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Powell Testimony
PAR 20:06 GMT 06/22/2021
Incoherent and inconsistent.

dc CB 20:06 GMT 06/22/2021
Maryland, My Maryland. state song.
Chinese Crypto Miner Airlifts Bitcoin Mining Operation To Maryland Amid Crackdown

According to CNBC’s Eunice Yoon, China’s continued crackdown on cryptocurrency has resulted in some miners quickly packing up operations and heading for America.

Yoon tweeted Monday, “Chinese Logistics Firm Airlifting Bitcoin Mining Machines to Maryland.” A photo in the tweet appeared to show brown cardboard shipping boxes packed with mining machines ready to be airlifted from China to Baltimore, Maryland.

Powell Testimony
PAR 19:33 GMT 06/22/2021
He will be reappointed. Such a loyal guy.

Powell Testimony
PAR 19:24 GMT 06/22/2021
USA debt is on an unsustainable parh but maybe we will pay our souvereign debt? Really inspiring.

Powell Testimony
PAR 19:19 GMT 06/22/2021
Traders are dumping Powells world reserve currency.

Powell Testimony
PAR 19:14 GMT 06/22/2021
Powell. The stock market is strong but I also expect strong employment figures in a not to distant future. This fallnext summer.

Powell Testimony
GVI Forex 18:29 GMT 06/22/2021  - My Profile
Starting now… prepared text is already out (see link in this thread)

Watch the Q&A

PAR 17:58 GMT 06/22/2021
Short USDTRY could be the trade for this summer.

Kusadasi here we come.

AT Trading Lesson
GVI Forex 17:50 GMT 06/22/2021  - My Profile
Today is an example of what I have said before, which is that

complacency can be a trader’s worst enemy.

2Y Treasury Yields Are Exploding Higher, Yield Curve Collapse Crushes Banks
dc CB 17:43 GMT 06/22/2021
Today's RevRepo
Participating Counterparties: 74
791.605 Billion dollars
Rate: 0.05% Interest

NOTE: since the FOMC Mtg the Rate was raised from 0% to 0.05%
(thanks JPOW)

PAR 17:24 GMT 06/22/2021
Imho Yellen told Powell to be more dovish if he wants to keep his job. Otherwise he could join the army of unemployment claimers.

US banks know that Powell will be more bearish than bearish. Hence dollar weakness and stock market strength.

Yen is weak as people are speculating Japan will run into financial difficulties after the Olympics just as happened
to Greece.

HK Kevin 16:50 GMT 06/22/2021
Basically, both EUR and GBP are in buy mode after breaking ytd high.

Mtl JP 16:36 GMT 06/22/2021
EURO 1.1927
lets see if Nigel is trying to be funny

Mtl JP 16:26 GMT 06/22/2021
EURO 1.1915
Puppy looks hesitant bullish while above 1.1850 Supp.
To run uP it needs to pop N of and hold 1.1925
says watson

Tallinn viies 16:24 GMT 06/22/2021
sold cable at 1,3930. stop 50 pips higher.

Mtl JP 16:18 GMT 06/22/2021
DLRx 91.93
Puppy looks as if it has seen its top (reached the 18th), currently panting and resting after last week's euphoric rally.

At top of hour Fed peddles off 2yr bonds.

Syd wr 15:52 GMT 06/22/2021
SYDNEY wr 04:46 GMT March 26, 2021
Betcoin: Reply
Comrade Steven: let me fix this statement for you:
By summer, market cap of bitcoin would surpass Kodak.
Happy gambling.

Mtl JP 15:49 GMT 06/22/2021
re "financial companies"

on their own, "financial companies" are just an inert artificial legal structure.

Behind the "financial companies" are people - men, women - with savvy intellect and capable brains.

Otherwise ignorance comes at a cost.

Mtl JP 15:33 GMT 06/22/2021
PAR 13:55 - not a pure picture. Around canada and in Qc and in Mtl in particular, lately prices asked and prices paid have gone $100-200K overbid over asking... i.e there are folks with either ability to finance or outright with giga-gobs of cash.

Bitcoin Breaks Below 30,000
GVI Forex 15:30 GMT 06/22/2021  - My Profile

Look at this AT BTC chart. Not only did it signal the move back above 30K but it came with a textbook AT ladder up.

The Amazing Trader

Looking Ahead
GVI Forex 15:14 GMT 06/22/2021  - My Profile
Posted earlier on the AT Subscribers Forum

Looking ahead
GVI Forex 14:24 GMT 06/22/2021 - My Profile
BOE meeting is Thursday may be why GBP is holding a bid, both vs usd and eur. Look at a EURGBP AT chart.

The Amazing Trader

hk ab 14:34 GMT 06/22/2021
Steven, are you happy catching betcoin with big net?

PAR 13:55 GMT 06/22/2021
The consequences of modern monetary theory are that people no longer can buy a house but have to rent it, that people no longer can buy a car but have to lease it.

MMT is making the financial companies that invented it mega-rich.

But one of the building blocks of the success of the free capitalistic economy i.e. PRIVATE OWNERSHIP is being destroyed by central banks which are playing "sorcerers apprentices".

House Inflation

Bitcoin Breaks Below 30,000
GVI Forex 12:40 GMT 06/22/2021  - My Profile

Even Bitcoin charts well using AT - see one hour chart

The Amazing Trader

PAR 12:39 GMT 06/22/2021
Plagued by the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the Suez Canal blockade, the shipping industry was just getting back on its feet before being dealt another blow. One of the biggest ports in the world called Yantian, was recently shut down because of a COVID-19 outbreak (the Chinese port also happens to export 90% of the world's electronics). It's causing massive headaches across the maritime shipping world, as well as complicating efforts to reopen the global economy.

The impact? While it's difficult to compare the two latest incidents - one is a port, the other is a chokepoint - the amount of cargo that was affected at Yantian was even larger than the Suez obstruction seen in March. The fallout could be another rise in the price of goods, which have already been significantly impacted by inflation in recent months. Container shipping companies have also needed to conduct massive logistical exercises to re-adjust their routes.

EURO History Lesson
GVI Forex 12:37 GMT 06/22/2021  - My Profile
To put it in further perspective

Jan 4, 199 closing baRTES

EURUSD 1.1825
GBPUSD 1.6560'
USDJPY 112.40

EURO History Lesson
GVI Forex 11:30 GMT 06/22/2021  - My Profile
Current EURUSD 1.1896

The value of the euro, which started at US$1.1686 on 31 December 1998, rose during its first day of trading, Monday, 4 January 1999, closing at approximately US$1.18

So currently it has been a 21+ year near zero sum game in nominal terms although if you add in the cost of carry the dollar is up vs the euro over this period.

Powell Testimony
GVI Forex 09:40 GMT 06/22/2021  - My Profile
Powell testifies at 2 PM EDT today. I found his prepared text

Statement by Jerome H. Powell

Tallinn viies 08:06 GMT 06/22/2021
euro still bearish. not very bearish anymore as previous week low held yesterday but as high came lower then nothing to cheer here.
need to get back above previous day high 1,1921 to get some pressure off. otherwise 1,1705 yearly low is waiting for us. it doesnt look very promising right now as crude n indexes still making higher highs day by day. in real terms of course previous week high at 1,2147 is serious level which will hold for next 4-8 weeks.
plan to sell euro today if +100 points from the low.

pump n pump
Tallinn viies 08:01 GMT 06/22/2021
nasdaq100 took out today previous day high. next all time high which is also previous week high..
leaving my take profit order to 14 300 for today.

Tallinn viies 07:59 GMT 06/22/2021
covered cable at 1,3880. didnt work out as planed but 5 pips still something

2Y Treasury Yields Are Exploding Higher, Yield Curve Collapse Crushes Banks
dc CB 19:46 GMT 06/21/2021
Today's RevRepo
Accepted Counterparties: 68
765.141 Billion dollars

prediktion: End of Month/Quarter/First Haff will see Over a Trillion Dollars ---- Print here one fine day. Maybe more than once.

Mtl JP 15:27 GMT 06/21/2021
bullard says

- first interest rate hike could come before tapering has ended but not what he wants now

- he doesn't think tapering will be on auto-pilot

- it is up to FOMC when to start tapering asset purchase, says it takes time to organize

- economy is booming and strong growth may last for several years

srce.: MarketWatch

Mtl JP 15:14 GMT 06/21/2021
The un-spoken awkwardness in market is lack of confidence in and quiet worry for the outlook for US economy as the Fed gang gingerly attempts to broach the tapering topic. Maybe that is why USDis off some this morning.

Outside the rainfall of various FED gang members yakking, chief mushroom farmer yaks tomorrow. (officially to politicians)

Bottom Line propaganda message:
tapering economic "support" remains a handle with care like early versions of nitroglycerin with plenty advance trumpeting.

USDx 91.865; 10-yr 1.426%

pump n pump
Tallinn viies 15:10 GMT 06/21/2021
brought nasdaq100 take profit order lower to 14 192. for today only.

Tallinn viies 15:05 GMT 06/21/2021
Ldn fix done.
now may assume daily extremes in place for currencies.
NYC guys dont want chase their stops I bet.
back to the daily mid point.

PAR 14:39 GMT 06/21/2021
After the results of Macron's party yesterday Lagarde will definitely not raise interest rates before the French election next year.

The question is whether Macron will make it to the second round of the French election. With the current prices of energy, gasoline, and diesel a rebirth of the yellow jackets is not to be excluded.

PAR 14:34 GMT 06/21/2021

pump n pump
Tallinn viies 14:29 GMT 06/21/2021
first hints given...
Kaplan wants to reduce printing by 40 billion per month. let see what Clarida and Powell has to say about it :)

Fed's Kaplan (2023 voter) says, at this point, we are questioning of the housing market really requires the support of USD 40bln/month; would be healthier, as progress is made, to begin adjusting UST and MBS purchases sooner rather than later

Mtl JP 14:25 GMT 06/21/2021
DLRx 91.885 (down a bit)
EURO 1.1913
Puppy mildly bullish.
S 1.1850; puppy popping N of 1.1925 and holding it should open 1.1950/75 in the short term

Mtl JP 14:11 GMT 06/21/2021
lagarde yaks again at 10:15 - ~5 mins

Tallinn viies 13:44 GMT 06/21/2021
sold eurjpy at 131,28 for quick 15-20 points.

U.S. Dollar Faces Volatile Week as Fed Policy Makers Line Up to Speak
GVI Forex 13:11 GMT 06/21/2021  - My Profile
14:30 09:30 Fed’s Bullard Discusses Economic Outlook

PAR 13:05 GMT 06/21/2021
HP has raised consumer PC prices by 8% and printer prices by more than 20% in a year, according to Bernstein Research. HP Chief Executive Enrique Lores said the increases are driven by component shortages and that the company may adjust prices further to reflect cost increases.

U.S. Dollar Faces Volatile Week as Fed Policy Makers Line Up to Speak
GVI Forex 12:18 GMT 06/21/2021  - My Profile
(Bloomberg) -- The dollar faces a week of volatile trade as a slew of Federal Reserve speakers and U.S. inflation data test investors trying to gauge the pace of monetary tightening.

U.S. Dollar Faces Volatile Week as Fed Policy Makers Line Up to Speak

Tallinn viies 10:47 GMT 06/21/2021
sold cable at 1,3885. stop at 1,3935.

PAR 10:31 GMT 06/21/2021
We are only 2.5% from new record highs. Imho much of the move we saw Friday was option-related. Markets are no longer listening to central bankers. US yields are down because the US needs to borrow over $300 billion this week and the USA prefers to pay low rates.

10 basis points make a lot of difference if you talking billions and trillions.

Tallinn viies 10:22 GMT 06/21/2021
bofa joined again with gs to pump it higher. crude demand is less than before covid crises and not expected to reach pre covid levels before year end but crude prices are 25% higher.
clearly shows how much power money printing have during the times when opec+ can not produce as much as they want.

BofA Global Research says oil could, briefly, hit USD 100/bbl in 2022 and Brent is set to average USD 75/bbl next year; given tighter supply and demand balances

london red 10:12 GMT 06/21/2021
abel, just look at ytd returns u still have huge outperformance vs euro so arguable they can still draw that in if they want to. but the reason for the outperformance isnt going away so its just about positioning and whether its gone enough to warrant another run. on covid the uk seems to always ahead of the curve whether its getting the new infection or then dealing with it. delta is just beginning to hit europe while the uk is now past peak delta. so vs euro gbp has some sup. but vs usd its all open. below 13650 think the trend is down but while abv that then higher. the presnt usd move is about mid year profit taking triggered by the fed some say but in turth its been happening for some time. while euro above 117, it can move back up imo. i just dont see usd making an extended trend while the reopening in europe is still to come.

Amazing Trader Reviews 10:00 GMT 06/21/2021

'Amazing Trader Review...'

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