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dc CB 16:49 GMT 06/29/2022
Mtl JP 16:54 GMT 06/28
more moRE lockdowns and profit-trading opportunities:
WHO adviser says G7 leaders must prioritize COVID-19 or face economic harm, unrest


"Much Worse" COVID Symptoms After 'Paxlovid Rebound'

dc CB 15:59 GMT 06/29/2022
CNN White House officials are losing confidence that Ukraine will ever be able to take back all of the land it has lost to Russia over the past four months of war, US officials told CNN, even with the heavier and more sophisticated weaponry the US and its allies plan to send.
Advisers to President Joe Biden have begun debating internally how and whether Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky should shift his definition of a Ukrainian "victory" -- adjusting for the possibility that his country has shrunk irreversibly.

Hk Ab 15:04 GMT 06/29/2022
Several brave c9 think gold can’t break 1800….

dc CB 14:56 GMT 06/29/2022
Crude DOE reports finally.

DOE (net of the two weeks)
Crude -2.762mm
Cushing -782k
Gasoline +2.645mm
Distillates +2.559mm

Cushing inventories are getting very close to operational-low-limits again...
Cushing storage tanks require a minimum level of oil to maintain normal operations, which traders estimate at ~20M barrels.

US Crude Production rose to its highest since April 2020...


Mtl JP 14:43 GMT 06/29/2022  - My Profile
EURO 1.047x
puppy will need to bust south of 1.045ish for trip lower
else a pop uP is in the cards (1.05 - 1.06)

Mtl JP 14:31 GMT 06/29/2022  - My Profile
cartens just kicked the defund police liberal dems in the teeth
"law and order is very important"

Mtl JP 14:21 GMT 06/29/2022  - My Profile
christine says has "faith in innovativity and creativity ...
particularly when comes to women"

panel giggles and cringes ... for about 1 second

Mtl JP 14:10 GMT 06/29/2022  - My Profile
hmm ... they are admitting to collusion phone calls under carstens every two months

Hk Ab 14:01 GMT 06/29/2022
Kevin, buying with low leverage Acct. Still missing by 1 pip on my platform.

Gold lies are bursting and repeat the “long lasting” bitcoin story.

As usual, good trades make that sour grapes more sour

Mtl JP 14:00 GMT 06/29/2022  - My Profile
moderator: panel... do you think that today you have a better understanding of what is inflation ?

no one , not one , mentions the amount spigot money

HK Kevin 13:55 GMT 06/29/2022
Hk Ab 13:32 GMT, not looking good in s/t charts. Give it a day or stop out

Mtl JP 13:50 GMT 06/29/2022  - My Profile
so far the chorus chant is
"focused to bring inflation rate to 2%"

no talk about balance sheet vs GDP

PAR 13:49 GMT 06/29/2022
The declining Euro due to increasing interest rate differentials with the US dollar is also a major factor adding to European inflation.

PAR 13:40 GMT 06/29/2022
Fresh money printing by ECB keeps fuelling European inflation.

The ECB balance sheet hit yet another new high and it looks like European interest rates will stay negative for the rest of the summer while the inflation fire keeps burning and Lagarde is tanning.

Mtl JP 13:36 GMT 06/29/2022  - My Profile
lol lagarde aping janet's earlier suggestion that policy is an "art"

GVI Forex 13:32 GMT 06/29/2022  - My Profile
FX reacting to hawkish tone, => risk off

Hk Ab 13:32 GMT 06/29/2022
Kevin, my limit 136.99

Mtl JP 13:31 GMT 06/29/2022  - My Profile
bailey pleading the 5th on rates
abandoning self to reacting to future data

powell calls market's "reaction function"

Belgrade Knez 13:27 GMT 06/29/2022
this month it broke 20 years high (135.16 - Jan 2002) ..... if close tomorrow above it, next 147.68 - Aug 1998 !?

Mtl JP 13:23 GMT 06/29/2022  - My Profile
good to see cartens sitting there
keeping an eye on his sub-ordinates blabla

HK Kevin 13:19 GMT 06/29/2022
USD/JPY 136.80 sell order filled.

Mtl JP 13:19 GMT 06/29/2022  - My Profile

Mtl JP 13:14 GMT 06/29/2022  - My Profile

from my friendly journalist's spy camera at the seville shindig

Mtl JP 13:07 GMT 06/29/2022  - My Profile
thks Jay for reminder
time has come to see how the lower cast central bankers and policy makers heed Carsten & Co. earlier orders ("require real interest rates to rise above neutral levels for a time") and how they prance and chant around the BIS totem pole

ref my april 4 and june 26 "BIS"

GVI Forex 12:52 GMT 06/29/2022  - My Profile
LaGarde, Powell snd Bailey about to take part in a panel discussion at the ECB forum so watch for headlines.

Mtl JP 12:52 GMT 06/29/2022  - My Profile
PAR in N.A. most working peasants who have to travel daily to work n back put circa 150Km on the odo. x 5 at (2-2.50/L doing 10Km/L).
not counting maintenance and cost of parking.

This why partially, currently, peasants are screaming blue murder on being recalled back into the office and employers in some cases offering gasoline subsidies. The other reason many peasants bulk at the travel is the TIME it costs 1 - 1.5h each way.

I ll bet 100% have no idea / care about Kiev - Seville.
It is a non-issue.

jkt abel 12:45 GMT 06/29/2022
Hk's c9s are buying gold again

Mtl JP 12:37 GMT 06/29/2022  - My Profile
Mohamed is just more charitable and polite
Mohamed A. El-Erian
Good morning.

On the risk of a flip-flopping Fed in the face on both high inflation and weakening economic growth.

PAR 12:32 GMT 06/29/2022

Kyiv to Seville is 4091 km.

Mtl JP 11:52 GMT 06/29/2022  - My Profile
mester says
* The US Federal Reserve is “just at the beginning” of raising interest rates to control inflation ... and

* wants to see the benchmark lending rate "a little bit above 4% next year." - bbrg

SELL USD/JPY on rally
PGH TB 11:19 GMT 06/29/2022
Jay, to clarify: I have consistently made money from this "Bangkok KC" person by fading his/her ridiculous calls - using Amazing Trader, of course, to determine best entries/stop-loss/take-profit.

So he/she does provide a very profitable service here on the forum; however, his/her horrendously rude and unprofessional posts are totally unacceptable and he/she - in my humble opinion - needs to be banned permanently from the forum.

Mtl JP 11:06 GMT 06/29/2022  - My Profile
Inflation & Fighters & Data & Guidance & Communication paroles
i.e. mushroom farming* feeding time
current various - ecb / fed - PhDs' chorus:
(I) "support rate hike" BUT only IF "data support it"

*mushroom farming: feed 'em chit and keep 'em in the dark

inasmuch as policy makers appear to want market players to believe and focus on that interest is THE inflation-taming appropriate tool

Vincent Cignarella suggests that it is "The Fed’s balance sheet as a percentage of GDP is what is driving today’s inflation -- not the nominal Fed Funds rate." but so far his suggestion does not appear to have traction in the market as a theme. you judge:

via ZH / "Catastrophic Risk To Stocks And Bonds": Fed's Balance Sheet Caused Inflation, Not Low Rates

SELL USD/JPY on rally
PGH TB 10:21 GMT 06/29/2022
"PGH TB Loser trader like you don't have anything helpful to shere to people on this forum. So shut up and mind your own business."

Jay, please ban this retard.

SELL USD/JPY on rally
Bangkok KC 10:13 GMT 06/29/2022
PGH TB 09:47 GMT June 29, 2022

My trade call was 90% profitable recently. You just ignorance and didn't pay any attention to my previous successful trades.

PGH TB Loser trader like you don't have anything helpful to shere to people on this forum. So shut up and mind your own business.

Mtl JP 10:00 GMT 06/29/2022  - My Profile
Dusty I was being sarcastic w/Ab's suggestion about banksters and gv

which is not to say that it is impossible only improbable. as they do appear to keep an eye on various social media / forums

SELL USD/JPY on rally
PGH TB 09:47 GMT 06/29/2022
"No, thanks. I won't subscribe to AT because I never see AT real performance"

You "never see AT real performance" even though you don't subscribe??? lol uh.... ok

All your trade calls are losers so far so.... ???

Mtl JP 09:42 GMT 06/29/2022  - My Profile
PAR distances in Europe are half or less of those in US or Canada
also trains are much more developed so 10 vs 5 is approximately comparatively correct

SELL USD/JPY on rally
Bangkok KC 09:14 GMT 06/29/2022
PGH TB 05:34 GMT June 29, 2022

No, thanks. I won't subscribe to AT because I never see AT real performance. How can I rely on AT?

My USD/JPY trading position is doing fine recently. I got a very nice profit every week.

I can trust my system, and am sure my USD/JPY average short position [email protected] will make a nice profit before the end of the week.

PAR 07:31 GMT 06/29/2022
The annual inflation rate in Spain jumped to 10.2% in June of 2022 from 8.7% in May, much higher than market forecasts of 9%, preliminary estimates showed. It is the highest inflation rate since April of 1985, mainly due to the rising cost of fuels and lubricants, food and non-alcoholic beverages, and hotels, cafés, and restaurants. Excluding the cost of food and energy, core inflation rose to 5.5%, the highest since August of 1993. Compared to the previous month, consumer prices surged 1.8%. source: National Statistics Institute (INE)

GVI Forex 07:31 GMT 06/29/2022  - My Profile
A look at the day ahead in markets from Julien Ponthus.

Much of the market rebound from the lows hit on June 17 was credited to data being arguably bad enough to encourage central banks to go easy on their aggressive policy tightening plans yet good enough to suggest a recession could be avoided.

MORNING BID-When bad data is just that

PAR 07:04 GMT 06/29/2022
European gasoline and diesel prices approach $10 a gallon.

Never seen and double what Americans pay.

PAR 06:48 GMT 06/29/2022
Inflation and negative interest rates.

A toxic cocktail undermining consumer confidence.

Amman wfakhoury 06:44 GMT 06/29/2022
Amman wfakhoury 06:29 GMT 06/28/2022
Prepare to move big
Both moved big equaling the movement of the last 3 days.

SELL USD/JPY on rally
PGH TB 05:34 GMT 06/29/2022
Or you could stop trying to pick tops and just subscribe to Amazing Trader and... you know... make money? lol

SELL USD/JPY on rally
Bangkok KC 03:39 GMT 06/29/2022
One can expect to see a final run to 137JPY.

SELL USD/JPY on rally
Bangkok KC 03:38 GMT 06/29/2022
Seem Big Shark underestimate the power of the BOJ...

Hk Dusty 02:14 GMT 06/29/2022
Ab- an esteemed forum member is now calling you out on your bangster nonsense. Nobody, Nobody wants to see your useless posts about bangsters, c9, millennials, avalanches, etc.

Mtl JP 01:25 GMT 06/29/2022  - My Profile
SnP 3820
FED gang Inflation fight Player sentiment
by quick non-scientific headlines count I am observing increased division amongst pundits about FED's staying power and commitment

SnP was circa 3925, -10% would bring it to somes' consensus bottom around 3500

SELL USD/JPY on rally
Bangkok KC 19:27 GMT 06/28/2022
2nd [email protected]

Mtl JP 18:15 GMT 06/28/2022  - My Profile
taking on risk needs to be accompanied by appropriate+ level of potential reward. finance 101 and 102. not PhD

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