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10/08/20 14:00 B US JOLTS Survey mln con: n/a pre: 5.4
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Adliyah KaL 08:29 GMT 08/10/2020  - My Profile
Tgt from here into 1.22 in Aug

Adliyah KaL 08:25 GMT 08/10/2020  - My Profile
Nov Tgt is .7200
entry is right here and today

into next month
Adliyah KaL 08:23 GMT 08/10/2020  - My Profile
Buy EURUSD, Cable, NZDUSD and AudUSD

sell usdjpy, USDCAD
not a problem

Buy Gold NDX100 and Sp500

Hk Ab 07:25 GMT 08/10/2020
RF, I share your .7777 target. Entry point?

Mtl JP 06:06 GMT 08/10/2020
Jimmy Lai has said that "the establishment hates my guts", and that he is prepared to go to prison

"Jimmy Lai, the outspoken publisher of Hong Kong’s widely read pro-democracy newspaper Apple Daily, was arrested Monday along with six others on suspicion of foreign collusion under a new national security law, expanding Beijing’s crackdown on the former British colony." - wsj

"Beijing" = Xi and his chinese communists gang

In the meantime:
(Bloomberg Aug 9) U.S., U.K., Canada (lead by justin "admirer of China's 'basic dictatorship" trudeau, hahaha), Others Express ‘Deep Concern’ Over Hong Kong

market impact?
dc CB 00:57 GMT 08/10/2020
If you had been going down the rabbit hole of COVID-19 research for long enough, a few things would be astounding to you.

First, how uninformed, uncurious, or deceptive reporters in the corporate media are on a matter of life and death.

Second, how much publicly available information about COVID-19 is on the internet contradicts what is reported and said by Health Experts™on cable news.

Finally, it is impossible to believe Dr. Anthony Fauci enjoys a 62% approval rating.

6Questions An Honest, Intelligent Reporter Would Ask Dr. Fauci About COVID-19

market impact?
dc CB 23:56 GMT 08/09/2020
The Big Bucks are not in HCLw/Zinc, or with Robert Gallo's OPV - Oral Polio Vacine.----------PS if you haven't watched the Intv, during which he talks of the early days of AIDS research and Dr. Fauci, who was a 'playa' back then. The two EyeTalian Docs, rivalry that's been going on for decades.

Starts at 35min mark
Covid Vaccines with Dr. Robert Gallo

Goldman's take on Vaccines --- and the eCONomy. via ZeroHedge

With 160 Vaccine Candidates In Development, Goldman Expects An Economic Boom Once At Least One Is Approved By The End Of 2020

Monday Amazing Trader 10 August 2020
Mtl JP 21:58 GMT 08/09/2020
WSJ - Millennials Slammed by Second Financial Crisis Fall Even Further Behind

The economic fallout of the Covid pandemic has been harder on millennials, who are already indebted and a step behind on the career ladder from the last financial crisis. This second pummeling could keep them from accruing the wealth of older generations.

awwww... but but won'r they inherit?

(wsj) U.S. National Security Adviser (that would be Robert O’Brien) Says China Targeting 2020 Election

Other officials are skeptical, saying there was no evidence Beijing was trying to hack state systems

Monday Amazing Trader 10 August 2020
Israel MacroMicro 21:14 GMT 08/09/2020
risk ON at least until US cash Monday
keyword: at least

Monday Amazing Trader 10 August 2020
PAR 20:46 GMT 08/09/2020
That's a cool $ 112 billion in three days.

Monday Amazing Trader 10 August 2020
dc CB 20:31 GMT 08/09/2020
30 Y Bond futures COT

long Bond

Monday Amazing Trader 10 August 2020
dc CB 20:26 GMT 08/09/2020
COT CME Euro futures

EC futures

Monday Amazing Trader 10 August 2020
dc CB 20:16 GMT 08/09/2020
Treas Auctions this week:
Tues, Wed, Thurs. 3s 10s 30s. 48bln, 38bln, 26bln.
All done each day by 1PM ET.

market impact?
Mtl JP 17:07 GMT 08/09/2020
some week-end headlines
(Bloomberg Aug 8) China’s Data Deluge Set to Show Recovery Accelerating: Eco Week
"China continues to supply evidence that the nation first into the coronavirus crisis will be the first major economy to pull out of it, with data this week set to show an accelerating recovery." .../.

(CP Aug 9) For pandemic jobless, the only real certainty is uncertainty
The Canadian Press
CHICAGO — For three decades, Kelly Flint flourished as a corporate travel agent ... Then came the worst pandemic in a century, leaving her jobless and marooned in an uncertain economy. .../..

(CP Aug 9) Ontario's pot store lottery winners sell shops as more consolidation expected
..."Bigioni, who sold to the Vancouver-based company in April for $2 million in cash and $2 million in common shares. She's using the proceeds to open her own Stok'd cannabis store chain." .../.

(CP Aug 9)Insider Q&A: Leader for independent restaurants hit by virus
Q. What help are you looking for from the government?
A. We’re asking for a $120 billion fund
Q. How hard has it been for independent restaurants to adopt measures to guard against the virus?

A. Every independent restaurant I know is requiring employees to wear masks .. But the spacing guidelines keep changing. Cities say one thing, governors another, the president says a third, and what they say changes week to week. It’s stressful, and it’s expensive for us to keep upgrading our facilities to accommodate the shifting requirements .../.

(Bloomberg Aug 9) Fed’s Evans Says More Fiscal Support ‘Incredibly Important’
...“That continues to be important because we’ve not got control over the virus spread. I think that public confidence is really important, and another support package is really incredibly important,” he said.

(Bloomberg Aug 9) Make-or-Break Time Coming for Fans of Treasury Curve Steepener
"In ordinary times, this would be a dangerous week for fans of long-dated Treasuries, but these are far from ordinary times. A stronger-than-expected U.S. jobs report on Friday opened a path for longer-maturity yields to climb and the curve to steepen." .../.

(Bloomberg Aug 9, 2020) Three Risks Weighing on Emerging Markets All Start With T
"Trump. Trade. Turkey."

(Bloomberg Aug 9) Blue Chips Raising Funds Amid a Covid Bankruptcy Wave
..."may raise as much as $35 billion in new debt in the next five days ... . .. Investment-grade corporations have sold about $1.28 trillion of U.S. bonds in 2020 ... a record for this point in any year.".../.

No Mask?! Lower IQ
haifa ac 12:09 GMT 08/09/2020  - My Profile
paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences coauthored by Weiwei Zhang, an associate professor of psychology at the University of California, Riverside.---indicates that people who refuse to wear masks or keep social distance have lower IQ than those who do!

Mtl JP 12:00 GMT 08/09/2020
Thousands rally in downtown Montreal to protest Quebec mask rules

Protesters chanted "liberté" as they marched

market impact?
Mtl JP 11:26 GMT 08/09/2020
the chinese gift that just keeps on giving
(Bloomberg August 9) Pandemic Puts Millions of Europeans on Path to a Debt Crisis

“In the autumn, we expect an increase in counseling everywhere of as much as 40%.

haifa ac 09:50 GMT 08/09/2020  - My Profile
That will be a big puncture in the empty balloon of this guy.

market impact?
dc CB 23:18 GMT 08/08/2020
Monday Amazing Trader
dc CB 18:59 GMT 08/08/2020

Fauci Warns COVID-19 Vaccine May Only Be "50% Or 60%" Effective.....
told a Brown University panel on Friday that probabilities of a highly effective COVID-19 vaccine "are not great."
"We don't know yet what the efficacy might be. We don't know if it will be 50% or 60%. I'd like it to be 75% or more," Fauci said (quoted by Reuters).
"But the chances of it being 98% effective is not great, which means you must never abandon the public health approach."

A Conversation with Dr. Anthony S. Fauci - Brown University 47mins

market impact?
dc CB 23:13 GMT 08/08/2020
Update (1640ET): As anticipated, President Trump has announced that he will be signing executive orders to eliminate the payroll tax, extend a block on evictions, and continue to provide supplemental unemployment benefits.


President Trump will be making a major announcement on Saturday which many believe to be linked to rumors of an executive order covering pandemic stimulus funds and other measures.

The new orders will:

Eliminate the payroll tax
Extend unemployment benefits by $400 per week, down from $600
Defer student loan repayments through the end of the year
Extend protections against evictions

market impact?
Mtl JP 22:41 GMT 08/08/2020
Dr. Anthony Fauci says chance of coronavirus vaccine being highly effective is ‘not great’

- chances of scientists creating a highly effective vaccine — one that provides 98% or more guaranteed protection — for the virus are slim.
- hoping for a coronavirus vaccine that is at least 75% effective, but 50% or 60% effective would be acceptable, too
- The FDA has said it would authorize a coronavirus vaccine so long as it is safe and at least 50% effective.

Dr. Anthony Fauci says

market impact?
Mtl JP 22:28 GMT 08/08/2020
Trump signs orders aimed at extending some pandemic relief after Congress fails to reach a deal

...The president’s four orders extend unemployment benefits, provide a payroll tax holiday, defer student loan payments through 2020 and extend the federal moratorium on evictions. ...

Trump’s orders will quickly face a legal challenge

Monday Amazing Trader 10 August 2020
AT Trader john 20:42 GMT 08/08/2020
Friday: RISK-Mixed
DJ: 27,433 +41
SP: 3,351.3 +2.1

2-yr 0.129% +1.2 bps
Spread 10s-2s +43.7 bps (+41.1 bps)

US: 0.566% +0.3
UK: 0.140% 0.0
DE: -0.502% +0.5

Spots (Pivot Point prev day)
EURUSD 1.1782 (1.1807)
GBPUSD 1.3051 (1.3072)
EURGBP 0.9023 (.9027)
USDJPY 105.94 (105.83)

This Week 1.1916-1.1697 (219 pips)
fri: 1.1884-1.1755 (129)
thu: 1.1916-1.1818 (98)
wed: 1.1905-1.1792 (112)
tue: 1.1806-1.1721 (85)
mon: 1.1797-1.1697 (100)

20-day avg: 1.1648
50-day avg: 1.1426
100-day avg: 1.1171
200-day avg: 1.1107

Global-View Daily Trading Chart Points

market impact?
dc CB 19:30 GMT 08/08/2020
NYC Councilman Paul Vallone credits Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 recovery
Paul Vallone, who represents northeast Queens, took the drug along with a standard flu Z-pack, and came back from the brink almost immediately.

“I couldn’t breathe, very weak, couldn’t get out of bed. My doctor prescribed it. My pharmacy had it. Took it that day and within two to three days I was able to breathe,” Vallone told The Post. “Within a week I was back on my feet.”

Hydroxychloroquine “worked for me.”

Vallone’s brother Peter, a former City Councilman and a current civil court judge in Queens, also became a convert after his brother’s illness.

“I guess all those doctors who are prescribing it are right. This drug is already on the market and the patent is up so it’s cheap. A new drug won’t be. So big money does not want this drug to be used. Always follow the money,” Peter Vallone said in a May 12 Facebook post

NY Post

dc CB 19:03 GMT 08/08/2020
I spoke to a friend who lives in northern Westchester Co, NY
(not far from where AOC, then known by her high school friends as Sandy Cortez)

He's still got no power, still running off a generator, along with most other houses around.

Not a NUZ story tho----Climate

Monday Amazing Trader 10 August 2020
dc CB 18:59 GMT 08/08/2020
Homebuilder KB Homes Is Now Including Built-In Office Space In New Homes
In this private workspace, homeowners can host online presentations or small in-person meetings and boost their productivity."

Fauci Warns COVID-19 Vaccine May Only Be "50% Or 60%" Effective.....
told a Brown University panel on Friday that probabilities of a highly effective COVID-19 vaccine "are not great."

"We don't know yet what the efficacy might be. We don't know if it will be 50% or 60%. I'd like it to be 75% or more," Fauci said (quoted by Reuters).

"But the chances of it being 98% effective is not great, which means you must never abandon the public health approach."

A Conversation with Dr. Anthony S. Fauci

KB Homes

Andorra la Vella TAI 11:14 GMT 08/08/2020
Completely agree. It can always be worse.

Monday Amazing Trader 10 August 2020
AT Trader john 11:12 GMT 08/08/2020

GVI Trading. Potential Price Risk Scale
AA: Major, A: High, B: Medium

Mon 10 Aug 2020
B 14:00 US- JOLTS
Tue 11 Aug 2020
A 06:00 GB- Employment
A 09:00 DE- ZEW
A 12:30 US- PPI
Wed 12 Aug 2020
A 06:00 GB- Output, Trade, GDP
AA 09:00 EZ- Industrial Production
AA 12:30 US- CPI
B 12:30 US- Import Prices
A 14:30 US- EIA Crude
Thu 13 Aug 2020
A 12:30 US- Weekly Jobless
<AA 20:30 AU- Employment
Fri 14 Aug 2020
AA 12:30 US- Retail Sales
AA 12:30 US- Productivity
A 13:15 US- Industrial Production
A 14:00 US- Prelim Univ of Michigan

Israel MacroMicro 10:52 GMT 08/08/2020
seriously CB, the poor girl is in the top 5 in the list of 'the innocents who most used by the (ruling) elite'

Israel MacroMicro 10:50 GMT 08/08/2020
dc CB 21:28

leave Greta alone, young person shouldn't be judged for what he/she don't kniow as old old person cannot be judged for what he forgot :)

come on, teenager as your narrative shaker lol

Israel MacroMicro 10:45 GMT 08/08/2020
due to the weight of the EUR/USD pair within the index, I think other components within the index are more attractive to trade the coming few weeks as the major pair in the index is about to consolidate in 300/500 pips range before the next leg uP and the index dowN.

comments and opposite views are very welcome, we suppose and can enrich each other to trade better.

enjoy the weekend

Israel MacroMicro 10:38 GMT 08/08/2020
the Krugman record is about turning the most of the many traders into lemmings during the short term.

Israel MacroMicro 10:36 GMT 08/08/2020
1.3300/1.3350: load
1.3450/1.3500: unload

do not rule out lunatic move of the loonie towards last week's low, I think to time best possible entry the trader must use minutes/1h picture to time the best possible entry

for the coming week

imo gl/gt

Mtl JP 09:46 GMT 08/08/2020
Coming Next: The Greater Recession
The suspension of federal benefits would create damage almost as terrifying as the economic effects of the coronavirus.

By Paul Krugman,
Opinion Columnist, NYTimes

Mtl JP 09:31 GMT 08/08/2020
Virus aid talks collapse; no help expected for jobless now

WASHINGTON (AP) — A last-ditch effort by Democrats to revive Capitol Hill talks on vital COVID-19 rescue money collapsed in disappointment at week’s end .../.


Pitted Coins... Hackers??
Caribbean! Rafe... 22:12 GMT 08/07/2020  - My Profile
Bitcoin has become 400M worth of PITTED Coins... LOL

Cryptocurrency Exchange Offers '$400 Million' Reward for Return of Stolen Bitcoin

Caribbean! Rafe... 21:41 GMT 08/07/2020  - My Profile
CB// Your very creative with the words... LOL.

dc CB 21:28 GMT 08/07/2020
Mtl JP 19:26 GMT
CB 19:05 -- ??
plus: Mtl JP 15:39 GMT
Bill Gates: Another crisis looms and it could be worse than the coronavirus
If it weren't for Covid...the string of tornados that marched up the east coast as Isiasis ran fast to Canada....the Power Outages, NJ, NYC(as of this am - 200,000 still withut power in Manhattan), up thru Tony Westchester; This would be 24/7 screamong headlines Climant Emergency---and it will get worse, we are all dead men walking. Greta would be out there surrounded by thousand of scared teeny boppers

"HOW DARE YOU!!!!, I should be in school"

however, can't touch the Covid NUZ. sorry Bill Gates(aka the Vax n Track dude)

Virgin looks for help
Caribbean! Rafe... 21:08 GMT 08/07/2020  - My Profile
NO OTHER BUSINESS figure holds a candle to Sir Richard Branson when it comes to public-relations stunts. Not all of the British entrepreneur’s capers go off without a hitch, however: he was once rescued by an RAF helicopter when his speedboat capsized while attempting a record-breaking Atlantic crossing. His record in business with his Virgin-branded empire is also studded with successes and failures, among the latter being Virgin Cola, Virgin Brides (an attempt to disrupt the wedding industry) and Virgin Cars (a short-lived online retailer). Through thick and thin the bearded tycoon has hustled on, armed with a high-profile brand and a cheesy perma-grin. At the end of 2019 his empire was estimated to be worth over £4bn ($5.1bn)

Still smiling, captain?

Air India flight crash at Kerala airport: PM Modi, political leaders offer condolences
Caribbean! Rafe... 20:47 GMT 08/07/2020  - My Profile
FWIW... Shashi Tharoor very credible, of the highest order.

An Air India Express flight from Dubai to Kozhikode has crashed after skidding off during landing. The plane overshot the runaway and plunged into the valley 30-40 feet and broke into two pieces. The death of the pilot has been confirmed by the authorities. Rescue operations are underway for the others. As per initial inputs, the flight skid off the runaway due to incessant rain the airport has been experiencing. Stay tuned for the latest updates on the Air India crash.

Shashi Tharoor On Air India Crash At Calicut Airport; Says Tragic Day For Kerala

Experts praise RBI’s monetary policy announcements, call it a positive step
Caribbean! Rafe... 20:30 GMT 08/07/2020  - My Profile
...Not only did the Monetary Policy Committee of the Reserve Bank of India decide to hold rates but also announced additional liquidity boosters to tackle the ongoing economic crisis.

Experts praise RBI’s monetary policy announcements, call it a positive step

Exclusive: Watch ground report from the road that angers China
Caribbean! Rafe... 20:07 GMT 08/07/2020  - My Profile
It's really geographically very beautiful place, but tourists not allowed as too risky and even more dangerous.

Exclusive: Watch ground report from the road that angers China

Air India flight crash at Kerala airport: PM Modi, political leaders offer condolences
Caribbean! Rafe... 19:54 GMT 08/07/2020  - My Profile
An Air India Express flight with over 190 passengers and crew members onboard skidded off the runway at the Kozhikode International airport in Kerala, also known as the Karipur Airport, on Friday evening. At least 19, including the pilot and the co-pilot, have been killed in the flight mishap. The flight was coming from Dubai and was part of India's Vande Bharat mission, an initiative to bring back stranded Indians from foreign countries.

Air India flight crash at Kerala airport: PM Modi, political leaders offer condolences

Beirut blast impact: Customs reports storage of 740 tonne of ammonium nitrate in Chennai.
Caribbean! Rafe... 19:49 GMT 08/07/2020  - My Profile
CHENNAI: As much as 740 tonne of ammonium nitrate, classified as a special category explosive substance, is stored at a container freight station (CFS) in Manali, a senior official in Chennai seaport customs said on Thursday. The consignment was seized from a Salem-based company in 2015 which had imported it. Ammonium nitrate is the chemical which is believed to be the cause for the massive blast in Lebanon's capital and port city Beirut two days ago.

Beirut blast impact: Customs reports storage of 740 tonne of ammonium nitrate in Chennai.

Chart Points: Free Forex Database For 7 August 2020
GVI Forex Blog 19:41 GMT 08/07/2020

forex rate database image

Global-View Free FX Database. High-Low-Close data for more than a dozen currency pairs for over seventeen years of data in an Excel spreadsheet format. Chart Points: Free Forex Database For 7 August 2020

Mtl JP 19:26 GMT 08/07/2020
CB 19:05 -- ?? ... d'u want some spoiled food ? ??

market impact?
Mtl JP 19:17 GMT 08/07/2020
Mnuchin Rejects Pelosi Offer to Split Difference on Stimulus

(Bloomberg August 7, 2020) -- Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin rejected an offer from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to roughly split the difference in the price tags of the Democratic and Republican coronavirus relief plans as they returned to talks aimed at striking a deal. .../.

DLRx 93.38

dc CB 19:13 GMT 08/07/2020
did not load.
what hit the coast

Tornado 100mph

dc CB 19:05 GMT 08/07/2020
AT Trader john 13:18
JP - you are correct. Sorry

market impact?
dc CB 19:00 GMT 08/07/2020
NY Gov Cuomo announced Friday that schools can reopen across New York state next month.

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Mon 27 May 2019
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Wed 29 May 2019
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Thu 30 Mar 2019
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