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hk ab 01:50 GMT 06/24/2021
Its weakness is not of no reason.
Let's see.

Mtl JP 23:34 GMT 06/23/2021
wr what about order being farmed out and gamed piecemeal accross differnt trading centers / confederate traders / timezones ?

Syd wr 22:14 GMT 06/23/2021
It definitely is Mtl. The alternative is like making an educated bet on a 2 horse race.

Mtl JP 16:47 GMT 06/23/2021
I think

Syd wr 07:19 GMT June 17, 2021 ... I am privy to the flows.

is a definite advantage

Mtl JP 20:30 GMT 06/23/2021
there was a time he was revered
(Reuters) John McAfee found dead in prison after Spanish court allows extradition

Mtl JP 20:22 GMT 06/23/2021
EURO 1.1923
lagarde's yak - whatever it was - passed by the market like a ship at night

dc CB 17:45 GMT 06/23/2021
today's Treasury auction of $61BN in 5 year paper, has come in quite weak in the aftermath of last week's hawkish FOMC pivot.

One day after we got a tailing, disappointing 2Y auction, we got a carbon-copy only this time at the 5Y tenor, when the US sold the latest batch of 5Y paper at a high yield of 0.904%, a sharp jump from last month's 0.788%, the highest 5Y auction yield in 16 months since the pre-covid Feb 2020 auction, and a 0.2bps tail to the When Issued 0.902%.

dc CB 17:42 GMT 06/23/2021
Today's RevRepo
Accepted Counterparties: 73
813.573 Billion Dollars
Rate 0.05%
Breaking NEWS
... a pedestrian bridge across I-295 in Northeast Washington, DC has collapsed.
The bridge collapsed around 1230ET, leaving 6 injured - 4 of which were rushed to hospital while 2 were treated at the scene.


Mtl JP 16:52 GMT 06/23/2021
GBP 1.3966
looks like nigel jubbs is romping around today
in gbp's case 1.40 un-equivocally rejected
see if yesty's 1.3965 holds S, below 25ish S

Mtl JP 16:47 GMT 06/23/2021
I think

Syd wr 07:19 GMT June 17, 2021 ... I am privy to the flows.

is a definite advantage

PAR 15:20 GMT 06/23/2021
Mtl. Thanks

HK Kevin 15:15 GMT 06/23/2021
Not a SCAM, but the Theta of option kill you.

Mtl JP 15:06 GMT 06/23/2021
PAR 14:16 around some cardinal price points my robot uses rate of price change - bit like an ABS - to gage to leap on the movement or not

PAR 14:53 GMT 06/23/2021
ProShares VIX Short-Term Futures ETF VIXY

Five year annualized returns -49,34%

PAR 14:16 GMT 06/23/2021
Mtl. Why didn't you buy Euros?

HK Kevin 14:11 GMT 06/23/2021
Think EUR 1.1985-95 and GBP 1.4040-60 are the targets of this round upmove

Mtl JP 14:01 GMT 06/23/2021
EURO 1.1967
Bull tone on break N of 50.
some Res around 85 +
S 1.1910/00

Mtl JP 13:33 GMT 06/23/2021
I too may speculate
Fed's Bowman:

Bottlenecks, high inflation, may take time to ease

Mtl JP 12:56 GMT 06/23/2021
DLRx 91.62

puppy now looking weak as players were nursed back from their enthusiastic delusional rally (by powell mester williams)

PMI in about an hour
bunch of "taper" erasers scheduled to yak some more
also lagarde at noon nyt

I am biased usd (down)

GVI Forex 12:55 GMT 06/23/2021  - My Profile
Newsquawk just pointed out that an interesting observation about Fed speakers.

Regional Fed presidents tend to sound more hawkish while Ged Governors tend to sound like Powell = more dovish


Looking Ahead
GVI Forex 12:20 GMT 06/23/2021  - My Profile
See my post yesterday about GBP in this Looking Ahead thread

Mtl JP 11:31 GMT 06/23/2021
"We can and must safeguard the financial system
-- yellen October 9, 2013"

so ... that is how they do it :
WASHINGTON, June 22 (Reuters) - The country's largest lenders are poised to start issuing as much as $130 billion in dividends and stock buybacks from next month after the U.S. Federal Reserve gives them what is expected to be a clean bill of health on Thursday, said analysts. .../..

U.S. Fed bank stress tests pave way for stock buyback, dividend bonanza

pump n pump
Tallinn viies 09:13 GMT 06/23/2021
left nasdaq100 take profit order to 14 462 for today.

pump n pump
Tallinn viies 08:57 GMT 06/23/2021
Eurozone economy booms at fastest rate in 15 years

Business activity in the eurozone jumped at its fastest rate in 15 years this month, a closely watched survey said on Wednesday, as a reopened economy unleashed pent-up demand.

Economic data group IHS Markit said the "impressive progress" of vaccinations was jumpstarting the single-currency area, fuelled by eased restrictions that are at their lowest since September.

This "brightening prospect of life increasingly returning to normal has... pushed confidence to an all-time high, fuelled greater spending and encouraged hiring," said Chris Williamson, Chief Economist at IHS Markit.

Accordingly, the firm's PMI index -- which indicates trends in the manufacturing and service sectors -- said activity leapt from 57.1 in May to a booming 59.2 in June, far above the 50-point level that indicates growth.

The data set the scene for major growth in the second and third quarters, closing the chapter on a double-dip recession that came with the lockdowns of last autumn and winter, the firm said.

The explosive growth was creating its own spillover effects, with supply chains under pressure and prices reflecting the sharp increase in demand, IHS Markit said.

"The strength of the upturn - both within Europe and globally - means firms are struggling to meet demand, suffering shortages of both raw materials and staff," Williamson said.

"Under these conditions, firms' pricing power will continue to build, inevitably putting further upward pressure on inflation in the coming months."


IHS Global Insight


Tallinn viies 08:55 GMT 06/23/2021
The upcoming 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing will be likely prove to be a breakout phase for China's digital renminbi, or e-CNY, one of the most important tools of the country's central bank to maintain monetary sovereignty in the digital era, an expert said in an exclusive interview with China Daily.

2022 may be e-CNY's breakout

Tallinn viies 08:47 GMT 06/23/2021
good day,
euro made higher high and low yesterday. it took some immediate pressure off from euro but in principle it it still very heavy as long as it trades below 200 day sma which is currently around 1,1995.
as long as it trades above previous week low at 1,1848 euro may crawl slowly higher to check out where sell order left.
plan to sell euro today if 100 points from the daily low. after 1,1848 taken out euro may quickly drop down to yearly low at 1,1705.

PAR 08:43 GMT 06/23/2021
Raise stop to entry level, let your profits run and avoid losses.

Imho the US dollar is no longer the sole world reserve currency.

PAR 07:33 GMT 06/23/2021
Paul Donovan

Fed Chair Powell’s testimony to Congress did not meaningfully improve our understanding of the economy—there was not the depth of analysis that Fed President Williams provided. The media is inclined to give Powell’s remarks the economic gravitas of former chairs Yellen or Bernanke, which is not necessarily a helpful interpretation. The media spin is “dovish” but the signal (per Williams) is “no rate changes now, quantitative policy is a different issue.”

Fed President Bostic is speaking on systemic racism—we are long way from the Volcker Shock and the inflation fixation. Racism is an appropriate topic for central banks. Central banks exist to create economic stability. Prejudice in society is perhaps the greatest threat to prosperity in the fourth industrial revolution. “Woke” central banks are following their mandates.

Mtl JP 07:31 GMT 06/23/2021
infinitely more important what the market taketh than giveth

plovdiv Gotin 06:56 GMT 06/23/2021

PAR 06:52 GMT 06/23/2021
Long EURUSD 1.1925. Stop 1.1825.

Powell Testimony
PAR 06:27 GMT 06/23/2021
Depends on the day as he never tells the same story.

Currencies difficult. US stock markets. BTFD.

Powell Testimony
Mtl JP 00:21 GMT 06/23/2021
PAR how would we trade IF Incoherent and inconsistent were to be coherent and consistent instead ?

Powell Testimony
dc CB 00:02 GMT 06/23/2021

'Two people can experience the same event differently'

Carlos Castaneda: The Teachings of Don Juan in 1968,.....

Powell Testimony
Mtl JP 23:30 GMT 06/22/2021
'People experience things differently,' canadian pm justin trudeau

'Two people can experience the same event differently': trudeau's ex-aide gerald utts

Fed will not raise rates on inflation fears alone, Powell says
GVI Forex 23:27 GMT 06/22/2021  - My Profile
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell on Tuesday reaffirmed the U.S. central bank's intent to encourage a "broad and inclusive" recovery of the job market, and not to raise interest rates too quickly based only on the fear of coming inflation.

"We will not raise interest rates pre-emptively because we fear the possible onset of inflation. We will wait for evidence of actual inflation or other imbalances," Powell said in a hearing before a U.S. House of Representatives panel.

Fed will not raise rates on inflation fears alone, Powell says

Powell Testimony
PAR 20:06 GMT 06/22/2021
Incoherent and inconsistent.

dc CB 20:06 GMT 06/22/2021
Maryland, My Maryland. state song.
Chinese Crypto Miner Airlifts Bitcoin Mining Operation To Maryland Amid Crackdown

According to CNBC’s Eunice Yoon, China’s continued crackdown on cryptocurrency has resulted in some miners quickly packing up operations and heading for America.

Yoon tweeted Monday, “Chinese Logistics Firm Airlifting Bitcoin Mining Machines to Maryland.” A photo in the tweet appeared to show brown cardboard shipping boxes packed with mining machines ready to be airlifted from China to Baltimore, Maryland.

Powell Testimony
PAR 19:33 GMT 06/22/2021
He will be reappointed. Such a loyal guy.

Powell Testimony
PAR 19:24 GMT 06/22/2021
USA debt is on an unsustainable parh but maybe we will pay our souvereign debt? Really inspiring.

Powell Testimony
PAR 19:19 GMT 06/22/2021
Traders are dumping Powells world reserve currency.

Powell Testimony
PAR 19:14 GMT 06/22/2021
Powell. The stock market is strong but I also expect strong employment figures in a not to distant future. This fallnext summer.

Powell Testimony
GVI Forex 18:29 GMT 06/22/2021  - My Profile
Starting now… prepared text is already out (see link in this thread)

Watch the Q&A

PAR 17:58 GMT 06/22/2021
Short USDTRY could be the trade for this summer.

Kusadasi here we come.

AT Trading Lesson
GVI Forex 17:50 GMT 06/22/2021  - My Profile
Today is an example of what I have said before, which is that

complacency can be a trader’s worst enemy.

2Y Treasury Yields Are Exploding Higher, Yield Curve Collapse Crushes Banks
dc CB 17:43 GMT 06/22/2021
Today's RevRepo
Participating Counterparties: 74
791.605 Billion dollars
Rate: 0.05% Interest

NOTE: since the FOMC Mtg the Rate was raised from 0% to 0.05%
(thanks JPOW)

PAR 17:24 GMT 06/22/2021
Imho Yellen told Powell to be more dovish if he wants to keep his job. Otherwise he could join the army of unemployment claimers.

US banks know that Powell will be more bearish than bearish. Hence dollar weakness and stock market strength.

Yen is weak as people are speculating Japan will run into financial difficulties after the Olympics just as happened
to Greece.

HK Kevin 16:50 GMT 06/22/2021
Basically, both EUR and GBP are in buy mode after breaking ytd high.

Mtl JP 16:36 GMT 06/22/2021
EURO 1.1927
lets see if Nigel is trying to be funny

Mtl JP 16:26 GMT 06/22/2021
EURO 1.1915
Puppy looks hesitant bullish while above 1.1850 Supp.
To run uP it needs to pop N of and hold 1.1925
says watson

Tallinn viies 16:24 GMT 06/22/2021
sold cable at 1,3930. stop 50 pips higher.

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