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Forex Forum Archive for 09/14/2022

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dc CB 21:18 GMT September 14, 2022

Potential East Coast ???

NHC issuing advisories for the Atlantic on TD Seven


dc CB 21:08 GMT September 14, 2022

Update (1525ET):

So it begins: on Wednesday afternoon, Amtrak said it will cancel all long distance trains starting Thursday, September 15 �to avoid possible passenger disruptions while enroute� as White House-led talks between freight-rail companies and unions continued in a race to avoid a rail-system shutdown Friday.

�Such an interruption could significantly impact intercity passenger rail service, as Amtrak operates almost all of our 21,000 route miles outside the Northeast Corridor on track owned, maintained, and dispatched by freight railroads,� the company said in a statement Wednesday, adding that it has already started phased adjustments which "include canceling all Long Distance trains and could be followed by impacts to most State- Supported routes�

�Adjustments are necessary to ensure trains can reach their terminals before freight railroad service interruption if a resolution in negotiations is not reached�

Amtrak Canceling All Long-Distance Trains Ahead Of "Potentially Disastrous" Rail Strike

Mtl JP 17:39 GMT September 14, 2022
Forex Intervention: Which is Most Effective

frank 15:55 because that would mean that you intimately understand japanese elites' (BoJ / Min of Fin) inner cultural thinking.

SnB and BoJ are an exclusive club atm but probably not for the same reason.

Tallinn viies 17:05 GMT September 14, 2022
pump n pump
plan to add long nasdaq100 near 11 750 today if seen.

swiss frank 15:55 GMT September 14, 2022
Forex Intervention: Which is Most Effective

Because debt to gdp is something like 270%

PAR 15:49 GMT September 14, 2022
Forex Intervention: Which is Most Effective

Why not raise rates instead of threatening to intervene in the forex

Japanese rates are surrealistic low.

GVI Forex Blog 15:35 GMT September 14, 2022
Forex Intervention: Which is Most Effective

After seeing USDJPY surge to 24-year highs, Japanese finance officials have stepped in with verbal intervention to stem or at least slow the JPY’s slide. Note, there appears to be a hidden hand capping USDJPY below 145 so use your imagination about who might be sitting on top. So, with Japan finally looking to resist its currency’s decline, it is a good time to take a look at different types of forex intervention and which tends to be most effective.

Types of Intervention

Forex Intervention: Which is Most Effective

tokyo boj 15:04 GMT September 14, 2022
long gbp
Entry: 1.1050 Target: open Stop: later

long gbp vs usd and chf
chf possibly crash big time

Tallinn viies 15:04 GMT September 14, 2022
pump n pump
russians are running out of gas in ukraine.
after devostation losses during last few weeks rumours that they were looking for way out this bloody war.
macron phone call and german chancelor phone call to putin yesterday and day before indicates that first offers to putin has been made.
possible peace talks may start very soon.
russian may want to keep crimea and territorys they invaded in 2014 but ukrainians may think otherway.
so we will hear very soon about proposals.
but one thing is sure - stock indexes may jump sharply higher before year-end approches.
keep buying. you can not lose

tokyo boj 15:01 GMT September 14, 2022
euro long
Entry: 0.9598 Target: open Stop: later

euro long

tokyo boj 15:01 GMT September 14, 2022
euro long
Entry: 0.9977 Target: open Stop: later

euro long

Mtl JP 14:53 GMT September 14, 2022

how callous is this
�We are working with other modes of transportation including shippers, truckers and air freight to see how they can step in and keep goods moving in case of this rail shutdown,� Jean-Pierre said at a press briefing."

from a pro-union and union gain celebrating prez ?
at least one can try to see how to game "in case of this rail shutdown"
some gainers; some losers

Mtl JP 13:45 GMT September 14, 2022

buying euros means selling usds means "risk" uP
in general

Mtl JP 13:42 GMT September 14, 2022

EURO .9987
puppy is probably seeing a bit of BoD types snooping around against 9960
IF they stick around vacuuming up some more euros trgt: 1.0050/67/90

GVI 11:11 GMT September 14, 2022
Japan signals chance of yen intervention; market unconvinced
TOKYO, Sept 14 (Reuters) - The Bank of Japan conducted a rate check with banks on Wednesday in apparent preparation to step in to tame sharp yen falls, providing what analysts said would only be a brief respite for the currency, given the low chance of actual yen-buying intervention.

Japan signals chance of yen intervention; market unconvinced

Mtl JP 10:51 GMT September 14, 2022

surplus profits: apparently there is such a thing

Reuters - EXCLUSIVE Vitol smashes profit records, making more in H1 2022 than FY 2021
- Global energy trader Vitol Group smashed its previous records by making more profit in the first half of this year th...
Sept 13 (Reuters) - The European Union is retreating from imposing a price cap on Russian gas, but pushing ahead with windfall taxes on energy companies' surplus profits, the Guardian reported on Tuesday, citing a leaked document.

EU is unlikely to cap price of Russian gas - the Guardian

Geneva DS 09:42 GMT September 14, 2022

Entry: Vienna Target: Stop:

Hi Vienna nice to see you again here....

What do you think about (austrian/central european ) real estate?

Unfortunately , i must say - I don't know about that....

in real estate - i bought my house near BERNE a while ago - i paid for it -i am very happy - so it does not matter up or down --- ... but of course - some areas are very expensive as well here in Switzerland - as they are certainly in Austria ... but as my brother is a farmer only 2 miles from my home -- i am sure to have something to eat even in though times....

So look for cheap farmland or for cheap realestate - all around .... you will not loose money....

Vienna GD 09:27 GMT September 14, 2022

Geneva DS ... nice to see you again here - cool!!!

What do you think about (austrian/central european ) real estate?
With in fact everything except CHF, USD and energy collapsing sooner or later ... is it a place to hide or buy? Or will it crash too?
If one considers to buy some farm land - when is the best time to buy?

Amman wfakhoury 09:16 GMT September 14, 2022
EURUSD is preparing for big move
Be alert

Geneva DS 08:56 GMT September 14, 2022

Entry: JPY Target: Stop:

hk ab 08:37 GMT 09/14/2022
250-300 will be talking about 50 years cycle........

" yeah you might be right - then our kids have something to write about as well ... a good thing"

Geneva DS 08:48 GMT September 14, 2022

Entry: OIL Target: Stop:

may be also my little take on Crude Oil...
it has done pretty well to me since I was pretty bearish the last few month and prices got this side ....
I have changed over the last few days my opinion for the medium to long term, started buying around 84 and this morning i bought some more around 86.50 , my stops are around 80 ,,, i think the very stupid selling of SDR of US could be the catalyst in some weeks or month to push it over 125.... when the fill have to fill up their reserves... (they can still say, they wanted to buy back under 80 - but unfortunately the market said something else...) ... longer term over next 18 month, i see 250 or higher in oil unfortunately.

Amman wfakhoury 08:39 GMT September 14, 2022
GOLD is preparing for big move.
Just be alert.

hk ab 08:37 GMT September 14, 2022

250-300 will be talking about 50 years cycle........

Geneva DS 08:30 GMT September 14, 2022

Entry: JPY Target: Stop:

i do not know if my view is of any value on JPY , as we mentionned many times in this forum - that a lot of traders short , medium and longterm traders made their biggest losses in JPY ... :( ... my take on that , i am leaning to a further rise in USDJPY (loss of JPY value) ... may be first a little dip is possible , but I guess 98 % of all people watching here, are positionned to the downside of USDJPY ... I hear left and right shorters of USDJPY .... so why not seeing a medium term rally to the high 150 ies , then a rest and followed by the complete collapse of this currency and a rise to 250-300 over next 2-5 years ?

hk ab 08:28 GMT September 14, 2022
small long dlr/jpy 143. See what mkt wants to do.

Mtl JP 08:24 GMT September 14, 2022
Superior Confrontational Trading Psychology
Yesterday is too late.

European Union energy ministers will hold an emergency meeting on September 30 as part of steps to approve proposals designed to drag down surging gas and power prices sweeping throughout the region.
* Germany pledged �67 billion ($66.9 billion) in funding to assist utility companies, the FT reported.

* The money will be redeployed from a COVID-19 bailout fund established to help companies avoid insolvency.

* Gas importers have been forced to pay higher prices as Russia reduces its flow of natural gas to Europe.

Germany commits $67 billion to aid energy companies hurt by soaring prices as European countries work to combat crisis

hk ab 08:11 GMT September 14, 2022
DS//your view on yen? TIA.

Geneva DS 06:38 GMT September 14, 2022
Summers Says Dollar Can Go Further, With �Huge Advantage� for US

Entry: .96 Target: .74 Stop: .99

Small Comment on Markets from my little knowledge side - please do not read if your are a scalp or a short term trader !
Forex: if there is a huge number of negative people on all markets out, there, this will not mean that some of trends will not continue - what is more difficult in a bear market is all the shorts around, which make sometimes (even me :)) huge doubts forecoming and make everybody cover at unlike prices.... seen lately in EURCHF at .9800 or USDCHF around .9850 or EURUSD at 1.02 + .... i remain of my view, that the best trade going forward for long termers is longing CHF against nearly everything - the next move down could come in the next few weeks and could be somewhat brutal and only for "Connaisseurs" .... targets 20 % + lower from actual levels...
Stocks: problably down a lot - but as i mentioned above - a lot of people which shorts will be wiped out as usual on the way down (or on the short covering way up) ... SP Target 2000/ Dow Jones below 20000 or Nasdaq 2800 .... next 12 month... / Would change our technical view on a rise above 4200 SP...
Gold: probably most surprising , there is most wrong positions in my view - can fall easily towards 1500 or lower with silver down to 15 or so ..... will change my mind if GOLD closes 2xdaily above 1750 or silver closes over 20 bucks 2times...
Hope you enjoy trading - i have lots of fun doing my stuff and am reading daily your comments ,thanks for all

Bangkok KC 05:12 GMT September 14, 2022
BUY AUD/USD on dips
1st Long @0.6737

Bangkok KC 05:11 GMT September 14, 2022
BUY GBP/USD on dips
1st [email protected]

Hk Ab 00:43 GMT September 14, 2022
They first �hope� for a bad job number.
Then, they �hope� for a bad cpi.

Now, what�s other excuse of not collapsing the index?


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