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Forex Forum Archive for 03/07/2020

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Israel MacroMicro 23:15 GMT March 7, 2020
Monday Amazing Trader 9 Mar 2020

how you get wise man to laugh? - tell him he is stupid.
how you stupid man furious? - tell him the truth.


HK [email protected] 23:10 GMT March 7, 2020
Corona Fear; West coast population began taking into the Appalachian mountains(Photo)

For MAMI special.

Latest image from Reuters.

HK [email protected] 22:59 GMT March 7, 2020
Prepare for Swiss gold refineries closure. Gold price?????


Yeye!!!! Gold Monday is All In.

Gold direct to 1800 and stox 20% down.

MAMI; You are dead; Hasta La Vista Baby(Including Baby Dow) !!!!!!!!

CORONA-CITY Rumormonger 22:51 GMT March 7, 2020
Israel MacroMicro says Corona virus is only a HOAX.

The dishwasher is only quoting garbage from REUTERS and the unreliable NYT.

He is destroying my investments. I lost 50% of my money.


Israel MacroMicro 21:12 GMT March 7, 2020
hysteria unlimited

come on guys, spare a dime and pay the dishwasher to make your cups and plates to shine. as otherwise he keeps ego tripping about himself winning a pulitzer for broadcasting the end of the world 8.88 (beta).

anyone to say something and make sure this ridiculous circus stops? like wealth funds truly consider their allocations because of a virus. come on, it's a cover-up for movements and not the reasoning. grow up (hehehe, me saying that)


Israel MacroMicro 21:05 GMT March 7, 2020

Population Control
Martial Law

Entry: ?.???? Target: much away from the current Stop: ?.????

come on CB, batman will show and save the Western civilization as he is not afraid to get eaten. that's why he didn't show in China to save them.

re loonie: at a point/area of decision taking to where it goes 750 pips by end of Q2/2020, any ideas?

HK [email protected] 20:43 GMT March 7, 2020
Goodbye Italy.
Italy's death toll from the novel coronavirus rose by 36 to 233 on Saturday while the number of infections shot up by a single-day record of 1,247 to hit 5,883.

Italy has recorded the most deaths of any country outside China and the third-most Covid-19 infections after China and South Korea.

Official figures showed the number of people receiving intensive care in hospitals jumped to 567 from 462 on Friday.

HK [email protected] 20:32 GMT March 7, 2020
Prepare for Swiss gold refineries closure. Gold price?????

Italy 'to quarantine entire region of Lombardy' as country battles coronavirus crisis.

ROME (Reuters) - The Italian government will adopt new tough measures to try to contain the spread of coronavirus, including telling people not to enter or leave the hardest-hit region of Lombardy, according to a draft decree seen by Reuters.

So far only a few limited areas of northern Italy, known as “red zones”, have been quarantined, but in a dramatic escalation the draft tells people not to enter or leave Lombardy or 11 provinces in other regions.

The legislation is expected to be approved later on Saturday, the head of the civil protection agency said earlier, after the number of infections rose by more than 1,200 in the last 24 hours.

HK [email protected] 20:24 GMT March 7, 2020
Huge effect on public behavior: To the hills soon.
U.S. cases pass 370, Amtrak cancels nonstop service between New York and Washington for lack of demand.

With 76 cases, New York State declares an emergency.

dc CB 18:50 GMT March 7, 2020

Population Control
Martial Law

There are now 57 cases in Westchester County and two in Rockland County that can be traced to a cluster tied to attorney Lawrence Garbuz, 50, believed to be connected to the majority of the state’s cases so far, officials have said.

NY Post March 7, 2020 - 12:34pm

Cuomo declares state of emergency in New York as state coronavirus cases soar to 76

Mtl JP 18:28 GMT March 7, 2020

Population Control
Martial Law

what a fkkk-up - or not ?

In Coronavirus Fight, China Gives Citizens a Color Code, With Red Flags - NYT

A new system uses software to dictate quarantines — and appears to send personal data to police, in a troubling precedent for automated social control.

Hope the happless infected peasants were not deliberatly sent to the flattened "hotel"

Mtl JP 18:13 GMT March 7, 2020
Friday Amazing Trader for 6 Mar 2020

CB naah .. i would not advise marketwatch for serious insta-actionable consumption; they are as much comedians as zh, just different.

dc CB 17:11 GMT March 7, 2020
hysteria unlimited

Vogue--- new fashion trend spotted.

weekend shopping at the big box

dc CB 17:08 GMT March 7, 2020
Friday Amazing Trader for 6 Mar 2020

sorry JP.
I guess I should contain my "news" posts to stuff from MarketWatch.
Would that be acceptable?

Mtl JP 17:02 GMT March 7, 2020
Friday Amazing Trader for 6 Mar 2020

CB 02:20 tks but your link is "past tense".
as u know, I did not play the elevator uP.
only redeeming thing is the Trading Places video clip chuckle

haifa ac 15:27 GMT March 7, 2020
Helen says----B.S.

Helen Branswell


I covered SARS in 2003 & marveled at the speed at which the science of a brand new pathogen evolved. #Covid19 is like that, on steroids.
So much has been learned in such a short time. So much more needs to be fleshed out. I talked to @mvankerkhove. …
5:19 PM - Mar 7, 2020

Israel MacroMicro 13:22 GMT March 7, 2020
Monday Amazing Trader 9 Mar 2020

Entry: Target: Stop:

hysterical masses
opportunity for the aware risk taker

pearls picking

HK [email protected] 13:00 GMT March 7, 2020
Microbiologist warns millions could catch Covid-19 between March and June
This headline makes me feel calm.

Dr Piot told The Times newspaper the UK will see a peak of the epidemic around Easter, the microbiologist said, “if it goes down in April or May it could come back again in November.”

Dr Piot added, “We have cases across Europe, across the world, this is a global epidemic and we would expect to see more cases in the UK.

“We’ve got a reasonable worst-case scenario… that involves 80% of the population and we think the mortality rate is one per cent or lower. I expect it to be less than that.

“It takes about 12 weeks to reach the peak then maybe about 12 weeks to go away again.

“You expect about 90% of cases in the nine weeks in the middle of that and 50% of cases in the three weeks of the middle of that.”

He further warned that the virus will return next winter as there is currently no vaccine and that “medieval ways of containment” are currently being used.


AT Trader john 12:59 GMT March 7, 2020
Monday Amazing Trader 9 Mar 2020

GVI Trading. Potential Price Risk Scale
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Sunday US/CA Clocks "spring Forward

Mon 9 Mar 2020
No Major Data
Tue 10 Mar 2020
AA 09:30 UK- Trade
AA 09:30 UK- Visible Trade
Wed 11 Mar 2020
A 08:30 GB- Output, Trade, GDP
AA 12:30 US- CPI
A 15:00 US- EIA Crude
Thu 12 Mar 2019
A 12:30 US- Weekly Jobless
A 12:30 US- PPI
AA 12:45 EZ- EZ Decision
Fri 13 Mar 2019
C 12:30 US- Import Prices
AA 14:00 US- Prelim Univ of Michigan

Mtl JP 11:59 GMT March 7, 2020

Population Control
Martial Law

Good time to brush up on what „emergency powers“ ranging between quarantine ↔ martial law mean.

„Catch – Identify – Control“ - In the name of Greater Public Good.

Your person. Your assets. Your movements thereof.

Like risk control in FX trading, preparation against total control by ruling elites is your responsibility.

Do not be whining when destruction of your rights and control over your person, assets and mobility come bearing on you.

Israel MacroMicro 11:45 GMT March 7, 2020
hysteria unlimited
Entry: Target: Stop:

A leaked presentation reveals the document US hospitals are using to prepare for a major coronavirus outbreak. It estimates 96 million US coronavirus cases and 480,000 deaths.

my comment: lol and have a great weekend

corona leaked report

Israel MacroMicro 09:54 GMT March 7, 2020
DXY - critical point for the rest of this month

Entry: Target: Stop:

longer term based on monthly close:

100.20+ bullish
94.50- bearish

between is the range

haifa ac 09:26 GMT March 7, 2020
Watch Insurance companies

To continue this evil venue of thoughts:
What if the Bitcoin Satans produced the virus to force the world to quit using paper or coin money?
what should all the cashiers, ticket checkers in theaters, trains, restaurants , mezuza kissers, falafel vendors... do? just wear gloves?
what about the famous Michelangelo 's Sistine Chapel ceiling painting of God Touching Man?!
What about the massage industry?

Did Shakespeare predict this?

“See how she leans her cheek upon her hand.
O, that I were a glove upon that hand
That I might touch that cheek!”
― William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

HK [email protected] 08:49 GMT March 7, 2020
Watch Insurance companies


You have to well research, what is the social impact of eliminating the elderly (60 and up).

The problem(for example)today is no less of young people who can't find jobs, or too many prisoners eating free.

The attempt of Germany for example to exterminate the Jews, made many of them move to the US helping it become the most powerful state in the world.
Putin offered Jews from Europe to migrate to Russia, because he wants the same for Russia.

So eliminating part of a population may be good for the insurance companies(temporarily), but may be offset by other destructive effects.

If for example you have the old people making nanny for the grand children, compute how much you will spend extra for renting one?
Mothers will not be able to go out and work, thus affecting social productivity. Young couples will end with less money.

A world with no old people and young ones expecting to die early(can't even reach pension age hehe) can produce unexpected pattern of behavior. And so and so.

haifa ac 08:18 GMT March 7, 2020
Watch Insurance companies

AIG AXA BRKA ING LFC UNH (the strongest)

advise on any other I did not catch, please.

haifa ac 08:02 GMT March 7, 2020
Watch Insurance companies
Every side has at least two coins
If, indeed, the corona is killing mostly older people---that might be a secret bonus in disguise for insurance companies.
The premium system is sort of a pyramid scheme. Every generation has to work harder and population has to grow in order to support the elderly population. With medical costs soaring- insurance companies are in danger. Exterminating that part of the population which consumes more and more society resources-may save the insurance industry . Will also save social security and other government loads.

Vicious thinking , but may have a grain of truth to it.

אלא לאנושות כולה.
שיטת הפנסיות היא סוג של תרמית פירמידה. כל דור צריך לעבוד קשה יותר והאוכלוסיה צריכה לגדול כדי לקיים את הקשישים, עם עלות רפואית גבוהה יותר ויותר. דבר כזה מוריד המון עומס מהמערכת

Israel MacroMicro 07:49 GMT March 7, 2020
EUR/USDEU the coming week
Entry: Target: 1.1120 Stop:

1 1120 a must happen level with my system

from the other side,, test of 2019 high is on cards as long no weekly/monthly close under 1.0950. such may signal 1.0600 area.

anyway, the pips to collect in the short term are at 1.1120 area

dc CB 02:20 GMT March 7, 2020
Friday Amazing Trader for 6 Mar 2020

Mtl JP 21:01 GMT 03/06/2020
83.75 high
i m agape
If I learnt anything: should have (haha) left the robot do the trading
20/20 hindsight.

There was a bizarre moment this afternoon, when in the 40 minutes heading into the final hour of trading, the VIX kept rising and rising, preventing the S&P from doing its sworn duty of spiking higher into the weekend. And then, just after 310pm ET (or 1210 PT), the VIX collapsed, plunging by as much as 14 vols from 54.39 - the highest print since Lehman - to 40.84, the low for the day, and unleashing another unprecedented stock buying cascade, which almost sent the Dow green.

What happened?

As the following chat session between three individuals, which includes a former CME index option trader (X), all of whom wish to remain anonymous lays out, what happened is that the VIX ramped as a major Chicago market maker was caught in the infamous gamma short squeeze, which forced them to keep buying the VIX as the VIX soared, in the process ending the VIX even higher, only to get margin called out of their position by their clearing firm, puking their entire position while liquidating anything they could, and unleashing the VIX selling avalanche and the 700 Dow point rally.

"Someone Big Was Utterly Blown The F**k Out"


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