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Forex Forum Archive for 01/29/2021

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Mtl JP 23:18 GMT January 29, 2021

global-view forum
a word (awsome) or two about afternoon posts into the close:
some crazy good tactical trade call posts in a ying yang euro market
starting with jjlkwd 15:16 and later

kudos boyz-n-galz who pulled the trigger
fortune smiles upon the well informed

PAR 19:57 GMT January 29, 2021

Why do those hedge funds don't short Tesla's.

It is trading with a P/E of over 1500

Pure madness

Mtl JP 18:54 GMT January 29, 2021

yaaa... curiosity killed the cat
information .... is what brought him back

Minneapolis DRS2 18:51 GMT January 29, 2021

There are some questions I'd rather not know the answer to...

Mtl JP 18:45 GMT January 29, 2021

who knows... what evil lurks in the hearts of men ?
only the shaaadow knows

shadow... plz step forth and speak

Hk Ab 18:41 GMT January 29, 2021

Close shorts 1850, keep 1/4.

Housewives beat millennial

Mtl JP 18:40 GMT January 29, 2021

DJIA 30,040.xx
there is a GAP at 28,500 early nov 2020

PAR 18:31 GMT January 29, 2021
What about position limits?

How can one hedge fund be 140% short while regulators are sleeping at the wheel

lakewood jjlkwd 18:28 GMT January 29, 2021

my TD platform says... a commission free trade is only as smart as you are.....

Israel MacroMicro 18:15 GMT January 29, 2021


you finally realize how WFAK is feeling :)

lakewood jjlkwd 17:58 GMT January 29, 2021

dow 29760 was low of jan 2 2021. todays low ? (so far ) 29790....

Tallinn viies 17:50 GMT January 29, 2021
short ndx covered at 12846.

thnks god I do not need to fight with printing press (powelll n yellen)

lakewood jjlkwd 17:37 GMT January 29, 2021
markets getting hit again but fx guys have hit the exits....not seeing any reaction.... lunchtime perhaps at ny desks ? i fear some indigestion later...

Toronto Abb 17:18 GMT January 29, 2021

Toronto Abb 17:53 GMT January 21, 2021
..: Reply
promised pairs coming days gbpchf gbpjpy candchf and i mentioned last friday stil time to buy ..lets see

Tallinn viies 17:12 GMT January 29, 2021
New York Fed Staff Nowcast stands at 6.5% for 2021:Q1 (prev. 6.6%)

and after that of coourse
Yellen said economy is in deep pain

muah joke is sq!
yellen actually said we gonna print trillions more. our friends and ttrustful comapnions wnat to get richer.

Minneapolis DRS2 16:56 GMT January 29, 2021

Minneapolis DRS2 09:44
Back at the 200h SMA of 2136. Enjoy the rest of the day!

lakewood jjlkwd 16:52 GMT January 29, 2021

with stox falling , less rebalancing needed...usd to benefit from panic mode. lots of explaining to be done to clients when they see month end statements...

lakewood jjlkwd 16:50 GMT January 29, 2021

i read everybody's, but only a few stand out.

Tallinn viies 16:16 GMT January 29, 2021
and euro sell down to 1,2155 now.

HK Kevin 16:15 GMT January 29, 2021

london red 14:44 GMT, my intraday downside target 132.60 reached for AAPL. That's is enough to cover my long put options opened yesterday.

Tallinn viies 16:14 GMT January 29, 2021
took again brent short at 55.45. today is rollig day. let see how they gonna do that.

Tallinn viies 16:03 GMT January 29, 2021
S3 Partners Says GameStop Short Interest At $11.2B, Third-Largest Short Value Behind Tesla, Apple

Tallinn viies 15:55 GMT January 29, 2021
sell order to 1,2164 now

Mtl JP 15:54 GMT January 29, 2021

jjlkwd - lol I see u been checking some posts of mine

lakewood jjlkwd 15:45 GMT January 29, 2021

JP ladder destroyer ?

lakewood jjlkwd 15:43 GMT January 29, 2021
lakewood jjlkwd 05:43 GMT January 29, 2021
up the creek: Reply

check the last paragraph. smells too fishy....
in case you missed it.

lakewood jjlkwd 15:39 GMT January 29, 2021

actually end of month so i think hod is better.

Mtl JP 15:32 GMT January 29, 2021

stop at 55?

lakewood jjlkwd 15:16 GMT January 29, 2021
5 min At has euro turning lower ..15 and 60 min charts should follow short @12147

Mtl JP 15:15 GMT January 29, 2021

alternately ...
IF incoming data is better than expected
--> expectation of "support" (by way of printing) dips
---> less "support" -> stocks go DOwn some
----> stocks DOwn -> DLR uP
-----> DLR uP -> euro DOwn

Hk Ab 15:13 GMT January 29, 2021
Hopefully, gold can close above 1843..... if not, good luck

Belgrade Knez 15:10 GMT January 29, 2021

ALL todays data from US is better than expected ..... this may boost USD so to send EURUSD down .... hopefully

Hk Ab 15:09 GMT January 29, 2021
I am selling though.

Betcoin, dowj, seems a 1998 style kill is very close

lakewood jjlkwd 15:04 GMT January 29, 2021

Ab i think the duck is under water been quiet lately...

london red 15:03 GMT January 29, 2021

viies if break wed low (ndx) you get 12700 gurandamnteed. otherwise no.
other mkts you are back to november lvls. so either way getting close to end of corrections there. usa mkt will guid but over in day or two either way.

Tallinn viies 15:01 GMT January 29, 2021
little spice adding also professionals started to buy put last 2 days.
crude oil

so far just for a fun. to get short term protection and also make few bucks if vola goes higher and if stocks will be bought back up today then of course they gonna sell those puts back.

I will keep my eye on it until month end is over.

Hk Ab 14:59 GMT January 29, 2021
Join housewives this time

Hk Ab 14:58 GMT January 29, 2021
Housewives fighting with millennials

lakewood jjlkwd 14:55 GMT January 29, 2021

weekend and month end for january today.....adding a little spice to the markets

lakewood jjlkwd 14:50 GMT January 29, 2021

knees a knockin' 1878 stonewalled move

london red 14:44 GMT January 29, 2021

appl gap 132ish either there or 123 gap for next leg to 145 and beyond

Belgrade Knez 14:42 GMT January 29, 2021

Tallinn viies 13:48 GMT January 29, 2021
to be honest it is very complicated to see eurusd below 1,1500 anytime soon.
I know viies ..... it's just a wish

Israel MacroMicro 14:17 GMT January 29, 2021

I remember when eurusd was below parity and I entered long trade just above .... had a nice run back then .... at the time never knew it will go so much, could hold all this years, as price NEVER return to my original entry closer than 50 pips

Tallinn viies 14:37 GMT January 29, 2021
the game played in a way that next month bought things which lagged previous month. of course until poweel helps hard working americans out.
so euro -0.5% currently mom should work.

Hk Ab 14:35 GMT January 29, 2021
Think mkt would still correct from any overbought/sold like crude futures went negative previously.......

Depends on which “hand” is bigger, you truly believe the millennial has number big enough to fight hedgefund? LOL

Tallinn viies 14:35 GMT January 29, 2021
SEC says its examining markets for potential wrongdoing????

where is wrongdoings? :))))))
it is a money machine stupid!

lets see 1 month returns:
crude +10%
ndx +3.3%
tesla +26%
gasoline +18%
nio inc +28%
alibaba +18%
corn +20%
soyabeans +8%
rapeseed +6%
non fat dry milk +4%

lakewood jjlkwd 14:21 GMT January 29, 2021
is this a knee jerk move from silver retail raiders or is there more to the story ? war is good for gold but not this kind....

london red 14:20 GMT January 29, 2021
risk off soon if situation doesnt get fix before close

bonds not bothered today in fact yield on the 10 knocking on 1.10 having tested 1.0 earlier this week. unless bonds rally today taking yields down, uv got a weekly dragonfly doji in making.

Israel MacroMicro 14:17 GMT January 29, 2021


Post your parity idea on reddit, who knows how the people there gonna act with your tip :)

Tallinn viies 14:16 GMT January 29, 2021
risk off soon if situation doesnt get fix before close
Surge in Trading Volume Causes Glitches for High-Speed Traders

Brokers were unable to route investors' orders to Susquehanna and Wolverine, people familiar with the matter said.

london red 14:09 GMT January 29, 2021
US Markets

xrt again today. will they bust 100 today? lets see. im ready to nail that $hit again

Johannesburg Hvw 14:05 GMT January 29, 2021
J&J Vaccine Efficacy

Jay, please let me have the source of this information. It is for a couple of professors who wants to be at the forefront of such developments.
Thanks in advance,

Tallinn viies 13:48 GMT January 29, 2021
to be honest it is very complicated to see eurusd below 1,1500 anytime soon. at least Powell doesnt stop printing. so far he is helping out hard workng americans so next meeting in march if im correct.

so shooting from the hip this year range will be 1.1500 - 1.3500.

if mrkets drop 10% then we may talk different story but right now it is not on the radar. so keep buying on any meaningful dip should be action plan.

PAR 13:48 GMT January 29, 2021
US Markets
US stock markets will close January in the plus and that is great news for the year 2021.

GVI Forex 13:40 GMT January 29, 2021
J&J Vaccine Efficacy

Reports that J&J results are not comparable to other vaccine results. Stocks rebounded after knee jerk down.

Belgrade Knez 13:34 GMT January 29, 2021

hope eurusd goes to parity again ..... that would be very nice

Tallinn viies 13:27 GMT January 29, 2021
it is helping me also.
focusing better. not just sitting and thinking to do something.

and in 1-st quarter it is always important to stay focused as yearly turning points are made. seems to me we gonna do eurusd low this time.

Belgrade Knez 13:24 GMT January 29, 2021

Tallin viies

Very kind of you for all the info you providing on daily basis for EURUSD every morning and also sharing sell/buy levels.

thank you.

Tallinn viies 13:21 GMT January 29, 2021
sell order to 1,2170. target weekly low at 1,2055/60.

Johannesburg Hvw 13:14 GMT January 29, 2021
J&J Vaccine Efficacy

Please may I have the reference to those figures?

GVI Forex 13:06 GMT January 29, 2021
J&J Vaccine Efficacy
66% global

72% US

57% South Africa

PAE 13:03 GMT January 29, 2021

Easy money policies from the Fed have also driven consumers out of savings accounts and CDs, encouraging riskier behaviour and flows into related products

GVI Forex 12:53 GMT January 29, 2021
Month end
Apparently, there is dollar selling at month end but does not seem to be related to stock market-related fx hedging flows.

GVI Forex Blog 12:49 GMT January 29, 2021
Trade to Win: Trade Using Directional Risk

I posted this article last year and have updated it as I feel strongly that identifying the directional risk make the difference between being a winning and losing trader. It can also, at times, protect against a headline news reaction. 

Trade to Win: Trade Using Directional Risk

Amazing Trader Reviews 12:14 GMT January 29, 2021 Reply   

'Amazing Trader Review...'

Hk Ab 12:06 GMT January 29, 2021
Next resort 28, ninja game

Israel MacroMicro 11:44 GMT January 29, 2021

GBP/JPY: closed in full the long position since months @ 143.60

GVI Forex 11:23 GMT January 29, 2021
Month end

Stocks back near unchanged for the year to date, suggesting little Fx month end impact.

Here's where US indexes stood after the 4:00 p.m. ET close on Thursday, Dec 31

S&P 500: 3,756.07,

Dow Jones industrial average: 30,606.48,

Nasdaq composite: 12,888.28,

jkt abel 11:23 GMT January 29, 2021

ECB has been saying that so often, are they targetting certain level of usd and euro? or just the volatility they are more worried?

PAR 11:16 GMT January 29, 2021

End of the month. Dollar down stocks up.

ECB is watching the exchange rate closely.

jkt abel 11:07 GMT January 29, 2021

i used to keeping in mind abour eurgbp parity you mentioned on a few occasions, is that downgraded to 0.90? thanks

london red 11:04 GMT January 29, 2021

abel i dont have a crystal ball. i will take a good price if given it. otherwise patient with what i have. but fwiw nothing goes in a straight line. eurgbp may test 90 cent one more time before down to 86 cents. i wont bet on it but i will take pounds at 90 cents if seen

jkt abel 11:02 GMT January 29, 2021

thanks red, seems like 1.35 will be hard to beat to get better price, or do you see something else?

Mtl JP 10:38 GMT January 29, 2021

heading into Fr NY session
Dow looking to open DOwn
10-yr 1.0072 (yield down a bit)
euro 1.2124
Gold 1853.50
DLRx 90.615 (chart pic)

Tallinn viies 10:31 GMT January 29, 2021
pump and pump
GameStop phenomenon spreads to Malaysian glove stocks

london red 10:24 GMT January 29, 2021

jkt abel 10:19 GMT 01/29/2021
if they take mkts down into next wk a pullback may come. no reason to change plan of buying sterling dips next 6 months

Tallinn viies 10:23 GMT January 29, 2021
elon is paying his "debt" with warm supportive words to penny stock and bitcoin investors who saved his company year ago.

he turned 100 billion company to 800 billion company just with tweeting and selling co2.

tesla market cap

Mtl JP 10:20 GMT January 29, 2021
money machine

..."at least"...
tiny words, big impact
..."Federal Reserve will continue to increase its holdings of Treasury securities by at least $80 billion per month and of agency mortgage‑backed securities by at least $40 billion per month until ...".../.
January 27, 2021 FOMC statement

jkt abel 10:19 GMT January 29, 2021

red, looks like there isnt many chance to load into cable at lower level

london red 10:16 GMT January 29, 2021

bitcoin move thx to elon today

hk ab 10:15 GMT January 29, 2021

what poke the yen?

Tallinn viies 10:13 GMT January 29, 2021
red - yep.

and I can not mention all the hard work Powell is doing to support hard working americans will give Dalio and other super fund managers stronger hand to lean on.

bitcoin just traded around 38 000.

london red 10:07 GMT January 29, 2021
money machine

Tallinn viies 10:02 GMT 01/29/2021
ray cash is trash dalio feb 2020
cos he got it wrong them means the law of averages favours him this time.

jkt abel 10:05 GMT January 29, 2021

like long for 105.50?

hk ab 10:03 GMT January 29, 2021
anyone has a comment? I am not in at the moment.

hk ab 10:03 GMT January 29, 2021
anyone has a comment? I am not in at the moment.

Tallinn viies 10:02 GMT January 29, 2021
money machine
FED is printing 120 per month.
in the middle of march 2020 coin market capitalisation was around 150 billion dollars.

10 months later market cap is a bit above 1 trillion dollars.

Dalio just yesterday mentioned he plans to join this money creating machine. of course Powell needs print.

coin market cap

hk ab 10:02 GMT January 29, 2021
Interesting to see local No.1 crappy newspaper mentioned the war between millennial with the hedge fund......

hk ab 09:57 GMT January 29, 2021
I also place betcoin short limit at 40K, come on, I am waiting for you, millennials.

hk ab 09:55 GMT January 29, 2021
When a balance is tilted badly, the equilibrium will be restored by TOPPLING........

If ninja KL is still in GVI, it will be so great.

hk ab 09:48 GMT January 29, 2021
Long dlr.yuan, 6.46.

Minneapolis DRS2 09:44 GMT January 29, 2021

EUR/USD price is still very close to the 200h SMA. Buy or sell as you like with target 2135.

Tallinn viies 09:31 GMT January 29, 2021
good morning,
euro bearish-mixed as made an inside day yesterday with lower high and higher low. delicate situation currently. with so much money printed conctantly one would like to be long euro and enjoy the ride BUT it is a last trading day of the month and week. monthly range below standard average range. also weekly range is too tight. and currently euro trading near lower end of weekly and monthly range. so could expect that it is easier to widen the range to downside.
my expectations for this month trading range was 365 pips. currently only 305 pips. for week I expected range 148 pips. currently only 124 pips.
so much depend how other asset markets behave today. most likely all the biggest desks today trying to avoid negative monthly close on stock indexes. otherwise too much problems next month. currently most indexes near the levels where trading year started. so lets wait and see. Im flat on euro. ready to sell if up 100 points from daily bottom or would go long if down 100 points from daily high.
still short nasdaq100. plan to cover below 12 800.
also short eurgbp.
plan to go short on crude oil. would be perfect near 62 but this not possible today. 58 maybe today.

hk ab 09:11 GMT January 29, 2021
Casino trades.
welcome to the reddit Casino.

XAG 27.1 filled..... trade quietly.

PAR 06:59 GMT January 29, 2021
S&P Futures
Who is launching those buy programs just before European index futures open?

Smells fishy?

Minneapolis DRS2 06:26 GMT January 29, 2021
up the creek


There was a letter that came out some time ago, allegedly from the Joint Chiefs of Staff announcing support for Biden's inauguration. It was curious to me at the time because it too is undated.

The letter later appeared on the website.

lakewood jjlkwd 05:43 GMT January 29, 2021
up the creek

check the last paragraph. smells too fishy....

dc CB 04:00 GMT January 29, 2021
US Politicks
campaign promise---Done--
Democrats Introduce Senate Bill To Make D.C. The 51st State
THU JAN 28, AT 10:50 PM

the expected Ques---pips please and where?
Ans: look at all that was told they wud do. Long/Short as your analysis 'points to'

Thy Will Be Done--

as MM sez, risk manag in place and U be safe.

dc CB 01:50 GMT January 29, 2021

For a few hours this morning it seemed that all was lost for r/WallStreetBets and their crusade to teach Wall Street billionaires a lesson, when one exchange after another banned buying in the most-shorted stocks, an unprecedented unilateral decision made by brokerages (one of which, Robinhood, is effectively joined at the hip with hedge fund Citadel, which in turn is a part owner of Melvin Capital which was destroyed by the short squeeze that Robinhood banned, so a clear conflict of interest), and one which sent GME stock as low as $112 after trading at $500 just hours earlier.

It's amazing what the Internet can accomplish...when Ideas are shared.....LOL

JPMorgan Has Some Bad News For Hedge Funds Hoping The Nightmare Ends Soon

dc CB 01:20 GMT January 29, 2021
reddit's WallStreetBets

IMHO - this is what's 'on the table' now...with the reddit mob and what has been exposed to those who saw it and understood what it means to the MARK---ITS.

and why, though seemingly a passing NUZ STORY (with the emphasis on Story); perhaps it won't be Passing as fast as some might hope.

It's not simply the STOX it also the Bonds---aka Treasurie and of course the FOMC, who are the true protectors of the commoner's well per every Fed Chair since...well Jeykll Island.---
(wait wait --- the Stock is GameStop?...........
Or is it---"Keanu Reeves stars in an explosive sci-fi adventure about a man who comes to believe that his everyday world is the product of a computer-driven digital matrix that feeds on humans".)

that's it. Read the entire magazine length(aww TLDNR too bad he writes real good) and comment...
Michael Lewis cont:

As it happens, those last two sentences stand for something like the opposite of the founding principle of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. To a very great extent, the world's financial markets are premised on a black-and-white mental snapshot of the American investor that was taken back in 1929. The S.E.C. was created in 1934, and the big question in 1934 was, How do you reassure the public that the stock market is not rigged? From mid-1929 to mid-1932, the value of the stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange had fallen 83 percent, from $90 billion to about $16 billion. Capitalism, with reason, was not feeling terribly secure.

To the greater public in 1934, the numbers on the stock-market ticker no longer seemed to represent anything ''real,'' but rather the result of manipulation by financial pros. So, how to make the market seem ''real''? The answer was to make new stringent laws against stock-market manipulation -- aimed not at ordinary Americans, who were assumed to be the potential victims of any manipulation and the ones who needed to be persuaded that it was not some elaborate web of perceptions, but at the Wall Street elite. The American financial elite acquired its own police force, whose job it was to make sure their machinations did not ever again unnerve the great sweaty rabble. That's not how the S.E.C. put it, of course. The catch phrase used by the policy-making elites when describing the S.E.C.'s mission was ''to restore public confidence in the securities markets.'' But it amounted to the same thing. Keep up appearances, so that the public did not become too cautious. It occurred to no one that the public might one day be as sophisticated in these matters as financial professional.s

Israel MacroMicro 01:04 GMT January 29, 2021

NQ: some 13245 shorts closed @ 13120

left refill orders for new shorts

dc CB 00:56 GMT January 29, 2021
reddit's WallStreetBets

this 14yo, who after watching CNBC for about a year, wrote this to his lawyer explaining his reasoning:

It began:

''I was going over some old press releases about different companies. The best performing stock in 1999 on the Nasdaq was Qualcomm (QCOM). QCOM was up around 2000% for the year. On December 29th of last year, even after QCOM's run from 25 to 500, Paine Webber analyst Walter Piecky came out and issued a buy rating on QCOM with a target price of 1,000. QCOM finished the day up 156 to 662. There was nothing fundamentally that would make QCOM worth 1,000. There is no way that a company with sales under $4 billion, should be worth hundreds of billions. . . . QCOM has now fallen from 800 to under 300. It is no longer the hot play with all of the attention. Many people were able to successfully time QCOM and make a lot of money. The ones who had bad timing on QCOM, lost a lot of money.

''People who trade stocks, trade based on what they feel will move and they can trade for profit. Nobody makes investment decisions based on reading financial filings. Whether a company is making millions or losing millions, it has no impact on the price of the stock. Whether it is analysts, brokers, advisors, Internet traders, or the companies, everybody is manipulating the market. If it wasn't for everybody manipulating the market, there wouldn't be a stock market at all. . . .''

Mtl JP 00:40 GMT January 29, 2021

early asia dumping yen

dc CB 00:11 GMT January 29, 2021
reddit's WallStreetBets
During the first Internet/Tech like it's 1999.

In 2000, a case for Internet Stock Manipulation using Yahoo Finance message boards was brought by the SEC, Arthur Levitt ran the SEC then, against a 15 year old high school student.
The master manipulator, liar,crook...? His crime--he and some of his HS friends made a lot of money.

I wonder what they will try do with the Reddit site WallStreetBets??? Will there be prosecutions for Stock Manipulation????

Michael Lewis (later he wrote the Big Short about the 2008 Bust)
penned this for the NY Times Magazine, which ran it in Feb 2001.
On Sept. 20, 2000, the Securities and Exchange Commission settled its case against a 15-year-old high-school student named Jonathan Lebed. The S.E.C.'s news release explained that Jonathan -- the first minor ever to face proceedings for stock-market fraud -- had used the Internet to promote stocks from his bedroom in the northern New Jersey suburb of Cedar Grove. Armed only with accounts at A.O.L. and E*Trade, the kid had bought stock and then, ''using multiple fictitious names,'' posted hundreds of messages on Yahoo Finance message boards recommending that stock to others. He had done this 11 times between September 1999 and February 2000, the S.E.C. said, each time triggering chaos in the stock market. The average daily trading volume of the small companies he dealt in was about 60,000 shares; on the days he posted his messages, volume soared to more than a million shares. More to the point, he had made money. Between September 1999 and February 2000, his smallest one-day gain was $12,000. His biggest was $74,000. Now the kid had agreed to hand over his illicit gains, plus interest, which came to $285,000.

When I first read the newspaper reports last fall, I didn't understand them. It wasn't just that I didn't understand what the kid had done wrong; I didn't understand what he had done.

Jonathan Lebed's Extracurricular Activities


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