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06/08/20 12:30 A US Weekly Jobless (mln) con: n/a pre: n/a
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Belgrade Knez 09:23 GMT 08/06/2020
HK Kevin 08:47 GMT August 6, 2020
eurusd: Reply
The zigzag movement of EUR is not ideal for mid-term trades. My short position at 1.0894 opened last night got stop profit for a few pips. Entered long EUR/GBP at 0.8895 earlier for intraday trade.
you should check numbers you type before you sent your message.
I guess for EU should be 1.1894 and for EG 0.8995
or correct me if I am wrong

Israel MacroMicro 08:59 GMT 08/06/2020
maybe the range I mentioned until the end of next week is the right script.
good luck!

HK Kevin 08:47 GMT 08/06/2020
The zigzag movement of EUR is not ideal for mid-term trades. My short position at 1.0894 opened last night got stop profit for a few pips. Entered long EUR/GBP at 0.8895 earlier for intraday trade.

haifa ac 08:35 GMT 08/06/2020  - My Profile
Some thinnk the blast is more complicted. Based on analysis of the 3 explosions with different clouds one says:

"explosives, ammunition and missile fuel (which are highly volatile and flammable substances) were stored by Hezbollah in this warehouse after being shipped from Iran. I think there are several reasons for this:
1. There was a series of at least three explosions, each of which had a different result. The first created a gray column of smoke that remained for several minutes. The second, a column of red smoke that also remained for several minutes, while the third created a white mushroom cloud that dissipated within seconds. Therefore, there were at least three different materials stored in that warehouse."
If it is true then great responsibility lies on the shoulders of those who stored dangerous weapons in the heart of the harbor.

Mtl JP 08:31 GMT 08/06/2020
COVID ... corona...
the gift that keeps on giving
Canada's Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam says that
- pandemic may persist for years to come ...
- many of the restrictions aimed at managing the pandemic will likely need to remain in place for years, say Canada’s top doctors.
- Dr. Howard Njoo, Tam's deputy, added it's important to "temper people’s expectations" that a vaccine will ensure everything will return to normal quickly.

The World Health Organization says vaccines must be effective in at least 50 per cent of the population for any chance of approval, and closer to 70 per cent is better. Once a vaccine developer declares a vaccine is both safe and effective, nations can begin the work to approve its use on their citizens.

Hear that peasants ? Top doctors never make medical mistakes. Why do they not need malpractice insurance? Because the legislator has granted them immunity from accountability and more importantly prosecution.

Mtl JP 08:11 GMT 08/06/2020
as long as DLRx hold 93 Res

Tallinn viies 08:04 GMT 08/06/2020
as double top on hourlies was avoided decided to go long euro on correction. got long from 1,1842.
target 1,1942.
no stop currently

Thursday Amazing Trader 6 August 2020
Mtl JP 08:02 GMT 08/06/2020
re Pompeo - from chinese communists' mouthpice:

Hu Xijin 胡锡进
Pompeo’s call is to ultimately cut off China-US internet connection. This wild ambition will lead to fundamental consequences that humanity will be divided. With cooperation and exchange completely gone, China and the US will head for confrontation, followed by the risk of war.

..."humanity will be divided"...
is that not how it should be instead of "united" under chinese communist heel ?

The Rich get Richer
PAR 08:01 GMT 08/06/2020
Jeff Bezos sold 1 million Amazon shares for more than $3.1 billion. The mammoth sale barely dents the value of his stake, which has grown by roughly $75 billion this year. And the U.S. stock rally seems far from over: Money managers last month pushed their long positions on stocks above short ones by a ratio of 1.9-to-1, the highest in more than a decade, according to Morgan Stanley data.

Negative Interest Rates
PAR 07:50 GMT 08/06/2020
The Bank of England offered forward guidance on interest rates. As with other central banks, this is not a crisis driven by the cost of credit. Economic forecasts were changed. The new economic forecasts are wrong because all economic forecasts are wrong. We have no precision about what is happening in the economy right now, so there is little chance of being precise in forecasts.

There was some reference to negative rates. Remarkably, some investors think negative rates might help – they act as a tax, and raising taxes at the moment is probably not a great idea.

haifa ac 04:26 GMT 08/06/2020  - My Profile
Tel aviv city hall.
Unfortunately, 160,000 missiles in Lebanon are stored and aimed at that city hall by Hizbullah. A little irony.
also the reaction in Lebanon to the gesture is nothing but contempt and a little anger.
In 1917, Nasrallah warned Israel he will bomb the Amonium Storage tank in Haifa and cause ten of thousands of dead.
As the world turns.

Thursday Amazing Trader 6 August 2020
Mtl JP 01:55 GMT 08/06/2020
Pompeo and China
Financial Times
Pompeo threatens broader crackdown on China apps
South China Morning Post
Pompeo urges US app stores to remove ‘untrusted’ Chinese-owned apps
Pompeo Urges Cutting Ties With Chinese Tech Companies, Apps

suggests to murrikans to be more cautious about China travel

Caribbean! Rafe... 00:54 GMT 08/06/2020  - My Profile
This sheds a lot of light on the plight of lebanon, something ain't right about this whole thing somrthing just ain't right.

See what bomb expert thinks caused the Beirut explosion

Caribbean! Rafe... 23:56 GMT 08/05/2020  - My Profile

dc CB 21:57 GMT 08/05/2020
BASF - 1913

Nitrogen from the air

dc CB 21:47 GMT 08/05/2020
Caribbean! Rafe... 20:24 GMT
I don't know why they make such stuff,
The Haber Process
Nitrogen Fertilizer from the Air

"Through the 1800's, heavily populated countries in Europe such as Germany and Britain used guano from islands off the coast of Peru and salt petre from Chile as a source of natural nitrogen fertilizer. This trade was much like our current oil trade in importance both for food security and politically.
By the end of the 19th century these sources of fixed nitrogen were running out. Scientists were challenged to come up with a process of making fixed nitrogen from the nitrogen in the air."

The Germans, the technological brains of the early to mid 20th Cent, solved the probem. Enter the Haber-Bosch process.

"The winner of the race was Fritz Haber. His tabletop contraption used high pressure, heat and a catalyst to slowly, drop by drop, synthesize a cup of ammonia over the course of two hours.

The German chemical company BASF bought the process and Carl Bosch was charged with upscaling it to factory size, a feat he managed by 1913. The process, often called the Haber Bosch Process requires high pressures, 200 - 300 atmospheres, and high temperatures, 400 to 550 degrees C.

For a brief time the first factory turned out fertilizer."

Impacts of the Haber Process on Farming, Gardening and the World
More Food - More People

PAR 21:12 GMT 08/05/2020
VIX closing at post pandemic low. BlackRock keeps selling VIX, VIX buyers are toast.

Caribbean! Rafe... 21:04 GMT 08/05/2020  - My Profile
Anyhows, back to my original point.

A bomb goes off when priests are praying... highly unlikely...

It's a Malodorous Witch War.

Caribbean! Rafe... 20:33 GMT 08/05/2020  - My Profile
Sorry moot post: I just read the article that had information about it, Ammonium Nitrate is an odorless fertilizer. Over here they feed plants cow censored patties.

Caribbean! Rafe... 20:24 GMT 08/05/2020  - My Profile
That's why I asked how does it smell, just in case I'd whiff that stuff I'd get the hell away from it.

I don't know why they make such stuff, it truly should be categoried as military ordinance so like that no chance of such things happening in areas populated by civilians.

dc CB 20:18 GMT 08/05/2020
Aug 5
Substance that reportedly sparked Beirut explosions was used in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing'

dc CB 20:08 GMT 08/05/2020
oddly left out of the wikipedia list---the biggie in the US during the Bill Clinton regime----Oklahoma City, The Federal Building.
(but then wikiped is not longer 'just the facts' --- it's the 'edited'facts'
Oklahoma City bombing, terrorist attack in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S., on April 19, 1995, in which a massive homemade bomb concealed in a rental truck exploded, heavily damaging the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. A total of 168 people were killed, including 19 children, and more than 500 were injured.

Israel MacroMicro 18:25 GMT 08/05/2020

from the past

Caribbean! Rafe... 18:13 GMT 08/05/2020  - My Profile
It's like the same thing with corona, first the priestly scandals, then other things came, now corona... it's like those damned psycho horror movies, and someone is out to kill us all.

Caribbean! Rafe... 18:09 GMT 08/05/2020  - My Profile
I don't remember which year it was exactly, but when there were all those molestation accusations made against priests world over. Now that was very strange to me. It's like one came up here, another came there and then it was okay all solved. But it was more like one came up here another there, 50 another place and then the whole world broke out in this type of accusation against specifically the catholic religion. Now that is not normal.

The only types of people who attack priests are witches, magicians and other priests aka. Double Agent Priests. But now an explosion when a priest is worshipping GOD... something ain't right bud... That stinks of hatred.

Caribbean! Rafe... 18:00 GMT 08/05/2020  - My Profile
yes, offer them condolences and rebuild that entire city after they solve the crime, right now there is no time to be nice.

Caribbean! Rafe... 17:58 GMT 08/05/2020  - My Profile
Let them investigate, but remember the words "noisome pestilence" for reference.

HK Kevin 17:51 GMT 08/05/2020
Good call on this prediction.
Israel MacroMicro 10:55 GMT 08/05/2020
07135 on my radar against 07240

Caribbean! Rafe... 17:50 GMT 08/05/2020  - My Profile
Malodorous in a sentence. See the word explode at the top.

Follow the words.


Israel MacroMicro 17:46 GMT 08/05/2020
daily bullish
4h mildly bearish

above 11920/30 only 1.2 handle
1.1780 support
my EUR/USD picture

HK Kevin 17:43 GMT 08/05/2020
I am surprised EUR is unable to break the previous high of 1.1909 today. High so far is 1.0905. Have re-enter short at 1.0894.

Caribbean! Rafe... 17:43 GMT 08/05/2020  - My Profile
Follow the words... you'll see something about factory emmissions and dock... etc.

Meaning of Malodorous

Israel MacroMicro 17:39 GMT 08/05/2020

the city of Tel Aviv offers sympathy to Lebanon and the Lebanese people
the city hall as Lebanese flag

Caribbean! Rafe... 17:38 GMT 08/05/2020  - My Profile
Look up the meaning of Malodorous, then clock on noisome then noxious... (noisome pestilence etc... Snare of the fowler). Do you notice in the clip, a priest running away?

What was in the priests hand? how many times did it swing back and forth? like ah one ah two and ah boosh!

They say it is ammonium nitrate, how does it smell?

Tallinn viies 17:37 GMT 08/05/2020
eurusd has formed double top on hourlies. need to get above to get going again.

Israel MacroMicro 17:25 GMT 08/05/2020
I had my sad moments with that story

how much bad luck sitting in that country that harms majority of great and life loving people?

it is not to understand how such a small country by territory stores such an amount of explosives. classic nuts case.

Caribbean! Rafe... 17:20 GMT 08/05/2020  - My Profile
I was just having dinner watching CNN. Then saw of an explosion which took place in Lebanon. Half of a video clip of a collapsing ceiling and a priest running away from it.

Conclusion: Malodorous Witch War.

What is the gender of those 3 infants held by the nurse? That will tell me what I need to know, Anyways, off to do research on that.

Wednesday Amazing Trader 5 August 2020
Israel MacroMicro 17:09 GMT 08/05/2020
JPkovskiya, it's relative
men at least in their 40's talking about fake accounts must be PinoSino genetic thing. the internet really an unique galaxy. even the dumbest in Kalkilia not trying to count what other own. cultural thing I assume :)

Wednesday Amazing Trader 5 August 2020
Mtl JP 16:57 GMT 08/05/2020

MaMi more pixels -> more or less pips ?

Wednesday Amazing Trader 5 August 2020
Israel MacroMicro 16:42 GMT 08/05/2020
is it possible to change the pixels limit?
may make easier to share useful trading information in real time

Wednesday Amazing Trader 5 August 2020
Israel MacroMicro 16:39 GMT 08/05/2020

full DXY chart, each candle 12 months
you worth the time Kevin :)

Hk Ab 16:23 GMT 08/05/2020
New limit 1980

Market is lullish all of a sudden
haifa ac 16:18 GMT 08/05/2020  - My Profile
what are we waiting for?

Wednesday Amazing Trader 5 August 2020
PAR 16:06 GMT 08/05/2020
In a not too distant future US Treasury officials will announce an Argentinian style debt restructuring and repay 54% of your money.

Trump has plenty of experience in that style of operations. Buyer beware!

Wednesday Amazing Trader 5 August 2020
Mtl JP 15:59 GMT 08/05/2020
this is good one ...

“Are any of these moves the fault of the Fed?” Cramer wrote in a separate take. “No, the fault, as Cassius tells us, is not in our stars like Trump or Powell, but in the buyers themselves.”

anyone wants to have some fun with that ?

btw I thought I heard DJT say earlier that the eagle will sh!t on Friday
(glowingly refering to payrolls)

Wednesday Amazing Trader 5 August 2020
Mtl JP 15:51 GMT 08/05/2020

sorry missed the "historical"
this one goes back to 2005

Wednesday Amazing Trader 5 August 2020
Mtl JP 15:46 GMT 08/05/2020
d'y think he is squealing about his book ?

‘Clueless’ investors just keep driving this ‘stupidly bullish’ stock market higher, CNBC’s Jim Cramer says

Is this the ‘dumbest action’ of the year?

Wednesday Amazing Trader 5 August 2020
HK Kevin 15:46 GMT 08/05/2020
If I am not wrong, it is about 71 during 2008.

Wednesday Amazing Trader 5 August 2020
Mtl JP 15:41 GMT 08/05/2020

ab for ur viewing pleasure

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