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Mtl JP 00:27 GMT 10/20/2021
really sherlock ?
China’s slowing growth and massive debt threaten stock and bond investors worldwide - MarketWatch

Mtl JP 00:11 GMT 10/20/2021
maybe the headline actually betrays that it does not understand the peasant who allegedly is "spending like it�s happy hour"

what IF the peasants are smarter than a bear in understanding that "inflation" means shrinking purchasing power of every unit dollar and is trying their best to dump it , regardless of what janet "go big" yellen thinks about inflation, its duration and its rates ?

What IF ... the peasant actually knows that 3% inflation this year on top of 5% last year is actually a cumulative 8.15% ?

Gold and yen
Hk Ab 00:08 GMT 10/20/2021
Forced liquidation soon, when 10 yrs blast the bottom (top) pickers

Mtl JP 18:22 GMT 10/19/2021
this should be good for V / M-card if it is not already
Americans say they’ve lost confidence in the economy, but they’re spending like it’s happy hour
- MarketWatch

Mtl JP 18:05 GMT 10/19/2021
Millions of workers will remain on sidelines until benefits of having a job outweigh the costs, Fed official says
- MarketWatch

GVI Forex 17:12 GMT 10/19/2021  - My Profile

Look at this Amazing Trader EURGBP chart (blue lines dominating) to show a flow that is helping to push GBPUSD higher.

Note EURGBP is approaching a key AT area, which was the base for the failed retracement above .85.

GBP strength reflects divergent views on respective central banks, with BOE likely to react o rising inflation (Nov rate hike?) while ECB sticks to its dovish stance.

The Amazing Trader

PAR 16:55 GMT 10/19/2021
We also would love to see the share or iShare transactions from Lagarde, Lane & Co.

Who knew what when?

london red 16:53 GMT 10/19/2021
Mtl JP 15:31 GMT 10/19/2021

JP, they got nothing else. if not for covid, then 2020 would be recession year. now they go full on green switch as it will cost trillions over next decades. there is nothing else to pin growth on. so yeah, there will be many hangers on frauds etc thats normal, but the governments in west are behind this as its the only way to get 2-3% growth over foreseeable future. and growth means jobs which means social unrest held off for a bit longer.

Tallinn viies 16:28 GMT 10/19/2021
closed yesterday half brent short. resold it now again at 85,30. imporved my break even by 55 cents for half.

Tallinn viies 15:39 GMT 10/19/2021
limit order to add long euro at 1,1619 for today only.

Mtl JP 15:31 GMT 10/19/2021
red re "next 10-15 years of growth is in thanks to going green"
made me chuckle. Compagnies but paint their truck / equipment green, add "green" to their corp name / prospectus / ticker ... and pigeons' money pours in. I love the way in which money transfers from one pocket to another.

Tallinn viies 14:59 GMT 10/19/2021
in my opinion sterling rates will be hiked erlier than US rates but not too much earlier. maybe meeting or two earlier not more. right now main street expectations that FED will hike in 4Q 2022. inflationistas say 3Q22 immideatelly after printing ends at the end of 1-st half of 22. UK do not have their own independent monetary policy. they behave like they have but actually they have only same kind of policy as ECB have. hoping on FED to provide all the required funding and support. After leaving EU. BOE main function is now the same as ECB have. funding of the government. nobody else to do not want to fund UK at those levels near zero. only UK central bank can fund it.
for rest of the world UK gilt market is crap. they tend you be in EU and US. everything else is too small.

london red 14:46 GMT 10/19/2021
viies they have been talking for months now, even boe head. look at gilts. as they say bond mkt is for professionals, other mkts...
this is why despite everything going from $hit to worse for uk lately, sterling has rallied...

Tallinn viies 14:42 GMT 10/19/2021
London red 13:01 GMT . in FX world things do not work this way as you refer. ...
wait. inflation is going higher. I say next meeting we hike rates and we will hike. done.
actually how it is working is that first they start to talk about the hike then it will take several meetings (quarters) and then if higher fx rate hasnt done the job and inflation still even moving higher then youstart to consider hikes.
otherwise it is only "expectations management". no real meat on bones. Hike in current situation wcould be real morale killer to UK companies and consumers.

GVI Forex 14:41 GMT 10/19/2021  - My Profile
Chief economist Lane dovish comments pushing back against market expectations for a rate hike vs. ECB forward guidance.

EUR/USD short-term trend reversal is imminent!
Bangkok KC 14:06 GMT 10/19/2021
Euro was unable to clear break above 1.1665/1.1670 resistant zone today. It's time to take profit @1.1656

Will buy on dips again.

Bangkok KC 14:03 GMT 10/19/2021
Take profit @0.9194

Will short again after a correction.

Mtl JP 13:50 GMT 10/19/2021
informed is forearmed
Buying the New Bitcoin ETF? Better Read the Fine Print - bbrg

london red 13:01 GMT 10/19/2021
can do one and done. but inflation getting out of hand. besides, next 10-15 years of growth is in thanks to going green. theres no question about that but that also brings inflation, so they have to move. nov not a done deal, but by early next year is.

[Forex View] A Case for Strong Currencies
GVI Forex Blog 13:01 GMT 10/19/2021

During times of low inflation, there is little downside to having a weak currency. Some call it a race to the bottom. Others refer to it as currency wars. It is like a beggar thy neighbor fx policy as there are few consequences to pursuing a weak currency policy.

[Forex View] A Case forStrong Currencies

Tallinn viies 12:43 GMT 10/19/2021
london red 11:17 GMT - hehehe. right.
UK can not hike rates as their recovery is weakest in europe. so hiking rates will kill recovery hopes at all. no food in shops; no gasoilne; no workers; and rate hike.... listen, this is not realistic.
currently only talks. will talk few next meetings. are ready, will cosider and so on.
no real hikes anytime soon. this is not possible. UK economy will fall off after that.

pump n pump
Tallinn viies 11:19 GMT 10/19/2021
there are 8 full trading days to go before month end. nasdaq100 hit today expected trading range for the month. almost 1000 points from monthly low.
could it be time for correction lower?
Im ready to buy some cheap nasdaq100 if -minus 200 points from daily high.

london red 11:17 GMT 10/19/2021
boe will prob raise rates in nov hence the recent interest in sterling. but it will be better to travel than arrive - sterling will likely peak on the day or v close to.

Tallinn viies 11:04 GMT 10/19/2021
cable limit order to sell at 1,3843. for quick 15-20 points.
must try near 200 day sma.

london red 11:01 GMT 10/19/2021
futs indicate spx at channel res by 4508. a break abv there can see a v quick move thru highs to 4584-4600. im not sure it can do it without some more backfilling so i would urge some caution here. sup at 4465 should offer a bounce if seen and almost certainly opening gap to 4488 will need to be filled at some point.

HK Dust 10:42 GMT 10/19/2021
if it is in Mandarin and hasn’t been censored then it must be true, surely not propaganda. Thanks for sharing comrade ab.

Mtl JP 10:34 GMT 10/19/2021
hk ab plz kindly forward said youtub clip to Secretary Yellen, under the auspices of President Biden, to help her determine if China is a Currency Manipulator.

hk ab 10:27 GMT 10/19/2021
watched a youtube clip (in Mandarin) though, about how China pushing up US CPI by hikiing Yuan and price together. If US is out of control in inflation, the chaos can begin......

Mtl JP 10:21 GMT 10/19/2021
central planners / authorities, historically, have not been kind to what they call "hoarders" and their "unscrupulous practices"
... “Faced with historically long delivery times, global manufacturers’ stockpiling of inputs continues to run higher than before the pandemic,” Lagarde said. If that persists, “we could see a more volatile industrial business cycle. .. . ..
"globalized nature of the euro area’s economy makes it highly vulnerable to systemic shocks from supply chain disruptions." according to christine

Just-in-Time Economy Becoming a Problem for Europe, Lagarde Says

Mtl JP 09:32 GMT 10/19/2021
an important theme to central bankers and policy makers is
the notion of (expectations being) "anchored"
“We are entering a recession — we are on the precipice of a recession,” one of the study’s authors, David Blanchflower, told The Post. “It’s always good to have an early warning.”

US has dipped into recession as worried consumers flash warning signs: economists

Tallinn viies 09:08 GMT 10/19/2021
closed cable at 1,3794.

Mtl JP 08:26 GMT 10/19/2021
US 10-YR 1.584% UNCH

Bund 10-YR -0.146% +0.003

UK 10-YR 1.136% -0.001

JPN 10-YR 0.08% -0.009

Tallinn viies 08:18 GMT 10/19/2021
euro is very bullish. took out today previous outside day high and also previous week high. next target 50 day sma. this is the target for this week.
plan to add euro longs today near the low of the day. if -minus 50 points from daily high.

Mtl JP 08:01 GMT 10/19/2021
In part 1) it is good to see central bankers having to deal with rising inflation and downright dumpy economic growth outlook

The 2nd part is determining which relative central bank dealings is the market price-discounting at any point in time.

EUR/USD short-term trend reversal is imminent!
Bangkok KC 07:34 GMT 10/19/2021
Euro may not be able to break above 1.1750 this week. This pair slow move. It will take time to clear 1.1750


SHORT USD/[email protected]
Bangkok KC 07:29 GMT 10/19/2021
USD/JPY collapse is coming...

pump n pump
Tallinn viies 07:01 GMT 10/19/2021
A Chinese government advisor said the PBoC has room to cut the RRR to boost liquidity and support economic growth

EUR/USD short-term trend reversal is imminent!
Belgrade Knez 06:06 GMT 10/19/2021
if euro close today above 1.1626, I will change my bias to long and then it might go up to 1.1780 this week

Tallinn viies 05:39 GMT 10/19/2021
bought cable at 1,3774 for quick 15-20 points.

EUR/USD short-term trend reversal is imminent!
Bangkok KC 03:43 GMT 10/19/2021
Euro rally nicely. It should be able to break above 1.1665 today and trade above 1.1700 before the end of the week.

Hold long @1.1525

Tallinn viies 17:41 GMT 10/18/2021
closed half brent crude short at 84,12.
shorted around 82sh. now plan to resell if +1 usd from daily low.

Bangkok KC 15:31 GMT 10/18/2021
USD/CHF formed a head and shoulders pattern on a daily time frame. It is going to test 0.9100 in the near term.

Still hold short @0.9305

Mtl JP 14:58 GMT 10/18/2021
Kevin - there is either luck, skill or corruption involved in correctly positioning before a price of some asset takes a turn. Skill is probably the rarest. As rare as Pope's turd.

Mtl JP 14:31 GMT 10/18/2021
EURO 1.1603
Bias: prefer selling side
see what it does against 1.1625-ish
overall still betting puppy will slide rather than climb

HK Kevin 14:31 GMT 10/18/2021
Mtl JP 14:21 GMT, I intend to buy some MRK call option when share price fall to $77.50/60

Mtl JP 14:21 GMT 10/18/2021
KRK ~ $75
margins, how to ...
Merck's new experimental covid vax, developped with taxpayer subsidy, plans to sell a complete protocol for > $700. It costs approx $17.50 to produce.

HK Kevin 14:20 GMT 10/18/2021
Dislike this indecisive market. Out with tiny profit at 1.3724
HK Kevin 09:30 GMT 10/18/2021
Belgrade Knez 08:35 GMT, agree. Just entered short Cable at 1.3731.

Hk Ab 14:13 GMT 10/18/2021
Have a look of yen for clew, if yen keeps going north, gold is risking a final monthly break DOWN.

Bangkok KC 14:11 GMT 10/18/2021
ab// Can gold retest 1800 again this week? Any ideas?

Hk Ab 13:59 GMT 10/18/2021
Exit 69

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