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macao win10 03:45 GMT 01/22/2022
Golden chance to load bitcoin is coming. $32000-33000

dc CB 01:16 GMT 01/22/2022
PAR, JP, that MiroMiniMe Guy.

Repeat this day after day as you drink that

cheers y'all

turn to wake-up to: Money

hk ab 01:06 GMT 01/22/2022
nt// loading at $30K?
I will give my luck try at 20-22K.

dc CB 22:13 GMT 01/21/2022
Two farmers selling a pig back and forth for $5 more each time. One slaughters it. The other says, "We were getting rich off that pig."

h/t Dave Collum

dc CB 19:59 GMT 01/21/2022
Judge Jeffrey Brown of the US Court for the Southern District of Texas said the case was not about whether individuals should be vaccinated or even about federal power more broadly.

"whether the president can, with the stroke of a pen and without the input of Congress, require millions of federal employees to undergo a medical procedure as a condition of their employment," Brown wrote.

"That, under the current state of the law as just recently expressed by the Supreme Court, is a bridge too far."

dc CB 17:53 GMT 01/21/2022
NYC Mayor Adams Set To Take His First Paycheck In Bitcoin And Ethereum

..hasn't been shy about his willingness to make the Big Apple the crypto capital of the U.S. Now, he's putting his money where his mouth is...

Mtl JP 17:02 GMT 01/21/2022  - My Profile
from the sherlocks of history at barron's:
"Cryptocurrency markets were in turmoil on Friday as Russia eyed a ban on Bitcoin while a sell-off in U.S. equities continued to roil the crypto space."

don't you like verbs in past tense ?

Crypto Is in Turmoil as Russia Eyes a Ban on Bitcoin

Mtl JP 16:43 GMT 01/21/2022  - My Profile
player sentiment
FOMC next week figures
10yr back under 1.8; gains on week now poof!
Odds are low that the FEDs will do a one-eighty on their tightening theme that they have cultivated of late.

risk should remain wobbly and selectively trading usd (relative yields theme) should yield posi-pips

Mtl JP 15:40 GMT 01/21/2022  - My Profile
Probing mind wants to know: Are dominos falling?
"Mozilla stops accepting cryptocurrency, Wikipedia may be next"

Mtl JP 14:51 GMT 01/21/2022  - My Profile
BTC/USDT 38,608.65 -9.77%
yesterday my dealer sent thi e-mail:
"Big news for NFT fans as Coinbase will soon begin accepting Mastercard in their NFT marketplace.

This means no more using wallets, and no more buying tokens to purchase NFTs.

How will this move the price of Coinbase when the market opens today?

How will you respond to this news?"

Blinken - Lavrov
PAR 14:40 GMT 01/21/2022
Blinken warns any Russian 'invasion' of Ukraine would be met with a 'severe and a united response' following Lavrov meeting.

Looks like no progress.

PAR 14:10 GMT 01/21/2022
Macron winning the French election IMHO is close to zero. The only chance is if he can get Le Pen in the second round.

Another problem for Macron is that Brigitte Macron who becomes 69 this year is far from enthusiastic to be the first lady of France for another 5 years.

I would bet on Valérie Pécresse who has a proven track record, is intelligent, has more emotional intelligence than Macron, and normally should have the women vote in the second round. The only risk is that Macron and his team can find something in her past as they did with Fillon.

Come and see April 10 and April 24.

Mtl JP 11:35 GMT 01/21/2022  - My Profile
what an excuse of a PhD:
“I expect inflation throughout much of the year – 12-month changes – to remain above 2%,” she said. “But if we’re successful in controlling the pandemic, I expect inflation to diminish over the course of the year and hopefully revert to normal levels by the end of the year around 2%.” yellen JAN 20 2022

Mtl JP 11:26 GMT 01/21/2022  - My Profile
like a "good company (wo)man"
some squeaking from "the $7.2 million fee speaker who has not revealed her speaking fees for 2018"
-- Treasury Secretary Yellen defended the Biden administration’s economic achievements and said that she hopes to see inflation closer to 2% by the end of 2022.

-- “I think it has to be viewed as a remarkable success that the unemployment has fallen the most in a year in American history,” Yellen said.

-- Yellen reiterated President Joe Biden’s comments agreeing with the Fed’s expected plan to “recalibrate” monetary policy with inflation at 7%.

Yellen defends Biden’s economic record, says she sees path to slower inflation

Belgrade Knez 10:29 GMT 01/21/2022
what is the estimate for Macron to win second presidential ellection in May?

PAR 09:56 GMT 01/21/2022
dc CB

Guess S&P futures opening at 4500 will make everybody happy.

Another happy end to a difficult week.

PAR 09:48 GMT 01/21/2022
Option expiration will push VIX futures lower.

Dusty animal
HK Dusty 09:16 GMT 01/21/2022
Lol ab!!! Must have missed your post about “exiting 3/4”. Oh wait, you didn’t post that! You funny man ab.

We can see why you aren’t “interested in coming up too frequently now.” After all, going down is the only thing you are good at, master of head.

PAR 08:22 GMT 01/21/2022
During the whole week, Moscow has been waiting for an answer to its proposal for a Treaty guaranteeing peace. Washington has never mentioned it. On the contrary, it has accused Russia of preparing to attack Ukraine and of planning a false flag operation to justify it. Russia can no longer back down, but any action on its part risks opening a third world conflict.

Washington refuses to hear Russia and China

PAR 08:02 GMT 01/21/2022
Where is European president Charles Michel in all those mega-important talks with Russia and Ukraine? Is he still on holiday?

Biden together with Anthony Blinken is discussing everything in Europe's and Nato's name without any European approval. Biden himself seems not very sure about what is going on.

"Warmongers" Taking US Toward "Destruction Of The World" Over Ukraine

Dusty animal
hk ab 07:14 GMT 01/21/2022
The jealous animals finally resurface after seeing my victory up to 115 and hidden for a week.

You don't feel ashame?

I am not even interested in coming up too frequently now.

Am still holding some after exiting 3/4 when it blasted 114 last week.

you can keep enjoying your dusty hands.

USD reversal is imminent!
Mtl JP 05:59 GMT 01/21/2022  - My Profile
re "yes .... EURUSD = parity!"
when pigs fly ... with their tails forward

Dusty crap
HK Dusty 01:46 GMT 01/21/2022
Ab- We are worried that the engine of the “Famous JPY Rocket” appears to be sputtering. I hope rocket doesn’t crash and take out your 113.20 s/l. Also, thanks for the new name, we like Dusty.

Israel MacroMicro 23:27 GMT 01/20/2022
the timing of the pullback suggests some strong move up to save some dealers. another leg down directly is great with me but it may cause serious chaos among some dealers, very volatile overnight Friday ahead for US equities.


dc CB 22:39 GMT 01/20/2022

as a reminder ----those holding SPX Options are no longer able to exit.
Where these Options end up----in the money, out of the money-aka worthless, is now in the hands of Futures overnight and where the Futures can force the Cash Open to be.
The Settlement is Based on the Opening Range-----Gaps will be good for some, bad for others.

Who holds the Option and Who SOLD the Option to the Holder.

PAR 21:06 GMT 01/20/2022
Ukrainian president Zelensky wants Americans and American media to stop making the Ukranians nervous about an imminent Russian invasion.

Ukrainians are hoarding and there is run on the banks.

GVI Forex 20:46 GMT 01/20/2022  - My Profile
Let’s keep it simple.

Stocks took a u turn (down) => dollar followed (up)

PAR 19:12 GMT 01/20/2022
By always talking down the Euro Lagarde only increases
Europe's inflationary problems.

In reality the inflation in Europe is worse than in the USA.

Lagarde just can't admit that she has been completely out of touch with the economic reality and she just refuses to change her mind and do her job.

Israel MacroMicro 17:43 GMT 01/20/2022

you will get 19.50 VIX during next week
have a great weekend

USD reversal is imminent!
Belgrade Knez 17:32 GMT 01/20/2022
yes .... EURUSD = parity!

USD reversal is imminent!
uk 17:31 GMT 01/20/2022
Hope so

PAR 15:19 GMT 01/20/2022
ECB members cautioned that inflation staying higher for longer can’t be ruled out and that it can easily stay above 2% in 2023/24.

Some members didn’t agree with the policy proposal as they made reservations on the recalibration of APP bond buying, the extension of reinvestments under a pandemic emergency scheme and the increased flexibility of bond buys beyond the pandemic. Even so, this wasn’t the trigger for a further rise in European yields.

Earlier today ECB’s Lagarde in an interview already indicated that the ECB is in a different position compared to the Fed. The German yield curve bull flattens with yields declining between 1.2 bps (2-y) and 2.8 bps (30-y) (rise in 5-yield was benchmark change). The 10-y yield (-0.035%) again trades well in negative territory).

USD reversal is imminent!
Bangkok KC 14:58 GMT 01/20/2022
USD short-term trend reversal is inevitable.

PAR 12:52 GMT 01/20/2022
Could Lagarde's opinion become a minority opinion in the ECB if one takes into account the population and the GDP represented by the opposing members.

If the president of the ECB loses the support of its biggest shareholder there is a huge problem.

Belgrade Knez 12:35 GMT 01/20/2022

once 1.1330 (MP) gives way - next target 1.1290 (fib) then lower trend line

PAR 11:59 GMT 01/20/2022
Lagarde brainwashed by BlackRock while year after year after year European workers and savers lose purchasing power?

The European Central Bank has “every reason” not to respond as forcefully as the Federal Reserve to soaring consumer prices, according to President Christine Lagarde.

“We’re all in very different situations,” Lagarde told the France Inter radio station Thursday in an interview. Inflation is “clearly weaker” in the euro area, while the region’s economic recovery is also not as advanced as in the U.S., she said.

“We have every reason to not react as quickly and as abruptly as we could imagine the Fed might,” Lagarde said. “But we have started to respond and we, of course, stand ready to respond with monetary policy if figures, data, facts, require it.”

The ECB has come under pressure to act after inflation in the currency bloc hit a record 5% last month. But while officials have agreed to wind down pandemic stimulus, they say an interest-rate increase is highly unlikely this year since the current bout of inflation is driven by supply shocks and a spike in energy costs, and should gradually ease.

Under current conditions and inflation forecasts, “an increase in interest rates is not expected in 2022,” ECB Governing Council member Pablo Hernandez de Cos told Spanish television broadcaster TVE in a separate interview on Thursday.

Amman wfakhoury 08:06 GMT 01/20/2022
GVI Forex 15:17 GMT 01/19/2022 - My Profile

Quiet FF reflects the broader market.

Feel free to add your comments.

GOLD ready to move big.
Amman wfakhoury 07:42 GMT 01/20/2022
GOLD ready to move big.

PAR 22:33 GMT 01/19/2022
His priority was USA losing power to China. Which happened and now all he is talking about is Russia.
I don't get it.

PAR 21:43 GMT 01/19/2022
A pathetic performance. How can he do this to America.
He should just resign instead of keeping talking nonsense.

PAR 21:34 GMT 01/19/2022
Biden's Russian sanctions are hurting Europe more than they are hurting Russia. Biden is a dangerous bellicose president. Make peace not war.

dc CB 20:04 GMT 01/19/2022
While the forum was asleep.

England Ends All COVID Passports, Mask Mandates, Work Restrictions
By Lily Zhou
January 19, 2022 Updated: January 19, 2022

Restrictions including COVID-19 passes, mask mandates, and work-from-home guidance will be removed in England, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Wednesday.

Johnson also suggested that self-isolation rules may also be thrown out at the end of March as the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus pandemic becomes endemic.

Effective immediately, the UK government is no longer asking people to work from home.

uk 17:39 GMT 01/19/2022
Glad it's behaving again

dc CB 17:35 GMT 01/19/2022
coming Friday

graphic from Goldman---via ZeroHedge

GVI Forex 15:46 GMT 01/19/2022  - My Profile
3:1 reached. Ask me for access details..

The Amazing Trader

GVI Forex 15:17 GMT 01/19/2022  - My Profile
EURUSD is back into its old range (last 1.1347)

USD is a touch softer elsewhere but EURUSD struggling at 1.1350-54 (former AT support). AT beta (follows the logic of our high-low reversal strategy) is short at 1.1351, stop above HOD, 3;1 risk/reward.

Modest risk on but tentative as stocks giving back gains.

Quiet FF reflects the broader market.

Feel free to add your comments.

GVI Forex 13:40 GMT 01/19/2022  - My Profile
US housing data misses to upside

Markets suffer from bipolar disorder PPT syndrome
PAR 12:43 GMT 01/19/2022
U.S. futures and European equities reversed a selloff on Wednesday as earnings optimism offset concerns about rising bond yields.

Contracts on three U.S. benchmarks and Europe’s Stoxx 600 Index erased earlier losses to trade slightly higher. Retailers led gains in Europe after Richemont and Burberry Group Plc beat expectations, while bank stocks were mixed in premarket trading after Bank of America Corp. reported earning

Mtl JP 11:35 GMT 01/19/2022  - My Profile
Vlad is either magnanimous or mellowed pussy as he got
can foreign min melanie joly and us warmonger blinken right in one place in kiev: two mosquitos, one swat

PAR 11:33 GMT 01/19/2022
Biden uses Ukraine as a lightning rod to get attention away from his own domestic problems and failure to deliver on all his election promises.

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