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Traders Coping With Mixed Signals
haifa ac 15:12 GMT 08/17/2019  - My Profile
""We�ve had 47 of them."

LOL like the saying that economists predicted 10 out of the last 2 recessions.

Traders Coping With Mixed Signals
dc CB 14:40 GMT 08/17/2019
HBO’s Real Time host Bill Maher made another desperate plea for a recession on Friday, saying that the economic downturn “would be very worth getting rid of Donald Trump.”

“So I’ve been saying for about two years that I hope we have a recession,” Bill Maher said. “And people get mad at me, as Sean Hannity thinks I’m actually causing a recession. I’m just saying we can survive a recession. We’ve had 47 of them. We’ve had one every time there’s a Republican president.”

“So, yes, a recession would be very worth getting rid of Donald Trump and these kind of policies,” Maher said after citing a dubious United Nations report that claims a million species are at risk of extinction.

CNN -- HBO Maher clip UTube

Hong Kong 'Power to the People' protest continues into the night
HK win10 13:32 GMT 08/17/2019
Protestors are losing energy fast. Believe current storm in tea cup will disappear soon.

Traders Coping With Mixed Signals
dc CB 13:19 GMT 08/17/2019

All of a sudden, it seems like the mainstream media just can’t stop talking about “the coming recession”.

The economy is generally regarded to be one of the bright spots for President Trump, and political operatives on the left clearly understand that a major economic downturn now would spell almost certain doom for Trump’s chances of winning the 2020 election. And when mainstream reporters talk about the possibility of a recession as we approach the next election, many of them almost seem gleeful as they describe how it could hurt Trump politically.

Ultimately, when things start to really get bad it is inevitable that the mainstream media will place the blame directly at the feet of Trump. It is easy to imagine a narrative along the lines of “Trump’s handling of the economy has plunged the nation into a recession” being relentlessly pounded into the heads of American voters over the next year. And if the end result is Trump being voted out of office, more than 90 percent of those that work for the big news companies will be just fine with that.

Hidden Political Agenda? Mainstream Media Suddenly Full Of Stories About Imminent Recession

President Trump would like the US to acquire Greenlandhttps://www.w
Andorra la Vella 10:58 GMT 08/17/2019
I can still hear the Greenlanders laughing out loudly. What a stupid idea!

50 years of Overcoming
haifa ac 05:46 GMT 08/17/2019  - My Profile
August 16 1969 Joan Baez introduced one of the most famous songs of all times (certainly one of the most sung songs in the world)--"WE SHALL OVERCOME"
When you listen to her awesome reverberating voice--that is really a spiritual experience.

Only problem (like in trading ) is the timing. She did not say "when?!"

New To Investing? You May Be Better Off Picking Stocks At Random, Study Finds
haifa ac 05:07 GMT 08/17/2019  - My Profile
VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Looking to take a stab at the stock markets, but aren’t sure where to begin? Try not to put too much stock in deciding what to buy. An interesting new study finds that novice investors are actually better off choosing stocks completely at random instead of making their own decisions.

Thanks to the emergence of free, easy to use stock trading platforms, more consumers than ever before are trying their hand in the stock market. These platforms allow users to avoid high financial management fees, all while controlling their own stock portfolio. While these developments have certainly made it easier for the average person to start trading stocks, the study, conducted at the University of British Columbia, finds that many of these less-experienced investors are failing to diversify and could be putting themselves at great financial risk.

Shop bought in 2013 for HK$26.23 million was sold on Thursday for a loss of HK$8.23 million
HK [email protected] 04:33 GMT 08/17/2019
A shop in Causeway Bay, owned by relatives of Chinese billionaire Xiao Jianhua, the founder of the troubled Tomorrow Group, was sold at a massive loss as they start unwinding their property portfolio in the city.
On Thursday, Xiao Yonghong and Sun Darui, the younger sister and brother-in-law of the missing tycoon, offloaded a 337 square feet retail unit at Causeway Place shopping centre for HK$18 million, according to Land Registry data. The couple had paid HK$26.23 million (US$3.34 million) in May 2013, incurring a loss of HK$8.23 million or 31.4 per cent.


Traders Coping With Mixed Signals
Mtl JP 22:21 GMT 08/16/2019
winners and losers
Der Spiegel reported that Berlin would be willing to run fiscal deficits during a recession, citing sources in the German Chancellery and the finance ministry.

German 10-year bond yield rose 4.5 basis points to negative 0.657%

Traders Coping With Mixed Signals
Mtl JP 21:56 GMT 08/16/2019
winners and losers
U.S. Contemplates 50- and 100-Year Bonds After Yields Plummet - bbrg

Treasury conducting an outreach on ultra-long debt issuance
Announcement follows slide in 30-year yield to record low

The U.S. Treasury Department said Friday that it wants to know what investors think about the government potentially issuing 50-year or 100-year bonds, going way beyond the current three-decade maximum.

The government stressed that no decision has yet been made on ultra-long bonds, explaining that it’s looking to “refresh its understanding of market appetite.”


30-yr 2.044 % +0.064

Traders Coping With Mixed Signals
dc CB 21:13 GMT 08/16/2019
dc CB 20:39
The Truth is Worth It

It's Official: Epstein Committed Suicide By Hanging, Medical Examiner Rules

nw kw 20:48 GMT 08/16/2019
U.S. rigs drilling fence posts holes...

Traders Coping With Mixed Signals
dc CB 20:47 GMT 08/16/2019
Mtl JP 19:34

As Team FED struggles to complete their assigned task, all the players seem to be jockeying for postion when the inevitable clmes to pass, and Team FED gets called into the Boardroomn, where as the audience knows well - Someone gets fired.

The Apprentice THE WHITE HOUSE. Season 3. Preview of upcoming September Episodes

Traders Coping With Mixed Signals
dc CB 20:39 GMT 08/16/2019
The New York Times staffers wanted to change the paper’s longstanding motto, All the News That’s Fit to Print, to something more cutting edge,................... the staff choice apparently is The Truth is Worth It

And one is prompted to ask: worth what, exactly? If “truth” actually amounts to “lived experience,” as The Times insists, then truth can be whatever you say it is — the bedrock ethos of all tyrannical political movements.

For instance, Resistance team captain Elizabeth Warren referred the other day to the 2014 “murder” of Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri “by a white policeman.” Of course, Ms. Warren was speaking her “truth.” Now, it happens that the US Department of Justice under Eric Holder (this was the Obama administration) determined that it was not murder, as did an inquiry by the State of Missouri...

Did Senator Warren not believe former attorney general Holder? Was there some other authoritative opinion she was referencing? Or was she just making censored up on-the-fly to juice an audience? Could she have had any other purpose than to provoke racial animus? Is that what this country needs? More tension between blacks and whites? More reason for suspicion and hatred?

Clusterfu(K Nation

Traders Coping With Mixed Signals
Mtl JP 19:34 GMT 08/16/2019
n/v kashkari ...

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Federal Reserve likely needs to cut interest rates and take aggressive measures to counter an economic slowdown, Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank President Neel Kashkari said on Friday.

Traders Coping With Mixed Signals
Mtl JP 19:28 GMT 08/16/2019
defective tires ... made by ___ ?

Chart Points: Free Forex Database For 16 August 2019
GVI Forex Blog 18:55 GMT 08/16/2019

forex rate database image

Global-View Free FX Database. High-Low-Close data for more than a dozen currency pairs for over seventeen years of data in an Excel spreadsheet format.

Global-View Daily Trading Chart Points

Chart Points: Free Forex Database For 16 August 2019

Traders Coping With Mixed Signals
dc CB 18:16 GMT 08/16/2019

why is this company's SToK still listed on the NYSE?

German all-electric car rental company, nextmove, ordered 100 Model 3 vehicles last year to expand its fleet

“Tesla Model 3 vehicles, which nextmove was supposed to take over after payment and only a short examination, sometimes had serious defects: defective tires, paint and body damages, defective charge controllers, wrong wiring harnesses or missing emergency call buttons. Such quality defects would have endangered the safety of the customers and the profitability of nextmove.”

“We had to insist on compliance with general quality standards and processes in order to protect our renters and our business model.”

President Trump would like the US to acquire Greenlandhttps://www.w
PAR 17:53 GMT 08/16/2019
President Trump would like to buy Hong Kong. Lol

Have a nice weekend.

AT Trader 17:32 GMT 08/16/2019
Baker Hughes Rig Count

Total: 935 vs. 934 (+1) prev.
Oil: 770 vs. 764 (+6) prev.

Mtl JP 17:21 GMT 08/16/2019
Baker Hughes reports a rise in the U.S. oil-rig count for the first time in 7 weeks

the number of active U.S. rigs drilling for oil rose by 6 to 770 this week

Traders Coping With Mixed Signals
dc CB 16:07 GMT 08/16/2019

Why a duck?

SPY 288 strike PUTS exp 8-16 on close. Bid .33 Ask .34 DN $3.30

hk ab 15:44 GMT 08/16/2019
Oh.... did I miss the south train? FAT FINGER!

President Trump would like the US to acquire Greenlandhttps://www.w
dc CB 15:37 GMT 08/16/2019
Livingston nh 14:47 -- Russia lost Alaska for a pittance -- now RUSSIA has eyes on Arctic

realize that if a certain other person were sitting in the Oval today, Reversing that deal wud likely be under consideration

Friday Amazing Trader Checklist
dc CB 15:30 GMT 08/16/2019
Deutsche Bank’s Historic Revamp Hit by Sagging German Economy: BBG

Mtl JP 15:28 GMT 08/16/2019
eh-um... big miss.
means folks r waiting for more moRE FED inducement and coersion
jerome's donkey is bent over a barrel

FAKE or NOT? Some Pro-Democracy leaders, fleeing HK fearing military crackdown.
HK [email protected] 15:10 GMT 08/16/2019

On Friday a post on online forum stated that pan-democratic lawmakers Claudia Mo Man-ching and Alvin Yeung Ngok-kiu, as well as ousted legislator Nathan Law Kwun-chung and media tycoon Jimmy Lai Chee-ying had “fled” the city.

Lai is the founder of media giant Next Digital and Apple Daily newspaper, which is published in Hong Kong and Taiwan and known for its pro-democracy stance and colour reporting.

President Trump would like the US to acquire Greenlandhttps://www.w
Mtl JP 15:06 GMT 08/16/2019

“We are open for business but we’re not for sale,” Ane Lone Bagger via Reuters

Friday Amazing Trader Checklist
dc CB 14:57 GMT 08/16/2019

saving Pvt Ryan

President Trump would like the US to acquire Greenlandhttps://www.w
Livingston nh 14:47 GMT 08/16/2019
Greenland acquisition not a bad idea and like most US purchases it has to do with conflict/potential conflict avoidance -- Russia lost Alaska for a pittance -- now RUSSIA has eyes on Arctic and Greenland // would make sense for US to have it

The population has 0.026 more people per sq km than the MOON -- emptier than Alaska w/ a density of 1.2 /sq mile

BREAKING NEWS: U.S. University Of Michigan Preliminary Data for August 2019 Misses
dc CB 14:43 GMT 08/16/2019
their call list this month must have had a excess of people with TDS.

“There’s no way out and it’s a political disaster for Trump because the recession is going to start before he finishes this term, which means he won’t have a second term”

Shiff: Looming "Great Recession" Will Jeopardize Trump's Re-Election Efforts

Friday Amazing Trader Checklist
AT Trader john 14:42 GMT 08/16/2019
German 10-yr -0.665%, +3.5bp

Mtl JP 14:42 GMT 08/16/2019
Livingston nh Interesting - Jackson Hole is next week and the Agenda of Speakers, topics and times was not released

Market "hopinglings" - or your KIDZ - are speculating that the Fed has "more work to do" - ie cut - in Sep

The FED (and ECB and BoJ & Co) have one main goal in mind when they cut rates: coerce and induce peasants into spending their money. more moRE

Never mind that interest is supposed to reflect risk of not getting money back

dc CB 14:39 GMT 08/16/2019

DB this morning

President Trump would like the US to acquire Greenlandhttps://www.w
dc CB 14:34 GMT 08/16/2019
Trump is a Master Troller. He shud get an honorary chair a HaaaaVaaad. He got the WSJ and of course the Bezos Post to cover this. Way better than "covfefe"...which it seems was veryvery sucessful.

From Project Veritas - this released docs from Google engineer.
"Another internal discussion thread appears to show Google employees discussing how best to change the translation of President Trump’s infamous “covfefe” tweet."

AT Trader 14:26 GMT 08/16/2019
Report German government SAID to be prepared for deficit spending IN CASE of a recession -- Der Spiegel

Hk Ab 14:25 GMT 08/16/2019
Be careful of fat finger during NY lunch

GVI Forex 14:25 GMT 08/16/2019  - My Profile
EURUSD spikes on a report that the German giovernment is prepared for deficit spending in case of a recession.

Traders Coping With Mixed Signals
Mtl JP 14:22 GMT 08/16/2019
at risk of jinxing myself: 1.21 = GBP trgt

BREAKING NEWS: U.S. University Of Michigan Preliminary Data for August 2019 Misses
GVI Forex Blog 14:19 GMT 08/16/2019
Preliminary August 2019 Michigan Survey misses expectations. Data revision in two weeks.
University of Michigan Sentiment Survey chart

BREAKING NEWS: U.S. University Of Michigan Preliminary Data for August 2019 Misses

Make Greenland a Pedophile island for Wallstreet boys and other celebrities.
HK [email protected] 14:16 GMT 08/16/2019
Now that Epstein will be needed he has gone.

AT Trader 14:15 GMT 08/16/2019
big miss.

AT Trader 14:14 GMT 08/16/2019
Preliminary University of Michigan Sentiment Index August 2019

92.1 vs. 97.4 exp. vs. 98.4 prev

RELEASE: Index of Consumer Sentiment

President Trump would like the US to acquire Greenlandhttps://www.w
HK [email protected] 14:12 GMT 08/16/2019
dc CB 13:59



The rate of suicide in Greenland is very high. According to a 2010 census, Greenland holds the highest suicide rate in the WORLD.[123][124] Other significant social issues faced by Greenland are high rates of unemployment, alcoholism, and HIV/AIDS.[125] Alcohol consumption rates in Greenland reached their height in the 1980s, when it was twice as high as in Denmark, and had by 2010 fallen slightly below the average level of consumption in Denmark (which is the 12th highest in the world). But at the same time alcohol prices are much higher, meaning that consumption has a high social impact.[126][127]

President Trump would like the US to acquire Greenlandhttps://www.w
Mtl JP 14:10 GMT 08/16/2019
CB - hope u realize President Trump is pulling your wanker

The White House
Verified account

Follow Follow @WhiteHouse

"Americans can do anything, go anywhere, and outperform anyone.

Nobody can beat us.

Nothing can stop us because winning is what Americans do."
—President Donald J. Trump

why pay for it .... declare it in national interest and just move in and take over.
who and how would object: Vladimir ? Xi ?

Traders Coping With Mixed Signals
Mtl JP 14:03 GMT 08/16/2019
GBP 1.2157
puppy is uP on hopes that the treasonous opposition will somehow ward off no-deal brexit.

I can not say I wish them luck:
I am betting against will add under 1.2150/45

President Trump would like the US to acquire Greenlandhttps://www.w
dc CB 13:59 GMT 08/16/2019
Greenland MFA 🇬🇱 @GreenlandMFA

#Greenland is rich in valuable resources such as minerals, the purest water and ice, fish stocks, seafood, renewable energy and is a new frontier for adventure tourism. We're open for business, not for sale❄️🗻🐳🦐🇬🇱 learn more about Greenland on:

7:49 AM - Aug 16, 2019

Traders Coping With Mixed Signals
dc CB 13:52 GMT 08/16/2019
OPEX --- Full Size SP August Options on Futures

Option exercise results in a position in the underlying cash-settled futures contract. In-the-money options, in the absence of contrarian instructions delivered to the Clearing House by 8:00 p.m. ET on the day of expiration,

are automatically exercised into expiring cash-settled futures, which settle to the SOQ calculated the morning of the 3rd Friday of the contract month.

Why a Duck?

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