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sell gold, buy usd
tokyo boj 13:19 GMT 03/20/2023  - My Profile
Sell Gold
Entry: 24333 Target: Stop: later


today i sold etf gold vs jpy

i think gold should go down 50 percent vs jpy and usd

sell gold, buy usd
kl fs 12:51 GMT 03/20/2023
monthly lower highs, bye bye gold

sell gold, buy usd
kl fs 12:50 GMT 03/20/2023
those buyers got trapped above 2000, lets go down 1910 next

Credit Suisse
GVI 09:47 GMT 03/20/2023  - My Profile
Reuters) -Banking stocks and bonds plummeted on Monday after UBS Group sealed a state-backed takeover of troubled peer Credit Suisse Group AG, a deal that was orchestrated in an attempt to restore confidence in a battered sector.

Relief over Credit Suisse rescue short-lived as bank shares plummet

short usdjpy
tokyo boj 08:37 GMT 03/20/2023  - My Profile
usdjpy jpn225 dji and spx going down as expected

today made nice profit in sgdjpy sold around 99yen

short goldjpy etc @ 24333

hk ab 07:33 GMT 03/20/2023
blind buy time again.

Credit Suisse
Jkt Abel 00:37 GMT 03/20/2023
Euro to 1.10?

Credit Suisse
dc CB 22:26 GMT 03/19/2023

the Ides of March--- plus 7

(thought bubble)
"Fek me"

Credit Suisse
dc CB 20:24 GMT 03/19/2023
dc CB 19:30 GMT 03/18/2023
Nationalize the banks?????????

Look Over Here-----rabbit rabbit.....
Ladies and Gentlemen please bring your attention to the Center Ring.

Donald Trump to be 'Arrested' as early as Tuesday

Elon quips....Tweet

Credit Suisse
PAR 19:50 GMT 03/19/2023
Strange? Shareholders get money and co co bonds get wiped out.

This is completely crazy.

Credit Suisse
GVI Forex 19:32 GMT 03/19/2023  - My Profile
UBS seals Credit Suisse takeover in bid to calm market nerves>:

March 19 (Reuters) - UBS (UBSG.S) agreed to buy rival Swiss bank Credit Suisse (CSGN.S) for 3 billion Swiss francs ($3.23 billion) and agreed to assume up to $5.4 billion in losses, in a shotgun merger engineered by Swiss authorities to avoid further market-shaking turmoil in global banking.

Credit Suisse
dc CB 19:15 GMT 03/19/2023

Special Live TV Coverage: Credit Suisse Crisis


Credit Suisse
dc CB 19:12 GMT 03/19/2023
Update (1430ET): The Swiss government, SNB and various regulators hold an ad hoc press conference on the Credit Suisse takeover by UBS.

And here are some more highlights from the presser:


UBS To Buy CS For $2 Billion; SNB Offers $100 Billion Liquidity But UBS CDS Blowout Regardless

Sell bonds in tranches via Discount Brokers.
Caribbean! Rafe... 19:09 GMT 03/19/2023  - My Profile
Investing in a country sometimes is helpful for those who want to migrate and they have to make an investment of xyz amount for fast track route to residency.

Green Bonds...?

Wise people always say,... Love your enemies (because they got a lotta money!).

Sell bonds in tranches via Discount Brokers.
Caribbean! Rafe... 18:38 GMT 03/19/2023  - My Profile
There is the problem of selling bonds because of low bond yields. My question is why did they sell them, when they were supposed to have held them to maturity, that's the point of buying bonds! Keep em' till their ripe. So perhaps, it's something I don't understand, so any kind person please enlighten me.

Anyhows, This may be applicable as a late solution: My fundamentalist observation and humble opinion is to sell the bonds on the secondary markets via discount brokers in micro sized tranches as small as possible. Options buyers and sellers always can make a better use for such products, or so I feel but perhaps I may be wrong, sometimes they also buy them as collateral because sometimes... they just want to try that!

Credit Suisse
PAR 15:52 GMT 03/19/2023
Nationalization by Swiss and Saudi states seems to be the only option left. Later it can always be privatized again.

Take it from the stock markets like Rothschild did with their very profitable bank.

Credit Suisse
PAR 14:59 GMT 03/19/2023
Unsurprisingly UBS doesn't want to buy the failing Credit Suisse. Will Switzerland nationalize?

Crunch time for Credit Suisse talks as UBS seeks Swiss assurances
Mtl JP 13:22 GMT 03/19/2023  - My Profile
that swiss banking
- personified by Credit Swiss - "As one of 30 global systemically important banks, Credit Suisse's failure would ripple throughout the entire financial system."

is , in other words, a systemic pillar of (international ?) banking confidence

that "simply can not be let to fail" ?

soooo... I ask ... what "confidence" are the anti-failure peddlers talking about: the sheltered secret hiding fortunes would no longer be sheltered, secret and hidden ? and therefor be maybe subject to seizure, forfaiture or taxation ?

Mtl JP 12:59 GMT 03/19/2023  - My Profile
EVERYONE not living under a rock somewhere
KNOWS that
BANKING is a game of

As long as there are mass flows of deposits to JPMorgan... BoAmerica
that means lack of confidence is not over and so
PEDDLERS like yellen has more moRE MORE! "work" to do.

Crunch time for Credit Suisse talks as UBS seeks Swiss assurances
Mtl JP 12:47 GMT 03/19/2023  - My Profile
SO pray tell ...
WHO exactly
ARE the
SWISS banks ?

Sooo ... why not let the secretive swiss banks sink and watch the rats leave ship n float to the surface and
TRY to swim to home countries and
FALL into yellen & co. TAX net ?

Crunch time for Credit Suisse talks as UBS seeks Swiss assurances
GVI Forex 08:57 GMT 03/19/2023  - My Profile
Reuters) - Talks over rescuing Credit Suisse rolled into Sunday as UBS AG sought $6 billion from the Swiss government to cover costs if it were to buy its struggling rival, a person with knowledge of the talks said.

Crunch time for Credit Suisse talks as UBS seeks Swiss assurances

dc CB 23:14 GMT 03/18/2023
Jeff Cox
Peter Schiff made a great point on Friday:

#Gold is up $65 today and gold stocks are up 6%, yet @CNBC hasn't even mentioned either. It's laughable watching their coverage. The degree of ignorance of investments and basic economics displayed by anchors and quests is amazing. It's hard to imagine a more clueless group.

dc CB 19:30 GMT 03/18/2023
Nationalize the banks?????????

Look Over Here-----rabbit rabbit.....
Ladies and Gentlemen please bring your attention to the Center Ring.

Donald Trump to be 'Arrested' as early as Tuesday

Mtl JP 18:55 GMT 03/18/2023  - My Profile
U.S. Banking System ‘Is Sound,’ Yellen
theory vs rubber meeting road & unchained animal spirits
..."Even if only half of uninsured depositors decide to withdraw, almost 190 banks are at a potential risk of impairment to insured depositors, with potentially $300 billion of insured deposits at risk. If uninsured deposit withdrawals cause even small fire sales, substantially more banks are at risk. Overall, these calculations suggest that recent declines in bank asset values very significantly increased the fragility of the US banking system to uninsured depositor runs."

Monetary Tightening and U.S. Bank Fragility in 2023: Mark-to-Market Losses and Uninsured Depositor Runs?

Caribbean! Rafe... 18:24 GMT 03/18/2023  - My Profile
My god! Some people got so much guts gonna take a gun and fire it at the gov't... and then the same gov't gonna fly spy planes to fire missiles at the same people who fired guns at them!.

If they don't like each other then why do we get stuck in the middle! Is that how they collect taxes?

what a joke! what a damned joke!

Caribbean! Rafe... 17:54 GMT 03/18/2023  - My Profile
Just to be clear Bonds are just a colloquial references I use in place of G-Secs, which sometimes are misrepresented (Tuna Bonds), and misunderstood (Noob investors) and sometimes even misheard as carrying undertones not worthy of mention...

Who knows what they gonna think of next...

Prolly, Zebra Bonds, marketing donkeys painted with white stripes!

Caribbean! Rafe... 17:19 GMT 03/18/2023  - My Profile
Mtl JP 18:43 GMT 03/16/2023 - My Profile

The first peice of advice I can give to the retail public is buy government bonds, like that no more stress for the public and moreover much less stress for the central bankers, they need not to table anymore unenforceable legislation as all of the public's money is banked directly with them by way of retail public participation in bond purchases.

I was never able to justify 99% things I wrote here but time and the markets have been proven me right.

Credit Suisse faces crucial weekend with its future in balance
PAR 14:54 GMT 03/18/2023
Joint nationalization by Saudi Arabia and Switzerland could be the only option.

Merger with UBS would create a Frankenstein bank.

Mtl JP 11:47 GMT 03/18/2023  - My Profile
everything is fine, nothing to see, move on
paranoïaques vs paranoïaques:
Banks Borrow $164.8 Billion From Fed in Rush to Backstop Liquidity
* Discount-window borrowing surged to record $152.85 billion
* New facility usage totaled $11.9 billion in first three days

What Is the Fed Discount Window and Why Are Banks Using It So Much?

Credit Suisse faces crucial weekend with its future in balance
GVI Forex 04:18 GMT 03/18/2023  - My Profile
Reuters) - Credit Suisse Group AG headed into a make-or-break weekend after some rivals grew cautious in their dealings with the struggling Swiss lender, and its regulators urged it to pursue a deal with UBS AG.

Credit Suisse faces crucial weekend with its future in balance

Hk Dusty 00:51 GMT 03/18/2023
Ab- thanks for the honest update. It is a bit surprising how relentless this move has been. I wish you better luck on future trades (seriously).

Hk Ab 23:03 GMT 03/17/2023
Ok, it’s a blind buy, no need to fight. Take a loss is not eating the bullet. But surprising to see gold doing this at this height. Close all, including the last March sell from above 2000 and have a break.

GL and good trade to all

Mtl JP 23:01 GMT 03/17/2023  - My Profile
maybe ... more so today than ever before
jeff cox the water carrier for jerome:
* The Federal Reserve likely will approve a quarter-percentage-point interest rate increase next week, according to market pricing and many Wall Street experts.

* A rate increase would come just over a week after other regulators rolled out an emergency lending facility to halt a crisis of confidence in the banking industry.

* “This might be one of those times where there’s a difference between what they should do and what I think they will do. They definitely should not tighten policy,” said Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics.

Fed poised to approve quarter-point rate hike next week, despite market turmoil

Mtl JP 20:58 GMT 03/17/2023  - My Profile
Banking's Dog Eat Dog
Art on some of the tricks and tactics:
A Friday like this is rumor mongers' delight, says

UBS' Art Cashin

dc CB 20:25 GMT 03/17/2023

Welcome to the Hotel California.

'California is the Model for America'

How Will the Latest Banking Crisis (CS) Affect the ECB and the Fed?
dc CB 20:23 GMT 03/17/2023
What a week, eh!

dc CB 21:20 GMT March 10, 2023
of course, 'It's different this Time': Reply
Marty Zweig: ...I was really looking for a crash, but didn't want to say it publically, because it was like shouting Fire in a crowded theater.

Bonus: After the Crash - Part 1 - Wall Street Week Oct. 23, 1987

Before the Crash - Wall Street Week October 16, 1987

Mtl JP 19:00 GMT 03/17/2023  - My Profile
EURO 1.0685

someone s trying to be cute ...
loading cheaper dlr

Amman wfakhoury 18:59 GMT 03/17/2023
Sell above 10693 tp 10665

Mtl JP 16:24 GMT 03/17/2023  - My Profile
EURO 1.0660
about to test 1.0670 prev top
looking to add to my short possie up to 1.0685

Mtl JP 15:04 GMT 03/17/2023  - My Profile
fed's discount window probably seeing good buziness

PAR 15:04 GMT 03/17/2023
"I’m Telling You, He Did It": Seymour Hersh Blames Biden For Nord Stream Attack
Tyler Durden's Photo
FRIDAY, MAR 17, 2023 - 04:05 AM
Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh told the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. that Joe Biden made the decision to blow up Russia’s Nord Stream pipelines because he saw being a war president as giving him a better chance at re-election.


Mtl JP 15:00 GMT 03/17/2023  - My Profile
just mozied over to cnbc's page:
* Dow drops 400 points as First Republic’s slide rattles Wall Street

* Wall Street rescue: 11 banks pledge First Republic $30 billion in deposits


Mtl JP 14:33 GMT 03/17/2023  - My Profile
PAR more satisfying would be to uleash own greed and game the scammer's own game ... be able unchain self from macron shackling peasants to work extra 2 years and be to fly to hawaii first class instead

PAR 14:17 GMT 03/17/2023
Not all banks are bad but the rotten apples should be cut out of the system.

PAR 14:06 GMT 03/17/2023
SVB is a fraudulent bankruptcy and needs congressional investigation.

A bigger scam than Madoff. Too much money disappeared into a black hole.

Mtl JP 14:06 GMT 03/17/2023  - My Profile
EURO 1.0640
I am biased South
should drip 100-ish pips

PAR 13:49 GMT 03/17/2023
Why SVB and not the other banks?

What is so exceptional about SVB?

Elisabeth Warren please wake up and look for the truth.

Mtl JP 13:26 GMT 03/17/2023  - My Profile

SnP ("risk") closed N of its 200ma yesty

does it mean players getting bushy-tailed about "risk"
and , by implication, DLR negative ?

inflation-fighter jerome is on deck next week and I guessing
players will keep DLR to only shallow dips

Mtl JP 13:11 GMT 03/17/2023  - My Profile
re those 30 billion to First //
"Wall Street analysts say $30 billion lifeline to First Republic should heighten confidence in sector" - cnbc

I wonder what sort of coercion duress they are volontarily depositing money with the dog

swiss frank 12:54 GMT 03/17/2023
A bit underwhelming the Yellen testimony, no?

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