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Mtl JP 16:15 GMT 09/26/2023  - My Profile
yield 4.5440 - is not coming off . neither is the usd

eurdlr here at 1.0575 looking like it may slink down to 50, maybe 1.0525ish

Mtl JP 14:53 GMT 09/26/2023  - My Profile
or when moody's degrades janet's paper

Hk Ab 14:46 GMT 09/26/2023
Considering the super stubborn bottom picker of us treasury and the gold novice buyer, we should have some nice move in early October

Of note
San Francisco MONEDGE 14:40 GMT 09/26/2023  - My Profile
The US 10yr treasury rate hit 4.566%, which is a 16-year peak. Hedge fund short positions have increased this week, and 20% since January.

GVI Forex 14:15 GMT 09/26/2023  - My Profile
Focus shifts to risk off b

Mtl JP 14:05 GMT 09/26/2023  - My Profile
so u r curious eh ?
yen's recent moves maybe directional but I don't see them as disorderly

BoJ might want to opportunistically wait for the dollar to stub its toe and then "help" it stumble bit more.

Recall that janet coordinates this sort of thing with BoJ, so already you are under-privileged unless u r part of the inner circle.

Hk Ab 13:43 GMT 09/26/2023
Let’s see which one is the most insane trend in recent years after dlrjpy

Mtl JP 13:37 GMT 09/26/2023  - My Profile
DLR/x 105.68
puppy is rocking , probably a game on FED and rate differentials. Kashkari is on record that he expects FED to hike one more time this year. (Thanks Neel)

Maybe govt shut-down would knock some of the eagerness by degenerate players currently driving the buck at record speed to record highs

San Francisco MONEDGE 13:31 GMT 09/26/2023  - My Profile
Sell momentum has gradually dropped in our algorithms since the start of the Asian session to near median, indicating a pivotal price area at current levels. There is also a large number of 1.0600 options. This area looks to be of great weight if Euro is to begin to continue to gain ground in the medium term picture. Stalemate at present has been reached in the US session for that medium term time frame.

We still favor the short side on buy waves due to interest rate differentials but note the market conditions where that bias has deteriorated since Asia and are closely monitoring for at least sustained near term long bias to moderately sustain.

Posted with permission of Global View. For further information please visit

GVI Forex 12:31 GMT 09/26/2023  - My Profile
And now back top 4.50%

GVI Forex 12:20 GMT 09/26/2023  - My Profile
US yields dip back below 4.59. %. (10 year) - fx follows

Mtl JP 10:15 GMT 09/26/2023  - My Profile
blaming peasants for choices they make
FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) — The head of the European Central Bank said Monday that interest rates will stay high enough to restrict business activity for “as long as necessary” to beat back inflation. ... "Strong spending on holidays and travel” and increasing wages were slowing the decline in price levels even as the economy stays sluggish. “We remain determined to ensure that inflation returns to our 2% ....

Belgrade Knez 06:07 GMT 09/26/2023

after fib at 1.0610 and 1.0600 levels have been broken, next level for me to watch are March low at 1.0516 and yearly low at 1.0483

GVI Forex 00:00 GMT 09/26/2023  - My Profile
Entry: Target: Stop:

Sept 26 (Reuters) - A look at the day ahead in Asian markets from Jamie McGeever, financial markets columnist.

Asian markets on Tuesday might take heart from Wall Street's impressive late show on Monday, but with the dollar and U.S. Treasury yields continuing their relentless march higher, the bigger picture looks much more ominous.

Morning Bid: Will Wall St bounce trump latest yield surge?

Belgrade Bobby 21:35 GMT 09/25/2023  - My Profile
As long as EURUSD stays bellow 1.06185 ( ultimately I would allow even 1.06350/400 ) , we are on the road to 1.04950 - target for this week.

San Francisco MONEDGE 16:14 GMT 09/25/2023  - My Profile
In tandem with our position from 4am PST for Eur/Jpy we have the same short bias for the remainder of the US session for Eur/Usd. We do not currently see much interest yet in a long bias near 1.0600 even with the DXY as high as it is.

Posted with permission of Global View. For more information please visit

Belgrade Knez 15:19 GMT 09/25/2023
Belgrade Bobby 14:29 GMT 09/25/2023 - My Profile
Belgrade Bobby 20:22 GMT September 20, 2023
Support at 1.06550 violated, but still we need an hourly close bellow it to confirm continuation of down .
Close tonight on the daily bellow 1.06700 would call for the run at 1.0575 .

Just above it....
your target missed by half pip ..... nice call Bobby .... well done

Hk Ab 15:04 GMT 09/25/2023
Inevitable pivot coming

Belgrade Bobby 14:29 GMT 09/25/2023  - My Profile
Belgrade Bobby 20:22 GMT September 20, 2023
Support at 1.06550 violated, but still we need an hourly close bellow it to confirm continuation of down .
Close tonight on the daily bellow 1.06700 would call for the run at 1.0575 .

Just above it....

Mtl JP 14:10 GMT 09/25/2023  - My Profile
ding ding ding
euro sub 106
IF this puppy closes under 106 ...

on the other side R at 1.0650 initially

Mtl JP 14:06 GMT 09/25/2023  - My Profile
on deck later today
1800 nyt - kashkari

Mtl JP 14:05 GMT 09/25/2023  - My Profile
DLRx 105.57
the rubber leash is stretched

players taking the FED on its hawkish words; yield uP
something to the effect of a bull-whip crack probably needed to tame FED higher for longer perception and therefor knock the dlr down some

I am now looking for some such signal to sell the puppy

London 13:24 GMT 09/25/2023
A look at the day ahead in U.S. and global markets by Mike Dolan

After the worst week since March on Wall St, three issues keep the pressure - a possible U.S. government shutdown at the end of this week, rising annual oil prices and a heavy diary of Treasury debt sales.

Even before U.S. markets kick off on Monday, China's ongoing property bust threw another curve ball at stocks markets there.

Morning Bid: Shutdown, oil, auctions and China rankle

San MONEDGE 11:06 GMT 09/25/2023  - My Profile
Correction..below posted 4:02am Pacific Standard Time.

San Francisco MONEDGE 11:02 GMT 09/25/2023  - My Profile
Posted 3:00 Pacific Standard Time

Overall bias short.

See 1.0650 to 1.0660 area challenged higher and 1.0625 area lower.
Market lacks impetus for significantly trading higher with lack of heavy economic or other fundamental data.

Posted with permission of Global View. Please see for further information.

GVI Forex 20:32 GMT 09/24/2023  - My Profile
Entry: Target: Stop:

From IG

Central bank meetings headline this week’s Short USD sentiment grew following Wednesday’s FOMC meeting and further dollar strength. 70% of GBP/USD traders now hold long position after the pair drops below 1.2350 for the first time since May.

Core PCE index, the Fed’s preferred inflation gauge, arrives Friday morning. At Wednesday’s meeting Fed Chair Powell revealed another rate hike is possible in 2023 – pending the results of upcoming economic data.

San Francisco MONEDGE 18:20 GMT 09/24/2023  - My Profile

11:20 am Pacific Standard Time – US

Entering New Week
Early Position Bias Short

Economic reporting and market conditions favored resilience at the end of the prior week. See We see the long bias challenged, with portfolios possibly trading below 157.70 for a minimum of one day.

Posted with permission of Please visit for more perspective.

GVI 10:11 GMT 09/24/2023  - My Profile
NEW YORK, Sept 19 (Reuters) - A full, lengthy shutdown of the U.S. government is "likely" at the end of the month and could leave the Federal Reserve reluctant to raise interest rates in November, analysts at bond giant PIMCO said in a note on Tuesday.

Full US government shutdown likely, could impact Fed -PIMCO

Mtl JP 12:06 GMT 09/23/2023  - My Profile
(cnn, sept 20, 2023) US debt rises to $33 trillion as government shutdown looms

... "The gross national debt has grown at an alarming pace since then — by $1 trillion in the last three months alone" ... "Shutdowns over the past 30 years have lasted between a few days and over a month” this one has the potential to last a few weeks. The event, they say, could be “yet another catalyst that could spark increased volatility and extended weakness in stocks" ... as degenerate players cheshire-cat smile

Federal government current expenditures: Interest payments:
Q2 2023: 969.986 Billions of Dollars

FRED Economic Data, St. Louis FED Your trusted data source since 1991.

Mtl JP 21:58 GMT 09/22/2023  - My Profile
Jeff Cox reporting
SEP 22 2023
* Boston Fed President Susan Collins expressed support Friday for keeping interest rates elevated as the battle against too-high inflation continues.

* A voting member this year of the Fed’s rate-setting group, Collins said “further tightening is certainly not off the table.”

In separate speeches, Governor Michelle Bowman and Boston Fed President Susan Collins said there’s still the possibility that the Fed will have to raise rates further if economic data doesn’t cooperate.

Two Federal Reserve policymakers expressed support Friday for keeping interest rates elevated as the battle against too-high inflation continues.

Mtl JP 20:35 GMT 09/22/2023  - My Profile
Forex 10:52 ... re "yen weaker" ...

imagine ... the not in the yellen / Ueda inner collusion circle crowd colludes too and like a swarm counter-attacks and ... just like in the story of Goliath .... show both yellen and udea as unfit to rule. ....
I know: just a story

San Francisco MONEDGE 15:30 GMT 09/22/2023  - My Profile
On a US session basis we favor the short side from slightly higher than current market for the remainder. We hope you enjoy our opinions and have a very nice weekend.

Posted with permission of Global View. Please visit for more perspective.

Yen Crosses
San Francisco MONEDGE 14:10 GMT 09/22/2023  - My Profile
We see Aud/Jpy stabilizing its bid in the 95.80 area with a slight short bias emerging for the US session.

Posted with permission of Global View. For further perspective please visit

GVI Forex 10:52 GMT 09/22/2023  - My Profile
Entry: Target: Stop:

US Market Open: European equities lower, PMIs note growth concerns; JPY weaker post-BoJ; US PMI due

Belgrade Knez 06:21 GMT 09/22/2023

fib at 1.0610 nearly tested and 1.0600 just below ..... my bias is bearish and looking farward to see test of yearly low by the end of the year

Mtl JP 23:50 GMT 09/21/2023  - My Profile

REUTERS.COM couple of days ago:

US stance on Japan yen intervention 'depends on details' of situation -Yellen
U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said on Tuesday whether Washington would show understanding over another yen-buying intervention by Japan "depends on the details" of the situation.

hahaha ... she would show understanding .... lol .... over yen-buying intervention ... rofl ... buying yens means dumping yellen's fiats which is what she is currently in the process of doing , in record amounts ...

"We usually communicate with them about these interventions and generally understand the need to smooth out following undue volatility, but not to attempt to influence the level of exchange rates," "So it depends very much on the details in our discussions with the Japanese,"

the cheek of these people to freely and without fear talk about collusion is just impressive if not enviable

GVI 22:21 GMT 09/21/2023  - My Profile

We expect BoJ to leave all policy levers unchanged and doubt the BoJ is eager to spring another curveball at markets after July's surprise YCC tweak.

Instead, a lot of focus will be on Ueda's comments on the Yen as he may be under pressure to lean against JPY weakness in his remarks after USD/JPY continues to drift towards 150 despite verbal interventions from MoF officials.… posted on Forex Live

Mtl JP 21:41 GMT 09/21/2023  - My Profile
DLR/x 105.4
there are bad things and there good things about:
... "the ultraconservatives’ gambit proved what many in the GOP had already suspected: That McCarthy is essentially powerless to avert a government closure that could begin Oct. 1." ... - By SARAH FERRIS and JORDAIN CARNEY, Politico

House GOP erupts as McCarthy fails to move Pentagon bill

GVI Forex 20:56 GMT 09/21/2023  - My Profile
Bank of Japan statement. No scheduled time for the release of the BoJ statement. Look for the 0230 to 0330 (GMT) time window (10.30 to 11.30 pm US Eastern time).

San Francisco MONEDGE 18:09 GMT 09/21/2023  - My Profile
( Rebound )

We see the pair stabilize and appreciate from the 1.0620 region entering the coming week for adjustments toward the 1.0730 region.
We hope you enjoy our posts. Our goal is to sort through the blab blab blab and have a strong understanding of various markets so you don’t have to. It’s our job.

Posted with permission of Global View. We hope you may visit for further perspective.

San Francisco MONEDGE 17:30 GMT 09/21/2023  - My Profile
Slight rebalancing gradually nudged Euro up. Barring something very unexpected, we do not see the pair compromising 1.0710 area significantly through the evening. Favor short bias of the pair to hold near current levels overall for the session with nothing dramatic.

Posted with permission of Global View. For further perspective please visit for further perspective.

San Francisco MONEDGE 16:43 GMT 09/21/2023  - My Profile
Our view is for the pair to stabilize headed into tomorrow from the low 147.20 area. We see decent potential for non-violent appreciation toward 147.80.

Posted with permission from Global View. Please visit for more perspective.

hk ab 15:30 GMT 09/21/2023
very interesting strength.

Bangkok KC 14:38 GMT 09/21/2023
Sold heavily @147.40

USD/JPY collapse is inevitable!

Hk Ab 14:36 GMT 09/21/2023
Exit half 147.46

Mtl JP 14:31 GMT 09/21/2023  - My Profile
US 10-YR 4.466 +0.119
euro 1.0661 - right against st Res

lets see who s the dog and who the tail

Mtl JP 14:18 GMT 09/21/2023  - My Profile
The prospect of a US government shutdown grows more likely ...

Here’s what to know if the government shuts down and what’s driving the current state of play:

... ... ... Once a shutdown is over, federal employees who were required to work and those who were furloughed will receive backpay.

... ... ... During past shutdowns, national parks have become a major focal point of attention. Although National Park Service sites across the country have been closed during previous government shutdowns, many remained open but severely understaffed ... ... ...

By Clare Foran, CNN // What could happen if the government shuts down

San Francisco MONEDGE 14:08 GMT 09/21/2023  - My Profile
Our preference is the short side from recent highs following the early jump on data for the US session, which should reflect over to Eur/Usd.

Posted with permission of Global View. Please visit for perspective.

San Francisco MONEDGE 14:08 GMT 09/21/2023  - My Profile
Our preference is the short side from recent highs following the early jump on data for the US session, which should reflect over to Eur/Usd.

Posted with permission of Global View. Please visit for perspective.

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