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23/05/19 0:00 EZ EU Parliament Vote (day 2 of 3) con: n/a pre: n/a
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Amazing Trader 22:24 GMT 05/22/2019
Reportedly the 1922 Executive Committee calling on PM May to announce she will step down June 10th when she meets with the 1922 Committee on Friday - Telegraph **NOTE: prior reports indicated that the 1922 Committee might vote on Friday to change party leadership rules to allow Conservatives to force out PM May immediately - Source

Mtl JP 21:48 GMT 05/22/2019
the more I think about politics/ians/toxix/fx

- where - if there is one - is there momentum ?

- is there widespread dollar strength:
y / n ?

- does current benefit of a weaker pound carry offset of moderating foreign direct investment ?

- how much more would GBP have to tank if a weak currency is to make it attractive for long-term investment in UK ?

- is powell gang's current interest rate policy a war on President Trump ?

- currently - are there too many, just right or is there room for more political toxic parts - for FX players appetite for trading theme ?

- what is the current predominant market general time horizon ?

- what would need to change for it to change ?

Mtl JP 21:26 GMT 05/22/2019
and not only to forex trading:
contemporary Political Risk is reflected in the bond market too
sometimes the risk of holding X debt increased the yield gap over Y bond

ref john's alerting suggestions about u.s. 10yr 2.4%

Mtl JP 21:17 GMT 05/22/2019
I think Political Risk IS a driver of forex trading

Mtl JP 21:11 GMT 05/22/2019
nh do you mean toxic -- to forex ?

Livingston nh 20:33 GMT 05/22/2019
At the end politicians can become toxic - Leadsom was the first but by the open in NY we should see 2 or 3 others -- May says she will campaign tomorrow BUT she is TOXIC and her "help" is likely to be refused (her own party voters may BOO)

Nixon was toxic, Chamberlain was toxic, we all have our favorite -- MAY won't be able to replace departing Cabinet - I can't see her lasting thru tomorrow

Thursday AT Trading Checklist
GVI Trader john 20:28 GMT 05/22/2019
DJ: -101
SP: -8.1

2-yr 2.233% -2.5bp Spread 10s-2s +16.0 bp (17.2)
US: 2.393% -3.3
DE: -0.088% -0.1
UK: 1.008% -0.9


Spot EURUSD: 1.1155
Pivot Point: 1.1162

This Week 1.1142-1.1188 (42 pips)

wed: 1.1148-1.1180 (32)
mon: 1.1142-1.1186 (42)
tue: 1.1142-1.1188 (46)
mon: 1.1150-1.1175 (25)

fri: 1.1156-1.1184 (28)
thu: 1.1166-1.1224 (58)

20-day avg: 1.1185
50-day avg: 1.1249
100-day avg: 1.1305
200-day avg: 1.1392

Chart Points: Free Forex Database For 30 April 2019
GVI Forex Blog 19:37 GMT 05/22/2019

forex rate database image

Global-View Free FX Database. High-Low-Close data for more than a dozen currency pairs for over seventeen years of data in an Excel spreadsheet format.

Global-View Daily Trading Chart Points

Chart Points: Free Forex Database For 30 April 2019

Broken NUZ
dc CB 19:22 GMT 05/22/2019

resignation letter --- from Andrea Leadsom MP tweet

MP's twitter

Broken NUZ
dc CB 19:13 GMT 05/22/2019
Update (2:40 pm ET): Britons are still waiting on the outcome of Wednesday's confrontation between the PM and the 1922 Committee of Tory backbenchers, but judging by the latest development, it's not going well for Theresa May.

Andrea Leadsom, the Tory leader in the Commons and considered a critical member of May's cabinet, has resigned, and it looks like May's decision to add a clause calling for a second referendum was the straw that finally broke her.

Broken NUZ
dc CB 19:07 GMT 05/22/2019
Dateline London: May re-submitts her plan for the 4th time. May wants a 2nd Referendum. May does not resign.

Dateline Wash DC: "Trump is Covering Up" (something) - sez democrat party leaders of House and Senate .
Trump holds impromptu press conference after storming out of meeting.

handout at the presser

Mtl JP 19:04 GMT 05/22/2019
From the mushroom feeders' may Financial Stability Report

"The ratio of debt to assets for all publicly traded nonfinancial firms, including speculativegrade and unrated firms, remains close to its highest level over the past 20 years (figure 2-7)" ... and leverage in the business sector is high by historical standards

Mtl JP 18:53 GMT 05/22/2019
.. patient for some time ..
as the FED pays 2.35% to banks on their Excess Reserves

and Nonfinancial corporate business; debt securities; liability, Level at 6,240,094 (millions) is .. pray tell... how many percent of assets ?

Is the FED feeding mushrooms again ?

GVI Trader john 18:16 GMT 05/22/2019
10s 291%, -3.5bp
DJ -84

GVI Trader john 18:09 GMT 05/22/2019
Not much reaction to Fed
The stick to the "transitory inflation " mantra and suggest their view will not change soon

Amazing Trader 18:04 GMT 05/22/2019
FOMC MINUTES FROM MAY 1 MEETING: OFFICIALS SAW PATIENT APPROACH APPROPRIATE FOR 'SOME TIME'; MANY POLICYMAKERS SAID RECENT DIP IN PCE INFLATION LIKELY TO BE TRANSITORY - Most Fed officials saw downside risks to outlook remaining - Officials saw greater downside risk for inflation; several at Fed worried by risk of low inflation expectation - Source

Amazing Trader 17:26 GMT 05/22/2019
Tory MP: party has been told PM May will campaign for Euro elections on Thurs and then will meet with Committee Chair Brady on Friday, and then a decision will be made - Source

haifa ac 17:16 GMT 05/22/2019  - My Profile
If May goes next 8 days, the English language will be enriched by a synonymous aphorism: The "End of May" will join the "Ides of March."

haifa ac 16:57 GMT 05/22/2019  - My Profile

haifa ac 06:51:10 GMT - 05/17/2019
VIX- good point. Bad chart
if you look at the daily MAs, the last time the 21 MA crossed the 55 MA was in Oct 2018. If the vix is holding here it is resting again on the 21 MA. It can be rather bullish. Worth watching.

the Nasdaq daily 21 MA did not hold. Now it is resting on the daily 55 MA
Again, if it holds we can have an explosive move. Worth watching.

GVI Trader 16:03 GMT 05/22/2019
I guess some times its hard for a politician to realize their time is up?

Amazing Trader 16:01 GMT 05/22/2019
Sunday Times Political editor: My understand is that the PM's Senior aides now accept that the game is up, all that is left is 'For her to come to that realisation'

- Source

Thursday AT Trading Checklist
GVI Trader john 15:57 GMT 05/22/2019

GVI Trading. Potential Price Risk Scale
AA: Major, A: High, B: Medium

Wed 22 May 2019
AA 07:30 EZ- Draghi Speech
AA 09:30 UK- CPI
AA 12:30 CA- Retail Sales
A 16:00 US- EIA Crude
AA 18:00 US- Fed Policy Minutes
Thu 23 May 2019
EZ- EU Parliament Elections
Flash PMIs all day
A 08:00 DE- IFO Survey
A 12:30 US- Weekly Jobless
A 14:00 US- New Homes Sales
Fri 24 Mar 2019
00:00 EZ- EU Parliament Elections
AA 08:30 UK- Retail Sales
A 12:30 US- Durable Goods

Wednesday Trading Checklist
GVI Trader john 15:53 GMT 05/22/2019
Fed Minutes-- any modification in the Powell view that soft inflation is not "transitory", but is "structural" WOULD be major. I have no idea if he is ready to change his view yet. I am just putting out what could shake the markets today.

My odds for this are low, about 20% in favor of an early change. I feel those odds are likely to increase in time.

Amazing Trader 15:52 GMT 05/22/2019
Politico's Bresnahan: at meeting Trump said Pelosi accused him of being involved in a cover up & wouldn’t negotiate with Democrats until all investigations over; Pelosi quipped “I knew he was never serious about infrastructure” before walking out - Source

MAGA and MANA. Is MAMA coming?
haifa ac 15:51 GMT 05/22/2019  - My Profile

Joe Biden’s campaign pitch: Make America Normal Again

we need now a president with MAMA:
Make America MATURE Again

GVI Forex 15:32 GMT 05/22/2019  - My Profile
11:30 (UK) Sky News' Craig: "Very senior MP tells me the word from the Cabinet corridor in the HoC is that the PM will resign tonight"

- Craig tweets: "Very senior MP tells me the word from the Cabinet corridor in the HoC is that the PM will resign tonight, Andrea Leadsom is poised to resign to launch a leadership bid, others may also resign & David Lidington will take over as acting PM. Unconfirmed!"

- Source

Amazing Trader: EURGBP
GVI Forex Jay Meisler 15:31 GMT 05/22/2019  - My Profile
EURGBP .8810: I posted this earlier and take a look at the EURGBP high set afterwards (.88398). This is no coicidence.

Amazing Trader: EURGBP
GVI Forex Jay Meisler 09:54 GMT 05/22/2019 - My Profile
EURGBP .88113

AT shows next EURGBP resistance at .8840 and .8862.

The Amazing Trader

Amazing Trader 15:19 GMT 05/22/2019
PM May spokesperson: not aware of any specific meetings upcoming between PM May and cabinet members - PM May could not have been any clearer that she doesn't believe a second referendum should happen - Source

Wednesday Trading Checklist
Mtl JP 15:04 GMT 05/22/2019
Justin "pretty hair and sox" Trudeau says western countries do not need to “continue to allow” Chinese global aggression.

“China is making stronger moves than it has before to try and get its own way on the world stage,”

“Western countries and democracies around the world are pulling together to point out that this is not something we need to continue to allow.”

Might be good idea for china to remember - just in case trudeau loses election to scheer - : “For years, Justin Trudeau has ignored the security threat the Chinese government poses to Canada and he’s allowed China to push Canada around,” “It’s time for him to show some leadership and finally stand up to China.” said Brock Harrison who is the director of communications for Scheer

GVI Trader john 14:58 GMT 05/22/2019
BREAKING NEWS: US EIA Weekly Inventories

U.S. Data Charts

Crude Oil: +4.700 vs. =2.100 exp vs. -4.000 prev.
Distillates:+0.800 vs. -1.00 exp vs. -0.200 prev.
Gasoline: +3.700 vs. -0.300 exp vs. -0.600 prev.

Weekly Petroleum Status Report

TTN: Live News Special Offer

Wednesday Trading Checklist
Mtl JP 14:30 GMT 05/22/2019
always v williams, hosting some presser, repeats that there s no reason to move int rates

Brexit News
Mtl JP 13:58 GMT 05/22/2019
.. EU refuses .. so ?
let them gag on it
or if they d like to salvage some of it sell toilet paper with printed copies on it

Brexit News
UK JY 13:55 GMT 05/22/2019
One way of looking at it is if May resigns it increases the risk of a hard Brexit if a Leave PM takes over and EU refuses to change the withdrawal agreement.. .

Mtl JP 13:53 GMT 05/22/2019

GBP 1.2626
Conservatives meet to change rules to kick May out of the solar system - a day before EU election - could not happen quick nuff.

s/t GBPUSD = bear bias, but so-far holding above 76.4% fib (see chart)
Expecting puppy to Resist firmly to rally N of 1.27
Breakdown of the afore-mentioned FIB should target 1.2450-00 zone

200day: 0.8793
lends uP bias and 0.90 trgt

Brexit News
GVI Forex 13:50 GMT 05/22/2019  - My Profile
GBP extending slide as talk of dumping May continues.

TTN reporting some saying if May is not removed today she will be safe for two weeks.

Brexit News
GVI Forex 13:45 GMT 05/22/2019  - My Profile
TTN reporting an unnamed minister saying PM May is done.

Brexit News
london red 13:32 GMT 05/22/2019
she wont be pushed before may 28th. i think that is the date reqd to avoid her being the shortest serving pm, the title currently belonging to brown.

Brexit News
UK JY 13:25 GMT 05/22/2019
Expect pressure to build on May to resign. It is hard to say what the initial reaction would be but as nh said, it could see some relief after the dust settles.

Livingston nh 12:58 GMT 05/22/2019
There is a risk of a relief rally in the Pound if MAY resigns in the next few days -- out of character so far BUT this "new" Bill is likely to be the worst defeat for a government ever, Cabinet resignations if she persists -- the Bill is to be presented on Friday so things could happen quickly

GVI Trader john 12:34 GMT 05/22/2019
Retail Sales March 2019
Canada Charts

Retail Sales
Headline: +1.10% vs. +1.00% exp. vs. +0.80% (r prev.)
X-Autos: +1.70% vs. +0.90% exp. vs. +0.60% (r ) prev.

TTN: Live News Special Offer

GVI Forex 12:28 GMT 05/22/2019  - My Profile
US stocks slip on this

08:26 (US) Treasury Sec Mnuchin reiterates no plans to go to Beijing yet - Source

Brexit News
Livingston nh 12:22 GMT 05/22/2019
The leadership in the Tory scramble to become new PM will start to abandon MAY -- her latest proposal will be an anchor for anyone looking to replace her // Lame Duck w/ no support

GVI john 12:22 GMT 05/22/2019
PM May: Brexit WAB will be published Friday after end of EU elections - Source

Wednesday Trading Checklist
London Trader 12:19 GMT 05/22/2019
May is a loser. Meanwhile markets turning to risk off.

Brexit News
GVI Trader john 11:58 GMT 05/22/2019
May making Brexit Statement now.

Amazing Trader: EURGBP
GVI Trader john 11:54 GMT 05/22/2019
DJ -59
SP -8.2

10s 2.417% -0.9bp

Brexit News
GVI Forex 11:19 GMT 05/22/2019  - My Profile
May speaking in parliament... gbp fallss.. watch 1.2650 as this will set the tone.

Brexit News
Dubai MA 11:17 GMT 05/22/2019
bibi pound

Brexit News
Mtl JP 11:16 GMT 05/22/2019
re JP 06:39
GBP 1.2650 = Bingo !

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