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Musk's End
dc CB 00:35 GMT 05/28/2022
SpaceX's Starlink has exponentially grown its subscriber base worldwide this year. The network of thousands of satellites in low Earth orbit, providing high-speed internet anywhere globally, has seen a 275% increase in subs since January.

CNBC noted that the Elon Musk-owned company presented the new figures to the Federal Communications Commission in a presentation on May 19. Starlink had 145k subscribers at the beginning of the year. By March, it was 250k, and as of this month, it had 400k.

CNBC-----(add it up Dudes)

Musk's End
dc CB 00:16 GMT 05/28/2022
Apologies to Anthony Burgess---Enderby's End.

Tesla's catches on fire---fries electrics---driver can't open door to escape.
Tesla Self Driving Fails----V 2, V3, VXXXXXX
Well Well
Not a peep from(((((((((((((crickets))))))))))))))
Elon makes offer on Twitter ---- Free Speach.....
Elon sez FU democrats ----IMA republican NOW.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (N.Y.) said she wants to give up her Tesla, one month after getting into an online spat with Elon Musk on Twitter.

“At the time, it was the only EV that could get me from New York to Washington on like one, or one-and-a-half charges,” Ocasio-Cortez recently told Bloomberg.

“I would love to switch,” she added.

She said the move would be to support a manufacturer that allowed workers to unionize.

AOC lists her Tesla Model 30 at Sotheby's.
A chance to OWN the Original SQUAD MEMBER'S First EV.
Starting Bid $75,0000.
Winning bidder will receive an Authentic Signed --by AOC ---Transfer of Ownership.....listing AOC as the Original Owner.

Just like bidding on a First Edition---By (insert Author)

Selling My Tesla----expect a Major Premium---as I AM AOC

dc CB 21:20 GMT 05/27/2022
london red 09:29 GMT 05/27/2022

shakeout? Watch this space---shifting the narrative. Who's winning the Russ/Ukraine War..Washington Post.

seems that only yesterday---posting this kind reporting could get you banned.

WaPo reporters twitter

Wash Post

Mtl JP 16:44 GMT 05/27/2022  - My Profile
most murrikans likely packed-n-gone for 3-day week-end

jkt abel 16:41 GMT 05/27/2022
what happens to the rest of GV? so quiet...everyone is selling stocks and holding breath?

jkt abel 16:22 GMT 05/27/2022
come on Jerome, we dare you!! hike 1%, dont be a pussycat,
you want inflation we give you inflation!

jkt abel 16:20 GMT 05/27/2022
sharks smell the blood, i think they are not giving up until 33060 stops got hunted down, more more more

jkt abel 16:18 GMT 05/27/2022
you dont want that 33060 juicy stops? close

btw why does it have to do with Qindex, may i ask? are you ok MM? why you seem so pissed suddenly with Jay?

Israel MacroMicro 16:14 GMT 05/27/2022
not today abel, bears make money, bulls money, bookies and pigs get slaughtered... lol

jkt abel 16:12 GMT 05/27/2022
come on, push more more moarrrr, hunt those juicy stops, sky is the limit now

jkt abel 16:11 GMT 05/27/2022
next week, the doom and gloom story will return trying to balance things out again, but alas the genie is out of the bottle already... Fed and co better re-engineer a better story

jkt abel 16:09 GMT 05/27/2022
LOL, everything is manipulated
they spooked you with doom and gloom story where in fact they know they cannot do much about it, and then their family and friends all line up to buy and make the quickest 10% gain in a week, hurrahhhh everyone get a bonus this month

Mtl JP 15:47 GMT 05/27/2022  - My Profile


Israel MacroMicro 15:24 GMT 05/27/2022
when I am gone it does not that the guard (== MTL JP) of the graveyard is gone too


Israel MacroMicro 15:18 GMT 05/27/2022
you know the NQ level that I loaded like there is not tomorrow :)

in real time, not in like the army of captains hindsight active on

have a great weekend, I am gone :)

Mtl JP 15:16 GMT 05/27/2022  - My Profile
jerome gang's “next couple of meetings” 50bps hikes 100% guarantee
now 99.99999% guaranteed:
The Fed’s Preferred Inflation Gauge Cooled Off, but Not by Much

Jkt Abel 15:10 GMT 05/27/2022
You will see it, my guess
Just too many doom and gloom positions got trapped this week judging by the extent of the move.

Israel MacroMicro 14:38 GMT 05/27/2022
Jkt Abel 14:09 GMT May 27, 2022

most probably you will not hear me complaining if happens :)

Jkt Abel 14:09 GMT 05/27/2022
And next week 4500? Haha

Israel MacroMicro 14:04 GMT 05/27/2022
ES/SPX 4120 toppish for today
truly cannot see 4130 printing before 4075 today

today today today :)

have a great weekend

Mtl JP 13:55 GMT 05/27/2022  - My Profile
yaaa, not easy

typically but not always:
VIX / SnP: when one breaks uP the other breaks down

jkt abel 10:51 GMT 05/27/2022
JP, hard to see the information, unless you meant to say that 2019-2020 was the bottom for stocks already as seen from all past peaks of VIX coincides with past bottoms like 1998, 2008

Mtl JP 10:43 GMT 05/27/2022  - My Profile
abel 04:48 another way to my 10:21
and estimate of when stocks will have bottomed
will be when peasants will have run out of money and time to support

websites peddling ssh.t like this

Mtl JP 10:21 GMT 05/27/2022  - My Profile

SnP 4067
VIX - Volatility Index - allegedly measures how much volatility professional investors think the S&P 500 index will experience over the next 30 days

Mtl JP 10:00 GMT 05/27/2022  - My Profile
dog eat dog
strategy and tactics, post-fact wisdom musings:
* Executives from the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry told CNBC that the recent crash in the digital coin market should help get rid of “bad actors.”

* Billions of dollars of value has been wiped off the cryptocurrency market in the last few weeks driven by a sell-off in stocks and the collapse of algorithmic stablecoin terraUSD.

* The executives said that the market shakeout was necessary and called it “healthy.”

(The executives: Bertrand Perez, Mihailo Bjelic, Brett Harrison)

‘We’re in a bear market. And I think that’s good’: Crypto firms hope market slump shakes out bad players

Mtl JP 09:49 GMT 05/27/2022  - My Profile
gov'ts "fighting inflation"
in Qc ... now in France again:
via "Chèque alimentaire"
all one has to do is to appear to be "poor" to qualify

london red 09:29 GMT 05/27/2022
dc CB, not involved in o&g this year. miners yes but oil no. o&g finished the year strong, i have been looking for the usual shakeout following a strong year for any theme. not seen it yet but it usuually happens, you just dont know how its manufactured on what news. do you not see a shakeout since everyone in on the same side of the boat or is demand supply equation set to dominate all year with no let up?

GVI Forex 08:45 GMT 05/27/2022  - My Profile
A look at the day ahead in markets from Sujata Rao.

So what if oil prices are up 50% this year? The long Memorial Day weekend will see some 39 million Americans hitting the road and driving at least 50 miles, up 8.3% from a year-ago, the American Automobile Association predicts.

ago European Markets Morning Bid: Get your motor runnin'

Mtl JP 08:39 GMT 05/27/2022  - My Profile
CB 04:21 you are one of the reasons I come to g-v and the trade ideas you so magnanimously offer. Tky!

Not sure how I would fare without 'em

Mtl JP 08:26 GMT 05/27/2022  - My Profile

abel / ref JP 14:01
USD is trading from the "soft" side

maybe a combination of incoming crap econ data and most of "good" news (from the FED) is priced in and
sooo is dragging usd down

expecting more USD down over the next 60-ish days

jkt abel 04:48 GMT 05/27/2022
JP, what is your take re stocks and usd then going forward? clearly market participants sort of ignoring the Fed and economy data

dc CB 04:21 GMT 05/27/2022
Mtl JP 22:04 GMT 05/26/2022 - My Profile
... the historian
July contract trader:

yeh well I had a trailing Stop on my got hit ----that turned it into a Market Order-------finally filled 8.90.

But Natty is only going higher....Hot summer, LNG, Europe getting squeeze....Right?

old redneck cheap white-lightning guzzling trader.

BUY AUD/USD on dips
Bangkok KC 04:01 GMT 05/27/2022
AUD rally nicely this week.

Bangkok KC 13:33:13 GMT - 05/25/2022
Keep buying AUD/USD on dips for a nice rally to 0.7500 in the near term.

Hk Dusty 03:07 GMT 05/27/2022
Ab- sour grape, what???? Ab, you are worst “trader” on this forum by far. You spend more time with underwater positions than a scuba diver. Your new name is Scuba ab.

Hk Ab 02:50 GMT 05/27/2022
Sour grape is not that sour”Ed”…….
At least he didn’t pop up immediately right after my post.

HK Dusty 02:30 GMT 05/27/2022
Ab- those people who got in early have no pain, just big profits. Pain is for people that are long EUR much higher, long CHF near .99 and short GOLD at 1839, underwater on all positions.

Hk Ab 01:30 GMT 05/27/2022
Many bought @30k [email protected] respectively, what levels will the pain be maximised?

Mtl JP 22:04 GMT 05/26/2022  - My Profile

... the historian

dc CB 20:10 GMT 05/26/2022
Mtl JP 16:47 GMT 05/26/2022 - My Profile
just as NatGas testing Res at prev 9.4x High

today was the the expiry of the June Nat Gas contract-----in a word --Bloody

The July contract---which was the one that was actually being traded-----hit 9.44 at noon before the June expiry took that one crashing down too.
Final body count----at 2:30 ET the Close

June Last Trade---8.785
July went as low as 8.625 following that drubbing.
Trading now around 8.76

dc CB 18:20 GMT 05/26/2022
So the USD maybe down v other currencies....but clearly the USD---aka Treasures are being Bought.

"After two solid auctions, when demand for both 2Y and 5Y paper was well above average-----Blowout 7Y Auction Stops-Through With Best Metrics Since March 2020 Covid Crisis Peak'

dc CB 18:13 GMT 05/26/2022
moments ago the Treasury concluded the week's final coupon auction when it sold $42 billion in 7Y bellybusters in what was one of the strongest "curve belly" auctions on record.

The auction priced at the highly appropriate 2.777%, which was a sharp drop from last month's 2.908 and also stopped through the When Issued 2.801 by 2.4bps, the biggest stop through since the March 2020 covid crisis peak.

The bid to cover surged from 2.41 in April to a whopping 2.69, also the highest since March 2020 (and naturally well above the six-auction average of 2.37).

Auction---results 7y

Mtl JP 18:10 GMT 05/26/2022  - My Profile
fear ...
- of evil. passion for vengeance
-- that someone, somewhere, may be happy
--- markets are never as bad as you fear but rarely as good as you hope
Home listings jump as sellers worry they may miss out on the red-hot housing market - cnbc

Mtl JP 16:55 GMT 05/26/2022  - My Profile
agel abel 13:48 ... what is "millenials" ?

just remember IF you are a sentimental type you may be needing one millenial volonteer to hold your hand when you ll be croaking in some old-age home

In the meantime :

Bank of England Youth Forum
We want to hear from you. If you are aged 16-25 and have an interest in digital currencies, climate change, monetary policy or financial education take part in our survey. You can help shape the future of young people.

Bank of England Youth Forum

Mtl JP 16:47 GMT 05/26/2022  - My Profile
just as NatGas testing Res at prev 9.4x High

Israel MacroMicro 16:43 GMT 05/26/2022
NQ > 12290 == cash some 700 point flying bulls

Mtl JP 16:35 GMT 05/26/2022  - My Profile
y/y ago, gallon of gasoline was approx $3/gal vs current $5

sounds reasonable to me with folks resisting travelling back to office and gvvy's pushing 'lectrics

Jkt Abel 15:56 GMT 05/26/2022
WTI also picking up steam. There is no recession.

jkt abel 14:50 GMT 05/26/2022
Fed is cornered! We will inflate everything, whaca gonna do dude? Hike rate more? We dare you!

Mtl JP 14:01 GMT 05/26/2022  - My Profile

sooo ... GDP revisioned down by -1.5%
if the FED continues and becomes more successful (as they telegraph they wish) , it should herald some DLR softening. and DLRx peak

jkt abel 13:48 GMT 05/26/2022
show the millenials how to make real money, not some stupid shitty virtual money aka crypto

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