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Mtl JP 10:47 GMT 06/07/2023  - My Profile
WSJ Scott Patterson's When Markets Melt Down, These Traders Cash In theme
Why AI Is the Key to Nvidia’s $1 Trillion Valuation - wsj

$1 Trillion Debt Deluge Threatens Market Calm
Some on Wall Street fear that bond issuance that was shelved until a debt-ceiling deal was passed will overwhelm buyers, jolting markets and raising short-term borrowing costs

How a Chatbot Went Rogue
Mental-health software used by a national nonprofit was built to deliver pre-written replies. Then it got generative AI.

Lawmakers Try Again to Curb Visa, Mastercard Fees, With Broader Support
Lawmakers plan to re-up proposed legislation that would give merchants the power to process many credit cards over different networks.

Mtl JP 10:35 GMT 06/07/2023  - My Profile
Rafe -- for a practical live education about GREED (but not only),
read up on the LIV-PGA Tour merger

Mtl JP 10:21 GMT 06/07/2023  - My Profile

USDCAD 1.3385
BoC rate decision on deck this fine day
economist pundits ("experts") appear divided about no/hike
I have a slight bias towards a "skip".

side issue:
1) More Canadians missing payments as they sink deeper into debt: Equifax
The quarter�s increase marks a shift where more of the consumers missing monthly debt payments are homeowners

effect: there should be bargains coming as folks dispose of earlier frivolous purchases

2) Higher int rates are good for banks profitability. BoD bank stocks.

Mtl JP 09:57 GMT 06/07/2023  - My Profile

euro keeps finding Sup at 1.0670/65

should be matter of time before it gives

Mtl JP 06:31 GMT 06/07/2023  - My Profile
EURO 1.0675
christine will be socking it to the peasants, supposedly for their good:
“The latest available data suggest that indicators of underlying inflationary pressures remain high and, although some are showing signs of moderation, there is no clear evidence that underlying inflation has peaked,”

lagarde 5 June 2023

short stox
Mtl JP 21:10 GMT 06/06/2023  - My Profile
CB 19:05 ... "but u can't see them"
so what is the point of data from a week ago ?

LoL who is laughing at who, who is mocking who ?

dc CB 20:13 GMT 06/06/2023

Finally, as a reminder, the world and their pet rabbit is short S&P futures right now...

ZH---Massive Short Squeeze Sends Small Caps Soaring

short stox
dc CB 19:05 GMT 06/06/2023
The 'shorts' are already short---- like only wearing 'Thongs'

link: scroll down a bit to the COT stats.

based on last Tues numbers----new set calculated as of Today---but U can't see them until Friday .... LOL

Emini SnP

short stox
Mtl JP 18:22 GMT 06/06/2023  - My Profile
usually stocks go down when they are over bought (when players pocket accumulated profits)


cost of money (ie interest rates) is deemed to be rising

short stox
tokyo boj 17:04 GMT 06/06/2023  - My Profile
Sell S&P
Entry: 4303 Target: open Stop: later

time to go down?

Mtl JP 16:11 GMT 06/06/2023  - My Profile
from NYT
A new report projects that economic growth will slow this year and remain weak in 2024.

The World Bank said on Tuesday that the global economy remained in a “precarious state” and warned of sluggish growth this year and next as rising interest rates slow consumer spending and business investment, and threaten the stability of the financial system.

World Bank Projects Weak Global Growth Amid Rising Interest Rates

Mtl JP 14:20 GMT 06/06/2023  - My Profile
yellen watch
"GOP lawmakers warn the world they’re not on board with Secretary Yellen’s plan.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has spent more than two years promising foreign leaders that the U.S. is committed to a new global deal to raise taxes on large companies. Now Republicans in Congress have a warning for the rest of the world: Don’t believe her."

Congress’s Global-Tax Revolt

Mtl JP 13:58 GMT 06/06/2023  - My Profile
EURO 1.0670
still trading in a range. ECB suits been clear about hiking at their meeting so players price that in. On the other hand , the FED gang s been wishy washy (wink wink) about their inflation-fighting hike at their next meeting (next week) but players are trying to goad - price - a pause.

this builds to a potential new DLR speculative trade

Mtl JP 10:57 GMT 06/06/2023  - My Profile
stocks - all around - wavering : asia, europe, us ...

US 10-YR 3.668% -0.025 LAST - 6:55:52 AM EDT

Mtl JP 10:35 GMT 06/06/2023  - My Profile
Rafe... 19:05 / I do mind I don't explain comedy
here is a link that may help:

A universal basic income of £1,600 a month is to be trialled in England for the first time in a pilot programme.

Will Stronge, the director of research at the thinktank Autonomy, which is backing the plan, said of the £1,600 figure: “This is a substantial amount. Universal basic income usually covers people’s basic needs but we want to see what effect this unconditional lump sum has on people’s mental and physical health, whether they choose to work or not.

Universal basic income of £1,600 a month to be trialled in two places in England

Mtl JP 10:26 GMT 06/06/2023  - My Profile
USDCAD 1.3425
BoC tomorrow
-fwiw economists (i.e. "experts") coalescing around BoC pausing tomorrow

Mtl JP 09:58 GMT 06/06/2023  - My Profile

EURO 1.0690
puppy not finding continued oomph N of 1.07

low 1.06 still prefered , just not fast in a straight line

relative int rates still driving pairs

GVI Forex 07:39 GMT 06/06/2023  - My Profile
A look at the day ahead in European and global markets from Ankur Banerjee:

Markets are increasingly looking for the Federal Reserve to pause rate hikes next week, and, amid a blackout on Fed speakers, will be focusing heavily on economic data in the days ahead.

Morning Bid: Nervy markets back on central bank watch

long aud
tokyo boj 05:12 GMT 06/06/2023  - My Profile
Entry: 0.65 Target: open Stop: later

aud doing well

euraud down audusd up...

short stox
Mtl JP 21:21 GMT 06/05/2023  - My Profile
CB 19:29 all that says is there is still way too much money (& credit) in the system, way too many jobs, way too much disposable income and that opec+ not tightening their valves nowhere near enuff.

Bottom Line
sacrifice ratio way too low &
FED's got a long long way to go

short stox
dc CB 19:29 GMT 06/05/2023
today's run-up in Index's --all three--Heavyweight
Apple to annc-------
Expensive or what. lmao


Caribbean! Rafe... 19:16 GMT 06/05/2023  - My Profile
Perhaps, It would be the best outcome on the country's debt, if 300 million Americans were able to save towards buying bonds at every weekend/month end.

300 million people saving the minimum of 10-20 dolars per day, in favor of buying into treasuries and then topping up and reinvesting that principal & returns with what they saved during that period of time as well... Power of collective compounding is it?

Collective wisdom of the herds?

Caribbean! Rafe... 19:05 GMT 06/05/2023  - My Profile
Mtl JP 23:46 GMT 06/04/2023 - My Profile

Sorry my typo 3=2

your 23:46 confused me.

do you mind explaining

Mtl JP 18:42 GMT 06/05/2023  - My Profile
honey on lips, poison heart
if u r interested google
"Why Janet Yellen Doesn’t Lose Sleep Over U.S. Borrowing" or something similar

short stox
tokyo boj 18:35 GMT 06/05/2023  - My Profile
this time stox crash harder......

debt darama is over

stox deadly wave coming.....

Mtl JP 18:09 GMT 06/05/2023  - My Profile
The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) blackout period

- begins on midnight of the second Saturday preceding an FOMC meeting and lasts until midnight the full day following the meeting, unless otherwise noted. Federal Reserve policy limits the extent to which staff and FOMC participants can speak publicly or grant interviews during the blackout period. Speakers covering monetary policy, banking, or economic issues are not available during the blackout period.

In light of upcoming June 14th policy decision, FED gumflappers are in their blackout period since past weekend.

short aud
tokyo boj 17:16 GMT 06/05/2023  - My Profile
Entry: 92.53 Target: Stop: later

short audjpy and cadjpy........

Hk Ab 14:51 GMT 06/05/2023
Gold is an always true lies

dc CB 14:15 GMT 06/05/2023

dc CB 14:13 GMT 06/05/2023
Services not so hot

5Y now --- 3.12%

Mtl JP 13:44 GMT 06/05/2023  - My Profile
everything about early start to the week seems "slight" and "some":

us rates uP slightly, usd slightly bid, european rates up "some"

leaves me with impression that dlr's upside is likely limited.

BoC on wednesday
friday stats can releases its labour force survey for May

short stox
tokyo boj 13:38 GMT 06/05/2023  - My Profile
Sell S&P
Entry: 4298 Target: open Stop: later

time to short stox...

dc CB 13:36 GMT 06/05/2023
5Y Note ---- 3.917%

hk ab 10:38 GMT 06/05/2023

Last week decision is diff. from today. Another new move. still sideline now.

HK Kevin 10:25 GMT 06/05/2023
Hk Ab 16:34 GMT, better wait for 0.618 retracement around $1900 level. A stop run to $1890 can't be ruled out.

Mtl JP 09:29 GMT 06/05/2023  - My Profile
EURO 1.0693
Qtn now is only how fast to low 06

GVI Forex 08:49 GMT 06/05/2023  - My Profile
All eyes are on interest rates to start the week, in Europe as well as the United States.

Chris Weston, head of research at Australia’s Pepperstone, called Friday’s U.S. payrolls report a “nirvana” of strong job creation and weaker wage growth, and it continues to colour everything.

Marketmind: Hawkish pause for thought?

Amman wfakhoury 08:11 GMT 06/05/2023
Amman wfakhoury 11:32 GMT 06/02/2023
Be ready for big move 100-130 pips
Price moved 130 pips

Mtl JP 07:04 GMT 06/05/2023  - My Profile

Sun, June 4, 2023 at 4:14 p.m. GMT-4
Saudi Arabia said Sunday it would make a voluntary cut of 1 million barrels of oil a day as part of a deal between OPEC and its allies. The United Arab Emirates and some other large producers also extended their voluntary cuts

Mtl JP 00:07 GMT 06/05/2023  - My Profile
Imminent // ready to take place : happening soon �often used of something bad or dangerous seen as menacingly near

maybe DB wrote this for the bestial degenerate speculators
as mentioned by WSJ (and other outlets):
A Wave of Defaults�and a Recession�Is �Imminent,� Deutsche Bank Forecasts

By Katy Barnato

Mtl JP 23:46 GMT 06/04/2023  - My Profile
Rafe ... really bud ... you should have included a bladder-stress warning before "People got conscience enough to do 3 honest full time jobs. It's because they want to"... next time ok ? please

Mtl JP 22:41 GMT 06/04/2023  - My Profile
Another bladder stresser curtesy Medvedev via POLITICO
LONDON — British politicians are now a legitimate military target for Moscow, a senior Russian official said, after the U.K.’s Foreign Secretary James Cleverly argued Ukraine has the right to use force within Russian borders.

Top Russian official says British politicians now a legitimate military target

Saudi pledges big oil cuts in July as OPEC+ extends deal into 2024
Mtl JP 22:37 GMT 06/04/2023  - My Profile
fair warning: put on your Depends first
"I am the enforcer. I represent the law, which is the will of the state and the people." - European Union's Thierry Breton, internal market commissioner

EU’s Breton wants to ‘stress test’ Silicon Valley giants

Saudi pledges big oil cuts in July as OPEC+ extends deal into 2024
Mtl JP 22:37 GMT 06/04/2023  - My Profile
fair warning: put on your Depends first
"I am the enforcer. I represent the law, which is the will of the state and the people." - European Union's Thierry Breton, internal market commissioner

EU’s Breton wants to ‘stress test’ Silicon Valley giants

Saudi pledges big oil cuts in July as OPEC+ extends deal into 2024
Mtl JP 21:46 GMT 06/04/2023  - My Profile
they know western consumers are flush with cash and that they still have credit available to them should they run low on cash
in other words: theoretically a good move

Saudi pledges big oil cuts in July as OPEC+ extends deal into 2024
GVI 20:26 GMT 06/04/2023  - My Profile
VIENNA (Reuters) -Saudi Arabia will make a deep cut to its output in July on top of a broader OPEC+ deal to limit supply into 2024 as the group seeks to boost flagging oil prices.

Saudi pledges big oil cuts in July as OPEC+ extends deal into 2024

Caribbean! Rafe... 19:23 GMT 06/03/2023  - My Profile
If people know what they are doing then yes they can overlook and go buy equities and whatever else they think, but mind you though. The debt problem is so high that I feel many companies just won't be there in a few years, and rather staying out of them is better than buying into them.

Just be patient, and be on the lookout for financial scams and schemes etc. Those happen in the last stages of economic slumps etc etc and signal initial rallies of bull runs. Why? Regulators/FBI etc get involved when scams abound, and that makes people feel safe, smarter and confident and fearful enough from regulatory bogey men to invest their money wisely!

It's just that people either need to get literate and become twice wise to escape from the clutches of scammers or experience suffering at the hands of scammers and phonies etc etc.

Caribbean! Rafe... 19:04 GMT 06/03/2023  - My Profile
And the third phase is the good phase. But why... They are not thieves are they?

People got conscience enough to do 3 honest full time jobs. It's because they want to pay off their debt, they wanna improve, they don't wanna waste time and do evil things, and they just wanna spend their time doing good if not for others then for themselves, which directly keeps crime rates very low, and indirectly builds super good collective karma for everyone else in that country too!

Time and Truth...

With regards to markets going into slow phase blah blah. so what!. let it be, no big deal in that. The best thing to do in the mean time is let people do their thing and prepare for the next phase! And by that time the markets will be ready to soar. In the mean time, save all money into bonds every 1 dollar goes into savings and accumulates towards buying government bonds.

Let americans understand that in the future, the bonds they now buy, will become the #1 stable source of income for them, and income which will start overflowing into multibaggers meaning 100x and above.

If markets are slow phase then it's better for the locals/citizens/people living there.

Caribbean! Rafe... 18:39 GMT 06/03/2023  - My Profile
Let me ask you, if the fed is converting outflows into inflows then where did that money come from and what did it go into, additionally what caused them to do that.

They are accounting for everything is it not or that fellow dug up some shocking details of what the fed is not telling the public... So now let's be clear... is this a cover up? My fundamental observation is no, it is not a cover-up.

And well, all you guys know better than me so your views are greatly as always appreciated.

and most important,... he used the word fuckery? hu taut him dat word!!!!

""" And finally, the piece de resistance of Fed fuckery - for domestic (large and small) commercial banks, NSA (actual) flows were -$28.4 billion, while SA (magic) flows were +$102.5 billion!"""

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