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Mtl JP 01:00 GMT 07/31/2021
fwiw and for posterity
10-yr, at end of day/week, 1.228%
which is 3iple time lows of week

fingers crossed?
dc CB 20:19 GMT 07/30/2021
"The War Has Changed" - Leaked CDC Report Claims Delta Spreads As Easily As "Chickenpox"
They just turned the fearmongering nob up to '11'...

(this morning)

dc CB 20:16 GMT 07/30/2021
S&P up for 6th straight month, its longest streak since 2018

"And just in case you think everything is tickittyboo because stocks are near record highs, investors parked more than $1 trillion at The Fed overnight!!! Think we aren't over-liquidified?"

(beach time baby, beach to the Hamptons)

pump n pump
Tallinn viies 19:29 GMT 07/30/2021
Caribbean! Rafe... 18:38 - most of the metals going to China.I bet 65% of the world supply.
china currently not exactly booming. growing less than US.
so I would say intervention from their side was a important sign.

fingers crossed?
Tallinn viies 19:26 GMT 07/30/2021
White House says they are not going to go towards lockdown in the fight against COVID

Caribbean! Rafe... 19:15 GMT 07/30/2021  - My Profile
Read my Caribbean! Rafe... 10:29 GMT December 22, 2020.

The world averted a war but got stuck with The Delta Virus, it is IMHO not a direct strain of Covid-19, but is "the another beastly virus" with possiblly backward origins to the same family. It seems to have combination genes of Sars/Avian/Swine/Nupah plus covid... Nupah was a bat virus which I read the news snippet a few years ago as it affected people in Kerala. There seems to be some kind of gene loop built into this covid virus, as soon as you try to stop it, it turns into something else more deadly. The medical field should create one vaccine/cure that can remove them all at one go starting from sars to the most recent virus.

pump n pump
Caribbean! Rafe... 18:38 GMT 07/30/2021  - My Profile
Tallinn viies 08:38 GMT 07/30/2021
Viies// Happened to visit and saw your post about commodities. I am heavy bullish on metals... the trends are clearly visible when we look at the charts and also the fact that US gunsmiths can't keep up with demand from new gunowners. Perhaps many of whom invested in bitcoin, and are now investing in firepower, because running down chuggers, muggers and robbers with a "kitten bich" dosen't work. Many companies also took the pandemic as a chance to retool their factories, plants etc workshops etc.

have a good w/e

gl gt

Mtl JP 18:22 GMT 07/30/2021
CB and market blissfully zzzs
see it differently ?
players heading out the door for holidays - should make for relatively thin uncommitted market - ahead of a modified, in-person program for this year’s Economic Policy Symposium, "Macroeconomic Policy in an Uneven Economy,"

in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Aug. 26-28, 2021.

dc CB 17:46 GMT 07/30/2021
headline on Zero Hedge

We Have The First Trillion Dollar Reverse Repo
$1,039,394,000,000 to be exact.

Mtl JP 16:27 GMT 07/30/2021
Amazon hit with $887 million fine by EU privacy watchdog
LoL :)

cui bono ?

Mtl JP 16:22 GMT 07/30/2021
EURO 1.1860
looking at weekly bar 1.1785 and 1.190x appear to be the new boundry markers

Mtl JP 15:57 GMT 07/30/2021
headlines like this always make me both cringe and chuckle at same time:
‘A great time to buy,’ says one Wall Street analyst as Amazon shares tumble on disappointment"

... one analyst says ... similarly ... billionaire investor did ... or ... investor who bought xyz at $1.00 says ...

Mtl JP 15:41 GMT 07/30/2021
red 14:27 looks like some of the RH crowd got wiser
that is a good sign

Mtl JP 15:39 GMT 07/30/2021
EURO 1.1858 LoD 1.18513
Bingo! measured H&S 50-ish trgt hit
some of my better trades are when I dont watch

london red 14:27 GMT 07/30/2021
those RH dogs got offered a bone they didnt want...old wall st story. any time they offer you stock, u never should want it. u want the stuff they wont offer, the good stuff.

Mtl JP 14:25 GMT 07/30/2021
EURO 1.1868
POOF ! goes 75 H&S Sup
letsee 50ish (x fingers)

Mtl JP 14:09 GMT 07/30/2021
Consumer sentiment falls to 81.2 in July from 85.5 in June, UMich says

Mtl JP 14:04 GMT 07/30/2021
Bullard says
- he wants to start slowing down bond purchases in the fall, finish by March - MarketWatch

Mtl JP 13:58 GMT 07/30/2021
one more release
10:00 - UofM sentiment (last one was 80.8)

Mtl JP 13:53 GMT 07/30/2021
one undeniable about money:
it is dog eat dog, greed and glee (schadenfreude)
Robinhood Stock Stumbled In Its Debut. The Reddit Crowd Rejoiced.

just some days it is more effervescent than others
and always lurking, always ready to bubble up and burst thru the surface

Tallinn viies 13:46 GMT 07/30/2021
Six passengers on Royal Caribbean's Adventure of the Seas cruise ship have tested positive for COVID-19. Four are vaccinated, two are unvaccinated children' -Tweet From USA Today

pump n pump
Tallinn viies 13:42 GMT 07/30/2021
try to taper after economy peaked interesting exercise.
I do not believe it before I see it :)

Mtl JP 13:35 GMT 07/30/2021
Bullard says
- he thinks financial markets 'are very much ready for a taper'
-- MarketWatch

Mtl JP 13:30 GMT 07/30/2021
sofar market zzzs
- wants to start tapering in fall, finish by end of first quarter
- sees inflation surge carrying over into 2022
-- MarketWatch

Tallinn viies 13:25 GMT 07/30/2021
Hong Kong "weighing tighter controls on travellers from United States" due to COVID-19 concerns - SCMP

Mtl JP 13:18 GMT 07/30/2021
Bullard sees stronger GDP growth in second half of 2021 than the 6.4% growth rate in first six months - MarketWatch

Tallinn viies 13:14 GMT 07/30/2021
brent crude took out previous day high. next yearly high at 77,84.

Mtl JP 12:56 GMT 07/30/2021
EURO 1.1879
looking tired against 1.19-ish
S 1.1875 / 50

Mtl JP 12:48 GMT 07/30/2021
09:00 - bullard w/ a yak
on sexual relations between the economy and monetary policy

Mtl JP 12:37 GMT 07/30/2021
10-yr 1.242%
DLRx 91.89
1.1890 - basically flat atm
Last day of the week/ month
dlr does not currently appear to have many enthusiast

london red 12:11 GMT 07/30/2021
viies, read the reports from jefferies or jpm if you want financial speak. but in laymans terms, very few are dying. the authorities will not highlight this as they need more vaccinated to get to herd. talking about it does them no favours. but those are the facts. last time uk had 50k infections they had 1k deaths. now its less than 100 deaths for 50k a week or so ago. so without deaths nobody in us or uk is locking down. as i said it not the money aspect but the damage afterwards. if you get 10-20% inflation the hosue of cards fall. and they will not let it. so more money but no more lockdowns.

pump n pump
Tallinn viies 11:56 GMT 07/30/2021
last 13 years has teached to most of us that US stock indexes can not fall. if there is 10% drop then FED immideatelly starts to talk it up.
minus 20% and they start to lower rates and do other kind of interventions to pop it up.
read the other day that bank of america research has found that 2 stand deviation moves down will be bought back with 2.6 days. lowest level from 1928. less than a week need to wait to get profit from whatever bad investment decision. :)
Im buying laggards works always.
ftse my favourite.

pump n pump
Mtl JP 11:37 GMT 07/30/2021
might be a good idea to beware of risk of covincing self that a pony will run in one direction only not take a detour to screw a filly

U.K. J.B. 11:34 GMT 07/30/2021
Aud looking to move big .

I think we are more professional than that .

Long AUDNZD 1.0523 will adjust risk management if the cross performs well .

Stop 1.0493 , hoping to trail the stop .

Nice week end , good trading

pump n pump
Tallinn viies 11:26 GMT 07/30/2021
whatever the virus way forward US stock indexes will go higher no matter what. As long as Powell n Clarida at work.
Yellen n Bernanke have done their jobs now Powell want to go to the history books. all the hedge funds friends n blackrock n balckstone not happy yet.
more printing needed.

HK Kevin 11:19 GMT 07/30/2021
Belgrade Knez 10:28 GMT., EUR looks tired above 1.09 level, but daily range only 34 pips so far.

Tallinn viies 11:10 GMT 07/30/2021
red - we will see it soon. 3-4 months and Biden needs to lock it down again. US does not need to have money. they just print as much as they want. and give it to the people to buy stuff. to get virtual econimic growth.
lock downs actually are good news. more stock market gains ahead. more cheap money and cost for the workforce dropping even more as poor people will be more poor (somebody needs to do the dirty work also). you may check UK numbers yourself if you wnat. 883 people infected last year 31/07/20.
29/07/21 there is 30 871 infected in UK.

london red 10:59 GMT 07/30/2021
viies, the us certainly will not be closing again. there can be restrictions like masks, but no more lockdowns. they have no more money and they dont want more disruptions (folks not returning to work, inflation etc) and those disruptions are the key issues. besides the variants are getting weaker. as is to be expected. and then you have the vaccines. the uk is a little ahead of the us, while europe is a little behind the us on the curve. but wherever you are on the curve, it leads to the same point eventually.

Tallinn viies 10:40 GMT 07/30/2021
strange to hear from talkings heads that we are starting open up economies.
actually opposite is happening. closer to october november things will be really bad on covid front.
in december europe and US closed again.
big dreams about travel this year fell again to the sink.
it is august tommorow and still no tourism boom.
european tourists trips to Asia also will be canceled this year.
so Im afraid one more year of virus fight is ahead of us.

Belgrade Knez 10:28 GMT 07/30/2021
if today month can close below open (1.1856), we could see down move continuation from Monday

pump n pump
Tallinn viies 10:09 GMT 07/30/2021
looking at the possibilites to make a decent correction down.....

year over year situation with covid is much worser. in europe 50-60% vaccinated and covid infection numbers bigger than same time last year.
same in America. no need to mention other parts of the world.
if we start to near to the winter season. everything will be locked up again. so keep buying nasdaq100.
interest rates hikes will be forgottten.
it is going to be long long winter. sitting at home and dreaming about spring again.

HK Kevin 09:56 GMT 07/30/2021
Covered long EUR/JPY at 130.41
HK Kevin 08:22 GMT 07/30/2021
Simply looking at the daily chart, EUR/UD has a probable chance to test 1.1930 level later today. The it should at least take a rest. I am holding long EUR/JPY from 130.05 this morning protected with stop profit

pump n pump
Tallinn viies 09:01 GMT 07/30/2021
EU HICP Flash YY (Jul) 2.2% vs. Exp. 2.0% (Prev. 1.9%)

pump n pump
Tallinn viies 08:38 GMT 07/30/2021
everything going higher.
it is nothing to do with supply n demand.
printing unlimited will cause that and it will end same way as always. all commodities will fall 50-70% and cycle starts again.
mean time just buy whatever you can

london red 08:30 GMT 07/30/2021
iron ore right now is looking great but there is no major supply problem there over next decade. with copper there is. listen to the anglo american cc or ceo interviews from yest. copper will be going to new highs.

HK Kevin 08:26 GMT 07/30/2021
Thanks for your reply, red. Iron ore is the only sector I favour to retest recent high

Amman wfakhoury 08:25 GMT 07/30/2021
Gold is ready to move big.

Tallinn viies 08:24 GMT 07/30/2021
ftse take profit order today to 7071.

HK Kevin 08:22 GMT 07/30/2021
Simply looking at the daily chart, EUR/UD has a probable chance to test 1.1930 level later today. The it should at least take a rest. I am holding long EUR/JPY from 130.05 this morning protected with stop profit

pump n pump
Tallinn viies 08:11 GMT 07/30/2021
seems to be obvious nasdaq100 back above 15 000 after cash market open.
so you know what to do :)

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