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Mtl JP 08:04 GMT 08/18/2022  - My Profile
jeff cox's version of interpreting what the FED minutes were intended to be understood by market peasants

"Federal Reserve officials at their July meeting indicated they likely would not consider pulling back on interest rate hikes until inflation came down substantially ... expressed resolve ...

FEDERAL RESERVE Fed sees interest rate hikes continuing until inflation eases substantially, minutes show

dc CB 21:40 GMT 08/17/2022
Spin on Fed minutes

and by Zero Hedge:
Minutes TLDR: Fed only cares about gasoline prices and as long as these are flat or dropping, the S&P can go to 5000

GVI 20:41 GMT 08/17/2022
Spin on Fed minutes

Fed Plans More Rate Hikes. Then It Sees a Potential Pause.

dc CB 19:21 GMT 08/17/2022

Game Over

CDC Announces Overhaul After Botching Pandemic

Director Rochelle Walensky began telling CDC’s staff Wednesday that the changes are aimed at replacing the agency’s insular, academic culture with one that’s quicker to respond to emergencies. That will mean more rapidly turning research into health recommendations, working better with other parts of government and improving how the CDC communicates with the public. -Bloomberg
Expired: Trust the science

Wired: Trust the restructuring
— zerohedge (@zerohedge) August 17, 2022

BUY EUR/USD on dips
Bangkok KC 18:22 GMT 08/17/2022
Long @1.0191
Add more if see 1.0151

Mtl JP 17:20 GMT 08/17/2022  - My Profile
are you ready
top of the hour FED's minutes

to make or lose

PAR 12:49 GMT 08/17/2022
A strong economy and dovish FED. What more do we want?

Mtl JP 12:42 GMT 08/17/2022  - My Profile
so now the FED gang knows how to best finetune the words of their minutes to "guide" players in their expectation of the FED's determinedly fighting inflation

US Retail Sales
PAR 12:34 GMT 08/17/2022
Better than expected. The US economy doing great.

Mtl JP 12:29 GMT 08/17/2022  - My Profile
oops typo: does NOT guarantee

Mtl JP 12:29 GMT 08/17/2022  - My Profile
buffet , it appears, is not immune to drawdowns .
I am certain buffet does guarantee your aping some of his trades

as a big gal, due diligence and risk management are personal responsibilities. g/l

PAR 12:20 GMT 08/17/2022
I have mostly been buying US bank shares. Copying Warren Buffett.

Guess a save bet?

Mtl JP 12:02 GMT 08/17/2022  - My Profile
How stupid can you be? LoL !
place a bet. find out.

PAR 11:59 GMT 08/17/2022
If Russia now starts to supply more gas Europe again will face huge losses. How stupid can you be?

Mtl JP 11:53 GMT 08/17/2022  - My Profile
sanctions (fights amongst the elites) ARE a good idea
IF you learn to PROFIT from them

coz IF you have maahney , preferably lots n lots of it - the more the better,
price is not an issue

PAR 11:46 GMT 08/17/2022
Maybe Germany could just buy some Russian gas. That will not change the outcome of the world but could be a great help to Germany and Europe.

Sanctions were not a brilliant idea. Biden's ideas are usually not that brilliant.

Mtl JP 11:29 GMT 08/17/2022  - My Profile

08:30nyt - US retail sales

headline hints have been suggesting consumers are spending
(reasons do not matter; matters only that they are spending)

IF ret sales come in "HOT" it is exactly kind of music the FED gang wants to rational-justify hiking int rate.

In that case trading theory says:
- int rate uP = risk down

Mtl JP 11:16 GMT 08/17/2022  - My Profile
bring nuclear back on line
Germany to Keep Last Three Nuclear-Power Plants Running in Policy U-Turn
Move prompted by the mounting economic war with Russia marks the first departure from a two-decade policy to abandon nuclear energy

just don't you all turn on your heater at the same time yall hear ?!

for ex. cousin in sweden is living under strict gov't edicts when allowed to vacuum. long live command economy ! Long live gov't overlord

There are profits there in them "transition period"s.
Seulement sachez-en profiter.

swiss frank 10:45 GMT 08/17/2022
The problem is they're kinda f'ed if they do and f'ed if they don't. As you point out they themselves are driving up prices in the effort to reach 80% reserves. Fine. They reach a comfort level and guarantee high prices to the consumer. At least the consumers and businesses that can afford to pay the higher prices.
If they don't buy now and the winter is cold and whatever reserves they have get drawn down to bottom of the tank levels, and Russia further cuts supplies, plus with the inability to access alternative sources or coal or bringing nuclear back on line for whatever reason, then what? The situation repeats next summer and next winter only from an even lower base.

PAR 08:05 GMT 08/17/2022
If we have a warm and rainy winter Europe will have too much gas and too much electricity.

Gas and electricity prices will crash sooner or later. I guess rather sooner.

Look what happened to Nickel and the LME.

Just cancel all those gas trades at high prices?

Belgrade Knez 07:30 GMT 08/17/2022
PAR 07:11 GMT August 17, 2022
........... It is the taxpayer who will pay the losses.
and that is the answer to why politicians do what they do!

PAR 07:11 GMT 08/17/2022
Europe should stop buying gas as European buying is driving up prices higher everyday. Politician don't understand how markets function.

It is stupid to try building European gas reserves when prices are at record highs.

European politicians should stop encouraging countries to built up gas reserves when prices are at record highs.

Prices are at record highs because European governments keep buying whatever the price. It is the taxpayer who will pay the losses.

Mtl JP 03:09 GMT 08/17/2022  - My Profile
USDCAD 1.2848
CBC 08/16/2022 - Canadian parliamentarians planning fall visit to Taiwan
Members of Parliament's standing committee on international trade are planning a trip to Taiwan as early as October, says the group's chair Liberal MP Judy Sgro.

Mtl JP 21:57 GMT 08/16/2022  - My Profile
end of crypto original purpose
Reuters - Federal Reserve issues guidance for banks considering crypto activities
The U.S. Federal Reserve on Tuesday issued additional guidance for banks considering activities involving cryptocurrencies, emphasizing that firms must notify the Fed beforehand and make sure whatever they do is legally permitted.

POOF ! crypto

Mtl JP 20:45 GMT 08/16/2022  - My Profile

greek to you. just common sense to me.

ya believe history will repeat ?

dc CB 20:23 GMT 08/16/2022
dc CB 21:10 GMT 08/15/2022
US 'consumer' earnings reports next two days---Before Mkt Open.
Tues: Home Depot, Walmart.
Wed: Lowes, Target.

It was setting up to be a quiet day, with futures drifting lower from their 4,300+ highs hit on Monday, when this morning Walmart's blowout results (at least relatively to sharply lower expectations) and guidance hike sent the stock of the retailer soaring...... lifting all heavily-shorted consumer discretionary stocks

dc CB 20:18 GMT 08/16/2022

ES---mini futures--- high 4327.5 at 2PM----sold off hard for the next half hour


dc CB 20:11 GMT 08/16/2022
Nomura Warns Of "Lumpy Gamma" Set To Expire This Friday

...the reality of the Equities price-action is not even about “past peak inflation” and this “cutting of the left-tail”...

Instead, Equities continues to be about “mechanical” flows in the market, particularly:

The magnitude of Options Dealer $Gamma which is stifling Vol, with big “gravity” at the 4300 strike being the largest on the board ($5.33B

More 'it's Greek to me'

dc CB 20:07 GMT 08/16/2022
BofA's Michael Hartnett, the most accurate strategist on Wall Street who one month ago called the meltup, has a simple message: fade SPX >4328... (ZH)

ES---mini futures--- high 4327.5 at 2PM----sold off hard for the next half hour

Mtl JP 19:42 GMT 08/16/2022  - My Profile

September 20-21
-- 21 = statement at 1800gmt; conf 1830gmt

November 1-2
-- 2 = statement 1800gmt; conf 1830gmt

December 13-14
-- 14 = statement at 1800gmt; conf 1830gmt

Aug 17 at 1330 & at 1820gmt - bowman
Aug 18 at 1720gmt - george on economic outlook
--------------------- - kashkari at 1745gmt
Aug 19 - Barkin at 1300gmt on economy
Aug 23 - kashkari at 2300gmt
Aug 31 - bostic some yik yak at 2230gmt

Sept 1 - bostic at 1930gmt (to some undergrads)
Sept 8 - evans on current econ conditions or monetary policy at 1600gmt
Sept 9 - on career pathways at 1400gmt
Sept 29-30 mester // “Inflation: Drivers and Dynamics Conference
Sept 30 - brainard and williams //remarks before hybrid Financial Stability Considerations for Monetary Policy Conference

Mtl JP 17:24 GMT 08/16/2022  - My Profile
DJIA 34200-ish; 10-yr 2.83
IF jerome "could be appropriate" was intended to scare players it appears to be suffering marketing dilemma
something is wrong either with FED's communication n guidance
something is wrong with players' cognition of FED's communication n guidance

think the FED gang is last-minute massaging the minutes (?)

Mtl JP 15:18 GMT 08/16/2022  - My Profile
I m from the gov't and I am here to help / save you
“The Biden-Harris Administration will continue to stand up for borrowers who’ve been cheated by their colleges, while working to strengthen oversight and enforcement to protect today’s students from similar deception and abuse,” To date, the Biden-Harris Administration has approved the cancellation of nearly $32 billion in student loans for 1.6 million borrowers. .../..

curious mind would like to know:
what about the fraud perpetrators at ITT Tech ?

Biden administration cancels $3.9 billion in student debt for 208,000 borrowers defrauded by ITT Tech

Mtl JP 14:39 GMT 08/16/2022  - My Profile
EURO 1.019x

GVI Forex 11:48 GMT October 25, 2021
The forex market is on a never ending quest to run stops.

ya... quest lol

Mtl JP 14:27 GMT 08/16/2022  - My Profile
usd slips

OR euro rallies
is there a difference ?

GVI Forex 14:18 GMT 08/16/2022  - My Profile
Yields up

FX not paying attention as usd slips

jpy the underperformer

Stocks undecided

August trading

Mtl JP 13:53 GMT 08/16/2022  - My Profile
EURO 1.0165
up around Res price point
I am biased. Biased down.

puppy would need to race uP N of 1.0200/20+ to change mood

Mtl JP 13:30 GMT 08/16/2022  - My Profile

trade call anyone ?

NZDUSD .6326
RBNZ this evening
50bps expected n priced

Mtl JP 13:24 GMT 08/16/2022  - My Profile

us "risk" looking somewhat weak(er) atm while DLR has a bit of upside flavor to it

opportunistically scalping day for me

PAR 13:02 GMT 08/16/2022
Privatize profits and socialize losses. As always.

European taxpayers are going to pay for this war.

It is starting in Germany. Each family will have to pay an additional €500 to use American gas instead of Russian gas.

Will this stop the war? I don't think so.

Let's do like Zelensky. BUY NOW. PAY NEVER.

Mtl JP 12:53 GMT 08/16/2022  - My Profile
no guarantee but today should be a nothingburger type trading day
ahead of tom's fed's minutes.

as players voluntarily set themselves for thrall to the FED gang and see if they parse odds of another jerome 75bps hike that "could be appropriate"
something that , lest players forget, should be "incoming data driven"

Mtl JP 12:01 GMT 08/16/2022  - My Profile
US 10-yr US 10-YR 2.806% +0.015
Bond types still not "getting it"

Belgrade Knez 11:54 GMT 08/16/2022
I am not surprised of Zelensky's demands but I am surprised of Europe blindly following what ever he said no matter how much that will harm Europe itself

PAR 11:45 GMT 08/16/2022
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy issued a fresh call on Friday (12 August) for European Union states to ban visas for Russian nationals to keep the bloc from becoming a “supermarket” open to anyone with the means to enter.

Zelenskyy said his proposal did not apply to Russians who needed help for risking their freedom or their lives by resisting Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin’s policies.

“There must be guarantees that Russian killers or accomplices of state terror not use Schengen visas,” Zelenskyy said in a nightly address, referring to visas granting the holder access to the border-free Schengen Area that spans several EU states.

“Secondly, we must not destroy the very idea of Europe – our common European values. Europe must therefore not be transformed into a supermarket where it is not important who walks in and where the main thing is that people just pay for their goods.”

Zelenskyy first urged a visa ban in an interview this week with the Washington Post, saying Russians should live in their own world until they changed their philosophy.

Zelenskyy’s appeal has yet to win support from the EU’s major players.

The European Commission has questioned the feasibility of a blanket ban, saying certain categories such as family members, journalists and dissidents should always be granted visas.

Latvia, Lithuania and the Czech Republic have already stopped issuing visas to most Russians, while Finland and Estonia recently called for the EU to do so jointly.

Estonia said on Thursday it will from next week prevent most Russians from entering the country with visas issued by Estonian authorities, cutting off a popular route into Europe’s passport-free Schengen zone.

While exceptions apply, the Foreign Ministry for Estonia, a European Union member, said it will also cease to issue visas to Russians for work, study and business in the country.

Estonia said it will continue to honour visas issued by other European countries, and also allows students already in the country to finish their degrees.

Exceptions were also made for Russians who have long-term residence permits or are entering on humanitarian grounds, visitors to close relatives, diplomats and their families, and workers in international goods and passenger transport.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov denounced Zelenskyy’s appeal this week, saying “any attempt to isolate Russians or Russia is a process that has no prospects”.

Mtl JP 11:39 GMT 08/16/2022  - My Profile

DLRx, Euro, "risk"
price lines in the sand
resting, breathing, waiting for ...
a catalyst

GVI 09:37 GMT 08/16/2022
A look at the day ahead in European and global markets from Anshuman Daga

While global stocks are still hovering near multi-month highs, despite a batch of bad economic data from China, worries about a sharp slowdown in growth are keeping them rangebound.

Morning Bid: Growth pangs linger

Mtl JP 02:17 GMT 08/16/2022  - My Profile
EURO 1.0166
it is now possible "they" are going to try to scare shorts from 1.0200/15-ish

dc CB 21:10 GMT 08/15/2022
US 'consumer' earnings reports next two days---Before Mkt Open.
Tues: Home Depot, Walmart.
Wed: Lowes, Target.

dc CB 19:43 GMT 08/15/2022
Time to visit the Oracle at Delphi---to take this trade or not.

Nomura Warns This Week's OpEx Is "Real": Massive Amount Of Delta Could Spark "De-Risking Flow"

Greek speak

dc CB 19:25 GMT 08/15/2022
fyi----OPEX week.

next week will start pre-positioning for the 'next' sell off---Sept brings post vacation depression stage in this bi-polar mkt/press.

Polyticks crawling out of the waining summer grasses ready to suck some blood.

dc CB 18:36 GMT 08/15/2022
Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Tests Positive For COVID-19

“I would like to let you know that I have tested positive for COVID19...”
Bourla 60, says he has received four doses of his company’s COVID-19 vaccine.
The CEO is isolating and has begun taking a course of Paxlovid, Pfizer’s COVID-19 pill.

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