it)

CME: Commoner Margin Req for 1(ONE) BTC-(BetCoin Futures) Contact(lol)

****NB 1---WHO has the other side?

Israel MacroMicro 00:02 GMT December 17, 2020
BTC - the golden tip
before buying make sure your can sell it faster than you can buy it.

stock going belly up leaves you with a piece of paper that MAY turn into collectors item. with BTC even such chance to claim back your "investment" is not possible.

the point: out $5B in that fund, how much from the personal wealth of that person scream-yakking for $400K BTC stored in that SPECIFIC FUND - just asking :)

Maddoff will get loads of company, when Harris and Warren start running things - go go go


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