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Forex Forum Archive for 01/12/2021

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FW CS 23:37 GMT January 12, 2021

Yup I figured it would fill. These dollar rallies are only about 24-48 hours so solid downtrend to me. We ought to see an acceleration down if $ visits 89 again

dc CB 23:29 GMT January 12, 2021
USA 2021

So it goes' (Vonnegut--Amercan FICTION writer- Catch 22)

2021 or England 1640's? back to starts----the AD shouts on the set after the director calls...Cut let's do that again...

England's many Puritans and Presbyterians were almost invariably Roundhead supporters, as were many smaller religious groups such as the Independents. However many Roundheads were members of the Church of England, as were many Cavaliers.
Many Puritans wore their hair closely cropped in obvious contrast to the long ringlets fashionable at the court of Charles I. Roundhead appears to have been first used as a term of derision toward the end of 1641

Cavaliers and Roundheads - American History USA
These colonies differed greatly in religion, politics, and culture. In the early days of America, many thinking people looked to the legacy of the English Civil War to explain these differences. Many who settled in New England had identified with the Roundheads -- those who fought against the monarchy and for Oliver Cromwell.

dc CB 23:15 GMT January 12, 2021
USA 2021

Baltimore Sun.
As scrutiny intensifies over deadly U.S. Capitol riots, Marylanders delete photos, social media trails

Mtl JP 22:11 GMT January 12, 2021

classic mushroom feeding:
(feed 'em sh!t and keep 'em in the dark)
Fed's Rosengren says it will be a while before officials taper asset purchases

UPDATE 1-Fed's Rosengren says U.S. economy could see robust recovery in second half of 2021

Fed Presidents Reiterate Call for Diversity & Inclusion
January 12th, 2021, 3:33 PM EST
Boston Fed President Eric Rosengren, Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan, Cleveland Fed President Loretta Mester and Minneapolis Fed President Neel Kashkari discuss diversity and inclusion. (Source: Bloomberg)

Mtl JP 22:04 GMT January 12, 2021

EURO 1.2206
now we know that yesty's 1.2132 is Sup and
that N of 1.2180 and 1.22 players are likely to start
to think euro in embryotic uP trend and
DLR sub 90 back to continuation of its DOwn trend

Mtl JP 21:56 GMT January 12, 2021

CS 22:20 Jan 11 - hope the chart is as pleasant for your eyes as the jinggle in your wallet


some of my best trades are the ones I just sit on

dc CB 20:47 GMT January 12, 2021

Nat gas is also 'DOA' cauz the Greenies will ban it.

New world record set for shipping rates: $350,000 per day
LNG shipping hits all-time peak but rates expected to subside in the spring

dc CB 20:43 GMT January 12, 2021
USA 2021

so it was Real.

PBS PressRoom
PBS response to Project Veritas: "This employee no longer works for PBS. As a mid-level staff attorney, he did not speak on behalf of our organization, nor did he make any editorial decisions…” (1/3)
1:22 PM · Jan 12, 2021

“There is no place for hateful rhetoric at PBS, and this individual’s views in no way reflect our values or opinions.” (2/3)

“We strongly condemn violence and will continue to do what we have done for 50 years – use our national platform and local presence to strengthen communities and bring people together." (3/3)

Israel MacroMicro 20:30 GMT January 12, 2021

I did... now it is time to sell and next round is the buy :)

london red 20:29 GMT January 12, 2021

selling cruse now grain? macromicro buy the dips buddy. take oil. no more oil ever. nobody wants it. now rocketing and will go thru the roof. bp finished they said. but up over 50% off lows! reflation trade baby

Israel MacroMicro 20:26 GMT January 12, 2021

now we go under last week's lows / why not?

dc CB 20:25 GMT January 12, 2021
WASDE--USDA --- Limit up

dc CB 20:17 GMT January 12, 2021
USA 2021

Fake or........believe it or not. Taxpayer funded PBS.

PBS top lawyer says gov should build ‘enlightenment camps’ and remove children from Trump supporting homes.

Israel MacroMicro 20:01 GMT January 12, 2021
USA 2021
USA gets stranger by the day

better never say T***P

dc CB 18:55 GMT January 12, 2021

the WI trading at 1.172% at 1pm ET, the sale of $38BN in benchmark paper stopped at 1.164%, stopping through by 0.8bps, the biggest stop through July 2020, even if it was more than 21bps higher compared to the December 0.951% yield.

The Bid to Cover was also quite impressive, rising from 2.33 in Dec to 2.45, the highest since October and above the six-auction average of 2.41.

The internals were also solid, with Indirects taking down 62.2%, virtually unchanged from last month, and also above the 61.2 recent average. More notably, Directs took down 17.8%, the most since December 2019, leaving Dealers holding just 20% of the take down.

Tallinn viies 18:43 GMT January 12, 2021
closed long euro here at 1,2192. stop at 1,2232.
target 1,2105/10.
keepong short ndx and short brent.

Mtl JP 18:31 GMT January 12, 2021

DLRx 90.19
Sup now POOF !

mushroom feeders either demuring on changing policy (mester) or spouting optimisms about econ prospects (bullard)

at top of hour rosengren yaks on Economic Outlook

Mtl JP 18:05 GMT January 12, 2021

might surprise ... surprise who ?
Fed’s George says inflation might surprise to the upside
Published: Jan. 12, 2021 at 1:00 p.m. ET
By Greg Robb

While not a near-term threat, price inflation has moved up ‘quite sharply’ for some goods, Kansas City Fed president says

Mtl JP 18:02 GMT January 12, 2021

Goldman Sachs stock surges toward a record, adds more than 60 points to the Dow's price
Published: Jan. 12, 2021 at 12:54 p.m. ET
By Tomi Kilgore

Mtl JP 17:58 GMT January 12, 2021

DLRx 90.22
at Sup head of the GAP

london red 17:50 GMT January 12, 2021

hourly candle on stocks here has chance decide direction for remainder of session up/dwn

Mtl JP 17:41 GMT January 12, 2021

PAR 15:50 how do "we" know that El-Erian is not a confederate emissary in the mushroom feeders' kabuki theater ?

london red 17:36 GMT January 12, 2021

Mtl JP 17:08 GMT 01/12/2021
10-yr 1.182

the 30 is now at summer 19 tantrum low, think will pause here til powell. as for the 10 if powell blinks we could have 132/142 quite quickly. i suspect this would be a problem for tech and quite probably wider mkt altho u feel financials would outperform in that scenario. however the cynic in me sees powell talking it down. they cant be rolling over debt up there, not yet

Tallinn viies 17:09 GMT January 12, 2021
sp500 also took out previous day low.
nasdaq100 trading below 200 hour sma.
now is euro turn. would be nice to see lower low compared to previous day. if not doesnt ruin picture. tommrow is also a day.

Mtl JP 17:08 GMT January 12, 2021

10-yr 1.182

PAR 15:50 GMT January 12, 2021
Big names in the world of finance beginning to call out the #Fed & other CenBanks for their role in ramping up econ inequality & manipulating fin mkts. "I don’t think CenBanks realize how much irresponsible risk-taking is going on," Allianz El-Erian says.

haifa ac 14:46 GMT January 12, 2021
Adelsons pour $75M into last-ditch effort to save Trump

Was a great friend of Israel.

Mtl JP 14:24 GMT January 12, 2021

red 14:11 that was because soldmanygafs was not consulted for permission

Mtl JP 14:19 GMT January 12, 2021
Adelsons pour $75M into last-ditch effort to save Trump

it appears adelson has had nuff
poof n gone to meet his maker

Mtl JP 14:16 GMT January 12, 2021

fwiw my toy indicates yesty's low as 1.21319

below should be S around 1.21ish

london red 14:11 GMT January 12, 2021

a few years ago mkt had a taper tanturm after fed announced it may taper. this time its a taper tantrum before they announced it.

Tallinn viies 14:09 GMT January 12, 2021
nadaq100 was able to take out previous day low. spx should follow I hope.

Mtl JP 14:02 GMT January 12, 2021

fears , FEARS lol
2-year/10-year Treasury yield curve steepest since mid-2017
Published: Jan. 12, 2021 at 8:53 a.m. ET
By Sunny Oh

The U.S. yield curve continued to steepen amid fears of more fiscal stimulus under a Democratic-controlled Congress and growing questions whether the Federal Reserve may ease off its accommodative policy stance earlier than forecast. The spread between the 2-year TMUBMUSD02Y, 0.152% and the 10-year note TMUBMUSD02Y, 0.152%, a gauge of the yield curve's slope, stood at 1.02 percentage points, the widest since around May 2017. A steeper yield curve can reflect heightened growth and inflation expectations among bond traders. Some of the weakness in longer-dated Treasurys also reflected broker-dealers making room for new issuance this week, with an auction of $38 billion of 10-year notes due in the afternoon

GVI Forex 14:02 GMT January 12, 2021

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GVI Forex 14:01 GMT January 12, 2021

Look at the AT 4 hour chart and see how the Amazing Trader shows the current episode/trend and what side is most at risk. Key to trading is toi identify what side is most at risk and then look for confirmation in whatever time frame you trade.

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Mtl JP 13:56 GMT January 12, 2021

10-yr 1.168 slightly off 1.173 high so far
mnuchin will try to peddle 30billion worth of 10-yr paper at 13:00hrs

london red 13:54 GMT January 12, 2021

the 10 is really running away if continues euro wont last much longer today. as you say them stops under 12130 ripe for pulling. as for powell, he has no choice as if he doesnt step in the 2020 yield high is doable this wk. i think it would move that quickly. what can trigger next bitcoin correction of 70%? rising rates so its a story to the price action but i dont think powell will roll over. he will try to step in, whether or not it works time will tell.

Hk Ab 13:46 GMT January 12, 2021
Close half short 1843, remain trail at be

Tallinn viies 13:46 GMT January 12, 2021
minimum plan for today should take out previous day low.
european hours selling has been done between 59-79. Nyc has started new push lower. if stocks doesnt take out previous day low then euro may bounce also a bit. 80-85 pips minum range I see for today.

haifa ac 13:23 GMT January 12, 2021

"legs into powell "

I like the imagery. Let's hope he does not get hit by the door.

london red 10:58 GMT January 12, 2021

sterling boosted by boe head talking down negative rates...a temp boost i think if other usd pairs losing battle to usd. but like cable 130/132/133 think good zone for 137 test later in year

Mtl JP 10:56 GMT January 12, 2021

GBP 1.3581/0
nibling .. tasting .. testing ..

what else d u need

london red 10:46 GMT January 12, 2021

usd may have legs into powell on 14th. after that i wouldnt bet on powell boostng usd unless he has experienced a life changing incident. think euro 120+/-60 pips a good area to try long for return to highs. i also notice nibbling of 124/125 call options in this mkt fwiw

Mtl JP 10:43 GMT January 12, 2021

GBP 1.3585
at s/t Sup

NY JM 10:15 GMT January 12, 2021

Look at EURGBP for your clue

Tallinn viies 09:36 GMT January 12, 2021
could be true but as I said as long as previous day high contains upmoves then still lower.
europe came in today and tried Asian high. made higher high 1,2176. then back to 50 and one more try higher. new european high 1,2179. sellers still there.
now downside target 1,2080-85

kl fs 09:29 GMT January 12, 2021

time is running out for that play, may resume uptrend already

Tallinn viies 09:13 GMT January 12, 2021
first target of course previous dya low at 1,2133. this needs to be taken out first. then 100 pips from daily high - 1,2075.

Tallinn viies 08:46 GMT January 12, 2021
good morning,
eurusd TARGET today 1,2075. until previous day high contains attempts higher euro moves lower.
today eurgbp also started to support the move.

Mtl JP 07:28 GMT January 12, 2021

CB and revising history to boot:
Facebook says it’s taking down all content referencing ‘stop the steal’

somebody s got to have an archive ?

dc CB 07:13 GMT January 12, 2021

Mtl JP 05:39 GMT 01/12/2021

Case in point. I ran for President ans spent WTFKnows pocket change. Twas a lark.

So now I got my (former-when she resigns) employee in the Treas Secy's outer office.

Hk Ab 05:53 GMT January 12, 2021
Reload short, 1/2 in 1856

Mtl JP 05:39 GMT January 12, 2021

Freezing Weather in Asia Sends Energy Prices Soaring, Catching Markets Off Guard
-- China’s coldest winter in decades meant state-owned energy giant Sinopec was desperate to unload heating fuel from a vessel headed to a northern port, yet freezing temperatures that have swept parts of Asia froze a thick sheet of ice and blocked access.

With the help of an icebreaker ship and a cannon loaded with hot water, workers spent 20 hours clearing a pathway for the tanker to dock and discharge its cargo of liquefied natural gas in Tianjin.

Fed Officials See Strong U.S. Rebound, Fanning Talk of Taper
- Balance Sheet Blasts Above $7Trillion
- about tapering to begin later in 2021 “I don’t want to prejudge right now -- while we’re in the teeth of the pandemic -- when we’re going to get there. But I would hope it might be this year,” - Kaplan

Yellen Lines Up Ex-SEC Official Nisanci as Chief of Staff
-- Janet Yellen’s chief of staff at the Treasury Department will be Didem Nisanci, an executive at Bloomberg LP
-- Ben Harris, a top Biden economic adviser, will also join Treasury as a senior adviser to Yellen

dc CB 05:32 GMT January 12, 2021

clues to future trading 2021----- are to be found in the past....aka 'we're back'
to wit: Janet Yellen, the incoming Treasury Secretary has picked as her chief of staff at the Treasury Didem Nisanci, an executive at Bloomberg LP.

Nisanci has been offered the job and accepted, Bloomberg itself reported.
Nisanci is currently global head of public policy for Bloomberg LP, the parent company of Bloomberg .

If Yellen is confirmed as Treasury secretary, Nisanci will be one of her closest aides; her appointment won't require Senate confirmation.

Nisanci, 47, was chief of staff at the SEC under Barack Obama, where she was the lead adviser to Chairman Mary Schapiro on all issues involving the SEC, including policy, legislative, strategy, and communication matters.

Prior to the SEC, she was the lead adviser to Treasury Secretary Nominee Timothy Geithner after having been staff director for the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs subcommittee on Securities, Insurance and Investment.


Mtl JP 01:16 GMT January 12, 2021

10-yr 1.159%

Nikkei uP
DLRx small gap DOwn

Hk Ab 00:47 GMT January 12, 2021
Met another housewife and she doesn’t believe gold breaks 1350 again in life time....

Mtl JP 00:14 GMT January 12, 2021

10-yr 1.149%
the FED gang still thinks it is bigger than bond market
eur/dlr at 1.2154-ish sleeping


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