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Forex Forum Archive for 06/1/2022

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GVI 23:09 GMT June 1, 2022

Wednesday�s risk off catalyst.

Brace yourselves for an economic �hurricane,� Jamie Dimon says

Mtl JP 22:20 GMT June 1, 2022

Biden Sees No Quick Fix on Gas Costs, Weighs Russian Crude Price Cap
(Bloomberg) -- The US has no immediate way to slash the price Americans are paying for gasoline, and is considering other proposals such as trying to set a lower price for sale of Russian crude, President Joe Biden said.

I wonder who ... who is feeding this crap to the embarrassing cognitively impaired senior citizen passing for president. crude's around $115. letsee him try.

U.S. Treasury's Adeyemo says global phenomena, war driving inflation
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - High inflation is being driven by global phenomena that could not be anticipated, including Russia's invasion of Ukraine, U.S. Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Wally Adeyemo said on Wednesday, adding that U.S. demand remains strong. "I don't think anyone saw the invasion - Russia's invasion of Ukraine - coming, which is driving the high energy prices that we see today," Adeyemo told MSNBC a day after U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said she was "wrong" last year about the path that inflation would take.

he does NOT THINK no-one saw it coming ? were not his brothers and sisters at cnn screaming that ad nauseum ?
what was adeyemo watching all that prior to the olympics in china: porn ?

Mtl JP 21:52 GMT June 1, 2022

EURO 1.065x
not sure why puppy stopeth its slide around 1.0630 BUT
bias is changed to DOWN now on sub 1.07 close

I am sensing this may not be a straight forth, more like jubbs prancing a ying/yang

dc CB 18:59 GMT June 1, 2022

Grains follow thru Down
at close
frnt mo July Corn DN 22cents
Frnt mo Chi Wheat (aka soft wheat) DN 46 cents-----added to the Lmt DN yesterday of 70 cents ----a buck 16

Specs cry "run away run away"

PAR 18:31 GMT June 1, 2022
War in Ukraine a plus for USA , China, India and Russia.

A drama for Ukraine and the European Union.

PAR 18:22 GMT June 1, 2022
Inflation is the job of Lagarde.

Politicians fighting inflation because Lagarde is not up to the task is again collective madness.

Lagarde wants to launch a new Emergency Green Italian Bond Buying Program.

Like any Ponzi scheme, without new money the Ponzi scheme collapses.

Lagarde is above the law and only listens to BlackRock to destroy Europe

Nobody in Europe has the power to fire Lagarde and that is undemocratic as she is just a bureaucrat not democratically elected. The sooner she leaves the ECB the better.

Mtl JP 17:53 GMT June 1, 2022

behind the ball ?
(Reuters) - Inflation at levels last seen in the 1970s and early 1980s is putting the U.S. central bank's credibility at risk, St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank President James Bullard said on Wednesday, reiterating his call for the Fed to follow through on promised rate hikes to bring down inflation, and inflation expectations.

"The current U.S. macroeconomic situation is straining the Fed's credibility with respect to its inflation target," Bullard said in slides prepared for a presentation to the Economic Club of Memphis.

Mtl JP 17:12 GMT June 1, 2022

bullard says
Fed �on the precipice of losing control of inflation expectations,�

Mtl JP 16:52 GMT June 1, 2022

Fed�s Daly says:
"Pause in rate hikes comes after benchmark gets up to about 2.5%"

Williams: "Critical" central banks understand impact of digital money

bullard at top of hour.
- he has some potential to garner player attention

Mtl JP 16:10 GMT June 1, 2022

DLRx 102.65
still few days to FED's alleged 50% gastric evisceration operation of its balance sheet and players already gaming its plan

GVI Forex 15:37 GMT June 1, 2022

JP good point about Fed and BoC

Mtl JP 15:12 GMT June 1, 2022

EURO 1.0660
see how puppy closes
under 1.07 would suggest recent enthusiastic rally has run its course

Mtl JP 14:56 GMT June 1, 2022

after the embarrassing drubbing of the chairman yesterday
-williams at top hour
-- bullard 2 hrs later

Beige Book one hr after bullard

Mtl JP 14:47 GMT June 1, 2022

GVI Forex 14:12 u can relatively safely use BoC demonstration of "courage" as a front indication for FED's next action

GVI Forex 14:12 GMT June 1, 2022

BoC hikes and hawkish but

fx market (usd up) reacting to stronger-than-expected ISM and firmer bond yields

Mtl JP 10:38 GMT June 1, 2022

I am already on my third Depends this morn:
How the World Is Paying for Putin's War in Ukraine
Russia is still taking in billions from sales of oil, gas and other commodities

World Economic Forum Urges People To Eat Seaweed, Algae, & Cacti To Save The Planet
No word on whether that was on the menu at Davos...

Yahoo Finance
Why buying the dip is no longer a 'foolproof' strategy for investors
The Federal Reserve is changing its approach to managing the economy, which means investors can't buy all market decl...

managing the econ ... or peasants' perceptions and attitudes ?

Mtl JP 10:27 GMT June 1, 2022

Davos 2022 Economic Progress Retail, Consumer Goods and Lifestyle
warning: more Depends time
or ... new and additional profit opportunities to exploit:
* Inflation is on the increase around the world, with food and energy prices hitting record highs.

* The rise has been driven in large part by pent-up consumer demand after the pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

* UBS Chief Economist Paul Donovan explains why inflation is high and when we can expect that to ease.

Why is inflation so high and will it stay that way? An economist explains

Mtl JP 09:38 GMT June 1, 2022

EURO 1.0720
for the euro parity enthusiasts:
ECB�s Visco Insists on �Orderly� Rate-Hike Pace to Avoid Stress
Markets (i.e. to h3ll w/peasants)

ECB Half-Point Hike Seen as Deutsche Bank Breaks With Consensus

Mtl JP 09:26 GMT June 1, 2022

any word on exactly whose bonds ? and
is it really only bonds ?


GVI Forex 09:19 GMT June 1, 2022

look at the day ahead in markets from Sujata Rao.

From Wednesday, the U.S Federal Reserve starts allowing the bonds it holds to mature, and will no longer replace them -- so called quantitative tightening (QT). Its aim is to allow $95 billion to roll off its balance sheet per month but it will start June off at a more sedate $45 billion monthly pace.

MORNING BID-Full steam ahead for central banks

Mtl JP 09:16 GMT June 1, 2022

GBPUSD 1.2571
the non-confidence letters to boris are entertaining
I am biased neutrally but keeping a nega-eye as puppy is now
below earlier uP t-line from mid-may.

Res 1.2630/50
Sup 1.2580 now broken, 50 and 00 below that.

Puppy's price-direction is probably more subjugated to energies of usd leg in the pair

Mtl JP 08:59 GMT June 1, 2022

CB 01:52 - justin "admirer of chinese dictatorship" trudeau's g�nuflexing is only having an inflationary impact: glock that used to cost $300 is now $1000 on the free market. puppies that can spray starting at $3000++. That is about it. Regular peasants who pay taxes still wait for forces of law n order to arrive with body bag(s) and to make a report. And who is first in line that benefits from the new additional million$ ?

Hk Dusty 03:37 GMT June 1, 2022

Hi Scuba ab!! How are things underwater? What are the millennials doing? How about the bangsters??

dc CB 01:52 GMT June 1, 2022

'there's a man with a gun over there tellin' me I got to beware'
Buffalo Springfield----- California by Canadian musicians Neil Young, Bruce Palmer and Dewey Martin and American musicians Stephen Stills and Richie Furay.The group, widely known for the song "For What It's Worth", released three albums and several singles from 1966-1968.

Justin Trudeau Outlines New Gun Control Bill � May 30, 2022

dc CB 01:27 GMT June 1, 2022

lung cancer----sold!!!!


dc CB 01:23 GMT June 1, 2022

re: Gammy Yellen..
Basically it is all on jerome's shoulders next

well that's why she's there----you can't beat-up on Gammy.

But a Lawyer---- "What do you call 500 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?" "A good start." The joke became famous when it was spoken by actor Danny DeVito in the film The War of the Roses (1989).

there's many many more....

it's all about picking the right 'image' (Ed Bernays---Virginia Slims ciggies----'You've Come a Long Way, Baby.' to a shorter life (cough cough cough)

Mtl JP 00:57 GMT June 1, 2022

more Depends time
note how crafty janet "go big" yellen is with words as eats humble pie
Yellen says she was �wrong� about �path that inflation would take�

�Well, look, I think I was wrong then about the path that inflation would take,� the Treasury secretary said when asked about her previous comments. �As I mentioned, there have been unanticipated and large shocks to the economy that have boosted energy and food prices and supply bottlenecks that have affected our economy badly that I didn�t � at the time didn�t fully understand. But we recognize that now.� �The Federal Reserve is taking the steps that it needs to take. It�s up to them to decide what to do. And, for our part, President Biden is focused on supplementing what the Fed does with actions we can take to lower the cost that Americans face for important expenditures they have in their budgets,� to cnn's blitzer

Basically it is all on jerome's shoulders next

dc CB 00:17 GMT June 1, 2022
European Summit

Welcome to The Debate Over Angels. If you haven�t read the about section, the name comes from the debates that are said to have been conducted by the Byzantine Senate in the time just before the fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Turks. The Byzantine Empire was originally the eastern half of the Roman Empire.

Gradually the eastern section became the more affluent section and even as Rome fell, the eastern half survived for 1000 more years. In 1453 though, the Empire was about to fall forever. In the last days, it is said the Senate had lengthy discussions over whether angels where male or female.

Why we are in Deep Trouble---2012


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