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Forex Forum Archive for 01/25/2021

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Mtl JP 23:56 GMT January 25, 2021

Yellen Confirmed; DLRx @ 90.32

dc CB 23:55 GMT January 25, 2021

dc CB 15:46 GMT 01/24/2021
Go Big. $183Billion on the block from the Biden Treasury (Gammy's shop?). First test for them in the GlobalMarket.
record low yield of 0.125%.

The Bid to Cover was solid, rising from 2.453 last month to 2.668, and also well above the 6-month average of 2.52.

Indirects taking down 56.5%, up from 49.2% last month, and solidly above the 50.6% recent average.
Directs taking down 15.65% - in line with recent months - Dealers were left holding on to 27.9% of the auction, the lowest since April 2020.

Record Large 2-Year Treasury Auction Prices At Record Low Yield

dc CB 23:49 GMT January 25, 2021

Janet Yellen Confirmed As US Treasury Secretary

dc CB 23:48 GMT January 25, 2021
LBS (lumber)

good luck ???????????

Yeh good luck.....Lumber trades an average of 400 futures contracts per day. And is NOT available to trade on a 24hr basis.

That thin market can go Lock Limit Up or Down for days, before it let's you out of a wrongway position.

No one in their right mind trades lumber.

Mtl JP 23:32 GMT January 25, 2021
this is good one...

Reuters Videos
'Eliminate the vitriol': Biden defines 'unity'

IF u dont have strong stomach: do NOT click

Israel MacroMicro 22:06 GMT January 25, 2021
this is good one...

F.B.I. ?!
sounds much more like old K.G.B.

long live Putin, god bless Biden, from where Giuliani to bring $1.3B if losing the court case filed against him?

Melania filed for divorce?

AT rules, the best you can get for $97 monthly fee, subscribe!

Israel MacroMicro 22:02 GMT January 25, 2021
LBS (lumber)
selling with confidence anything above today's high

for special flavor can add home builders shorts or as risk limiting use longs - all depends on your risk tolerance and appetite.

sub $600 target for LBS

good luck

Mtl JP 18:22 GMT January 25, 2021
this is good one...

this is good one ...
or not
Teen turns dad who participated in the Capitol riot over to the F.B.I. - MarketWatch

Treviso Kilian 18:02 GMT January 25, 2021

It sounds like a great call ! thank you viiies

Mtl JP 17:47 GMT January 25, 2021

Goldman Sachs is very bullish about a recovery this year. Here’s what could go wrong - MarketWatch

squid's anthem

PAR 17:19 GMT January 25, 2021
Scaramucci to President Biden: 'Now is not the time to raise taxes'

When Trump lowered taxes "Then it was not the time to lower taxes"

Hk Ab 16:10 GMT January 25, 2021
Crying wolf for the whole month, let’s see.

Mtl JP 15:53 GMT January 25, 2021

puppy is sitting on the 50day price point +/- 7 pips for a bit now

excellent false starts tactic chopping 'n culling the nervous types.
lets call it hawks cleaning pigeons off table, just like in Nature

GVI Forex 15:34 GMT January 25, 2021

Currently 1.2120

AT is showing the following key levels

1.2114 (vs. 1.21155 LOD)
1.2078 (most important)

The Amazing Trader

Minneapolis DRS2 15:29 GMT January 25, 2021

Set up a stop and see if it breaks, just like the rest of the market does.

Mtl JP 15:21 GMT January 25, 2021

what do u use to measure the strength/weakness of the 50day 1.2120 ?

jkt abel 15:13 GMT January 25, 2021

euro would drop to test 12060-70 again, if stays below 12120

Hk Ab 15:09 GMT January 25, 2021
Housewives dance, wear diamond...

Mtl JP 14:57 GMT January 25, 2021

EURO 1.212-ish
50dma at 1.2120

Tallinn viies 14:48 GMT January 25, 2021
went long euro at 1,2132. target 1,2185-90

PAR 13:39 GMT January 25, 2021
Eurostar Near Collapse, Begs For Bailout, Becomes Hot Potat

Eurostar, the company that operates the cross-Channel train service that connects the UK with France, Belgium and the Netherlands, is on the brink of collapse, the company’s management warned this week. With passenger numbers down 95% in the final quarter of 2020 and revenues down over 80% over the course of 2020, it is now “on a drip” and in desperate need of extra cash, says Christophe Fanichet, a senior executive of France’s state SNCF railways, which is the majority shareholder of Eurostar.

Israel MacroMicro 13:26 GMT January 25, 2021
NZD/USD: getting extreme toppish

NZD crosses: sooner than later NZD may get weaker also in that front.

time frame: coming days and still this week off the current levels.

good luck

Israel MacroMicro 13:22 GMT January 25, 2021

still, is that the keyword?

GVI Forex 12:36 GMT January 25, 2021
Do Automated Trading Algos Work?

Imagine yourself sitting on the beach sipping a cold drink, turning on your automated trading algo, and watching the profits roll in. Well, dream on. There is no free lunch in the trading business. I wish there was but such is not in the cards. To prove my point, I have done some research that I will share with you.

Do Automated Trading Algos Work?

hk ab 12:07 GMT January 25, 2021
always good to see the cat dead.

Amman wfakhoury 11:55 GMT January 25, 2021
GOLD 1869
1869 confirmed will be reached unless it closed below 1855.
now 1864

Bangkok KC 11:45 GMT January 25, 2021
BUY GOLD @1848

Still hold long @1848, Take profit 1900+

hk ab 11:08 GMT January 25, 2021
dancing with housewife 1864.......

very tempted to short they are hyper now.

PAR 11:06 GMT January 25, 2021

Euro rises as Italian bond yields decline as Conte is seeking defectors from other political parties to support him.

Tallinn viies 09:47 GMT January 25, 2021
good morning,
euro just took out previous day low. bearish now until previous day and week high at 1,2189 not taken out.
asian range was 1,2160 up to 1,2183 made before euroepan open. europe tried one more time higher but failed 1 tick below asian high. Ldn came in and oushed euro below asian support.low so far 1,2146.
first target 1,2130 where is 200 hour sma.

PAR 09:17 GMT January 25, 2021
How long before they publish figures with and excluding COVID-19 like they do with all the rest.

london red 08:51 GMT January 25, 2021

PAR 08:43 GMT 01/25/2021
those that need to know, already know
besides appl cant make new 5g phones fast enuff, this was always going to happen

PAR 08:46 GMT January 25, 2021
It is impossible to move in financial markets without being pushed aside by central bankers rushing towards the media spotlight. ECB President Lagarde will be speaking twice, in fact. ECB Chief Economist Lane will also be giving a public (rather than a private) briefing. But can this pontification of central bankers tell markets anything new?

The world economy has three forces tangled up at the moment. The pandemic is a one-off shock to demand, outside of central bank control. The cyclical damage from the pandemic (loss of revenue) affects some but not all businesses—and as this is close to a traditional economic cycle, central bankers have some influence. The structural changes to the global economy are more of a fiscal issue. Markets have trouble disentangling these three forces. Today’s speeches are unlikely to make mu

PAR 08:43 GMT January 25, 2021
Rumors German IFO will be better than expected. Rumours (or leaks)
that earnings from AAPL TSLA and FB will be much better than expected.

Rumours that Biden will speech every day just before the US markets close.

Minneapolis DRS2 08:13 GMT January 25, 2021

"What difference, at this point, does it make?"

PAR 08:06 GMT January 25, 2021
Green central banking. The new mantra from the holistic queen of Frankfurt, Christine Lagarde.

She should be in politics not in Central banking. That's not her dada.

Mtl JP 06:15 GMT January 25, 2021

Theme :
us stocks uP ---> DLRx DOwn ---> EURO uP

still working

Central Kwun 05:29 GMT January 25, 2021
above 50 is buy
Buy Gold
Entry: 1854 Target: Stop: 1834

RSI trend line has broken and cross above 50 level.
Strong rejection candles.
Recommended buy position.

Bangkok KC 03:18 GMT January 25, 2021
BUY EUR/USD 1.2170 this week
Euro still bullish. Buy on dips should work this week.

dc CB 03:03 GMT January 25, 2021

ETFs related: VNO, SLG

According to Bloomberg, real-estate data analytics firm Green Street released a new report outlining how the office space market in San Francisco will be the worst-preforming market in the US for 2021. Even though office vacancies in Manhattan are at record highs, it appears San Francisco tops New York City as companies reevaluating their space thanks to the pandemic.

Green Street estimates that rent and occupancy may plunge 22% in San Francisco this year, the largest expected decline of any other city in the country. New York was number two with -17%, Los Angeles in third at -9%.

Your office

dc CB 01:04 GMT January 25, 2021

error on my post.

The 62Bln in 7s is on Thurs. So after the dust of Powell's presser has settled...22hrs or so later.

the 7 is the closest to the 10...not equiv but the closest. The next 10 offer will be in Feb.

7 get's you 10...isn't that an Odds Makers cry.

Going Forward: accoring to The Hill. Week 2(or is it the first full week) Exec Order Stuff ---to be signed. (link below)

(Jack Reacher--Tom Cruise stars as. 'remember you wanted this')

the executive actions Biden will take this week

Mtl JP 00:57 GMT January 25, 2021

10-yr 1.099%
Gold $1858
Brent 55

so far market saying Dalio is either
ahead of time or

Mtl JP 00:43 GMT January 25, 2021
this is good one...

this is good one ...
46th richest man with $18billion net worth muses
...“I believe we are on the brink of a terrible civil war,” Dalio wrote. “We are at an inflection point between entering a type of hell of fighting or pulling back to work together for peace and prosperity that addresses the big wealth, values, and opportunity gaps we’re now seeing.”.../..

World’s biggest hedge-fund manager ‘thrilled’ with Biden’s inauguration speech but still believes America’s on ‘brink of terrible civil war’


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