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Forex Forum Archive for 04/10/2020

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Caribbean! Rafe... 22:16 GMT April 10, 2020
To hell with joining. that ain't gonna make me the best in my field...

EUR/USD: There is gonna be some type of geopolitical event somewhere around Sept/October, and again maybe Feb 2021. Maybe the defeat of corona virus, then a vaccine, however that again depends on what they do.

I will get the time to check the other pairs but only by the next weekend.

Caribbean! Rafe... 21:41 GMT April 10, 2020
To catch them would take the work of the military police and local police, it is not so where the police commisioner in that area would go and arrest a soldier. Gendamarie units fear soldiers in the way terrorists fear them, they get threatened with "stay out of this or else...". It is not on the order of the chinese president or "sanctioned covert actions" that all this happened, it was because of the work/mischief of a corrupt rogue soldier etc... They took the law into their own hands and among 1 of the reasons as a payback to quell the riots in hong kong etc etc. The thing with these types of rogues well they get treated by the military police like enemy soldiers and tortured into confessing the truth just as if they are in the hands of enemy forces, and there is no way in heaven or hell to outwit or con or use any type of political muscle to get away from the military police, because when they do get caught then they get caught... and when they get sentenced then it's like being taken to the middle of nowhere, tied to sit on makeshift bamboo poles with both legs crossed and hands tied behind the back, and left to suffer and die, there is no forgiveness in this, as the army does not forgive rogues. The price for tarnishing the name of the army is death, it's very serious and potent, but is the truth... I have studied these things since I got here and none of it is good and is very dangerous stuff, I feel I can sit for and pass their exams with eyes closed shut then go sign up for warfare school and military police and then wear 4 pips on each shoulder.

Caribbean! Rafe... 21:13 GMT April 10, 2020
Corona Precautions.

And yes, Coronavirus the insight which came to my mind (in feb/march the same day I had posted about china's biological warfare etc...) was something like a doubled factory or some type of hidden mine located in a heavily forested area, and the infected water dripping into a puddle, rats or something else drank that water and were inturn eaten by something or the other and on and on until a human being ate or drank something infected with that virus. A bit like when other countries get accused of using commercial factories as cover to manufacture munitions, there is more to it that what is stated but I don't have the slightest idea of how to put it into words... But yes, it does involve the work of a rogue, a unit and co located there.

Caribbean! Rafe... 21:02 GMT April 10, 2020
Corona Precautions.

Now where Bush is concerned, he wiped out 2 entire countries, generations upon generations of that so called cultural knowledge and heritage which was protected and passed down from generations to generation from father to child for the sustainability of the cultures of the people, those things don't harm anyone instead they help people. So when in the case of a very badly injured soldier that took refuge inside of a taliban stronghold and was protected by them (till death) until his brothers came and rescued him, we all know who he is but won't say, as we have to give him his protection and anonymity just out of respect for him as a good person. All Bush had to do was let the legal system and courts in the world do their work, a bit like Hague, when they hunted down and caught those genocidal generals etc... where else did they go but to their own graves?. Instead it costed the american tax payer more than 2 trillion to finance the whyms and fancies of a man who only wanted to quench his thirst for the blood of his rivals, because they called him something foul and hurt his ego. He sent soldiers to invade countries and those very same soldiers have families, some of the very same had members in other units and they didn't come home from the war. I had a friend who was giving covering fire* and he took a round to his head and came home in a body bag and they gave his family a folded US flag with a valorous statement. Many of the same soldiers you will see in future times that they suffer from some very very serious health problems and ailments from the long term effects of long term warfare if I can call it that, yeah there is that warriors creed and serving their country, even I wanted to go into the forces, felt like a wet **ssy for not going. But in the end who suffers? Who got grenade shrapnel inside of the body? Bush?

* I don't know the exact details but it came to mind it was like Tarkov Ep.1 behind the car, and the other 2 behind the metal barricade...

Been having connection problems since a few days now. So anyways...

Mtl JP 20:59 GMT April 10, 2020
Friday Amazing Trader 10 April 2020

Oncologist and Bioethicist Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel:
"U.S. Must Stay Locked Down For 12-18 Months Until There's A Vaccine" - April 7, 2020

Mtl JP 20:42 GMT April 10, 2020
Friday Amazing Trader 10 April 2020

The CNBC headlined piece quotes Quarles:

�Given the nature of this shock, there is every reason to believe that we come out on the other side of this with an economy that is essentially unharmed,�

Who wants to get rich taking a contra on Quarles ?

Mtl JP 20:27 GMT April 10, 2020
Friday Amazing Trader 10 April 2020

Fed�s Mester Isn�t Worried Central Bank Has Broken Market Pricing Ability - WSJ

Mester Says:
Fed �Likely Not Done� in Steps to Aid Economy - Bloomberg
Policymakers Want to Prevent 'Lasting Damage' to the Economy - NYT

Fed�s Quarles Says:
Main Street Facility Funds Couple Weeks Away - Bloomberg
Main Street lending program should be running in 2 or 3 weeks - CNBC
'Main Street' Loans Like Two to Three Weeks Off as Details Finalized - NYT

Caribbean! Rafe... 20:02 GMT April 10, 2020
Corona Precautions.

Okay, here is my humble on matters. Barack Obama in my books is a legend, PERIOD!. Was any world leader able to do what he did? No, not one of them. Look at how close other countries were in proximity Afghanistan and Iraq, where it was believed that worlds most wanted man was in hiding. Did they do anything to help?. No, they did NOTHING. They just gave excuses, like uugh! it's not our war, we don't have resources, or something like making unreasonable demands for political concessions and economic favoritism against China and India and other countries etc... Instead they (Pakistan) covered up matters and fleeced the American government out of billions and billions and billions of dollars, until the very last minute. This is what happens when Americans go anywhere whether on a website, or in dealing with any person irrespective of where they are located, or to another country as tourists, or even to investigate for criminals targeting their people, Americans are just made into a group of suckers, and THAT MAN he solved the problem PERMANENTLY! So when Obama speaks, I get as jittery as jello, and get very worried that they (shadow gov't) are still on his back like parasites. SO that is why it came to me years ago if obama does this or that they will shoot him... it's a bit more than that... Now, I can't leave Hillary out of this because she was in the room when this whole thing too place, she does not belong to presidential politics, yes playing a supportive role is great, but not presidency, she does not belong there, rather she belongs to the philantropic train of thought and charitable action because she got too much love in her, and of a statement I will make here to say, she is "God's Child" and God ain't gonna allow her to suffer torment or sorrow of any type, yes I concluded at that time the presidential blows she got were very painful for her but for above mentioned reasons, meaning I saw it coming and saw it happening. The only thing I ever came across on the internet was some picture or news article of her when she was young (newly married or something) and saw her eyes, and that is when all of this she is god's child thing came to me... If you tell her about 1 yard or 10 then she is gonna take it away and blow it on charity... that inner beauty is what I am talking about and she got all of that..

GVI Forex Blog 16:39 GMT April 10, 2020
Chart Points: Free Forex Database For 10 APRIL 2020

forex rate database image

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Global-View Daily Trading Chart Points

Chart Points: Free Forex Database For 10 APRIL 2020

Mtl JP 15:26 GMT April 10, 2020
Abel it does not matter which leg is the one with the energy
as long as the puppy runs in the correct direction

Mtl JP 15:24 GMT April 10, 2020

some folks are not only more tolerant of the planners, but good or even excellent at co-opting them to getting super juicy rich off them

Jkt Abel 15:18 GMT April 10, 2020
Friday Amazing Trader 10 April 2020

Jp, dx has more room to downside, so you maybe right. Problem is usdcad portion in dx composition is very small

PAR 14:49 GMT April 10, 2020

Too Big to Fail, COVID-19 Edition: How Private Equity Is Winning the Coronavirus Crisis

Private equity has made multibillionaires of executives like Blackstone�s Steve Schwarzman (net worth: $17.5 billion) and Apollo�s Leon Black ($7.5 billion). Thanks to the $2 trillion bipartisan bailout bill, the industry�s coronavirus losses will belong to all of us.

Mtl JP 14:27 GMT April 10, 2020

with respect to USDCAD
I am leaning towards the USD losing some footing
not necessarily today but over the s/term

in terms of USDCAD 1.4075 and 1.4125/50 would negate my view
on the down side trgt at 1.3950/00ish

Mtl JP 14:12 GMT April 10, 2020
Friday Amazing Trader 10 April 2020

Fed feeling the need to re-interpret
Transcript: Fed Chairman Jerome Powell Discusses the Coronavirus Crisis ?

after loretta no lesser mushroom feeder than
Discussion--Vice Chair Randal K. Quarles
1:15 p.m

Watch Live (via webcast)

Mtl JP 13:47 GMT April 10, 2020
Friday Amazing Trader 10 April 2020

USDCAD 1.3965
puppy sitting on daily supportline
not sure that technicals have much meaning as sporadic and by me unpredictable flows probably dominate. canadian crude fetching variably between 4 and 8 so what is the point of producing beyong strict minimum to keep machinery from rusting and seizing.

Mtl JP 12:43 GMT April 10, 2020

the PhDs can not be happy

Jkt Abel 12:42 GMT April 10, 2020
Usd=jesus, just dead today

AT Trader john 12:32 GMT April 10, 2020

U.S. CPI March 2020

m/m: -0.10% vs. -0.30% exp. v -0.10% pre
m/m: -0.10% vs. +0.10% exp. v +0.20% pre

RELEASE: Consumer Price Index

Israel MacroMicro 12:06 GMT April 10, 2020
this is good one...

Francois-Philippe Champagne said AFTER Angelina Heavenly Strawberries asked :)

Israel MacroMicro 12:00 GMT April 10, 2020
We're not broke it's the PANDEMIC

Q: What is going on?
P(ossibility): first "they" take/control the mind and body follows

Paris ib 11:11 GMT April 10, 2020
We're not broke it's the PANDEMIC

"It's not actually testing for the virus. Covid-19 has never been purified and visualised. Estimate rate of false positives in a patient without symptoms is 80 percent."

What is going on?

No idea, but the 'official narrative' is bunk.

Dr Andrew Kaufman

Mtl JP 11:04 GMT April 10, 2020
this is good one...

Canada has struck a new contract with Saudi Arabia that eventually will allow it to resume exports of light armoured vehicles (LAVs) to the kingdom, the foreign affairs minister announced Thursday.

Francois-Philippe Champagne said the revised $14 billion agreement � which for years has been a political flashpoint because of the desert kingdom's dismal human rights record � will allow the Liberal government to speak more freely about its terms.

"What we are doing today is improving a situation we have inherited," the minister said.

Mtl JP 10:17 GMT April 10, 2020
this is good one...

With TPB now yakking about What IF Worst Case Scenarios including who would (and not) get medical care...
Blame Game - what will it take for the peasants to rise
Canadian military intelligence unit issued warning about Wuhan outbreak back in January

News of the MEDINT unit's work is raising new questions about what the government knew and when

"Here we have at least one part of the Canadian intelligence community that was doing early reporting. The question is, where did this reporting go? How seriously was it taken?"

The unit's reports certainly made it to the desk of Chief of the Defence Staff Gen. Jonathan Vance, and likely were given to Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan as well.

"They eventually ended up in President Donald Trump's daily intelligence briefing package in early January"

CBC News / Apr 10, 2020 4:00 AM ET

dc CB 09:58 GMT April 10, 2020
Corona Precautions.

Two sides of the same issue ===== FOOD.


COVID-19 crisis heaps pressure on nation's food banks
Food banks and pantries across the country are facing a steep drop-off in the bread and butter of their operations: food donated by supermarkets and farms.

2) "We Can't Give Our Product Away" - Farmers Toss Thousands Of Acres Of Fruits, Veggies As Sales Plummet

The AP started its story in Palmetto, Fla. a city in Manatee County on the Gulf Coast, where a farmer had dumped piles of zucchini and other fresh vegetables to rot because farmers who had grown the crops to sell to restaurants or other hospitality-industry buyers like theme parks and schools have been left on the hook for the crops.
Other states are having similar issues. Agricultural officials said leafy greens grown in California have no buyers, and dairy farmers in states like Vermont have been hit especially hard. Dairy farmers in VT and Wisconsin told the AP they've had to dump surplus loads of milk.

An association for farmers in Florida asked the administration if their veggies could be donated to food-stamp or other federal welfare programs, but reportedly, they never heard back.

AT Trader john 09:55 GMT April 10, 2020
Friday Amazing Trader 10 April 2020

GVI Trading. Potential Price Risk Scale
AA: Major, A: High, B: Medium

Fri 10 Apr 2020
Various-- Good Friday Holiday
A 12:30 US- CPI

Mtl JP 09:54 GMT April 10, 2020
Friday Amazing Trader 10 April 2020

On yak deck today
Maintaining Economic Health During a Crisis
Virtual Forum

Friday, April 10, 2020
12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.

Dr, Loretta J. Mester president and chief executive officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

Andorra la Vella 09:47 GMT April 10, 2020
Corona Precautions.

Did they apologize for still using the term 'Spanish flu'? Oh, wait. They are not financed by the CCP.

dc CB 09:39 GMT April 10, 2020
The leading British scientific journal Nature apologized in an article published on Tuesday for �associating� the coronavirus with its origin place in China on the grounds that the linkage had inspired racist attacks against people with Asian heritage across the world.

�That we did so was an error on our part, for which we take responsibility and apologize,� the journal said in an article published Tuesday.

The coronavirus outbreak originated in Wuhan, China and first appeared in bats thought to have infected wild animals that were sold in the city�s wet markets. Since then, it has spread to at least 177 countries and infected 1.4 million people. As of Thursday morning, at least 89,000 people had died after contracting the respiratory illness.

�It�s clear that since the outbreak was first reported, people of Asian descent around the world have been subjected to racist attacks, with untold human costs � for example, on their health and livelihoods,� the article read.

Scientific Journal Nature Apologizes for �Associating� Coronavirus with China

dc CB 09:13 GMT April 10, 2020
just checked the westher on-line link from my local NBC TV station from Baltimore, MD
Check out the ad........and one wonders by NBC spends a lot of time bashing Trump's pandemic response, while making excuses for China.

about banggood

Banggood focuses on B2C cross-border export e-commerce and is committed to bringing China's high-quality goods, efficient supply chain and top class customer service to the world

swiss frank 09:03 GMT April 10, 2020
Corona Precautions.

The stuff is beyond bizarre. Beyond being able to be made up.

dc CB 08:37 GMT April 10, 2020
Corona Precautions.

don't miss the irony of his advising Biden, who is 77,
when EZ Emanual sez people should die at 75.

so the unasked question remains - who will be Biden's VP??
As Biden will be expected to die in office...and according to his 'Advisor', it's only proper that he should.

dc CB 08:32 GMT April 10, 2020
Corona Precautions.

According to Chinese state media, over 7,000 people boarded airplanes and flew out of Wuhan, source of the global coronavirus pandemic, on the first day after its two-month lockdown was lifted.

China�s Global Times counted 7,119 air passengers departing Wuhan and 4,595 arriving:

"""Wuhan airport operated 221 flights on the day it re-opened, an official from the Civil Aviation Administration of China revealed at a press conference on Thursday. It reached more than one-third of normal flight numbers before the epidemic.

Among them, 107 flights sent 7,119 passengers to cities across the country, with the top three destinations being Chengdu in Southwest China�s Sichuan Province, Haikou in South China�s Hainan Province and Shenzhen in South China�s Guangdong Province, accounting for 20.6 percent of the total.

Meanwhile, 4,595 passengers arrived in Wuhan on 114 flights. Guangzhou in South China�s Guangdong Province, Chengdu and Haikou were the top three cities that the flights came from, making up 22.8 percent of the total.

Overall operations at the airport went smoothly and in an orderly manner under a rigorous work resumption plan, said the official. """

swiss frank 08:27 GMT April 10, 2020
Corona Precautions.

Ezekiel Emanuel, architect of Obamacare and special adviser to the director-general of the World Health Organization, advising presidential candidate Joe Biden, brother of former Chicago mayor and ex-Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel...

Democratic machine party politics at its best (worst?)...

dc CB 08:07 GMT April 10, 2020
Corona Precautions.

Ezekiel Emanuel, an architect of Obamacare and special adviser to the director-general of the World Health Organization, has been widely cited by the news media in recent days arguing that life in the U.S. can�t fully return to normal for about 18 months, estimating that�s when a Chinese coronavirus vaccine could be broadly available.

Emanuel is also advising presidential candidate Joe Biden on the pandemic, joining Biden�s hastily assembled Public Health Advisory Committee.

While the media has been quoting Emanuel as an expert in health policy, the brother of former Chicago mayor and ex-Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel is more than that.

Emanuel has had a longtime and controversial fascination with healthcare rationing, writing scores of papers over the years on the ethics of allocating medical resources to a population. He is also a hyper-partisan champion of progressive policies that have sought to fundamentally transform the U.S. economy and healthcare system.

He once wrote a piece titled, �Why I Hope to Die at 75.� In the 2014 Atlantic article, Emanuel made clear that he was serious about his wish to die at 75 and even argued that �living too long is also a loss.�

by Aaron Klein, Breitbart�s Jerusalem bureau chief and senior investigative reporter. He is a New York Times bestselling author and hosts the popular weekend talk radio program, �Aaron Klein Investigative Radio.� Follow him on Twitter @AaronKleinShow.

Joe Biden Coronavirus Advisor Ezekiel Emanuel: �Living Too Long Is Also a Loss

swiss frank 07:35 GMT April 10, 2020

You can probably see it best on the 4 hour chart. I was looking at the SHS with the right shoulder rounding off at the 8700-8750, test of the neckline around 8500 followed by break down to 8250. As we can see not going exactly as planned (hoped).

Jkt Abel 07:25 GMT April 10, 2020

Thanks Frank. No worries. I like the idea but was wondering why you took it early. I also have above 8920 where I will try it.

swiss frank 07:16 GMT April 10, 2020

From the original entry a few days ago I cut half yesterday. Pretty much getting killed on both legs. I'm leaning towards nursing this one and maybe selling more .8950-.9000. I know, very poor on my part. Sorry.

Jkt Abel 07:00 GMT April 10, 2020

Frank are you still in audcad?

Swiss Frank 06:09 GMT April 10, 2020
JP 21:18. Not to worry was referring the ccy not you. But if you could do something about cad would be much appreciated.

Caribbean! Rafe... 04:05 GMT April 10, 2020
Corona Precautions.

Sorry, I forgot to state. I was just kidding about the snarling etc... but they took the guards for a walk.

Caribbean! Rafe... 04:02 GMT April 10, 2020
Corona Precautions.

I was just trying to relax for a bit and it occured to me. Coronavirus was transmitted from animals to humans. Now, I have not seen any kind of solutions for what we keep at home meaning our pets. Pet sometimes get sick too, and are dependent on us to take good care of them too. This may or may not work, and it's just being posted to keep on the safer side of life. It worked for my pets. Get the very very simplest form of "Round Paracetamol Tablets" which is fit to be had by humans... Cut the pill into 1/2 then another 1/2 so you have a quarter of the paracetamol tablet. Powder it in a plastic teaspoon, mix with just enough water and force feed to the pet, give them fresh water afterwards. This is only to be used in an emergency if pets get sick and there is no vet to give them atttention which they must get. I personally sometimes had to in the past fed my dogs cooked rice and meat leftovers reheated, for adding of a few drops of liquid vitamins, after that they started snarling, gnashing their teeth, hissing (at the guards) and really were ready to go to war.

Jkt Abel 02:32 GMT April 10, 2020
Sell usd

Audusd new support now 0.63, wont go below until we make more new highs

Caribbean! Rafe... 01:38 GMT April 10, 2020
Corona Precautions.
Boris Johnson his recovery and immunity rebuilding or for any coronavirus patient may take approx 3 weeks or more depending on patients age. They have to watch out for things like post-corona symptoms and conditions, the elderly may have to monitor for conditions such as cardiac arrest, with follow up doctor visits every 2 weeks to ensure there is no possibility of a relapse, or at least until a cure and vaccine is tried, tested and proven to work.

Jkt Abel 01:32 GMT April 10, 2020
Sell usd
Audusd target 0.6750
Gbpusd target 1.28-1.30
Euro target 1.12

Caribbean! Rafe... 01:31 GMT April 10, 2020
Africa faces �critical shortage� of coronavirus-fighting facilities: WHO
In a statement, the body said that there were fewer than 5,000 beds in hospital intensive-care units across 43 African countries.

�This is about 5 beds per one million people in the reported countries compared to 4000 beds per one million people in Europe,� the statement said.

Caribbean! Rafe... 01:28 GMT April 10, 2020
Mnuchin says U.S. economy could open in May, defying experts
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on Thursday that the American economy could start to reopen for business in May, despite experts� emphasis on prolonged social distancing measures to defeat the coronavirus.

Asked on CNBC whether he thought President Donald Trump could reopen the U.S. economy in May, Mnuchin said, �I do.�

Caribbean! Rafe... 00:57 GMT April 10, 2020
Coronavirus: British PM Boris Johnson shifted from ICU to ward
What a relief to know he is improving!!

LONDON: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson seems to have survived the coronavirus scare after he was shifted from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to the hospital's ward on Thursday, his office confirmed.

"He is in extremely good spirits," it added.


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