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Forex Forum Archive for 03/21/2020

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Caribbean! Rafe... 23:53 GMT March 21, 2020
Cash is King. but the KING is DEAD

We should avoid using dirty money when shopping, and instead pay with digital currencies.

Only problem is that if people avoid going out and shopping due to virus fears then what is the use of digital payment systems?

A forceful and brutal way to implement a global cryptocracy is it? Work of big bankers and central banks? Central Banks initially opposed and also banned digital currencies.

Caribbean! Rafe... 23:39 GMT March 21, 2020
Cash is King. but the KING is DEAD

I'd send them enough dimes to cover expenses until it tides over.

Caribbean! Rafe... 23:37 GMT March 21, 2020
Global Martial Law

Abel// You'll see...

Mtl JP 22:32 GMT March 21, 2020
In favor of authority

I am from the gov't. I am here to help. I know what is in your best interest. So peasant: heel !!

..."Goldman Sachs upped the ante on Friday, saying it expected a 24 percent drop in the second quarter"...

AT Trader john 17:48 GMT March 21, 2020
Monday Amazing Trader 23 Mar 2020

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Mon 23 March 2020
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Tue 24 March 2020
flash PMIs all day
Wed 25 March 2019
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Thu 26 March 2019
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A 12:30 US- Weekly Jobless
Fri 26 Jan 2019
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Minneapolis DRS2 17:12 GMT March 21, 2020
Cash is King. but the KING is DEAD

If I were the KING, I would declare a jubilee, effective immediately.

I would also not pay out a dime.

Mtl JP 17:00 GMT March 21, 2020
Cash is King. but the KING is DEAD

huh ?!

FEMA Declares New York a ‘Major Disaster’: Live Updates
The New York Times 26 mins ago

Coronavirus killing more than a person an hour in NYC
New York Post 14 hours ago

New York state is sending one million masks to NYC, Gov. Cuomo says 21 mins ago

white house conference imminent

Mtl JP 16:26 GMT March 21, 2020
Cash is King. but the KING is DEAD

lagarde scores 1:
Germany to raise €350bn in new borrowing to fight coronavirus


swiss frank 13:00 GMT March 21, 2020
Cash is King. but the KING is DEAD

Monday EU Eco Fin Min virtual meeting to confirm suspension of stability pact. Tuesday again to discuss Coronabonos issuance.

Mtl JP 11:03 GMT March 21, 2020
Cash is King. but the KING is DEAD

according to the NYT

Coronavirus Live Updates: Senators Near Deal on a $1 Trillion Rescue Plan

,,,"how to provide aid to industries seeking relief from the impact of the pandemic, assistance to small businesses, boost health care facilities and send direct aid to the American people. ...

I am from the government and I am here to help you

haifa ac 10:08 GMT March 21, 2020
Cash is King. but the KING is DEAD
Filthy lucre: Paper money shunned for fear of virus spread

NEW YORK (AP) — In a world suffering a pandemic, cash is no longer king.

A growing number of businesses and individuals worldwide have stopped using banknotes in fear that physical currency, handled by tens of thousands of people over their useful life, could be a vector for the spreading coronavirus.

Public officials and health experts have said that the risk of transferring the virus person-to-person through the use of banknotes is small. But that has not stopped businesses from refusing to accept currency and some countries from urging their citizens to stop using banknotes altogether.

haifa ac 09:33 GMT March 21, 2020
In favor of authority
We like to brag about democracy (the rule of the masses) as a great achievement of humankind. hmmmmmm..

One of the dangers of the pandemic is the fatigue factor
Fatigue Will Be the Carrier of the Second Coronavirus Wave

(Bloomberg Opinion) -- Drastic global measures to keep populations apart and slow the spread of the coronavirus could remain in place for months. That’s posing the difficult question of how long hundreds of millions of us can keep this Herculean effort going.......

One of the solution offered in the article is to drop "democracy" and obey your government.

"This brings us back to personal conduct and responsibility. Culture may matter less than is often considered. Governments have to be trusted. That means being clear, transparent and speaking with one voice. Without good communication, authorities simply won’t be able to command the confidence of populations. That imperils their ability to tighten and loosen restrictions as the epidemic shifts, which is fundamental to easing the economic pain."

Interesting. The "WISDOM OF THE CROWD" is garbage at such times.

Paris ib 06:37 GMT March 21, 2020
We're not broke it's the PANDEMIC
What do we got so far?

10.000 global deaths attributed to a Virus that can be cured and/or prevented by an over-the-counter malaria drug.

Flu deaths run to 300k-600k every year globally. No idea how high it would go in a pandemic and, frankly, I don't care.

Financial market melt down - and that my friends is where the trouble is: the U.S. has a huge government debt/ deficit - a short roll over and in September something went horribly wrong. Short term rates spiked to 10 percent (and that's where all the funding / refunding is done). The FED stepped in. They didn't call it QE.

So then they know there is a problem. Queue the non-lethal, not spreading Pandemic bullsh.t story. Man the megaphones... create a false narrative. Now the breakdown of the financial system can be blamed on something: a Chinese Virus! Why not? They don't show for refunding any more.

Liquidity? Another story. The U.S. market is now almost entirely a fictitious market anyhow. There's a price... we make it up but the U.S. has run out of funding where it really counts: overseas.

Martial Law? Yeah they can try it. Can they fool the Police and the Army to go to work when they can't get paid? As long as they can be fed and clothed... I guess maybe.

The Emperor has no clothes. There is nobody behind the curtain. It's over: they lost. Now it's just us.

The Non-Pandemic

Paris ib 05:49 GMT March 21, 2020
Global Martial Law

The Emperor is Naked

This is the fall of the Soviet Union but this time it's the States

What happens when the National Guard / the Army / the Police figure out they are not getting paid? Or at least they are not getting paid with anything useful.

The Wizard of Oz... there is nothing behind the curtain. They are flat broke.

It's them and us alright and us just won. These morons are bluffing. They got nothing. Who wins? People who come out of their houses and treat each other civilly (is that even a word?). Does that happen in the States? Wait till they release all those prisoners who they have been brutalizing for decades.

dc CB 02:44 GMT March 21, 2020
Global Martial Law

National Guard Deploys In Baltimore As City Enforces Restrictive Curfew

Mtl JP 02:31 GMT March 21, 2020
Global Martial Law

as of this post:

a) ~70 million americans - more than 1 in 5 - are under general stay-at-home orders.

b) more than additional 2 million are expected to apply for unemployment benefits next week.

In canada, corona_V numbers are golloping uP as well.
justin trudeau's govt is suddenly massively going into war-time like "mobilizing" of manufacturing to in-canada made medical supplies.

Odds are that next week we will wake up to new massive numbers, none boding positively for the economy.

In the meantime chinese communists are basking in claims they has beaten the bug.

Jkt Abel 00:43 GMT March 21, 2020
Global Martial Law

Rafe, what sort of mid term correction you mean for stocks and euro? As if we are not already moving a lot?

Caribbean! Rafe... 00:17 GMT March 21, 2020
Global Martial Law

Big Problems does not always apply in the negative sense, as whatever it is that will happen may be considered in their books as a big thing in the normal course of FED life...

And I repeat again throttling a major currency will have long term and damaging effects on the other major world economies. They did this with USD/JPY and GBP/JPY etc. etc.. and we ended up with Coronavirus...

Caribbean! Rafe... 00:06 GMT March 21, 2020
Global Martial Law

Sleep Tight? It's Lard-Oil season!!!

I hope the FED is prepared to deal with BIG problems. The upcoming medium term EUR/USD trend is going to cause massive dollar moves and a stock market correction!!! and it has kept me awake all night.


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