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Forex Forum Archive for 12/23/2020

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Mtl JP 23:49 GMT December 23, 2020

Is the stock market open Christmas Eve?

Holiday and New Year�s trading hours

Hk Ab 23:11 GMT December 23, 2020

Rafe// you biased up or down for gbp?

london red 22:59 GMT December 23, 2020

avg wto ntariffs are 4%. when folks think tariffs they think 25-50%. its not the average case. but still its academical as it looks like they went for the safety first option. still, there is hope as they have an opt out. this may be needed if they want to disperse freshly printed in manner other than intended by eu.

Minneapolis DRS2 22:01 GMT December 23, 2020

I concur. The pocket veto is definitely a Trump move.

Mtl JP 22:00 GMT December 23, 2020

btw ... President Trump (still) has 3 options of what to do with the bill that was sent to him:

1) sign it
2) send it back
3) ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... do nothing

consequentially, I think he favours #3
savvy polititian that he is

Mtl JP 21:52 GMT December 23, 2020

Interestingly on the chart linked below
0 (zero) speed does not appear.

That would mean, to the "experts" with PhDs, absolute nightmare scenario of dead economy where folks would be outside the fiat system and in barter.

Mtl JP 21:35 GMT December 23, 2020

in the world of fiat money and rolling over of / adding to debt the "experts" (the characters with PhDs) call it

Velocity of M2 Money Stock (M2V)

Minneapolis DRS2 21:21 GMT December 23, 2020

The objective is to keep the money flow going. This is easily facilitated using corruption as a catalyst.

lakewood jjlkwd 20:53 GMT December 23, 2020
House Democrats to bring forth a bill on December 24 to provide COVID-19 relief checks of $2,000 to individuals
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said they will try to pass the bill with unanimous consent after US President Donald Trump said that the current $900 billion COVID-19 relief bill is a �disgrace.� On Tuesday, he said that he would not sign the proposed relief package and called on Congress to increase direct payments from $600 to $2,000 for adults earning up to $75,000 yearly.

talk about blowing up the deficit

Tallinn viies 19:46 GMT December 23, 2020
by the goods I ment goods and sevices.
services is actually important as goods are importnat for undevelpoped nations...

for example from estonia wooden pellets were imported to electricity stations in UK. to get rid of coal in UK and do the co2 quota ok.
if you can not do that then both sides have a problem.
they talk about it as no worry, wto will help out but most of the small and mid size companys never heard the wto terms.

london red 19:45 GMT December 23, 2020

goods will always move. either with small tariff or without. but it since covid it was always about state subsidies. the uk is printing billions. the germans are not so keen spenders but dont want uk to gain advantange either.

Caribbean! Rafe... 19:40 GMT December 23, 2020

Viies// if goods can't move then people can always buy from amazon and amazonian beauties do the rest... lol

Tallinn viies 19:29 GMT December 23, 2020
it is so funny how people want to evaluate this brexit agreement.

I can tell you people in euroland dont care at all. only important thing is : do we have agreement or not. if goods can move or not.
for back and finance industry only question is - deal or not.
with deal city of Ldn does not close down.

so ifthere is a deal. they can get rid of their hedge for next year and even longer....
tons of sterlings to buy back.
at least one year sales to UK has been hedged by most of corporates who sell something to UK.
I believe same kind of hedges in UK.

Caribbean! Rafe... 19:09 GMT December 23, 2020

The important macroeconomists may have to share their views to solidify public consensus on brexit whether it goes through or not, whatever it is it is bad for the dollar but then good in some way to shape a very well implemented global COVID-19 recovery... and yes recovery....

Caribbean! Rafe... 19:05 GMT December 23, 2020

cable bounced off from one of my daily support levels, so trading on the dailies is the most important rule to follow for the time being.. IMHO.

Israel MacroMicro 18:58 GMT December 23, 2020

Brexit deal official announcement: 1.37 prints - yes or no ?

Caribbean! Rafe... 18:57 GMT December 23, 2020

GBP/USD :- Explosive moves coming up ahead, so please trade on the dailies only.

I did this on cable in 2016 and made a few thousand pips then had problems from my broker... LOL.

london red 18:56 GMT December 23, 2020

the devil will be in the details tbh i havent bothered looking at the bits and pieces coming out yet, but i would think certain areas lock the uk in the orbit of eu, though i hope not too many, in which case one can see some speculative interest also added to the mix as well as the ones that couldnt buy uk assets.

Israel MacroMicro 18:55 GMT December 23, 2020

agree or disagree, 1.37 handle with the official announcement.
afterwards, trailing stop for some.

gl / gt

london red 18:54 GMT December 23, 2020

fwiw hedging for this type of event you do via options when vols are low and market prices are to your taste. you can sometimes cut some of these when vols go higher and reapply lower. but generally folks will have taken out options expiring not long after jan 1st and many not be worth too much right now. in any case most options are hedged by the counterparty not long after the trade is made. i would expect a little more interest in sterling once the deal is official but its doesnt look like the move will be at all major. do expect profit taking and stop running but i would use those dips to establish longs and buy uk assets. uk has been uninvestable for many for years due to brexit. it does not need to outperform but simply catching up will be the trade of the year if it happens in 2021.

lakewood jjlkwd 18:51 GMT December 23, 2020
maybe "we HATE to see you go " will be changed to
"we HAVE to see you go ".

last minute negotiations over who to foot the celebration party London or Brussels

Caribbean! Rafe... 18:50 GMT December 23, 2020

JP// closes below 12865

Mtl JP 18:49 GMT December 23, 2020

Rafe what do you correlate " justify the move to 112" with ?

lakewood jjlkwd 18:46 GMT December 23, 2020

uk parliament must agree
EU must agree
and every country in the EU must agree.

Tallinn viies 18:39 GMT December 23, 2020
Im not an expert on erugbp or cable but I believe many times more hedges on eurgbp than cable.
so cable does not need to need exactly same % wise.
as lot of people just needed to have a hedge to be prepared for no deal brexit.
most likely they want to get rid of it if it is done with options and otherwise vola falls deeply and it may be too late later.
if options not involved then a bit more time to wait but still 5-10% moves not just piece of cake.
eurgbp may move wildly and take eurusd also to the party...

Caribbean! Rafe... 18:38 GMT December 23, 2020
Cad has to keep closing under 12865 for at least the next few weeks in order to justify the move to 112. Just be careful of spikes!

Mtl JP 18:34 GMT December 23, 2020

GBP sub 1.3450/25 will tell IF there is a deal

Tallinn viies 18:27 GMT December 23, 2020
"Brexit deal done", according to Daily Mail; Chief Negotiators Frost and Barnier are still finalising text, so last-minute hiccup possible, but UK sources saying 'highly unlikely' it will collapse now, according to Daily Mail

PAR 18:23 GMT December 23, 2020

A happy end .

You see, after all leaving the EU is not so difficult.

Israel MacroMicro 18:12 GMT December 23, 2020
SELL EUR/USD @1.2215


Bangkok KC 18:11 GMT December 23, 2020
SELL EUR/USD @1.2215

Israel MacroMicro 18:05 GMT December 23, 2020

No chart. Just a pure signal.

Israel MacroMicro 18:05 GMT December 23, 2020
SELL EUR/USD @1.2215

to have a clue who is KC

Caribbean! Rafe... 18:00 GMT December 23, 2020
Baba Vanga Prognostications

Was always suspicious of those types of people from day one, best thing is to just turn off the puter and don't go back to that website... magic and prognistication all those types of things/words are just simply known as occultisms... the people that do those things just want bribes to pervert divine justice, that that is all there is to them... then they want word to get around that they saved someone so as to become popular as healers etc, and then seek for fools to become their devout followers and financiers... sooner or later they "create fools" and charge him/her money to teach them their so called art, in this case the victim does not realize they're being manipulated and betrayed into saving their teachers a** from divine judgement and only for that punishment to go on them. What's more disturbing is the same teachers teach that betrayal is the oldest trick in the book, the irony is their victims suck it all up and dont't even suspect that's how those unscrupulous types fleece money and blessings of good karma out of them, in India I call this Cheating...

Besides it's not good if for trading karma.

Bangkok KC 17:54 GMT December 23, 2020
SELL EUR/USD @1.2215

At least 1.2065 should be seen before the end of the year

Tallinn viies 17:37 GMT December 23, 2020
EU briefings on Brexit contingency measures have been cancelled, according to Business Insider, adding this points to a UK-EU trade deal is very close; BI's Payne

lakewood jjlkwd 17:32 GMT December 23, 2020

hedge fund manager friend of mine said ,when i asked him why he's still trading at this time of the year ? no place safe to go, so might as well trade and make money....
point is, i think the volumes are not going to drop too much. the ADD and ADHD will destroy the family, stay in the office and do your thing....

lakewood jjlkwd 17:32 GMT December 23, 2020

hedge fund manager friend of mine said ,when i asked him why he's still trading at this time of the year ? no place safe to go, so might as well trade and make money....
point is, i think the volumes are not going to drop too much. the ADD and ADHD will destroy the family, stay in the office and do your thing....

Minneapolis DRS2 17:26 GMT December 23, 2020

Minneapolis DRS2 15:45 GMT December 22, 2020

As expected, EUR/USD 1.2200 is acting as a magnet. You could also say that it is really the 200h SMA that is the magnet, because they are really close at this point. Whatever your interpretation, 2200 is it.

The next week "might" prove to be an interesting time. I say "might" (in quotes) because market conditions have changed from previous years. Algos are doing a lot of the trading rather than people, and liquidity is unknown (at least to me). In previous years, end-of-year moves have been really exaggerated...that might happen again this year, but given recent market behavior we might see instead a whole week of absolutely nothing. Maybe oscillation plus or minus 10 or 20 pips off a centerline, but other than that? I dunno.

Mtl JP 17:19 GMT December 23, 2020

I hope that IF there is a deal that is at best just a provisional one
that it spells the end of boris
that a door opens for someone like farage to step up

Israel MacroMicro 17:04 GMT December 23, 2020

it is a done deal, there are no negotiations anymore.
they are wring down the agreement.

Tallinn viies 17:02 GMT December 23, 2020
brent bought earlier todat need to sell now with 2 dollars profit.
too quickly for me.
will try to reestablish long 1 dollar lower. target still 54sh.

lakewood jjlkwd 17:02 GMT December 23, 2020

so , do you think theres 5593 pages in this deal ? only the dems can do do that....

Tallinn viies 17:01 GMT December 23, 2020
or if eurgbp trades at 0.8500 then most likely they have agreed it.

Tallinn viies 16:59 GMT December 23, 2020
brexit deal?
too early for christmas presents.

I do not see it before I see press conference

haifa ac 16:57 GMT December 23, 2020
Baba Vanga Prognostications
Just as santa is descending inside a plastic capsule, here is another view of what will happen in 2021:

"For 2021, she also predicted the economic fall of Europe, and an assassination attempt against the Russian President, Vladimir Putin. She believed that the threat for the Kremlin leader could come from within his country. Also, the American President, Donald Trump, will become sick with a mysterious disease that will leave him deaf, and he will suffer brain trauma, according to the clairvoyant

Feel free to publish a summary of this article (in English or translated into another language) along with a link to the full piece

GVI Forex 16:14 GMT December 23, 2020

It appears there is the outline of a Brexit deal.

Bangkok KC 16:00 GMT December 23, 2020

Strong dollar policy can not be undone..(in the short-term)...

Bangkok KC 15:43 GMT December 23, 2020

Be patient. Just a matter of time.

Hk Ab 15:39 GMT December 23, 2020
It may pop to 1.5 and turn all to be Fried chicken

Israel MacroMicro 15:29 GMT December 23, 2020

I hope so for you, from KC you turn into KFC :)

Bangkok KC 15:25 GMT December 23, 2020

USD rally by year end is coming...

Bangkok KC 15:17 GMT December 23, 2020
SELL EUR/USD @1.2215
Keep selling until 1.2015 print.

Bangkok KC 15:00 GMT December 23, 2020
Short @ 1877

london red 14:54 GMT December 23, 2020

if looking at uk stocks, financials, housing. oil plus industrial will do ok too. avoid for now those earning largely abroad as they will take them down on sterling rally. these can be bought at lower levels in coming days

Bangkok KC 14:48 GMT December 23, 2020
GOLD-Still Bearish
Overall picture still bearish... This is just a death cat bounce in my humble opinion. Wait to short at higher price.

Israel MacroMicro 14:46 GMT December 23, 2020

pawned their husbands to take the long and have now money to pay the gigolos

happy Chinese housewives

Bangkok KC 14:45 GMT December 23, 2020

Just closed gold long @ 1876

Hk Ab 14:41 GMT December 23, 2020
Housewives are dancing again as their 4th buy 1860 now have profit.....

london red 14:27 GMT December 23, 2020

yes it will void but dont chase highs as it will be better to travel than arrive. eurgbp may see 87 cents but not much more. then many will take profits. but many other will come in over next few months to pick up cheap sterling on any possible occasion

Belgrade Knez 14:14 GMT December 23, 2020

I guess any kind of deal will void EURGBP parity and GBPUSD big dive

swiss frank 14:04 GMT December 23, 2020
Ten predictions for energy in 2021

Yeah thanks for putting that up. Pretty useful perspective from multiple views.

lakewood jjlkwd 14:04 GMT December 23, 2020

EU diplomat citied by Reuters on Brexit: "It seems the deal is pretty much there. It's a matter of announcing it today or tomorrow."

GVI Forex 13:54 GMT December 23, 2020

Optimistic chatter about a Brexit deal lifting GBP>

Amman wfakhoury 13:37 GMT December 23, 2020
GBPUSD 13425

Amman wfakhoury 13:28 GMT 12/23/2020
13425 is coming
Welcome 13425

Amman wfakhoury 13:28 GMT December 23, 2020
GBPUSD 13425
13425 is coming

Israel MacroMicro 13:24 GMT December 23, 2020
Ten predictions for energy in 2021

viies, thank you for sharing

gl / gt

haifa ac 13:11 GMT December 23, 2020
Ten predictions for energy in 2021

Too short. He should have expanded a few points.

Tallinn viies 12:35 GMT December 23, 2020
Ten predictions for energy in 2021
Source: Wood Mackenzie
Tuesday, 22 December 2020 - 13:00

On 31 December 2019, the Wuhan Municipal Health Committee in Hubei, China, announced a �pneumonia epidemic situation in our city�. There had been 27 reported cases of pneumonia of unknown cause, seven of them serious. We did not know it at the time, but many forecasts for 2020 had been rendered obsolete before the year had even begun.

Some of the predictions offered by Wood Mackenzie analysts for Energy Pulse a year ago still came good nevertheless. Solar power installations have increased again this year, despite the pandemic. Several large oil companies followed Repsol in setting ambitions for net-zero emissions in 2050. And investors are still looking for free cash flow, debt reduction and dividends, rather than promises of production growth, from US E&Ps.

With the knowledge that surprises are inevitable, but also that structural factors will continue to have an impact even during a huge shock like a pandemic, here are 10 predictions from Wood Mackenzie analysts about what to expect in 2021, and one additional thought for the more distant future:
1) Strong oil demand growth will lift prices

With the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine beginning to make its way the UK and US in mid-December, we expect coronavirus-related shutdowns to start easing in the first quarter of next year. Our forecast is for world oil demand to increase 6.6 million barrels per day year-on-year in 2021, reversing about two-thirds of the nearly 10 million b/d collapse in 2020.

Already, China has seen oil demand strengthen this quarter to levels higher than the same period of 2019. The turnaround in China's oil demand points to the first sign of what will soon be a reality: brisk global year-on-year demand growth in 2021. That trend is going to tighten the supply and demand balance by the second half of 2021 and support oil prices.

Ann-Louise Hittle, head of Macro Oils

2) The upstream oil and gas sector will spend another year in the doldrums, even as prices rise

Investment levels in the upstream sector will stay flat at about US$300 billion in 2021. Reactions to price signals will be asymmetric; low prices mean rapid cuts, but at higher prices contingency and resilience will outweigh enthusiasm to take advantage of a nadir in service sector costs.

Projects will increasingly be judged on their environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) credentials. We expect 20 or so big projects to be sanctioned in 2021, up from just over 10 in 2020, but just half the prevailing pre-pandemic trend. The class of 2020 will not all be low-carbon, low-cost trailblazers. But the direction of travel is one-way in terms of industry stakeholder aspirations.

Fraser McKay, head of Upstream Analysis

3) Oil and gas companies' diversification into low-carbon energy will accelerate�

The European majors have already laid out their zero-carbon growth aspirations. They will put more meat on the bone in 2021, continuing to build the foundation of a net-zero trajectory by investing in low-carbon technologies. The change in US administration, the looming COP26 and shifting stakeholder sentiment will ratchet up the pressure on other IOCs and NOCs to follow their lead.

Tom Ellacott, senior vice-president, Corporate Research

4)�and more companies will set goals for cutting emissions

In a sign of how investor pressure on climate change is ramping up, this month a group of 30 fund managers with US$9 trillion under management committed to work towards a goal of having net-zero emissions across their portfolios by 2050. They also pledged to set intermediate goals for 2030 consistent with limiting global warming to 1.5�C. Early next year, regulators in the EU and the UK will start pushing listed companies to adopt the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures for talking about their emissions and climate risks. The combined pressure from investors and regulators will mean more companies making commitments on emissions, and more companies with long-term ambitions setting medium-term intermediate goals.

Valentina Kretzschmar, vice-president, Corporate Research

5) There will be a blockbuster deal in US tight oil

All the pieces required for mega-consolidation are in place. Financially strong companies can exploit their advantageous cost of capital. Smart deals can lower maintenance capital requirements. And mergers that introduce diversification offer much-needed risk-mitigation to tight oil businesses. As a result, we think we will see a blockbuster deal next year that will send shockwaves through tight oil. Absent a very volatile crude market, two big names will get together. Maybe even three, as some of the recent deal filings have indicated. We don't think it goes as far as the Permian eventually only having five meaningful operators, as some have suggested. But we are confident a storied name (or three) will be retired in 2021.

Robert Clarke, vice-president, Upstream Research

6) Solar power purchase agreement prices will hit new lows below $13/MWh. And this time, it won't be in the Middle East

The solar industry is accustomed to seeing PPA price records tumble every few months. Of the five lowest-awarded PPA contracts, all but one have been in the Middle East, which boasts favourable conditions for cheap solar: low cost of capital, guaranteed offtake, supplier equity and abundant sunshine. There are two early contenders for taking the United Arab Emirates' crown of the world's lowest solar PPA price of $13.50 per megawatt-hour, with Spain and Chile holding renewables auctions in January and May, respectively. Both countries have well-established wholesale markets that may induce aggressive bidding from developers, expecting post-PPA merchant revenues at the contracts� back end. This trend is global as asset owners become more sophisticated, relinquishing fully contracted revenues and accepting partial or complete merchant exposure as solar costs drop and expected asset life increases.

Ravi Manghani, head of Solar Research

7) World electric vehicle sales will be close to 4 million, up 74% from 2020

Many countries' stimulus programmes, intended to offset the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, have included extended support for EVs. Measures that were passed this year are likely to bear fruit in 2021. China extended its generous subsidy policies, which were originally intended to expire this year, to 2022. Several EU countries have increased subsidies for EVs, adding carrots to the stick created by more stringent emissions targets. The new US administration has pledged to support EVs, and is expected to drop the federal government's opposition to California's more stringent fuel economy and vehicle emissions standards, which will help drive sales. Those trends all point to a year of rapid growth in 2021, although EVs will still be only about 5% of total worldwide vehicle sales.

Ram Chandrasekaran, principal analyst, Transportation and Mobility

8) More governments will start to take equity in critical energy transition supply chains

When Joe Biden moves into the White House on January 20, all the world's largest economies will have governments that have set targets for net-zero greenhouse gas emissions within 30 or 40 years. The supply chains for low-carbon energy will be more strategically significant than ever before. For some resources, including what are sometimes called �the energy transition metals� such as lithium, nickel and cobalt, governments will take steps to develop secure supplies. Those moves are likely to include taking equity stakes in critical assets and providing financial assurance for private sector investments in hitherto uninvestable countries with essential resources.

Julian Kettle, vice-chairman, Metals and Mining

9) China's ban on coal imports from Australia will last all year

While having access to Australian coal certainly makes things easier for Chinese buyers, there are plenty of alternative sources available if they are willing to pay more. International supply chains can be realigned to continue to meet China's demand. Domestic coal prices have been allowed to soar this year, demonstrating the Chinese government's willingness to fund this shift in the sourcing of its imports.

Dale Hazelton, head of Thermal Coal

10) The Biden administration will tread carefully on climate policy

Joe Biden won the US presidential election pledging to �act on climate immediately and ambitiously, because there's no time to waste�. But political and economic realities will limit how fast he can move. The makeup of the Senate will prevent any radical climate legislation getting passed, and at least initially, a fragile economy will mitigate against measures that could cost jobs, such as a clampdown on the oil and gas industry. There will be some important symbolic moves, however, including taking the US back into the Paris Climate Agreement, and setting a goal of net-zero emissions for the US no later than 2050. In terms of concrete policies, expect the administration to mostly use carrots � such as moves to unblock investment in offshore wind � rather than sticks.

Ed Crooks, vice-chair, Americas

And finally, a hopeful thought for the years to come:

11) Science is showing us a brighter future

Amidst the gloom of 2020, advances in science and technology have offered hope. Vaccines of course are taking centre stage, but we are seeing an incredible acceleration across so many fields, not only in immunology and epidemiology, but in AI, advanced computing and quantum chemistry. For the energy industry, these advances could support rapid progress in new net-zero emissions technologies, significantly increase energy efficiency, help develop plastic-eating enzymes and redefine what the energy transition will look like. Science is bringing us out of the darkness of 2020 and into the light of 2021.

Gavin Thompson, vice-chair, Energy � Asia Pacific

Quote of the year

�My advice to anyone offered the vaccine is to take it. If I can have it at 90, then you can have it too. Hopefully it'll help other people come along and do what I did, and try and do the best to get rid of this terrible thing.� � Margaret Keenan of Coventry, England, was the first person in the world to be given a Covid-19 vaccine as part of a mass immunization programme, and had a message for anyone thinking about whether to follow her example.

Chart of the year

This comes from the most recent long-term oil outlook published by Wood Mackenzie's Macro Oils service. It shows global oil demand since 2000, with our expectation of future growth to 2030 as of one year ago, in the paler blue, and our most recent forecast in the dark blue. You can see the steep drop in demand this year, of course, and the expected rebound over the coming decade. Even by 2030, we think oil demand will be significantly below the level projected in our forecasts from 2019. There will be economic �scarring� from the pandemic: the world is in effect losing more than a year of growth. But oil demand is likely to resume its upward trajectory, at least for the rest of this decade. Predictions that 2019 would turn out to be the peak for world oil demand seem unlikely to be fulfilled.

PAR 12:31 GMT December 23, 2020

Trump did not read the whole stimulus telenovela, not even part of it.

He just read the article in the Washington Post about the billions and billions of PORK hidden in the telenovela.

Israel MacroMicro 11:34 GMT December 23, 2020

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau�s government rejected a plan by China�s Shandong Gold Mining Co. to acquire a gold miner that operates in the Canadian Arctic, potentially inflaming a diplomatic feud. - Mikey (aka BBG)

Mtl JP 11:25 GMT December 23, 2020

GBP 1.3430
Canada and Britain reach short-term deal to avoid post-Brexit tariffs
- msm

haifa ac 11:19 GMT December 23, 2020
This is the deadliest year in U.S. history,

"with deaths expected to top 3 million for the first time � due mainly to the coronavirus pandemic."

How many of these deaths caused by a President who said " There is NO Corona"?
Only God knows. History will judge.
I call him a mass murderer. Most people giggle.

Bangkok KC 11:09 GMT December 23, 2020
Long now@ 1864, take profit order@ 1879

Minneapolis DRS2 11:07 GMT December 23, 2020

Forex traders should know better than to lightly toss around terms like "taxpayer money". US government spending left the realm of the mere taxpayer long ago, and is now dependent on foreign investment (purchases of treasury securities).

This puts the whole "influence of money on government" discussion in a whole new light. While corruption explains a lot of the current stimulus bill, the fact is that the USG and the Fed are caught in a trap. They need to keep the money flow going to a lot of places around the world. Stop that money flow, and treasury purchases collapse. You know what that means.

Sure, hand the taxpayers a bunch of cash. $600, $1200, $2000, light of the ongoing foreign treasury purchases, I doubt that it's all that much. If it really mattered, then the people who signed the bill would have actually read it first, and they didn't.

PAR 10:56 GMT December 23, 2020

A stimulus bill of 6.000 pages is just insanity.

Is it a Mexican telenovela?

Mtl JP 10:52 GMT December 23, 2020

furures down; DX uP
eur/dlr down ect ect

PAR 10:33 GMT December 23, 2020

After losing the elections in a big way, Trump tries to play Santa Claus with taxpayers money.

PAR 10:26 GMT December 23, 2020

Spending other people money is always fun. You can't spend enough.

haifa ac 10:05 GMT December 23, 2020

The world.

haifa ac 10:04 GMT December 23, 2020

The has never been so peaceful as it is today. The indicator that measures the chance for a major war between two contagious coutries is at its lowest point. Talk about war now is simply ridiculous. The 4-5 peace agreements between Israel and Arab countries (ignoring the palestinian fake) is a good proof to that.

Mtl JP 08:59 GMT December 23, 2020

why is the puppy only at 1869
with nutandyahoo and DJT still in office
messaging the Ayatollah with
submarines and other toys ---

little to no credibility ?

Belgrade Knez 08:07 GMT December 23, 2020


not really agree to that as this is just an extra debt placed on top of the existing one ..... debt will never be clear out so 1 billion more or less don't make much difference and no one will ask you to pay back that money or they will not rise taxes to cover that .... will just stay as new debt
also Trump is not the one who paying anyone but he is the one decided that this will be payed out

PAR 07:56 GMT December 23, 2020

Using your money you paid in taxes plus some debt you will have to pay back with taxes to pay you $ 2.000.

Be sure it is not Trump who is paying you. It is your own money which is paying you.

There is no such thing as a free lunch!

Tallinn viies 07:25 GMT December 23, 2020
weak close yesterday not good for euro this week.
expext previous day high will contain upside attempts.
for this week weekly high in place I guess.
new developments if previous week low taken out. keeping long euro until not traded below.

best trade for me long brent here with stop below previous week low. target 54 usd barrel.

Israel MacroMicro 07:24 GMT December 23, 2020

thanks JP

closed half @ 1.2190

Hk Ab 07:24 GMT December 23, 2020
Opportunity again

Gold has reached 24000, isn�t it? Someone�s always have dreamed trades hit? LOL

Rmb �dream�

Israel MacroMicro 07:11 GMT December 23, 2020

something happened then

Elon says now

Bangkok KC 03:26 GMT December 23, 2020
GOLD bearish

Yesterday short closed out @1863
Gold may rebound today before the next big fall. Wait to short again sometime later.

Central Kwun 02:16 GMT December 23, 2020
Opportunity again

Buy Gold
Entry: 1862 Target: Stop: 1842

Yesterday 1868 was closed at 1878 yesterday, lucky, now buy again

Hk Ab 00:23 GMT December 23, 2020
Fwiw, housewives plan to add 1860 after wake up


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We are starting an affiliate program to market some of our products.

Send me an email if you would be interested or if you know someone who would like to be an affiliate. Generous commissions payout for those accepted.

Put the word "affiliate" in the email subject line.

Contact us

Start trading with forex broker Markets Cube


Retail Forex Brokerage Changing!

Are you looking for your first broker or do you need of a new one? There are more critical things to consider than you might have thought.

We were trading long before there were online brokers. Global-View has been directly involved with the industry since its infancy. We've seen everything and are up-to-data with recent regulatory changes.

Our Best Brokers listing section includes:Forex Broker Reviews, Forex Broker Directory, Forex Broker Comparisons and advice on How to Choose a Forex Broker

If would like guidance, advice, or have any concerns at all ASK US. We are here to help you.

SEE Our Best Brokers List

Currency Trading Tools

  • Live rates, currency news, fx charts. 

  • Research reports and currency forecasts.

  • Foreign Exchange database and history.

  • Weekly economic calendar.

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