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Forex Forum Archive for 06/07/2020

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Israel MacroMicro 23:59 GMT June 7, 2020
comedy time

yup jp
his son's business can deliver such training

Mtl JP 23:45 GMT June 7, 2020
comedy time

according to the would-be next president Biden:

Officers should train to shoot attackers ‘in the leg instead of the heart’

Mtl JP 23:39 GMT June 7, 2020
Monday Amazing Trader 8 June 2020

2x top on SnP

Israel MacroMicro 23:38 GMT June 7, 2020
comedy time

SWBI, they in pancakes and/or milkshake business?

dc CB 23:32 GMT June 7, 2020
comedy time

SWBI (Smith&Wesson)

Minneapolis DRS2 23:09 GMT June 7, 2020
comedy time

The Minneapolis city council has had a grudge against the MPD for a long time, because (no joke) they want what they can never have...control of society’s disruptive elements using kind and gentle techniques.

Have you ever seen “Demolition Man” or “Idiocracy”? Sadly, my home city is turning out to be both. Also sadly, it will not be the last.

dc CB 22:58 GMT June 7, 2020
comedy time

Minneapolis DRS2
What's up with this???

ACLU of Minnesota

BREAKING: Minneapolis City Council members have announced their intent to disband the Minneapolis Police Department and invest in community-led public safety.
5:08 PM - Jun 7, 2020

Mtl JP 22:53 GMT June 7, 2020
Monday Amazing Trader 8 June 2020

CB 21:42 lively discussion
Last week the bond market sold off --- and Yields rose.
jerome and his gang appear comitted "all in" to try to prevail over some bond types selling off, leading to rates riding uP -> leading to stocks selling off.

The BET seems to be ... 10yr over 1% or not ? (last at 0.902%)

Mtl JP 22:36 GMT June 7, 2020
Monday Amazing Trader 8 June 2020

so maybe the mexican will not collude with the OPEC+ gang in cutting its oil pumpin' as they seemed to have announced over the weekend (saturday I think), currently up at around $39.6x

Mtl JP 22:31 GMT June 7, 2020
Monday Amazing Trader 8 June 2020

EURO 1.1303
last week euro jubbs had a bit of fun with eager enthusiasts going North with break of 1.1350, hitting 1.1381 and ... POOF!

and so here we are contemplating how easy or not the Res is at 1.1425 and 1.1490 (1.15) or ...

Mtl JP 22:09 GMT June 7, 2020
Monday Amazing Trader 8 June 2020

possibly going after 3210 stops

Mtl JP 22:07 GMT June 7, 2020
Monday Amazing Trader 8 June 2020

early GAP rocket

Israel MacroMicro 22:05 GMT June 7, 2020
Monday Amazing Trader 8 June 2020

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Mexico has taken out a $1 billion loan from the World Bank as the effects of the coronavirus begin to squeeze the economy, a business newspaper reported on Sunday.

dc CB 21:42 GMT June 7, 2020
Monday Amazing Trader 8 June 2020

Mon -44Bln in 3Y notes on the Block Treas results after 1Pm ET
Tues - 29Bln in 10 Year notes.

imho the yield ('rate') and the participation aka the Bid to Cover along with who shows up, will no doubt inspire a lively discussion at the Meeting.

Last week the bond market sold off --- and Yields rose.

Mtl JP 21:32 GMT June 7, 2020
Monday Amazing Trader 8 June 2020

AT Trader john 15:03 GMT
Omission, distraction or will it really be so insignificatnt as not to merit a listing in your post ?
10/06/20 18:00 AA USFRB Fed Rates 0.25% 0.25%

I d add, for completness, sake:
14:00 FOMC Statement
14:00 FOMC Economic Projections
14:30 FOMC Press Conference

altho players are unlikely to be surprised by the rates announcement,
jerome is known to occasionally put his foot in his mouth during his presser.

the projections, such as their "dot plot" are likely to be more comical relief than anything else.

dc CB 21:18 GMT June 7, 2020
comedy time

A data analytics firm behind an influential - and now retracted Lancet study which concluded that Hydroxychloroquine is dangerous, has one employee and is headquartered in a residential house just west of Chicago. Yet its bogus data prompted the World Health Organization, the UK and France to halt clinical trial programs involving the controversial drug used to treat COVID-19.

The data firm, Surgisphere, was founded by 41-year-old Sapan Desai, an MBA who also holds a medical degree and a Ph.D. who is named on both The Lancet study and another now-retracted article in the New England Journal of Medicine. He has refused to explain how his tiny data analytics firm was able to procure their dodgy data after questions were raised over troubling inconsistencies - despite a letter to The Lancet from over 200 scientists demanding greater transparency regarding the hospitals where medical data came from, according to Bloomberg.

Desai claims his 12-year-old company uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate the process of data analytics - "which is the only way a task like this is even possible," he told Bloomberg.

"It is important to understand the nature of this database," he added. "We are not responsible for the source data, thus the labor intensive task required for exporting the data from an EHR (electronic health record), converting it into the format required by our data dictionary, and fully de-identifying the data is done by the healthcare partner. Surgisphere does not reconcile languages or coding systems."

Dodgy Data Firm Behind Retracted Hydroxychloroquine Study Raises Questions Over Haphazard Decisions

Mtl JP 20:29 GMT June 7, 2020
comedy time

Kevin 18:30 sounds like a typo
msm and web refer to "600 million ... earning ... <1000 yuan a month"
i.e. 12 times as much

It also means potentially a bunch of things:
- potential for revolution IF price-inflation takes off
- potential for "growth" (a so-called challenge)
- sofar these types of folks have - relatively - nothing to lose in case things around them go the way of the toilet

Israel MacroMicro 18:37 GMT June 7, 2020
comedy time

monthly or annually?

who's right?

Israel MacroMicro 18:34 GMT June 7, 2020
comedy time

under $150 annually?
at least the Chinese people didn't vote their clowns

HK Kevin 18:30 GMT June 7, 2020
comedy time

The Chinese people were told by the CCP that we have built a well-off society this year. However, the Premier Li said that the annual income of 600 million people is under RMB 1,000. WHAT A JOKE!

dc CB 16:09 GMT June 7, 2020
comedy time

Thousands of people died alone.

Millions of Canadians lost their jobs.

Countless business are gone forever.

We were told this was all worth it.
We were told, “stay home, save lives.”

We were told to avoid funerals for our loved ones.

We were told we would be fined and punished if we didn’t.

We are told it was too dangerous for politicians to show up in Parliament in large numbers.

We were told anyone who went out and gathered was “killing the elderly.”

All of this, we were told, was for “our own good.”

And now, we see this:
Trudeau Attends Packed Protest Without Social Distancing

What a joke.

dc CB 15:56 GMT June 7, 2020
comedy time

For major products exports, exports in textile and fabric goods - a category which largely relates to surgical face masks and other personal protective equipment - increased sharply by 77.3% yoy in May

"The recent acceleration in export growth of anti-epidemic materials contributed considerably to China’s exports," CICC analyst Liu Liu wrote in a note quoted by Bloomberg. "China’s full-year export growth in 2020 may be better than our previous expectations."

China Unexpectedly Reports Record Trade Surplus

dc CB 15:32 GMT June 7, 2020
comedy time

Dr. Anthony Fauci, an infectious disease expert, said China did a “disservice” by not allowing scientists to speak transparently about the coronavirus in the early days of the pandemic.

“I think the Chinese authorities that did not allow the scientists to speak out as openly and transparently as they could really did a disservice,” Fauci told John Catsimatidis on his AM 970 radio show on Sunday.

Fauci said if Chinese scientists had been able to sound the alarm earlier about person-to-person transmission of the virus, the number of cases worldwide could have been reduced.

“Because at the beginning of the outbreak, they were claiming that this was just animal-to-human transmission,” he said.

“And there really wasn’t a human-to-human transmission at all. And they held that line for a few weeks. And then it became very clear when the scientists were able to talk about it, that, in fact, there was human-to-human transmission. … Yes, it’s another example of the unfortunate situation of lack of transparency early on,” Fauci said.

Fauci: China ‘did a disservice’

AT Trader john 15:03 GMT June 7, 2020
Monday Amazing Trader 8 June 2020

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Tue 9 June 2020
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Amman wfakhoury 10:21 GMT June 7, 2020
USDCAD 13333
Now 12424 .
13380 and 13333 will be reached unless it closed above 13350 and keeps above it.

The only one in the world who confirms the next level and every hour movement

Minneapolis DRS2 01:30 GMT June 7, 2020
comedy time

It is said that the real problem behind these grand schemes isn't so much malevolence as incompetence.

So a bunch of government bureaucrats propose nationwide testing, automated contact tracing, etc., etc. Does anyone really believe that this is anything but a make-work scheme for allegedly well-educated government bureaucrats? At least with ditch-diggers you get a ditch at the end of the's not like we're going to get a healthy population with these half-baked schemes.

dc CB 00:55 GMT June 7, 2020
comedy time

yes, Darwinian. Here's how.

when you 'get tested', you are entered in a Gov Data Base...If you test postive, well...

Thanks for giving us the 'password' to the rest of your life.


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