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An eye for an eye...a boat for a boat
Minneapolis DRS2 14:52 GMT 07/21/2019  - My Profile
It's important to remember that the Steno Impero is British-flagged, but has a foreign crew. In theory, that shouldn't matter, but in the real world "family and blood" do matter.

Iran most certainly understands the big picture, and I suspect they will do EVERYTHING in their power to antagonize UK/US government and business BUT NOT antagonize the citizenry.

You'll know that "s*** is gettin real" when a US or UK flag ship is attacked while manned by a UK or US crew. Then there will be cries for blood. Until then, look for increased security, maybe military escorts in critical cases. Sanctions will continue, and the JCPOA remains on life support.

I agree, Trump will not fire...until circumstances force him to.

An eye for an eye...a boat for a boat
haifa ac 13:40 GMT 07/21/2019  - My Profile
"not looking at military options"

You are right. The rich, satiated, comfortable world (America, England, France, Germany)is interested in the good life
Not interested in shedding own blood for some "retarded" third world dictators or other type of demented/retarded people.
Iran understands this picture well and is pulling the strings as far as they can go (without reaching the breaking point).
This is Chamberlain all over again. You have to kill the poisonous snake while they are small. Otherwise you will meet them when they DO have an atomic war--but that is business for future generations.
Trump will not fire.

Caribbean! Rafe... 13:30 GMT 07/21/2019  - My Profile
RF// paperwork relating to a settlement? Can you enlighten us... Or at least me...


HK [email protected] 23:43 GMT 07/20/2019
Per information, the Iranians announced that the British flagged ship was diverted after a said collision with another.
The frenzy in western media as if the ship was taken hostage should be carefully taken.
So the ship likely to be released, after paperwork relating to a settlement is done(a second ship was already released).
So the air will come out of the balloon, and the effect of this event will be over.

Monday Trading Agenda
AT Trader 19:58 GMT 07/20/2019

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3 Tips For Planning A Successful Business Event
Andorra la Vella 18:29 GMT 07/20/2019
Looks interesting.

Winners and Losers
dc CB 15:59 GMT 07/20/2019
As Americans in America remember the First Man Landing on the Moon, Nikita "we will bury you" Khrushchev, is laughing in his grave.
According to Colorado State University’s “Inclusive Language Guide,” students are advised to avoid the words “America” and “American.” Why exactly has the university deemed these words offensive? The guide argues that these words erase “other cultures and depicts the United States as the dominant American country.”

Colorado State University: Words ‘America,’ ‘Americans’ Are Offensive

Second tanker. Sigh! Nothing happened.
HK [email protected] 15:03 GMT 07/20/2019
A second tanker reportedly changed its course in the Strait of Hormuz toward Iranian territory on Friday, FARS reported. The ship, called Mesdar, is Liberian-flagged but operated by a U.K-based company, Norbulk Shipping.

The Mesdar was temporarily stopped as armed personnel boarded but was later allowed to continue its voyage, Norbulk Shipping said in a news release. The armed guards departed and the crew members were not injured.

Seized UK-flagged tanker involved in ‘accident’ with Iranian fishing boat, probe launched – Tehran
HK [email protected] 14:55 GMT 07/20/2019
I wonder why the US/British navy doesn't provide protection for the ships.
It's ridiculous!

The ship is owned and operated by Swedish transport company Stena Bulk. Its crew consists of 18 Indians, while the rest are from Russia, Latvia, and the Philippines.

So only the flag is British whahahahahaha!!!

An eye for an eye...a boat for a boat
Livingston nh 14:14 GMT 07/20/2019
"We're not looking at military options, we're looking at a diplomatic way to resolve the situation, but we are very clear that it must be resolved."
J. Hunt UK

hahahee -- Iran must pictures of every world leader in a compromising position -- 40 years of hostage taking

UK had the chance when sailors were kidnapped but NO Joy

Winners and Losers
dc CB 12:36 GMT 07/20/2019
The new leadership team of the EU is insane.
Merkel, now having no political future to protect, as her last act of betrayal to Germany engineered the ‘election’ of Ursula von der Leyen to replace Jean-Claude “When things get tough you have to lie” Juncker as European Commission President.

Von der Leyen is more of a euro-integrationist than Juncker was.
It’s clear they circled the wagons knowing that, as Nigel Farage points out in this clip, the EU will look nothing like it does now in five years when her term is up.
Just like the EU today looks nothing like it did in 2014 when Juncker took over.

So, it’s time to go for broke and push for everything before it all falls apart. But the trends are clear. von der Leyen is the past and Nigel Farage is the future of Europe.

New EU Is Even More Insane Than The Old EU

Winners and Losers
Mtl JP 11:27 GMT 07/20/2019
winners and losers
(canadian) Federal government to pay $900M settlement in lawsuits over sexual misconduct in military

The settlement provides $800M for members of the Canadian Forces and $100M in compensation for another class of DND employees

An eye for an eye...a boat for a boat
haifa ac 06:57 GMT 07/20/2019  - My Profile
more tankers are being seized or attacked around the world
Brazil, Gibraltar, Hormuz....

These Ayatollahs must be eradicated from the face of the earth if we want sanity.

wonder if cosco is a good buy.

Breaking News
Mtl JP 21:19 GMT 07/19/2019
so with rosengren's kein schnitt
what is left is red's 18:51 "to wind this in to close to zero nxt week."

Breaking News
Mtl JP 21:13 GMT 07/19/2019
Fed's Rosengren says economy right now doesn't look like it needs interest-rate cut - MarketWatch

Breaking News
Mtl JP 20:35 GMT 07/19/2019
Central Bank Independence: What It Is, What It Isn’t – and the Importance of Accountability

Six takeaways from Boston Fed President Eric Rosengren’s July 19 remarks at the Annual Meeting of the Central Bank Research Association, held in NY - pdf

Winners and Losers
Mtl JP 20:29 GMT 07/19/2019
winners and losers
Stocks close lower as Fed seen signaling only modest rate cut, Iran seizes tankers - MarketWatch

sulking stocks are they , eh ?
at least did not throw a temper - yet

Winners and Losers
Mtl JP 20:20 GMT 07/19/2019
winners and losers
I think FITCH made a mistake:

Fitch Ratings - Frankfurt am Main - 19 July 2019: Fitch Ratings has affirmed Germany's Long-Term Foreign-Currency Issuer Default Rating (IDR) at 'AAA' with a Stable Outlook.

Bund 10-YR (DE10Y :Germany)
Yield - 9:26:33 PM CEST
-0.327 %

Anybody who an borrow money for ten years and actually get paid 0.33% to do it deserves a 10A rating.

It appears not only "markets need to accept that they need to trade on "ridiculous" " but rating agencies too need to evolve their formula

Breaking News
Mtl JP 20:02 GMT 07/19/2019
48 min ago
Iran has seized a second tanker, US official says
From CNN's Barbara Starr

"That's a good thing for the UK," Trump said earlier
The UK Chamber of Shipping said it "condemn unreservedly" the capture of a British tanker - CEO Bob Sanguinetti

Breaking News
Mtl JP 19:15 GMT 07/19/2019
us stocks close at 16:00hrs

Breaking News
Mtl JP 19:11 GMT 07/19/2019
July 20-Aug. 1 = black-out
last chance is v rosengren yakking at 16:30NYT

Breaking News
GVI Trader john 19:05 GMT 07/19/2019
red odds were 71% in favor of a 50p cut just 24 hours ago!

Breaking News
Mtl JP 19:03 GMT 07/19/2019
they better hurry with the wind this in to close to zero nxt week

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GVI Forex Blog 19:00 GMT 07/19/2019

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Breaking News
london red 18:51 GMT 07/19/2019
apart from only a couple of occasions in the past, the expected rate decision has been priced in 100% accurately around a week before the meetings. currently we are at 25% chance of 50bps, so I guess they will need to wind this in to close to zero nxt week.

Breaking News
Mtl JP 18:48 GMT 07/19/2019
What a farce:

..."Officials aren’t prepared for bolder action by making a half-point cut, as analysts and traders have speculated in recent days, according to the officials’ recent public statements and interviews." ...

Breaking News
Mtl JP 18:46 GMT 07/19/2019
the culprit wsj piece
By Nick Timiraos
Updated July 19, 2019 2:20 pm ET

Fed Officials Signal Quarter-Point Rate Cut Likely at July Meeting

Breaking News
Mtl JP 18:38 GMT 07/19/2019
those FED sources cretins with WSJs collusion just wont give up will they

it is not as if the FED is not playing with its credibility

Breaking News
london red 18:36 GMT 07/19/2019
bullard has said 25 is nailed on and rest is wait and see, so not sure wsj saying anything at all that can be trusted

Breaking News
GVI Trader john 18:32 GMT 07/19/2019
WSJ reporting Fed could signal additional stimulus beyond July and that a 25bp rate cut is likely on July 31, according to Fed sources.

Breaking News
GVI Trader john 18:28 GMT 07/19/2019
News Iran has captured a British tanker in the Strait of Hormuz roiling markets.

Friday AT Trading Checklist
london red 18:26 GMT 07/19/2019
the black stuff not really reacting, maybe late friday...

Friday AT Trading Checklist
Mtl JP 18:24 GMT 07/19/2019
Iran Says It Has Seized a British Oil Tanker - WSJ › World › Middle East
12 mins ago

Friday AT Trading Checklist
Mtl JP 18:17 GMT 07/19/2019
suddenly somebody buying usd

Friday AT Trading Checklist
Mtl JP 18:10 GMT 07/19/2019
EURO 1.1200 under attak

Friday AT Trading Checklist
Mtl JP 17:49 GMT 07/19/2019
WASHINGTON, July 19 (Reuters) - President Donald Trump said on Friday he could not imagine using the United States’ debt ceiling as a tool to negotiate a spending deal with lawmakers in Congress, saying the government’s credit rating was sacred.

“Hopefully we’re in good shape on the debt ceiling. I can’t imagine anybody ever even thinking of using the debt ceiling as a negotiating wedge,” Trump told reporters at the White House.

Breaking News
GVI Trader john 17:39 GMT 07/19/2019
Baker Hughes Rig Count

Total: 954 vs. 958 (-4) prev.
Oil: 779 vs. 784 (-5) prev.

PAR 17:21 GMT 07/19/2019
For the first time FRENCH state debt is higher than that of ITALY.

Macron is making FRANCE GREAT AGAIN.

HK [email protected] 17:00 GMT 07/19/2019
Hk Ab 16:30 GMT 07/19/2019

Your quarrel with Kwun, has destroyed the gold forum.
And now mostly garbage is posted there.
Once both of you realized that the gold forum is destroyed, you transfered your quarrel to the FX forum.

Both of you have to stop those postings from now on.

Mtl JP 16:47 GMT 07/19/2019
Hk Ab -- why the obsession w/Kwun - made fun of your little penis and u cant forget ?

Hk Ab 16:30 GMT 07/19/2019
Mkt wants to kiss Kwun’s stop?

Cause and Effect
Mtl JP 16:10 GMT 07/19/2019
cause and effect
the persian has such an uncanny ability at humor:
Iran says U.S. may have shot down its own drone by mistake

Trump has turned FED members into people with brain problems.
HK [email protected] 15:46 GMT 07/19/2019
Working under fear.

"Where There's Smoke, There's Fire"
HK [email protected] 15:36 GMT 07/19/2019
It was only an allegory, because he was only vaping.

So Where Does the Fed Stand?
Mtl JP 15:24 GMT 07/19/2019
so far v bullard yaks about cryptos and some illegalities

maybe have to wait for the q&a for some pre-vetted journo plant to ask a pre-approved Q

So Where Does the Fed Stand?
Mtl JP 15:19 GMT 07/19/2019
A burning Qtn (i.e. Is it already settled)
via ZH: "Where There's Smoke, There's Fire" - Trader Blasts NYFed Williams' "Miscommunication" Miasma

NY Fed President John Williams screwed up... or did he?

HK [email protected] 15:17 GMT 07/19/2019
Daily chart show no possibility for key reversal.
But the bull move is dented.
The bears have the upper hand this time.

Friday AT Trading Checklist
Mtl JP 15:11 GMT 07/19/2019
v bullard about to yak
w/ q&a

Hk Ab 15:10 GMT 07/19/2019
Key day reversal in the oven?

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