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Forex Forum Archive for 05/09/2022

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Mtl JP 22:59 GMT May 9, 2022

... talking it back ...
how discombobulated is the indispensable nation's whole "leadership" ménage down from its "commander in chief" through cnn, nyt, nbc etc etc when one sees follow-up "intelligence" plums (10 days) like this:
Biden tells Congress to 'immediately' pass $40 billion Ukrainian aid bill
- cnn ,May 9, 2022
President Joe Biden called on Congress to "immediately" pass a nearly $40 billion Ukrainian aid bill, warning for the first time that existing aid will run out in "approximately ten days." "Get it to my desk in the next few days," Biden said in a statement. ... "We cannot afford delay in this vital war effort," Biden said in the statement. "Hence, I am prepared to accept that these two measures move separately, so that the Ukrainian aid bill can get to my desk right away."

Mtl JP 22:15 GMT May 9, 2022

yaa... it should have ....
"should" should not exist
from the infinite fountain of inspiration and well of knowledge
blast from the past:
Buyback Blackout Period Is Over, And 10 More Reasons Why Goldman Calls The End Of The Market Carnage

11 reasons

Tallinn viies 21:59 GMT May 9, 2022
pump n pump
41,50 bought terra luna.
+20% target

dc CB 21:12 GMT May 9, 2022
Res ipsa loquitur – The thing itself speaks

It should have been another easy question; few Americans would approve of such doxing, particularly since some of the justices have young children at home. Yet Psaki declared that “I don’t have an official U.S. government position on where people protest,” adding that “peaceful protest is not extreme.”

In reality, not having an official position on doxing and harassing Supreme Court justices and their families is a policy.

It is a defining moment for his presidency

Mtl JP 18:34 GMT May 9, 2022

SnP plumbing new low now
lets see if it s just a bad day
and not a bad life (for some)

london red 18:29 GMT May 9, 2022

a lot of wall st money came in around 30k. gonna start to hurt if goes below there. gap to 20k poss

Mtl JP 18:28 GMT May 9, 2022

USDCAD 1.2996
puppy bulldozing thru some longish-term pricelevels -
lets see if this qualifies as renge breakout
tech res in the 1.3050 zone

Mtl JP 18:21 GMT May 9, 2022

BTC 31.3K gyrating around (-8% in last 24hrs) as it does
impresses me how the trading on margin crowd
lives through it

Mtl JP 18:04 GMT May 9, 2022

4K: veni, vidi, ... wham!

Mtl JP 17:55 GMT May 9, 2022

low so far 3997.50

Mtl JP 17:23 GMT May 9, 2022

not seeing much eager beavers gunning to close GAP on my feed

Mtl JP 17:00 GMT May 9, 2022

EURO 1.0577 (slightly off it high)
puppy huffin-n-puffing trying to breach 1.06 so looks like 90/00 r Res for now.
some could think ECB is lining up a hike bigger than 0.10

S 1.056-ish, 1.05, 1.0480/70

london red 16:50 GMT May 9, 2022

JP, they switched from bonds to apple on the rate scare. i bet that move has to reverse before market can bounce.

Mtl JP 16:38 GMT May 9, 2022

apple ... amazon ...

london red 16:21 GMT May 9, 2022

you got the first gap on snp filled, gazprom started pumping again after a few days delay, oil down and yields finally started to react to falling stocks. i think the last stands need to be taken down to put a floor in. that means apple has to fall and that money move back into bonds.

tokyo ginko 16:20 GMT May 9, 2022
gv lounge lizards

RIP mates 😔

GVI Forex 15:58 GMT May 9, 2022

Searching through the news, this is all I have come up with to explain fx and equities coming off respective lows:

Ukraine President Zelensky aide Zhovkya reiterates readiness to meet Russian President Putin

Israel MacroMicro 15:40 GMT May 9, 2022
Pump n pump

Tallinn viies 13:44 GMT May 9, 2022

hey rosy shades, you must joined a great gym as it seems like you are in great shape :)

good luck and great trades

london red 15:35 GMT May 9, 2022

weak bounce says they want more 3960 maybe.
fed speaks hawkish so that mkt prices in hawlish. that way actual fed funds dont need to go up as high. first day in a while yields lower as stocks lower

Mtl JP 15:26 GMT May 9, 2022

red 12:11 i do not trust / believe kashkari

their main concern is the integrity of the financial system
I put more belief in "We can and must safeguard the financial system" - yellen October 9, 2013 than in anything else (less in "can" than "must")

Mtl JP 15:21 GMT May 9, 2022

ha! confident about pain now
Kashkari confident inflation can come down, but not without some pain
- reports Jeff Cox

reference to pain reminds me of Band-Aid tactic
Natural law says that destruction takes a fraction of time something took to build

Luckily market destruction is, historically, also a fast process.
Looking at SnP500
From low of 2174 on 22 march 2020 to 4808 high Jan 04 2022 it took
21 months 13 days or 653 days

Pain-minimizing Band-Aid to market destruction is about that "rip": faster than able to react to get out
IF 4000 breaks not rocket science to estimate length of time scenarios to puke say 25% to 3,000
take 653 as base and apply 1,2,3 .. 5, 6 ..x % to estimate the ETA

london red 14:01 GMT May 9, 2022
Pump n pump

snp gap 4020. fills tuesday nite into wed morn poss.

Tallinn viies 13:44 GMT May 9, 2022
Pump n pump
Plan to add long nasdaq100 near previous year low. Order for today at 12 240.
Maybe it works. Fingers crossed.

london red 12:11 GMT May 9, 2022

feds kashkari says not focused on stock market, focused on inflation

london red 11:08 GMT May 9, 2022
gv lounge lizards

if true shame about Adam Athens. learned a lot from him.
QIndex thanks for CVX, much appreciated.

Mtl JP 10:48 GMT May 9, 2022
GBPUSD 12515

..."buy 100 lots"...
behind every successful student there is a deactivated account
100% guarantee

FW CS 10:05 GMT May 9, 2022
gv lounge lizards

Welcome. I used to be a trendways member like a decade ago. Athens Adam had bad health problems then. I belive he passed too as last anyone heard from him was like 3-4 years ago

Mtl JP 10:02 GMT May 9, 2022
gv lounge lizards

tks CS . born free. taxed to death.
now free again

FW CS 09:26 GMT May 9, 2022
gv lounge lizards

Oil man passed away 2020 I can confirm I used to keep in touch with him. I suspect Athens and bc did too

Mtl JP 09:07 GMT May 9, 2022

DLRx N of 104 = hot

Mtl JP 08:49 GMT May 9, 2022

BTC $33,360.61, $33,170 L, $34,845.28 H

"Stock futures slip as Wall Street attempts to stabilize after rollercoaster week"
as smoothly as pulling a silk handkerchief out of breast pocket and drifting down

10-year Treasury yield hits 3.17% with inflation and economic growth in the spotlight

spotlight: (also time for putting on Depends)
"Biden will deliver remarks on inflation Tuesday, a White House official said, as his administration looks to further address one of the key economic concerns for voters heading into November's midterm elections.

"He'll detail his plan to fight inflation and lower costs for working families, and contrast his approach with Congressional Republicans' ultra-MAGA plan to raise taxes on 75 million American families and threaten to sunset programs like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid," the official said in an email" - cnn

tokyo ginko 08:30 GMT May 9, 2022
CVX : Heading Towards 200 Level

likewise Alimin!

makassar alimin 08:24 GMT May 9, 2022
CVX : Heading Towards 200 Level

nice to see you around tokyo, ginko

makassar alimin 08:23 GMT May 9, 2022
gv lounge lizards

oil man, shanghai bc, Athens....where are they now
and Livingston nh too

Mtl JP 07:47 GMT May 9, 2022
gv lounge lizards
good see the spring sun (and maybe global warming) pulled some old ones from under the rocks

anyone can share what where about "oil man"

Mtl JP 07:37 GMT May 9, 2022

GBP 1.227x
1.226ish = minor S now
breach south of 1.2250 offers little S (like round and mid nos) down to 1.2075; bigger airbreak probably oversold tech

tokyo ginko 07:03 GMT May 9, 2022
CVX : Heading Towards 200 Level

am still waiting for the get together to happen

Belgrade Knez 06:21 GMT May 9, 2022
interested to see what will happen at parity ....

hk ab 06:13 GMT May 9, 2022
all fx directions are pointing a huge stox avalanche?

FW CS 03:40 GMT May 9, 2022
CVX : Heading Towards 200 Level

Albert great to hear from you again. Was thinking of all the past members and was wondering what became of you. Some significant commodity and forex moves coming looks like

hk ab 03:05 GMT May 9, 2022
I think this pair needs a watch too..........

After proving Russia monies are not safe in Swiss at all.......

Mtl JP 01:01 GMT May 9, 2022

GBP 1.230x
looks like there is some earlybird down adjusting of player pricing BoE hikings

s/t trgt 1.225ish

Mtl JP 00:35 GMT May 9, 2022

perhaps you meant jpy

whisky 's good ?


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