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Forex Forum Archive for 03/28/2020

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dc CB 23:50 GMT March 28, 2020
Winners and Losers

Dr. Anthony Fauci:
“When you look at the different patterns of what happened in different countries, China versus South Korea versus what we’re seeing in northern Italy, it really gives you some interesting insight into certain things, not only in the explosive nature in certain places versus others, but as you get to your peak, how do you know when you’re turning the corner,” Fauci said on CNN.

“It’s when the new infections each day start to level off to be the same and then start going down, then you see the curve go down,” Fauci said, adding that Italy is “not there yet.”

“Italy got hit very badly because they had a large number of importations from China by Chinese tourists,” Fauci said.

“Before they even knew what was going on, there was enough baseline people spreading that it essentially got out of hand, and it became difficult for them, as good as they are, and they’re very good, to be able to contain it in a way that is contact-tracing. It was more mitigation,”

dc CB 23:42 GMT March 28, 2020
Winners and Losers

'perverted Identity Politics'

That vehemence has now transmogrified into the argument over whether or not to use Hydroxychloroquine alone and in combination against the Virus.

****Nevada's governor has signed an emergency order barring the use of anti-malaria drugs for someone who has the coronavirus. Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak's order Tuesday restricting chloroquine and ****

---- A man reportedly died after ingesting a substance used to clean fish tanks that contains a form of chloroquine, a drug that President Donald Trump has claimed repeatedly could be a "game changer" in the fight against the novel coronavirus.

The additive ingested had the same active ingredient as the prescription drug chloroquine used to prevent and treat malaria, but it's formulated differently, according to Dr. Daniel Brooks, Banner Poison and Drug Information Center medical director.-----
Da NUZ is implying this was Trump's fault.

dc CB 23:10 GMT March 28, 2020
Winners and Losers

Hope for better numbers to plug into those Covids prediction Models???


Abbott Launches 5-Minute Virus Test for Use Almost Anywhere

dc CB 23:04 GMT March 28, 2020
Winners and Losers

Regarding specifically the case of the US shutting down.

In mid Jan, it was very clear what was happening in China.
Trump, in the middle of a sham Impeachment Trial, with polyTICians daily media battles over 'the Issues that Matter': Sancturary cities, states, Open Borders, free medical care for all.....

Trump called for shutting down air travel from China and tightening border controls --- because of the threat of a 'pandemic'and a bit later, restricting air travel from Europe, specifically Italy.

He was shouted down, not only in the US but inernationally, as a Racist, a Xenophobe, a white nationalist....

This is not to laud Trump...but to point out this perverted Identity Politics will, in the end, kill more people than the virus.

Israel MacroMicro 21:37 GMT March 28, 2020
Winners and Losers

my point is, there is no way on earth to convince me that this is about a virus/pandemic. you don't cure society from medical issues by ripping +99% of people from serious portion of their wealth by pushing them to act out of hysteria.

just my view

Israel MacroMicro 21:30 GMT March 28, 2020
Winners and Losers

No surprise that the global shutdown has had a striking impact on mutual fund flows in the past month. Like the 12% increase in front end government holdings, and the 6% reduction in investment grade corporate holdings. Add to that a 10% reduction in emerging market assets under management, and a 9% reduction in high yield. Central banks are the only buyers.

AT Trader john 21:20 GMT March 28, 2020
Monday Amazing Trader 30 Mar 2020

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Amman wfakhoury 20:19 GMT March 28, 2020
Corona remedy
This remedy made by me to prevent and kill and cure from Corona virus
Test this drink ,it mixture from curcumin +bicarbonate +warm water +parsley +whole lemon ,mix all ingredients and drink it twice time a day
preferable before breakfast.

Mtl JP 19:48 GMT March 28, 2020
Winners and Losers

winners and losers
Buy 1 oz Gold Maple Leaf Coins
Sorry, this item is out of stock
- Kitco, Royal Canadian Mint

the 1Kg ones sold out too

PAR 19:05 GMT March 28, 2020
Macron who is a big fan of Coronabonds decides- while half of France is unemployed - to place a massive order for masks in ... China.

This is not a war . In 1942 France would have made the masks by itself.


holywell 18:50 GMT March 28, 2020
Entry: Target: Stop:

there are scientists who say there is nothing new on the planet(even the universe)
This virus has probably been around for a long time


Mtl JP 17:54 GMT March 28, 2020
Winners and Losers

winners and losers
Trudeau: 'People showing any signs of COVID-19 will be denied boarding on all domestic flights and inter-city passenger trains.'
As of Monday at noon.

Mtl JP 16:49 GMT March 28, 2020
Winners and Losers

winners and losers
IMF chief Kristalina Georgieva: We have entered recession
"It is clear that we have entered a recession" that will be worse than in 2009, says IMF chief.

We also want to think about what is going to follow the recovery and make sure that we are putting forward measures that can be supportive in this regard," she said.

Mtl JP 16:26 GMT March 28, 2020
Winners and Losers

winners and losers
increasinly looking as if biden is POOF!
in favor of cuomo
as dem's presidential candidate

PAR 15:53 GMT March 28, 2020
Stress Tests - All banks are doing very well.

Negative interest rates. We will tax banks which have deposits.

Then Lagarde on PURPOSE creates panic and sends Italian yields to 3 %.

Then Lagarde says European Banks should not pay dividends.

Why is Lagarde trying to destroy the European banking sector.

Does she want a Soviet style European Communist System where everything is planned by a few apparatchiks in Frankfurt advised by BlackRock.

Israel MacroMicro 10:49 GMT March 28, 2020
Breaking News

Fitch has cut UK's debt rating by a notch to AA- amid COVID-19 surge in debt with negative outlook, reports Reuters.

This could Britain's deepest recession and further cuts could follow. "The downgrade reflects a significant weakening of the UK’s public finances caused by the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak and a fiscal loosening stance that was instigated before the scale of the crisis became apparent," said Fitch.
"These are the right steps to protect our economy against lasting damage," said a Treasury spokesman in response to the rating cut. "Our public finances are sound after 10 years of bringing debt and borrowing under control. These measures are temporary and will lead to a short-term increase in borrowing," he added.
Fitch expects UK's economy to shrink by 4% in 2020 leading to a 3% bounce in 2021. The public debt as a share of GDP is expected to rise to 94% in 2020 and 98% in 2021 from 84.5% in 2019.
Britain's trading ties with EU also pose downside risk.
Previously: Europe dives 6%; Eyes on ECB's Lagarde (Mar. 12 2020)

haifa ac 10:28 GMT March 28, 2020
96.4% of corona deaths-had previous diseases
diabetes, lung , cancer, immune system, blood pressure, Asthma, kidney, liver and digestive disease.

Blaming their death on the corona maybe a big hoax (Alon Musk thinks so). The virus may be an accelerator but not a main cause!

Andorra la Vella 10:15 GMT March 28, 2020
Glove Warning!

Good advice. Problem is finding gloves! They are like gold now. :(

Mtl JP 10:11 GMT March 28, 2020
Winners and Losers

winners and losers
ib - "The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion." - as suggested by Albert Camus, author of The Pest

haifa ac 07:50 GMT March 28, 2020
Glove Warning!
Gloves can be very dangerous!
1. NEVER touch your face with a glovef
2. NEVER remove a glove by sticking the other glove between it and your skin!
3. DO NOT wear a glove more than a few minutes!
4. Treat the inside of your car as a Sterile surface and the outside as contaminated. DON'T close your car door from the inside while wearing the gloves. DO NOT touch the wheel with your glove. Disinfect the inside of your car where you touched with the glove with alcohol
5. Never remove a glove by inserting the other one between the glove and your skin. here is a good link

haifa ac 07:41 GMT March 28, 2020
Watch Insurance companies


Jkt Abel 17:11 GMT 11/28/2018
Wonderful, we are watching movie titled AC's sore ass. Keep sticking it up dude! LOL

you are first in line.

jkt abel 06:58 GMT March 28, 2020
Watch Insurance companies

haifa ac, just make sure you write my name to inherit your wealth

haifa ac 05:18 GMT March 28, 2020
Watch Insurance companies

March 7 I wrote:
"If, indeed, the corona is killing mostly older people---that might be a secret bonus in disguise for insurance companies.
The premium system is sort of a pyramid scheme. Every generation has to work harder and population has to grow in order to support the elderly population. With medical costs soaring- insurance companies are in danger. Exterminating that part of the population which consumes more and more society resources-may save the insurance industry . Will also save social security and other government loads."

Looked vicious at the time. But here, today a report from Barcellona:
Barcelona Mayor Ada Colau said claimed (Friday) that out of 213 corona fatalities in the city, at least 54 are elderly people in nursing homes.
That is quarter of victims are, indeed old people.
The far fetched guess that this will be one of the major effects of the pandemic--to reduce this population of (unnecessary population which a burden on financial systems, and I am one of them!) --maybe just a grim reality.
Hurray for Darwin's survival of the fittest.

haifa ac 04:54 GMT March 28, 2020
Winners and Losers

No doubt. It's the whick of the week.


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