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Forex Forum Archive for 01/13/2021

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Hk Ab 23:35 GMT January 13, 2021
What? Beast coin up and gold doesn’t go up?

The above was the morning moans from housewives in the mkt... the ducks beat the c9.....


dc CB 23:24 GMT January 13, 2021
Shocking! This man can't spend his $245 million Bitcoin riches due to forgotten password

no one here remembers this early Bitcoin 'loss'.

When the price of bitcoin hit $10,000 on Wednesday, many in the cryptocurrency community celebrated the milestone. But for one man in Wales, bitcoin's boom has a taken on a very different significance.

James Howells, 32, made headlines in 2013 after it emerged he had accidentally thrown away a computer hard drive containing 7,500 bitcoins, worth around $4 million at the time. The hard drive now sits buried beneath trash in a landfill site near his home in Newport, Wales.

Following bitcoin's recent price surge, the contents of the IT specialist's missing hard drive are now worth $108 million at the time of writing, if other cryptocurrencies on the hard drive are also taken into account.

"I'm always aware of the bitcoin price," Howells told Newsweek. "I always knew this [the price rising] was going to happen.... In my opinion, bitcoin hasn't had its Facebook moment yet. Imagine the price when it does. That would make my hard drive worth $1 billion or more."

Newsweek 2017

london red 22:06 GMT January 13, 2021

either u join the party or u will be taking out the trash after them. thats if a robo bin doesnt do it for u and leave u with nothing.

Mtl JP 21:58 GMT January 13, 2021

PAR 19:13 that is how it is done, how they do it

Minneapolis DRS2 21:56 GMT January 13, 2021
Shocking! This man can't spend his $245 million Bitcoin riches due to forgotten password

That's the problem with crypto currencies...fantastic in theory, but as actual real-world currency they SUCK. So much effort was put into making them rare, untraceable, etc. that they're impossible to use and manage on a day-to-day basis.

Caribbean! Rafe... 21:28 GMT January 13, 2021
Shocking! This man can't spend his $245 million Bitcoin riches due to forgotten password
....The NYT report states that around 20 per cent of Bitcoin is stuck in such crypto wallets; the passwords of which been forgotten by owners. This amounts to $130 billion in real-world money, more than the GDP of many countries. Till a workaround is discovered this money has been essentially locked away from human reach.

Thomas owns 7002 Bitcoins

edmonton kw 20:50 GMT January 13, 2021

usdcnh daily trend down stalled ..willusdjpy revers to up side?tks.

london red 20:50 GMT January 13, 2021

Tallinn viies 20:20 GMT 01/13/2021
they cannot let rates go higher. it means end of usa. default. so they will talk the talk. the day powell talks about hikes is the day he moves to his own fortified island.
Israel, it was off the cuff, i havent even looked at grain, but the comment meant buy all the dips. commodities in general are moving higher. the more they print the higher they go. u want to be long resources for sure. also financial consumer disc builders, really anything with a price tag. oh yeah and avoid shorting the nasdaq. its a rigged game. better to make them pay u to take it higher.

Israel MacroMicro 20:32 GMT January 13, 2021

I do expect LBS/LUMBER correction case to take visit within the scene of grains sooner than later / good luck

Israel MacroMicro 20:29 GMT January 13, 2021
selling today was not a bad idea even buddy red was saying to buy :)

Israel MacroMicro 20:27 GMT January 13, 2021


but not an outside day, yet :)

about NDX, no much cash left inside that cow before visiting sub 11.5K / good luck

Tallinn viies 20:20 GMT January 13, 2021
eurusd close not very promising.
closing at the lows of the day indicates new push lower. so far during this week it has been one way street. at european hours selling starting and NYC ends at the lows or in the middle of european hours trading range. I expect it to continue tommrow.will see.
brent still making higher highs and lows. NDX also has made higher high and low. Powell need to deliver tommrow for stockj bulls. or else stock indeces may fall 10-20% in first Q.

Caribbean! Rafe... 19:49 GMT January 13, 2021
this is good one...

So at the end of the commercial workday, the issuer's books experience a velocity shortfall of 275 yards, and all of this adds up over a period of time. Issuer's got books too and their books need to be reconciled, balanced and closed at the end of each and everyday too...

Caribbean! Rafe... 19:35 GMT January 13, 2021
this is good one...

PAR 18:00:00 GMT - 01/13/2021

It's a relief to hear they have taken cognizance of the threats bitcoin and other micro payment systems are to the foundation of the world's economic structure.

When we pay for a product in cash we're tendering denominations issued and regulated by central banks. An example is a product costing 220. We tender 2x100 1x20 or 2x100 1x50, but naa... keep the change...

Bitcoin is not legal tender, but is more like throwing good money after bad so we skip that, however with the MPS, we are not tendering 2x100 1x20 but just tendering a banknote of 220, which has nothing to do with the issuing authority, and removes them and the commercial bankers from the markets. The mere fact that MPS are only used in B2C and not B2B makes the other side of money creation lopsided, there needs to be 1000 yards cash in the market at any given time and sufficent velocity for a round trip, but because of MPS only 725 yards or some such figure is being absorbed, the rest is not accounted for, and now that becomes a money market problem...

dc CB 19:30 GMT January 13, 2021

WSJ Reports Americans Will Be Allowed To Invest In Alibaba, Tencent And Baidu After All

chart ADRs

PAR 19:13 GMT January 13, 2021

La Dolce Vita. Partying and setting Wall Street records with borrowed money.

Privatising profits while socialising losses.

Mtl JP 19:06 GMT January 13, 2021

U.S. budget deficit climbs to $144 billion in December - MarketWatch

Mtl JP 18:44 GMT January 13, 2021

oh how cute: the FED's generosity with the Treasury has no bounds nut
Households are plundering 401(k)s to survive the COVID-19 crisis - MarketWatch

Tallinn viies 18:41 GMT January 13, 2021
zerohedge wording starting to look like bloomberg and cnbc :)

Bottom line: demand for 30Y paper was so very strong, and so clearly not matching the recent weakness in the secondary market, that the 10Y yield CRASH a MASSIVE 3bps(!) once the auction results hit, as it PLUNGED from 1.10% to 1.07%.

PAR 18:39 GMT January 13, 2021

Even Italian yields move back down after that strong US auction.

Mtl JP 18:36 GMT January 13, 2021

red the trick : remain flexible

london red 18:29 GMT January 13, 2021

bond yields crashing whoda thought it. they cannot afford to pay high yields. tomorrow powell may crush the last yield bulls.

Israel MacroMicro 18:25 GMT January 13, 2021


as expected :)

dc CB 18:22 GMT January 13, 2021

After yesterday's "stellar" 10Y auction, which according to many came at just the right time to avoid a crash in the bond market - first, and then in stocks - moments ago we got the other, just as closely watched auction, today's sale of $24 BN in 30Y paper which likewise could have make, or break, the bond market if it was a dud.

Well, it wasn't, and in fact today's 30Y auction was one of the strongest ultra auctions in recent history.

30Y Auction, Record Low Dealer Takedown, Sends Yields Tumbling,

dc CB 18:17 GMT January 13, 2021
USA 2021

check out the pictures of the Guard inside the Capital...lying on the floor.

Update (1232 ET): Buzz Feed's Paul McLeod reports, "about 3,000 total national guard troops sheltering in the Capitol right now."

McLeod said guardsmen had to stay in the Capitol building "overnight because there was nowhere to put all 15,000 troops being brought into DC for inauguration from various state national guards (eg New York sent 1,000)"

This is nothing less than a logistical nightmare as thousands of guardsmen had no folding cots to sleep on.

Acting Metropolitan Police Chief Robert Contee said the National Guard is boosting the numbers of guardsmen around the Capitol complex to more than 20,000.

dc CB 18:08 GMT January 13, 2021

Update (1257ET): According to the Washington Post, McConnell is done mulling - and has decided not to convene the Senate for an emergency trial - meaning the Democrat-controlled Senate will do so during the Biden administration.

PAR 18:00 GMT January 13, 2021
this is good one...

Bitcoin has a lot to do with taxes and staying anonymous. They can't trace. It's a bit like cash but in huge amounts. A somewhat bigger problem than the €500 bills.

Mtl JP 17:55 GMT January 13, 2021
this is good one...

this is good one ...
from funny business expert
Bitcoin and its ‘funny business’ should be regulated globally, says European Central Bank chief - by Jack Denton

Christine Lagarde’s warning on Bitcoin comes the same week as the U.K. financial regulator told investors they could “lose all their money” on crypto.

PAR 17:50 GMT January 13, 2021
Failure to impeach Trump will boost the markets.

Trump has been really good for the markets but all those tycoons who hugely benefitted from his tax cuts and other help are now turning against him.

PAR 17:46 GMT January 13, 2021

Lagarde will do whatever it takes to help Guiseppe Conte as at the IMF she did whatever it took to get rid of Berlusconi.

She has been a lot involved in Italian politics.

GVI Forex 17:21 GMT January 13, 2021
Italy's Renzi says his party's ministers are resigning

Mtl JP 17:20 GMT January 13, 2021

sub 1.2150 euro puppy looking to chew 1.2130 stops

Mtl JP 15:57 GMT January 13, 2021

water under bridge now so just for the record:
Economic News Release
Consumer Price Index Summary
8:30 a.m. (ET) January 13, 2020

"The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) increased 0.4 percent in December on a seasonally adjusted basis after rising 0.2 percent in November"

Mtl JP 15:24 GMT January 13, 2021

today's mushroom feeders
Bullard - already on record:
-- says all signs point to inflation rising Reuters
-- Two Fed Officials Push Back on Talking Bond Taper Any Time Soon Bloomberg

13:00 Brainard on her Economic Outlook
14:00 Harker on his Economic Outlook
14:00 Beige Book
15:00 Clarida on Fed’s New Framework
time in NYT

Mtl JP 15:17 GMT January 13, 2021

EURO 1.2170
puppy showing that 50 is base Sup and 1.2180/90 1.22 Res
so currently slave to the prancing whim of the DLR

tom may be another ball of wax w/ECB dec minutes

PAR 14:52 GMT January 13, 2021

So many Fed speakers today cheerleading the markets higher and yields lower.

Today, US stocks will have to move higher with so much verbal support from Fed and Wall Steet officials.

hk ab 14:14 GMT January 13, 2021
scale in above 1860 again......

PAR 14:00 GMT January 13, 2021
COVID-19 is raging across the U.S., with another grim milestone seen Tuesday as the death toll hit a new daily record of nearly 4,500. So far more than 22M cases have been reported to date, including more than 375K deaths. A massive vaccination campaign started in mid-December is also running behind, with just 9.9M people having received the first of two injections of Pfizer and Moderna's vaccine. That's prompting some changes. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said yesterday the federal government is changing the way it allocates coronavirus vaccine doses, which will be based on how quickly states can administer shots and the size of their elderly population.

Tallinn viies 13:41 GMT January 13, 2021
closed long euro again. at 75. in principal Im still very bullish but need to get lower this week I think. average weekly range around 150 pips currently. this week only 94 pips. expect euro to widen the range to downside.
doesnt like this siutation. seems eurgbp draging it down. seems to me it may fall to 0,8800.

edmonton kw 13:26 GMT January 13, 2021

feb. munthly xgbp drops.panteys.xspoed

Amazing Trader Reviews 12:58 GMT January 13, 2021 Reply   

'Amazing Trader Review...'

Belgrade Knez 12:08 GMT January 13, 2021

Mtl JP 11:20 GMT January 13, 2021

JP great indication for sure ..... even better one is USDCHF .... to see eurusd movement I always watch usdchf.... great inverse correlation .....

Israel MacroMicro 12:05 GMT January 13, 2021


1.2135 will tell :)

until than your longs hold reasonable R/R ratio, good luck!

ed kw 12:02 GMT January 13, 2021

need take on gbp for its puling eurusd up monthly's to.tks.notin.gstrings.nob

haifa ac 11:24 GMT January 13, 2021
Proof of Concept Jan 12, 2021

Oops, should have been posted as response to the LAGARD message

haifa ac 11:21 GMT January 13, 2021
Proof of Concept Jan 12, 2021

This is funny.... but so true. As the world turns. As a kid I used to save my pennies in a blue box so that Israel could buy more land from the Arabs and the Turkish Otoman empire kushan holders.
Who would have thunk that we are going back to boxes.

Mtl JP 11:20 GMT January 13, 2021

DLRx 90.225
USD goes uP -> Euro goes DOwn
easy as 1 ... 2 ...

Tallinn viies 11:13 GMT January 13, 2021
not yet there.

hk ab 11:12 GMT January 13, 2021
the sharks want to create a higher high? in view of the quacking index, Ic close the short here. no worries.

NY JM 10:50 GMT January 13, 2021

Tallinn, where do you see an outside day?

Tallinn viies 10:32 GMT January 13, 2021
I do like outside days. reversal pattern for me.
possible we may see it today.

took back long euro postion at 1,2174.

GVI Forex Blog 10:16 GMT January 13, 2021
Proof of Concept Jan 12, 2021

There is an old saying, The proof is in the pudding. This means that the best way to find out if something is good is to try it yourself. After watching the following where I show a Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept Jan 12, 2021

PAR 10:05 GMT January 13, 2021

When is too early.

European rates have been negative since 2014, repeat 2014. That is 7 years. 7 YEARS

Not too many results just more debt, hyperinflation in real estate and unhappy pensioners and savers.

Young 7-year old European children have learnt it is better to put money in a piggy bank than in a real bank as it is safer and it doesn't cost you anything.

Israel MacroMicro 09:50 GMT January 13, 2021


you do not like outside days?! :)

PAR 09:30 GMT January 13, 2021

ECB's President Lagarde: We must avoid the mistake of removing support too early.

Lagarde is back from holiday and European banks start to decline again. What's on her mind?

Mtl JP 09:11 GMT January 13, 2021

DLRx 90.115
current outlook for US session: wishi-washi mixed
‘Hopes are pinned on the incoming Biden administration, leveraging [a Democratic] Senate majority, to emphatically tackle COVID.’
— claims Mizuho Bank

PAR 09:09 GMT January 13, 2021
Another political Comedia Del Arte tonight?

PAR 08:53 GMT January 13, 2021
Lagarde to speak this morning. Most likely about the climate, with the extreme cold we are seeing in Spain she will be influenced by what she saw on TV.

PAR 08:40 GMT January 13, 2021
#ECB balance sheet resumes the uptrend. Total assets rose by €5.4bn on QE. Total asset now at €6,984.7bn equal to 68% of Eurozone GDP vs Fed's 35%, BoE's 36% and BoJ's 130%.

Mtl JP 08:31 GMT January 13, 2021

10-yr 1.118
naah ... no ycc
move on

Mtl JP 08:25 GMT January 13, 2021

PAR 07:49 and you ain't seen / heard anything from janet "ycc" yellen yet

Belgrade Knez 08:16 GMT January 13, 2021

after three days falling, yesterday could be eurusd retrace day

Tallinn viies 07:57 GMT January 13, 2021
good morning.
euro took out today previous inside day high. target 1,2235-40 today. support previous day low at 1,2138.
plan to buy today at 1,2160/70 area.

PAR 07:49 GMT January 13, 2021
Rosenheen, Lagarde & co permanently verbally intervene in the markets and undermine the free market system.

Markets no longer have a price discovering function.
Bureaucrats set the prices.

Mtl JP 07:30 GMT January 13, 2021
this is good one...

this is good one ...
Regulators have been flooded with tips on corporate wrongdoing
A $114 million SEC award is among factors enticing tipsters
The work-from-home phenomenon has triggered a fresh frustration for U.S. corporations: Americans are blowing the whistle on their employers like never before.

The proof is in the data, with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission receiving 6,900 tips alleging white-collar malfeasance in the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30, a 31% jump from the previous 12-month record.

the agency has paid out some $330 million in awards, including an eye-popping $114 million to a single tipster in October .../..

Whistle-Blowing Soars to Record With Americans Working From Home

Israel MacroMicro 06:50 GMT January 13, 2021

Entry: Target: Stop:

I am with the outside weekly candle script, still :)

Central Kwun 05:59 GMT January 13, 2021
Sell Gold until break 1869
Sell Gold
Entry: 1859 Target: Stop: 1869

Today is sell

dc CB 05:20 GMT January 13, 2021
USA 2021

Upbeat Xi Says "Time And Situation On China's Side" Amid Turmoil & Pandemic Rise In US

speech before Politburo leadership a "declaration that the conditions are right for the previously slumbering lion to roar and Xi will see to it that it does."

Pop-Up add in your browser....

Last 2 weeks to get free Mandarin Lessons in the DC area.

Discount for the 4 Year Course ends --- Feb 2 2021. Avoid the price increase, sign up now.
Learn the Official Language and Be Safe. Gie a leg-up to your children...head of the class when schools re-open.

lakewood jjlkwd 04:19 GMT January 13, 2021

a bit surprised that the grains couldnt hit limit up for today(wed) again following wasde report... seems some numbers were not as bullish as others

dc CB 02:29 GMT January 13, 2021
USA 2021

8 Days...and you will wake-up in a sweat...OMG what a nightmare.
Is it OVER?

I wonder what the people in the homes, that I biked by in the fall who had TRUMP 2020 signs on their property, are feeling now.
(knowing full well about Google Street View---cool add to the Google Sat View of 'your' property On The Google Maps Website.
(when was that last 'Run' for the StreetView Update????)

Altano Douro 2017---uncork another vinhas da familia, Symington.

Mtl JP 02:11 GMT January 13, 2021
USA 2021

Odds of Pres Trump invoking

Insurrection Act of 1807
- a United States federal law that empowers the President of the United States to deploy U.S. military and federalized National Guard troops within the United States in particular circumstances, such as to suppress civil disorder, insurrection or rebellion

as led by nancy and cnn ?

Hk Ab 01:58 GMT January 13, 2021
Reload 1/2 short again 1862.5....... to celebrate their cheers

Jkt Abel 01:51 GMT January 13, 2021

Long live hk housewives, they better buy more then

Hk Ab 01:45 GMT January 13, 2021
Housewives are praying hard together for the break of 1865


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