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Mtl JP 13:08 GMT 04/01/2023  - My Profile
Hear ye, Hear ye! peasants
"in the event of a market disruption"

after yellen's u...hhh and e...hhh on who gets their money saved and who gets f.kked out of their money

justin trudeau's finmin's 2023 budget:
"... The government may also amend the Canada Deposit
Insurance Corporation Act to provide expanded
authorities to increase deposit insurance and related
measures in the event of a market disruption" ...

p/s: the current maximum amount is $100,000 (icluding interest) per account per institution only.
nb note about “trade name”:

Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation List of Members

Mtl JP 12:34 GMT 04/01/2023  - My Profile
"we have to figure it out" - Mohamed El-Erian
"If they do that we will end up with stagflation and financial instability."

El-Erian Says Fed Can't React to Every Piece of Data

Mtl JP 12:28 GMT 04/01/2023  - My Profile
IF ... nouriel turns out prescient
then those properly insured

and properly positioned

will see their wealth (& power) grow

Bloomberg TV: Nouriel Roubini Sees 'Eventual' Economic, Financial Crash

Mtl JP 18:37 GMT 03/31/2023  - My Profile

Gold 1970
somebody has a short
- what do they know about FED's rate pivot , eh ?

dc CB 18:20 GMT 03/31/2023
Headerlines on ZeroHedge----paywalled

***"Technicals Are Extremely Favorable Starting Today 4pm": Goldman's Rubner Turns Bullish Again
"Current positioning is too short, too low var, low net, at the same time the upside has been capped (for now). If the macro were to improve, the pain trade goes back to the upside. This is a change in tone..."

***JPM Head Of Cash Trading: "Bears Are Beginning To Pivot... We're Seeing The Early Stage Of A Hedge Fund Risk-On Chase"
"We all need to ask, is sentiment shifting around the edges? if so, investors need to start making their bets. Real fast."

BigBoy cheerleading ----""???4PM?????""" of April Fools.

Mtl JP 17:47 GMT 03/31/2023  - My Profile
for the record
"Key Fed inflation gauge rose 0.3% in February, less than expected"
- cnbc

Mtl JP 16:56 GMT 03/31/2023  - My Profile

Belgrade Knez 15:00 GMT 03/31/2023
Mtl JP 14:07 GMT March 31, 2023
EURO 1.0890-ish
ECB yakker overload in one hour:
JP who is vujcic?

Mtl JP 14:07 GMT 03/31/2023  - My Profile
EURO 1.0890-ish
ECB yakker overload in one hour:

lets see if their hellium will make euro pop N of 1.0930

S around 1.0850/60

Mtl JP 13:56 GMT 03/31/2023  - My Profile

to fight or not to fight the FED is NOT a current Qtn
I think
POPS in DLR are a SELL
FED yakn yak is too meek to intimidate players into behaving

players are currently telling the FED gang: convince me !

Mtl JP 13:45 GMT 03/31/2023  - My Profile
"risk" teasing 4100

Mtl JP 13:42 GMT 03/31/2023  - My Profile
DLRx 101.99; 10yr 3.517%
regardless of FED yakkers - williams ; cook and waller later today - yak about still anti-inflation fight to do

market appears not to give a hoot and keep pricing FED pivot

hk ab 12:47 GMT 03/31/2023
yen top out at Sept end......

Who tops out at March end?

Mtl JP 09:36 GMT 03/31/2023  - My Profile
yellen's codswallop on Thursday:
Yellen says
- US bank rules may be too loose, need to be re-examined
- seeking more regulation in aftermath of bank collapse
- Trump administration ‘decimated’ financial oversight
- there’s ‘unfinished business’ on financial rules

Mtl JP 09:30 GMT 03/31/2023  - My Profile
kashkari yakked yesterday
* sees 'more work to do' on inflation
--- has "more work to do" to get inflation back down to its 2% goa

* Banking stress could last longer than many expect

* Says Unclear If SVB Collapse Will Cause Credit Crunch

* We have to bring down inflation

Mtl JP 09:25 GMT 03/31/2023  - My Profile
Fed’s Favored Inflation Gauge day
US 10-YR 3.554% +0.003
anyone cares that
"Boston Fed’s Susan Collins Sees Modest Further Tightening by Central Bank" ?

Mtl JP 09:17 GMT 03/31/2023  - My Profile
EDITORIAL - New York Post

Don’t trust arsonist Janet Yellen to put out US banking fires
- Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen knows just what our ailing banking system needs: more regulation!

It’s time “to repair the cracks in the regulatory perimeter that the recent shocks” (the collapse of Signature and Silicon Valley Bank) “have revealed,” Yellen said Thursday.

Bushwah. .../.

Don’t trust arsonist Janet Yellen to put out US banking fires

dc CB 21:40 GMT 03/30/2023
he stars might be aligned on Friday to create a unique situation in the Repo market.

Friday is quarter-end and Japanese year-end, which has the most market distortions for a quarter-end next to year-end. At the same time, there's still some crisis in the market, so we expect this Friday to be more volatile and have more bank window dressing than normal.

Could be a unique situation in the REPO market on Quarter-End. If O/N rates are above 5.00%, Primary Dealers might go to the SRF and borrow cash from the Fed at 5.00% at the same time Money Market Funds give cash to the Fed at 4.80% in RRP. Both programs used on the same day!
— Scott Skyrm (@ScottSkyrm) March 30, 2023

As of now, Repo GC (General Collateral) traded between 4.88% and 5.00% for Friday and the market is now at 4.98%/4.95%. GC is effectively trading near the top of the fed funds target range for the first time in three years. And that presents an interesting possibility!

Quarter-End Situation Emerging

dc CB 19:38 GMT 03/30/2023
(why a 'bank-run')


the @federalreserve
is now paying big banks like JPM $750MM in interest every day on their reserves and parked repos. Meanwhile big banks like JPM are paying 0.01% in interest to their depositors.

Mtl JP 17:05 GMT 03/30/2023  - My Profile
hahaha this woman is gunning for some medal of recognition !
The Canadian Press
Thu, March 30, 2023

WASHINGTON (AP) — Weeks after the failure of two banks, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen planned to call Thursday for tighter financial regulations.

her boobsey twin Michael Barr, the Federal Reserve’s vice chair for supervision opined that “All of us were caught incredibly off-guard by the massive bank run that occurred when it did,”

hahahahaha what a turkey.

But the bottom line
- is that this class of 2023 is not only not getting the heave-ho but instead is patting each other on their backs and congratulating each other on what a good job they did.

Mtl JP 16:53 GMT 03/30/2023  - My Profile
Rafe... 15:52 - the difference:
yours is a question
mine is a statement . one on which I bet

Caribbean! Rafe... 15:52 GMT 03/30/2023  - My Profile
FED will be back QE-ing by sometime summer?

IMHO... They can buy back those bonds (low yielding) from the holders but at a premium and that is just to keep the markets stable. And just do it to protect their organisation's wealthiness from the markets, and get back more of it in just another unconventional way later down the line... :)

Don't Think. Just do. 2:40 - 2:45

Mtl JP 14:21 GMT 03/30/2023  - My Profile
yakkers still on deck after noon:

Mtl JP 14:18 GMT 03/30/2023  - My Profile
well well lets see ...

DLRx 101.84 bouncing up a bit and close nuff to 101.90 last week's low

"risk" 4073 and turning away from its high

Mtl JP 13:51 GMT 03/30/2023  - My Profile
good news for the bonds crowd
"U.S. GDP in fourth quarter trimmed again to 2.6% on weaker consumer spending"

FED will be back QE-ing by sometime summer
ying. YANG.

GVI Forex 13:48 GMT 03/30/2023  - My Profile
Month/quarter end tomorrow.

GVI Forex 12:02 GMT 03/30/2023  - My Profile
Hotter German flash HICP

Caribbean! Rafe... 11:58 GMT 03/30/2023  - My Profile
I'll lease the jet and then commandeer it outta here....!

Anyhows, been busy improving and finally got around to including the older model points without making any optimisation, and after so many decades of them just staring at me...

The point is to hunt for and scale into massive moves of Equities, Gold, Bonds, and Repo without using stops on any position... I got 29.xx% with 0% DD, then 65% with .05%DD, but then eventually I got it to only 53+% and 0% DD, all inclusive of brokerage and other govt charges/taxes... However, I have not included futures, commodities or FX or at least not as yet...

Enjoy the weekend folks, I'll be burning the midnight oil like always!


Mtl JP 10:48 GMT 03/30/2023  - My Profile
DLRx 102 = 4x Sup on the hrly

feel free to chose a side

Mtl JP 10:43 GMT 03/30/2023  - My Profile
headline on market sentiment
"Futures rise as bank fears ebb, focus shifts to key inflation data"

Mtl JP 10:41 GMT 03/30/2023  - My Profile
good news
(Bloomberg) -- About 31,000 funds are about to have their ESG scores lowered at MSCI Inc., as the firm’s ratings unit works through a major overhaul of its methodology in response to feedback from market participants.

Mtl JP 09:01 GMT 03/30/2023  - My Profile
reminder , fwiw

US 10-YR 3.575% is stil under the 4.2% oct peak

bottom line - to me - THE thing is the fed fund's futures curve
i.e more impoortant to MY decisions is what the bond market is saying and not what some suit like jerome or - probably eaqually worse - yellen is saying

US3M 4.864% thank you very much

Mtl JP 08:46 GMT 03/30/2023  - My Profile
"Treasury yields hold steady as investors assess the state of the U.S. economy"

ya... keep assessing

I am keeping it simple. I am with earlier "Kashkari says stress in banking sector brings the U.S. closer to recession"

meaning ... jerome is - at max - a few months away from cutting
despite his inflation fighter babble.

Mtl JP 08:05 GMT 03/30/2023  - My Profile
eye of the banking storm OR mami! ... it is over
* Officials from the Federal Reserve, Treasury and FDIC testified before the House Financial Services Committee on Wednesday.

* It’s the second day of congressional hearings this week about how Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank collapsed practically overnight on March 10 and March 12.

* Lawmakers questioned the regulators’ competency and said examiners were asleep at the wheel.

House lawmakers tear into top bank regulators in second hearing this week on SVB collapse

Mtl JP 07:57 GMT 03/30/2023  - My Profile

US 10-YR 3.545% -0.021 / "risk" 4071 / USDx 102.19

for practical trading purpose letting go of earlier DLRx GAP
(missed a short by few points)

Hk Ab 01:53 GMT 03/30/2023
1950-1970 table tennis time

short stox
tokyo boj 13:46 GMT 03/29/2023  - My Profile
Sell S&P
Entry: 4043 Target: Stop: add later

short dax nasdaq also

short dji from 33555 jpn225 28555 area

short usdjpy
tokyo boj 13:44 GMT 03/29/2023  - My Profile
Entry: 132.60 Target: Stop: later

i think from 132.60 area go down......

short euro
tokyo boj 13:43 GMT 03/29/2023  - My Profile
Entry: 143.85 Target: Stop: later

today sold some euro.....

Mtl JP 03:30 GMT 03/29/2023  - My Profile
EURO 1.0836
a bas plebiens !
goutez aux matraques

celebrating higher pension age a la francaise

dc CB 02:29 GMT 03/29/2023
Little Red Riding Hood - Fairy Tale by the Brothers Grimm

Budget Hearing – Fiscal Year 2024 Request for the Department of the Treasury International Programs
Wednesday, March 29, 2023 - 10:00am

The Honorable Janet Yellen
Secretary, Department of the Treasury
118th Congress

Dan C's Mouring Update: YOUR Money

Mtl JP 15:40 GMT 03/28/2023  - My Profile
DLRx down to 102.06 and frollicking 102

probably pricing some notions of rates

French Banks next?
Mtl JP 14:19 GMT 03/28/2023  - My Profile
PAR 14:01 ----- LoL

good place to be on is the receiving end of the fine collecting

Mtl JP 14:08 GMT 03/28/2023  - My Profile

DLRx 102.29-ish
GAP - still in play
although the GAP is abouve current price I am not chassing the DLR up.

I m sceptical about dlr's upside energy so just waiting to see gap close and then fade it.

French Banks next?
PAR 14:01 GMT 03/28/2023
French banks including Societe Generale SA and BNP Paribas SA face collective fines of more than 1 billion euros ($1.1 billion) as part of a probe into tax fraud and money laundering related to dividend payments.

Mtl JP 10:11 GMT 03/28/2023  - My Profile

"risk" 4002

"Citi concluded that, in the absence of a clear explanation for Friday’s stock price moves, we are in an “irrational market.”

This is not another banking crisis, analysts say — it’s ‘sentiment contagion’ instead

Mtl JP 09:41 GMT 03/28/2023  - My Profile
Defining "putzhood"
“I am committed to ensuring that the Federal Reserve fully accounts for any supervisory or regulatory failings, and that we fully address what went wrong,” Barr
* Fed Governor Michael Barr, the central bank’s vice chair for supervision, released prepared remarks that he will deliver to two congressional panels regarding the failure of Silicon Valley Bank.

* “To begin, SVB’s failure is a textbook case of mismanagement,” he said.

* Beyond that, Barr said he views the health of the banking system in general as “sound and resilient, with strong capital and liquidity.”

Fed’s Barr: Silicon Valley Bank failure ‘textbook case of mismanagement’ - cnbc

Mtl JP 09:18 GMT 03/28/2023  - My Profile
transitive verb
- To seize for military or police use; confiscate.
- To take arbitrarily or by force: synonym: appropriate.
- To force into military service.

Caribbean! Rafe... 18:20 GMT 03/27/2023  - My Profile
I'm of to ZzZz land!

I have been making model improvements which have the great potential to net many thousands points of points per day.

gl gt!

Caribbean! Rafe... 18:15 GMT 03/27/2023  - My Profile
And on top of that I get to commandeer the lear jet... :)

soon soon my dear boy...

Your father's name and reputation is engraved on that seat in which you sit ;)

I remind myself in every minute of everyday!

Sounds full of ego but just wait and see... :)

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