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Forex Forum Archive for 12/1/2022

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Mtl JP 23:57 GMT December 1, 2022

Fed's Barr: It's 'smart' to slow pace of rate hikes
Federal Reserve Vice Chair of Supervision Michael Barr on Thursday signaled that he is among U.S. central bankers backing a slowdown in the pace of interest rate hikes

Wall Street's expectations for the report, according to Bloomberg data:

Non-farm payrolls: +200,000 expected vs. +261,000 in October

Unemployment rate: 3.7% expected vs. 3.7% in October

Average hourly earnings, month-over-month: +0.3% expected vs. +0.3% in October

Average hourly earnings, year-over-year: +4.6% expected vs. +4.7% in October

dc CB 23:05 GMT December 1, 2022
NUZE ---What Me Worry?
CNN Starts Layoffs

WaPo Ends Sunday Magazine Amid "Economic Headwinds"
(seems the Bezos Post can't 'afford' the Sunday Magazine anymore.)

the Washington Post is also trimming fat - announcing that it will cease publication of its Sunday magazine, and will eliminate a number of editorial positions related to the product.

Edward Snowden
The most important video of the year was filmed in 1983.

(any questions?)

"Economic Headwinds"

dc CB 22:53 GMT December 1, 2022
Mauna Loa
Big Island

Big trouble in paradise

dc CB 22:41 GMT December 1, 2022
Biden fetes Macron

200 Lobsters at White House State Dinner

Maine lobster on menu for White House dinner with France�s Macron

Mtl JP 22:32 GMT December 1, 2022

... experiencing losses on portfolios and pensions as financial assets fall in price ... .. ... and they have plenty of equities available to sell ...


now IF powell & gang's attempted "soft" landing (whatever that is) doews not materialize and instead we get to experience a "not soft" landing, then ... all sorts of assets will come on the market for 20-10-5 cents on the dollar. and cash will , if it is not already, be King.

Cash is King: means is that it matters not what is coming IF you dont have enough on hand to pay current bills untill more comes in.

In a certain way it is related to a Margin Call with the ever slight but all important difference that some-one else than you sells your stuff at most inconvenient time for you.

dc CB 22:27 GMT December 1, 2022
LIVE----SBF NYTimes DealBook

dc CB 17:53 GMT 12/01/2022
PAR 05:30 GMT 12/01/2022
When will he be arrested and will this Comedia Del Arte
If you doubt it-----look at his parentage----Two Lawyers/Professors at Stamford. His sometime GF---ran Alameda--- daddy MIT Econ Prof.
Then read this-----you think SBF is some dumb kid ----this "I'm Sooooo Very Sorry, I didn't INTEND to Defraud anybody" without Legal Council??


" SBF is getting a light cross-examination at the NYT/Dealbook Summit and has made at least 3 incriminating statements so far.

Why are his lawyers (or parents) letting him do this??
� Jeremy Hogan (@attorneyjeremy1) November 30, 2022

Legal professionals astonished as SBF admits failures, apologizes 12 times in interview

dc CB 19:10 GMT December 1, 2022

2022----Tax Sales??? December---decision time.

Simon White, Bloomberg markets reporter and analyst
Equities owned by upper-middle-income households in the US are at increasing risk of liquidation as this group feels the cost-of-living crisis ever more acutely.
It is those in the upper-middle income groups (annual household income of about $70,000-$200,000) who:

are seeing the greatest relative rise in debt repayments

who are experiencing losses on portfolios and pensions as financial assets fall in price

have sizable mortgages compared to their net worth

are seeing the slowest wage growth

yet who often fail to qualify for much in the way of government support

This has earned them the sobriquet of the �squeezed middle,� and they have plenty of equities available to sell.

Liquidation Threat From Squeezed Middle

dc CB 19:05 GMT December 1, 2022


Credit Suisse

dc CB 17:53 GMT December 1, 2022
LIVE----SBF NYTimes DealBook

PAR 05:30 GMT 12/01/2022
When will he be arrested and will this Comedia Del Arte

Never: he is there for a purpose---to get CBDCs in place---
In the wake of the FTX event, multiple international banks including JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs have called for government regulation and a shift over to CBDCs.

The US House has scheduled hearings on FTX with an emphasis on regulation. In Europe, globalist Christine Lagarde and the ECB are calling for global cooperation on monitoring and controlling cryptocurrencies. Lagarde wants a �digital Euro� to take the place of existing coins and blames FTX and the larger market losses on lack of oversight.
Round 1: this morning:
Senate hearing on lessons learned from the FTX collapse

Using Crypto Bloodbath And FTX Fraud To Justify CBDCs

dc CB 17:43 GMT December 1, 2022

Mtl JP 15:25 GMT
Zelensky entrusts management
The ZEEMan was also an 'invited guest speaker' at the NYTimes DealBook Summit.....

You can find all them, ZeeMan, Gammy Yellen, SBF, Fink of Black

Learn how "The Paper of Record"/CNBC treat these 'honored guests'.

PAR 17:24 GMT December 1, 2022
LIVE----SBF NYTimes DealBook

Never use only one bank or only one broker.

Crooks are everywhere and it is also important to be able to compare.

Vienna GD 15:56 GMT December 1, 2022
Hartnett: Fade SnP 4100

Personally I don't think that 4100 already marks the top (still too many bullish aspects i.e. buybacks, seasonals, ...) ... but I think / agree we are already late in the party

Maybe more rally into yearend ... and then new lows in the months to come. Eventually.

gl & gt

Vienna GD 15:47 GMT December 1, 2022
Hartnett: Fade SnP 4100

correction: he called the last high around 432x almost to the point.

Vienna GD 15:43 GMT December 1, 2022
Hartnett: Fade SnP 4100

BTW he also called the last bottom almost to the SnP point.

Either he has a lot of followers with very deep pockets or - it is just good luck ... at least it is really noteworthy.

Vienna GD 15:34 GMT December 1, 2022
Hartnett: Fade SnP 4100
Recall Hartnett' "Fade SnP4100"


Hartnett ZH

Mtl JP 15:25 GMT December 1, 2022

Zelensky entrusts management of private investments in Ukraine to BlackRock
(Kiev) The Ukrainian government is teaming up with American investment firm BlackRock to "reboot its economy". A Memorandum of Understanding was signed on November 10, the Ukrainian Economy Ministry announced the next day. This agreement concerns the creation of a platform to attract private capital.

faith. trust. guarantee.

Mtl JP 14:36 GMT December 1, 2022
LIVE----SBF NYTimes DealBook

PAR 14:18 they are not clients. they were just speculators. and stupid.

so now their mouths are gapping and agog. please do not tell me biden should make them whole similarly to how he is trying to purge some stupid folks mistakes they made in their "educational" choice(s)

PAR 14:18 GMT December 1, 2022
LIVE----SBF NYTimes DealBook

Clients just want their money back.

We want our money back and are not interested in your stupid stories.

You are a crook and lead a lavish lifestyle with your customer's money.

Mtl JP 12:09 GMT December 1, 2022

NatGas 7
did winter get lost on its way ?

gut says price is languishing lower so that shortly it will have more room to go higher.

Mtl JP 10:52 GMT December 1, 2022

GBP 1.2153
puppy is on a tear: pricing aggressive rate hike(s) ?

Mtl JP 09:56 GMT December 1, 2022
LIVE----SBF NYTimes DealBook

Who... pays for all those mouths ?
The San Francisco-based exchange said that it was cutting 1,100 staff members, (30%) rolling headcount back to where it was 12 months ago as it "takes steps to weather crypto winter," co-founder and CEO Jesse Powell announced on Nov. 30.

I am wondering where will these turfees resurface
in last few months: 2,000 POOF!
unchained capital: 650 POOF!
galaxy digital: 170 POOF!
NFT studio Dapper Labs: 130+ POOF!
BitMEX: 50+ POOF!

another page for MacKay's ‎Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds:
..."FT spoke to one hotel group that said crypto entrepreneurs were willing to blow $500,000 on renting a club exclusively for an evening � spending "insane" amounts of money.

Andrea Vimercati said the revelers were 95% men and young "with a kind of nerdy style" � and at first, it didn't look like they were rich. Documenting the excesses seen in 2021, they said:

"They wanted to show that they didn't have any limits. They were ordering 12 or 24 bottles of the most expensive champagne and just showering themselves without even drinking." ...

Miami Nightclubs Are Suffering After Crypto Bubble Burst

Mtl JP 07:27 GMT December 1, 2022
LIVE----SBF NYTimes DealBook

PAR 05:30 - think of not just the meaning of but the intention(s) of the word and verb "crypto" and what it says about the character of crypto enthusiasts

blast from the past:

SBF said his current net worth is a 100K bank (bank!) account. rofl
think he may be grossely over-estimating himself ?

hk ab 06:29 GMT December 1, 2022
very interesting to see some manipulators creating the illusion of very low interest environment right now.....

watch out next new moon.

PAR 05:30 GMT December 1, 2022
LIVE----SBF NYTimes DealBook

When will he be arrested and will this Comedia Del Arte
be over?


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