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Forex Forum Archive for 02/18/2022

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dc CB 22:46 GMT February 18, 2022

(Update 5:30pm ET): Shortly after images of the gas pipeline explosion was reaching social media, President Biden appeared behind the lectern at The White House (an hour late) to tell the world that he's �convinced� that Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to launch a further invasion in Ukraine, including an assault on its capital, Kyiv.

After weeks of saying the U.S. wasn�t sure if Putin had made the final decision to launch a widespread invasion, Biden said that assessment had changed, citing �significant intelligence capability.�

�As of this moment I�m convinced he�s made the decision,� Biden said.

�We have reason to believe that.� He reiterated that it could occur in the �coming days.�

"We believe they will target Ukraine's capital Kyiv, a city of 2.8 million innocent people," he said of Russian forces.

Powerful Gas Pipeline Explosion Rocks Eastern Ukraine

dc CB 22:22 GMT February 18, 2022
huge rally soon

on the same ZH link

Or... Watch the latest live feeds from mainstream corporate media.

It's on in Ottawa

dc CB 22:20 GMT February 18, 2022
huge rally soon

Heavily-Armed Ottawa Police Arrest At Least 70 'Freedom Convoy' Protesters, Will Run "24 Hours A Day" To Clear City

Watch the latest live feeds from citizen journalists.

GVI Forex 22:17 GMT February 18, 2022

President Biden told Americans Friday that he was �convinced� Russian President Vladimir Putin had opted to invade Ukraine � and warned of a massive military operation that could target the Eastern European country�s capital, Kyiv.

Biden �convinced� Russia intends to attack Ukraine within days

PAR 21:45 GMT February 18, 2022

It looks like Biden fell asleep?

dc CB 21:01 GMT February 18, 2022

Biden gives an Update


Mtl JP 20:42 GMT February 18, 2022

Fed's Brainard says
- planned policy moves can bring inflation down while sustaining recovery
-- a series of rate hikes are appropriate

dc CB 20:35 GMT February 18, 2022
huge rally soon

if you mean your guys ...then yes...even now there is almost zero coverage except for Fox and other 'right-wing' nuz outlets.

But the US cross country convoy --- that's not even on the radar here---what happens with that remains to be seen.
Will the US go farther than Justin????

Oh those great couple of summers on PEI, biking across New Brunswick to Maine. Getting waved across the border crossing on a packed touring bike.....The year Nixon resigned.

Seattle, bikes loaded on the ferry to Victoria --- touring the BnBs

Sad extremely sad what these A-Holes have wrought in the pursuit of Power.

Mtl JP 20:19 GMT February 18, 2022
huge rally soon

odds are that by monday morning
msm will be asking "what freedom convoy truckers"

dc CB 19:49 GMT February 18, 2022
huge rally soon

Recall I speculated that Justin v Truckers was a test case to see what was The bridge-too-far.

dc CB 14:30 GMT 02/18/2022
Canada this weekend: Canadian police are preparing to clear hundreds of truck drivers from Ottawa, according to Reuters.

USA Next Week: Starting Feb 23, a 'freedom trucker' convoy will leave California and head across the US to Washington DC.

Well Zero(Russian Bot)Hedge just posted----the show-down in Ottawa has begin---
Update (1435ET): On Friday morning, Ottawa Police Service began arresting "Freedom Convoy" protesters in the downtown district.

There are disturbing reports some officers wielded military weapons as they closed in on the three-week-long demonstration.

Twitter users report police officers (or maybe even special ops) outfitted in full combat gear with assault rifles equipped with silencers approached unarmed protesters.

People are leaving their trucks and cars as cops coming up with some big guns at Rideau and Sussex. Cops go and search the cars after #cdnpolj #ottnews
� Mackenzie Gray (@Gray_Mackenzie) February 18, 2022

Every American watching the events unfolding in Ottawa should be very afraid because Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has chosen to unleash what looks like the military on unarmed civilians who are only asking for their freedoms back after being taken away during COVID.

Keep in mind, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association has condemned Trudeau for invoking the Emergencies Act.

Trudeau is now creating a political emergency.

Government forces using what appears to be military weapons on unarmed civilians seems excessive, right?

Ottawa Police Armed With Assault Rifles Close In On 'Freedom Convoy'

Israel MacroMicro 19:41 GMT February 18, 2022

the WH is checking if they got the budget to activate the nuclear arsenal and hire Bill and Hillary to meet and beat PUTIN....

to be continued...


dc CB 19:34 GMT February 18, 2022
pump n pump

Time to exterminate the remaining Put holder---who waited too long with the HOPE of a Black Friday.....

dc CB 19:32 GMT February 18, 2022
pump n pump

trading for March CME contract---Expires Tues
March 91 and change.
April 90 and change

so April good for a buck going least

Tallinn viies 19:24 GMT February 18, 2022
pelosi husband still king of the investment world
Fed formally adopts investment rules for officials after outcry

Top officials at the US Federal Reserve will be banned from holding individual stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies and certain other investments under new rules adopted Friday, after controversial trading activity led to high-profile resignations last year.

Under the regulations adopted unanimously by the policy setting Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), central bank leaders including the Fed chair and vice chair as well as the heads of the regional banks will also not be allowed to hold foreign currency or engage in short selling and margin trading.

In a statement, the FOMC said the rules "aim to support public confidence in the impartiality and integrity of the committee's work by guarding against even the appearance of any conflict of interest."

The new rules also specify top officials will be banned from trading "during periods of heightened financial market stress."

Two regional Fed bank presidents resigned last year following disclosures that they had traded individual stocks in 2020, when the Fed was working to shore up the pandemic-hit economy.

Last month, Richard Clarida resigned before the end of his term as Fed vice chair, after media reports questioned his trading activity in February 2020, just before markets plunged on news of Covid-19 spreading across the United States.

The Fed is in the midst of a leadership shift, with Chair Jerome Powell awaiting Senate confirmation for a second term, alongside Lael Brainard as his vice chair and three new additions to the Board of Governors.

The Republican opposition earlier this week boycotted a vote to advance the candidates' nominations from the Senate Banking Committee, criticizing the views of two of the governor candidates, who were nominated by Democratic President Joe Biden.

The FOMC makes major policy decisions for the central bank, which have ripple effects across global markets.

In their meeting next month, the FOMC is expected to increase interest rates from zero for the first time since Covid-19 sparked a crisis in the world's largest economy.

The new regulations come into effect May 1, and officials affected by them will have 12 months to get rid of holdings that do not comply.

dc CB 18:57 GMT February 18, 2022

VP Harris "Warns" Putin

WilliamBanzi7----Photoshop Editorial.

Tallinn viies 18:54 GMT February 18, 2022
pump n pump
Oil is so so over extended but as long as Powell prints you do not bet against it.
oil target 120 on my mind. Im not sure if we hit 100 before correction kicks in. depends how they gonna handle Putin case.
1-st quarter is usually slow season. so if we do not get correction before mid march then brent may hot 120 before driving season starts in america.
82 first correction level if previous week low taken out.

Israel MacroMicro 18:41 GMT February 18, 2022
pump n pump

also, don't dare to say:


$999 later , $79.99 soon


Israel MacroMicro 18:34 GMT February 18, 2022
pump n pump

shut up beach 😂🤣😅

don't JINX it

Tallinn viies 18:32 GMT February 18, 2022
pump n pump
Israel MacroMicro 18:29 - hehehe. so far a bit over 6 months in crypto trading. do not understand yet that dips are needed ::)))

just buy on dip and take profits.
easy money.

Israel MacroMicro 18:29 GMT February 18, 2022
pump n pump


PLEASE do not forget the ADA tip

make some, you deserve it !!!

Israel MacroMicro 18:23 GMT February 18, 2022
pump n pump


she is exactly like AT but lucky enough to that yak-yak show for little more than $129.99 per month off the ones who believe her. / source: CNN


Israel MacroMicro 18:16 GMT February 18, 2022


ping here if Justin freezes your account and you cannot buy bread anymore, madame Freeland will personally deliver you cakes.

Israel MacroMicro 18:13 GMT February 18, 2022

non-event so far

the usual drama queens definitely claim differently, but face it, the drama queens are bookies with Brooklyn 1960's mindset. they are amazing but without skin in the game. as all their "amazing wisdom" did not deliver them skin to keep.

have a great weekend


Mtl JP 18:09 GMT February 18, 2022

vladimir to play with some live toys on the week-end
"Vladimir Putin will personally oversee exercises of Russia�s strategic deterrence forces, including ballistic and cruise missile launches meant to simulate a nuclear attack.

The annual strategic Grom drills will take place on Saturday �under the supervision of Russian Armed Forces Supreme Commander-in-Chief Vladimir Putin�, Russia�s defence ministry has said in a statement. �Ballistic and cruise missiles will be launched in its course.� ...
- guardian

Israel MacroMicro 18:03 GMT February 18, 2022
pump n pump

BULLARD said clearly :

* interest rates must go higher fast
* FED purchases must totally stop
* no reason that the equity valuations will not remain high

this is the dull BULLARD package

personally. the meaning of high equity valuations is sideways between bear-correction-ATH zones for relatively long period. not a real crash down..

we will know 🙈🙉🙊

Tallinn viies 17:09 GMT February 18, 2022
pump n pump
ECB governing council to hold an 'informal' meeting on February 24th, according to Bloomberg

dc CB 16:53 GMT February 18, 2022
pump n pump

Cathy Wood---the ARK funds Crash...............put up a 6 month chart for

Mtl JP 16:49 GMT February 18, 2022

EURO 1.1333
Bias : down
Res 1.1350/75/1.14
Sup1.13, 1.1280

dc CB 16:48 GMT February 18, 2022

Biden Blinkeyen etc

A bit of history.
enter this into your fav search engine and see what you get (2014)

***Ukraine Victoria Nuland Obama***

london red 16:45 GMT February 18, 2022
pump n pump

50% of nasdaq comp stocks down 50% from highs. and then you have the retail cathie wood names down 80% plus. all this while spx down 10% from highs only. you are seeing exactly the same price action for individual stocks as during the dotcom bubble collapse. exactly the same. darling stocks then when up hundreds of percent are down 50, 60, 80%. but there is one crucial difference. back in 2000, the biggest unicorns didnt make much money. none of them. this time around the likes of microsoft alphabet amazon etc all do. and they made a ton of money during the run up. and its supported their stocks. but for everyone elses stocks, its a repeat of 2000.

Bangkok KC 16:42 GMT February 18, 2022
EUR/USD collapse is imminent
Active Euro buyers since early December were gone. EUR/USD probably breaks back under 1.1280 soon... and, in this case, it's resuming its downtrend, and this time we can expect even a drop below 1.1120 in the near term....IMHO

Keep selling EUR/USD on rally is a good strategy for next week.

Tallinn viies 16:34 GMT February 18, 2022
pump n pump
london red 16:27 - the cost of money???
there is no such thing anymore in MMT times.

the stock index value is the cost of money. if it is going higher you have more money if it is going down you have less money.
this is a common understanding nowadays.

so all in all if stock indexes tank 20% then the FED will not hike rates. simple as this.

london red 16:27 GMT February 18, 2022
pump n pump

not anymore viies. until the fed pivot u could argue that. not anymore. cost of money goes up, people wont value high psr tech in the way they used to. but good news is they will be forecasting cuts (the fed) before the end of the year imo. but they will squeeze in 3 or maybe 4 hikes in first.

GVI Forex 16:26 GMT February 18, 2022
pump n pump

I agree but EURUSD fell near,y 30 pips and now coming nack. SHows you hoiw spooked the market is.

Tallinn viies 16:24 GMT February 18, 2022
pump n pump
I still believe we may see nasdaq100 at 15 400 before the month is over.

Tallinn viies 16:22 GMT February 18, 2022
pump n pump
london red 14:07 GMT - last month was the biggest ever put buying by retail investors. at least investment banks reporting it this way. I do not have intel.

Tallinn viies 16:19 GMT February 18, 2022
pump n pump
14 400 at the time of options expiry

Tallinn viies 16:18 GMT February 18, 2022
pump n pump
keep buying nasdaq100 index. it is -15% during last 3 months.
will jump next week. 5-10% before month end.

Tallinn viies 16:15 GMT February 18, 2022
pump n pump
GVI Forex 16:12 GMT - all Russian news agencies are controlled by Putin. so if Reuters is reporting then we may believe it.

GVI Forex 16:12 GMT February 18, 2022

The latest blip in the dollar coincided with

Russia's Ria news agency reports large explosion in the centre of separatist held city of Donetsk in East Ukraine.


GVI Forex 16:09 GMT February 18, 2022

As I wanred:

GVI Forex 14:00 GMT February 17, 2022
mkt: Reply
From a trading perspective, think one day ahead and ask yourself who is going to take on risk ahead of a 3-day US weekend with Russia-Ukraine uncertainty looming..

Tallinn viies 16:03 GMT February 18, 2022
pump n pump
in short: 20% downmove from the high's of the year and powell needs to jump in again... to support american way of life :)
or else everything may fall apart.
good job mr lawyer.

Shocker From Fed Repo Oracle Zoltan Pozsar: Powell Must Crash The Market

Belgrade Knez 15:53 GMT February 18, 2022
market just reacted to this:

Tallinn viies 15:48 GMT February 18, 2022
pump n pump
this is good :)
you can not lose

Policy rates are at the zero bound and the Fed is still buying assets when GDP growth is 6.9%, CPI inflation is 7.5% and unemployment is 4.0%. Is this rational monetary policy or are the lunatics running the asylum?

dc CB 15:45 GMT February 18, 2022

Harris in Munich Friday warned the Russians in her first bilateral meeting at the conference that any "aggressive action will met with "severe consequences" of economic sanctions:

�We remain, of course, open to and desire diplomacy as it relates to the dialogue and the discussions we�ve had with Russia. But we are also committed � if Russia takes aggressive action � to ensuring there will be severe consequence, in terms of the economic sanctions we have discussed,�

"Right now, we are obviously dealing with the concern about what is happening in Ukraine. As a member of NATO, we feel very strongly and will always be committed to the principal of territorial integrity and sovereignty,"

"I am here to ensure that through our discussions and the discussions I will have with other of our allies, that we continue as these hours and days progress to stay in close contact. We understand this is a dynamic moment in time. So the work we are doing on a daily basis � and sometimes on an hourly basis to strengthen the relationship � to check in, in terms of our strategic imperative, is critically important and it�s one of the reasons I�m here,"

VP Harris "Warns" Putin

GVI Forex 15:35 GMT February 18, 2022

Residents are now being evacuated from east Ukraine to Russia, via Ifx


PAR 14:50 GMT February 18, 2022

While Biden and Blinken are focussing on Ukraine, China is taking over Latin America? Great leadership?

It's no secret China has been pouring resources into South America, chipping away at the U.S.'s historic dominance and making itself the continent's top trading partner. But an important shift has gone largely unnoticed in the country's approach to Latin America: going local to expand and strengthen its financial grip.

dc CB 14:50 GMT February 18, 2022

Kamala To The Rescue: VP Harris Heads To Munich To Join Security Talks While Biden Stays Home

PAR 14:45 GMT February 18, 2022
Black Friday
Margin calls and margin calls.

Trade deficits and budget deficits.

It will get worse before it gets better.

PAR 14:38 GMT February 18, 2022

Biden and Blinken are out of control.

Before we know it they are claiming Russia is building concentration
camps near the Ukrainian border.

In its diplomatic response, Russia made it crystal clear it will not invade Ukraine. What more do Biden and Blinken want.

Russian forces are on Russian territory. American forces are on European territory near the Russian border.

dc CB 14:30 GMT February 18, 2022
huge rally soon

Canada this weekend: Canadian police are preparing to clear hundreds of truck drivers from Ottawa, according to Reuters.

'Freedom Convoy' demonstrators against the government's medical tyranny have staged a three-week-long siege of Ottawa's downtown district that prompted Trudeau on Monday to invoke the Emergencies Act to crack down on what he has described as an attack on democracy.

USA Next Week: Starting Feb 23, a 'freedom trucker' convoy will leave California and head across the US to Washington DC.

dc CB 14:09 GMT February 18, 2022
pump n pump

$2.2 Trillion In Options Expire Today: Here Are The Stocks That Will Move The Most

london red 14:07 GMT February 18, 2022
pump n pump

retail doesnt buy puts. they buy calls. only calls. so back to flipping burgers it is for them. as for the mkt. when putin is done closing his shorts, then the mkt can rally. afterall hes got bills to pay.

Tallinn viies 13:35 GMT February 18, 2022
pump n pump
I guess during options expiry today stock indexes at the highs of the day as retail traders bought tons of PUT option during this month.
would not be normal to pay out winnings to them.

GVI Forex 13:17 GMT February 18, 2022

One look at a US stock market chart (in this case down_and you can assume there was a Ukraine headline./

The Amazing Trader

Belgrade Knez 11:39 GMT February 18, 2022

Putin will not invade Ukraine to show he is not a bad guy, and to prove that American sources about Russian invasion are all made up just to cause tension and make more enemies against Russia.
NATO is supplying weapons to Ukraine, and Russia to their people in there. So who is right?

GVI Forex 11:27 GMT February 18, 2022

I heard these odds:

25% full scale invasion
50% incursion into a portion of Ukraine
25% diplomatic solution

Tallinn viies 11:11 GMT February 18, 2022
to continue suprhyper pull run brent crude previous week low at 89,93 must hold. otherwise it may drop quickly to 82sh.

PAR 09:01 GMT February 18, 2022
Does it seem like all the troops out of Afghanistan are being moved to Europe?

Does Europe become an occupied continent?

What is the ecological impact of all these weapon movements?

Should the armies not pay carbon taxes?

PAR 08:33 GMT February 18, 2022
Yesterday, ECB Chief Economist Lane�arguably the leading voice for Eurozone policy setting�talked of policy "normalization". ECB normalization means no desire to squeeze inflation out of the system by forcing growth below trend. It means policy to stabilize growth�so ending quantitative policy accommodation, and ending the tax of negative interest rates later on.

GVI Forex 02:08 GMT February 18, 2022

Lavrik reportedly agreed to meet with Blinkon next week on condition there will not be an invasion of Uklraine.

macao win11 01:14 GMT February 18, 2022
huge rally soon

Dow may fall 12% from 37000 top to finish the bottom of 2022...

macao win11 00:35 GMT February 18, 2022
huge rally soon

US plans to make crypto market bigger and deeper, so can tax more money from it and fund the govt


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