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Forex Forum Archive for 05/13/2022

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Caribbean! Rafe... 18:31 GMT May 13, 2022
Covid & Bitcoin.

Radical Socialism and Syndicatism...

Caribbean! Rafe... 18:27 GMT May 13, 2022
Covid & Bitcoin.

From the days of E-gold until today... all is connected back to that time maliciously manipulating albeit silently for the creation of a digital currency to be freed from the so called clutches of American Influence and Imperialism... But it ain't so.. I believe that it ain't so at all (Imperialism etc).

hmmmm... but it all figures out...

Caribbean! Rafe... 18:08 GMT May 13, 2022
Covid & Bitcoin.
Bitcoin & Covid are both the same. There is no satoshi, there never was... that was all just a front, similar to world corp on censored* street and no they were not created by the CIA or HIA aka. Hostile Intelligence Agency...

Caribbean! Rafe... 17:38 GMT May 13, 2022
Crypto investors panic during market bloodbath: ‘I will lose my home’

Synopsis: LUNA has tanked to merely a few decimal cents from its peak of $118, wiping out 100 per cent wealth of the investors. Overall, the token has wiped out $40 billion from their pockets.

In its support blog, WazirX said they are delisting the pairs of LUNA/USDT, LUNA/INR, LUNA/WRX. "We will enable Binance free transfer for users to withdraw their LUNA funds," it added. USDT is Tether, a stablecoin, and WRX is WazirX's utility token.

Indian exchanges delist LUNA after 100% crash in token

Mtl JP 16:03 GMT May 13, 2022

GBP 1.2240
johnson and parasites
Johnson told his cabinet on Thursday he wants to reduce the government’s workforce by a fifth, which would save $4.2 billion.

“We have got to cut the cost of government to reduce the cost of living,” Johnson told the Daily Mail.

Boris Johnson calls to scrap 91,000 jobs to combat cost-of-living crisis

Mtl JP 15:22 GMT May 13, 2022

red 14:51 vlad outright chocking off oil and gas to europe would probably cool schnabel's rate-hiking fantasies

Mtl JP 15:18 GMT May 13, 2022

EURO 1.0394
bias is down BUT
combining ECB suits blabla about some intentions for hiking rate (starting in july) and jerome coming out of from behind the curtain into spotlight reminding players that .75 is nyet nyet nyet considered
together with priceaction and chart oversold readings
odds are euro slows down its slide and goes ying yang mode

london red 14:51 GMT May 13, 2022

euro making hard work of upside today but you have to bet if us mkts hold their gains or add after europe closes, this pair is going to have a relief rally and wont see that 10340 break st.

HK Kevin 14:16 GMT May 13, 2022

C8 moves stop profit to 1808, target 1830-35.

Hk Ab 14:12 GMT May 13, 2022
C9 bought 2010, 1910, 1820

Mtl JP 14:06 GMT May 13, 2022

DLRx 104.8x HoD 105.0x
imo puppy s done climbing
for the day

HK Kevin 13:55 GMT May 13, 2022

HK ab, I am honour to be a C9 today. Long at 1801, stop profit now 1802

Hk Ab 13:43 GMT May 13, 2022
Seems we haven’t seen a capitulation for long, gold? Bitcoin? Or dowj?

Mtl JP 13:43 GMT May 13, 2022

dc CB I am reminded of the genius of Soft Cell's (tainted love)
Cruelty Without Beauty and Happiness Not Included

contemporary as ever

Hk Ab 13:23 GMT May 13, 2022

C9 are usually contra

Chennai AMI 13:19 GMT May 13, 2022

But it's sliding down

Hk Ab 13:07 GMT May 13, 2022
Of course buying, they still like the Indian prophecy story

Chennai AMI 12:56 GMT May 13, 2022

Buy or sell ?

hk ab 10:59 GMT May 13, 2022
saw C9 loading again.....

Belgrade Knez 09:18 GMT May 13, 2022

breaking of upper trendline will signal new up move on usd

PAR 06:57 GMT May 13, 2022
It starts to look like Lagarde and Lane on purpose take the wrong decisions.

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”

dc CB 06:37 GMT May 13, 2022

Late Nite TV

Only the Experts

dc CB 06:35 GMT May 13, 2022

Mtl JP 04:30 GMT 05/13/2022 - My Profile
making other clowns chuckle
reporting by Greg Robb

If Letterman were still on TeeVee

If Only Laurie Anderson weren't smart enough to NOT say anything.

What would ......OH MY GOD-----"What Have I Done"--(David Byrne--Once In a Lifetime)

only 12 years AND ALL THE Balls have been snipped.

My Name is ----what is My name----Oh Yeh....PowPowPowell.

his Thesis prof remembers:
Jerome was Never a fan of Thot. He wrote as the prescript of is thesis:

"Thought is Overrated"

Oddly enough, Christine Lagarde, at the sentencing hearing for her fraud conviction in Paris said: "la pensée est surestimée"

and she added to great applause: il suffit de les baiser dans le as

Belgrade Knez 06:24 GMT May 13, 2022
usdchf & eurusd
usdchf resistance at monthly trendline for this month at 1.0111 .... once (if) this trendline gives way, then next is 1.0237 (April 2019 high) .... then 1.0335 (Jan 2017 high) ..... that will send eurusd down to 1.0206, then parity ....

tokyo ginko 05:08 GMT May 13, 2022
short usdcad 1.3050

added 1.3004 1/3 position

dc CB 04:45 GMT May 13, 2022

Yah we got a market

via Prof of Organic Chem--Cornell

Mtl JP 04:30 GMT May 13, 2022

making other clowns chuckle
reporting by Greg Robb
“So the question whether we can execute a soft landing or not, it may actually depend on factors that we don’t control,” Powell said.

Powell: Would have been better for Fed to have raised interest rates ‘a little sooner’

Hk Dusty 121.94 Stoppedatlow 04:23 GMT May 13, 2022
Crypto investors panic during market bloodbath: ‘I will lose my home’

Dc cb - but Macao nt/win 10/ Steven/etc etc also recommended Alibaba stock! Oh, it’s down 40% since he recommended it as a “value” buy. Ooops.

Hk Dusty 121.94 stoppedatlow 03:57 GMT May 13, 2022

Hello Ab. Can you please give us an update on your mt Eur position? Are you still sitting on a 5 big figure underwater position hoping for a rebound, or did you already cut it and take the loss? Tia

hk ab 10:42 GMT March 9, 2022
eur: Reply
not much gift collected under 1.09 this time

SAR all m/t shorts, now start the long journey!

hk ab 04:20 GMT March 9, 2022
eur: Reply
anyone seeing eur are already collected by biggies?

Seems to me curr. side has marked the m/t end.

may need to move up the buy limit to any 1.08xx fast dip.

Hk Ab 17:41 GMT March 8, 2022
Eur: Reply
Hrly already bottomed, wonder if daily the same.

hk ab 16:42 GMT March 8, 2022
eur: Reply
limit long 1.08 x 1, 1.0777 x 4
let the net run.

Mtl JP 03:50 GMT May 13, 2022

"Now, we see the picture clearly" ...
The Senate voted 80-19 to give Powell a second four-year run at the central bank’s helm
* Fed Chairman Jerome Powell cautioned Thursday that getting inflation under control won’t be easy.

* “Nonetheless, we think there are pathways ... for us to get there,” he said in an interview with Marketplace published Thursday.

...“So a soft landing is, is really just getting back to 2% inflation while keeping the labor market strong. And it’s quite challenging to accomplish that right now, for a couple of reasons,” .../.

Powell says he can’t guarantee a ‘soft landing’ as the Fed looks to control inflation - Jeff Cox, MAY 12 20225

dc CB 03:43 GMT May 13, 2022
Crypto investors panic during market bloodbath: ‘I will lose my home’

oh sorry one more---my fav

ChiCom advice
MACAO win 10---buy Bitcoin ----200,000+++ in 5 years

LMAO---as to what GVI has become----Hey Jay U there or did you sell out years ago...guess AT system donna work so don't see the touts too much these days.....

yeh MiniMicro----I can afford the good whiskey, but only a fool would drink that V the good grape. But then U R ---MINImicro.

good nite and good luck.

PS Next Week is OPEX---chance to Bet on what day or hour the Actual Live Rabbit will cross the course and 'distract' the "Traders" into the woods.

dc CB 03:07 GMT May 13, 2022
Crypto investors panic during market bloodbath: ‘I will lose my home’

'''''Mr. Armstrong, I just wanted to express my thanks. You were the only one who called the high in Bitcoin. You saved my marriage, my home, and my future. I tried to tell a friend who went and took an equity loan to invest in Bitcoin. He may lose his home now. I tried to tell him you warned markets crash when everyone has bought. He would not listen. Your principle applies to everything. Thank you so much. Your WEC saved my life''''

Yeh he's a wackjob that Armstrong---

dc CB 02:20 GMT May 13, 2022
Crypto investors panic during market bloodbath: ‘I will lose my home’

Sorry, but that Cry for Help, begs a re""tweet""" LMAO

The USD Will CRASH....claimed at the 95 stall....

That movie---No Country for Old Men.
So Hey DUDE---or was that Hey Jude! or Hey Joe...

Buy Sell IT'S GOING DOWN---wait wait WTF

Hk Ab 01:26 GMT May 13, 2022
It didn’t close under 128.5 daily


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