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Forex Forum Archive for 02/09/2021

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Mtl JP 23:15 GMT February 9, 2021

10 bux pop in crude eh ... why not

in US lots now work from at home so less need to fill F-150
so it is not as if tax hike effect anymore except maybe in those countries that eliminate covid and are back to "normal"

dc CB 22:31 GMT February 9, 2021
pump n pump

More Headlines from the Simularion:

J&J CEO Says Annual Covid Vaccine Needed "For Years" As MSM Warns Virus Will "Circulate For Decades"

WTI Dips After Biggest Gasoline Build Since April

Senate Votes Trump Impeachment Trial Constitutional
"We are really here because the majority in the House of Representatives does not want to face Donald Trump as a political rival in the future..."

dc CB 22:22 GMT February 9, 2021
pump n pump

WashPost evening Update:

Parents grapple with reality that young children won’t be vaccinated soon

Coronavirus vaccines for children under 12 are probably a year away, experts say.
By Tara Bahrampour

Tallinn viies 22:02 GMT February 9, 2021
buy stop at 1,2123. for quick 15 pips. small size. if doesnt work immideatelly will buy more near previous day low.

dc CB 21:49 GMT February 9, 2021
music to trade by
Steve Reich’s masterpiece “Different Trains” back on vinyl for the first time in 25 years

Israel MacroMicro 21:47 GMT February 9, 2021

Although Tom Brady was the MVP of the night after routing the Kansas City Chiefs for his 7th Super Bowl victory, it was another Florida man who may have struck it rich for his on-the-field antics to the tune of $374,000.

31-year-old Yuri Andrade, who hails from Boca Raton, was the upstanding citizen arrested in the 4th quarter of Super Bowl LV after he took the field and made a mad dash for the end zone while stripping off his clothes to reveal a pink unitard underneath.


see ya tomorrow :)

dc CB 21:42 GMT February 9, 2021

Mtl JP 18:58

stimi checks + moar lock u downs + 3 masks + imPeachemnt =
Corporate Cannabis

Israel MacroMicro 21:40 GMT February 9, 2021

I think 1.2140 will not crack at the first try / just my opinion

Israel MacroMicro 21:38 GMT February 9, 2021

viies, push it above 1.2180 as weekly close and you better get an instructor to teach (or refresh) you the bull euro-dollar dance :)

dc CB 21:30 GMT February 9, 2021

remember hank paulson during the bazooka times 2008.

Nancy remembers. and this week she really wants that to be cap off her career and Speaker of the House

dc CB 21:25 GMT February 9, 2021

lakewood jjlkwd 21:08 GMT 02/09/2021
if you would have bought the stock you could afford a few teslas today !!!!

but then maybe one of those could turn out to be a fire bomb that goes off in your attached garage and after losing your house you spend the next 5 years suing Elon.

hindsight is always 'riskless'

have your neighbors turned into Rhinoceros yet? lol

Tallinn viies 21:21 GMT February 9, 2021
eurusd expected range for this week 151 pips. currently 100 pips. we are near the highs of the week. so 50 pisp on the table.
monthly high so far 1,2141 previous week high. monthly expected range could be 331 pips. so if previous week high will be taken out then time to start widen monthly range to normal one.
good luck. buy whatever stuff as long as Powell chin shakes from fear in front of the cameras. remember hank paulson during the bazooka times 2008.
it is coded similar way right now. lets get rich fast, cheers.

Israel MacroMicro 21:18 GMT February 9, 2021

lakewood jjlkwd 21:08

hehehe, the open wounds are mine, the salt is from you for free, a party! - with this way of thinking, Elon Musk's capital was to fill my smallest wallet :)


dc CB 21:11 GMT February 9, 2021

if you have any doubts that we are living in a 'simulation'

ARKW fund
owns TSLA and Greyscale Bitcoin Trust - GBTC

So far, in 2021, investors have poured almost $11 billion into Wood's funds, according to Bloomberg. ARK's funds focus on ESG investing, EVs, genomics and fintech. And while Bloomberg notes her "eye popping returns" are catching attention, there has been nary a discussion about how the valuations of ARK's underlying ETF components have ballooned with the markets at all time highs.
(via ZH)

Cathie Wood's ARK funds

Tallinn viies 21:08 GMT February 9, 2021
eurusd close today at the highs of the day is very promising. previous week higgh at 1,2141 target for tommrow.

lakewood jjlkwd 21:08 GMT February 9, 2021

3 years ago instead of buying a tesla , if you would have bought the stock you could afford a few teslas today !!!!

Israel MacroMicro 20:44 GMT February 9, 2021

BTC > TSLA (the car itself, not the share)

it is reality, but still unbelievable for me :)

dc CB 20:21 GMT February 9, 2021

failed link

the cheap seats

dc CB 20:19 GMT February 9, 2021

just for grins.
Super Bowl LV

dc CB 20:14 GMT February 9, 2021

Mtl JP 18:58

because that's where all the 'stimi' dollars will be spent. Small bidnesses are Out of Bidness thanks to Luck U Downs as those businesses were deemed non-essential.

however, that is a subject that shall not be discussed. Just like there was a time that you could not utter the name of god --yawee or something like that. MM shud be up on that history.

Israel MacroMicro 20:13 GMT February 9, 2021

Elon Musk

a genius

Tallinn viies 19:44 GMT February 9, 2021
One of my friends decided to exit fx trading (too comlicated to make money) in march april last year and bought Nio shares. all in.
bought a house n hotel in Spain now as turism down. got cheaply.
thnks god they print to help out hard working americans ::))))

Israel MacroMicro 19:35 GMT February 9, 2021
Nio +5% today pump n pump

I had 30K shares $1.275 cost
closed @ $4.45 and had the feeling of a mini jackpot


Tallinn viies 19:32 GMT February 9, 2021
Nio +5% today pump n pump
NIO Shares Saw Modest Volume Spike Earlier In Tuesday's Session Following Barron's Article 'The Chinese EV Maker NIO Might Be Coming to America'

Tallinn viies 19:15 GMT February 9, 2021
saudis got permisssion from Trump to do whatever they want.
so needed arms for that.
and a bath for a journalist of course.

wonder how Biden will take this Jamal Khashoggi case?
any idea? Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was big friend of Trump.

I guess if we hear first Biden state visit to saudi arabia then oil will jump 10 dollars in a moment.

Jamal Khashoggi: All you need to know about Saudi journalist's death

Israel MacroMicro 19:08 GMT February 9, 2021

Trump surely a strange bird, no wars but record arms sales

Tallinn viies 19:05 GMT February 9, 2021
is it true Trump was 1-st US president who didnt start a war?

democrats want to be sure it will never happen again? impeachemt...

Donald Trump, US president, nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 2021

Israel MacroMicro 19:03 GMT February 9, 2021

seriously, all that stimulus turned into a sad joke. more than 75% of the money goes to fill pockets and not to solve problems.

officially, I gave up about to understand what THEY are doing

Mtl JP 18:58 GMT February 9, 2021

business leaders or business losers ?
President Joe Biden and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will meet Tuesday with a handful of top U.S. chief executives to discuss the proposed $1.9 trillion COVID relief plan, the White House said, as Democrats aim to rush the proposal through Congress.

The afternoon meeting will include JPMorgan Chase’s JPM, -0.54% Jamie Dimon, Walmart’s WMT, +0.49% Doug McMillon, Gap’s GPS, -0.99% Sonia Syngal, Marvin Ellison of Lowe’s LOW, -0.54% and Tom Donohue, the CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Vice President Kamala Harris will also join the meeting. .../..

Biden, Yellen to discuss $1.9 trillion COVID relief plan with JPMorgan, Walmart, Gap CEOs

Mtl JP 17:36 GMT February 9, 2021

puppy is a bit of a tease atm after it bounced off the 100day and just barely sits on top of 1.21, apparently not in a hurry to run after the 50day

but IF it takes the 50day 1.22 pops on targeting radar

dc CB 17:33 GMT February 9, 2021

Mtl JP 16:49
-- exactly who

contrary to Rabobank's thots
my dc CB 15:00

we are now deep inside an Ionesco play.

Tallinn viies 17:04 GMT February 9, 2021
missed earlier today euro sell order less by 1 point.
decided to cancel it now. will try to get long euro today or tommrow. much safer when everyhting is flying..

lakewood jjlkwd 16:54 GMT February 9, 2021
grains oilseeds
WASDE report in 6 min

Mtl JP 16:49 GMT February 9, 2021

WHO is faceless.
-- exactly who - names - at WHO concluded that ?

dc CB 15:40 GMT February 9, 2021


dc CB 15:38 GMT February 9, 2021

WHO Concludes That Coronavirus "Came From Animal," Not Wuhan Lab's "extremely unlikely" the virus came from a laboratory accident.

Tallinn viies 15:33 GMT February 9, 2021
American rulers are in panic mode because they have understood China is growing so quickly that it is in near future bigger than USA.
so they are trying to print as much money as they can. to push up comapny valuations. maybe some of them will take over companies outsideof US and find new growth.

without printing Hina would have passed US already.
TESLA is classical example of creating mirage of value from thin air. there is nothing behind it.

The Biggest Bubble In Modern Market History

dc CB 15:18 GMT February 9, 2021
Cars, Cryptos and Tesla

a Reddit post that's making its rounds on social media this morning appeared to leak that Tesla had "just bought 800 million worth of Bitcoin" when it was posted on January 2, 2021. The post was made in the "r/Bitcoin" subreddit.

The post claims to be from a software developer who claims to have developed a bot to help the company buy bitcoin.

"I am a software dev working at R&D at Tesla in California, over the past 72 hours our company bought 24701 BTC at an average price of 33142$," the post says.

It continues: "The way we did it was buying small amounts of BTC every few seconds and big amounts of BTC after a dip of at least 1.5%. We did this with a bot, which we developed with Python and NodeJs."

"I have no idea what will happen once this reaches the newspapers but I think the price will explode even more," it concluded. "Thank me later."

Tallinn viies 15:17 GMT February 9, 2021
Gamestop on the best performing stocks...
tesla 1m 4.4% 3m 94.6% 6m 186% 1y 469%
nio 1m 9.3% 3m +40% 6m +330% 1y + 1358%


1m +194% 3m +363% 6m +1096% 1y +1180%

gamestop should also buy bitcoins. could fly even higher :)

Israel MacroMicro 15:09 GMT February 9, 2021

let us reach 100K and the IV will be better than any hedge
watch for comparison the GME option prices during the saga

Tallinn viies 15:06 GMT February 9, 2021
Israel MacroMicro 14:59 GMT - it doesnt give a hedge. just giving up upside.
if bitcoin is 100 000 usd in the end of march. then some may think ity is too quick move higher. want to hedge. not to sell calls.

dc CB 15:00 GMT February 9, 2021
Biden - Yellen Stimulus Plan

In short, we have all of the bizarre, surreal, and incomprehensible predicaments, and all the obvious socio-bureaucratic powers, alienation, existential anxiety, guilt, and absurdity of Kafka.

We have ‘The Metamorphosis’ – it’s happening all around us. We have ‘The Castle’- it is the central banks above us. We just also have it all in a swipe-right, order-at-a-click, get-a-bundle, all- assets-must-rise bubble package.

Of course, we also have ‘The Trial’.
Although there is a pressing need for US fiscal stimulus, and courts across the US are reportedly clogged up with people being evicted, President Trump’s impeachment trial begins today in the US Senate, and will derail all further stimulus progress until it is concluded.

Rabo: We Have All The Bizarre, Surreal, Incomprehensible Absurdity Of Kafka

Israel MacroMicro 14:59 GMT February 9, 2021

why to hedge when you can write covered calls?
use the IV 8n your favor

Tallinn viies 14:46 GMT February 9, 2021
when you are long underlying then you gonna find margin requirments to hedge if needed.
currently this is probably not an issue. if we hit 100 000 soon then some people may consider hedging long cash.
but as mr bitcoin long from 18k no worries right now.

Hk Ab 14:43 GMT February 9, 2021
Lol, 1829.....

dc CB 14:18 GMT February 9, 2021
Cars, Cryptos and Tesla

BTC---CME bitcoin futures margin req for a single contract ---on TDAmeritrade --$140,316

PAR 14:16 GMT February 9, 2021
US Treasuries
U.S. Treasury yields were slightly lower in early Tuesday trade before a slug of new debt supply that could influence bond trading.

The U.S. Treasury Department is set to sell $58 billion of 3-year notes Tuesday afternoon. Though new issuance can weigh on government bond values, the higher yields could help markets absorb the fresh supply without suffering much indigestion.

Tallinn viies 13:46 GMT February 9, 2021
pump n pump
no systemic risk as Kaplan said. so keep buying whatever stuff...

market cap 1.35 trillion dollars

Tallinn viies 13:42 GMT February 9, 2021
pump n pump
Kaplan in bloomberg tv gives his part for "hard working americans".

PAR 13:13 GMT February 9, 2021
Biden - Yellen Stimulus Plan

Good luck.

More than half of 2.7 million active forbearance plans are set to end for good in March, April, May or June, according to mortgage-data firm Black Knight Inc.

Israel MacroMicro 12:31 GMT February 9, 2021

January 4th and 27th to be exact

good luck!

Israel MacroMicro 12:30 GMT February 9, 2021

Ibiza, in short. the low of the January outside green candles (there were two such candles), are the lines in the sand for now, makes your 1.2650 area very important. the possible stops triggering around there is my point of concern.

Gaza Ibiza 12:28 GMT February 9, 2021

It may go it may not if i knew for certain i would not need a stop so far my thesis on risk is not working!

Israel MacroMicro 12:22 GMT February 9, 2021

I do expect sort of outside candle on daily basis before going to your 1.3 bingo level, still this month.

Gaza Ibiza 12:19 GMT February 9, 2021

Macromicro, size is not really relevant as long as you know where to get out.

Israel MacroMicro 12:15 GMT February 9, 2021

additionally, do not rule out "sudden" spike in yield with UK debt, also still this week.

Israel MacroMicro 12:13 GMT February 9, 2021
anyone's sensors pointing towards a nearing dip still this week?

macau steven 11:42 GMT February 9, 2021
Cars, Cryptos and Tesla

CME offers bitcoin option

macau steve 11:41 GMT February 9, 2021
Biden - Yellen Stimulus Plan

Under US capitalism, mercy is not reserved for lower class. They are viewed as failures by government and entitle to minimal to none national support.

macau steven 11:18 GMT February 9, 2021
Cars, Cryptos and Tesla

Bet to see bitcoin trading $200k-250k later this year

jkt abel 11:16 GMT February 9, 2021
Cars, Cryptos and Tesla

got options on btc?

macau steven 11:16 GMT February 9, 2021

Agree dlryen around 104.5 is a buy

Mtl JP 11:14 GMT February 9, 2021
Cars, Cryptos and Tesla

steven 11:12 and exactly how are you bet ting ?

Mtl JP 11:13 GMT February 9, 2021


U.S. 10 Year Treasury Note

macau steven 11:12 GMT February 9, 2021
Cars, Cryptos and Tesla

I bet Jeff, Bill, Tim etc may follow Elon soon, even Warren may join cryptos later

Israel MacroMicro 11:10 GMT February 9, 2021


half the sizre, double the pips per the stop?
maybe such will help luck to serve you

good luck in any case

jkt abel 11:05 GMT February 9, 2021
Cars, Cryptos and Tesla

they are gonna use bitcoin as Mars' currency soon anyway

Gaza Ibiza 11:05 GMT February 9, 2021
A bit of a risk long usd cad stop at 1.2650 for a chance to at 1.30! Decent risk!

jkt abel 11:04 GMT February 9, 2021
Cars, Cryptos and Tesla

who cares PAR, just yield yield yield, gain gain gain :)

PAR 11:03 GMT February 9, 2021
Cars, Cryptos and Tesla
The announcement that a car company will use Bitcoin as a payment method (without pricing cars in Bitcoin, or necessarily keeping hold of Bitcoin received) moved the price. The ability of a single individual to move the spending power of Bitcoin has killed off any pretence that crypto could be a currency with a stable store of value. Events have highlighted a clash with the growth of sustainable investment. Crypto does significant environmental damage without creating any improvement in living standards. Can sustainability investors consider owning companies associated with crypto?

Mtl JP 10:53 GMT February 9, 2021

DLRx 90.50
???, A?

PAR 10:45 GMT February 9, 2021
Biden - Yellen Stimulus Plan

Biden. Minimum wage below $15 is below the poverty line but I can't do anything about it.

Why did he promise it while campaigning? Read my lips?

hk ab 10:43 GMT February 9, 2021
place limit to add dlrjpy 104.30, no stop.

Israel MacroMicro 09:28 GMT February 9, 2021
EURUSD 11985 11965 11950

WFAK the only one, don't you trust your crystal ball anymore?

I think it was right but you translated the timing wrong, sub 1.2 to happen sooner than most imagine for now / imo

Israel MacroMicro 09:24 GMT February 9, 2021
EURUSD 11985 11965 11950

12070 will happen before 12125 / imo

london red 09:16 GMT February 9, 2021

yen. as expected after a big break yean is now seeing test of break. optimum sup by 104.50/35. line in sand for this is 103.50.

Amman wfakhoury 09:11 GMT February 9, 2021
EURUSD 11985 11965 11950

The above levels are active if the price closed below 12025 only.
and now it is heading twd 12125 unless it closed below 12090 and keeps below it

Tallinn viies 09:06 GMT February 9, 2021
good morning,
euro yesterday continued reversal patter from day before. made higher high and low. today again took out previous day high.
As long as previous day low at 1,2020 holds TARGET 1,2141 previous week high. plan to try short euro today near 1,2115-20. smaller size than usual as actually Im really bullish euro but currently technicals do not favour very bullish view. of course if previous week high taken out things brighten up.
last week cftc data showed hedge funds we closing nearly 25% of euro longs during the week. it was taken with tuesdays close. would be interestig to see was it only mirage or something more serious. we will know it friday. seems it was connected with gamestock hunt or rennessance ?

PAR 08:56 GMT February 9, 2021
Biden - Yellen Stimulus Plan
This plan is real HELICOPTER MONEY.

The Biden government plan to increase the budget deficit by $1.9 trillion by borrowing $1.9 trillion to give free money to everybody.

A family with two children gets $5600 + $3000 or $3600 per child.

A lot of Americans have not been paying their rent or their bank loans, so a big chunk of that money will go to landlords and banks.
The more affluent have plenty of cash so they will invest part of that money in the stock market or Bitcoins.

At the same time working poor Americans can't pay their rents.
The minimum wage of $7.25 is too low. So they get evicted from their home, have no longer an address and as a consequence gets no stimulus checks.

Yellen is against raising the minimum wage. But that would be the only measure which would really stimulate the real US economy and not the fantasy worlds of Bitcoin and Wall Street

Israel MacroMicro 08:49 GMT February 9, 2021

Entry: Target: Stop:

EUR/USD @ 1.2095

we reached safe zone to take shorts
good luck!

Israel MacroMicro 07:44 GMT February 9, 2021

Entry: Target: Stop:

around top of the hour from the other side of, with HH than this hour, short for something

the limo will wait accordingly Mr. Viies :)

Hk Ab 04:41 GMT February 9, 2021
Hindsight king #2

HK C9 04:29 GMT February 9, 2021

Went short Friday at 105.50 based on very good indicator. Now added to shorts at 104.90

Central Kwun 04:00 GMT February 9, 2021
1785 is bottomed
Buy Gold
Entry: 1839 Target: Stop: 1829

another big support is 1765

Hk Ab 04:00 GMT February 9, 2021
Long 104.90

Macau Steven 00:56 GMT February 9, 2021

US continues to print like no tomorrow. Printing money is like taking canabis and is very hard to quit. This time, US bond market has arrived a long term cycle peak. Amount of funds flow out will break historical record. USD may loss 25-30% of its value in next 2 years. People are buying everything to hedge this happenings.


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