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Forex Forum Archive for 01/21/2021

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dc CB 23:41 GMT January 21, 2021
this is good one...


Shah said that to protect those people’s privacy, they will simply be asked a yes-or-no question: Do you have one of the chronic conditions on this list? Those who say yes, live in the District and are at least 16 years old will get a vaccine, no further proof required.

“With a lot of this, it’s the honor system, attestation,” Shah said. “As a health department, as a city, we have to strike that balance of ensuring the right people are getting in line without creating barriers for them.”

Fatima Cody Stanford, an expert on obesity from Harvard Medical School, called the District’s plan to vaccinate all people above a healthy weight “amazing” from a public health perspective.

“Obesity is a disease state characterized by significant inflammation,” she said. “What we know about covid is it’s also a state characterized by significant inflammation. . . . We can call this the perfect storm. When a patient with obesity gets covid — it’s a recipe for not good things.”

All overweight D.C. residents will get priority for the coronavirus vaccine.

Mtl JP 23:19 GMT January 21, 2021

this is good one ...
Raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour would ‘really help’ struggling Americans make ends meet, Yellen said.

Yellen says raising minimum wage to $15 would have ‘minimal’ impact on jobs, but nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office disagrees

london red 20:21 GMT January 21, 2021

appl crushing it again... wot still cant get no iphones...sales going to the moon

Mtl JP 19:04 GMT January 21, 2021

DLRx 90.01 LoD
after US stocks made - yet again - all time highs

lakewood jjlkwd 18:51 GMT January 21, 2021
grains oilseeds

KW theres plenty of room to write complete words spelled accurately not this abbreviated street talk. we are here to help each other with news flow , trading ideas, so please contribute accordingly. i am not in charge but i know who is, and i'm pretty sure he's not thrilled.

edmonton kw 18:24 GMT January 21, 2021
grains oilseeds

aka.bitbiches.china,, have dun thear floting of yawn,to oil,,to xag is sell now from muther mxn,,,,xag for em,, market

edmonton kw 18:22 GMT January 21, 2021
grains oilseeds

dc,, i look to see if its usd move or grane it sellf for in 1990s only way to fimde usd strenth or soft in commoditys forshadowing usd moves i was lost befor not now to trake usd rs
al trend so i dont get kill in dog eat pusy doges... my 2

fun to finde usd 4 parts to market its simpall............qontom ..phisikes with fib. treands...gll

Bangkok KC 18:19 GMT January 21, 2021
LONG EUR/[email protected]

Euro up trend remain intact.

Average [email protected], take profit order @1.2210

Mtl JP 18:18 GMT January 21, 2021
this is good one...

probably old news so just fwiw
As virus variants keep spreading, EU governments consider stringent new travel bans

Toronto Abb 17:53 GMT January 21, 2021
promised pairs coming days gbpchf gbpjpy candchf and i mentioned last friday stil time to buy ..lets see

lakewood jjlkwd 16:27 GMT January 21, 2021
grains oilseeds
DC gains from limit up have melted, a case of pump then dump . first sign of weakness when it took out last Tuesday low

Tallinn viies 15:48 GMT January 21, 2021
europe came in today just below asian high 1,2138. 30-35 area was sold down to 15 then Ldn came in bought above asian high. was able to buy it up 1,2147 before NYC came in. with NYC help eurusd got above previous day high just before european fix. after ecb press conference US low made at 1,2137.
guess NYC will try again new order to 1,2140. TARGET sill 1,2200/05.

Tallinn viies 15:28 GMT January 21, 2021
so he is still long :)

london red 15:27 GMT January 21, 2021

lrg not leg

london red 15:26 GMT January 21, 2021

fwiw you cannot take leg usd out of bitcoin there just isnt the liquidity. you can do size on futs but not the underlying. you can do size in but not out. because tether is not usd and cannot be transferred in usd then into real usd in size. the exchanges wont do it as they dont have the funds.

Tallinn viies 15:00 GMT January 21, 2021
no worry before it is moving below 20k.
1 month ago before christmas in bloomberg this guy with serious face reported that by their analyses bitcoin real value is 145 000 dollars.
so it trade in the range 18k - 23k at that time. so I guess they bought before a lot and then went public with their mega analyses.

of course it could be that maybe they alrerady sold it above 40k and made 1bio profit with less than a month.

Tallinn viies 14:43 GMT January 21, 2021
mr bitcoin - minerd from gugenheim bought worth 1bio near 20 000k. as talking heads reported.
so now worries before iit is moving below 20k.

Belgrade Knez 14:13 GMT January 21, 2021
Crypto in play

time to sweat out those who bought bitcoin above $30k

Gaza Ibiza 14:07 GMT January 21, 2021

Gaza Ibiza 14:06 GMT January 21, 2021
Crypto in play
making the rounds what every exchange has known for years.

lakewood jjlkwd 14:04 GMT January 21, 2021
yesterday both trump and biden were swearing.. each in his own way

Israel MacroMicro 13:48 GMT January 21, 2021

USD:CAD: looking to take longs around top of the hour

Israel MacroMicro 13:29 GMT January 21, 2021

USD about to show a muscle

Tallinn viies 13:29 GMT January 21, 2021
closed my long euro at 1,2162. plan to sell below previous week high or buy near european lows 15-20 area.

Tallinn viies 13:16 GMT January 21, 2021
previous day high taken out. now time to trade back to daily lows and check where the stops are.

Mtl JP 11:06 GMT January 21, 2021

typical correlation
when stocks look uP -> DLRx looks DOwn
DLRx 90.19, just above its earlier 90.14 low

PAR 10:22 GMT January 21, 2021

Big stops above 1.2170.

Euro looks very strong. Guess Lagarde will be optimistic today after her long holiday.

Bangkok KC 09:43 GMT January 21, 2021
LONG EUR/[email protected]

To get 1.2220 target this week, Euro should trade above 1.2170 before New York close.

Tallinn viies 09:36 GMT January 21, 2021
I believe eurgbp on the move to 0.8500.
but if 100 pips per day then always worth to take some profit,.

buy eurgbp today at 0.8770. if not happens today then later.
as long as eurgbp stays below 200 day sma Im very relaxed.

Mtl JP 09:27 GMT January 21, 2021
this is good one...

this is good one ...
in NY State:
Relates to the removal of cases, contacts and carriers of communicable diseases who are potentially dangerous to the public health

Assembly Bill A416
2021-2022 Legislative Session

jkt abel 08:49 GMT January 21, 2021
buy cable
eurgbp to 8750
now where are the brexiteers? as planned 1.32-1.38, now 1.35 as support for 1.50-1.60

jkt abel 08:47 GMT January 21, 2021
Gold is bottomed

ab got killed by housewives

Gaza Ibiza 08:25 GMT January 21, 2021
looks to me like a risk off day as china has started to up the rhetoric.

Mtl JP 08:16 GMT January 21, 2021

post grifter's "unity" babble
asians, european and early us stocks slight uP tendency

Gold uP some at 1869
Crude off a bit
10-yr 1.079%
DLRx sitting at 90.35 after it bounced off 90.22/20 Sup
but off 90.92 recent high's

Tallinn viies 07:25 GMT January 21, 2021
good morning,
eurusd bullish today. made higher high and low yesterday. tested back above 200 hour sma but failed to make much headway yesterday. will try later today again.
first resistance 1,2158 previous day high. if taken out not too much resistance before previous week high at 1,2226. first support previous day low at 1,2077, expect it to hold today.
guess people looking today for ECB press conference. how strongly and how many times they mention there too strong euro.
after press conference of course market realizes that ecb can not do much. and actually as long as CNY getting stronger against the dollar ecb doesnt care too much about eurusd either as they have competitive adavantage against US currently. look at the german export numbers to china.
after press conference over euro most likely moving above previous day high. weekly target 1.2205-10.

dc CB 03:45 GMT January 21, 2021
this is good one...

one last. from the colonies-1/20/2
Gold Goats 'n Guns

I’m relieved Donald Trump is no longer President. In fact, I’m downright ecstatic. This is the best I’ve felt in weeks.
Trump was four years of faint hope, failed promises and false narratives.
Oh, don’t get me wrong he was also entertaining as hell...

Epitaph for a Post-Trump America

Central Kwun 03:38 GMT January 21, 2021
Gold is bottomed
Buy Gold
Entry: 1870 Target: Stop: 1850

remember I said Gold is bottomed at 1802? that was false break

Bangkok KC 03:17 GMT January 21, 2021
BUY GOLD @1861

GOLD rally nicely. Still hold [email protected]

Bangkok KC 03:17 GMT January 21, 2021
LONG EUR/[email protected]

EUR/USD rally nicely this moring. Still hold long average @1.2100

Israel MacroMicro 03:11 GMT January 21, 2021

selling indices here:

ES: 3856
YM: 31150
NQ: 13380
RTY: 2158
NKD: 28800

let us see :)

dc CB 02:47 GMT January 21, 2021
this is good one...

the first WH Press Briefing.

wait..what year is it still 2015?

awe, that last martini...where am I, what time is it, what year is it.......she does look a bit older but....


dc CB 02:11 GMT January 21, 2021
this is good one...

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said that with the inauguration of Joe Biden, Europe once again has “a friend in the White House”.

Speaking before the European Parliament on Wednesday morning, the EU Commission boss hailed the prospect of enacting globalist policies with the 77-year-old Democrat.

“This time-honoured ceremony on the steps of the U.S. Capitol will be a demonstration of the resilience of American democracy. And resounding proof that, once again, after four long years, Europe has a friend in the White House,” von der Leyen declared.

“From climate to health, from digitalisation to democracy – these are global challenges that need renewed and improved global cooperation. And the EU and U.S. must lead from the front and bring an alliance of like-minded partners with us,” she added.

“I am delighted that on day one of this new administration, the U.S. will rejoin the Paris Agreement. This is the starting point for our renewed cooperation. And way more is to come”

dc CB 01:52 GMT January 21, 2021
this is good one...


The new administration plans to work with the WHO on an international Covid response plan as one of Biden’s first major policy changes, the transition team announced hours before his inauguration Wednesday.

Fauci will deliver remarks to WHO on Thursday at its annual executive board meetings, according to Biden’s transition team.

“Once the United States resumes its engagement with the WHO, the Biden-Harris Administration will work with the WHO and our partners to strengthen and reform the organization, support the COVID-19 health and humanitarian response, and advance global health and health security,” the transition team said in a statement.

Dr. Fauci to lead U.S. delegation at WHO meetings as Biden plans to reverse Trump withdrawal

Syd jg 01:41 GMT January 21, 2021

We can only hope it wipes out as many Deplorables as possible...Is that the plan?

dc CB 01:38 GMT January 21, 2021

The Biden team, Bloomberg says, is "increasingly worried the coronavirus pandemic is spiraling out of control - imperiling his promise to contain the outbreak - as cases and deaths mount, vaccinations lag and a more-transmissible strain emerges in the US."

The way the editors framed the issue, they made it sound as if any potential surge in cases later in the year - for whatever reason, even something totally unforeseen like more viral mutations (the other day, brazilian media warned of a new hyper-infectious strain emerging in the Amazon) - would be President Trump's fault, not Biden's and the Democrats.

"Perfect Storm...Not Of Our Doing" - Fauci-Led Biden Team Suddenly Stunned By Virus Surge Created By Fauci-Led Trump Team

SYD JG 01:38 GMT January 21, 2021

Bidens " socialist policies " will be good for your Deplorables. Get it DC?

Mtl JP 01:37 GMT January 21, 2021
this is good one...

this is good one ...
is this or not a fake
"Raising the minimum wage would really help" workers who are struggling to get by. ????

Thread See new Tweets Conversation Washington Examiner

dc CB 01:35 GMT January 21, 2021

I can't get no, oh, no, no, no, hey, hey, hey
That's what I say
I can't get no satisfaction, I can't get no satisfaction
'Cause I try and I try and I try and I try
I can't get no, I can't get no.

Update (2018ET): Portland's KATU News says Portland Police are arresting protesters at the "J-20 march."

A group of violent demonstrators gathered in Southeast Portland on Wednesday afternoon, hours after President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were sworn in at the US Capitol. The leftist anti-government group appeared displeased with the new administration as they attacked the building of the Democratic Party of Oregon.

Local news KGW reports the group of at least 100 people, dressed in all black, marched through Portland.

KGW's Mike Benner posted a series of tweets showing the chaos unfolding in Portland as there was "significant damage at the Democratic Party of Oregon bldg at 9th & Everett."

"We Want Revenge": Antifa Anarchists Activate After Biden Inaugurated

Syd jg 01:34 GMT January 21, 2021

PAR 15:42 GMT 01/20/2021
Long USDJPY 103.50

A premature entry there par. Will get no penetration.
I am talking forex of course.

Mtl JP 00:27 GMT January 21, 2021

post-grifter's installation
Raytheon Technologies Corporation (RTX) - NYSE
closed $68.84-0.52 (-0.75%)

Mtl JP 00:17 GMT January 21, 2021

post-grifter's installation DJIA closed at 31,188.38 +258pts or .83%

lets see if Nikkei does monkey see monkey do


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