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Mtl JP 15:04 GMT 07/23/2021

snp at all-time high

Slowdown in US service sector.
Mtl JP 14:52 GMT 07/23/2021
higher wages is good for prospects of "inflation"

more moRE MOARE !

Mtl JP 14:45 GMT 07/23/2021
1.17545 recent low
and sofar 2x bottom
maybe on the 3rd try it crack
maybe not

Mtl JP 14:36 GMT 07/23/2021
"U.S. economy cools a bit after rocketing higher in second quarter, IHS Markit PMI data show"


"Is there a way to avoid doing stupid things in your old age?"
- MarketWatch

darn !
"Biden to introduce new aid for mortgage borrowers at risk of foreclosure"
joe mitigating / delaying opp to buy property on the cheap(er)

Slowdown in US service sector.
PAR 14:16 GMT 07/23/2021
Good news as more Americans switched to higher-paying manufacturing jobs. As Biden said if you want to keep employees you have to pay them more dollars.

Mtl JP 14:12 GMT 07/23/2021
re FED next week
DLRx 92.96 atm
IF the puppy can close th week on the uP
posi-perception about growth and FED's policy percolate
ie that all is well

london red 14:05 GMT 07/23/2021
sold the clf trade earlier but will be back. looking to go into ford and dow, but not yet. sticking with mcd while above 239.

Mtl JP 13:56 GMT 07/23/2021
"I didn't feel comfortable taking a commitment for such a long period."
FRANKFURT, July 23 (Reuters) - European Central Bank policymaker Pierre Wunsch said on Friday he was uncomfortable with the ECB's new guidance, which financial markets have taken as a commitment not to raise interest rates for "five or six years". .../..

ECB's Wunsch uncomfortable with multi-year commitment on rates -CNBC

Mtl JP 13:32 GMT 07/23/2021
EURO 1.1765
FLAVOR: bearish
S 1.1760/50
R 1.1800/25-30

pump n pump
Tallinn viies 13:22 GMT 07/23/2021
cash rich companies are fang compnies so buy nasdaq100 all the time. as they do the index. they do not give a sh1t if interest rates are 0% or 3%.
keep buying.
I will buy laggards. ftse my favourite now. if sterling weakens ftse going higher as otherwise cash rich americans taking those companies to themselves.

Mtl JP 13:17 GMT 07/23/2021
PAR 13:03 companies with brand recognition, deep market and shelf penetration and pricing power are BoD.
fratelli di profitto

Mtl JP 13:11 GMT 07/23/2021

10-yr 1.302%
DLRx 92.85
EURO 1.1775
USD uP some; FED next week
euro looks like it wants down BUT ... still inside range
"risk" appears to have slight bid

pump n pump
Tallinn viies 13:08 GMT 07/23/2021
If central banks’ policies of zero interest rates and trillions of dollars of bond buying struggled to lift growth and inflation for over a decade, tighter monetary policy may be equally inefficient in reining them in. At least that’s what research by International Monetary Fund economists suggests, arguing the increasing dominance of fewer and larger companies potentially undermines the impact of central bank policies on overall economic activity and prices.

Column: Dominance of mega firms may undermine monetary policy

PAR 13:03 GMT 07/23/2021
One way companies are raising prices is by reducing the package sizes — without lowering the cost, what's known as "shrinkflation," Axios' Hope King writes.

Why it matters: Analysts expect the practice to impact more products as companies pass down their higher costs, a consequence of pandemic-driven supply and logistics constraints.

Companies like Kimberly-Clark, Scotts Miracle-Gro, Procter & Gamble and General Mills have said they would raise prices this year, but it’s not exactly clear how much of that will come in the form of shrinkflation.

pump n pump
Tallinn viies 12:26 GMT 07/23/2021
According to Refinitiv Lipper data, global equity funds saw net outflows of $5.9 billion in the week, led by a $10.4 billion outflow from U.S. equity funds. Asian and European equity funds, however, saw net inflows of $2.8 billion and $0.6 billion respectively.

Global equity funds post outflows on virus worries - Lipper

london red 11:49 GMT 07/23/2021
huge double top there at 117. they could maybe false break it down to 116 or 115 but you cant see it much furtehr. it just doesnt fir the narrative for risk on for the rest of the year. usd up means safety means risk off. so euro should make a base in next 250 pips and start to rally to 1.20 plus by year end.

Tallinn viies 11:33 GMT 07/23/2021
previous day low taken out again. 1,1705 next.

Belgrade Knez 11:17 GMT 07/23/2021
has market died because of Olympics opening ceremony?!

pump n pump
Tallinn viies 10:57 GMT 07/23/2021
virus called delta is actually indian mutation. first mutation was UK mutation. after india got new mutation it was decided that there gonna be so much mutations that letters need to be used. otherwise it could taken as a insult if viurs mutation will called by the origin of the mutation.
so after delta mutations new lambda mutation comes. I wonder if alphabet ends do they start it again from the beginning?
pfizer 39% effectinvess against delta shows long way to go to get rid of virus. maybe next year?
buy stuff works :)
they gonna print it years to come.

pump n pump
Tallinn viies 10:49 GMT 07/23/2021
Israel's Health Ministry Said Pfizer's Covid Vaccine Only 39% Effective in Preventing Infection from Delta Vairant, But Shields Against Severe Illness, Hospitalizations

Tallinn viies 10:28 GMT 07/23/2021
brent crude took out previous day high. target today 76,35.
next week is last week of the month. I would like to see crude higher as nasdaq100 has still approx. 500 points to widen monthly range to upside but crude range 10 dollars per month (15%) is already too much. so next leg higher above 77,85 needs to wait august.
I left take profit order to 76,50 for today.

pump n pump
Tallinn viies 10:22 GMT 07/23/2021
The term is sometimes attributed to a story in Rudolf Erich Raspe's The Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchausen, but in that story Baron Munchausen pulls himself (and his horse) out of a swamp by his hair (specifically, his pigtail).

Münchhausen trilemma

pump n pump
Tallinn viies 10:08 GMT 07/23/2021
The Fed’s securities holdings are approaching $8 trillion.
it was around 4 trillion before covid started.
before Bernanke and Yellen jumped in to turn americans rich it was below 1 trillion.
Powell added almost 4 trillion during 15 months. almost same amount which printed during the history of United States of America.

pump n pump
Tallinn viies 09:27 GMT 07/23/2021
PAR 09:03 GMT -definatelly frost :)
nothing to do printing of money.

next cocoa - which is only +2% yoy. they will figure out a story line for this commodity soon.

PAR 09:03 GMT 07/23/2021
US Coffee prices up 15% in two days on frost in Brazil.

PAR 08:06 GMT 07/23/2021
European PMI figures show continued strength.

Tallinn viies 08:00 GMT 07/23/2021
sold usd ag cad at 1,2571 for 15-20 points.

Tallinn viies 07:28 GMT 07/23/2021
Electric vehicles more than doubled their share of new car sales in Europe in the second quarter, with hybrids also making gains, the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA) said Friday.

All-electric vehicles accounted for 7.5 percent of new car sales in Europe in the three months from April through June, against 3.5 percent during that period last year.

Diesel saw its market share plunge to 20.4 percent from 29.4 percent.

Petrol had a bigger contraction, to 41.8 percent from 51.9 percent.

Tallinn viies 07:12 GMT 07/23/2021
take profit order to 7071. for today only.

Tallinn viies 06:57 GMT 07/23/2021
crude will explode to upside today. it will follow pump n pump world. nasdaq100 opened up with a cap today above previous day high. made new all time high.
brent crude previous day high 73,89. if taken out next target +3 dollars from daily low.
cheers, buy whatever works again today.

Tallinn viies 06:47 GMT 07/23/2021
closed eurcad at 1,4798 with +15 pips.

Tallinn viies 06:32 GMT 07/23/2021
good morning,
VERY BEARISH as euro made again lower high and low last week. this week again took out previous week low. As long as previous week high at 1,1880 holds TARGET YEARLY LOW at 1,1705. if taken out next lower bollinger.

Tallinn viies 18:30 GMT 07/22/2021
closed half brent long near 73,76 1-st month. I closed 2-nsd month. half will remain for 80sh

Mtl JP 18:27 GMT 07/22/2021
EURO 1.1769
odds are now for stop hunt to 1.18ish

Tallinn viies 17:22 GMT 07/22/2021
bought eurcad at 1,4783 for 15-20 points

pump n pump
Tallinn viies 16:43 GMT 07/22/2021
debt monetizing actually mean - yield going lower not higher. stories about interest rates hikes and inlfation are ment only to get you to sell cheaply bought stocks to market. otherwise there is no enough supply.
so buy stuff should work as long as Powell n gang buying (making rich richer). it will end only if printing ends but this is not next years story.

Tallinn viies 16:35 GMT 07/22/2021
bought back at 1,2575. square now

PAR 16:20 GMT 07/22/2021
And dealers are making good money on it. Life is beautiful.

PAR 16:19 GMT 07/22/2021
Is Lagarde expecting another 1930 recession with a blow up of the all-European economy?

8 years of negative rates had only negative results and the consequences of negative rates are getting worse and worse.

Macron= Louis XIV and Lagarde = Marie Antoinette. Never seen arrogance towards European citizens.

Tallinn viies 16:06 GMT 07/22/2021
they are not borrowing. they are issuing.
primary dealers buy it all and sell immideatelly to FED.

it is called FED monetizing the debt.
there is no person in the world who would like to lend money to america in such quantities. only FED can give money to government.

PAR 15:55 GMT 07/22/2021
Next week will be busy.

The USA to borrow a cool $ 336 billion in one week.

Good that Pro-America Lagarde was super dovish. Everything helps.

Tallinn viies 15:48 GMT 07/22/2021
sold usd against cad at 1,2591 for 15 points

PAR 15:38 GMT 07/22/2021



pump n pump
Tallinn viies 15:02 GMT 07/22/2021
Treasury to announce auction sizes for next week's 2yr, 5yr and 7yr supply at 16:00BST/11:00EDT; expect USD 60bln, USD 61bln and USD 62bln respectively

S&P Futures
PAR 14:43 GMT 07/22/2021
Raise stop to entry-level and let it run.

PAR 14:21 GMT 07/22/2021
Although she denies it she was appointed by Macron to keep rates as low
as possible for as long as possible and as an excellent lawyer, she will always find a reason and explanation to keep rates negative. WHATEVER.

S&P Futures
PAR 13:45 GMT 07/22/2021
Long [email protected] 4350. Stop 4330. Target 4500. TINA.

PAR 13:17 GMT 07/22/2021
Fake arguments by Lagarde if we had not done what we have done we would have had armageddon.

Who knows. Without negative interest rates, Europe would maybe be in much better shape. Who knows.

Lagarde starts to resemble Biden with her crazy explanations.

pump n pump
Tallinn viies 13:17 GMT 07/22/2021
as long as lawers are running most important central banks of the world we are safe to be long all the time. keep buying ftse, old school commodity proxy. nasdaq100 yoy +36%, sp500 +34%.
ftse only +12%
calling it a day. boring. take profit order for today to 7075.

london red 13:10 GMT 07/22/2021
ft100 sup by 6950/60
snp if goes much below 4340 then could test 4300/4280.
all ops to buy if seen.

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