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The medal is waiting for you.
HK [email protected] 03:28 GMT 05/18/2021

The king of Hong Kong is still waiting you to drop in his office to get the medal.

Remember only at office hours 8:00a.m to 12:00am

Another Opp for buy
HK Ducks 02:43 GMT 05/18/2021
Kwun is king of HK gold trading. Please post the video of hk ab presenting you the medal. ...

100% right to buy Gold for the past 2 mths
Central Kwun 02:29 GMT 05/18/2021
Buy Gold
Entry: Target: Stop:

highest 1873, congrats who followed my call

RBA Minutes
Syd wr 01:51 GMT 05/18/2021
Reserve Bank of Australia monetary policy meeting for May 2021 , minutes.

Headlines via Reuters :
conditions for rate rise considered unlikely until 2024 at the earliest
no rate rise until actual inflation sustainably in 2-3% target band
board willing to extend bond buying if needed, no need to change yield target
to decide in July whether to roll over to Nov 2024 bond, extend bond buying
return to full employment a high priority for monetary policy
policy to remain highly accommodative for some time yet
monetary policy helping keep a$ in a narrow range despite rising commodity prices
unemployment seen at 4.5% by mid-2023, to put only modest upward pressure on wages
wage growth would need to be "sustainably" above 3% to meet inflation target
public sector wage policies to restrain overall wage growth in economy
inflation pressures subdued in most parts of economy, to increase only gradually
important to maintain home lending standards amid rising house prices, strong demand
few signs major miners planning to expand investment in iron ore output in response to price surge
disruptions to global supply chains to be more persistent than realised, adding to inflation

Mtl JP 01:21 GMT 05/18/2021
EURO 1.216X
puppy probably looking to tag Res 1.2180
above that 1.2242

On downside Sup in the 1.2125/00 zone

dc CB 00:41 GMT 05/18/2021
leftist politics v Greeny Deal dreams.
watch SQM --(NYSE)

Sociedad Química y Minera de Chile SA (SQM), the world's largest producer of lithium.
do your own research

Another Opp for buy
Mtl JP 23:43 GMT 05/17/2021

Kwun 01:28 one could almost be tempted to offer
a colonoscopic solution mouthwash & gargle to obsessed colonoscopist
hard to beat call & brilliant trade *..^

Mtl JP 23:29 GMT 05/17/2021
jounalists are masters at sensationalizing
they get paid for bringing in eyeball clicks
and details ... what details

dc CB 23:00 GMT 05/17/2021

Mtl JP 22:13 GMT 05/17/2021
"famed investor"

Another case of not reading 'the daily racing form'.
Burry also shorting .......

Mtl JP 22:13 GMT 05/17/2021
"famed investor"
Firm led by famed investor reveals short position on Tesla

Michael Burry of ‘The Big Short’ reveals a $530 million bet against Tesla

Ok so journalists get eyeballs.
"famed investor" lays his ballz on the line.

others, not so famed invetsors, are now scratching theirs contemplating do I follow or not.

dc CB 19:48 GMT 05/17/2021
futures are a wonderful modern Tool--for stealth price control


Why him, why now?--What's up with that?
dc CB 19:31 GMT 05/17/2021
In a Sunday night bombshell, the Wall Street Journal reports that Microsoft's board of directors wanted Bill Gates gone following an internal investigation into an inappropriate sexual relationship with a female Microsoft employee.

""During the probe, some board members decided it was no longer suitable for Mr. Gates to sit as a director at the software company he started and led for decades, the people said. Mr. Gates resigned before the board’s investigation was completed, another person familiar with the matter said. -WSJ

Upcoming Auctions
dc CB 19:21 GMT 05/17/2021
Meanwhile, prominent Democratic economists such as former Jeffrey Epstein pal Larry Summers, and Jason Furman, have been sounding the alarm over inflation as Democrats continue to push gargantuan economic 'relief' bills.

"I’d love to see them tilt a notch toward concern about inflation, but I think they’ll mostly be doing more to explain this away," Furman, the head of the Council of Economic Advisers under President Barack Obama said this week on Bloomberg TV.

"We will have a weird six months ahead," said said Josh Bivens, director of research at the Economic Policy Institute, a left-leaning think tank. "It will be a real challenge for the administration and the Fed to stay firm on their stance."
As White House Downplays 'Transitory' Inflation, Democrats Quietly Panic Over Impact On Midterm Election

Upcoming Auctions
dc CB 18:56 GMT 05/17/2021
well well ---thanks Joe

Pic of the day

Mtl JP 17:53 GMT 05/17/2021
At first rapid read I read "pets" as "pips"
similar to "sharks" eating stops
Bald eagles are back. And they want to eat your pets. - MarketWatch

Mtl JP 17:30 GMT 05/17/2021
so maybe the comedian lives another day
"Bitcoin Climbs Back Above $45,000 After Musk Clarifies Tesla 'Has Not Sold Any'"

Mtl JP 17:02 GMT 05/17/2021
why only 7% with all the trillion$ booster support
why not to the moon ?

Mtl JP 16:51 GMT 05/17/2021
helter skelter hallucinations
from clarida
(Reuters) Fed's Clarida: U.S. growth could hit 7% this year

"It looks like the economy if anything can pick up speed this year...We could have growth north of 6%, possibly 7%," Current labor and supply bottlenecks, he said, are likely to pass, and evidence that "it may take more time to reopen a $20 trillion economy than it did to shut it down."

Mtl JP 16:47 GMT 05/17/2021
PAR 14:38 that could be valuable tactical information

Amazing Trader Uodate
GVI Forex 15:11 GMT 05/17/2021  - My Profile

The tone in EURUSD (lost its strong bid) and GBPUSD (found support) both changed after EURGBP, which had been bid, turned the other way as clearly shown by this AT chart.

The Amazing Trader

PAR 14:38 GMT 05/17/2021
Guess stocks will move higher once Europe is closed. Typical algorithmic

Mtl JP 14:34 GMT 05/17/2021
stocks, sofar at least, not exactly enthusisatic about clarida "providing expert perspectives on emerging financial market issues and their monetary policy implications."

Mtl JP 14:27 GMT 05/17/2021
IF u r inclined to listen to clarida and his sidekick
sitting comfortably in their chairs bubbling about

"Fostering a Resilient Economy and Financial System: The Role of Central Banks"

clarida and sideckick live

Mtl JP 14:21 GMT 05/17/2021
DLRx 90.25
no demand , just no demand for the old buck
just as Clarida and Bostic are about to start their
mushroom feeding at bottom of hour

Upcoming Auctions
PAR 14:13 GMT 05/17/2021
20-year 27 billion 05/19/2021

10 year 13 billion 05/20/2021

Mtl JP 14:02 GMT 05/17/2021
to some ... a worry. to others an opportunity.

always always ask self: where , how do I make moolah
from the dynamics of change

PAR 11:32 GMT 05/17/2021
Worldwide inflation worries persist. From cars, chips, computers food, real estate.

Everything is getting more expensive and it most likely is not transitory.

Vienna GD 10:35 GMT 05/17/2021
Mtl JP 09:59 GMT 05/17/2021

JP - that, just like the recent BT rout - is just nothing else but a straight and really really rare once in a lifetime opportunity to get back into the supercycle sky wave!

And boy - eventually you even can meet a Tesla and Musk on the moon! Waoh I have no words left.

Mtl JP 09:59 GMT 05/17/2021

duh ! asia no like covid vaccination prospects ?

Mtl JP 09:20 GMT 05/17/2021
..."bragging about the car driving unaided" ...
no more.
darwin rules

Tesla driver killed in crash posted videos of himself driving hands-free

Please Participate
GVI Forex 09:18 GMT 05/17/2021  - My Profile

I need your assistance filling out a short questionnaire for a market research study I am conducting.

As a show of appreciation, you will receive my exclusive video, A Key to Successful Trading, which should make a difference in your trading

Market research study.

Thank you in advance for your participation..


Jay Meisler

Mtl JP 08:33 GMT 05/17/2021
BTC 45,182.20
Elon Musk
To clarify speculation, Tesla has not sold any Bitcoin

what is there not to like about the comical shmusk ?

Mtl JP 08:18 GMT 05/17/2021
revolt. disobedience. disrespect. discredit. central banks
follow. or anticipate.
Bond Vigilantes Swarm European Economies Where Inflation Is Hot

"(Bloomberg Sun., May 16, 2021) -- Bond markets are famous for pushing their agenda, and in east Europe right now, they’re pushing for rate increases, never mind what central banks have to say on the matter.

Yields on bonds of Hungary and Poland are rising faster than anywhere else in Europe. Hungary’s jumped 32 basis points last week, signaling traders are primed for rate liftoff as inflation roars back to life ahead of widespread economic re-openings this summer." ... .

HK Hap P.N. Ding 07:14 GMT 05/17/2021
No comrade Kwun....AB not the same person. I am a person who wants to remind you that the next colonoscopy is just around the corner.

Vienna GD 07:07 GMT 05/17/2021
Good morning!

macau steven 01:38 GMT 05/15/2021
Mass media: crash, crash, crash

If you look at bitcoin - 44500 right now, down from around 64000 - appr. -30% ... or so ... is that a crash according to YOUR definition of a crash????

What if it grinds down another 30% to 30000 - is it then a a crash after having lost over 50% from the highs?

Boy ... some things never change.

I stick with it - next 1.5-2 months and into end of June - are NOT so rosy as some would like to paint it: "Hey - there's nothing but a super cycle blue sky - buy, buy, buy".

Commodities - finally a bit of red? Or just a few clouds before the blue sky?

Central Kwun 06:25 GMT 05/17/2021
Buy Gold
Entry: Target: Stop:

better ask stupid ab=hk Hap P.N. Ding, they are the same person, keep selling since 174xx

HYDERABAD KRISHNA 06:18 GMT 05/17/2021
Sell Gold
Entry: Target: Stop:

Any comments on gold......

Another Opp for buy
hk Hap P.N. Ding 04:12 GMT 05/17/2021
Well done comrade Kwun. Remember , Confucius say: "The bigger the profit now, the bigger the colonoscopy later".

Another Opp for buy
HK Ducks 03:35 GMT 05/17/2021
Well done Kwun. I heard the presenter of the medal will be hk ab.

Another Opp for buy
Central Kwun 01:28 GMT 05/17/2021
Buy Gold
Entry: 1822 Target: Stop: 1800

1852 now, huge profit last week, my call was 100% right for the past 1mth, did you guys follow

Mtl JP 00:29 GMT 05/17/2021

10-yr 1.634%
DLRx 90.355
ya I am biased: this puppy is heading into the toilet

Mtl JP 00:10 GMT 05/17/2021
more priceless comedy
Bitcoiners are going to slap themselves next quarter when they find out Tesla dumped the rest of their #Bitcoin holdings.

With the amount of hate @elonmusk is getting, I wouldn’t blame him…
— Mr. Whale (@CryptoWhale)

May 16, 2021
— Elon Musk (@elonmusk)

(BBRG) Bitcoin Tumbles After Musk Implies Tesla May Sell Cryptocurrency
May 16, 2021
Tesla CEO faces online criticism for Bitcoin payment decision
Bitcoin fell below $45,000 Sunday, extending recent sell-off

Mtl JP 22:29 GMT 05/16/2021
About (Lyn Alden Schwartzer)
Bachelor's degree in electrical & electronics engineering (Pen State U 2010) and a Master's degree in engineering (Rowan U 2015)
... 'My background lies in the intersection of engineering and finance. ...
What I want to do most of all, is give you clear information and analysis. " ...

By Lyn Alden

Mtl JP 22:15 GMT 05/16/2021
BTC $45,778
key words:
- strategic investor,
-- convinced,
--- potential,
---- $100K

fart too... has potential

Bitcoin still on track to $100K despite growing risks, says strategic investor Lyn Alden

Mtl JP 21:52 GMT 05/16/2021
Colonial Pipeline says ‘normal operations’ have resumed following hack

Please Participate
GVI Forex 00:38 GMT 05/16/2021  - My Profile

I need your assistance filling out a short questionnaire for a market research study I am conducting.

As a show of appreciation, you will receive my exclusive video, A Key to Successful Trading, which should make a difference in your trading

Market research study.

Thank you in advance for your participation..


Jay Meisler

Crime & Cryptocurrencies
dc CB 18:01 GMT 05/15/2021
" Put the US East Coast without gasoline.
Get paid $5 MILLION in ransom"

'come on man'

price check please, aisle 3, price check

Crime & Cryptocurrencies
PAR 16:23 GMT 05/15/2021
The classic ransom is a suitcase full of unmarked U.S. dollar bills. Bitcoin’s role in the Colonial Pipeline hack shows the global currency of crime has a rival. That’s a sort of sign of bitcoin’s success, but it also sets the scene for regulators to step up their interventions.

Hit the bit time

Crime & Cryptocurrencies
PAR 16:14 GMT 05/15/2021
A few cybercriminals attack a US pipeline. Put the US East Coast without gasoline. Get paid $5 million in ransom and disappear.

Apparently, crime pays. What is wrong with the US police system?

2400 Rockets.
haifa ac 16:14 GMT 05/15/2021  - My Profile
All on civilian targets.
Can you imagine CUBA firing 2400 missiles on Miami, New York, D.C, Philadelphia?
How long before that Island would have been pulverized?!

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