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Forex Forum Archive for 01/18/2021

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Tallinn viies 23:46 GMT January 18, 2021
closed my short euro at 1,2076.
only one reason...

nasdaq100 too out previous day high.
keeping short ndx and brent and eur gbp.

lakewood jjlkwd 23:21 GMT January 18, 2021
There are some (unconfirmed) report of US airstrikes in Iraq
Mon 18 Jan 2021 22:33:31 GMT
forex live (dead)

edmonton kw 22:26 GMT January 18, 2021
USD Policy

grams allways slaped the market.right on 100. pip move.usgov.corp

london red 21:55 GMT January 18, 2021
USD Policy

we have been forewarned what yellen will say but remember when the munchkin caught folks out by stating he wouldnt be concerned if the dollar fell short term. caused quite a stir. i dont think youll see the same reaction but it would be another strike against the dollar going forward.

Caribbean! Rafe... 21:01 GMT January 18, 2021
about those 'stimmie' checks

Moreover, Biden is good for the world in that way trump never was, meaning to offset china, not in war terms, but to bring the US economy back into the black. North Koreans may then realize their country does better because of lessening chinese influence and interference. I love the way Korea looks though as it's mighty clean and solid culture, yes they are starving, but that will soon be overcome by them, if they do the right things. The world is changing, and both rich and poor have remembered many things about the world and what the old world value system should be for them, and that's the direction where the world is heading... Kim jong will be able to stand on the world stage proudly by then I feel and free from Chinese manipulations... Nobody has anything against China, it's just arrogance which is their own undoing, and that's how the world of business works... That's all there is to it, and it's not a fault of anyone, it's their feudal mindset which is the problem, but in the world of Chinese business philosophy and methods, that's good for us, the bombs will drop on them, and we'll do business with someone else. Who knows and who even cares, that China can avert it all for the sake of their own people, however it's their choice completely, the matter of world domination leading to their condemnation... I still can't believe it that when a US insurrection took place a few days ago, that China bawled out That's Karma!, or something to that effect. Now that! is just very spiteful...!

Caribbean! Rafe... 20:09 GMT January 18, 2021
about those 'stimmie' checks

Caribbean! Rafe... 22:09 GMT March 18, 2020
Witchy witchy life's a bitchy: Reply
2025 China...

Caribbean! Rafe... 19:39 GMT January 18, 2021
Why Does Technical Analysis Work (you will be surprised)?

GVI Forex 15:55:16 GMT - 01/17/2021

Okay, reasons why technical analysis works.

(1) Prices trend (in one direction).

(2) Market actions discount everything.

(3) History repeats itself.

(3a) History does not repeat itself, but foolish people repeat history*... I wrote this almost 20 years ago, it's in the archives. However, It goes much deeper that those points above but should suffice for us to resume on healthy and constructive debates, long overdue...

*I was way too young in those days.

Tallinn viies 17:22 GMT January 18, 2021
Trump wanted zero interest rates and weak dollar. at the time of Trump dollar underlying didnt support weak dollar. Trump insisted abd all time pressured Powell to get rates near zero as other countries have otherwise too big advantage. so before Trump left Powell took rates and dollar started to fall. Now others will enjoy the fruits.
BUT as I undersatnd then Yellen will not start to influence the dollar. so currently as it weak dollar is common (almost 99% of people) mantra then Yellen saying that market need to decide means actually free to sell dolalrs. no need to worry.

haifa ac 17:00 GMT January 18, 2021
Rich in US minting money in pandemic like never before
"There has probably not been a better time to be wealthy in America than today," said Peter Atwater, an adjunct professor at William & Mary who popularized the notion of a 'K-shaped' recovery to describe the stark split in economic fortunes. "So much of what policy makers did was to enable those that were wealthiest to rebound fastest from the pandemic."

like playing "21"

Mtl JP 16:05 GMT January 18, 2021
USD Policy

re wsj's janet will not "whispering":
note that the wsj piece did not say that janet will say to have US' "best interest" on her mind by way of a strong dollar, something that used to be the mantra

Israel MacroMicro 15:16 GMT January 18, 2021

with the bigger picture, the answer we will get is about the range being 1.2-1.3 or 1.15-1.25

China GDP "numbers" from earlier should support the "risk on" sentiment needed to test the zone mentioned in the previous post :)

1.2015/30 seems safe until NY opens tomorrow, keyword is seems :)

good luck

Israel MacroMicro 15:13 GMT January 18, 2021

above 1.2105 area up to 1.2130 area we will know the strength of the sellers.

probably to test that zone before NY opens tomorrow.


Belgrade Knez 15:05 GMT January 18, 2021

holiday in US hence small range

Tallinn viies 15:03 GMT January 18, 2021
seems daily low is in place for today.
europeans will go after their own stops if they want to get any action. NYC not participating in a normal way today. if no wish for action then mission accomplished for today.

Tallinn viies 13:24 GMT January 18, 2021
slow going but so far everything according to plan.
europe came in and basically took out asian high 1,2184 and immideatelly started selling. selling area was from 75-85.
then new low at 56. back to 75. NYC came in sold to new low 54 just before european fix and now need to see NYC options expiries and LDN fix. before european high at 86 not taken out even not thinking of thinking changing plan.
if by accident going above 86 then of course need to reevaluate but previous day high 1,2162 tooo far away to get there today.
personally think 80 pips today is max range we could see. selling area then 1,2130/40 area with stop above previous day high 1,2162 and take profit area today with current high at 1,2086 could be somewhere near 1,2000/10 area.

Mtl JP 10:34 GMT January 18, 2021

DLRx 90.855
Res 90.935 Res 1.
Res 2 @ 91.23

Today US stock and bond markets r closed Monday
No trading or settlements in crude and Gold

10-year 1.090%

Gaza Ibiza 10:21 GMT January 18, 2021
Looks like eurjpy and gbpjpy will have their time in the sun the next few days ... i guess that the odds of five digits down makes a lot of sense given the backdrop;.. anyway thats my bet .

london red 10:16 GMT January 18, 2021

that low 58 corresponds with dec 9th low. the 38.2 fib has been broken at 12064 so does point to lower certainly if the 58 is taken. prev high at 12010 should offer support. it is one of 3 areas that could mark weekly bottom, the others being 11946 and 11926. a weekly close at 12064 or higher having gone down earlier in the wk would point to end of corrective move.

GVI Forex 10:11 GMT January 18, 2021

Low so no far 1.2058

Posted last week on the AT forum

GVI Forex 13:12 GMT 01/14/2021 - My Profile

1.2105/15/25 was the support band, so far middle has held. See 4 hour AT chart. Key target is 1.2058 should 1.2080 get broken

The Amazing Trader

Tallinn viies 09:32 GMT January 18, 2021
currently weekly high 1,2086. 150 pips down from 1,1936.
so if it is now starting move higher from current daily/weekly high then of course targeted weekly lows are coming also higher with that. so and if previous day high (1,2162) taken out then need re-evaluate and stat measuring 150 pips from current week low. sounds easy but sometimes it is working sometimes it is not. like always. but this is a way how I try to ride this downmove until january expted range will be done. currently I expect januarys range will be 363 pips. so downside target 1,1986. 100 pips to go from todays high.

jkt abel 09:20 GMT January 18, 2021

but what if it goes up a bit first but failed at 12190ish, dump big time the week after?

london red 09:15 GMT January 18, 2021

inauguration? maybe there is downside risk there. if more protesters/militia appear, they wont hesitate to take mkt down, then back up of course.
i personally think you want to be buying this weeks low in euro. even if its top it will takes some weeks of consolidation before they take it down, but more likely is a consolidation period before higher again - there is still more stimulus to come in the states. u should allow for 188 but in reality 119xx should be as bad as things get before a strong finish to the week. if this doesnt happen then almost certain 118 tested the following week, but i personally favour a strong finish to this week with a dip early on.

Tallinn viies 08:34 GMT January 18, 2021
london red 08:00 - in principle of I do agree with you but my logic is ...
150 pips per week on eurusd. so 75 up 75 down is 50/50 chance.
as we took out previous week low then technically more sellers than before otherwise confirmed. confirmation would be move above previous dya high. so if previous week low taken out then it is not 75 up and 75 down it is more like 100 down and maybe 50 up or even if lot of sellers then 25 up and 125 down.
so as all other markets took out I bet we have at least 100 pips down from weekly opening levels.

and eurgbp sell because there has been no needed downside move after brexit deal and as eurusd is falling then it is doable now. and as UK is in front of vaccination race then soon financial press start to talk up uk.
I expect gbp to strengren until UK central bank and finmin starts to push for weaker sterling as their economy doing weakest currently from developed world.

Tallinn viies 08:27 GMT January 18, 2021
nasdaq100 and brent also took out previous week low. correction down gathering force.
I believe NDX will fall until inaguration day of new president. americans will definatelly not let major stock indexes to fall on day when new president starts.
so today and tommrow time press lower hit all the levels needed before new push higher.
TARGET for nasdaq100 today 12 630. plan to cover my short there. if not hitten today then for this week downside TARGET 12 400. will try to trail short position there.
for brent similar view. correction has just started or actually confirmed. brent TARGET today 53,60.

london red 08:00 GMT January 18, 2021

eurgbp and euro both at bottom of last wks range or a little below. pairs normally trade at some point a portion of prev wks range. can easily move 1% or more higher and make new low in both. if goes down first, the odds are of a recovery by end of wk.

Tallinn viies 06:51 GMT January 18, 2021
shorting eurgbp here at 0,8903. I assume previous day high could hold.
target 0,8825.

Tallinn viies 06:38 GMT January 18, 2021
good morning,
euro has taken out previous day and previous week low. direction is clear for now. first TARGET today 1,2035/40.
first level to sell euro near 1,2150/55.
if we get lower first then selling area also trailing lower to 1,2125/30 area. planning to keep my short euro as long as weekly range 150 pips. or stop level above previous week high 1,2226. so currently possible downside target for this week is 1,1935/40.

Hk Ab 05:57 GMT January 18, 2021
House wives hv better performance than ducks

Central Kwun 04:25 GMT January 18, 2021
After stop hunt this morning, today bottom is seen
Buy Gold
Entry: 1827 Target: Stop: 1817

Fri Sell was extremely nice, now change to buy

dc CB 04:06 GMT January 18, 2021

awwww...who cuda thot???

China Reports Stronger Than Expected GDP, Is Only Major Economy To Grow In 2020

dc CB 03:58 GMT January 18, 2021
This is The week That was -- 2021

ooo certified as Counter culture....OOOOO

e Incredible String Band
The Incredible String Band were a British psychedelic folk band formed by Clive Palmer, Robin Williamson and Mike Heron in Edinburgh in 1966. The band built a considerable following, especially in the British counterculture, notably with their albums The 5000 Spirits or the Layers of the Onion,

dc CB 03:24 GMT January 18, 2021
This is The week That was -- 2021

WedNESday Jan 20 2021(in the Year of Our Lord>>>AWE sheit---edit that)

and to top off our majic trick...we will levitate the Pentagon 1967

good grief Charlie Brown

HK C9 02:54 GMT January 18, 2021

Ab- we always win in Bitcoin. We wait for your sell signal then use the “ab indicator” to go long and make pips. Never fails. Thank you.

Hk Ab 01:23 GMT January 18, 2021
Someone ALWAYS “win” $1 and housewives ALWAYS “lose” the underpants.......LOL

dc CB 00:51 GMT January 18, 2021
USD Policy

Ice Cream From China Contaminated With COVID: Officials

Officials in a Chinese municipality said that three samples of ice cream tested positive for the COVID, and thousands of boxes were confiscated, according to state-run media

dc CB 00:49 GMT January 18, 2021

ooooo How Many LOTS on this trade?

Why did you make that Multi Lot trade?

Because---- I post this stuff here every day.... Some Follow, Some Don't,,,, but I always WIN....ALWAYS.

Amazing Trade ---WHOT!!!!

dc CB 00:46 GMT January 18, 2021
USD Policy

speak only what is permittttttedddd.

(we will) Cancel your 'Cloud' space---- is in the RISK ON ramp... GVI.

BREXIT BREXIT BREXIT---only the afe stuff----Fight Club---Never Never ever talk about Fight Club....

Tyler Durdin

dc CB 00:40 GMT January 18, 2021
about those 'stimmie' checks

just like MTL JP deflecting the 'possible' discussion to his own theme... Central Bank Mouths Make a Diff....

'Look over here....squirllll squirellllll oooooooo.... Guard Dog'

lakewood jjlkwd 00:35 GMT January 18, 2021

AB what happenened an hour ago that dropped it below 1801. ?

Hk Ab 00:04 GMT January 18, 2021
Housewives put 1810 and 1800 limit Long


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