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Hk Ab 22:20 GMT 06/30/2022
So, not the time for crash yet. Exit and wait.

dc CB 20:31 GMT 06/30/2022
and so ending the 1st Half.
Half-Time entertainment-----Pudge and the Wankers

looking at the scoreboard

Mtl JP 18:59 GMT 06/30/2022  - My Profile
DLRx 104.4x and 10yr 2.983
POOF ! 105
Players probably contra-pricing jerome's alleged tuff talk on inflation
odds are jerome's gang will have to go full point(s) to regain credibility and respect from players

short stocks gold oil and silver for nice crash
tokyo boj 17:09 GMT 06/30/2022  - My Profile
Sell S&P
Entry: Target: Stop:

short america europe and japan stocks target is open

tokyo boj 17:05 GMT 06/30/2022  - My Profile
Entry: .995 Target: open Stop: 0.985

long this pair

long today
tokyo boj 17:05 GMT 06/30/2022  - My Profile
Entry: .955 Target: open Stop: 0.945

bought some today

yesterday sold some usdjpy
tokyo boj 17:01 GMT 06/30/2022  - My Profile
Entry: 136.5 Target: 12.5 Stop: 137.5

yesterday sold some usdjpy

have a good trade and week

HK Kevin 16:46 GMT 06/30/2022
HK Kevin 14:46 GMT 06/30/2022
Don't try to pick bottom. I will break below $6.0 this time
Covered by short future position.

Toronto Abb 16:12 GMT 06/30/2022
I think usdjpy should see 139.5 before big move down...

PAR 15:58 GMT 06/30/2022
After failing to detect inflation during the last year the ECB now starts to harass European banks on dividend payouts just as US banks are allowed to increase their dividends.

What is wrong with the ECB?

BUY EUR/USD on dips
Bangkok KC 15:01 GMT 06/30/2022
Closed 1/2 @1.0455 (fast 60 pips profit)

Hk Ab 14:59 GMT 06/30/2022
Close 1 at 1810, keep the other one

HK Kevin 14:46 GMT 06/30/2022
Don't try to pick bottom. I will break below $6.0 this time

USDJPY 136.90
Amman wfakhoury 14:39 GMT 06/30/2022
Amman wfakhoury 14:33 GMT 06/30/2022
135.80 Reached
Don't forget that 136.15 is a consolidation level.

USDJPY 136.90
Amman wfakhoury 14:33 GMT 06/30/2022
135.80 Reached
Don't forget 135.15 is a consolidation level.

Hk Ab 14:27 GMT 06/30/2022
If yen can’t close below 135.30, will long cautiously

Hk Ab 14:26 GMT 06/30/2022
Beaten c9 3 times 2075, 2008, 1920, let’s see if I can add 1 more

PAR 14:20 GMT 06/30/2022
Margin calls and margin calls.

Hk Ab 13:48 GMT 06/30/2022
If yen can’t even get close to 135.3, no need to talk about collapse, just take the profit and go

SELL USD/JPY on rally
Bangkok KC 13:27 GMT 06/30/2022
This is the first time in more than 20 years, the weaker JPY is undesirable for Japan economy.

SELL USD/JPY on rally
Bangkok KC 13:22 GMT 06/30/2022
The BOJ is the winner again...

Big Shark Fin is delicious!

Bangkok KC 13:15 GMT 06/30/2022
Gold is tricky. It could be a bear trap if it break above 1832 by the end of the day.

Hk Ab 13:05 GMT 06/30/2022
The day is long

Belgrade Knez 13:05 GMT 06/30/2022
Hk Ab 15:04 GMT June 29, 2022
Several brave c9 think gold can’t break 1800….
looks like those c9 were right ..... at least for now

Belgrade Knez 13:01 GMT 06/30/2022
Belgrade Knez 15:04 GMT June 13, 2022
USDX about to print new 20 years high .....
USDCHF aproaching parity again, and
euro on the way to test/break 1.0340 .....
USDX broke Jan 2003 high!
USDCHF below parity!
EURUSD still waiting for 1.0340 ..... maybe today?

Hk Ab 13:01 GMT 06/30/2022
Add 1825

Hk Ab 12:43 GMT 06/30/2022
Short 1823

BUY EUR/USD on dips
Bangkok KC 12:37 GMT 06/30/2022
1st [email protected]

Hk Ab 12:36 GMT 06/30/2022
Let’s see how bangsters punish c9

PAR 11:58 GMT 06/30/2022

It was not the ECB that got inflation wrong it was Lagarde.

Plenty of ECB governors especially Weidmann had been warning Lagarde of inflation as a consequence of too much money printing.
She and Philip Lane were stubbornly wrong and their ego's stood in the way of changing their mind.

GOLD 1838 1842
Amman wfakhoury 11:03 GMT 06/30/2022
Amman wfakhoury 06:35 GMT June 28, 2022
GOLD 1838 1842: Reply
Now 1828
into buying mood to reach to 1838 1842 unless it breaks 1824 and keeps below it ( SL 1823)
The close below 1823 then will see 1819 1814 1810
1823 1819 1814 1810 all Reached

GVI 10:50 GMT 06/30/2022  - My Profile
Reminder, it is month/quarter-end. Typically usd buying is seen when stocks fall sharply during the month as fx hedges get adjusted to lower value of the portfolio. However, the quarter-end makes it more tricky but so far usd is in demand as risk-off dominates.

Key time of day for flows today is the 4 PM London fixing.

PAR 09:48 GMT 06/30/2022
Black Thursday in European stock markets as ECB seems only interested in buying Italian bonds.

GVI Forex 08:57 GMT 06/30/2022  - My Profile
A look at the day ahead in markets from Julien Ponthus.

Investors on recession watch learnt little they didn't already know from the world's top central bankers gathered at the European Central Bank's annual conference in Portugal.

Morning Bid: This is going to hurt

PAR 07:58 GMT 06/30/2022
In earlier remarks on Wednesday in Sintra, Cleveland Fed President Loretta Mester said officials now face an asymmetric choice, warning that the error of assuming inflation expectations are well anchored when they aren’t is more costly than tightening policy too aggressively to make sure they stay that way.

Jens Weidmann, former President of Germany’s Bundesbank, made a similar argument at a separate event earlier this week in Basel, cautioning against the gradualism that had been a hallmark of central banking until this year.

“The more persistent the shock proves to be, the more the delay in monetary tightening increases the risk that companies, households and workers will start to expect that high inflation is here to stay,” Weidmann said on June 26. “In order to prevent de-anchoring, the persistence of inflation should be overstated rather than understated, and a forceful monetary policy response is advisable precisely when uncertainty about it is particularly high.”


Christine Lagarde vs Jens Weidmann
PAR 07:52 GMT 06/30/2022
Augustus 8, 2021
ECB must tighten policy if needed to counter inflation, Weidmann says

September 1, 2021
ECB Shouldn’t Disregard Risk of Higher Inflation, Weidmann Says
Bundesbank president cites supply squeeze, household savings
Debate ahead of next week’s ECB policy meeting intensifies

October 20, 2021
Bundesbank chief Weidmann quits early with one last inflation warning


Lagarde. We did not see this inflation coming. Nobody warned us about inflation and more of those stupidities.

Again today Lagarde is not listening to brilliant economists as she thinks she knows better.

She was advised to frontload the rate hikes in July. To hike by at least 0.50, maybe 0.75 in July to give a clear signal to the markets she cares about inflation.

No, she doesn't care about inflation. She decided to go gradual and to hike by 0.25 in July.

TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE. It is the same as doing nothing.

USDJPY 136.90
Amman wfakhoury 07:49 GMT 06/30/2022
Into buying mood if closed above 136.25 and keeps above it.(136.10 SL)
the decline below 136.15 will return to it.
136.90 confirmed will be reached if closed above 136.25 and kept above it.
136.48 is a consolidation level.
the close below 136.15 then 135.80 135.30 will be reached

hk ab 07:32 GMT 06/30/2022
first thing to watch is if it closes under or above 135.30..... should have a fight.

hk ab 07:31 GMT 06/30/2022
Kevin// Hopefully, my gb/jp and us/jp short works nicely.

Has limit exit at 163 for gbjp, and keep dlr/jpy for 2 years.

HK Kevin 07:19 GMT 06/30/2022
dc CB 17:28 GMT, thanks for yiur advices. I am only a swing trader, and a mid-term correction of USD/JPY is nice profit for me. Stop profit order of my short 136.80 position in place.

SELL USD/JPY on rally
Bangkok KC 06:15 GMT 06/30/2022
USD/JPY collapse is imminent!

BUY AUD/USD on dips
Bangkok KC 04:02 GMT 06/30/2022
[email protected]

AUD fond strong demand when it trade near 0.6850 It may be able to rally back above 0.7050 again in the near-term.

GVI 22:37 GMT 06/29/2022  - My Profile
EURCHF is acting as a good EUR sentiment indicator, currently below 1.00

dc CB 20:11 GMT 06/29/2022
make it a very long weekend for the US MarkIts.
end of month end of quarter end of half.

don't bother

SELL USD/JPY on rally
Bangkok KC 17:51 GMT 06/29/2022
Keep selling usd/jpy on rally
Big Shark fin soup is very delicious :)


Bangkok KC 03:39:51 GMT - 06/29/2022
One can expect to see a final run to 137JPY.

Bangkok KC 03:38:21 GMT - 06/29/2022
Seem Big Shark underestimate the power of the BOJ...

dc CB 17:28 GMT 06/29/2022

Kevin 13:55 GMT
not looking good in s/t charts.

or the longer term charts.
one would think that rather than trying to pick a rebound---one would look for the rebound to enter or add to a winning position----The Kuroda HelterSkelter Ride.

chart is for the JapYen CME Future---which is the inverse of the USD/JPY.

English amusement park ride

dc CB 17:20 GMT 06/29/2022
Listen to the linked interview----start time noted.
At the end he sez that they are 'in trials' using the mRNA tech to finally develop a sucessfull HIV Vax.

He's be tilting at this windmill his entire career...he's going to stick around for the celebration.

The intv is kind of scary---esp when he get's 'political' about ***misinformation---aka Lies***

Mtl JP 17:14 GMT 06/29/2022  - My Profile
I do not know why he does not park himself on some nice beach, close to a fridge full of frosty livetions and sway to the sound of waves observing the passing scenery instead of gallivanting at some forum ... and write a book

dc CB 16:49 GMT 06/29/2022
Mtl JP 16:54 GMT 06/28
more moRE lockdowns and profit-trading opportunities:
WHO adviser says G7 leaders must prioritize COVID-19 or face economic harm, unrest


"Much Worse" COVID Symptoms After 'Paxlovid Rebound'

dc CB 15:59 GMT 06/29/2022
CNN White House officials are losing confidence that Ukraine will ever be able to take back all of the land it has lost to Russia over the past four months of war, US officials told CNN, even with the heavier and more sophisticated weaponry the US and its allies plan to send.
Advisers to President Joe Biden have begun debating internally how and whether Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky should shift his definition of a Ukrainian "victory" -- adjusting for the possibility that his country has shrunk irreversibly.

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