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Forex Forum Archive for 02/22/2022

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Mtl JP 19:31 GMT February 22, 2022
pump n pump

borrell - EU's top diplomat and EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs - babble
�We will raise the level of sanctions in proportion to Russian behavior,�
sanctions �will hurt Russia and will hurt a lot,�
any further steps by Russia in Ukraine, will not go �unanswered.�

and the sun will rise (and then set) and maybe or not it will rain

Mtl JP 19:22 GMT February 22, 2022
pump n pump

02:15 European natural gas futures surge nearly 10% as Russia-Ukraine crisis ratchets up

sounds like a magnanimous bargain to me given the growling from the "west"

Mtl JP 19:18 GMT February 22, 2022
pump n pump

"only reason"
really ... only reason ?

Tallinn viies 19:07 GMT February 22, 2022
pump n pump
PAR 17:45 GMT 02/22/2022 - only reason why EU was created long time agao was to avoid wars.
so far EU members has not been in war with each other.
I think there should be more countries in EU to avoid wars.

PAR 18:41 GMT February 22, 2022
pump n pump

Charles Michel. The President of the European council still seems to be in hibernation. Strange way European leaders behave.

Mtl JP 18:26 GMT February 22, 2022

EURO 1.1330
sleeping like a dusty dog on a hot summer day or ...
maybe waiting for those promised sanctions by EU, Canada and US

VIX 30.35
10-yr 1.923 (down teeni bit)

PAR 17:45 GMT February 22, 2022
pump n pump

There are too many countries in the EU which have all different interests. The whole EU construction just as the ECB has to be re- thinked.

london red 16:47 GMT February 22, 2022
pump n pump

poland just bought a loads of weapons from us inc 250 tanks and has lng import terminals to take us lng. i think poland is well protected and insulated from russian gas games.

Mtl JP 16:36 GMT February 22, 2022
pump n pump

poland needs protection ... from the EU or
is it the EU that needs to protect itself from polish insubordination ?

Tallinn viies 16:30 GMT February 22, 2022
pump n pump
Mtl JP 16:25 GMT - there are countries around ukraine which are members of the nato.
they needed to be protected.
poland and baltics and etc.

Mtl JP 16:25 GMT February 22, 2022
pump n dump

has "over 100 jets on high alert" ...
to "protect" what": nato hq in brussels ?

Tallinn viies 16:21 GMT February 22, 2022
pump n dump
NATO Chief Stoltenberg says we will continue to provide Ukraine with strong political support

Has over 100 jets on high alert.This is the most dangerous moment in security in a generation.Urges Russia to choose the path of diplomacy.Russia continues to plan for a full scale attack on Ukraine.(Newswires)

Mtl JP 16:19 GMT February 22, 2022
pump n pump

..."Ukraine army is sending heaviy machinery now"...
what half-life u give those sods should they load and lock ?

Tallinn viies 16:18 GMT February 22, 2022
pump n pump
Russia's Upper House of Parliament votes in favour of giving Russian President Putin formal authority to deploy Russia's armed forces abroad

Tallinn viies 16:16 GMT February 22, 2022
pump n pump
inflation is old news. nothing new there.

Ukranian war is starting to crab attentioan from now on.
as soon as russian forces startig to move further on to ukraine then fear in europe starting to grow.
currently all forces ready near the boarder. ukraine almost surronded. donbass was last piece in the puzzle to start attaxck from 4 different fronts.
Ukraine army is sending heaviy machinery now to the states russian yesterday tok over officially but other areas remain totally without armed forces.

Mtl JP 16:09 GMT February 22, 2022

soooo .... what is the "solution" ?
- About 6% of men at age 35 are unemployed, according to RAND Corp. By that age, 64% of the jobless had been arrested as adults and 46% had been convicted.

- A criminal record can create an additional barrier to employment that�s unrelated to job skill, if an employer conducts a background check.

"64% of unemployed men in their 30s have criminal records, a barrier to landing a job" - cnbc

Mtl JP 15:42 GMT February 22, 2022

15:30nyt - bostic yaks
increasingly looking like players now pricing a qtr pnt march hike

PAR 15:38 GMT February 22, 2022
Russia is old news.

Inflation is the next focus.

Bangkok KC 15:23 GMT February 22, 2022
EUR/USD collapse is imminent

Took profit @ 1.1340

Stay sideline...

Belgrade Knez 15:14 GMT February 22, 2022

above or below level shows direction

Mtl JP 15:10 GMT February 22, 2022

VIX 29.12
elevated. somewhat

Mtl JP 14:46 GMT February 22, 2022

EURO 1.1339
Bias - neither uP nor DOwn
Res 1.14
Sup 1.13

Snipping time, short/term

Tallinn viies 14:21 GMT February 22, 2022
pump n pump
I hope to see nasdaq100 at 14 400-500 during this week.

Tallinn viies 14:08 GMT February 22, 2022
I guess it is matter of days when USA will cancel sanctions against Iran.

Tallinn viies 14:06 GMT February 22, 2022
Russia is exporting to europe aprox 3,5 million barrels oil and products per day.
Iran spare capacity could be 2.2,5 million barrels per day.

PAR 13:58 GMT February 22, 2022
It looks like Ukraine is more interested in hurting European citizens with sanctions than in hurting Putin.

PAR 13:37 GMT February 22, 2022

An ideal day from some major share buybacks.

First, you warn the market will collapse at least 6% and then you start all the share buybacks. Easy money.

london red 12:11 GMT February 22, 2022

JP, if you make the news, impossible not to profit from it. until SWIFT. but they dont have the balls.

Israel MacroMicro 11:33 GMT February 22, 2022
Why a Putin summit would be a huge risk for Biden

25+54 quotes CNN here in the "forum"

Mtl JP 11:19 GMT February 22, 2022

red d'ya think vlad is a willey coyote ?
"Russian assets lead global sell-off as Putin sends forces into eastern Ukraine - AN HOUR AGO Elliot Smith

london red 10:55 GMT February 22, 2022

putin put. looks like hes covered his shorts

PAR 10:33 GMT February 22, 2022
Why a Putin summit would be a huge risk for Biden

In Europe, it is easier to watch CBS, Chinese, and Russian TV than it is to watch CNN. Most hotels no longer have CNN.

PAR 10:30 GMT February 22, 2022
Guess PPT has everything under control. Nothing to worry about.

Mtl JP 10:29 GMT February 22, 2022
Why a Putin summit would be a huge risk for Biden

dam.n ! couldn't happen to nicer guys
..."Through February 15, CNN�s average prime time audience among viewers 25-54�the key demographic valued by advertisers�was just 126,000, representing a 69% drop from the same period one year ago. Among total viewers, the average audience was 534,000, a decline of 68% from 2021."...

Forbes Feb 21, 2022 CNN�s Ratings Collapse: Prime Time Down Nearly 70% In Key Demo

PAR 10:08 GMT February 22, 2022
As usual a cacophony of different declarations by almost every European leader without any coordination.

Belgrade Knez 10:07 GMT February 22, 2022
when majority of European Union, USA and few other countries proclaim Kosovo as a independent country, Putin was constantly repeating it's against international law, but they didn't care .... so I guess now he did to Ukraine what they did to Serbia just to show them if they can do it he can do it too!

Mtl JP 09:57 GMT February 22, 2022
pump n pump

is now POOF!

macao win11 09:53 GMT February 22, 2022
pump n pump

Dollar index still 95.9, unwilling to go up. Indicate significant internal weakness?

Mtl JP 09:52 GMT February 22, 2022

EURO 1.1325-ish
..."the texts of the sanctions were being prepared"...

The Financial Times
8 minutes ago
West prepares Russia sanctions after Putin orders troops into Ukraine
Josep Borrell, the EU�s top diplomat ... The EU high representative said the texts of the sanctions were being prepared on Tuesday morning and would be agreed upon by member states later in the afternoon. �I�m sure there will be a unanimous decision ...

macao win11 09:52 GMT February 22, 2022

Putin is upholding democracy in eastern Ukraine. We should give him a Nobel prize of peace.

Mtl JP 09:20 GMT February 22, 2022
pump n pump

for a change of gear ...
an uplifting interlude:
LET�S GET IT ON: �Marvin Gaye� serenades endangered monkeys in Trentham during mating season

to help inspire them to �get it on�.

Tallinn viies 09:14 GMT February 22, 2022
pump n pump
western world has teached from the kindergarten to think in terms of demand and supply and money - how much money I make.
and then somewhere between there is democracy and human rights. but for Putin only imperium is important.
so there could be lot of demand later for all kind of stuff as war always generates demand.

Mtl JP 09:07 GMT February 22, 2022

lets count the puppies
russia: >6,000
frog: +/-250
kraut: nada
UK: 225
Israel: +/-90
US: >5500

IF 190 million peoiple maybe in the war and IF say 50% get "trudeau"ed what ressources would drop and which would rise in demand ?

Tallinn viies 09:04 GMT February 22, 2022
brent probably will trade above 101 today.

Tallinn viies 08:33 GMT February 22, 2022
good morning,

Interesting times ahead.
Russia which is by the population size of germany and france combined preparing to attack antoher country in europe with a size of spain by population.
if things turn ugly then 190 million peoiple maybe in the war in near future. this is half of Unites State population.

guess this may influence euro?

Israel MacroMicro 05:38 GMT February 22, 2022



good luck

macao win11 04:43 GMT February 22, 2022

Commodity mega bull cycle can send crude oil price to $250 in 3 years

Israel MacroMicro 00:48 GMT February 22, 2022
dump n dump

the Saudis signaled Monday it is time to increase supply as the demand is real and growing.

Israel MacroMicro 00:47 GMT February 22, 2022

since 2014 happenings as the current accrued between pro-Russia/Russia and Ukraine.

based on facts, nothing new is happening.

who needs the headlines noise?! == probably both Russia and USA

in the background, Xi gets itching fingers about "Taiwan"... Taiwan has zero connection to anything that is related to NATO, that makes the Western's world dependency on semiconductors from Taiwan the major case. Xi knows that.


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