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Forex Forum Archive for 01/30/2021

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dc CB 21:22 GMT January 30, 2021

PAR 17:00 GMT 01/30/2021
Yellen received

I'm pretty sure that Ben Bernanke is an Advisor(paid) to Citadel.
Janet was just collecting her due. How could she have known that Biden would set her up a Treas Secy...

So she is without fault here.

Caribbean! Rafe... 18:32 GMT January 30, 2021

Might as well name the new company Neglect Inc, a subsidiary rapaciously surrounded and owned by World Corp, carefully registered on Sh*t Street, owned by nefarious types. Soon to live in heavily guarded and windowless brick and mortar forts with vertical bars for their own protection, additional security layers of razor fenced and electrified walls to reboot. Let us hope food is served timely, on a plate pushed from underneath the doors. Moose walks are not allowed. So, they should be able feel at home, as they'll be the only ones there for life!. It's pretty lonely there sometimes at nights though, sometimes we have heard of all kinda howls till the doctors come in the morn', but it ain't not so bad as some legends say, but they should get used to it mighty quickly.

haifa ac 18:00 GMT January 30, 2021
Can Elon Musk be behind gme wsb etsy?
Turns out Musk changed his name in his internet history to Hashtag bitcoin
He also twitted the word "Gamestonk" and WBS (caused 9% rally in ETSY)
Is he that strewed?


haifa ac 17:31 GMT January 30, 2021
The Rally of the Laggards
or in "clear" English --the rally of the garbage.
Jesse Livermore said that in the latter part of a bull market the stocks that lagged thru out the duration of the bull are being pushed while smart money is liquidating their large holdings in the leaders. kind of clandestinely.
Pay attention.

haifa ac 17:22 GMT January 30, 2021
Bitcoin yesr 2021 trading range

"Upside target is 150-200k"
Can you explain please---when you pay 200k for one bitcoin... what are you paying for? what do you have?! can you buy an apartment for one bitcoin? do you know anyone who will sell you a cow, a goat, an apartment, a small yacht--for One bit coin ( the way they gave a whole farm for one black tulip once upon a time)?!

PAR 17:00 GMT January 30, 2021
Yellen received $ 810.000 from Citadel to give a few speeches.

No conflict of interest?

Lying under oath while being appointed.
Time to impeach her ?

Caribbean! Rafe... 16:55 GMT January 30, 2021

dc CB 04:48 GMT 01/30/2021

So you see? I told you didn't I?... ROTFL

Rule # 4: If I go down your coming with me.

Rule # 5: Get Serb to cover!!!

Caribbean! Rafe... 16:51 GMT January 30, 2021

dc CB 04:48 GMT 01/30/2021

So you see? I told you didn't I?... ROTFL

Rule # 4: If I go down your coming with me.

Rule # 5: Get skif to cover.

PAR 16:31 GMT January 30, 2021
If they are bankrupt let Goldman Sachs buy Robinhood for $1.

Sort of JP Morgan buying Best Stearns.

By Monday morning everything is solved and they do not need to sell order flow info to Citadel.

PAR 16:23 GMT January 30, 2021

What about Tesla. Squeezing all shorts out of the market and trading at P/E above 1500?

Don't touch Pelosi's investments?

dc CB 14:07 GMT January 30, 2021

Washington, DC -- United States Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.); a member of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs; today sent a letter to Acting Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chair Allison Herren Lee requesting that the agency provide Congress and the public information on how they will address the dramatic swings in market valuation of GameStop and other companies and respond to her questions about how the SEC will crack down on years of distortion in securities markets that have allowed the wealthy few to artificially inflate and deflate share prices and reap short-term profits while exacerbating wealth inequality.

"The Commission must review recent market activity affecting GameStop and other companies, and act to ensure that markets reflect real value, rather than the highly leveraged bets of wealthy traders or those who seek to inflict financial damage on those traders," Senator Warren wrote in her letter to the SEC. "To protect and restore public trust in sound securities regulation and enforcement, the Commission must identify gaps in existing securities laws and rules and ways in which the Commission can improve its enforcement capabilities."

Senator Warren asked the SEC to respond to her questions by February 5, 2021. Incoming Senate Banking Committee Chair Sherrrod Brown (D-Ohio) has announced that the Senate Banking Committee will be holding hearings on this matter.

the Warren Letter--link

dc CB 12:36 GMT January 30, 2021

Going forwar into Feb---historically, if history matters these days, not a great month for Stox.

Re: WSB Board.
Arthur Levitt Opined in Bloomberg this week,more or less linking this to the mania in the 1999-2000 Bubble Burst, when the SEC, under his leadership as Chair, blamed Internet stock trading msg boards...recall this was the era of Dial-Up modems logging on to AOL accn'ts.

Levitt's SEC took out a 14yo New Jersey kid, who made $800K touting 'penny stocks'
Posted here a link to the NY Times Magazine and this Michael Lewis (The Big Short) saga to the takedown. Feb. 25, 2001.

here's the link:

Jonathan Lebed's Extracurricular Activities

BBG ---Opinion

Amazing Trader Reviews 11:09 GMT January 30, 2021 Reply   

'Amazing Trader Review...'

Macau Steven 10:26 GMT January 30, 2021
Bitcoin yesr 2021 trading range
Given magnitude of short term correction is about 30-50% and
recent high is 42k I think 21k-29k is a buy. Upside target is 150-200k

Macau Steven 09:56 GMT January 30, 2021
Gold trading range
Year 2020 trading range 1450-2075
Year 2021 trading range ????-????
How about shift last year's range up by 20%?
Year 2021 trading range 1730-2500

haifa ac 07:11 GMT January 30, 2021
End of GAP??!!
The closing on the low of Dow and S&P (Nasdaq closed the week on the low but the monthly chart is still CIM=Closing in the Middle) is important.
All three indexes had a KR month. This may be a signal that a correction is coming (could be flat or very sharp--all the way to test the March lows!!)
This may be the beginning of the stopping, or narrowing the GAP between the Haves and the Havenots.
2021 may be an interesting year. Warren Buffett's deceleration that this market is the weirdest he has seen in his life may have been precocious by one year. But, as Some Market Wizards used to say: "Good Traders are usually Right and Early."

Minneapolis DRS2 05:17 GMT January 30, 2021

Somebody sold too many naked shorts on GME...

dc CB 04:54 GMT January 30, 2021

Why is this happening? The most likely reason is that between DTC, clearinghouses and other regulatory entities, Robinhood was found to be in another capital deficiency position - even with the billions raised overnight - and it is being forced to delever.

This likely means that Robinhood is as of this moment, scrambling to obtain even more capital, although we somehow doubt it will be just as easy to "take from the rich" as it was late last night especially since the client exodus is surely accelerating.

It also means that we may have to have another "Lehman Weekend" situation on our hands, only this time it will be a "Robinhood Weekend", and an urgent acquisition from a strategic buyer may be required to prevent the worst case outcome.

We only hope that the billions in funds held in custody for clients is segregated should the company collapse (pinging Jon Corzine here).

dc CB 04:48 GMT January 30, 2021

Something bad is about to go down at Robinhood.

just before the close, things got downright surreal when in a blog post the broker - which should probably change its name from Robinhood to Suit - made a shocking announcement: going forward, customers will be subject to maximum aggregate limits in 51 securities of which 14 are capped at position limits of just 5 shares, while allowing total holdings in 36 securities to be just one share!

In other words, as of this moment, no client is allowed to one more than 1 share in names like GME, AMC, AG, BBBY, BYND, WKHS and many others. Even boring, low vol names like GM and SBUX are limited to just one share.

Robinhood Caps Maximum Holdings In 36 Stocks To Just One Share

dc CB 04:27 GMT January 30, 2021
(that was the week that was)

from the WSB board:
Redditor who goes by the name Space-Peanut

This is for you, Dad.

I remember when the housing collapse sent a torpedo through my family. My father's concrete company collapsed almost overnight. My father lost his home. My uncle lost his home. I remember my brother helping my father count pocket change on our kitchen table. That was all the money he had left in the world. While this was happening in my home, I saw hedge funders literally drinking champagne as they looked down on the Occupy Wall Street protestors. I will never forget that.

My Father never recovered from that blow. He fell deeper and deeper into alcoholism and exists now as a shell of his former self, waiting for death.

This is all the money I have and I'd rather lose it all than give them what they need to destroy me. Taking money from me won't hurt me, because i don't value it at all. I'll burn it all down just to spite them.

This is for you, Dad.


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