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25/02/20 14:00 C US Case-Shil 20 yy con: n/a pre: 2.60%
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Gold south to 1450
SaaR KaL 07:13 GMT 02/25/2020  - My Profile
Bye Bye
Hello EURUSD 1.1100

tsla wants 400

The eerie silence of gold traders.
hk win10 01:41 GMT 02/25/2020
Gold silver ratio is unwinding. Silver can reach 27-28 by summer. Gold can reach 1900 at the same time.

Chart Points: Free Forex Database For 24 February 2020
Mtl JP 23:54 GMT 02/24/2020
john 20:10 you should budget (if not target-trade) for 1.10% - 1.00%

ps / as a big boy, managing risk is your responsability

Monday Amazing Trader 24 Feb 2020
Israel MacroMicro 21:42 GMT 02/24/2020
can start buying indices tomorrow during European session. it feels that way.

The eerie silence of gold traders.
HK [email protected] 20:41 GMT 02/24/2020
Seems like most small traders are "long" inside the gold avalanche.

Ideal situation for a gap opening per my suggestion below.

Chart Points: Free Forex Database For 24 February 2020
AT Trader john 20:10 GMT 02/24/2020
FYI record all-time 10-yr low yield 1.320%.

Tuesday Amazing Trader 25 Feb 2020
AT Trader john 20:05 GMT 02/24/2020
LATE Monday
DJ: -1031
SP: -111.9

2-yr 1.246% -10.4
Spread 10s-2s +11.1 (+10.4)

US: 1.357% -11.3
UK: 0.539% -0.1
DE: -0.486% -0.6

Spot Rate (Pivot Point)
EURUSD 1.0852 (1.0843)
GBPUSD 1.2916 (1.2920)
EURGBP 0.8401 (0.8395)
USDJPY 110.66 (110.90)

This week 1.0805-1.0872 (67) pips

mon: 1.0805-1.0872 (67)
fri: 1.0784-1.0864 (37)
thu: 1.0778-1.0821 (43)
wed: 1.0782-1.0808 (26)
tue: 1.0786-1.0838 (52)

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20-day avg: 1.0923
50-day avg: 1.1041
100-day avg: 1.1055
200-day avg: 1.1102

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Chart Points: Free Forex Database For 24 February 2020
GVI Forex Blog 20:01 GMT 02/24/2020

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Chart Points: Free Forex Database For 24 February 2020

Monday Amazing Trader 24 Feb 2020
london red 18:22 GMT 02/24/2020
s&p just ahead of prev low of 3214. a break lower here tests 3200/3180 and will take fx a leg further. so yen tests 110.11/23 euro 10880/90 if stocks take the plunge. if stocks can hold i dont expect fx pulls back much until known direction during last hour or two. but in case of a rebound, they could see 3232/42

Fed Funds Futures Sentiment Barometer
AT Trader john 18:17 GMT 02/24/2020
Odds on a 25bp Fed Funds rate cut on March 18 last 23% vs. 20% earlier today.

Monday Amazing Trader 24 Feb 2020
Mtl JP 18:17 GMT 02/24/2020
DJIA -1049
gs .... calling Clari-duh!

Monday Amazing Trader 24 Feb 2020
dc CB 18:08 GMT 02/24/2020
Dow headline number for the evening nuz = A PANIC dn 1xxxx.

The ETF,ETN,Mutual fund driven selling will hit at the end of the day...3PM-to close.

the Grand Illusion, that confounded anyone with sense for so long...

Tuesday Amazing Trader 25 Feb 2020
AT Trader john 18:04 GMT 02/24/2020
DJ -1023
SP -114.8
10s 1.355%, -11.5 bp

Monday Amazing Trader 24 Feb 2020
Minneapolis DRS2 18:00 GMT 02/24/2020  - My Profile
"Euro running out of gas" is a temporary situation. The question is what comes next. Current price action suggests a lot of selling without significant price drops, followed by what looks like a stop run (what looks like it's running out of gas).

If the stop run is immediately followed today by continued selling, will that selling be enough to push price through 0800? I'm guessing not yet, but that's just my own view.

Monday Amazing Trader 24 Feb 2020
london red 17:54 GMT 02/24/2020
id say 11020-11120 with move over recent high by 11235 unlikely.

Monday Amazing Trader 24 Feb 2020
Bali Sja 17:50 GMT 02/24/2020
Euro is running out of gas. 1.10 must be the high seen already.

Monday Amazing Trader 24 Feb 2020
AT Trader john 17:42 GMT 02/24/2020
Red- Many thanks!

Monday Amazing Trader 24 Feb 2020
london red 17:37 GMT 02/24/2020
john, euro funding being unwound as well as profit taking to cover losses elsewhere. sell first ask questions later is what happens when folks panic.

Monday Amazing Trader 24 Feb 2020
dc CB 17:36 GMT 02/24/2020
Update (1220ET): US stocks took another leg lower, falling to their lowest levels of the session with the Dow down 1,000 points, following the latest headlines out of the CDC confirming 39 cases of the virus have been detected among the rest of the ~300 individuals from the 'Diamond Princess'.

Monday Amazing Trader 24 Feb 2020
AT Trader john 17:33 GMT 02/24/2020
So I guess the trade is that after you sell your U.S. shares, you convert your USD proceeds to your home currency, which in this case could be Euros??

Can anyone confirm this?

Monday Amazing Trader 24 Feb 2020
dc CB 17:24 GMT 02/24/2020
Dear 20 something,
ah, the real price of 'commission free trades'.

ZeroHedge Report earlier

The CNBC 'take' linked below.

Fidelity, Schwab say some clients experienced technical issues

Monday Amazing Trader 24 Feb 2020
london red 17:24 GMT 02/24/2020
and for perspective, last years high was 3251 while this years low 3181. usually most years you get some backfill. 2500-3000 would be quite reasonable and correct a lot of ob on charts.

Monday Amazing Trader 24 Feb 2020
london red 17:22 GMT 02/24/2020
think a bit much to expect buy on dip for the day to work. if 3214 holds then buy on dip for the week may work. if broken on close and held into end of week, then that means a look at 3k at least but even if 2500-2800 seen, mkt likely to rally back by end of year. so think btd will work unless you were to expect lower profits and growth for many years forward.

Monday Amazing Trader 24 Feb 2020
AT Trader john 17:17 GMT 02/24/2020
SP testing LOD. Suggests this might not the usual buy on dip scenario for shares? Investors will start to demand definitive positive news on the virus until they can consider going back to business as usual.

Monday Amazing Trader 24 Feb 2020
london red 17:01 GMT 02/24/2020
euro struggling to move abv that 10863 fib but staying firm. If stocks get worse then that lvl will pop.

Monday Amazing Trader 24 Feb 2020
Israel MacroMicro 16:08 GMT 02/24/2020

your laser guided execution missiles interested in bunch of high value targets?

I am having some trading ideas that may serve you

Tuesday Amazing Trader 25 Feb 2020
AT Trader john 15:50 GMT 02/24/2020

GVI Trading. Potential Price Risk Scale
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Tue 25 Feb 2020
C 14:00 US- Case-Shiller
A 15:00 US- Consumer Confidence
B 15:00 US- Richmond Fed
Wed 26 Feb 2019
A 15:00 US- New Homes Sales
A 15:30 US- EIA Crude
Thu 27 Feb 2019
A 13:30 US- Durable Goods
A 13:30 US- GDP
A 13:30 US- Weekly Jobless
A 15:00 US- Pending Homes Sales
Fri 28 Feb 2019
A 09:00 DE- Employment
A 13:30 US- Personal Income, Spending, Deflator
AA 15:00 US- Final Univ of Michigan

Monday Amazing Trader 24 Feb 2020
Mtl JP 15:37 GMT 02/24/2020

sentiment about this pig merits close eye

Monday Amazing Trader 24 Feb 2020
Mtl JP 15:32 GMT 02/24/2020

EURO 1.0855
1.0780/800 = S
Res 1.0850/64/90 and 1.0900

Bias: baaaahh, not biased one way or another

Monday Amazing Trader 24 Feb 2020
Mtl JP 15:22 GMT 02/24/2020
The bet is not on the virus, rather on player reaction to headlines about it:
10:14 World Health Organization says COVID-19 is 'epidemics in different parts of the world' - MarketWatch
10:13 World Health Organization says COVID-19 is not a pandemic
- MarketWatch

Monday Amazing Trader 24 Feb 2020
london red 14:54 GMT 02/24/2020
euro. that fib at 1083 and prev low 10880 the initial res. euro may rise this week but it may not hold gains into close of week. if does hold it may mean we see 111 before we go under 108.

HK [email protected] 14:54 GMT 02/24/2020
hk win10 14:22 GMT

You have been repeating the same comments about long term gold for long time.
People here, have a mind of their own, so those post of this kind are like trolling.
Find something more relevant to post; maybe trade suggestions.

Monday Amazing Trader 24 Feb 2020
AT Trader john 14:45 GMT 02/24/2020
10s 1.370% -10bp. DJ -809 SP -85.5. 10s-2s 10.4bp.

THE DESK this week
london red 14:38 GMT 02/24/2020
to avoid tech damage and allow a quickish rebound, move below 3214 must be avoided on close by s&p.

THE DESK this week
london red 14:31 GMT 02/24/2020
bull trap of course

THE DESK this week
london red 14:28 GMT 02/24/2020
yen sup busted now they can try 110.23 sup. monthly close at 110 or under means a mighty bear trap. still 5 days a long time.

hk win10 14:22 GMT 02/24/2020
My main dish is 3000 next year. Short term zigzag is just noise.

THE DESK this week
dc CB 14:21 GMT 02/24/2020
red. absolutely. But the POMO schedule was set last month.

Stocks observation from OPEX:

When commenting on the market's surprising resilience on Friday, and remarkable index "pins" at the key numbers of 29,000 for the Dow and 3,333 for the S&P, we said that much if not all of this had to do with the build up of dealer gamma, most of which however was set to fade away after Friday's opex.

Sure enough, while it may be a coincidence, the Monday mauling observed so far is taking place not only as a result of the dismal coronavirus news over the weekend but as much of the massive dealer gamma buffer has vaporized.

Commenting on his favorite topic, namely market bias and positioning due to gamma imbalances, Nomura's Charlie McElligott writes that this post-opex “release” of mechanically-insulating “Long Gamma” flow from Dealers finally "sees the market allowed to come unhinged" with the specific catalyst being the weekend escalation of offshore covid-19 cases.

Gamma Trapdoor Opens: Markets Brace For "Shock Down" As Dealers Puke

THE DESK this week
london red 14:17 GMT 02/24/2020
CB, unless fed started printing vaccines lately, it will only slow the decline. close on month key.

THE DESK this week
dc CB 13:53 GMT 02/24/2020
POMOs totalling $23Bln (thus added to the Balance sheet) every day this week.

So SToX thus week will feature a cage match: Da FED v 'Corona" COVID

Who presser
dc CB 13:41 GMT 02/24/2020
Dr. Liang to Xinhua: It is different from SARS. From what we know it spreads faster than SARS. I can spread to several people- each person can infect 2.0-2.5, experts say, especially in the spring. Could be higher...

Dr. Liang continues: Most patients have only mild symptoms in the beginning. Some experience a sudden change in one week. The virus is fatal to elderly patients with other diseases. So far we don’t have an effective way to detect and protect easily infected groups...

Eunice Yoon

HK [email protected] 13:30 GMT 02/24/2020
B4 closure of those refineries, Banksters will be notified and gold price miraculously will drop so they can accumulate.

swiss frank 13:19 GMT 02/24/2020
There are 3 of the worlds most important gold refineries in the southern part of Switzerland, Valcambi, Argor, & Pamp all a short walk from the Italian border. These 3 refine about 70% of the worldwide mined gold. Most of the employees are cross border commuters. Problem is if Italy struggles to contain the virus, hello production shutdown. Apparently emergency plans are in the works. Expect shutdowns to impact price, physical bar premium, orders delays, and location swaps. We'll see...

PAR 13:10 GMT 02/24/2020
Italian yields decline as Italy wants to boost government spending after COVID 19.

Hk Ab 13:00 GMT 02/24/2020
nt, gold surge may be delayed by some carry unwinding

Monday Amazing Trader 24 Feb 2020
AT Trader john 12:52 GMT 02/24/2020
Fed Funds futures sentiment barometer. Odds on a 25bp cut in the Fed Funds target (March 18) now about 20% vs. 10% on Friday.

Monday Amazing Trader 24 Feb 2020
AT Trader john 12:47 GMT 02/24/2020
UPS CEO: "planes out of China are not as full as they were".

Monday Amazing Trader 24 Feb 2020
dc CB 11:48 GMT 02/24/2020
Update (0645ET): The press conference has started, and it looks like CNBC's Eunice Yoon is livetweeting:

Monday Amazing Trader 24 Feb 2020
london red 11:36 GMT 02/24/2020
daily cloud top holding on s&p for now. they will try to fill the gap on the open, if this fails then sup will be retested.

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