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GVI Forex 22:50 GMT 05/31/2023  - My Profile
More pause talk

Fed Whisperer” Timiraos says the FOMC is likely to hold interest rates steady in June. The Wall Street Journal's Nick Timiraos writes: Federal Reserve officials signalled they are increasingly likely to hold interest rates steady at their June meeting before preparing to raise them again later this summer.…Forexlive

dc CB 22:03 GMT 05/31/2023

The FED whisperer with that 70's haircut has got the inside dope---hope it's the good stuff.

The Wall Street Journal
Breaking: Federal Reserve officials signaled they are increasingly likely to hold rates steady at their June meeting, before preparing to raise them again later this summer

GVI Forex 21:51 GMT 05/31/2023  - My Profile
New term for Fed

“Hawkish pause”

Caribbean! Rafe... 20:31 GMT 05/31/2023  - My Profile
pretty helpful ways to save some time (by not wasting it)

Time Management For Busy People

Caribbean! Rafe... 19:59 GMT 05/31/2023  - My Profile

How I Saved $100k In 3 Years (Step By Step)

Caribbean! Rafe... 19:11 GMT 05/31/2023  - My Profile
Will maternity hospitals function if there is no deal.

The most profitable sectors of the new future are...
Caribbean! Rafe... 18:39 GMT 05/31/2023  - My Profile
Bamboo! can create a massive fortune. Remember I was a few years ago suggesting growing bamboo? Well... the next biggest ROI will come from one product and that is wood made from bamboo!! It's growing steadily towards a highly sustainable 100 Billion per year industry, and 100 billion dolars is just the start of it.

The next best thing after that is Cotton. I was also talking about that a few years ago, but those discussions died out because of the importance in discussing jumps in interest rates. The demand for it will go so sky high that USA can import raw cotton bales from Europe, and process those bales in abandoned industrial towns of 'yore!

What are whipsaws in forex?
dc CB 18:26 GMT 05/31/2023
Caribbean! Rafe... 17:41 GMT 05/31/2023 - My Profile
I thought pivot points & sma's are the holy grail


dc CB 18:19 GMT 05/31/2023
Update (1400ET): The Financial Times reports that OPEC has barred several media groups from attending its crucial production meeting in Vienna this weekend, in a move officials said was driven by Saudi Arabia

Reporters from Reuters, Bloomberg News and Dow Jones, the publisher of The Wall Street Journal, have been denied invites to Opec’s Vienna headquarters, according to people familiar with the matter.

The ban is unusual and no reason has been given for excluding the media groups, but people familiar with the decision said it had been instigated by Saudi Arabia’s energy minister, Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman.


What are whipsaws in forex?
dc CB 17:57 GMT 05/31/2023

Sen. Lindsey Graham: 'money well spent'

What are whipsaws in forex?
Caribbean! Rafe... 17:54 GMT 05/31/2023  - My Profile
dc CB 17:38 GMT 05/31/2023

perfect song!

One good trend pays for em' all...

What are whipsaws in forex?
dc CB 17:45 GMT 05/31/2023
119day Treas Bill today
U cuda hung-out here---5.325%

28day and 56day hang-outs available

last the 28day went off at 5.75%

Treas Direct

What are whipsaws in forex?
Caribbean! Rafe... 17:41 GMT 05/31/2023  - My Profile

I thought pivot points & sma's are the holy grail to enter before markets turn volatile and take off like rockets!

GVI Forex 17:30 GMT 05/31/2023 - My Profile
In this environment where there are overreactions to data, stay flat into data and then take advantage of volatility afterward/

What are whipsaws in forex?
dc CB 17:38 GMT 05/31/2023
Zeus used to post this from time to time.

The Whipsaw Song

What are whipsaws in forex?
GVI Forex 17:38 GMT 05/31/2023  - My Profile
Fed's Harker saying can take a skip as well.

What are whipsaws in forex?
GVI Forex 17:35 GMT 05/31/2023  - My Profile
Another one just now (market reacted to talk of a pause)

fED'SJefferson (voter) says holding policy rate constant "at a coming meeting" should not be taken to mean rates have reached a peak for the tightening cycle, skipping a hike would allow time to assess data.

What are whipsaws in forex?
GVI Forex 17:30 GMT 05/31/2023  - My Profile
In this environment where there are overreactions to data, stay flat into data and then take advantage of volatility afterward/

What are whipsaws in forex?
Caribbean! Rafe... 17:09 GMT 05/31/2023  - My Profile
GVI Forex 17:06 GMT 05/31/2023 - My Profile

how are we supposed to trade whipsaws.

What are whipsaws in forex?
GVI Forex 17:06 GMT 05/31/2023  - My Profile
Sound familiar today?

A whipsaw is a slang term used by traders that describes the condition of a highly volatile market where a sharp price movement is quickly followed by a sharp reversal.

Will There Be US Dollar Selling For Month-End Rebalancing?
Caribbean! Rafe... 17:05 GMT 05/31/2023  - My Profile
GVI Forex 08:50 GMT 05/31/2023 - My Profile

Europe is the next region we gotta focus on to help (part-time) them create a way out for solid financial stability, we can suggest but the decisions are theirs to make.
After all Europe is one of the regions forming just one of the pillars of human civilization, we can't leave a possibility for them to fail.

I don't know how to explain but it's different helping them...

short stox
tokyo boj 15:28 GMT 05/31/2023  - My Profile
Sell S&P
Entry: 4235 Target: Stop: later

today crash hard?

GVI Forex 14:59 GMT 05/31/2023  - My Profile
EURGBP month end sell order heading into 4 PM fixing

GVI Forex 14:11 GMT 05/31/2023  - My Profile
April JOLTs (job openings) much higher than expected + prior month revised up

GVI Forex 13:46 GMT 05/31/2023  - My Profile
Much weaker than expected Chi PMI at 40.4

Note it gets rehearsed 2 minutes early to subscribers

GVI Forex 11:08 GMT 05/31/2023  - My Profile
Light US data today. Watch Chi PMI, JOLTS at 14:00 GMT and London end-of-month fixing at 15:00 GMT

Will There Be US Dollar Selling For Month-End Rebalancing?
GVI Forex 08:50 GMT 05/31/2023  - My Profile
Still have to watch the fixing times but so far inflation data out of Europe (lower) is the focus.

short stox
tokyo boj 04:42 GMT 05/31/2023  - My Profile
Asia already down 1/2 percent today...oil 69.29

short stox
tokyo boj 04:41 GMT 05/31/2023  - My Profile
Sell S&P
Entry: Target: Stop:

Mtl JP 21:40 GMT 05/30/2023
Thanks JP San,
i hope today stox close lower....

Mtl JP 22:28 GMT 05/30/2023  - My Profile
crude 69.60
eye-catching price-dump
what IS the market pricing ?

short stox
Mtl JP 21:40 GMT 05/30/2023  - My Profile
boj for your review

short stox
Mtl JP 21:30 GMT 05/30/2023  - My Profile
boj / players are fickle
fickle: (adjective) characterized by erratic changeableness or instability, especially with regard to affections or attachments; capricious.

"Dow finishes Tuesday lower as Wall Street weighs odds of debt ceiling deal clearing Congress" home of

know how to source and then chose your news

Caribbean! Rafe... 18:23 GMT 05/30/2023  - My Profile
The way around is to not reveal account details to banks, whether it is dematerialized account or brokerage trading login details.

In other cases, bank employees trick customers into investing into certain programmes(they know will fail) so they can earn commission, and then to cover up their greed they go lie to their bosses against customers and then their bosses tell them to report the customer and get them red flagged etc.

The customer did nothing except question the knowledge (and integrity of the employee) but the bank employee to cover their greed reported the customer maliciously and had them investigated over a period spanning a few years for money laundering and that prevention of money laundering act. It's only then a matter of time for someone higher up who saw that as their fat chance and lifetime opportunity to sit silently in the right chair at the right time either to get their palms greased, or to capture what they so badly covet.

GVI Forex 18:13 GMT 05/30/2023  - My Profile
Tafe, pls contact me

Caribbean! Rafe... 18:12 GMT 05/30/2023  - My Profile
A ruse used by da bank is their trick which they use to get client detals and pass them onto scammers. one day the client log's in and *poof*, either the holdings vanished or the scammers made trades on the customers account to offset trades in another unrelated account. It's no different than giving brokerage account details directly to scammers but they got those details from the bank people in connivance with them, and then scammers login and trade the account.

It's not as if in fraud cases where the bank employees make money from this, it's just that they play maliciously because they grudge you for personal reasons, of which they are not trained to understand that business is business, and their profession demands them to maintain a professional ethos.

Caribbean! Rafe... 17:52 GMT 05/30/2023  - My Profile
From the heart?. I want all of the GV guys to trade it and trade it like it were nuthin and with eyes closed, but the truth is if abroad as a foreigner then you can't... why?

Simple... This country is one of thieves, robbers, dacoits, insidiously treacherous scams both private and public, heinously treacherous conspiracies, and not to forget corruption from the highest to lowest levels both on a public and private sector basis, and it's even there on a personal basis, meaning on a personal basis people here meddle and interfere in what does not concern them meaning on the face nosy friends, but when cross examined then they are malafide and ruinous friends, outwardly nice people but inwardly as miscreants.

Yeah, you can set up an offshore company and then trade through that via (I can tell you who). But the problem is the govt keeps on changing the goal posts to the extent they can tweak a law to target specific companies and individuals. the other problem is the legal system is so full of the people who suffer from conflict of interest for personal gains. so an example of an instance is you go to a lawyer to protect what's proprietary(your models, strategies, money management strategies etc etc), he hears you but then wants a massive amount of money which truthfully would cost only a few hundred dolars to get done, then he reports you to various agencies and governments behind your back in such a way that your not even gonna suspect he did that because he wants you to give him your work so he can use it for his own personal gain, and if even you help him your still gonna have that same problem. Then it's like then they carry out false flag ops to steal your work meaning cyber crime and frame-up someone else, then exploit the laws for personal illicit gains by setting up secret companies and manipulating themselves into corporate positions through which they enrich themselves and their legal practice. So then if any questions are asked of them then they complain because they know how to abuse the laws, and then you go to jail.

And another example to explain it is, going to the cops to make them know corrupt people are trying to steal etc & at the end of it, they just throw people into jail and steal what they are told to steal, only to handover the same work over to those who you went there to report.

So basically, fraudulent people looting others and sharing the loot amongst themselves, then the media prints concocted stories which contain certain types of false statements/lies/gaslighting by anonymous sources who are not authorized to speak on the matter blah blah, but those anonymous sources are none but the reporters themselves who helped engineer the conspiracies and also played roles in the very same conspiracies.

So if your willing to deal with things like that then you can trade indian markets.

The other alternative is if your government does the needful negotiations with the government so you can trade instruments offered to the local citizens.

The harder option is to migrate here and get a job and get salary in a local currency bank account which can also be used for trading. The very minute you tell any of them our trading then your goose is cooked, because they will start trading and you will stop trading and won't even be able to figure it out. In other words, you invite someone as honorable guest to your home and well, your evicted from your own home by them!.

Locally: you transfer your holdings to a broker and then they can do a number of things like blowing your book by liquidating your book, as they have it as an unwritten policy that no client is better than them and if so they operate treacherously. Their other trick is to leak your book to fraudulent people under the ruse of certain mandatory requirements... When you get dividends into your bank account the banks are full of tricks,... they want to see your book they want to see your strategies and grill you about them, then have board discussions to seek approval to duplicate your LLOTD or HHOTD strategies (without your knowledge) on the highest level and then your fighting back ferociously is the only option.

If your willing then yeah you can trade in india but only if your dangerously serious enough to take on anyone who stands in your way.

Mtl JP 18:20 GMT 05/29/2023 - My Profile
duh ...
Rafe... 17:53 GMT April 9, 2023
Mtl JP 21:28 GMT 04/08/2023 - My Profile
You can't trade bank nifty.

I cant trade it because ___
- trading the nifty is above my pay grade
-- it is reserved a for select few ?
--- something else: __________

short stox
tokyo boj 16:47 GMT 05/30/2023  - My Profile
looks to me dji us30 drop another at least 200/300points today before close..

maybe i am wrong

short stox
tokyo boj 16:44 GMT 05/30/2023  - My Profile
Mtl JP 16:38 GMT 05/30/2023
JP San news says deal is done.....

deal not done yet?

Mtl JP 16:43 GMT 05/30/2023  - My Profile
DLRx 104 ... basically at midpoint of yesty's range

very soon players will be focussing and pricing relative rates

short stox
Mtl JP 16:38 GMT 05/30/2023  - My Profile
done ... syas who ?
inprinciple is not done
Debt ceiling bill faces a tough path in the House as GOP opposition grows - cnbc front page

short stox
tokyo boj 14:38 GMT 05/30/2023  - My Profile
Sell S&P
Entry: Target: Stop:

debt deal is done.....why stox flat?

GVI Forex 14:36 GMT 05/30/2023  - My Profile
US yields slipping, note correlation with USDJPY

The Amazing Trader

short stox
tokyo 14:04 GMT 05/30/2023  - My Profile
Sell S&P
Entry: 4235 Target: Stop: later

time to go down now?

GVI Forex 14:01 GMT 05/30/2023  - My Profile
CB cons conf 102.3 beats expectations of 99.0

Hk Ab 13:21 GMT 05/30/2023
XAG still weak.

Hk c9 running out of money?

Will There Be US Dollar Selling For Month-End Rebalancing?
GVI Forex Blog 12:33 GMT 05/30/2023

While this is far from an exact science, you need to be aware of potential month-end rebalancing flows as they can have an impact on forex trading.

In this regard, it is not clear whether dollar weakness following Monday’s holidays is month-end related but with US stocks up in May, the risk would seem to be on the dollar downside as forex hedges get adjusted.

So, watch out...

Will There Be US Dollar Selling For Month-End Rebalancing?

GVI Forex 11:31 GMT 05/30/2023  - My Profile
A look at the coming days in US and global markets from Mike Dolan

Out of the frying pan, and into the fire?

The relief this week over the prospect of lifting the US debt ceiling is being overshadowed by the uneasy prospect of the Federal Reserve raising interest rates even higher – and the evaporation of any 2023 easing expectations ahead.

Morning Bid: Debt vote in sight, but Fed squeeze ahead

Mtl JP 09:19 GMT 05/30/2023  - My Profile
petulant child ?
Musk said tensions between the United States and China “should be a concern for everyone.”

TECH Musk expected to visit China this week, meet officials, sources tell Reuters

Mtl JP 09:13 GMT 05/30/2023  - My Profile
worked to convince ... “strangling with an intent to kill.”
..."Biden officials, especially at the Treasury Department (that would be yellen and some of her deputy minions) , have worked to convince European and G7 allies of the need to coordinate their efforts, which has slowed down the release of the U.S. executive order." ...

Biden's next move to box China out on sensitive tech

Mtl JP 08:58 GMT 05/30/2023  - My Profile

Copper 3.66xx = BoD
Last year, the Department of Energy (DOE) launched the Better Grid Initiative that seeks to develop new and upgraded high-capacity electric transmission lines. The initiative will deploy more than $20 billion in federal financing tools, including a $3 billion expansion of the Smart Grid Investment Grant Program; a new $2.5 billion Transmission Facilitation Program and more than $10 billion in grants for states, tribes, and utilities to enhance grid resilience and prevent power outages. The program will also tap into existing tools, including the more than $3 billion Western Area Power Administration Transmission Infrastructure Program, and a number of loan guarantee programs through the Loan Programs Office.

New Debt Limit Deal Commits To Speeding Up Energy Projects

Mtl JP 08:46 GMT 05/30/2023  - My Profile
crude 71.80, down from 73.35
some players still price-playing odds of yellen defaulting

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