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Forex Forum Archive for 05/12/2022

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Mtl JP 22:22 GMT May 12, 2022
Crypto investors panic during market bloodbath: �I will lose my home�

Bottom Line
It - investing - is not about at what age to retire. It's about at what income.

* the bi-directional effect of buying stuff - any stuff - on leverage

* Brian Armstrong's double speak plum about bankruptcy, custody and unsecured creditor
here on gv that issue has been discussed some time ago
(issue: bank bail-in)

GVI 20:12 GMT May 12, 2022
Crypto investors panic during market bloodbath: �I will lose my home�
Crypto investors panicked on Thursday as bitcoin plummeted to its lowest price in more than a year and other cryptocurrencies endured even worse sell-offs.

Crypto investors panic during market bloodbath: �I will lose my home�

tokyo ginko 19:34 GMT May 12, 2022
short usdcad 1.3050
position open, s/l call level 1.3075

dc CB 18:28 GMT May 12, 2022

contrary to the intentions of European countries, a calculation by a German think tank found that Russia's oil and gas revenues hit a record high in April, rising to 1.8 trillion rubles in a single month, after 1.2 trillion in March, leading to the following stunning statistics "After only 4 months, Russia's federal budget has now already received 50% of the planned oil and gas revenue for 2022 (9.5 trillion)."

New data! #Russia's oil and gas revenues hit another record high in April. 1.8 trillion rubles in a single month, after 1.2 trillion in March. After only 4 months, Russia's federal #budget has now already received 50% of the planned oil and gas revenue for 2022 (9.5 trillion).
� Janis Kluge (@jakluge) May 6, 2022

Today, Bloomberg confirmed this stunning statistic and, citing the latest IEA report, writes that Russia�s oil revenues are up 50% this year "even as trade restrictions following the invasion of Ukraine spurred many refiners to shun its supplies."

Clowns/'Leadsrs' of the west united---punish your populations

dc CB 18:10 GMT May 12, 2022

as the grain mkts close for the day----after tthe WASDE report at noon.

Wheats---Chi and Kansas(Hrd Red) Limit UP --70cents
Corn --- December Up 18cents
SoyBeans --- November UP 9cents

Bangkok KC 18:05 GMT May 12, 2022

2nd short @1.0035

Mtl JP 17:57 GMT May 12, 2022

not one 100% guaranteed:
(Bloomberg) May 12, 2022 - With Stock Selloff Raging, Views Abound on Where It Will End

dc CB 17:31 GMT May 12, 2022

Solid 30Y Auction Stops Through, Concludes Refunding Week On A High Note

Mtl JP 17:24 GMT May 12, 2022

yellen says
- cryptocurrency market turbulence is not �real threat� to U.S. financial stability

Hk Ab 16:50 GMT May 12, 2022
Maybe cny going to 7.00 is also a strategy to lower inflation

Mtl JP 16:45 GMT May 12, 2022

DLRx 104.73

high(er) dollar raises the Qtn of pecking order between inflation and recession "concern"s.

Sofar it would be appear "inflation" trumps

dc CB 16:40 GMT May 12, 2022

During her weekly press conference, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi unveiled the Democrats' latest plan to slow the surge in gas prices that is top of mind for Americans. Their solution is (drum roll please): price controls!

Democratic Congresswomen Kim Schrier and Katie Porter have introduced the 'Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act' that will give the President the power to issue an Energy Emergency Declaration that would make it unlawful to increase gasoline and home energy fuel prices in an excessive or exploitative manner.

Mtl JP 16:37 GMT May 12, 2022

DLRx 104.67
yellen's 30-yr paper auction at top of hour

PAR 16:21 GMT May 12, 2022
Margin Call
Credit departments are getting overworked.

GVI Forex 16:19 GMT May 12, 2022

Looking through the news, all I have come up with as a trigger for the sudden sell-offs was:

German Foreign Minister says G7 counterparts are discussing how to end blockade on Ukrainian grain to the world.

Hk Ab 16:14 GMT May 12, 2022
When a trend reaches �TV� and �Taxi driver�, it�s the end.

Wonder if bitcoin could still exist once China pushes their own version to the mkt�..

Vienna GD 14:31 GMT May 12, 2022
Yen cross

Eventually footprints of big animals repositioning for a trend change in several markets within hours / days ?! DYOD

PAR 14:09 GMT May 12, 2022

EUR/USD drops through the 1.05 floor and temporarily even through 1.04 with the 2017 bottom of 1.0341 only inches away. It proves our fear that it will take more than a rate lift-off by the ECB to restore credibility in its institution and its single currency.

HK Ahe 13:47 GMT May 12, 2022
Yen cross
I might miss some news, what trigger Yen in all cross untied? BOJ intervention?

Belgrade Knez 13:21 GMT May 12, 2022
usdchf = parity
eurusd = 1.0400
eurchf = 1.0400

Bangkok KC 12:41 GMT May 12, 2022

USD/CHF is about to collapse..

Bangkok KC 12:40 GMT May 12, 2022

GVI Forex 12:25 GMT May 12, 2022

US PPI due in 5 minutes

Hk Ab 12:22 GMT May 12, 2022
The appearance of the dusty duck means yen must keep 1 more leg

HK Dusty 121.94 stoppedatlow 10:55 GMT May 12, 2022

Ab- you getting long JPY again? Hope you don�t get stopped out like last time. Good luck.

hk ab 10:53 GMT May 12, 2022
perfect brewing of a historical storm of black Friday.

hk ab 09:52 GMT May 12, 2022
chf cad
baby may make some insane moves for us later

hk ab 09:49 GMT May 12, 2022
jumped on my long order? 128.50?

Mtl JP 09:43 GMT May 12, 2022

Brent 106

Biden and Draghi met in the Oval Office on Tuesday
�general concept� of capping prices...
..."Draghi has floated the creation of a �cartel� of oil consumers, following a meeting with US president Joe Biden that included talks on revamping energy markets triggered by Russia�s invasion of Ukraine.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday in Washington, Draghi said he and Biden shared a �dissatisfaction� with the structure of global energy markets and had discussed the �general concept� of capping prices of both oil and gas." ...

apparently biden did NOT echo dragi however

hk ab 09:38 GMT May 12, 2022
long orders under 1.20, every 50 pips. double down, until 1.1750.

hk ab 09:38 GMT May 12, 2022
long orders under 1.20, every 50 pips. double down, until 1.1750.

PAR 08:35 GMT May 12, 2022

Lagarde's negligence and inaction are hurting the Euro and increasing inflation.

Precisely the opposite of what she was appointed for. Someone in Europe should have the power to kick nonperforming bureaucrats like Lagarde out of their well-paid job.

PAR 08:26 GMT May 12, 2022
Why wait for July if you can and should raise rates asap.

Why not raise rates in June?

French elections? Helping Macron and " La R�publique en Marche"?

Lagarde is a political animal, not a conscious central banker.

PAR 08:14 GMT May 12, 2022
Von Der Leyen and Lagarde are turning Europe into a centrally planned economy following the example of the former Soviet Union.
Politicians are corrupt and not fit to do commercial business. Let the free market play.

We have all seen the former Soviet Union collapsing because of the central planning of its economy.

hk ab 08:07 GMT May 12, 2022

A day close under 128.5 or even 126.90, may change my view.

Bangkok KC 07:52 GMT May 12, 2022

Just took profit 1/2 position @128.75, Still hold short another half for 125 target.

Bangkok KC 07:41 GMT May 12, 2022

ab// It seems to collpse...

Belgrade Knez 07:19 GMT May 12, 2022

Belgrade Knez 13:01 GMT May 11, 2022
since it tested 1.0636, daily continue to print LH and never went back up to test it again ..... NFP didn't took it down, but I still see it testing 1.0340 before (if) new up move
previous month low broken .... slowly on the way to 1.0340

Hk Ab 07:00 GMT May 12, 2022

Yen, I still see some legs, as long as rate hike expectation doesn�t vanish.

One can always wait for a super spike to short dlrjpy.

Bangkok KC 06:36 GMT May 12, 2022
BUY EUR/USD on dips

Still hold long@ 1.0530, will add more if see 1.0480

Bangkok KC 13:59:23 GMT - 05/10/2022
Keep buying EUR/USD on dips this week.

The pair is now in a very strong support zone and a correction is probable. We can have a corrective leg up. Resistance is in the 1.0750-1.0800 zone and in this zone, short-term traders can close their long positions.

tokyo ginko 06:25 GMT May 12, 2022

Bangkok KC 06:12 GMT May 12, 2022

USD/JPY collapse is inevitable...

hk ab 05:43 GMT May 12, 2022
nt, I will buy some when it reaches 18K-19K area for a brief bounce.

HSI should eye final dip to 15500-16000

hk ab 02:53 GMT May 12, 2022
seems not many are aware that we are just in the rate hike cycle phase 1......

Mtl JP 00:35 GMT May 12, 2022

CB / "go figure"
who more qualified at figuring than janet "go big" yellen:
"This is not harsh. This is the truth."

Treasury Secretary Yellen says reversing Roe v. Wade would have 'damaging effects on the economy'

Mtl JP 00:14 GMT May 12, 2022

Fed gang members full force out
feeding mushroom "food":
Fed Should Hike to 5% or Higher to Curb Inflation, Dudley Says
(Bloomberg) -- Former Federal Reserve Bank of New York President Bill Dudley said the U.S. central bank should stop �sugarcoating� its message on how high interest rates need to go -- and how much pain that will cause -- to get inflation under control.

Fed Officials Dig In Against Critics, Unite Behind Powell Plan
(Bloomberg) -- Harshly criticized for being late in responding to surging inflation, Federal Reserve policy makers at one of their first in-person conferences of the Covid-19 era promised to unite behind Chair Jerome Powell�s strategy to tamp down prices.

Fed�s Bostic Backs �Moving More� on Rates If Inflation Persists
(Bloomberg) -- Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta President Raphael Bostic said he is open to raising interest rates to restrict economic growth if inflation, which accelerated more than forecast in April, persists at elevated levels.

Fed�s Bullard backs plan to hike rates by 50 basis points at each of next two meetings
MarketWatch (*..*)
(*..*) Qtn: has the FED ever in its history hike 2x in a row ? let alone 3x ?


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