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Forex Forum Archive for 11/09/2022

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Mtl JP 23:57 GMT November 9, 2022

BTC $15,755.15
any near term calls ?

I just had to

have a look

dc CB 23:44 GMT November 9, 2022

Biden appeared, gloated, said-when asked: I won't be changing a thing going forward, because there Was No Red Wave. ergo, the absence of that Red Wave sez all approve of what I'm doing......

Mtl JP 23:38 GMT November 9, 2022
BetCoin et al---

CB 22:23 - Cryptos is the ultimate greater fool theory game
only hucksters, crooks and morons peddle in this stuff or even mention it in company. Is crypto a good "dinner table" topic ?

The good thing ... teeni tiney bit as it is in the grand scheme of things - is that it removes that teeny tiney excess liquidity when POOF! the value completely POOFS! (disappears)

think the FED gang is not slapping high fives as they toast their dinner (theme: pleaze let the be more moRE FTXs) with champagne, cigars and fine chocolates ?

Mtl JP 23:17 GMT November 9, 2022
Is This Crypto�s Lehman Moment?

CB I have , some time ago, I purchased the "queen of knight" for my garden.

I have been able to make teeny bit of money with it.

dc CB 23:05 GMT November 9, 2022
Is This Crypto�s Lehman Moment?

Can't make this up: among the January Series C investors in FTX which valued the ponzi scheme at $32BN, were Tiger Global (down 55% YTD) and Softbank
� zerohedge (@zerohedge) November 9, 2022

Here Are All The Funds That Are About To Lose Billions In FTX

dc CB 22:36 GMT November 9, 2022
Is This Crypto�s Lehman Moment?

The Origins Story

Founded 1882, we are one of the oldest and most respected, wholesale flower bulb exporters in the Netherlands. At we have been successfully growing and exporting high quality flower bulbs for over 130 years!

Dutch Grown

GVI 22:30 GMT November 9, 2022
Is This Crypto�s Lehman Moment?
The crypto industry is known for dramatic twists, roller-coaster prices and fortunes that appear and disappear overnight.

But even by crypto standards, what happened this week was bonkers.

Is This Crypto�s Lehman Moment?

dc CB 22:23 GMT November 9, 2022
BetCoin et al---
whoda thot that the digital ('money'???) Ponzi would do such damage.

dc CB 19:24 GMT November 9, 2022

PAR 17:57 GMT
Trump indirectly the biggest loser.
Absolutely -----

Democratic consultant and political commentator James Carville said Wednesday on MSNBC�s �Morning Joe�-----we should have lost 57 seats. The reason is Donald Trump. He brought people out to vote against this. He had a suppressive effect. He out trumped inflation and crime. He out-trumped the normal cycle of the first off-year election with an incumbent president.

dc CB 18:55 GMT November 9, 2022

" Voters voted to keep many those pols in office......"

this comment is really at the Local Level----State Governors and down ticket. Nothing that the world will note or really bother the money-flows

dc CB 18:42 GMT November 9, 2022

anticipating CONgress to spend spend spend as the only thing left for the Lame Ducks to to.

Re- midterms so far
what I find astonishing is that after 2 years Covid destruction of small businesses, plus mandates/firings, the Voters voted to keep many those pols in office......

dc CB 18:36 GMT November 9, 2022

dc CB 15:43 GMT
10Y US Auction --
first glimpse at bond market's reaction to the midterms

today's refunding sale of $35BN in 10Y paper (Cusip FV8).....was gruesome.

The high yield of 4.14%, not only the highest in this tightening cycle (and well above last month's 3.93%) and also the highest since the prior rate hike cycle which culminated with the Lehman collapse, tailed the When Issued 4.106% by 3.4 bps. This according to our data, was the biggest tail since at least 2016 and the 8th tail in the past 9 auctions.

The bid to cover of 2.23 was also dismal, dropping from 2.34 last month and the lowest since August 2019.

Disastrous 10Y Auction, Biggest Tail In Over 6 Years

Caribbean! Rafe... 18:13 GMT November 9, 2022

dc CB 15:43 GMT 11/09/2022

fwiw... very healthy downtrends in Indian stockmarket.

I downgrade more and more individual stocks each and everyday. The Indian bear market will last for many more years to come. However, another euphoric upside swing is ongoing and then a continuation of the downtrend. Once that is done then will post a chart which proves it and quite frankly it's been in the making from the past 15+ years... it was all avoidable but then they didn't listen. Hence...

Moreover, where the US markets are concerned, business will soon pick up, and believe me... it's not a reccession. Higher food prices are not a recession, it's a calling from God to go on a diet.

PAR 17:57 GMT November 9, 2022

Too much uncertainty.

Trump indirectly the biggest loser. Over and out.

Mtl JP 17:39 GMT November 9, 2022

a hint :
"Dow slides by 300 points as control of Congress remains unclear" - cnbc

USDx 110.11
I am expecting USD rally here to be somewhat un-inspiring and taking off the above headline expecting stock to pop as soon as players come to accept the relligion from Washington.

A pop in risk = rugpull under the USDx

Mtl JP 15:46 GMT November 9, 2022

DLRx 110.17

reminds me of Johnny Cash's "I Walk the Line"

dc CB 15:43 GMT November 9, 2022

10Y US Auction ---results 1PM ET

first glimpse at bond market's reaction to the midterms

GVI Forex 15:41 GMT November 9, 2022
Bitcoin Falls Below $20,000 After Twitter Row Between Billionaire Crypto Executives Triggers Withdra

Crypto exchange Binance is highly unlikely to go through the purchase of FTX after glancing at crypto exchange's books, according to a Coindesk citing sources

GVI Forex 15:23 GMT November 9, 2022

Knez, I was just going to post that some news algo must have read the keywords wrong. Good opportunity for the rational trader. See the chart.

The Amazing Trader

dc CB 15:21 GMT November 9, 2022

Mtl JP 11:02 GMT 11/08/2022 - My Profile
Meta $96.24 // Buying opp ?
announcement is planned to come as soon as Wednesday

11,000 Jobs = 8 bucks a share.

Zuckerburger w/xtra cheese "I got this wrong, and I take responsibility for that."

Dear Corporations, if you want your stock prices to ever go back up again you need to fire 10% of your employees, by mandate of the Powell-Biden administration.

Belgrade Knez 15:19 GMT November 9, 2022
"Russia's Shoigu orders troops to pull back from city of Kherson"

"Putin will not attend G20 summit in Indonesia next week"

are those news reason for sudden jump? ..... lucky I rearly leave my trades open when new session opens and at 10am NY time

Bangkok KC 14:43 GMT November 9, 2022
SELL EUR/USD on rally

Took profit 1/4 @1.0015 (50 pips profit)

GVI Forex 13:17 GMT November 9, 2022
SELL GBP/USD on rally

KC nice trades

Mtl JP 10:42 GMT November 9, 2022
SELL GBP/USD on rally

KC 10:01

Mtl JP 10:36 GMT November 9, 2022

NatGas 6.12
helter skelter , one left atm

Bangkok KC 10:01 GMT November 9, 2022
SELL GBP/USD on rally

GBP sell-off nicely on the way to 1.1100

Closed 1/4 @1.1450 (100 pips fast profit)

Mtl JP 09:10 GMT November 9, 2022

Mushroom feeding mixture as
Williams Says
* Longer-Run Inflation Expectations Stable
* the relative stability of longer-run inflation expectations as good news
* The importance of maintaining well-anchored inflation expectations is a bedrock principle of modern central banking
* its precise meaning and validation has been open to interpretation

"Officials have repeatedly pointed to the relative stability of longer-term inflation expectations, which can be measured in multiple ways, as a vote of confidence by the public that the Fed will get inflation back to target at some point."

ps / CPI 8%; FED's rate: 4%

Fed's Williams flags relative stability of longer run inflation expectations

Bangkok KC 08:19 GMT November 9, 2022
SELL GBP/USD on rally

GBP/USD pulled back to resistance after bearish move and it creates a consolidation at this level. GBP/USD may consolidate between 1.1100 - 1.1700 in the near term....IMHO

Hold short @1.1550
2nd short @1.1670(if see)
Stop should be consider above 1.1700

Target 1.1100 - 1.1200 area..

Bangkok KC 08:07 GMT November 9, 2022
SELL GBP/USD on rally
1st short @1.1550
Target 1.1200

Bangkok KC 08:01 GMT November 9, 2022
SELL EUR/USD on rally

Evan// That's a Good idea. I probably will.

Pasig evan 08:00 GMT November 9, 2022
SELL EUR/USD on rally

Entry: Target: Stop:

Thanks, if want to long US$, why not against Gbp or Yen too?

Bangkok KC 07:54 GMT November 9, 2022
SELL EUR/USD on rally

Pasig evan 07:35:57 GMT - 11/09/2022

Yesterday tight stopped out @1.0030

Pasig evan 07:35 GMT November 9, 2022
SELL EUR/USD on rally

Entry: Target: Stop:

KC, what happen to your short Euro yday @ 1.0000? Any other positions? No Aud?

Bangkok KC 07:01 GMT November 9, 2022
SELL EUR/USD on rally
1st short @1.0065
Target 0.9900

dc CB 01:47 GMT November 9, 2022
US Election Alert


' I'd like to note once again that Brazil ...'

Chega de saudade


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