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dc CB 20:28 GMT 09/18/2021
JP, is Sept 20th Just-in-Time's election day?

Caribbean! Rafe... 19:23 GMT 09/18/2021  - My Profile
Methane warms the planet 20 times faster than carbon dioxide. Cattle account for more than 90 other polluting gases including two-thirds of the ammonia released to the environment. Ammonia is among the causes of acid rain. Ranching is among the major drivers of deforestation on a global scale. Overgrazing is turning ranges and pastures into deserts. Cattle are heavily reliant on water; rivers, lakes, swamps, and water pans are being drained to meet the demand for water considering that it takes 990 liters of water to produce a single liter of milk.

How Many Cows Are There in the World?

Caribbean! Rafe... 16:26 GMT 09/18/2021  - My Profile
Greenpeace is a non-governmental[3] environmental organisation with offices in over 55 countries and an international coordinating body in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Don't Make a Wave Committee

Caribbean! Rafe... 13:01 GMT 09/18/2021  - My Profile
Sorry I forgot to state the point of the cumulative effects.

If a minimum of 5000 homes each got 96 sq ft inside their homes dedicated to philantrophy or simple air purification, then do the math and see how many pounds of pollutants would be stripped from the air and oxygen released back into it as a by product...

The cumulative land area of 5000 homes is massive. And how many pounds of oxygen were being generated (?) in those spaces before being taken over...?.

Caribbean! Rafe... 12:38 GMT 09/18/2021  - My Profile
Global Lockdown... otherwise no use. The problem of low immunity to covid comes about because of air pollution. COVID was created in a lab by scientists who had to go home at the end of the day, so to get around them we purify the air inside our homes.

Pure air builds immunity in a natural way, and is the safest way is to create clean & smog free oxygen which prevents sickness, even when in proximity to herds, if even herds shift to another area is immaterial. A multi tiered flower bunk bed in an 8x4 space with 3 tiers is 96 sq ft of philantrophy and pure profit for farmers, a fruit deck usefully germinating fruit tree seeds into saplings transplanted into backyard farms harvested for commercial farmers, just for philantrophy sake. Tree seeds & saplings transplanted into tree farms growing wood for saw mills creates thousands of jobs, massive profits for tree farmers, might just save forests. Vegetables grown and given away to the farmers out of philantrophy is better for their profit, even homeless shelters would benefit. And I feel it would really and truly solve our global warming problems harmlessly, whilst building immunity naturally, stripping the air we breathe of pollutants & solving the problem of global warming which is most active during waking/sunlight hours. The crub (air pollution, smog, cow crub methane, heat generated by non-biodegradable plastic waste in landfills etc) left behind at the end of 1 day is creating enough waste to feed global warming for 1 week!!.

Mtl JP 09:30 GMT 09/18/2021
On Wednesday September 22 President Biden will convene a virtual COVID Summit on the margins of the UN General Assembly.

This meeting is about expanding and enhancing our shared efforts to defeat COVID-19

Statement by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on COVID-⁠19 Summit
SEPTEMBER 17, 2021

dc CB 20:18 GMT 09/17/2021
Vax Headlines today.

FDA Advisory Panel Rejects Pfizer Booster Jabs Scuttling Biden Administration's Plan
Update (1530ET): A panel of senior advisors for the FDA voted against approving a third dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech jab for every patient over the age of 16, while leaving a door open to approving booster jabs for a more limited portion of the population including the elderly and the immuno-compromised.

The final vote tally was Yes: 2, No: 16, Abstain: 0
White House Plans To Donate Millions Of COVID Shots After Pfizer Says 'Mysterious' White Particles Are 'Safe

***see the news from Japan on vaxes: Pfizer 'white stuff' in doses found. Moderna 'black stuff' found. Metalalic contamination found---not sure which brand.)

pump n pump
Tallinn viies 19:06 GMT 09/17/2021
lowering nasdsq100 take profit order to 15 389 for today

Tallinn viies 19:05 GMT 09/17/2021
closed half ftse long at 6991. rest of it stays for 7100.

EURO @11728
Caribbean! Rafe... 18:40 GMT 09/17/2021  - My Profile
EURUSD :- Hovering above historical support levels from 05', it's fake it or break it till you make it... And not Agrinomics but Agronomics is key in coming years...

Mtl JP 18:19 GMT 09/17/2021
red shutting his trap would be denying one of the two trade-able market tactics: technicals and fundamentals

london red 18:05 GMT 09/17/2021
well since a lot of methane comes from $hit, he could keep his trap closed for a while that would help.

Mtl JP 17:59 GMT 09/17/2021
Like I wonder who exactly holds the on/off button on his microphone I also wonder who exactly is it that choses what sh-t gets typed on the teleprompter for him to read:
"Biden warns climate forum of ‘point of no return’ without bolder action, agrees to methane cuts"

Mtl JP 17:54 GMT 09/17/2021

red 17:16 - maybe not till few fractions of seconds to 4pm EST
dog vs dog

Caribbean! Rafe... 17:16 GMT 09/17/2021  - My Profile
dc CB 16:48 GMT 09/17/2021

FWIW... Money Masters giving 6.xx% p/a on riskless bonds. Pondering if I should bank on them or 91 day T's while waiting for opportunities. It's better than FD's. What say?

london red 17:16 GMT 09/17/2021
bottom is in(?)

i dont claim to have a crystal ball but cnbc talking about 50dma so i will say now its written in stone mkt moves lower. 4415 interim pt or low. if they chose to do more 4300 plus minus 50 pips likely to be total low before move back up. if we see 200dma by 4100 then u wont see that again for another year imo. but i dont think they will let you buy that soon. think 43xx as best as can hope for for to pick up stuff.

dc CB 16:48 GMT 09/17/2021
Clockwork---europe closes noon in NY arrives---bottom is in(?)

ZH: China's junk bond yields not just surged higher overnight, but have just surpassed the 2020 highs, printing 14.34% overnight, and the highest level since the great repo rate crisis of 2011
Tomrow Sept 18---'insurection redux'. Demonstrations in Wash DC, the fence it back up surrounding the Capitol. Trumps warns---
“On Saturday, that’s a setup,” Trump said, referring to the rally.
“If people don’t show up they’ll say, ‘Oh, it’s a lack of spirit.’ And if people do show up they’ll be harassed.”

Hoppy weekend

london red 16:14 GMT 09/17/2021
sellers of the 10 ran out of juice many times here by 1.38%. maybe some bear fireworks from china over wknd. i wouldnt like to be short bonds over wknd.

Mtl JP 16:11 GMT 09/17/2021
10-yr 1.375, off a bit from its HoD
bears watching (like the pun)

Mtl JP 16:07 GMT 09/17/2021
the number of dogs eating dogs is getting less n less:
Friday, September 17th is a large Triple Witching expiration which means that many stocks/ETFs/Indicies have large options positions that will be closed at 4pm EST on Friday). Specifically, updated open interest figures now show 35% of SPX, 50% SPY, and 35% of QQQ gamma expiring tomorrow. As you can see below we now have 4465/75 as a “pin point” which a sharp drop in the SG Momentum down to 4400.' zh post ref'd by dc CB earlier

Tallinn viies 15:53 GMT 09/17/2021
hopefully supercycle guys (crude traders) also plan to sell some today. if they follow US indexes and euro. at least Im ready.
73,80-74,10 renage front month brent area I would like get some cheap crude today if miracles happen.

Mtl JP 15:47 GMT 09/17/2021
EURO 1.1733
S 1.1735/25/00
lets see
discipline probably the key

pump n pump
Tallinn viies 15:35 GMT 09/17/2021
lowering nasdaq100 take profit order to 15 413

what is the next price?
HK Kevin 15:33 GMT 09/17/2021
Closed half position at 4425. Waiting for London Red's level for the remaining half.
HK Kevin 19:25 GMT 09/16/2021
Sell ES again today at 4476.

pump n pump
Tallinn viies 15:33 GMT 09/17/2021
got ftse second part at 6934. sell out haff at 6991.

Mtl JP 15:32 GMT 09/17/2021

puppy s been there before
like a wolverine I smell evil human machinations

Belgrade Knez 15:26 GMT 09/17/2021
Belgrade Knez 10:38 GMT September 16, 2021
eurusd: Reply
1.1770, Monday low now broken .... looking for next support at 1.1750
price perfectly retraced up today to MP 1.1790 and then continue down move .... like very much trading according to levels (previous supp/res, pivots, round numbers etc ....) .... for next week looking to see test of fib level at 1.1695

pump n pump
Tallinn viies 15:24 GMT 09/17/2021
lowering nasdaq100 order to 15 425.

pump n pump
Tallinn viies 15:01 GMT 09/17/2021
missed by 10 pips my nasdaq100 order.
bough it here at 15 355.
take profit at 15 446.

[Poll Results] Will the Fed Signal a Bond Taper?
GVI Forex Blog 14:42 GMT 09/17/2021


As with all of my surveys, such as the one on Brexit which was one of the few that called the outcome correctly, it is the comments from participants that often reveal a lot more about sentiment than the actual numbers.

This was the case in my latest survey, which asked Will the Fed signal an intention to start tapering bond purchases later this year at the September 22 FOMC meeting?

[Poll Results] Will the Fed Signal a Bond Taper?

london red 14:41 GMT 09/17/2021
(if you didnt buy the frontruns) remember to avoid the temptation to buy the 50dma. this is what they want you to do. the better r/r is at 4410/15. sometimes better to sit on hands.

london red 14:26 GMT 09/17/2021
ftse cash sup by 6962. below there is the 200dma some 100 pts from here. yeah thats how little value has done last few months - the big avg has caught up

Tallinn viies 14:20 GMT 09/17/2021
order to add at 6934. good today

london red 13:56 GMT 09/17/2021
4414 a nice quick drop if 50dma touched. they frontran 3 days in a row. the time it touches it cuts thru? blame it on the options

Mtl JP 13:46 GMT 09/17/2021
DLRx 92.445
puppy is frolicking around the 92.50 price point ahead of next week's FOMC.
I am still looking for buying the USD and try to ride it uP on the FED's back. x-fingers

pump n pump
Tallinn viies 13:43 GMT 09/17/2021
left nasdaq100 buy order to 15 337. fingers crossed :)

GVI Forex 13:19 GMT 09/17/2021  - My Profile
USD is following US yields moving higher

Hk Ab 13:04 GMT 09/17/2021
Limit 1753 buy again

london red 12:26 GMT 09/17/2021
its just a matter of time. if it comes down to losing control, they will light a fire below it. until then they will go to the moon...but will eventaully be worthless/banned.

Mtl JP 09:29 GMT 09/17/2021
disruptive, upheaval, drawbacks vs benefits, governments risk losing control over fiscal and monetary policies if multiple currencies vie for economic activity, None of this appeals to bankers
... "The Fed itself is expected to weigh in with its own report in coming days."...

There�s a Coming War Over Money and Cryptos. Why You Should Care.
By Daren Fonda

Snap Poll: Will the Fed Signal a Bond Taper?
GVI Forex 10:21 GMT 09/17/2021  - My Profile
Last request:

The Fed's decision at the upcoming FOMC meeting whether or not to signal a taper of bond purchases will have implications for trading in all markets both immediately and beyond.

Please participate in our poll by clicking on the following:

Snap Poll: Will the Fed Signal a Bond Taper?

Mtl JP 10:20 GMT 09/17/2021
US 10-yr 1.343%
"risk"s not exactly exuberant sofar this morning

Mtl JP 10:07 GMT 09/17/2021
USDCAD 1.2653
CPI: 4.1% Aug 2021
Federal election vote is on Sept 20
"We are Canada's central bank. We work to preserve the value of money by keeping inflation low and stable. This allows Canadians to make spending and investment decisions with more confidence, encourages longer-term investment in Canada’s economy, and contributes to sustained job creation and greater productivity. This, in turn, leads to improvements in our standard of living.” - BoC

Incumbent Liberal PM Trudeau: “I don’t think about monetary policy.”

Mtl JP 09:29 GMT 09/17/2021
disruptive, upheaval, drawbacks vs benefits, governments risk losing control over fiscal and monetary policies if multiple currencies vie for economic activity, None of this appeals to bankers
... "The Fed itself is expected to weigh in with its own report in coming days."...

There’s a Coming War Over Money and Cryptos. Why You Should Care.
By Daren Fonda

Tallinn viies 09:15 GMT 09/17/2021
long ftse now at 7034.
sell at 7054.

GOLD Ready to move big
Amman wfakhoury 07:59 GMT 09/17/2021
TER SM 07:21 GMT 09/17/2021
Wfakhoury? Do you have any confirmed levels for eur/usd?
EURUSD 11815 confirmed to be reached unless closed below 11760 and keeps below it.

HK Hap P.N.Ding 07:56 GMT 09/17/2021
Welcome back HB...let the colonoscopy games begin.

pump n pump
Tallinn viies 07:51 GMT 09/17/2021
plan to buy nasdaq100 today if -minus 200 points from daily high.
ftse plan to buy at 7034.
sp500 take profit sell order at 4513.

Tallinn viies 07:36 GMT 09/17/2021
brent crude very very bullish. you can not loose bullish :)
anyway, if previous day high at 75,87 taken out 77,84 next YEARLY HIGH. after that tons of empy space until 86-88 level.
keep pushing it higher. plan to add today if -minus 2 dollars from daily high. otherwise keeping longs for 80. GS n Powell on the mission still.

GOLD Ready to move big
TER SM 07:21 GMT 09/17/2021
Wfakhoury? Do you have any confirmed levels for eur/usd?

GOLD Ready to move big
TER SM 06:49 GMT 09/17/2021
Hello! Could say something about eur/usd?

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