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Forex Forum Archive for 01/06/2023

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Amman wfakhoury 22:01 GMT January 6, 2023
wfakhoury your View on GOLD

the same signal was issued for USDJPY and I made a good profit.

Amman wfakhoury 21:50 GMT January 6, 2023
wfakhoury your View on GOLD

Chennai AMI 15:19 GMT 01/06/2023
Big Loss :(
I want you to know how you made a big loss if the price rose to 1852.50
then declined to 1840.50 very close to 1839. in the next hour.

dc CB 21:11 GMT January 6, 2023

Meanwhile----repeat of 2020----but then we didn't know----now we do but here it comes again--------------same people running the show, same script, no one remembers, now one gives a sheit, or........

�We need to be on high alert for the pandemic in China at this time.�

80% Of COVID Cases Among International Arrivals In South Korea Are From China

dc CB 21:01 GMT January 6, 2023


ask yourself: If the entire betcoins market has blown-up, where are all those minute to minute punters with more money than sense going to go to get their drug-enhanced charge.

Seems to be the CME options market----shorter term option offerings multiply ----- once-upon-a-time there were monthly, then weekly, now several times a week instruments. Safe and Effective(?) the CME Exchange is regulated and not based off-shore.

Soon to be offered---twice daily, then hourly, ....then......

That's the MarK-It going forward. Need the 'juice gimme a trade'

Mtl JP 20:43 GMT January 6, 2023

CB 20:35 Q 4 u


Mtl JP 20:38 GMT January 6, 2023

CB who has the $370m from last week's FTX hack-theft ?

dc CB 20:35 GMT January 6, 2023

zerohedge Retweeted
0DTE call volume just going nuts today, and may lead to a 0DTE SPX record (in % terms).

1 million calls traded so far today, 59% of those are tied to today's expiration, and those are heavily concentrated at:

3890: 72k
3895: 65k
3900: 98k

(ODTE is One Day To Expiration)

dc CB 20:23 GMT January 6, 2023

Because I'm Special----mommy and daddy always told me that.

Sam Bankman-Fried is fighting to persuade a US court that he should be able to access Robinhood shares worth around $450 million to help pay for his legal fees. The problem: the Department of Justice - which does not believe the 56 million shares of Robinhood were property of the bankrupt FTX estate - moved on Wednesday to seize the shares


Mtl JP 20:17 GMT January 6, 2023

oh gimme a break esther and stop crying a river for the FED gang:
(Reuters) - The Federal Reserve will face some hard choices and delicate communications challenges as it fights still-high inflation even as the labor market begins to soften

"How much additional tightening will be needed to bring inflation back to 2 percent remains an essential aspect of the Federal Reserve�s deliberations," ... "Policymakers will undoubtedly face more complicated choices and difficult communications as the tradeoffs between inflation and employment become more apparent," she said.

dc CB 20:15 GMT January 6, 2023

if this were summer, Natty would be at 8 bucks because of Cooling needs.

newest 8-10day

Mtl JP 20:08 GMT January 6, 2023

GBP 1.2094
tia for trade call

Mtl JP 20:00 GMT January 6, 2023

DLRx 103.62
Tweety Bird: ...I see a GAP

good mayhem today, just one whipsaw really
with a reasonable degree of confidence , the GAP will close

GVI Forex 18:51 GMT January 6, 2023

Trading is never simple but this (andAT) gave the clue

US yields down => dollar down

If anyone needs a way to be profitable, then click

The Amazing Trader

Mtl JP 16:37 GMT January 6, 2023
long jpy 2023

boj u like PAR had a fair head-up from

at least two ol' grizzled g-v foxes
see Kevin 10:14; GVI Forex Blog 11:55 Dec 30

no guarantee. just words worth Gold

tokyo boj 16:11 GMT January 6, 2023
long jpy 2023

Mtl JP 16:04 GMT 01/06/2023
it was difficult week
it was seems usd will close strong but on weekend again big 200pips down u turn so for me its strong come back if we compare to2022

Mtl JP 16:04 GMT January 6, 2023
long jpy 2023

boj I differ on "jpy made strong come back"

c JM 13:51

tokyo boj 15:58 GMT January 6, 2023
long jpy 2023
Entry: Target: Stop:

jpy made strong come back

stox orders also spx 3888

lets see

Belgrade Knez 15:42 GMT January 6, 2023
wfakhoury your View on GOLD

Mtl JP 15:38 GMT January 6, 2023


Mtl JP 15:38 GMT January 6, 2023
wfakhoury your View on GOLD

knez to the sound of

Hk Ab 15:34 GMT January 6, 2023
Wfakhoury has 2 things as usual, loss and hindsight��

Mtl JP 15:24 GMT January 6, 2023

US10Y 3.62% -0.11 (0%)

gramma janet rubbing hands atm
but it wont last

Belgrade Knez 15:24 GMT January 6, 2023
wfakhoury your View on GOLD

Mtl JP 15:21 GMT 01/06/2023
Knez enjoying some schadenfreud relief ?
it's just fun for me when someone doesn't know what he/she is doing so is begging somebody else to tell him it will come back to his openning price!

Mtl JP 15:21 GMT January 6, 2023
wfakhoury your View on GOLD

Knez enjoying some schadenfreud relief ?

Chennai AMI 15:19 GMT January 6, 2023
wfakhoury your View on GOLD

Big Loss :(

Belgrade Knez 15:11 GMT January 6, 2023
wfakhoury your View on GOLD

Chennai AMI 14:10 GMT January 6, 2023
wfakhoury: Please guide will it come back to 1839 ?

swiss frank 15:02 GMT January 6, 2023
A sign
M2 growth turns negative for first time in 30 years
During the thirteen months between April 2020 and April 2021, money supply growth in the United States often climbed above 35 percent year over year, well above even the "high" levels experienced from 2009 to 2013.
Since then, the money supply growth has slowed quickly, and we're now seeing the first time the money supply has actually contracted since the 1980s. The last time the year-over-year change in the money supply slipped into negative territory was in February of 1989.

Sell FX Vol

Mtl JP 14:36 GMT January 6, 2023

NatGas 3.70

3.60-50 zone needs to hold S else

Mtl JP 14:30 GMT January 6, 2023

sherlock to watson
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
January 3, 2023

... "It is important that risks related to the crypto-asset sector that cannot be mitigated or controlled do not migrate to the banking system." ...

Joint Statement on Crypto-Asset Risks to Banking Organizations (.pdf)

Chennai AMI 14:10 GMT January 6, 2023
wfakhoury your View on GOLD

wfakhoury: Please guide will it come back to 1839 ?

Chennai AMI 13:59 GMT January 6, 2023
wfakhoury your View on GOLD

Will gold come to 1839 now ?

tokyo 13:55 GMT January 6, 2023
short stox

Sell S&P
Entry: Target: Stop:

orders filled
short us30

NY JM 13:51 GMT January 6, 2023

Markets reacting to fall in avg hourly earnings.

Hk Ab 13:44 GMT January 6, 2023
1850 as perceived

Mtl JP 13:39 GMT January 6, 2023

for the record

NFP 223K vs. 200K expt'd

bad bad BAAA..d for the FED inflation fighter
things not working for the FED

Mtl JP 13:32 GMT January 6, 2023

... "
I Don't Know
How am I supposed to know
Hidden meanings that will never show
Fools and prophets from the past
Life's a stage and we're all in the cast

Nobody ever told me. I found out for myself
You gotta believe in foolish miracles
It's not how you play the game, it's if you win or lose
You can choose
Don't confuse
Win or lose
It's up to you

... "

all I can and should do is manage my risk

Chennai AMI 13:21 GMT January 6, 2023
wfakhoury your View on GOLD

Thank you...

Amman wfakhoury 13:15 GMT January 6, 2023
wfakhoury your View on GOLD

Gold into consolidation in 1839 and 1835
sell above 1839 tp at it
buy below 1835 tp at it

Chennai AMI 12:58 GMT January 6, 2023
wfakhoury your View on GOLD
Please guide us

Mtl JP 12:57 GMT January 6, 2023

from Archive June 26, 2022
larry "I told you so" summers
about inflation fight and FED's Sacrifice Ratio


"there needs to be a lasting period of higher unemployment to contain inflation � a one-year spike to 10%, two years of 7.5% unemployment or five years of 6% unemployment."
- for the unemployed rolls to swell to roughly 16 million from just under 6 million in May

Mtl JP 12:34 GMT January 6, 2023

DLRx 105.35
ahead of NFP this morming and next Tue's Powell yak
a growing parade of "advisors" :
Jim Cramer reminds investors that market pain is needed to prevent endless price hikes

U.S. inflation has not 'turned the corner yet' - IMF's gita gopinath

Kashkari backs interest rate hikes �at least the next few meetings�

tokyo boj 11:15 GMT January 6, 2023
short stox
Sell S&P
Entry: 3866/3888 Target: Stop: add later

today again short orders waiting

tokyo boj 11:13 GMT January 6, 2023
short chf
Entry: 0.9270 Target: Stop: 0.93

half close @ 0.94 130 pips plus

hk ab 10:40 GMT January 6, 2023
with XAG reluctant to move down, not surprise to see gold at 1850 again later.

Amman wfakhoury 09:32 GMT January 6, 2023

U.K J.B. 08:58 GMT 01/06/2023
Hit your head in the wall.
134.50 Reached.

U.K J.B. 08:58 GMT January 6, 2023

Self praise = no praise

Continue beefing yourself up , does anyone really listen . A professional trader certainly would not .

Happy , healthy New Year to all .

Amman wfakhoury 08:32 GMT January 6, 2023

No one in the world can confirm the movement of 200 pips.

Amman wfakhoury 08:10 GMT January 6, 2023

Amman wfakhoury 11:15 GMT 01/05/2023
Ready to move big more than 200 pips.
buy above 132.65.
sell bellow 132.40.
price moved more than 200 pips.

Amman wfakhoury 08:07 GMT January 6, 2023

Amman wfakhoury 11:21 GMT 01/05/2023
Follow these orders:
Sell 132.35 tp 130.50 sl 132.62
buy stop 132.70 tp 134.50 sl 132.50
Price reached 134.42 .

GVI Forex 08:06 GMT January 6, 2023

A look at the day ahead in European and global markets from Tom Westbrook

Not yet the end of the first trading week of the year and festivity is giving way to now familiar tension.

Morning Bid: Relentless

Hk Ab 05:13 GMT January 6, 2023
The dowj players need to understand that inflation will not be turned unless we got the real crash, real means prolonged low level, isn�t like the one produced by Trump to give himself a chance to load up his fat finger in 2020 feb-Mar

tokyo boj 03:25 GMT January 6, 2023
short euro
Entry: 140.95 Target: open Stop: add later

euro crash coming?

Mtl JP 01:52 GMT January 6, 2023

ahead of jerome's yak

U.S. inflation has not 'turned the corner yet', IMF's Gopinath warns - 2023-01-05
Inflation in the United States has not "turned the corner yet" and it is too early for the Federal Reserve to declare victory in the fight on rising prices, a top IMF official said in an interview with the Financial Times on Thursday.

ya hear jerome ?! "U.S. inflation has not 'turned the corner yet'"

actually gita is not top official. she is just deputy.
I think it is rather embarassing for jerome to be adressed suchly by some deputy of an outfit that is only indirectly connected to the FED.
unless gita's coming out is somehow expected to propagandize to the lesser tier group of financial players.

Jkt Abel 01:36 GMT January 6, 2023
sell cable, buy usd

Yeah WTR, looks fuckin easy this year, at least the first half. Just buy usd against the kind of eur and gbp. Cable is sell sell sell

Mtl JP 01:09 GMT January 6, 2023

DLRx 104.83ish
some random thoughts
WAY too much money in the system�

Powell is going to need some curare darts to kill that inflation monster. The Chinese are going to go nuts on Jan 8th all the way through their calendar year celebrations. Then their minions will travel the planet in search of orders at 0% interest�

In the meantime, more Ponzi schemers in the Crypto BS world are being found out. Silvergate Capital tanks nearly 40% after crypto bank discloses massive fourth-quarter withdrawals

imo: all good bros and sis's


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