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Forex Forum Archive for 12/29/2020

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Mtl JP 22:01 GMT December 29, 2020
What inflation?

this is good one ...
what inflation ?
apparently the georgia senatorial election race has consumed ~$500,000,000 to date

Mtl JP 19:18 GMT December 29, 2020
this is good one...

this is good one ...
and what might "getting better at what we do every day" consist of , eh ?
...“We are learning now how to do things better — science, logistics, training and governance, how to communicate better.".../..
ahhh ... governance ... and ... communicate better
get ready pesants to obey and to heel otherwise the beating (form of communication) will continue until moral improves
[O]ne thing we need to take from this pandemic, with all of the tragedy and loss, is we need to get our act together. We need to honor those we’ve lost by getting better at what we do every day,’ says WHO expert.

WHO says coronavirus pandemic is ‘not the big one’ the world needs to brace for
Published: Dec. 29, 2020
By Ciara Linnane

lakewood jjlkwd 19:09 GMT December 29, 2020
beans in the teens as we are at $12.95

Tallinn viies 18:46 GMT December 29, 2020
eurusd made new yearly high today.
1,2500 not very likely this year anymore but 1,2335 target before year is over.
keep buying on dips, 200 hour sma good level to watch for buying.

lakewood jjlkwd 18:26 GMT December 29, 2020

heaven sent !!! i was looking to buy at least a dimes worth if not 2. technical snafu saved it for me !

Mtl JP 18:01 GMT December 29, 2020

jjlkwd 15:57 good for u, u lucki dawgg
real winners are traders who fret more about losses than seek winner trades

Jkt Abel 17:06 GMT December 29, 2020

Ab, you are with housewives now or you sell against them?

hk ab 16:33 GMT December 29, 2020
marching 1901......

hk ab 16:33 GMT December 29, 2020
marching 1901......

hk ab 16:32 GMT December 29, 2020
c9 beats quacking.....

hk ab 16:17 GMT December 29, 2020

usually, it's a "boom".

lakewood jjlkwd 15:57 GMT December 29, 2020
Ripple is kaput !!!! will get to the ice cream shop and put in on(fudge).

hk ab 15:45 GMT December 29, 2020

hk ppl call the "C9".

haifa ac 15:35 GMT December 29, 2020

In the last run up in metals they used to call them K-9. (Canine).

hk ab 15:26 GMT December 29, 2020

ac// many like to hang out in bucket shop....... but most are mid 30s to 50s.

haifa ac 15:21 GMT December 29, 2020

How many housewives do you know? Are you a polygamist?

Hk Ab 15:17 GMT December 29, 2020
Fwiw, housewives buy 1875 just

Mtl JP 15:14 GMT December 29, 2020

euro 1.2247
50 now POOF !
letsee if it ll touch 00 / 1.2175ish

lakewood jjlkwd 15:12 GMT December 29, 2020
under the radar its been up 12 days in a row(so far today included) chinese that keeping a bid in the usd ?

Hk Ab 15:03 GMT December 29, 2020
I kinda remember that, one excuse the gold bear used when gold was 1300 was physical gold needs “warehouse” for completion and they delayed it to force liquidation

Mtl JP 15:03 GMT December 29, 2020

now that euro ate 1.2273 it can return to 50 / 00

Bangkok KC 14:54 GMT December 29, 2020

USD collapse just begin if I may guess.

Mtl JP 14:53 GMT December 29, 2020

EURO 1.22745
poof ! dec high 73

Bangkok KC 14:51 GMT December 29, 2020
GOLD rally

Ok, just send

Mtl JP 14:48 GMT December 29, 2020

Too Many Piglets and Not Enough Tits
The cost of buying a home surged again in October, a closely followed index showed, and prices rose at the fastest rate in six years in a clear sign the housing market is still booming despite a raging pandemic.

A measure of home prices in 20 large cities rose at a 7.9% yearly pace in October, according to the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller price index. That’s up from 6.6% in the prior month.

A broader measure by Case-Shiller that covers the entire country, meanwhile, showed a similarly large 8.4% increase in home prices over the past year. That’s also up sharply from 7% in the prior month.

Prices have risen at the fastest clip since 2014 owing to record-low mortgage rates and an influx of people leaving cities to escape the coronavirus and find more space. A short supply of homes for sale has also been a contributing factor.

On a monthly basis, the Case-Shiller 20-city index rose 1.3% in October.

U.S home prices surge to 6-year high, Case-Shiller shows
By Jeffry Bartash
Home sales and prices have surged in pandemic

GVI Forex 14:48 GMT December 29, 2020
GOLD rally

KC can you email me at [email protected]

Bangkok KC 14:39 GMT December 29, 2020
GOLD rally

Some big sharks are bucking the trend. The question is how long can it last?

Hk Ab 14:28 GMT December 29, 2020
Dunno if this helps to see the picture of the sentiment or not but the majority of the Hk little ones kept moaning/bragging the Tesla they bought......

History often repeats with the answer of “vertical limit”.....

lakewood jjlkwd 14:23 GMT December 29, 2020

i see 1.2257 as the end of the line .......

Mtl JP 14:23 GMT December 29, 2020

EURO 1.22544
puppy has a slight uP bias
chances are it goes after 1.22724 dec high
S at 1.22 and 25 pips lower

Mtl JP 14:16 GMT December 29, 2020

empty day ahead data-wise

thin holiday market potentially subject to yr-end cantankerous flows over next 2 days

potential price movements still likely to be subject to arguings around good / bad of trump's stimulus

Minneapolis DRS2 14:06 GMT December 29, 2020
"Sorry, we're out of Ripple"
Coinbase will fully suspend XRP trading starting on January 19 at 10a PST.

Coinbase out of XRP

Mtl JP 14:05 GMT December 29, 2020

red re "most of brexit is sorted"
uno) IF pre-brexit was the 100% gbp driver, how much of gbp driver is the now incomplete part ?

duo) how much of a driver do you expect players' expectations of the difference in ecb policy vs that of boe policy in their pricing of eur vs gbp be ?

eur 1.2250 and gbp 1.35 twisting around the usd


Minneapolis DRS2 13:58 GMT December 29, 2020
What inflation?

Of course there is can look at home prices to see that. The bigger problem is the disconnect between the "paper" economy and the real economy. That expensive lumber is now reflected in a $500k house that used to cost $250k. However, people have been trained to focus on "experts", "economic science", fuzzy statistics and pretty charts rather than the common-sense evidence that can be seen with one's eyes.

The gap between reality and "narrative" is coming to a head in the politics, economics and social life. It is only a matter of time before the gap becomes a giant chasm. Make sure you don't fall into it.

Bangkok KC 13:55 GMT December 29, 2020

My guess is USD/CHF. Just for today and tomorrow.

NY JM 13:53 GMT December 29, 2020
What inflation?

That is what I meant, a sheet of plywood was $50

and this trickles down to more than just raw materials.

So once again no inflation?

Hk Ab 13:52 GMT December 29, 2020
Who is honest? My guess is dlrjpy

Minneapolis DRS2 13:41 GMT December 29, 2020
What inflation?

JM 12:12
If you think dimensional lumber (2x4) is bad, you should see the price of plywood. A standard 4x8ft sheet of 1/2in ACX plywood is $35 each.

Mtl JP 13:20 GMT December 29, 2020

US equities looking to open uP
that means DLRx 89.93 is likely to break S of 89.885 prev low

Bangkok KC 12:42 GMT December 29, 2020
BUY EUR/USD @1.2244

EUR/USD New York close should stay above 1.2275 if it want to trade above 1.23 by year end.

Mtl JP 12:31 GMT December 29, 2020
What inflation?

2x4 at $5 from 2 means price of his toothpics should go uP too
unless the PhDs at the fed find an equivalent switcheroo substitute
and recalculate the heuristic valuation

remember that price and value are not the same thing

Mtl JP 12:24 GMT December 29, 2020
What inflation?

my mailbox is inundaded with 50%+ off offers
5* to puntacana, miami ...

london red 12:20 GMT December 29, 2020
What inflation?

inflation is everywhere as it has been for a while. they just chose not to see it. this coming year it will be more apparent. they will alter baskets to ensure it doesnt break the upper limits. mkts will ac cept this as long as inflation doesnt get out of control. a bit of inflation is in fact good for many areas of the mkt. maybe lower quality tech suffers, but generally 2% inflation not a game chnage. running way to upside is. its all a question of containment. if they can do that and make mkt think its transitory, everything will stay rosy.

NY JM 12:12 GMT December 29, 2020
What inflation?
A friend sent this article to me after going to Home Depot and taking a double take when he saw the price of a 2x4 cost $5 when it used to be $2. He spent $50 for a piece of wood that used to cost half of that.

So Fed, no inflation?

The 2020 Lumber Price Spike (And Why It Matters)

london red 12:03 GMT December 29, 2020
Nikkei---up 700

ac japan has done nothing over long term for years. with goods servs prices rising i guess its only time before mkts like that go up

london red 11:46 GMT December 29, 2020

cable didnt move higher after brexit since its better to travel than arrive. everyone expected a light deal and thats what they did. the big downside was only on a no deal, which didnt happen. right now many folks will be considering taking profits but may want to do it in the next financial year (watch your settlement date). so you may see some sterling weakness early jan. however, since most of brexit is sorted (still financial services to do, which they say they will get done by april this year), it will allow interested parties to buy on dips. so i would think a return to trend support by 132/133 would be welcomed by those wanting to enter uk after a long pause since 2016.

haifa ac 11:26 GMT December 29, 2020
Nikkei---up 700
Seems like dedicated fund are buying the Japanese stock market for portfolio dressing. First two weeks of 2021 (once this type of demand will vanish) should be interesting.

bali sja 11:26 GMT December 29, 2020
i thought we were supposed to see cable below 1.30 after brexit announcement with or without deal, or even just 1.32, but what is this so far? 1.34 low only? LOL

Ed Kw 11:25 GMT December 29, 2020
BUY EUR/USD @1.2244

Chfjpy looks 130.$$ munthy. Your take on chart.. ts..GL.

bali sja 11:03 GMT December 29, 2020
Next year USD collapse is imminent

dont worry, his timeframe is very short, just 6 days ago from archive he said usd rally by year end is imminent too

haifa ac 11:00 GMT December 29, 2020
Next year USD collapse is imminent

The Monthly trend is still bearish. We are trading now 6 years below the 2009-2014 range and this is the second test of the 120-123 area. if we fail here there should be another large leg down (several years) to test the 87th level.
Right now we are trading against a major resistance--so to say that the trend is your friend demands clarifying what time frame you are talking about.

Mtl JP 10:45 GMT December 29, 2020
Next year USD collapse is imminent

not because soldmanygafs hallucinated about trump's signing off on 900 billion yielding first Q GDP to run at 5.0% - a 66.6% jump from earlier 3.0% ?

Bangkok KC 10:37 GMT December 29, 2020
Next year USD collapse is imminent

Because the trend is your friend.

haifa ac 10:24 GMT December 29, 2020
Next year USD collapse is imminent

What makes you think that the European economy is stronger than the American one?!

Bangkok KC 09:43 GMT December 29, 2020
Next year USD collapse is imminent
IF EUR/USD can stay above 1.2300 by the end of theyear , we might see a big fall in USD index in 2021.

Just in my humble opinion.

Ed Kw 09:22 GMT December 29, 2020
BUY EUR/USD @1.2244

Qqq for Swiss joy I miss big sort 118 sos

Amman wfakhoury 09:17 GMT December 29, 2020
BUY EUR/USD @1.2244

Bangkok KC 08:35 GMT 12/29/2020
It seems that you are knowing the movement of price very well.

Mtl JP 09:16 GMT December 29, 2020
BUY EUR/USD @1.2244

EURO 1.2240-ish post 1.22577 high
so, in hindsight, just a probe to see if the puppy has any rocket fuel in the tank after the 3-ple 1.2250 top on the hourly.

Is the pair going uP because folks want euro or because folks want to dump the usd or simply a some playful killer whale with enough muscle to chase stops and ... chuckle at the lesser crowd

Bangkok KC 08:35 GMT December 29, 2020
BUY EUR/USD @1.2244

It will be too late if you don't buy EUR now. It rally without any small correction in the next 24-48 hours.

london red 07:57 GMT December 29, 2020
BUY EUR/USD @1.2244

st euro nasty looking hourly candle. i see a double top on that 1hr chart too.. maybe not sub 122 but closer is poss.

Minneapolis DRS2 07:43 GMT December 29, 2020
BUY EUR/USD @1.2244

Not that I disagree on the direction, but I thought I'd ask...

Why should I buy now and not later, maybe to get a better price?

Bangkok KC 07:06 GMT December 29, 2020
BUY EUR/USD @1.2244
Buy now. It is heading to 1.23+ soon.

Tallinn viies 05:58 GMT December 29, 2020
covered my short eurgbp at 0,9075. as it may trade today up to 0,9150.
safer and more relaxing to be long eurusd. expext it to take out previous day and previous week high today. TARGET yearly high today.

Hk Ab 05:49 GMT December 29, 2020

I don’t care much about news, but 3 things: 1) chart, 2) quacking index and 3) housewives index

Bangkok KC 03:36 GMT December 29, 2020
GOLD rally

Still bullish.
Keep buying gold on dips.

Central Kwun 03:30 GMT December 29, 2020
Gold is a bit weak today
Sell Gold
Entry: 1881 Target: Stop: 1901

try try

lakewood jjlkwd 03:28 GMT December 29, 2020

AB why did gold drop slowly throughout the day when news was good for it ?

Hk Ab 03:19 GMT December 29, 2020
Keep giving housewives false hopes is very dangerous


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