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Hk Ab 12:46 GMT 10/22/2021
Quiet mission begins

Tallinn viies 12:02 GMT 10/22/2021
took cable long at 1,3782 for 15-20 points.

Tallinn viies 11:54 GMT 10/22/2021
in US the probability of three hikes in 2022 is over 70%.

when econimic growth will be 2-3% per year then hiking 3 times?

lets put it this way that traders have ran ahead of things.
there will be no inflation soon as if you sit and wait and let YOY changes to work out then back to square one. no need to hike.

Tallinn viies 11:41 GMT 10/22/2021
london red 11:16 GMT - one thing is sure - they do not hike rates anytime soon.
but Im buying cable because fund industry guys think they do :)

Im buying until November meeting. then BOE statement that they gonna hike soon and it will be repeated again for several meetings.

london red 11:16 GMT 10/22/2021
Tallinn viies 08:30 GMT 10/22/2021
right. let's kill the economy with a hike :)

retail sales are down due to supply chain. if there is no product you cannot buy.
today servs pmi much higher but within that highest input prices - which means higher end prices and inflation. the need to raise rates is more to get back to a normal level while demand is there so that they have fuel in the tank for next time. they will raise once or twice at most as then inflation expected to fall. i told you inflation will start rising in march april this year and i will now tell you it will peak in march next year. they are smarter than me and will assume for now the same. hence it will be one and wait. if inflation peaks in spring they will not need to react faster. if it does not and keeps rising they will panic and raise again.

Mtl JP 10:37 GMT 10/22/2021
increase leverage and trade more often
preferably profitably

also known as scalp, fast in, fast out. rinse n repeat
and dont overstay

How to Prosper Trading in a Low Volatility Forex Market
GVI Forex Blog 10:34 GMT 10/22/2021

It doesn’t make me happy to have to reprise this article but after seeing EURUSD trade a weekly range this week of less than 100 pips (i.e. 98 pips), I feel compelled to post it again. For those who have read this article before, I suggest reading it again as a reminder of ways to not only survive but thrive in a low volatility environment.

How to Prosper Trading in a Low Volatility Market

Belgrade Knez 09:03 GMT 10/22/2021
Tallinn viies 09:00
agree, but 10-20 pips up then 10-20 pips down, several times a day and you fly first class! ;)

Tallinn viies 09:00 GMT 10/22/2021
Belgrade Knez 08:33 - euro doing nothing. so no need to worry about it :)
started to trade cyptos this year and Im 99% sure that from next year on I will stop trading FX. cryptos are moving. without leverage you can make 100% per year.
fx is dead.

Belgrade Knez 08:33 GMT 10/22/2021
I still see euro testing 1.1600 sooner than 1.1700 .... hope to see it today, and if it close today below 1.1600 it would sure be sign of continuation of the down move

Tallinn viies 08:30 GMT 10/22/2021
right. let's kill the economy with a hike :)

UK retail sales volumes dropped for the fifth month in a row during September, official data showed Friday, as the country suffers supply constraints and high prices.

Britain is meanwhile forecast to see an interest-rate rise from the Bank of England as soon as November to help dampen inflation, which could force consumers to cut spending ahead of Christmas.

Tallinn viies 08:21 GMT 10/22/2021
Biden very old and most likely doesnt remember that America produced 2 million barrels more per day compared to saudis during Trump times. He came and started block drilling in federal land and etc.......
it is useless to ask saudis to produce more if at your own home producers would like to produce more.
but "green" Biden startegy - not in my backyard.

US President Joe Biden late Oct. 21 blamed the current high oil prices on OPEC witholdling supply but ultimately dismissed the idea that he might try to persuade the producer group to increase production.

Biden said he expects US gasoline prices to start to come down after the new year.

"I don't see anything that's going to happen in the meantime that's going to significantly reduce gas prices," he said during a CNN town hall.

Biden suggested that he had few near-term options for moderating high fuel prices while Saudi Arabia did have the ability to cool off the market.

pump n pump
Mtl JP 08:11 GMT 10/22/2021
The NFI encrypto-hack is a great moment for re$pon$ibility litigation lawyer$ as POOF ! go all the tesla legal disclaimers trying to shield the autopilot, however temporarily.

tesla gang is, in all likelihood, burning the candle at both ends trying to beef up its encryption.

hk ab 08:11 GMT 10/22/2021
I thought Gb/jpy can reach 160 before falling down hard.

Tallinn viies 08:00 GMT 10/22/2021
expecting euro to widen weekly range today to upside. it is currently too tight. only 97 points. minimum by any mean would be 112 points expected by ATR.
current weekly high 1,1669. minimum target today 1,1680/85.

same applys to gbpusd.
also too tight range for the week. expect widen it to upside.

HK Kevin 07:59 GMT 10/22/2021
hk ab 07:10 GMT, agree. Unwinding of Yen cross pairs started yesterday.

pump n pump
Tallinn viies 07:12 GMT 10/22/2021
Tesla Data Storage System Hacked By Dutch Forensic Researchers

The Netherland-based NFI, a government forensic agency, said the discovery provides access to a lot more data than what the investigators were aware of before, including the operation of its driver assistance system Autopilot.

hk ab 07:10 GMT 10/22/2021
maybe exhaustion is near.... prefer to sell gbp/jpy. or chn/jpy

Tallinn viies 06:32 GMT 10/22/2021
plan to buy cable today if -minus 100 points from daily high.

Tallinn viies 06:26 GMT 10/22/2021
it is definatelly time to hike rates with falling retails sales :)
hahah. what a joke. who is putting stupid thoughts to peoples mind? what a mabojambo.

UK Retail Sales Ex-Fuel YY* (Sep) -2.6% vs. Exp. -1.7% (Prev. -0.9%)

plan to buy ftse today if -minus 100 points from daily high. problebly not possible today but fingers crosse.

Tallinn viies 06:21 GMT 10/22/2021
plan to buy (cover half) brent crude short position today if price -minus 2 dollars from daily high.
first big autumn stoms on europe. winds are blowing :)
will be interesting to see how natgas opens in 40 minutes time.
price 6 times higher than same time last year.
lower ntagas could influence crude oil also.

pump n pump
Tallinn viies 06:17 GMT 10/22/2021
good morning.
plan to sell nasdaq100 today if +200 points from daily low. otherwise no interest. for buying prices too high for this time of the month.

PAR 06:10 GMT 10/22/2021
European leaders spend all day discussing over rising
prices while this basically is the core and only job of the ECB.

NAS100 15390
Amman wfakhoury 05:42 GMT 10/22/2021
Amman wfakhoury 19:07 GMT 10/21/2021
15390 confirmed and will be reached within24/36 hours.
Possible reach high 15520.
15390 reached after 2 hrs/100%

pump n pump
Mtl JP 03:15 GMT 10/22/2021
amazingly excellent hind-sight trade
with such acute vision :
how will it trade - o-h/l-c - tomorrow

pump n pump
dc CB 00:25 GMT 10/22/2021
dosen't matter

it Opened below $15/sh and closed above $45/sh
9:30 AM ET time to 4:00PM ET

that is one sweet DayTrade

pump n pump
Mtl JP 22:27 GMT 10/21/2021
any friendly bets on the half-life of it ?
I say it ll go POOF ! inside a year.
It is too bad, I had better hopes for trump when he beat the odds to become prez and especially when I read his observation about why twitter, how it took away the journalists away as interpreter messengers of his messages, allowed him a direct comm line with the great unwashed and how he liked - at the time then - who had the on/off button on the microphone. Maybe he understood all that but in the end he let dropped the ball; probably too much of a pussy and not enough of a psychopath.

pump n pump
uk 20:37 GMT 10/21/2021
Sounds about right

pump n pump
dc CB 20:18 GMT 10/21/2021
Trump Creates “Free Speech Site” While Barring Criticism of the Site or Its Creators.

Res ipsa loquitur – The thing itself speaks

pump n pump
dc CB 20:09 GMT 10/21/2021
Trump SPAC

ride to riches 1st day

Tallinn viies 20:00 GMT 10/21/2021
closed half 2-nd mobth brent at 84,06.
got 60 cents. net short 1-st month brent 30 cents better average now - 82,85.

pump n pump
london red 19:35 GMT 10/21/2021
spx will need to fall by top of hour. they are waiting for that. if not they will continue buying. you want to see a good spike higher on vol to trust new high breaks. if not, then can loiter for some hours then reverse sharply lower.

GBPUSD 13740
Amman wfakhoury 19:14 GMT 10/21/2021
13740 area confirmed to be reached unless 1 hr bar closed above 13800
The rise above 13790 will return to it.
Possible rise to 13815.
Sell add sell around 13815.

pump n pump
dc CB 19:12 GMT 10/21/2021
the new 'floor' for the daily RRP seems to be $1Trillion, 400Billion and change.
been there long enough to be established.

NAS100 15390
Amman wfakhoury 19:07 GMT 10/21/2021
15390 confirmed and will be reached within24/36 hours.
Possible reach high 15520.

pump n pump
dc CB 19:07 GMT 10/21/2021
October 21, 2021
Federal Reserve Board announces a broad set of new rules that will prohibit the purchase of individual securities, restrict active trading, and increase the timeliness of reporting and public disclosure by Federal Reserve policymakers and senior staff

For release at 2:00 p.m. EDT

Press Release

uk rg 18:29 GMT 10/21/2021
Entry: Target: Stop:

gbp/usd monthly chart
MACD has crossed to the downside

pump n pump
GVI Forex 17:04 GMT 10/21/2021  - My Profile
JPY up. commodity currencies down suggests risk off but yet to see it in equities.

Keep an eye on AT equity indices charts.

The Amazing Trader

london red 16:28 GMT 10/21/2021
kmi reported results yest, saying seeing higher vols of gas in its pipelines. watch that 83 on the dutch. who knows tomorrow might be the day

PAR 16:07 GMT 10/21/2021
The tipping point may have come in July, when the ECB pledged to keep rates at rock-bottom until inflation was seen stabilising at its 2% target despite Weidmann's opposition.

Sources close to the matter speak of Lagarde's grinding style at that and other meetings when policymakers voice their opposition to proposals put forward by Lane.

"When they get stuck, she jumps in and basically says 'you're holding it up, we're in this boat together, we need a consensus, so tell us what you can live with'," said one ECB policymaker, who asked not to be named.

"She just puts people on the spot and keeps up the pressure until most will give in."


Tallinn viies 15:40 GMT 10/21/2021
expect ftse to follow crude oil lower. higher cable goes, more downside ftse have.

pump n pump
london red 15:38 GMT 10/21/2021
another reaction down ahead of 4545 high. yest they bought this one back within a couple of hours. sup at 4525/20/15. plenty of gaps below - spx gapped higher 4 days from 5.

Tallinn viies 15:08 GMT 10/21/2021
covered half brent short with -minus 2 dollars from daily high.

Share Buybacks
PAR 14:34 GMT 10/21/2021
US companies go crazy on share buyback before Biden's tax plan.

PAR 14:03 GMT 10/21/2021
Will Italy's 10-year yields move above 1% today or tomorrow?

pump n pump
Tallinn viies 13:54 GMT 10/21/2021
limit order to sell nasdaq100 at 15 513. good today only.
stop above all time high if filled.

PAR 13:43 GMT 10/21/2021
Jobless claims fall to pandemic low of 290,000 as U.S. businesses try to avoid layoffs due to labor shortage

london red 13:36 GMT 10/21/2021
f now at early june highs of 16.45, a few days before results. i would be surprised for them to say chips getting better as its a bit too early, so prob better to travel than arrive. still as i said b4 sub 14 unlikely and mt lt its going to 20 plus (jpm raises today to 20 bucks). so i think ford doesnt have a great deal to say that can help sp but do buy the dip as its going much much higher.

pump n pump
Tallinn viies 13:35 GMT 10/21/2021
PAR 13:32 GMT - stocks alway higher. market is built this way. interest rates always lower.
no other way.

PAR 13:32 GMT 10/21/2021
The only way is up. Corporate share buybacks hit all-time highs.

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