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GVI Forex 00:27 GMT 12/05/2023  - My Profile
Dec 5 (Reuters) - A look at the day ahead in Asian markets.

An interest rate decision from Australia and key inflation readings from Japan and South Korea are the big market events for the Asia Pacific region on Tuesday, with investor sentiment cooled by Monday's selloff across U.S. stocks and bonds.

Morning Bid: RBA takes center stage as markets wobble

GVI Forex 22:04 GMT 12/04/2023  - My Profile
With US bond yields a focus the current 10 year range is 4.20%~4.30%

San Francisco Monedge 18:49 GMT 12/04/2023  - My Profile
Targeting 148.00.

San Francisco Monedge 18:40 GMT 12/04/2023  - My Profile
Probabilities favor the market targeting Usd/Jpy after today's NY session in our view, barring developing conditions to the contrary.

dc CB 17:20 GMT 12/04/2023
"We are out of money — and nearly out of time," wrote the Office of Management and Budget Director Shalanda Young to Congressional leaders in a letter made public Monday. There are a mere few weeks left before the US must stop giving money to Ukraine. Young warned that the sudden end to aid will "kneecap" Ukraine on the battlefield.

President Biden has been seeking a whopping $106 billion aid package chiefly for Ukraine and Israel. But budget director Young says the proverbial writing is on the wall amid GOP resistance.

"Without congressional action, by the end of the year we will run out of resources to procure more weapons and equipment for Ukraine and to provide equipment from US military stocks," Young wrote. "There is no magical pot of funding available to meet this moment. We are out of money — and nearly out of time," she said.

mainstream media continues its dramatic narrative shift...

Washington Post: "victory for Ukraine" is now "far less likely than years of war and destruction."

San Francisco Monedge 16:49 GMT 12/04/2023  - My Profile
Hi JP - Current read is 48%. Bullish but not yet fully seasoned until 55%. Expecting intermediate short cycle to begin to form in roughly 20-30 minutes. Confidence is not high that the selling is strong due to the negative factor orders affecting stocks. A somewhat key day for various dominant money flows in various markets in our view.

Mtl JP 16:44 GMT 12/04/2023  - My Profile
USD not being exactly consistent here
up against the yen but down vs th euro

but overall dlrx still got the bid as still above the 200day

Mtl JP 16:39 GMT 12/04/2023  - My Profile
UPS deserves a musk's now famous treatment and customers vote w/feet

dc CB 16:21 GMT 12/04/2023
UPS to hike US diesel surcharges under adjusted formula
Move comes amid ongoing decline in highway diesel pump prices

Effective Monday, UPS (NYSE: UPS) will assess a 15.25% fuel levy on all shipments moving under those domestic services. The surcharge applies to the base rates and to any add-on charges known as accessorials.

Mtl JP 16:15 GMT 12/04/2023  - My Profile
Monedge plz share dlryen 147.00 current momentum driven model's reading

tia !

dc CB 16:13 GMT 12/04/2023
GVI Forex 16:04 GMT
Look at metals...

See my Yellen Menu.
of course, a little early but it's traditional to kick them to the curb when there's a Big Bond auction-----3's, 10s, 30's in the lined up in the chute.

dc CB 16:05 GMT 12/04/2023
Next week----Yellen's offerings----big Exec Meals straddling the Powell's Holiday Gift---'basket off goodies or enough coal to heat your house for One Week'

Treas Sked---The Elves working furiously in Gammy's Workshop

GVI Forex 16:04 GMT 12/04/2023  - My Profile
Look at metals...a broker told me this is where the action has been... but today??

Mtl JP 15:54 GMT 12/04/2023  - My Profile
just had a look at the week's econ calendar:
so-called "incoming data" to the FED gang
JOLTS tuesday
ADP wednesday
NFP friday

GVI Forex 15:50 GMT 12/04/2023  - My Profile
Correlations are with US yields (higher)

EURUSD 1,08 defense?

Mtl JP 15:49 GMT 12/04/2023  - My Profile
typo err 1.0845 sb 1.08045

GVI Forex 15:46 GMT 12/04/2023  - My Profile
Correlations are with US yields (higher)

Mtl JP 15:44 GMT 12/04/2023  - My Profile
DLRx continues to romp higher atm
euro at 1.0845 just above Jay's magic of round number

San Francisco Monedge 15:34 GMT 12/04/2023  - My Profile
If Usd/Jpy blows through 147 it will be now. No carry over correlation to stocks so far overall.

dc CB 15:33 GMT 12/04/2023
in an move to influence the FOMC---notice that the data releases plus NUZ headlines, that the prevailing narrative has changed.

'(XXXXX) tumbled even more than expected, down XXXX MoM - the biggest drop since the COVID lockdowns (April 2020). (month XXX) was also revised lower (making this month's) decline even worse'

This instead of saying --- oh, yeh we were lying...

Mtl JP 15:31 GMT 12/04/2023  - My Profile
some of my sensory receptors suggest that euro under 1.0850 and now under S Pivot 1 appears to be players repricing jerome's "well restrictive territory" vs "premature" to rule out tightening.

Hk Ab 15:31 GMT 12/04/2023
Dramatic under 2000?

Mtl JP 15:16 GMT 12/04/2023  - My Profile

DLRx 103.52
continues to hover above its 200day
eminently trade-able

Hk Ab 15:07 GMT 12/04/2023
Volatility matters

GVI Forex 14:20 GMT 12/04/2023  - My Profile
EURUSD 200 day nova 1.0818

GVI Forex 14:09 GMT 12/04/2023  - My Profile
US yields up after plunge at Friday’s close did not carry over

Hk Ab 14:05 GMT 12/04/2023
Dramatic close under 2000?

San Francisco Monedge 12:18 GMT 12/04/2023  - My Profile
The aforementioned intermediate buy cycle is beginning now. The peak should be around 6am Pacific Time. The ensuing cycle would be down.

Should the down cycle of monetary flow be widespread, that would equate to continued weakness in Usd/Jpy and likely buy interest for US stocks.

For further perspective visit

San Francisco Monedge 12:07 GMT 12/04/2023  - My Profile
Usd/Jpy was moving all of last week and this morning in 3 hour dominant cycles and 1.5 hr intermediate cycles on an intra-day basis. The next cycle is an intermediate round of buying against the dominant sell interest.

Therefore, not sold on buying yet.

Mtl JP 09:26 GMT 12/04/2023  - My Profile
BRENT 77.79
crude 72.90
at a three-week low
Players do not currently appear concerned a bit about some drones or such attacking maritime vessles - of any kind.

hk ab 08:15 GMT 12/04/2023
sharky move too obvious

Mtl JP 01:09 GMT 12/04/2023  - My Profile
Ab 23:29 - interesting Qtn., the answer , if tue, would probably be not so much about magnitude as about the speed of the rush for exit and so that much more interesting. has so far some tame-toned pieces on Chinese mainland's holdings of USTs

Von Der Leyen
Mtl JP 00:47 GMT 12/04/2023  - My Profile
PAR ...
just be prepared to a) simply pay more and b) increasingly face new barriers to using fossil fuels.
and never mind the kabuki theaterical tiff spectacle put on by Sultan Al-Jaber, Guterres and Kerry

One may want, for example, to keep a close eye on one's pension fund dumping money into alternative / "green" energy stocks.

Hk Ab 00:13 GMT 12/04/2023
So, all stops above 2070 clear

Hk Ab 23:29 GMT 12/03/2023
China announced complete drop of ust?

Happy EV owners
dc CB 19:37 GMT 12/03/2023
The best story I've heard so far:
---Parents sending off their child to 'college'. Want to give a used car, something reliable, not too costly to repair, can be done at the local garage rear the school.

A gasoline powered was considered, but they went with a "used" EV at a really good price. And the added plus that an EV in the parking lot at the school, would add to the progressive creds of the student and the school itself.

That first 'home for the holidays break' as the student was making the drive from campus, there was a problem with the EV....the battery had died.
Now in a gasoline vehicle --- a new battery could be $100+++++.

Much to Mom and Dads chagrin, the price was $13,000 installed...and that was in itself, not a quick-n-easy ---pop the old one out and slip the new one in sort of replacement.
They didn't know or weren't told when buying the Used EV----it really was buying an expensive to replace battery----a "Used" battery.

December Begins
dc CB 18:33 GMT 12/03/2023
Pentagon Confirms US Warship, Commercial Ships Under Attack In Red Sea

Update (1305ET):
CNN reporter Haley Britzky.
NEW: The USS Carney shot down two Houthi drones today — one while responding to a distress call from the civilian commercial vessel M/V Unity Explorer, after the Carney saw at least one ballistic missile fired at the Unity Explorer & land in its vicinity: Defense official
— Haley Britzky (@halbritz) December 3, 2023

Houthi rebels have claimed responsibility for the attack.

Yemen's Houthi rebels issued a press statement confirming that they carried out an operation targeting two vessels:

- Bulk Carrier UNITY EXPLORER (9726035). AIS offline 5d ago.
- Container Ship NO.9 (9340752)

AIS data by @MarineTraffic, a @Kpler company
—, Inc. (@TankerTrackers) December 3, 2023

"Gulf of Tonkin" is trending on X in the US.

AP--Pentagon Confirms US Warship

Happy EV owners
PAR 16:32 GMT 12/03/2023
Electric-vehicle owners are finding a surprising downside to their new wheels: They tend to be expensive to repair after a crash.

When Scott MacFiggen’s neighbor backed into his Rivian RIVN 7.58%increase; green up pointing triangle R1T pickup truck last summer, the vehicle was left with a dent the size of a bowling ball under a rear taillamp.

MacFiggen was expecting a couple-thousand-dollar bill from the repair shop and to be without his truck for a couple of weeks. “I guess I was a little naive,” said the 51-year-old San Francisco resident. The actual bill came to $22,000, and the vehicle took 2½ months to fix.

Von Der Leyen
PAR 15:37 GMT 12/03/2023
Von Der Leyen's plan for a greener climate.

Carbon taxes and carbon trading. People pay more and the climate deteriorates.

What did you expect?


December Begins
San Francisco MONEDGE 19:03 GMT 12/02/2023  - My Profile
November 2023 was fascinating in terms of global economic and market related activities. Trying to make a US Dollar or a Swedish Krone out of it was an environment for those who can remain reasonably calm during volatility. Markets remain subject to sudden change due to turbulent geopolitical, economic and conflict related conditions.

One of the components of our system includes algorithmic cycle analysis. It is a projection based on existing market flows and the probabilities of them sustaining. The results for a few markets looking forward are :


Likely to pause its strong run from that ended the week and settle toward the 2070 region before seeing another wave of buying transpire, which may or may not challenge the highs of 12/1. The primary flow is the buy side.


Likely to pause its primary sell side cycle in the coming week at some point while the market approaches 1.0800.

US Dollar

Likely to pause into the 102.60 area before seeing buying interest develop. The primary flow is the sell side overall.


Likely to see further buy side interest develop. We commented the week prior that a buying would likely develop. The primary flow is the buy side remains the buy side overall to this point.

British Sterling

Likely to see limited sell side interest develop only to be followed by continued buy side interest. The primary cycle is the buy side to this point.

For further perspective visit

Mtl JP 12:31 GMT 12/02/2023  - My Profile
Gold and historians at
The Wall Street Journal:

Gold Futures Settle at Record High to End the Week
Gold finished Friday at a record high, boosted by sliding interest rates, central bank purchases and war. Front-month futures on the precious metal rose 1.6% Friday and settled at $2,071 a troy ounce, their highest settlement since August 6, 2020, when they closed at $2,051.

Mtl JP 12:09 GMT 12/02/2023  - My Profile
Cop28 and nuclear
Declaration to Triple Nuclear Energy
02 December 2023
Recognizing the key role of nuclear energy in achieving global bla bla bla
Uranium Spot Price is at a current level of 57.65, up from 53.20 last month and up from 41.30 one year ago.

Uranium Spot Price (I:USPNM) 57.65 USD/lb for Oct 2023

In General
dc CB 20:05 GMT 12/01/2023
you have to be of an age.....................
I'll leave it up to you to put 2 and 2 together.


(link to source--

song plus the blonde too

dc CB 19:46 GMT 12/01/2023
ZH con't)

That's just the start. As Bloomberg notes, gold calls were also in strong demand, both for futures and the biggest ETF tied to the metal, as bullion marched closer to a record high Friday. As shown in the chart below................

Then again, if the Fed is indeed set to cut rates as soon as March, and then proceed with more QE which will be inevitable to monetize the soaring US budget deficit and exploding interest payments, then we are set for new all time highs in everything - gold, bitcoin, stocks... oh and oil; because after the current bout of CTA selling is finally over, oil and commodities will be the next asset class to hit record highs at which point Powell's mutation into Arthur Burns will be complete,

___confidence in the Fed will be crushed.............

Trading Signals
GVI Forex Blog 19:30 GMT 12/01/2023

Trading Signals

dc CB 19:27 GMT 12/01/2023
Powell, You Have A Problem: Gold Hits All Time High As Markets Price In Rate Cuts As Soon As March

... the Fed chair appeared largely nonchallant, and in his fireside chat earlier today, what the market focused on was Powell's comment that rates are "well into restrictive territory" which not only assured there would be no more rate hikes, but steamrolled Powell's other, hawkish warning....

Powell: 'they won't be tagging me 'Chairman *Co#k Block* in the Fin Press this time.

The Powell 'Boner' replaces the FED Put

Mtl JP 17:17 GMT 12/01/2023  - My Profile
jerome says
walking on eggs
as he is answering if there is a target on labor force participation

completely ignoring the "sacrifice ratio" and the

FRED Not in Labor Force (LNS15000000)
Oct 2023: 99,914

FRED Economic Data

San Francisco Monedge 17:13 GMT 12/01/2023  - My Profile
JP - female dominated quantum physics as applied to global markets results in a confirmation of random walk theory only to be discounted by the law of averages and stochastic ebb and flow. So balance is the key. It always returns to the median. ;)

San Francisco Monedge 17:04 GMT 12/01/2023  - My Profile
Many markets such as oil and gold are dominated by CTA's which function primarily on algorithmic systems, with about 68% employing additional discretionary management. Highly momentum oriented.

An old friend who was an old school CTA lamented how bare the floors were becoming of humans entering the early 2000's. The writing on the wall was visible.

Our read for Usd/Jpy is at 10% now at 147. If buying takes hold those algorithms will amplify it.

Mtl JP 17:02 GMT 12/01/2023  - My Profile
Monedge 16:15 can you expand on the last sentence plz

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