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Forex Forum Archive for 01/06/2021

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Mtl JP 22:00 GMT January 6, 2021

10-yr frolicking around 1.05%

if it stays or boogies higher
certain vehicules will do well and
others will suffer misery

in other words: new opportunities at the door

Mtl JP 21:37 GMT January 6, 2021

DJIA 30,829.40 close
new record

Tallinn viies 21:30 GMT January 6, 2021
seems night desk guys will have fun again tonight.
different markets to different directions and then back to sq one.
personally guess similar day as it was today.

PAR 21:29 GMT January 6, 2021
He looks mentally ill and should be taken to hospital asap.

london red 21:18 GMT January 6, 2021

new iphone, other $hit from china and takeout. who will have time to protest.
mkt wont give a $hit. when sound of printer stops then it takes notice. lil schmucks dont matter, its just how it is. if both sides come to the party and tgt not each other but authorities, only then will it be different

Israel MacroMicro 21:12 GMT January 6, 2021

$2000 cashier's check inside the mailbox to provide people with loads of extra time to do the important things to save USA

Mtl JP 20:43 GMT January 6, 2021

I tend to agree that "real violence hasn't started yet":
10-yr yielding only 1.035%

Minneapolis DRS2 20:24 GMT January 6, 2021

The real violence hasn't started yet.

My guess is that America is in for a repeat of The Troubles, given the specific conflicts and the kinds of people who are involved.

PAR 20:24 GMT January 6, 2021

Are they all vaccinated or is this massive Covid spreading?

london red 20:15 GMT January 6, 2021

long time before that happens. when both sides start going at it with pitchforks into their houses then youve got a north vs south 2.0. lot more money to be printed before that happens. decepticons seems to be keen to be more inclusive so that scenario, while cannot be ruled out in the future, is some way away

Mtl JP 20:15 GMT January 6, 2021

Gold at 1921 says no

PAR 20:11 GMT January 6, 2021

Start of a civil war?

Mtl JP 20:07 GMT January 6, 2021

who wants to guess at what
are thinking ?

london red 20:05 GMT January 6, 2021

dont the police has guns over there? i thought it was just the uk where they use harsh language

lakewood jjlkwd 20:04 GMT January 6, 2021

National Guard
All the buildings in the US Capitol Complex are now under lockdown following a security threat from Trump supporters, forcing Congress to recess during a joint session to formally count Electoral College votes

Mtl JP 20:03 GMT January 6, 2021

Congressional debate recessed over security threats inside Capitol building, lawmakers told to 'shelter'CHAOS AT CAPITOL
Congressional debate recessed over security threats inside Capitol building, lawmakers told to 'shelter'

Pro-Trump protesters storm US Capitol as lawmakers gather to count electoral votes

london red 20:01 GMT January 6, 2021

SWBI up 20% after violence BUT opened 10% higher. seems like protesters got there stocks in before they left home.

PAR 19:44 GMT January 6, 2021

Washington starting to look like Caracas Venezuela.

PAR 19:41 GMT January 6, 2021
Trump turning USA into a Banana Republic.

Washington starts to look like

PAR 18:35 GMT January 6, 2021
Capital vs Labor

A well paid job is more important than a one-time handout.

That's why on Wall Street and in the government everybody has a well paid job.

Bangkok KC 18:01 GMT January 6, 2021

Krishna// I would BUY on dips for gold.

Mtl JP 17:25 GMT January 6, 2021
Capital vs Labor

Schumer says one of Democrats’ first priorities will be $2,000 stimulus checks - MarketWatch

in 15 days

PAR 17:11 GMT January 6, 2021
Capital vs Labor

Joe Six-Pack and Mr Dupont. Normal working people not hit by Covid but working from home.

Tallinn viies 17:06 GMT January 6, 2021
closed nasdaq100 at 12804
thats ity for today.

Minneapolis DRS2 16:53 GMT January 6, 2021
Capital vs Labor

What labor?

PAR 16:43 GMT January 6, 2021

Out at 1.2280. We'll see tomorrow.

PAR 16:42 GMT January 6, 2021
Capital vs Labor

Looks like Capital will party and Labor will suffer under a Biden presidency.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Mtl JP 16:36 GMT January 6, 2021

euro 1.2280
for the yr opening GAP to have chance of closing puppy probably needs to see 1.2250/40 to crack first.

Tallinn viies 16:25 GMT January 6, 2021
London guys came in today, bought euro from 1,2315-25 area up to 1,2350. hoping more but didnt work out. sold it before leaving to home down to earlier Asian daily low and even 10 pips below.
200 hour sma currently 1,2250. should be good area to buy euros. stop below previous week low.

PAR 16:24 GMT January 6, 2021
Capital vs Labor
With the price of capital so cheap and, Labor expensive and complicated by covid, most multinationals keep firing employees at record speed to boost their share price.

Hyderabad Krishna 16:23 GMT January 6, 2021
Any views on gold please..... Closed all my shorts on gold as of now

Bangkok KC 16:20 GMT January 6, 2021
BUY EUR/USD on dips
1.2265-1.2275 if see again.

Bangkok KC 16:18 GMT January 6, 2021
SELL EUR/USD @1.2336

Just closed all Euro short @1 2270 ...

Hk Ab 15:57 GMT January 6, 2021
The 3 valuable indicators: quacking, housewives and......

london red 15:53 GMT January 6, 2021

nasty looking candle on the daily. day still not out but if doesnt regain 123+ then 122 tomorrow. bottom likely to fall out under 12250/60. some folks will see these us yeilds as a blip and may be locking in. i dont but i can see the mechanisms so a fall in euro is poss on back of this. not a win just a goal scored for usd tho imo.

lakewood jjlkwd 15:46 GMT January 6, 2021

time to pass the punch !!

Tallinn viies 15:45 GMT January 6, 2021
bought back euros I sold earlier today. long again from 1,2299

PAR 15:38 GMT January 6, 2021
VIX hitting new lows for the year on Wall Street euphoria on a democrat
controlled senate.

Looks like they love Biden more than Trump

london red 15:06 GMT January 6, 2021

better to fill early than still have it when mkt is at 125 plus as that can mean a change in trend by registering a large fall. so if they plan a higher euro i think it will fill sooner than later. higher bond yields will help usd win a battle or two but not the war, unless over 1.50/60 on the 10 which is some way off.
12000/60 would go a good area from which to build the years uptrend. i dont know if it will be seen, we may see gap fill only but often there is some backfill into previous year. sometimes though only half a fig, which weve had already. however odds are good for a bit more, using law of averages. if seen worth taking, thats how i would play rather than aim for those levels.

Gaza Ibiza 15:05 GMT January 6, 2021
USD equity flux
Euro at 1.23 and stox at jetson levels. Its kind of funny given that the move from 1.1 to 1.20 was driven buy FED QE and now it seems that every analyst on the street is is predicting that EUR is to the moon because the fed cant get money out the door fast enough! Same rational with Equities...
I guess we can head higher maybe... But i would wager that 1.24/1.25 n(big option pin risk there) is where the real money will come out to buy USD.... for a corrective move ...Sure dollar is trading poorly but i would bet the next 10 figures are on the downside than upside ... ill risk 1.2650 ... Equities ill wager we are trading at 3200 if not lower handle before 4000. QE trade for me has played out despite the plethora of arguments that its just the beginning. If you dont buy that ... then buy bitcoin... I guess everyone will make money!

PAR 15:05 GMT January 6, 2021
Buy Algos go wild. Algos go for record high DOW.

Mtl JP 14:56 GMT January 6, 2021

euro 1.2315
What about the opening year EURUSD gap?

Bangkok KC 14:38 GMT January 6, 2021

Probably take profit arond 1.2250 if see today.

PAR 14:37 GMT January 6, 2021

USDJPY out @ 103.25. We'll see.

Tallinn viies 14:14 GMT January 6, 2021
to see 1,2215 you need NDX down to previous month low around 12 220. would love get it there but I doubt it is bpossible.

Bangkok KC 14:10 GMT January 6, 2021
SELL EUR/USD @1.2336

EUR/USD correction is on the way...
Target 1.2215-1.2220

Tallinn viies 14:10 GMT January 6, 2021
if democrats take last seat availabe then people talking about 4-6 trillion stimulus package.

Democratic sweep would pressure Treasuries due to much higher issuance (to fund stimulus programs). Treasury yields will go higher.

then of course Fed be forced to increase the pace of Treasury purchases to keep rising yields from choking off the recovery

win win

london red 14:07 GMT January 6, 2021

millenials deciding taxation?


u pay the tax u want to pay

Israel MacroMicro 13:58 GMT January 6, 2021

GBP is the lagging one with doing the up leg

soon or the last up leg seen for this round?

Israel MacroMicro 13:55 GMT January 6, 2021

AMEN !!!

go for presidency, I am one to vote for you :)

PAR 13:54 GMT January 6, 2021
Strong ISM - Weak ADP
Who is lying or spreading fake news?

Tallinn viies 13:54 GMT January 6, 2021
it seems there will be no taxes at that time.
Ministry of finance will make new bond emmisions constantly and FED will buy them all. so no need for taxes at all. everybody happy.

Israel MacroMicro 13:50 GMT January 6, 2021

better you keep being respectful towards millennials, they are the ones to decide the taxation on your wealth while you are getting old :)

Bangkok KC 13:35 GMT January 6, 2021
SELL EUR/USD @1.2336

Average short @1.2300

Let see if there is a correction or not this week.

london red 13:26 GMT January 6, 2021

right people in the right jobs making the right money makes the mkt go up. for the rest therre is uber and uber eats runs. the millenials seem to love it.

Tallinn viies 13:19 GMT January 6, 2021
ADP reported US lost 123K jobs.

in principle it is good news. more money :)
I just wonder if at one stage all jobs gone. where the stock market will trade then? 1000 times more expensive?

Hk Ab 13:14 GMT January 6, 2021
Housewives index work again......

Bangkok KC 12:58 GMT January 6, 2021
SELL EUR/USD @1.2336
EUR/USD need a correction back to 1.2215

london red 12:50 GMT January 6, 2021

crude will surprise a lot of people. too much talk of batteries not enough investment to cover next 20-30 years.
as for stocks, margin calls done by 10:30 eastern so after that the coast will be clear for sure. even an asteroid hitting earth will be spun in a positive way - fed will print even more.

Tallinn viies 12:24 GMT January 6, 2021
NDX will trade 12 800 again today.
first need to crawl back a bit, then new wave selling when US markets officially start and then later today sharp rebound. and then of course new all time highs next week.
gosh. how easy it is nowadays.
brent target 60,00 within 1-st quarter.
eurusd 1,31sh before 1-st Q is over.

Mtl JP 12:15 GMT January 6, 2021

with 10-yr at 1.01%

DJIA 30391.60 not likely to be thrilled

PAR 12:07 GMT January 6, 2021
Short 1.2340. Target 1.2000.

Bangkok KC 12:04 GMT January 6, 2021

They long gold or short gold?

Israel MacroMicro 10:12 GMT January 6, 2021
long 1.7470 entered
stop 1.7430 (ask)

targets per portion: 1.7510/1.7540/1.7615

when 1.7510 prints stop moved to 1.7475

a plan ?

london red 10:04 GMT January 6, 2021

thats above my paygrade, i stick to what i know, where i know

Israel MacroMicro 10:04 GMT January 6, 2021

having positive yields with CHF and JPY beyond the appreciating ccy in my understanding is possible on that way. no carry costs :)

Israel MacroMicro 10:00 GMT January 6, 2021

yes red

of course I am more picky than this general conversation
I am looking for debt issued in Swiss Francs and JPY by healthy companies during a moment of high volatility in the markets.

this is my sniper setup

logic to you?

hk ab 09:56 GMT January 6, 2021
FWIW, housewives group just added 1955.

london red 09:51 GMT January 6, 2021

yes thats fine but with debt u are paddling upstream in an inflationary world. if that isnt your view, then yes debt would be best. but im not sure u can get a commodity boom and have falling inflation.

Israel MacroMicro 09:51 GMT January 6, 2021

same applies to beautiful charts of zombie companies

I trust it to be good manner to build long/short potfolio

Israel MacroMicro 09:47 GMT January 6, 2021


I love ugly charts of healthy companies :)

Amman wfakhoury 09:46 GMT January 6, 2021
Fill in the black space
EURUSD needs 123--

london red 09:44 GMT January 6, 2021

i would stay away from the debt given rates are heading the other way in the medium term. dont think bonds is an area you want to be overweight in far from it.

Israel MacroMicro 09:36 GMT January 6, 2021

thanks red

what about debt of raw material firms?
some offer nice yields at the moment

london red 09:34 GMT January 6, 2021

commodities boom is already a 5 year long cycle. GS makes the case here for a continuation ie 10 or 20 year cycle length. some miners. i would prefer to play thru stocks given u still get handesome yields while u wait and in the event u get it wrong, some/part of the yield will always be there.

Israel MacroMicro 09:28 GMT January 6, 2021

you give a case to be long raw materials for few years with the copy Japan 90's and paste it into 2020's around the globe script.

or I got it wrong?

london red 09:20 GMT January 6, 2021

Tallinn viies 07:11 GMT 01/06/2021

yes its quite probable. in the 90's japan built roads bridges buildings in an effort to boost growth and inflation. since many CBs are printing money these days, many funds will be spent in that direction across the world.

Belgrade Knez 08:56 GMT January 6, 2021
automatic scalping system

Israel MacroMicro 08:48 GMT January 6, 2021

my entries are based on 5min chart and when I see rejection from the levels I have on my chart, together with one proprietary indicator I have that shows direction

Israel MacroMicro 08:48 GMT January 6, 2021
automatic scalping system

how you measure the momentum to enter into scalps?

Belgrade Knez 08:43 GMT January 6, 2021
automatic scalping system

Israel MacroMicro 08:34 GMT January 6, 2021

I didn't really compare .... my entries are mainly from certain levels I am following, previous support/resistance ....

Israel MacroMicro 08:34 GMT January 6, 2021
automatic scalping system

the trades I share from my robot, are they meeting your scalping logic?

explains the report I shared yesterday?

Israel MacroMicro 08:27 GMT January 6, 2021

USD/CAD longs the meaning

Israel MacroMicro 08:27 GMT January 6, 2021

humble 20 pips booked with 3/4 of longs taken few minutes ago

london red 08:26 GMT January 6, 2021

tech wont rebound til us session at earliest as they need to run stops which cant happen til open.
decepticons equals higher spending equals higher yields equals higher financials. which mkt is heavy financials. yeah u guessed it the one that was written off after brexit

Tallinn viies 08:18 GMT January 6, 2021
closing long euro at 1,2334. plan to buy it back near 1,2275.

PAR 08:10 GMT January 6, 2021
Long USDJPY 102.75.

Israel MacroMicro 07:53 GMT January 6, 2021

USD/CAD @ 1.2649
another scalping round started, longs!

Belgrade Knez 07:45 GMT January 6, 2021

as we missed to stop this virus with strong discipline at the beginning of 2020 like Chinese did, now only what can save Europe and rest of the world is fast vaccination of majority of population.
Chinese were disciplined for 3 months and now they living normal life, we didn't wanna destroy our democracy and now we suffer and will for many more months.

PAR 07:38 GMT January 6, 2021
With European cases out control Europe should consider closing its borders to avoid the introduction of new mutations of the virus.

Israel MacroMicro 07:31 GMT January 6, 2021

you are right with 1H/45D time frame
there you see clear momentum to the upside for the short term

but 1.2450 is capped for now, imo

good luck

Tallinn viies 07:11 GMT January 6, 2021
GS again talking commodities higher,

Column: Goldman proclaims the dawn of a new commodity supercycle - Andy Home

Tallinn viies 07:08 GMT January 6, 2021
not sure which time frame you are looking.
1,2200-1,2500 range for week from here should work.

Israel MacroMicro 07:04 GMT January 6, 2021

I think that 1.2450 is safe for few weeks with EUR/USD
what is your opinion viies?

PAR 06:58 GMT January 6, 2021

ECB buying Italian bonds to support the EURO.

Israel MacroMicro 06:46 GMT January 6, 2021

good morning viies,

not better to wait for a deeper pullback than 12640 ?
sub 12400 at least, as sub 12200 seems unavoidable as long it is a "mini-event" - in case of real event we can expect sub mid 11K. this is what my system tells now.

good luck

dc CB 06:43 GMT January 6, 2021
Nothing else to discuss

10Y Yields broke 1.00%...
Bitcoin screamed to a new record high above $35k...
Ethereum has broken out to the upside...
And the Nasdaq has plunged..

ZH is ClickBait and To Be IGNORED.


Bye Bye the
FORMER intelligencia (NOODY GIRL...that claimed demiGod from the far east.... GoldyCoast(real R Not) Who cAN TELL....

gOOD LUCK DUDES AND DUDETTES....if that is still a permissiable designation.


Soybeans and Corn lolo0lol0ol0l09lolllooll which WE proper traders Don't discuss here.


PAR 06:37 GMT January 6, 2021
Elections don't matter. The FED just keeps printing money.

dc CB 06:20 GMT January 6, 2021

The Oracle of Austrailia---Gold Coast

Bring out the Stars---out Long Time Members...with 'Trades'
save the sinking ship

Give US a Winner... Pa Leeezeeeeeeeeeee.

CARP a in Drowning

dc CB 06:06 GMT January 6, 2021
173 Seconds That May Change Your Trading Forever!
it will happen that fast....

Rules??? we don't need not stinkin' rules..... see Treasure of Sierra Madre

kind or today's environment---World Wide

not what you think

Tallinn viies 05:50 GMT January 6, 2021
finally eurusd has taken out previous year high.
it is definatelly important sign. clears hurdles and doubts if or when euro will test 1,2500.
next target for me is 1,2464.
it will be touched and this view doesnt change before previous month low is not taken out out.
so no time relax, swithc off screens and come back if euro trades above 1,24sh.

Tallinn viies 05:35 GMT January 6, 2021
good morning,

buying NDX here at 12 640.
some people have run ahead of themselves :)
no need to worry about democrats win. money still comes to the people (to markets) from good and smart rules of the world.

DXB SJP 05:16 GMT January 6, 2021

Entry: 102.85 Target: 101.85 Stop: 103.40

Selling USDJPY on every pullback

lakewood jjlkwd 05:09 GMT January 6, 2021

futures not spot....

lakewood jjlkwd 04:56 GMT January 6, 2021
Zues where are you ? i have todays euro high at 1.2345(5)......weird or what ?

Minneapolis DRS2 04:47 GMT January 6, 2021

If the political websites are to be believed, the Democrats have already got one seat (Warnock) and will probably get the other (Ossoff). Ossoff and Perdue are separated by less than 1000 votes, with Perdue currently leading (>99% reporting).

Mtl JP 04:37 GMT January 6, 2021

IF cost of money goes uP... stocks do not like that
IF stocks are down => market likely pricing a georgia dem win

lets see soon

Mtl JP 04:32 GMT January 6, 2021

10-yr 0.995%

Minneapolis DRS2 01:52 GMT January 6, 2021

I can't speak for all brokers obviously, but here in the US I have NEVER seen a reputable broker who didn't honor stops. In fact, I believe that's a fast path to losing regulatory (NFA) approval here in the US. In the eyes of the NFA, traders are expected to protect themselves using stops, and brokers are expected to protect themselves by observing capital reserve requirements and having sufficient liquidity from upstream counterparties. Break this and it's your a**.

That's not to say there won't be slippage. I've seen it happen (even to me) and it's annoying. Nothing is perfect. But that's a far cry from not honoring stops.

Mtl JP 01:39 GMT January 6, 2021

when you r flying blind coz broker is down and not answering the phone for an hour how comforting would your sls be ?

there was only one justice obtained by MM, if my memory serves me:
oanda's grace unless I am confusing w/someone else. It should be in the Archive if u have time.

Minneapolis DRS2 01:29 GMT January 6, 2021

Preventing margin calls is your job, not the broker's. That's why you use stops. You call the broker to get price quotes, put in new orders and update existing orders.

Regarding the original subject of Apple Maps...either Apple's servers failed or someone decided to be an a**hole and turn off Apple Maps service for DC...who knows. The lesson to be learned is that paper maps, a compass and navigation skills are still useful...even in the modern age. Soldiers and sailors are still taught the old ways, even if they don't always use them.

Mtl JP 01:20 GMT January 6, 2021

even IF u
- have a live land-line and rotary phone
- know how to use it
- know your dealer(s)s phone number

do u think you ll actually get a live account manager to answer
and if yes, in time to prevent a margin call ?

one reminder:
USA MM 16:42 GMT January 15, 2019
Oanda: Reply
Oanda platform is still down. It came up for a minute and then went down again. I have been on hold for almost an hour and still no one has picked up the phone.

or hit the Archive for "oanda"

dc CB 01:14 GMT January 6, 2021

dc CB 22:05 GMT 01/05/2021
make of this whatever you wish.
it's funny where this went---starting with JP's using it as an excuse to attack ZeroHedge.

When the issue offends thee ...ATTACK the Messenger...ignore the issue.

Minneapolis DRS2 00:51 GMT January 6, 2021

How many traders know the customer service or trading desk phone numbers to their brokers? It's food for thought...what do you do when your trading platform becomes unavailable for some reason?

Bali Sja 00:48 GMT January 6, 2021

You gonna teach them how to place a trade with a broker using a landline phone too? And by phone i mean no digital, analog one.

Minneapolis DRS2 00:22 GMT January 6, 2021

There are a lot of "old-fashioned" skills that you'd be surprised are not being taught to the young. Don't believe me? Try asking a 10-15 year old how to do these things that were once commonplace:

...Using a compass to turn and face North

...Locating common landmarks using a paper map

...Writing their name in cursive handwriting

...Reading the current time off an analog clock (hour/minute hand)

...Basic arithmetic (add/subtract/multiply/divide) without a calculator

...Finding the Big Dipper

...Recognizing common plants in their backyard and knowing which are edible

...Lighting a fire using kindling and a match

...Preparing a meal without electric appliances

...Recognizing simple machines and how to use them (lever, pulley, wheel+axle, inclined plane, wedge, screw)

Now remember that the people who do not know these things are teaching future generations.


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