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Forex Forum Archive for 08/03/2022

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Mtl JP 23:52 GMT August 3, 2022

more good bad news
Gazprom said Wednesday that delivery of a turbine needed to keep gas flowing to Europe via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline was "impossible" due to sanctions on Moscow. - yahoo news

Germany to Gazprom: Your Turbine Is Ready, Let Us Deliver It - NYT
Olaf Scholz showed off a refurbished turbine for the Nord Stream 1 pipeline that Russia has said is the reason it can�t send more gas to Germany.

...�It is obvious that nothing, nothing at all, stands in the way of the further transport of this turbine and its installation in Russia. It can be transported and used at any time. There is no technical reason whatsoever for the reduction of gas supplies.� Mr. Scholz (and gas turbine expert now) told reporters

** miaw **

Mtl JP 22:13 GMT August 3, 2022

something propelled NatGas about $0.60 up
more in demand ?

larry spoketh earlier
- Inflation is a �consequence of the overheating of the economy�
- 'I don't think we're in a recession'

FED gang pushing on markets to perish the thought of 'jerome pivot' and claims of credibility with one and all currently eliciting howls and laughter
"more work to be done"

dc CB 21:43 GMT August 3, 2022
Leaders of the Senate Agriculture Committee (SAC) are planning to introduce a bill that would classify bitcoin as a digital commodity, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal.

Bill Classifying Bitcoin As A Digital Commodity To Be Introduced Today: Report

dc CB 21:28 GMT August 3, 2022
Nancy visits Taiwan

Who knew?
Little Nancy D'Alesandro learned everything she knows about politics watching her father conduct business in their house in Little Italy, Baltimore Maryland.

Little Nancy went on to Risk WWIII, leveraging all the power she amassed during the ensuing years.

D�Alesandro family portrait

Mtl JP 18:34 GMT August 3, 2022

boyz n gulz
to test your sense of humor or perhaps tolerance for sarcasm below a link to zh's
WEDNESDAY, AUG 03, 2022 - 01:17 PM
San Francisco Fed President Mary Daly, who makes $422,900 per year - and scrambled out of dozens of investments last year shortly before the Fed finalized strict new limits on policymakers' portfolios - just had her 'Nancy Pelosi Ice Cream" moment, dropping a sidewalk-spattering turd from her ivory tower on the average struggling American.

"I Don't Feel The Pain Of Inflation Anymore" Says Wealthy SF Fed Chair From Ivory Tower

Mtl JP 17:17 GMT August 3, 2022

I would be remiss if I did not include that he claims that

..."we have the credibility with households, businesses and markets required to deliver that outcome over time and we will."

And with that, he�d welcome your questions and insights.

Mtl JP 17:10 GMT August 3, 2022

mushroom farmer parade
Barkin says
- "We are committed to returning inflation to our 2% target and have made clear we will do what it takes"

but ... (putting on my Depends) ... not immediately, not suddenly not predictably. coz global events and other gremlins may not co-operate BUT ... aping previous assertions by a colleague: the FED had tools to create inflation and has the tools to murder it.
and by gawd as witness, murder it "WE WILL !" (pounds fist on podium)

kashkari is next. at 14:30

Mtl JP 16:49 GMT August 3, 2022

now POOF! , good puppy
some of my best moola is when I nurse a beer on the deck

Mtl JP 15:40 GMT August 3, 2022

euro 1.0144
11:45 barkin's turn to yak
- about "inflation"

maybe euro s done heaving and s interested in closing the gap now next
around 65

FW CS 15:18 GMT August 3, 2022

No don't trade ruble. Ruble for now is strongest currency along with USD, sanctions are hurting Europe more than russia. And the gold backing. We are seeing usd reserve status getting dethroned.

Mtl JP 14:41 GMT August 3, 2022

CS 14:38 plz tell me
u trade the usdrub ?

swiss frank 14:41 GMT August 3, 2022

I see eur/chf back to 1.0250 ish. I don't have a good reason why and yeah doesn't make sense, I know.

Mtl JP 14:39 GMT August 3, 2022

of note may be that bullard re-paraded his views and wants on cnbc's squawkbox short while ago

FW CS 14:38 GMT August 3, 2022

eurchf could hold usdchf back a bit? But general strong usd trend against everything except ruble

Mtl JP 14:30 GMT August 3, 2022

14:25 - Jay r u suffering "Daly" ?

letssee if the parade of mushroom feeders changes players nonchalance about what they say about inflation fighting commitments

Mtl JP 14:27 GMT August 3, 2022

technically euro
S at 1.0115 and 1.01

GVI 14:25 GMT August 3, 2022

USD yields up, USD up, but stocks also up (??) after ISM services PMI

swiss frank 14:24 GMT August 3, 2022

USD/CHF Could really rocket from current levels like first stop 1.02 eventually 1.15. I have no pos here. Don't ask me why.

EUR is mega disappointment. That it could not manage to hold above 1.0250 from massively oversold levels and challenge real res levels around 1.04, 1.06, is only a prophecy of its eventual doom.


Mtl JP 14:23 GMT August 3, 2022

I am showing a GAP down
not gunning for it close atm but likely sell the puppy when gap closes

Belgrade Knez 14:19 GMT August 3, 2022

also usdx 4h trend line broken

Mtl JP 14:12 GMT August 3, 2022

players piszing on earlier FED gang yakkers' opinions and wants about inflation and fighting tactics

more FED "inflation fighter" messaging heros on deck today starting with
harker at bottom of hour
barkin just before luch hour and...
kashkari fireside chats mid-aft

Belgrade Knez 14:06 GMT August 3, 2022
very good US data .... closing today below 1.0145 will signal me for further down move

Mtl JP 14:01 GMT August 3, 2022

10am ... and euro gaps down

swiss frank 13:25 GMT August 3, 2022

Not only the smartest political woman. The smartest POLITICIAN.

That said the competition is pretty weak.

swiss frank 13:24 GMT August 3, 2022


PAR 13:11 GMT August 3, 2022

Isabel Diaz Ayuso is the smartest political woman in Spain and most probably in Europe.

Let's hope Giorgia Meloni in Italy follows her example.

Mtl JP 13:10 GMT August 3, 2022

frank 13:01 that sounds like revolutionary anti-social radicalism and insubordination. in need of harsh re-education treatment

swiss frank 13:01 GMT August 3, 2022


Not quite total commitment.

Isabel Ayuso, president of the Community of Madrid says NO! We will not shut down. This decree generates insecurity and scares off tourism and consumption. It causes darkness, poverty, sadness.

almost total commitment.....

swiss frank 12:58 GMT August 3, 2022

Spain totally committed to doing their part on the energy saving.
1. Shop windows and monuments must turn out lights by 10 pm.
2. Air con can not be set lower than 27 degrees (about 80 f)
3. Businesses must keep doors closed when AC is on.
4. Businesses urged to allow more working from home.
5. Men that do insist on working from the office given option of not wearing ties.

Total Commitment.

Mtl JP 12:53 GMT August 3, 2022

controversial. naturally.
too rational, too practical, not ideological enough
Controversial former German chancellor calls for activation of Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

�If you don�t want to use Nord Stream 2, you have to bear the consequences. And they will be huge in Germany, too,� he told Stern. �If things get really tight, there is this pipeline, and with both Nord Stream pipelines there would be no supply problem for German industry and German households.�

Gerhard Schr�der confirms meeting with Putin again

Mtl JP 12:27 GMT August 3, 2022

must, solidarity
I have confidence in european princes(ses)
Borrell: "Europe is facing a perfect storm: energy prices are up, economic growth is down and winter is coming. The Kremlin is using energy as a political weapon. We must prepare ourselves for a possible gas cut-off, principally through savings, diversification and solidarity among us"

looks like EU peasants are about to get a taste of the harsher side of living under EU princes boot heel: draconian edicts, draconian rules and associated draconian fine and jail penalties.

PAR 12:10 GMT August 3, 2022

Federal Reserve officials effectively pushed back against a narrative in financial markets over the past week that policymakers are envisioning a pivot away from tightening amid evidence of a turn in the economy.

Four Fed district-bank presidents highlighted in remarks on Tuesday that there was no sign yet of inflation easing. San Francisco Fed President Mary Daly said �we are still resolute and completely united� in the objective of getting inflation down around the 2% inflation target.

Remarks from Daly, Cleveland�s Loretta Mester, and Chicago�s Charles Evans helped trigger a surge in Treasury yields Tuesday as traders reconsidered how much more the central bank will raise interest rates and whether it could move to cut them in early 2023.

Mtl JP 11:38 GMT August 3, 2022

BoE has only one way to "surprise!" players now

Mtl JP 11:35 GMT August 3, 2022

GBP 1.2200
BoE tomorrow.
- variously expected to hike by 20 or 50bps.

Previous 25bps hikes only embarrassed the BoE as "inflation fighter", done nothing reduce inflation and more importantly peasants' inflation perceptions.

Now inflation perception screamings about 15% inflation coming.
and nevermind political electoral comedy

Mtl JP 11:20 GMT August 3, 2022

EURO 1.0195, us 10-yr 2.741%
FED mushroom feeders came out in force yesty attempting to reverse player perception of a slowing FED. If players further fade optimism about ECB hikes, this puppy - theory says - goes DOwn

Belgrade Knez 11:03 GMT August 3, 2022

jkt abel 08:54 GMT 08/03/2022
and what were they supposed to do?
to shoot down the plane?
everyone knows China will not shoot down the plane, so Pelosi proceeded to Taiwan but still landed in complete darkness!
I am sure China will respond in some way, and I am sure US won't like it.

jkt abel 08:54 GMT August 3, 2022

China is just toothless tiger? Pelosi just pissed in front of their door and got away with it

Hk Dusty 02:17 GMT August 3, 2022

Lol ab! Zero percent chance of that happening. CCP rulers are much smarter than their dumb citizens that post on online forums�..

Mtl JP 00:06 GMT August 3, 2022

bullard now widely quoted saying

- "US Recession Not Going To Happen"

on one slide in his presentation:
- "Since modern central banks have more credibility than their counterparts in the 1970s, it appears that both the Fed and the ECB may be able to disinflate in an orderly manner and achieve a relatively soft landing,"

- The US central bank has developed over time respect for its ability to tame price increases ...


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