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Forex Forum Archive for 11/16/2022

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Mtl JP 23:28 GMT November 16, 2022

or you do not want the detail of your high leverage to be known
dog eat dog

dc CB 21:41 GMT November 16, 2022

we know---the Brits
Perfide Albion
Bonus Tweet of the Day from Sammy's Laudromat


23) Roughly 25% of customer assets were withdrawn each day--$4b.

As it turned out, I was wrong: leverage wasn't ~$5b, it was ~$13b.

$13b leverage, total run on the bank, total collapse in asset value, all at once.

Which is why you don't want that leverage.

PAR 21:35 GMT November 16, 2022

Ok now that we know who fired missiles into Poland maybe we could also find out who blew up the Nord
Stream pipelines?

Enough fake news in this world.

dc CB 21:16 GMT November 16, 2022

Associated Press Issues Correction To Its Fake Report Which Could Have Kicked Off WW3

Update(1605ET): The Associated Press has issued an official correction for its not-so-inconsequential bit of reporting Tuesday that could have easily set off a chain of events leading to a WWIII scenario.

"The Associated Press reported erroneously, based on information from a senior American intelligence official who spoke on condition of anonymity" ...and we the know rest which unleashed a day of incessant warmongering based on the allegation that Russia attacked a NATO member. The incredibly embarrassing correction further states, "Subsequent reporting showed that the missiles were Russian-made and most likely fired by Ukraine in defense against a Russian attack."

And the next time this happens will it be too late for a "correction"? (ZH)

dc CB 20:28 GMT November 16, 2022
This is only a Test.......

dc CB 21:38 GMT 11/15/2022
Ben Garrison Graphics

US funding for war in Ukraine in 9 months:

Mar: $ 13.6 billion
May: $ 40b
Nov: $ 37.7b: Biden's new request

That $ 91.3 billion is 33% more than Russia's *total military spending for the year*

It's *double* the US's average annual expenditure for its own war in Afghanistan
� Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) November 16, 2022

The Laundromat--trailer

dc CB 20:20 GMT November 16, 2022

Why a Duck?
Why a War?
take a guess

Reuters reports citing four sources, German authorities have stepped up preparations for emergency cash deliveries in case of a blackout (or rather blackouts) to keep the economy running, as the nation braces for possible power cuts arising from the war in Ukraine. The plans include the Bundesbank hoarding extra billions to cope with a surge in demand, as well as "possible limits on withdrawals", one of the people said.

And if you think crypto investors are angry when they can't access their digital tokens in a bankrupt exchange, just wait until you see a German whose cash has just been locked out.

Germany Preparing For Emergency Cash Deliveries, Bank Runs And "Aggressive Discontent" Ahead Of Winter Power Cuts

dc CB 20:17 GMT November 16, 2022

Update(1314ET): A fresh White House statement has backed the Poland and NATO assessment that the Tuesday Polish border explosion was "most likely the result of a Ukrainian air defense missile that unfortunately landed in Poland."

But like NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg's prior remarks, she still blamed Russia for the episode:

"That said, whatever the final conclusions may be, it is clear that the party ultimately responsible for this tragic incident is Russia, which launched a barrage of missiles on Ukraine specifically intended to target civilian infrastructure. Ukraine had � and has � every right to defend itself."

Did we almost get lied into WWIII?

Bangkok KC 18:37 GMT November 16, 2022
SELL AUD/USD on rally
1st short @0.6725
2nd short @0.6775(if see)

Target 0.6500

PAR 17:48 GMT November 16, 2022
Option expiration may push S&P futures to the 4100 - 4200 level by Friday.

Caribbean! Rafe... 17:36 GMT November 16, 2022

Belgrade Knez 12:32 GMT 11/16/2022

Everyone wants peace, it's the politicians who use taxpayers money to order those weapons against another politicians in other countries.

Politician A said something bad about Politician C and then the media caused politician C to read the wrong news on his desk and hear the wrong nightly news on TV... Then next day Politician U calls up C and wanting to sign a deal to supply weapons to C so he can use them to protect his land borders from musclebound politician A.

I would have offered to send Politician C a pair of high quality earplugs for christmas just to keep the world a peaceful place. And a bar of soap for politician A to bite on...

So better stop reading newspapers, and use those savings to invest in a pair of good quality ear plugs to block out the TV media, and that way is guaranteed peace... Oh yeah I almost forgot to send A his biting soap.

Caribbean! Rafe... 17:17 GMT November 16, 2022
This is only a Test.......

Just get a sledge hammer and go to the server room... so much for feasibility...

Caribbean! Rafe... 17:13 GMT November 16, 2022
This is only a Test.......

dc CB 17:55 GMT 11/15/2022

re: New York Innovation Center to Explore Feasibility of Theoretical Payments System Designed to Facilitate and Settle Digital Asset Transactions.

Perhaps they'd be better off financing a marketing bitz convincing the whole wide world on how to purchase and use a legal copy of microsoft office, as it's safer for the global economy too...

PAR 16:25 GMT November 16, 2022
First Lagarde encourages everybody to borrow as much as possible. She pushed even Europe to borrow and seemed to be the biggest fan of MMT.

Then she says inflation came from nowhere.

And now:

The ECB warned of rising stability risks for everyone from lenders to governments and households. The cost-of-living squeeze is hurting people's ability to pay debts, while Europe�s worsening growth prospects threaten corporate profits, according to the central bank's Financial Stability Review.

If you want to fight inflation you need to raise rates. Rates were too low for too long.

Mtl JP 16:23 GMT November 16, 2022
More Crypto problems

"Lend over 25 digital assets, stablecoins and other fiat currencies to Genesis. Increase capital efficiency, earn yields up to 10%."

PAR 15:33 GMT November 16, 2022
More Crypto problems
Crypto broker Genesis Trading halts redemptions at loan unit

Belgrade Knez 15:28 GMT November 16, 2022
first support at 1.0368 (Aug 10. high) .....only close today below 1.0324, will signal me that new down move on the table

Mtl JP 15:22 GMT November 16, 2022

EURO 1.0385
technically puppy continues with a bullish overtone

1.0280 curr Sup

Mtl JP 14:41 GMT November 16, 2022

looking at atocks u d never know yields off

GVI Forex 14:27 GMT November 16, 2022

US yields off

Bangkok KC 13:01 GMT November 16, 2022
SELL GBP/USD on rally
1st short @1.1915
2nd short @1.2015(if see)

Target 1.1500

Belgrade Knez 12:32 GMT November 16, 2022

Can nobody stop the killing and start diplomatic negotiations?
Ukraine people want war and killing to stop, but nobody care about what they want!

PAR 12:13 GMT November 16, 2022
Can nobody stop the killing and start diplomatic negotiations?

Eventually it will end in a disaster while world leaders are traveling to Bali and Egypt instead of working for peace.

Climate talks are irrelevant if we go to a nuclear war.

Belgrade Knez 11:33 GMT November 16, 2022

Also, authorities from Poland confirmed that missiles belongs to Ukraine!

what now?
Two people died, but that's not a problem because they were killed by Ukraine!

Belgrade Knez 11:28 GMT November 16, 2022

If it was not Russia who fired the missiles into Poland, who was it?
just got info from TV that US authorities confirmed: missiles fired into Poland are PVO missiles fired by Ukraine!

PAR 11:02 GMT November 16, 2022
If it was not Russia who fired the missiles into Poland, who was it?

Mtl JP 10:08 GMT November 16, 2022
russian idiots ...

GD 09:50 - just one of favorit holdings of american politicians

more // warning: may conflict w/ur moral code of defending democracy

Geneva DS 10:08 GMT November 16, 2022
USD fortunes ... ?
Entry: USD Target: lower Stop: sbove

As I tank through the youtube channels and through many Twitter comments, I have to admit - that the actual financial world is a little or very much one sided on a lot of things .... :) ....
Participants are mainly bullish for the USD - mainly bearish for the metals and for the stocks ... and mainly veeery bearish for the crypto fortunes.... In checking our own charts ... we remain very bearish for the USDollars for years to come - we have most certainly seen the top and USDCHF is set to go down to 0.90 then 0.84 later . USDJPY 135, then 127, AUDUSD .71 then .77 ... Gold probably soon 2000 and much above and listen .... in my monthly charts --- Bitcoin is about to crossover in some MACD measurements to the upside ... this one could be the fastest horse - anyway the sentiment is set in this investment for a sharp move to the upside soon .... not to mention stocks --- a lot of stocks are way underpriced and soon ready to bump hard ... (not Tech) but Innovation .... have a great time ...

Mtl JP 09:52 GMT November 16, 2022

fresh from optometrist
Running Even Hotter Through Next Year
Nov 15, 2022 (Bloomberg) -- Economists see US inflation running hotter through next year than they did a month ago and recession odds continue to mount against a backdrop of rising borrowing costs.

Vienna GD 09:50 GMT November 16, 2022
russian idiots ...

"russian idiots" ???


"ukrainian idiots" ???


"us and european idiots" delivering WMD and fueling WW3 and further thousands of victims

instead of boycotting both Russia and Ukraine IMMEDIATELY in general and FOR AS LONG as there is not a peace agreement.
Either stop it - or be 100% isolated for as long as you live.

- - - - - -

We have a saying here: "wer anderen eine Grube gr�bt f�llt selbst hinein". I might add: unfortunately that hole isn't big enough to suck in each and every sucker carrying weapons or supporting carrying of weapons or calling for more war and force and hate(red).

How beautiful this world could be if all those war and hate activits and mongerers would be sent to hell all at once.
As they - in fact and all honesty - don't deserve to live on this wonderful planet.

Unfortunately, this censored will continue as long as there are these evil and dumb and sick and soulless creatures, which have nothing learned from history and have no heart and feelings at all.


If there are kids somewhere out there - who in their right mind would engage in supporting one or the other side with more tools to destroy each other???

But for grown up (????) kids / individuals - it's ok ???

Boy - It's such a shame I have no words for.

Amman wfakhoury 09:09 GMT November 16, 2022

why are you waiting
start scalp sell

Mtl JP 09:08 GMT November 16, 2022

credit: the Covid-19 pandemic
World Population Hits 8 Billion, U.N. Says - wsj Nov. 15
The planet reached the milestone about a year later than expected because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Amman wfakhoury 09:03 GMT November 16, 2022
Into sell mood this hour and will be closed below 11883 at 0900 Gmt
or above few mins.

Bangkok KC 03:48 GMT November 16, 2022
BUY USD/CHF on dips

USD/CHF found strong demand when it t raded below 0.9400 It may be able to rebound to 0.9700 - 0.9800 in the near term.....IMHO

Hold Long @0.9445

Bangkok KC 03:43 GMT November 16, 2022
SELL EUR/USD on rally

I think EUR/USD may go down because it is overbought. I expect that the Euro may fall from resistance and test nearest support. My 1st target is support 1.0200 , 2nd target @1.0100

dc CB 03:37 GMT November 16, 2022
This is only a Test.......

Market Regime Change Is Here: Funds Steamrolled By Record "Momentum Shock" And VaR Events

"It was a signal of calamity for market-neutral shops, with 3, 4, 5, 6 sigma-score 1d moves across the entire suite, indicative of �pod stop-outs" as funds were literally margined to zero in milliseconds."



Biden Says "Unlikely" Missile That Hit Poland Was Fired From Russia
based on the trajectory its unlikely the missile was fired from Russia

Bangkok KC 03:25 GMT November 16, 2022
BUY USD/CHF on dips

Still hold long @0.9445
Add if see 0.9365

Target 0.9800

Bangkok KC 02:47 GMT November 16, 2022
SELL EUR/USD on rally
1st Short @1.0375
2nd Short @1.0475(if see)

Target 1.0100


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