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Forex Forum Archive for 11/11/2022

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dc CB 21:38 GMT November 11, 2022
Deep Thoughts

'times they are a'changing'

"Today, I filed FTX, FTX US, and Alameda for voluntary Chapter 11 proceedings in the US.

I'm really sorry, again, that we ended up here.

Hopefully things can find a way to recover. Hopefully this can bring some amount of transparency, trust, and governance to them.

Ultimately hopefully it can be better for customers."

When Jon Corzine took down MF Global----MF Global traces its roots to the sugar trading business started by James Man in England in 1783'
He did not say 'I'm sorry'.

These days apologize a few times and that's that.

Mtl JP 21:32 GMT November 11, 2022

DLRx 106.23
down 4.4% on the week
players are saying FED is done tightening
chart hints at potential bit more downside
probably too early to get excited about more huge dlr selloff

dc CB 20:41 GMT November 11, 2022
Deep Thoughts
Why the Bond market is closed today:

The Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month the guns fell silent.
100 Years later, running short of ammunition.

first reported in The Wall Street Journal. "South Korea will for the first time sell artillery shells destined for Ukrainian forces through a confidential arms deal between Seoul and Washington, a move that reflects a global scramble for munitions after months of war with Russia."

"US officials familiar with the deal said that the U.S. will purchase 100,000 rounds of 155mm artillery ammunition that will be delivered to Ukraine, enough to supply Ukraine�s artillery units for at least several weeks of intensive combat," the report continues.

WSJ on twitter

Mtl JP 19:37 GMT November 11, 2022

euro 1.0361
and other topics
Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen called October�s positive inflation report in the U.S. �a good reading,� but cautioned against relying too much on one data point.

Yellen departs India on Saturday to join President Joe Biden for the Group of 20 leaders summit in Bali, Indonesia. Biden is scheduled to meet with China�s President Xi Jinping while at the summit.

A Treasury official said Yellen will meet with Yi Gang, head of China�s central bank, to discuss the global macroeconomic outlook and other topics during the summit.

Yellen Says Don�t Read Too Much Into Cooling CPI Data

dc CB 18:17 GMT November 11, 2022

CPI----on the gound reality....wait for the Jan and Feb reports.

**"The 900lb Gorilla in the room this month is fuel oil, which is, as many people do not know, #2 diesel. It was up a stunning 19.8% on the month and stands at 68.5% up from last year this time. Anyone expecting the consumer experience to improve with that record has rocks in their head, never mind those who use it for heating that are about to get a visit from the proctologist this winter."**

gwe all.

dc CB 18:10 GMT November 11, 2022

Wild Week? Next week OpEX

The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) rose 0.4 percent in October on a seasonally adjusted basis, the same increase as in September, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Over the last 12 months, the all items index increased 7.7 percent before seasonal adjustment.

The index for shelter contributed over half of the monthly all items increase, with the indexes for gasoline and food also increasing.

***"If you were short into this there was no getting away from what went up your backside; a literal 100 handles went into the Spoos within seconds and I'm quite sure if you'd been short you would have been gapped over, so a stop would have gotten you exactly no protection."***
(The Market Ticker)

Supreme Court's Sotomayor Denies NYC Workers' Bid To Halt Vax Mandate
The appeal was from workers who were fired after the city refused their requests to be exempted on religious grounds.
Oil Trades Above $90 On China Reopening Optimism

Commodities Soar After China Eases Quarantine Rules
Bulls have been waiting for such a trigger ... these events may be enough to wash out all the bears and set up a strong and sustained rally."

Hk Ab 15:59 GMT November 11, 2022
Thin trading party

Mtl JP 14:19 GMT November 11, 2022

EURO holding price
DLRx holding price
Risk turning down some
GBP turning down some

Mtl JP 14:11 GMT November 11, 2022

headlines about janet 'Will Not Be Indifferent' yellen
plans to meet Yi Gang on the sidelines
India indispensable partner to United States, says Janet Yellen

India and the U.S. are natural allies, Janet Yellen says

Yellen Takes Friendshoring Case to India in Push Against China

US' Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen meets India's Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman
-- She is in India ahead of US' approach to encourage the former to purchase Russian oil under a price that is determined by the US

In first trip to India, US Treasury chief Janet Yellen pitches for a global trade route away from China

Exclusive-U.S. Treasury's Yellen to meet with China central bank chief at G20 summit in Bali
U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen told Reuters on Friday that she plans to meet with China's central bank governor Yi Gang on the sidelines of the G20 Summit in Bali

Mtl JP 13:36 GMT November 11, 2022

Squeals of delight and satisfying chuckles eminating from Eccles HQ
more moRE MORE !
"Crypto peaked a year ago � investors have lost more than $2 trillion since" - cnbc

Mtl JP 13:27 GMT November 11, 2022

EURO one could try a contra-trend short against 1.0368 holding Res

swiss frank 12:47 GMT November 11, 2022
My guess is the 5% rally in the eur based on a reduction in rate hikes from 75 bps to 50 bps is very near to having run its course. Maybe.

jkt abel 12:32 GMT November 11, 2022

dont worry, i thought someone still wanted to see usdjpy at 170

Mtl JP 12:11 GMT November 11, 2022

DLRx 106.90
anti-dollar animal spirits currently in charge
puppy will need to pop back N of 107 , preferably N of 108.50
to revive usd bull cycle

hk ab 12:02 GMT November 11, 2022
first station should be 135.30 and then 128.....

hk ab 12:02 GMT November 11, 2022
first station should be 135.30 and then 128.....

hk ab 12:00 GMT November 11, 2022
Maybe GVI can host a guessing game of the bottom of dlr/jpy......

Still rmb how scary my bro told me to sell dlr/jpy at 150.......

hk ab 11:30 GMT November 11, 2022
XAG weak

Bangkok KC 09:43 GMT November 11, 2022
SELL EUR/USD on rally again

Hold [email protected], target 1.0000
Add short if see 1.0310 today

Bangkok KC 09:40 GMT November 11, 2022
SELL GBP/USD on rally again

Next week, GBP/USD will have a correction back to below 1.14 eventually...IMHO.

Still hold short 1/2 position average @1.1720
Target 1.1370

Bangkok KC 09:36 GMT November 11, 2022
SELL GBP/USD on rally again

Closed 1/2 @break-even 1.1720


Bangkok KC 04:21:14 GMT - 11/11/2022
GBP/USD found strong supply when it traded above 1.1700 It may be able to trade below 1.1400 again in the near term.

1st Short @1.1670
2nd Short @1.1770(if see)

Target 1.1370

Amman wfakhoury 08:30 GMT November 11, 2022
Is anyone trading USDJPY , I will give him good signal?

Amman wfakhoury 08:27 GMT November 11, 2022
All into buy mood.

Amman wfakhoury 08:25 GMT November 11, 2022
Today's close will be above 1753.
Trade accordingly

Amman wfakhoury 08:22 GMT November 11, 2022
GBPUSD 11717
Today's close will be above 11717.
Trade accordingly.

Amman wfakhoury 08:21 GMT November 11, 2022
EURUSD 10210
Today's close will be above 10210.
Trade accordingly.

Bangkok KC 08:09 GMT November 11, 2022
SELL EUR/USD on rally again
1st Short @1.0230

Caribbean! Rafe... 08:00 GMT November 11, 2022

Lots of people in india and other countries have lost their jobs because their website laid them off. Don't despair... Start your own business with literally no capital other than your 2 hands and 2 feet and very icy, steely and gritty determination.

For India: India has something called housing societies which is nothing but a grouping of apartment buildings or an apartment complex. Some complexes got 500 apartments or approx 500 families per complex. When I see so many people I see $$$$ signs walking here and there looking for more and more places in which they can go to spend their money, they call it going out...

but such tired people need morning services...

Milk delivery for the kids every morning. Deliver 500 milk boxes per day... Parents want their newspapers on time. Deliver 500 newspapers per day... Eventually pay them cash on the spot for a better discount and resell/deliver at MRP...

They got cars and bikes too which need to be washed every morning: 400 rupees per month per bike irrespective whether RC or bullett... and 600 bucks per month for cars irrespective whether benz or audi...

You got office buddies who lost ther jobs too? Keep in touch... each of them can deliver 500 newspapers and 500 milk boxes per day too in the neighbouring complexes and surrounding complexes too... well buy direct from the factory at even a bigger discount...

You got some dear auntie's (not some censored aunty's) who if you help them genuinely then they will make your business grow by leaps and bounds!... for business you need a squeaky clean reputation as an honest and genuine person.... all this is known as bharkat... blessings... abundance... prosperity... etc...

your employer is out to drain all that away from you then give you the boot and leave you with PTSD so that you don't forget them and what they did to your bharkat... so your job is to earn it back by taking action not sitting at home crying over your lost job like a dud! or suffering family pressure to go get another job like the previous one...

Another way is: A massive amount of shops were shuttered because of the pandemic. Make a deal with the landlord, you got 4 walls and a strong shutter to keep out thieves. You got no furnishings, no fittings, not even light fixtures in the shop, just 4 walls, not even a chair/stool to sit on... not even a servant to sweep the inside/outside of the shop in the mornings/evenings... and 30 day credit for boxes of items for sale lining the walls... if it doesn't sell within 15 days they gotta take those goods back... pay item distributors monthly... that's how you start... get a taste of business...

Some caveats... don't take loans, don't steal... don't cheat others... collect cash up front... don't allow people to cheat/rob or steal from you... doesn't matter if your folks got a hundred million in the bank... do it yourself from nothing... be self made... and like the wabbit always said: Get to wooiikk!

Caribbean! Rafe... 05:52 GMT November 11, 2022


Caribbean! Rafe... 05:52 GMT November 11, 2022

Mtl JP 19:26 GMT 11/10/2022 - My Profile

I have been saying this for years... but they got selective deaf ear syndrome here...

We need olive oil in 5 gallon jugs... lots of em'... you got 15 containers they will move em' quick and call next week asking if you got 15 more because they don't have stocks to last.

Forget about selling india expired olive oil... Nobody uses pomance here...

palm oil originally was used in manufacture of animal feeds... not for consumption by dear human beings.

Amman wfakhoury 05:43 GMT November 11, 2022
GBPUSD 11550 or11250

Amman wfakhoury 10:23 GMT 11/10/2022
Ready to move big in one way direction to 11550 or 11250.
the close below 11350 and keeps below it means 11250 will be seen.
100% .
Signal ended the price moved in one way direction from 11350 to 11715

Bangkok KC 04:21 GMT November 11, 2022
SELL GBP/USD on rally again
GBP/USD found strong supply when it traded above 1.1700 It may be able to trade below 1.1400 again in the near term.

1st Short @1.1670
2nd Short @1.1770(if see)

Target 1.1370

HK Dusty 04:06 GMT November 11, 2022

GLD big uphill avalanche on big rising stox mkt.

New mechanism of pain�

hk ab 03:53 GMT November 11, 2022
dlr/jpy big dip on big rising stox mkt........

new mechanism of the mkt.


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